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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 20, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5. the mom stuck in egypt due to president trump's travel ban is in the bay area this morning to see her dying son. >> good morning everyone it is thursday december 20th. >> time check it is 5:00 as we check weather and traffic. a lot of fog out there this morning. it's like a winter wonderland. >> right. with that wet fog. yeah, we are looking at many locations dealing with dense fog as we start off the day. let's show you. a live look at our sales floor tower camera and this is looking
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north. you can't make out anything there because of that fog. 49 not just for concord. 46 for you at livermore. 52 in downtown san francisco and san jose coming in at 48. some locations really dealing with that dense fog. we're down to a quarter mile for you in san jose. a half mile for mountain view. zero visibility in oakland right now. three miles in pedaluma we're looking at 4 miles for fairfield. so many spots dealing with that thick fog. of as we head through the afternoon dry and cloudy. seasonal daytime highs. we are tracking a weak cold front and that will bring showers for the north bay this evening pushing across the rest of the bay area late tonight into early tomorrow morning. we're going to time it all out for you on future cast. laetsd check in with traffic. this time around we're
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going to check in on the north bay. out of pedaluma. traffic quiet there. we're dealing with a lot of foggy freeways and a lot on our bay area bridges. for the we are starting to see a little red there. just as you get onto the span there heading towards 101. also a fog advisory in effect for the 101. that will effect your drive as you head over towards the golden gate bridge. any trouble spots right now. we do fog advisory on the dunbartonbridge as well and a fog advisory in effect as well. we do have a crash southbound 680 down the embankment. doesn't look like they're blocking any lanes. a lot of green. even though there is to a trouble spot off to the side.
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let's get a look right now at 101 at spencer. this is has you head towards the golden gate bridge this morning. so use caution. >> a mystery in the sdie sends the bay area into a frenzy. a lot of curiosity. live in san jose to explain what that glowing light yesterday actually was . it's glowing behind you. can't even see behind you, kit. >> yeah, we're pretty socked in here in san joedz. hate to disappoint you but last night that thing was likely not a ufo. take a look at some of the footage that was posted on social media last night. that object just lit up the twilight sky. at first it was a long street and then it curled into the shape of a question mark. there was a delta rocket launch
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that was scrubbed and so people were wondering was it a jet fighter. >> it was far to be a firework. i'm thinking it was some kind of high-tech rocket or aliens. one of the two. >> it could be aliens. >> can't rule that out. >> i would never rule that out. >> a very bright meteor that fell through the atmosphere and it took place shortly after sunset so the trail it left behind was still lit by the sun and the winds in the atmosphere nicely contorted shapes that looked like a strange glowing curly q in the air. >> and the lake observatory agreed posting on facebook that it was a bright meteor that was a trail illuminated by the sunset. and so there you have it a
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perfectly timed meteor. not aliens. >> thanks for the explanation, kit. 5:04. the san francisco police officer suspected of robbing a bank was reportedly in the hot seat for allegedly sending inappropriate text messages in 2011 and 2012. authorities say that he robbed the east, west bank on irving on november 29th and then walked away with more than $9,000. facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted. he is due back in court tomorrow to determine whether he will be granted bail. >> the attorney general has launched a new legal battle with facebook. allowing data mining firm came bridge analytica.
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er revealed the site has been allowing other companies to read your private messages. >> let's go live again to newark this morning where there was a house fire and a family of 4 is now out of their home. it looks like they'reot going to be able to return. firefighters describing it now as likely a total loss. the fire started at about 2:20 this morning and apparently the family, two adults and two children were in the kitchen cooking at the time. the fire did start in the kitchen but firefighters are not ready to determine yet if it was the cooking that started the fire. it was the fire that extended to the attic. firefighters were concerned that the family had not gotten out. no injuries to report but firefighters still on the scenen nerk. >> the ns desk yo
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this morning a yemeni mother is reunited with her son oakland. arrived at sfo at around 8:00 last night. the mother was granted a waiver to tral to california from egypt. her husband, a u.s. citizen came to california with their son in a last stitch effort to save him. the 2-year-old suffers from a brain disease and is about to be taken off life support. >> a large crowd welcomed her when she arrived at the airport last night. the mother didn't say a word and her supporters say she didn't have to. she has been apart from her son for more than 2 months as his health declined. it was not until the travel ban made national headlines that the family was reunited. >> she should have been approved months ago. >> this is a difficult time with be together.utedo
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>> swila and her husband are with their son in oakland. they've asked for privacy at this time. >> a rare request from the mayon breed's brother napolean brown. she was then struck and killed by an on coming drunk driver. brown was sentenced to 44 years for manslaughter but now the behavior has written a letter to the governor asking for leniency. >> to be clear i'm not making any excuses for things that he's done but i also feel that there is a problem with our criminal justice system. i feel that sadly it has had a dispro portionately impact especially on african american men. >> we've reached out to the
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victim's comment but we have not heard back. lson bay area high school's lus a look at today's top health stories including what could happen if you fall asleep with your contact lenses in. >> all right. a dense fog advisory is in effect. we'll talk about the locations really dealing with that dense fog. also a weak cold front is going to push in. i'll let you know when you'll see the showers coming up. >> we are getting first reports of a new crash along 880. details coming right up.
