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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 19, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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boycott of facebook as a new scandal emerges. >> good morning everyone it is wednesday december 19th i'm michelle griego. >> good morning i'm kenny choi. we take a look at traffic and weather. all you have to do is say fog and low visibility. sums it up. no, we are starting out the day with that fog but we are going to have a beautiful afternoon so enjoy it with that sunshine. we're tracking changes as early as tomorrow. let's first get you to outside here if you're heading out for work and school. we are looking at foggy conditions. this is our transamerica cam. and you can see the low clouds and fog as you start off the day. 55 right now in concord and oakland. downtown san francisco 56. san jose 47 and santa rosa coming in at 54. so let's talk about the visibility out there. some spots are looking good. 10 miles sfo, oakland, san jose. livermore you're now down to about 1/4 mile and north bay
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we're looking at a mile and a half for napa and fairfield. navato down to a quarter mile. we're talking areas of dense fog for the napa valley. afternoon sun for all of us with mild to warm temperatures. we're tracking our next weather system. it's a weak front that will bring light rain tomorrow night. but for today we are looking at temperatures on the warm side for sure about 5 to 7 degrees warmer than average . we're going to time it out for you on future cast when we expect to see that rain for us where you live coming up in just a bit. those fog advisories by chp 580 in fairfield also over along 880 look at this traffic starting to get busy out there. as you work your way past paseo. so it will affect your drive heading on to the san mateo
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bridge. couple of accidents out there 880 we do have ports of a crash here. again, that is one of 0 our hot spots. so busy coming away from 238. over to 680 we go. we still have this trouble spot. as you work your bay through there. it looks sluggish in that area. we'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. new video this morning of a tesla vehicle that burst into flames twice in two silicon valley cities. >> yes, good morning you could smell the fumes from this wreckage and if you stand downwind you can really notice it. so the car's on blocks right now. a fire crew stayed with this car overnight as it sat in the yard.
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firefighters sprayed water on it for at least 5 minutes as you try and cool off the batteries. they're solo to the ground and so they used a forklift and some wooden blocks and they were finally able to use a forklift and get the car off the ground to get in there. the owner who did not want to be identified shot this video of himself after hearing a hissing sound and then came out to investigate. so for the first fire they cooled it off for about 5 to 6 hours. >> it's fairly new to us as far as vehicle fires. we've got the training we just don't have a lot of experience with it get. their engineers are trying to
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figure out. >> had this car been in my house today and i'm on vacation the whole house could of burned down. >> and tesla said in a statement we are currently investigating the matter and are in touch with local first responders. and just a short time ago we got an e-mail from the company saying these batteries are highly engineered. if and when a fire does happen and that they say that their cars catch fire about 10 times less often on average when you compare that to gas fire cars. facebook has been allowing other companies to read your private messages and that's just one of the troubling accusations. user data was shared with more than 150 businesses including
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amazon, microsoft, netflix, and spotify. some companies reportedly got access to names, contact information and list of friends. others have the ability to read users private messages. and advertising dollars. facebook denied that companies were able to misuse the data. earlier this year ceo mark zuckerberg told congress users have complete control. some companies were able to access user data regardless of their settings. another scandal involving facebook has prompted a week longboy cot according to senate investigators. russians used facebook ads in an attempt to influence african american voters. the tech giant is also accused of giving investors the bare
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minimum. among the organizations participating in this facebook boycott. we are just two days away from the potential government shut down. president trump is signalling he may be open to a deal. here is a live look in washington. the white house suggesting it could agree on a compromise deal. or about 1/4 of the government will shut down. democrats are holding firm against new border wall money. they also rejected a proposal from senate republicans from $1 billion to fund other immigration issues. >> we cannot accept the offer they made of a billion dollars slush fund for the president to impment his wrong immigration policies. >> if no deal is reached 420,000 federal employees would have to work through the holidays without pay. it would be the third government shut down this year. the city attorney of san
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francisco has filed a federal lawsuit accusing pharmaceutical companies in the u.s. perdue pharma. the national institute on drug abuse said that last year nearly 30,000 drug related deaths were connected to fentanyl 0.00 drug related deaths were connected to fentanyl and other synthetic opioids. i'm anne makovec at the live desk and we are following the journey of a mother on her way to see her dying son. schima willa is set to rthis evening. she finally got a waiver to allow her into the u.s. she is a yemeni native and she was banned from coming to the u.s. under the trump administration's travel ban against several countries. in the meantime her son has been
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dying. he is at children's hospital in oakland. he has a rare brain disease and he is about to be taken off life support. once she got that waiver yesterday she booked a flight now on her way and set to arrive at sfo tonight. she had that victory of being able to come to the u.s. but now has to face the unimaginable tragedy that obviously no parent would ever want to deal with once she arrives. >> that family is dealing with a lot. anne makovec live at the news desk this morning. thank you. time now 6:08. a new group of bay area immigrants are concerned they could be targeted for deportation. >> and a bay area singer is locked in a battle over plans to replace an old water tank. >> well we are kicking off our wednesday with cool and foggy conditions. we're tracking two weather systems that will bring some rain for us. details on that coming up. >> and if you're commuting through fremont we are getting first reports of a crash.
