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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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looking for christmas to begin to clear up. as that all moves to the east, rain down here, snow up top, winter storm warnings are posted for as much as 24 inches of snow. for the bay area the all important christmas forecast is showing while they've got winter storm warnings posted in the mountains out here, things will be cooling down, getting windy and getting sunny. we'll have a complete forecast for christmas when we do the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. let's take a live look at the oakland coliseum where the raiders are playing what may be their final home game there. the site for next year is still up in the air. that is after the city of oakland sued the team and the nfl after the pending move to las vegas in 2020. kpix5's betty yu is live for us in oakland tonight. betty? >> reporter: veronica, we have known that the raiders' time here in oakland is numbered and we just found out recently that the team could be leaving a
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year early. that's why for so many fans tonight they're feeling sad even though they're in a festive mood. this has been the home of the raiders for 40 of their 59 seasons. >> a little bittersweet. we're mad that they're leaving, but we're glad to be here to represent the raiders. my mom was a fan. i'm a fan. my son's a fan. my grandkid's a fan. >> reporter: talking about four generations. >> four generations of raiders fans. we love them, sorry to see them go. >> reporter: what's not known is where the team will play in 2019. staying in oakland seems unlikely given the city sued the team and nfl earlier this month alleging they violated anti-trust laws by boycotting oakland as a host city. >> we're feeling pretty good actually. we drove in the rain and we're still here and still toughing it out with the raiders. that's how we roll. >> reporter: the federal lawsuit will not try to keep the team in the city but does seek the maximum amount of monetary damages.
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>> man, i don't feel good at all, but hey, it's the last raiders game. live it up. raider nation. >> born and raised raider fan. it's hard to say good-bye. >> raiders for sure. >> reporter: but this is the best way to do it. >> guest way to do it with family and friends on christmas. raiders! >> reporter: even though oakland raiders do not know if they will be the oakland raiders next year. either way tonight the fans say they are here to show their support. >> betty yu live for us tonight in oakland, thank you. the dow down more than 650 points today for the dow jones s&p and nasdaq composite. it is the worst christmas eve decline ever even though it was a short trading day. president trump continues to blame the downturn on the federal reserve tweeting today, "the only problem our economy
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has is the fed and the fed is like a golfer who can't score because he has no touch. he can't putt," but in another statement the president denied that he could or would fire fed chairman jay powell. since october 3rd the dow has lost more than 5,000 points. tech companies like facebook, apple and google have all led the initial downturn and with a bay area so reliant on tech melissa caen joins us now to break down what this means for us. >> we talked to an expert who says the stock market plunge is making some bay area businesses step back. they're delaying new projects and putting off hiring people. they're waiting for the market to bounce back and hoping that it does. >> i think we're all a little nervous whether we're in the bay area or the rest of the country right now because we don't know exactly where the bottom of this is. >> reporter: jim wonderman is president of the bay area council, a consortium of about 325 large businesses nearly all headquartered in the bay area
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and what he's seeing is his members hitting the pause button. >> what happens when you see this much loss of market value is companies are going to be much more hesitant to invest. definitely you're hearing this kind of talk, you know. more patience out there when it comes to taking the next step. >> reporter: while the bay area does have a diverse economy, we are especially sensitive to losses in tech. >> but a lot of the economy is built around tech and i think if you see a downturn on the tech side, it's going to affect the whole bay area economy. there's no way around it. >> reporter: he says the underlying economy is strong. so the markets are being spooked by something else. >> we haven't seen this much uncertainty heapedon self, i don't know if ever. >> reporter: recent events like the government shutdown, the plan to withdraw troops from syria and afghanistan, general mattis leaving the cabinet, they all seem to come out of nowhere and markets do
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not like unpredictability. >> so it's not surprising that this much uncertainty would have a big effect on the downside on wall street. if it didn't, you'd kind of wonder are people not paying attention? so maybe those things will even out, but i think there's some concern that they won't and things could even unravel more. >> reporter: he says investors aren't gone forever. they're watching what happens next. >> it's just going to wait till the storm blows over. hopefully it does that. >> he says even if there is only sort of longer term issue, the bay area economy is strong. look at our high housing prices. they show people and businesses still think is thalso isthat we more housing. >> that's another headline there, but we do keep hearing whese stock prices, atdays be'sar some resemblance to what happened in 2008, but the reasons are diffen er t's trigh same effects as in 2008. in 2008 there were problems