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5:12 this morning. welcome back. a brazen beating caught on camera in san francisco. we want to warn you the video is disturbing to bauch. >> a man lying on the sidewalk is then stomped in the head. jeffery woo the ceo of the tech company human. woo is calling the neighborhood quote a war zone. >> you should expect it. no. i think we've had enough to expect and it's unacceptable. and i'm happy to raise a flag
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and say look let's make something change here. >> he tagged mayor london breed in that tweet. he's yet to comment on this video. it was a graduation ceremony that included an emotional tribute. >> this was. >> this is something me and my daughter talked about several times. it's hard she's not here. >> the father of neah wilson who was killed at the bart station in july. the 2018 graduating class of dewy in oakland marched in honor of neah. neah wilson's parents stepped on stage and they accepted her daughter's diploma. due back in court today.
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5:13 right now. our top morning headlines, medical headlines. researchers in australia have created a biepsy imaging needle. >> a tiny fiber optic camera. the size of a human hair with a high degree of accuracy. >> a cdc study shows falling asleep with contact lenses could cause serious health problems. every year nearly 1 million people are treated for k adamrotisis an infection of the cornea. and in national health and nutrition a survey finds recent years adult men and women are gaining more weight but not getting any taller. men gained more than 8 pounds on average and women gained 7 pounds but there was no increase in height. let's get a look at traffic
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right now. a lot of drivers out there dealing with fog. >> yeah, we do have some fog advisories out there. i'm going to show you this. this is 880 near paseo grande. reports of a crash on 880. it's over to the shoulder. according to our live shot it looks like traffic is moving at some crazy speeds as you head through there. we just checked in and no metering lights just yet. but we are starting to see traffic and cars kind of fill up that area. there is a fog advisory in effect for the bay bridge but that will certainly slow you down just a bit into the upper deck. 22-minute drive time. san mateo bridge looking good as far as delays go. fog advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. most of our bridges are going to have some foggy spots this
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morning. you'll have limited visibility. take it slow through there. the golden gate bridge no official fog advisory. limited visibility in fact some of our live shots you really couldn't see the freeways very well. all right. checking our travel times right now on our maps. northbound 101 out of the south bay. alln theenif you're working youg the peninsula. westbound east shore freeway off to a great start. you shouldn't have any troubles there. westbound 580. it is slow and go but that's typical for all those super commuters making that trek out of tracy. we do have an advisory for the golden gate mass transit. there will be delays for the 7:55 and 9:10 a.m. ferries. they'll be delayed about
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15 minutes. we're not dealing with any issues but of course the fog it lingers, mary. >> that's right. boy, we're dealing with dense fog. it is pretty bad out there in spots and that's why the national weather service has issued a dense dense fog advisory in oakland. downtown san francisco at 52. san jose 48 and santa rosa at 49. so let's check out some of the worst spots with that advisen't. looking at just 1/10 of a mile at the oakland airport. 3/4 of livermore and looking at 3 miles for pedaluma. areas of dense fog as we start
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off the day. cool temperatures. dry and cloudy for your afternoon with your normal daytime highs. we are looking at light rain through the in other words bay this evening and pushes across the rest of the bay area late tonight. the storm track stays to our north but a weather system up to our north is going to swing a weak cold front our way and that will bring light rain for some of us. let's time it out for you on future cast. with the clouds today this is at 3:00 p.m. and you can see that weak front approaching the north bay. you can see that light rain for the north bay there as we head through 11:00 p.m., scattered showers. this is at 11:00 p.m. there. so as that weak front pushes across the bay area it will likely fizzle out and dissipate. so the south bay you may not see hardly anything at all. few showers for friday morning otherwise looking at partly sunny skies for your friday. daytime highs in the upper 50s