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plus busy along 680. your top traffic trouble spots coming up. ♪ toyland, toyland
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6:11 welcome back. today in san francisco refuge assistance groups will ask president trump to ban. last month the president signed a proclamation declaring that migrants who crossed into the u.s. illegally would be barred from applying for asylum. that violates both u.s. and international law. in june then attorney jeff sessions announced that victims of domestic abuse and gang violence would no longer qualify for that asylum and the decision is being challenged in court in washington d.c.. some vietnamese citizens. it applies to immigrants who entered the country before 1995 when the u.s. and vietnam
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normalized relations. the trump administration says it will now move to deport people in that group who will be convicted of serious crimes but critics including san jose mayor says it's unclear who's being targeted. >> there's a very big difference obviously between being convicted for a predatory violent felony and being convicted for driving under the influence 35 years ago. >> san jose has one of the largest vietnamese populations in the u.s.. and settling the case. andy lopez died 5 years ago after the officer reportedly miss took the teen's play rifle for an ak47. the county officials and the sheriff's office and the family agreed to settle the case for $3 million. the sheriff says he hopes it's a step to help the family move forward. >> i don't think amount of money
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can replace a 13-year-old. >> i'm just glad the family might have some closure. >> the sheriff says training and community relations have improved. new this morning a san bernardino county police union is calling on the california supreme court to block the retro active internal investigations. the new state law goes into effect on january 1st. it will give the public access to internal investigations of officer shootings, sexual assault and lying on duty. the union honors that requiring officers to release information prior to next year is a violation of members rights. plans to build a water tank in marin county are moving forward this morning. an old water tank a few feet away from jesse collin young's property line. he claims it will block his sunset views but officials say that's the only spot where they
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can build the 25,000 gallon tank. the board supervisors voted to approve the tank and award $25,000 to obscure his vision of the tank. designed to meet county fire storage requirements. >> county fire stated goal is to be able to provide fire flows, equivalent to a thousand gallons per minute for a two hour duration. the tank will also be built to blend in with the natural environment. we've all been frustrated while stuck in traffic. but when cars came to a stand still, this baltimore man decided to cope in a very productive way and a very funny way. look at that thrust. here he is dancing away his traffic blues in the middle of the streets. other drivers pulled out their cellphones to record the show. i guess that's one way to beat traffic. >> look at him.