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with the economy, things like those useless mortgage-backed securities. so the stock market went down because it was devaluing companies based on underlying problems, but right now we don't have those underlying problems. our economy is actually strong. the stocks are going down for other reasons and that's why we aren't seeing foreclosures and banks going under even though the stock market may look similar to '08 on some days. >> stay tuned. it's going to be a bumpy ride. it is officially the last minute for those last minute shoppers and our julie watts is live at santana row in san jose where anyone who is in need of a present is probably breathing a sigh of relief. i'm hoping everyone has crossed the finish line at this point. >> reporter: it's been a good spite a little last minute shopping strain. they are officially closing up shop here at santana row and valley fair to the dismay of last minute shoppers everywhere. twas the night before christmas
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and all through santana row last minute shoppers are hustling to and fro. the rain and inconvenience making some hate the fact they opted this year to procrastinate. >> you really want to find something, so you have to wander around. >> reporter: for others christmas eve shopping is an annual tradition with plenty of gifts to pick from on their last minute mission. >> it's actually easier to do this now. >> yeah. we tend to wait till the last minute. >> doesn't everybody? >> reporter: across the street at valley fair the scene was the same. the biggest headache? parking was a pain. >> we have some whiskey, candies. >> reporter: the most populami christmas eve ranged from this one to that one and another with sleeves. >> my wife, i got her a beautiful dress. >> reporter: some checked off their list early, others did not frustrated the stores closed at 6:00 on the dot. >> night shopping is way more fun, so that's a bummer to me,
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but it's okay we're getting it done now. >> reporter: now the good . ne that has some saying thank heaven, target is still open until 7. i don't remember the rest of my rhyme, so i'm just going to toss it back to you because my dad is calling. it's time for me to go celebrate with my family. >> so many questions. we'll let you go. say hi to your dad. i love him. hi, julie watts' dad. k yoan ov er. well done. still ahead will the government shutdown impact a special secret program? >> the status of the military's famous santa tracker and where you might find good old saint nick right now. >> all this rain could potentially bring flooding to parts of the bay area in addition to the king tides in marin county.
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welcome back as we take a live look right now over san francisco. the rain has finally moved out of the area. it's actually a pretty night. let's bring in our brian hackney tracking the latest on this forecast. >> hey, veronica. it's still wet out there, here and there some showers coming down. for the most part this, has ea.r
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wiacll kecreate d havoc in the mountains tonight where their winter storm warning is. you have to go down pretty much to my hometown of hollister and out toward monterey and the big sur shoreline to find out where the cold front is. still there will be residual showers behind the initial passage of the cold front. you can see a few showers popping up in lake, so sonoma and marin county. a shower or two tonight, but the general tendency will be towards showers diminishing, lows in the 40s. tomorrow it's something completely different, plenty of sunshine around the bay area, upper 50s. it will be windy. so it's going to be a bit chilly as that low pressure tracks south. the high pressure will build in quickly. the rain we'll dispense with tonight. we didn't do badly, about 1/2 inch in san francisco and
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oakland. san jose 0.12 and 0.35 in santa rosa. still winter storm warnings. give yourself extra time and play jacob marley, carry chains if you're headed to the mountains. now the numbers are mostly in the mid-50s in, santa rosa 52, northwesterlies built in with high pressure to our west, the northerlies scours out. visibilities tomorrow should be fantastic, a great day to go to the top of mount diablo, the visitor center, and see if you can see mount lasten lassen ll be here. niwst the lo 40s. daytime highs tomorrow almost uniformly within a few degrees of a few puffy fair weather cumulus clouds over the spine of the coast range, but otherwise sunshine. dense fog tonight, temperatures upper 50s, low 60s in the north bay. be careful because fog will