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for downtown san francisco also for oakland. 62 in fremont as well as for san jose and 58 for santa rosa as well as for napa. so again looking at light rain in spots as we head through tonight into tomorrow picking up about 5/100" of rain. dry on saturday. dry for most of the day on sunday and it does look wet for christmas eve. wednesday at this point does look dry. an olympic swimming star and former cal bear. tippoff coming up. kpix 5 news is sponsored by
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good morning. it is 5:22. chp emergency crews on the scene of a crash. we've got a lot of activity off to the shoulder because of a two car crash where a vehicle may have hit a pedestrian. you might see some spectator
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slowing as you pass the area. here's dennis with sports. the u.s. f. dogs are now under way. >> what would an nca tournament of parents do for recruiting in the future. >> i think we educate. i think it's just trying to bring them back and some people still around try to remember what it's like. >> dogs looking to turn out the lights against northern arizona. check out the ball movement. three ball midland. celebrating his 19th birthday by scoring cond half. jamari boyay. usf wins 76-60. their best score since tionoah p
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pass. bears fall to 4-6. the utah back court of donavan mitchell. that's an easy win right. last time golden state was in utah jonas coreto was up. he had fifty-threes scored 18 off the bench. utah made 16 from downtown in the game. dub shot 32. kevin durant all net he had 30 and the warriors have a chance. 10ef now. 6-3. for the tie.othe rebound and he.
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the jazz win 108-103. ssy franklin has retired.tar she's been battling since 2016. that was the reason for her decision. as a 17-year-old in london franklin became the first american woman to win four golds in a single olympics in any sport. you may remember in 2016 the cal swimming team had 19 medals. eight of which were gold. incredible performance. see you tonight. here's the play of the day now from the nba. detroit taking on minnesota. >> from a line of combination standpoint minnesota's enjoyede
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wolv. the buc e minnesota falling to the pistons in overtime 129-123. disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein heading to court. >> and there was no mistaking it. something unusual was going on in the skies above the bay area last night. we've got some explanations coming up in a live report.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> be careful if you're heading out there on the roads this morning. the fog advisory right now. >> this morning president trump islaim v gevensi and pulling u.s. troops out of syria. why many on capitol hill are calling the move a huge miss stake. >> and we're now -- mistake. >> and now we are one step closer to avoiding a government shut down. >> we want to check in for a look at our traffic and weather. >> it is foggy. we've got a trouble spot on 880 i'll have more on this coming up. >> we are looking at that fog burning off. but we will have cloudy skies.
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so a dense fog advisory in effect for the san francisco bay shoreline and s clara al with visibilityha auart mile. taking you out to the east bay with our dublin cam you can see just how foggy it is. 49 currently in concord and oakland. san jose 48 and santa rosa at 49. a half mile in san jose. oakland 1 /10 of a mile. earlier you were down to zero at the oakland airport. and we are looking at 3 miles for concord and four miles for fairfield. areas of dense fog as we start off the day. we're looking at dry and cloudy conditions for most of the day today. we're tracking a weak cold front and that will bring showers from the north bay this evening and the rest of the bay area late tonight into early tomorrow morning. we're going to time it all out
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for you on future cast taking you hour by hour and when the showers will arrive for you coming up. >> now let's check in with giana and a look at those foggy conditions. >> yeah, a lot of that fog effecting our drive this morning. metering lights were turned on. just a few minutes ago traffic was starting to build coming over that 880 overpass. so limited visibility into san francisco. on the lower deck of the bay bridge we are getting reports of a troubled spot. we'll get more details on that. jumps over to our maps right now we are following this developing situation. northbound 880 near hacienda. possibly a pedestrian involved in this crash as well. again, a lot of activity there on scene for fire crews and ch pvm. all right. dunnbarton bridge all be advised. checking our drive times right now. 10 miles across the span.