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he's doing the cowboy. he's twerking a little. >> shaking that booty. >> he's burning calories. >> he's a dancer. we could use one on the bay bridge, fremont. everywhere today. >> yes, i'm not a fan of people getting out of their car in the middle of the roadway. but yeah, he is very entertaining. but you could use some frustration relief. we are getting reports of a troubled spot involving a tanker truck. right before you hit that 880 connector in fremont. you've got two lanes completely shut down now because of that. we are seeing delays build very quickly if you head through there. from the peninsula from 101 over towards 880 you've got these trouble spots across the dunbar bridge. so south 880 at a street a two car crash here over the right
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shoulder. busy anyway from 238. our other trouble spot is on 680 northbound. still blocking at least one lane. so traffic is slow as you approach the scene. we've got pockets of slowing anyway. so just north of there we've got this other trouble spot. doesn't look like it's causing too many delays. northbound 680 at main street. one car involved. south 680 as you work your way out of walnut creek. that's where you're really going to see a backup this morning. we've got a trouble spot southbound 280 connector over to eastbound 280. debris reported in the left lane. we've had nails reportedly over and cars over to the right shoulder. speaking of that area not too far from that area. here's a live look at south 880. those headlights working their wra northbound into san
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francisco. you might have few pockets of slowing. but a pretty easy ride northbound and no delays heading into san francisco. not the case for the bay bridge. where the metering lights remain on. you've got traffic backed up in the maze. a little sluggish through there. let's take a look at your forecast. >> we are starting off the day once again with areas of low clouds and fog. here's a live look with our transamerica cam and you can't even make out the top of the sales floor tower because of the low clouds and fog this morning. our temperatures are in the 40s and 50. 55 in concord and oakland. downtown san francisco at 56. san jose 47 and santa rosa at 54. we are in areas of dense fog. livermore, navato you're down to a quarter mile this morning. as we head through the afternoon
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enjoy the sunshine. mild temperatures for today. our next chance of rain will be tomorrow night with a weak front. so let's show you the satellite view here. a ridge of high pressure building in today keeping us high and dry with that sunshine. active weather to our north. we're tracking storm after storm. really the pacific northwest getting the brunt of that energy. yesterday, they had that energy. west of seattle. we saw just a few showers for the north bay yesterday. high pressure building in . we're tracking two storms that will bring the rain for us. one a little bit stronger than the other one. we'll time it out for you on future cast taking you hour by hour today on future cast. plenty of sunshine. as we head through tomorrow increasing clouds. now most of the day it's going to be dry. this is tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. but you can see that front approaching the north bay. as we go through thursday night, stopping the clock here at 9:00 p.m. and you can see that light rain with that weak cold
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front here. now, as we go through thursday night into friday morning, you know, the south bay might not even see a drop of rain. as we head through friday afternoon we are looking at dry conditions. a strong storm system will be sunday into monday. it does look wet for our christmas eve for all of the bay area with that stronger weather system. sunset at 4:53. daytime highs today warmer compared to yesterday. we're looking at temperatures 5 to 7 degrees warmer than normal. 62 in downtown san francisco. san jose at 64. 63 in santa rosa as well as for napa and there's that 7-day forecast in which you can expect plenty of sun today. dry for most of the day on thursday. that weak front will bring light rain thursday night into friday morning. dry for saturday and dry for most of the day on sunday and a storm system rolls in sunday night into christmas eve.
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here's dennis with sports. the 49ers have two pro bowlers. can you name them and a battle of top 10s. tippoff coming up.
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martin jones was yanked out of the crease on three goals in just 7 shots in the third period. >> we're going streaking. >> yeah, they're streaking. they're fighting and they're scoring a lot of goals. scoreless in minnesota but then scoring the first of these two goals in the game. 1-0 san jose. and not even 30 seconds later. leading 21st goal of the season. and martin jones all he did was turn back 26 shots and the sharks win their fourth straight. named in the pro bowl for the first time in his career. he will be joined by full back
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kyle uscech. who got a lot of voters for his own country germany. as for the raiders for the first time since 2003 oakland had no players picked for the pro bowl. selected as alternates. >> face number nine tennessee. 3rd quarter. she scored a career high 33. handing the ladies balls their first loss of the season. hosted san jose state. second half. the cardinal oscar desilva knocked down the 3. he scored a career high 23. stanford hung on to win 78-73. these kids jacked out of their minds for the first visit to
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santa clara. 28. the broncos upset the trojans 102-92. their pack 12 school in four years. tennessee martin. tide with chattanooga 1 second left. heaves it up at the buzzer from 75'. is the bank open, you bet. that is a game winner. the sky hawks defeat the mock 75-72. the other team in the area the u.s.f. sports at 6:00 news from the hill top. see you there. 6:26 right now. a plan aimed at ending grid lock in los angeles is taking shape. we'll give you a first look at the futuristic tunnels from elan musk. >> and some south bay firefighters thought they were done dousing the flames on a brand new tesla but they had to
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do it all over again hours later. >> and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks good there. time now 6:26.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5. breaking news the u.s. military is now preparing for a full and immediate withdraw from syria. >> imposing new restrictions on electric scooters. details on the new rules to ride. >> and why president trump's personal charitable organization is shutting down amid an ongoing lawsuit. it's wednesday december 19th i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we have some major issues of the roads we have a traffic alert. >> yeah, it's going to be a
6:31 am
problem on 880 and i'll have an alternate coming up. >> we have some fog this morning but it's shaping up to be a pretty nice day. >> right. just wait. beautiful weather is on the way with that sunshine. enjoy it. changes ahead as early as tomorrow. let's get right to the south bay. san jose good morning to you. we can see the clouds as we start off the day. now let's check out san francisco. our sales floor tower camera. hard to make out anything with that fog this morning and low clouds. livermore 45. san jose 47 and santa rosa 54. definitely on the cool side to start off your wednesday here. let's talk about the visibility. many spots looking good. looking okay. livermore 3/4 of a mile. let's check out the north bay here. you're at a quarter mile for the advise nlt. so areas of dense fog for the
6:32 am
napa valley interior east bay this morning. as we head through the afternoon with high pressure briefly building in for today we're looking at afternoon sunshine. mild to warm temperatures running about 7 degrees above average for this time of year. we are tracking our next weather system. it's a weak front that will bring light rain tomorrow night. we're going to time it all out for you. we'll time it out on future cast coming up in just a bit. we do have a traffic alert just issued by chp for commuters. eastbound 84 right before 880. two lanes complete shut down. it is a crash involving a big rig. looks like that big rig, a tanker truck facing the wrong way in lanes. that's going to take some time to clear. give yourself a few extra minutes if you travel through there. i do want to get to a mass transit map first. we are dealing with
6:33 am
cancellations into golden gate ferry. they are working on bus bridges. this is due to mechanical issues. let's shift over to san mateo bridge right now. eastbound which is a non commute option over towards 880. bay bridge toll plaza you're backed up into the maze. all approaches getting busy. a live look at the east shore freeway right now. that's where we're getting first reports of accidents. looks like a couple cars involved on the right shoulder. that's a look at your morning drive. it appears we're having some
6:34 am
issues with ann's microphone. but here is new video this morning of a tesla vehicle that burst into flames twice in santa clara county. one of two separate cities where the car caught fire. >> yes, good morning. some firefighters just showed up here with a thermal camera to check the temperature of the car underneath and it looks like there's still a bit of heat under the wreckage here. as it sits up on some wooden blocks here at dick's towing in campbell. and so crews stayed with it overnight. so this is video from just a few hours ago around 10 p.m. last night of the second fire. firefighters sprayed water on it for at least 10 minutes. it's hard to get to those batteries because they're solo to the ground and so they used a forklift to prop up that car and get underneath there. this was yesterday at 2 p.m. when the owner got a low tire
6:35 am
pressure warning. for this first fire you're seeing now they sprayed it and cooled it off for 5 to 6 hours. the owner did not want to be identified. he shot this video himself after hearing strange noises. >> i went in there to do my paper work and i heard a strange hissing sound. i came out and there was smoke everywhere. >> we pulled it down to a point where we were comfortable that it was extinguished and the manufacturer was comfortable that it was extinguished based on what we were telling them. >> and tesla said in a statement, quote, we are currently investigating the matter and are in touch with local first responders. we're glad to hear that everyone