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that will take you about 16 minutes to work your way through there. limited visibility in that area. we're dealing with this on most of our bay area bridges. especially that 101 connecting over near the tunnel. very foggy there. limited visibility. to go that 3-mile stretch will take you 5 minutes into san francisco. both of them are pretty much stocked in this morning. so 9 miles out of fremont as you head towards the red wood city heir. we're going to show you a live look here at 880 near paseo grande. not too far from there is where hacienda is. not affecting the main lines of the freeway. still some activity off to the right shoulder. >> that's a look at your morning drive. this morning, the mystery is solved. we now know what caused that strange light above the bay
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area. >> kit do is lye in san jose. . check out some of these images that were about 5:45 p.m. at first it was a long streak and then it curled into a question mark. there was supposed to be a delta rocket launch. so people were wondering was it a jet fighter, fireworks, what was it? >> like everything was dark except for this one little white like reflective thing. >> i was like whoa like this is probably something rare that we're not going to see again. >> very bright meteor that fell through the atmosphere and it
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took place shortly after sunset so that the con trail it l be the atmosphere was still lit by the sun. >> and the lake observatory agreed posting on facebook it was a bright meteor with a trail and so there you have it, a perfectly timed. perfectly placed shooting star. we're live in san jose kiet do kpix 5. president trump has defined ordering u.s. forces to withdraw from syria. the president declared victory against the islamic state there. all service members are set to be pulled within 30 days. >> we have won against isis. we've beaten them, and we've beaten them badly they're coming back now. >> it takes courage to do this because there's a million nay sayers on both sides of the
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aisle who also want to remain. >> it's a terrible thing for the allies we've been working with. >> colossal in my mind. a mistake. >> many critics are concerned the move will give russia and its allies a chance to gain greater control. 5:36 this morning. taking a live look at the u.s. capital. this morning, we are one step closer to avoiding a government shut down. this is a live look here we go. this is a picture of the u.s. capital. one step closer to a short term spending bill. later today the house will vote on the bill which will keep the government open until february. if it passes there the bill then goes to the white house for the president's signature. he hasn't publicly weighed in on the plan which will not have the $5 billion he for it surity ots $1.3orry my democrati aside ande
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same good faith flexibility that the president has shown to secure the integrity of our borders. >> on wednesday, mr. trump tweeted out saying one way or the other, we will win on the wall. the white house says that lawyers are reviewing other possible ways to come up with the funding. the president has said that mexico will end up paying for the wall a claim that critics insist is not true. despite a texas judge's ruling that the act is unconstitutional. 8.5 million people enrolled for coverage next year. but earlier estimatesoi to a potential decline so the count could go even higherl of cbs
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money watch is joining us now with more business news good morning. well wall street didn't react well to the federal reserver increase. it is the fourth rate increase this year. the fed also signalled two more rate hikes next year instead of 3. the moves are threatening the economy. and the senate put the brakes on the bill to speed up not to vote on it. the bill would create a loose frame work for the testing and deployment of auto mated vehicles. would also bar states from setting performance standards. >> dianne, we hear that the makers of pooedialite are out
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with a hangover cure. brand has released pedialite sparkly water. the powder packs can be used to upgrade water with minerals like sodium and potassium that can be lost with one too many cocktails. the pivot was inspired by social media posts thanking it for hangover help. >> just don't drink too many eggnogs and whisky and you'll be fine. >> yeah, that's another solution. exactly. >> cbs money watch this morning. thank you. i'm anne makovec at the live desk and harvey weinstein is set to appear in court this morning. let's go live to manhattan where police are steaked outside the courthouse today. the court is going to determine
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his future. two accusations on the table right now. one that he raped a and he forcibly performed oral sex on a woman in 2015. so the judge has a few different options here. he could throw out the case entirely or set a trial date. now harvey weinstein's lawyer -- excuse me setting out a couple of things that are throwing a wrench in the prosecution's plan right now. one of them that police may have acted improperly in this case, another that a witness had coerced testimony. we will keep an eye on that again. winestein headed to court in manhattan today. >> thank you. 5:40 right now. ahead, you could be paying more for tolls on the golden gate bridge. >> and we'll show you a bay
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area's driver creative use. how he cheated the system with chicken teriyaki. >> and a live look this time from our dublin camera. as you can see it's cloudy out there. you can't see much in this picture. it's 47 degrees in dublin.