6:36 am
is safe. and at the top of the hour we actually got an e-mail from the company saying their batteries are highly engineereded. they're all come part nltalized to control the flames if and when there's a fire. they catch fire about 10 times less often on average when you compare that to gas powered cars. live in campbell kit doe kpix 5. 6:36 right now entrepreneur elan musk is giving us a first look at his underground tunnel in los angeles. designed to whisk cars under ground at speeds well over 100 miles an hour. musk's boring company is behind the tunnel which he helps solves track problems. today a mom will arrive in the bay area to be with her dying son. she had been stuck in egypt due
6:37 am
to president trump's travel ban. fighting to get a waiver that allows his wife to fly to the u.s. their son abdula suffers from degenerative disease. california's counsel and american islamic relations says while this family was granted a waiver, 98% of families making similar requests aren't so lucky. >> it's not about the waiver here and now it's about the thousands of people like abdula who are stuck separated from their families. >> abdula's mother is scheduled to arrive at sfo around 7:00 tonight. president trump's personal charitable foundation is shutting down. the new york attorney general alleges donations to the trump foundation used to pay off creditors and help then candidate president trump in the white house. and the three eldest children on the board of this foundation are all accused of illegal conduct. among the accusations president trump allegedly used the
6:38 am
president's money to settle a dispute with palm beach, florida over a flag pole that he put up at mraug resort. yesterday the trump foundation resolved and give away assets. the president has denied that the foundation did anything wrong. >> i'm anne makovec at the live desk following new information that the u.s. may be pulling all of its troops out of syria. this could be an immediate move made by the end of the year. reports originally coming from the wall street journal citing an unnamed source saying the president may be making that announcement later on today. he's gotten some push back from some pentagon officials saying they're afraid it's going to send the wrong message to a lot of the troops that the u.s. is working in the middle east right now and helping protect in the middle east. this does effect a significant change in strategy for the u.s. to pull troops out of syria
6:39 am
citing the mission as costly and dangerous and it does come amid some new threats of turkey on the curtish forces. so the u.s. again might be pulling all 2000 troops from syria waiting for an announcement later today. kenny and michelle. 6:39 right now. san jose has new rules for electric scooters. the city will now have designated areas where the city can park the scooters. companies will have to pay more than $100 for each scooter they deploy on top of an annual fee of over 200 thousand dollars. the rules are set to take effect early next year. time now 6:39. the holiday travel season officially begins today. what you can expect if you're headed out of town. >> we got it. >> yeah, we did. >> for sure. >> praise god we did. >> and a family's prayers are
6:40 am
answered after a medical miracle. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board right here. we'll get an update from kcba's radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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good wednesday morning to you. a foggy start. here's a live look with our sfo camera and arriving flights have been delayed an hour because of low clouds and fog out there. so just be careful about that. we'll talk about what you can expect tracking two weather systems that will bring the rain for us. i'll show you future cast coming up. >> thank you. 6:43 right now. this morning all eyes are on the fed. plus concern for facebook stock amid new details about the company's data sharing scandal. >> joining us now is kcbs
6:44 am
radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> lrnd 11:30 our time you can possibly see the stock market make a sharp turn depending on what the federal reserve says. expectations are that the fed will raise rates for a fourth time in 2018 at this meeting. all of the odds of that have steadily dropped along with the stock market. the key for investors is what the fed says about its future path of rate hikes and many in the market are hoping that the fed cools that pace down as the stock market has been staggered into correction territory. again, that announcement comes down at 11:00 a.m. pacific. a lot of cautious training on wall street ahead of that announcement. facebook shares are also on its latest scandal, this time for fighting other tech firms. more access to user data than had been disclosed. right now not a big reaction.
6:45 am
facebook shares are down a fraction. after yesterday's slight gains as the dow gets off to a positive start up about 70 points. nasdaq gaining 57 and the s&p up by 8 points. >> all things financial. jason brooks thank you. 6:45 right now christmas is just six days away. >> which means that the u.s. postal service is entering its busiest weekend of the year. processing 300,000 packages a day and more than 2 million packages this week alone. >> santa's helpers are here in the bay area and around the nation are in the final stretch. there are no days off for postal service employees until christmas day. >> it is like a nightclub. there's no dancing. until somebody figures out how to e-mail a sweater we're going to do it. >> in time for christmas eve.
6:46 am
you can only procrastinate until thursday, tomorrow and then even then you'd best pay for priority services. the holiday rush to get out of town begins today. drivers along highway 101. more than 1.5 million californians are expected to fly somewhere for the holidays. that's up 5% an estimated 12.5 million californians will be on the roads during the holidays. that's up 12.7% over last year's traffic i'm actually sticking in town this year. >> less stress. >> yeah, it is. relax and stay in my pajamas. >> a stressful situation down in the south bay for a lot of commuters this morning. >> if you are commuting through fremont. not a lot of cars on 84. but we do have this traffic alert eastbound right before
6:47 am
880. and you know we just checkeded in with chp we're going to have to shut down 84. we've got there tanker truck that has somehow flipped around. so it is an accident but again it's going to cause a pretty big back up as you work your way northbound. westbound dunbarton bridge you're going to see a lot of slowing because of this. we'll keep our eye on that and keep you posted throughout the morning. let's look at the san mate.o bridge. this is going to be your best bet. so if you're commuting eastbound from the peninsula over towards the east bay this is what you want to use. back to our maps we go. northbound 88 broadway. this is over to the shoulder but a busy ride along the nimmets freeway. elsewhere highway 4 starting to load up as well as you work your way out of antioche into pittsburgh. we are getting reports of a new
6:48 am
crash and foggy spots out there this morning. one area is the altamonte pass. so limited visibility. westbound 580 very slow at least to the top of the pass coming out of tracy this morning. we do have reports of a crash right at powell street. i'll show you this in our live shot here. it looks like they may have cleared t. something a little bit better there. it was over to the right shoulder. we were seeing some stop and go conditions. but it is a little sluggish. the bay bridge toll plaza we are getting first reports of a minor crash possibly blocking one lane. it was pretty much a parking lot especially in those fastrak lanes. check your forecast here's mary. we are tracking areas of dense fog in some locations but a beautiful live look at our mount vaca cam. can you see that morning golden glow and that blanketed fog out there. a pretty sight. our temperatures are on the cool side.
6:49 am
looking at 55 in concord and oakland. downtown san francisco. and santa rosa right now at 54. so here's what you can expect. again, tracking areas of morning fog. cool temperatures. definitely not as chilly as yesterday morning. we are going to see that sun for all of us across the bay area with mild temperatures this afternoon. we're tracking our next weather system. it's a weak front. that will bring our next chance of rain, light rain for tomorrow night. so here's the satellite and radar view. high pressure in control for us. so this brief ridge of high pressure for today. then we're tracking a couple of weather systems that will bring us some rain. very active to our north. of course yesterday in western washington they had a tornado touchdown in port orchard. so very active up to our north. we're going to catch a little bit of rain with a couple of systems we're tracking this week. future cast taking you through the day at 4:00 p.m. you can see that sunshine with clear skies looking nice. as we go through thursday we're
6:50 am
going to begin to see some changes with clouds moving in at 4:00 p.m. and you can see that front approaching the north bay. you can see light rain for tomorrow night. stopping the clock at 9:00 p.m. but for the south bay you may not even see a drop of rain. this front is likely going to fizzle out as it continues to push across the bay area. we are tracking a stronger storm for sunday night into monday. so christmas eve it does look like widespread rain with our stronger weather system. again, daytime highs today are looking warm. we're looking at temperatures about 5 to 7 degrees warmer than normal. 63 in palo alto. mountain view. 64 for a high in santa clara as well. temperatures in dublin right around 62 as well as for san ramon. 62 in pleasant hill. for oakland we're looking at 62. berkley 60.