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z good thursday morning to you. it is 5:43. check out a live look with our san jose cam. good morning to you. foggy conditions out there. san jose with the visibility down to a quarter mile. please be safe. we have a dense fog advisory in effect. i'll talk about what you can expect with a weak cold front pushing in and when you could see some showers coming up. thank you. this evening golden gate bridge officials will consider several
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the next five years will be on the table. drivers with fastrak transponders currently paid $7 cross but a toll hike could take that up to 8.$75. -- 8.$75. >> $8.75. >> that will cover some investment we have here at the bridge. a final decision is expected in march. a marin county man getting creative trying to avoid those bridge tolls and the chp says don't get any ideas from this. the man was driving his ford mustang on highway 101 when an officer saw something covered his license plate. turns out it was a safeway
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receipt for teriyaki chicken. the chp impounded the the man's car and officers say this kind of thing happens a lot with drivers trying to dodge those expensive tolls. >> don't do it. >> if he got busted. i mean, you can kind of tell. >> that's pretty obvious. >> santa's not coming to his house. >> fog is on the naughty list this morning. i'd agree. it's really causing some issues on the roadways right now. we're seeing slower speeds than usual as a result of all these foggy conditions out there. i want to get to this trouble spot. an accident reported northbound 880 right at hacienda. two cars involved in this crash and a person may have been hit by one of these vehicles. a lot of activity in the shoulders. we're starting to see a few delays build behind this
5:46 am
accident is. couple of other crashes reported by e along the peninsula. a vehicle ran off the roadway and got stuck in the mud. it's over off on the right shoulder. chp and tow crews are headed out to the scene. looks like speeds are still moving okay in and around that area. over to the bay bridge we are dealing with a broken down vehicle. it's in a non commute direction. still stuck in one car. so that will slow you down if you're coming into the open. we've got a fog advisory in effect. a few extra minutes will be tacked on right from the toll plaza. taking a live look right now at our san mateo bridge. also a fog advisory in effect. let me give you travel times. san mateidge c seesrett much son
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as you make your way across there. two hands on the steering wheel and be careful. leave a lot of space between you and the car in front of you and the richmond san rafael bridge advisory as well. i want to show you that san mateo bridge cam again because it looks definitely spooky. many locations dealing with thick fog across the bay. all coming in at 49 morning. liver more at 45 in downtown san francisco at 42. show you some of the worst spots with that fog. 1/10 of a mile in okayland and 3 miles in pedaluma as well as for concord. because of this dense fog we do have a dense fog advisory for the san francisco shoreline and the santa cl.ara valley due to
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visibility a quarter mile or less. here's what you can expect. we are looking at dry and cloudy conditions as we head through the day. normal daytime highs tracking a weak cold front that is going to bring some showers for us at least for the north bay first this evening and then for the rest of the bay area late tonight into early tomorrow. but we're talking scattered activity. that ridge of high pressure is going to continue to move out of here. the storm track stays to our in other words. a storm system up in the pacific northwest is going to drag that weak' cold front our way. as it moves through the bay area it will likely weaken. here we are at 3:00 p.m. you can see the clouds. there is that weak front just to our north. as we go through thursday at least for this evening here this is at 7:00 p.m. you can see that light rain for the north bay. as we go through tonight this is at 11:00 p.m. you can see scattered showers. thisk fro as it moves
5:49 am
through our area. so the south bayou any up0s in san sunnye. also for downtown oakland as well as for fremont at 62 and 62 for san jose. 60 in mountain view and upper 50s for santa rosa as well as for napa. here's that 7-day forecast. a weak cold front for tonight into tomorrow morning. drying out with plenty of sunshine as we head through saturday. most of sunday and then tracking a weather system to move in for christmas eve and tip for christmas day as well. i think i'm going to like this the iconic candy is being
5:50 am
packaged. the sloppy kisses are affecting how their cakes and cookies look. >> the excitement of seeing that curl on the top and when we open it up it's not there. >> the cookie bakers got a little bit testy over this issue. >> the hershey company didn't provide an explanation but it did say it is looking into it other beverage companies like coke cola and pepsi are looking into cannabis industries industries. nasa engineer a look at the prank that is going viral. and here is a look outside
5:51 am
at the richmond san rafael bridge as traffic is moving along okay richmond. we'll be right back.
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we'll get to that next. m lehine.
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♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a live look outside at the san mateo bridge the morning commute could be a rough one with thick fogs in parts of the bay area. we'll take a look at the trouble spotan charged in the high profile killing at the bart station as the bay area community makes an emotional tribute to the victim. good morning everyone it is thursday, december 20th i'm michelle griego. >> good morning everyone i'm kenny choi. it's all about perspective here in the bay area. we do get a lot of fog which could certainly affect the
6:00 am
roadways and yourrive. >> good to have that perspective. we're not shovelling out snow but we also are dealing with dense fog this morning. if you're heading off to work and school this morning give yourself some extra time on the roadways there. in some spots it's pretty bad out there. dense fog advisory in effect and dense fog advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m. here is a live look with our east bay dublin cam. you can see just how foggy it is this morning. as well as for san jose, santa rosa 49. livermore 44 in downtown san francisco improving conditions in san jose. earlier down to a quarter mile. still 1/10 of a mile at the oakld


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