6:51 am
61 for alameda. 63 for santa rosa as well as for cloverdale. here's your 7-day forecast. plenty of sun today. dry for most of the day for tomorrow although that light rain moves in thursday night into early friday. drying out for the rest of friday. plenty of sun on saturday. dry for most of the day on sunday. that stronger storm system sunday night into monday for christmas eve. back to you. >> thank you. 6:51 right now. doctors caring for a texas girl diagnosed with a rare brain cancer say they are mystified. >> for reasons they cannot explain she is now cancer-free. rockiesly dosz was given months to live after being diagnosed in june. it's called diffuse intrinsic or pig. there is no cure and less than 1% of people who develop it survive beyond 5 years. as he went through weeks of radiation her parents prayed for a miracle.
6:52 am
>> we got it. for sure. >> praise god we did. >> it was actually unbelievable. the tumor is undetectable on the mri scan which is very unusual. >> it's unusual but great news. doctors cannot explain roxly's remarkable recovery and they got an early christmas present. >> definitely a message of hope and inspiration for anyone who is dealing with something like that. time now 6:52. new signs this morning that lawmakers will reach a deal to avert the looming government shut down. . >> and a brand new model s catches fire not once but twice in the same day. i'm kip doe. we've got a live report coming up. >> are and let's head outside once again. take a look at this beautiful shot as the sun comes up
6:53 am
providing that nice light and warmth to start our day. mount vaca it's 42 degrees there. we're coming right back after this.
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6:56 am
i'm kip doe we're live here. so far firefighters not taking chances with this one overnight. they stayed with it to make sure it does not catch fire again. this is video of the second fire that happened at 10:00 last night. they sprayed water on it for at least 30 minutes to try and cool the batteries. it's hard to get to those batteries because they're so low to the ground. so this all began yesterday afternoon when the owner got a low tire pressure warning while coming down highway 17. moments later it caught fire mysteriously. the owner did not want to appear on camera i should say did not want to be identified.
6:57 am
he shot this video himself after hearing a hissing noise and came out to investigate. for the first fire you're seeing now they sprayed it and cooled it off for about six hours. >> all this is fairly new to us as far as vehicle fire. as far as they extinguish it and when is it extinguished versus when it's not extinguished their engineers are trying to figure it out. >> had this car been in my house today and we went on vacation the whole house will catch fire. and tesla said in a statement, quote, we are currently investigating the matter and in touch with local first responders. and about an hour ago we did gt an e-mail from the company. saying they limit the spread of
6:58 am
the heat. we're live in campbell kpix 5. a yemeni mother will arrive in the bay area today. won their battle against president trump's travel ban. the mother was granted a waiver to travel from california to egypt to say her final good-byes. >> according to the new york times facebook shared user data with more than 150 businesses including amazon, microsoft, netflix, and spotify. some companies reportedly got access to names contact information and friend lists. we are just two days away from a potential government shut down. president trump is signalling he may be open to a deal without border wall fundingment congress needs to pass a series of
6:59 am
spending bills by friday night. >> actress and director penny marshal has died. she then moved to films as a director penny marshal was 75 years old. >> the holiday rush officially begins today. more than 1.5 million californians are expected to fly this season and an estimated 12.5 million will hit the roads. speaking of the roadways two lanes completely shut down for a big rig overturned there in lanes. chp. says we're going to have to shut down all lanes to clear the roadway. >> all right. a foggy start and this is our east bay dublin cam and we're looking at foggy conditions especially for the interior east bay and as well as for the napa valley area. we are going to see that sunshine as we head through the
7:00 am
afternoon. upper 60s low to mid 60s. a stronger storm system sunday night into monday. >> thanks. make sure to check out that tesla story coming up. >> cbs this morning coming up next. have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west, it's wednesday, december 19, "cbs this mornin." stunning new accusations that facebook gave away your private information. the social media giant gave more than 150 online partners wide access to user data. even after promising regulators that it would not share it without permission. a tornado hits west of seattle, ripping apart homes and uprooting trees and power lines. we're at the scene where people haven't seen anything like this for decades. plus we go underground in los angeles with elon musk for a wild test drive. how he says his highway tunnel


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