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form in the lake of the cold air and moisture around. after that things clear up. we look for sunshine through the weekend. if i forget to say it, merry christmas, veronica. >> brian, merry christmas to you, too but i'll see you on the 10:00 and 11:00. so you've got plenty of time. all the rain we've gotten has been combining with high tides to raise the flooding risk particularly for low lying areas in marin county. kpix5's don ford shows us a frequent trouble spot in mill valley where drivers don't always heed the warnings. >> reporter: every year several times a year the king tides flood the intersection of 101 northbound and highway 1 here in mill valley. it's just simply one of the lowest spots in the area, but yet with all the cones and set wi th t hes tople there program. flooded and closed, a foot deep or more in some places, caltrans coned off the area, closed the intersection early establishing a detour. some drivers just didn't want
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to obey it, but even bmw drivers get the message eventually. king tides always win, especially when it's pouring down rain. >> king tides. >> reporter: what's up with that? >> there's king tides coming off my hat right there. >> reporter: officer barclay said the combination king tides and heavy rain have kept them busy. >> the road is closed. do not try to drive through it. >> reporter: and yet -- >> and yet people will and our message is always this. if we can't get in to rescue you because our vehicles are going to get stuck, then you're stuck there as well. >> reporter: then there's this. bikes went around the edges ignoring the detour. >> i didn't realize, didn't check the weather. my phone said it wasn't going to rain this morning. >> you need a new phone. >> reporter: by midafternoon the tides receded and most vehicles could get through, but just as the last cones were removed the sky opened up on mill valley. tomorrow's tides will be lower in mill valley, don ford, kpix5. >> it gets lyigsoht deep you ca
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actually canoe into mill valley if you wanted to. the partial government shutdown will continue through christmas at least until thursday when members of congress reconvene. during the shutdown national park visitor centers, parking lots, restrooms are closed including muir woods in marin county. other closures include passport application offices and loan processing offices. public access does continue for portions of national parks including yosemite, point reyes and the goalsen gate national recreation area. alcatraz is open just for day cruises. the presidio trust is taking over some of the the eswoidio open. federal courts and the post office will stay open. the government may be partially shut down, but the santa sightings are still ing . that's ri the world can track santa and his reindeer thanks to the north american aerospace defense command. let's take a live look now at the norad tracker which shows
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santa and his reindeer approaching northeastern canada. 4.6billion gifts delivered so far. on the ground right now 1,500 volunteers have been at an air force base in colorado. they're volunteers answering calls and mails about what else, santa's progress tonight. >> funny he's so chubby with 4.6 billion gifts. bay area food banks are working hard this holiday season to help families in need. >> that's right. kpix5 morning anchor michelle greigo has one generous donation to our food for bay area families drive. >> reporter: there are so many bins and boxes full of donated food here in the waree redwood empire food bank including fresh produce like these carrots here. food is such an important donation and also money and matt martin with the redwood credit union joins me now with a generous donation you're making today. >> redwood credit union, we are
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thrilled to participate in the annual food drive and are so very happy, pleased and honored on behalf of our members, employees and communities to commit $39,447 to the work that redwood empire food bank is doing here on behalf of those that desperately need it. >> reporter: that is a lot of money. why is it so important for you to get involved because you're a long time partner of the food bank? >> when we look at what redwood credit union's mission is, to serve the best interests of our members, employees and communities, we know food security is a big part of that. with our food collection sites at our local branches, our grant making, our benefit events as well as just volunteering right here in this warehouse to pack food and help get that food out the door is what we believe in as a cooperative and what we it's a way. >> it does. redwood credit union is a tremendous partner. their generous fingerprints are all over our organization.
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they do international credit union day that benefits us. they do our food and funds drive. they donate food. they volunteer. they're a complete serving donor as we call them. >> reporter: this is a lot of money this year. let's bring in this big check for $39,447. if you would like to donate, just go to
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santa claus isn't the ly one coming to town. lebron james takes on the warriors the first time as a member of the lakers. >> i love christmas games as long as we're at home. so we're lucky we're home. >> lebron and the lakers come to town 19-14 with a fourth best record in thwe jay in new or th suppting cast, t old onle to steve kerr. >> we prepared for it by
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scheduling the lakers three times in the preseason. he will not look out of the ordinary. >> how different will it look seeing him in a laker uniform? >> i really don't give a darn about him being in a laker uniform. >> san francisco is hoping to finish strong next week and deny the rams a first round bye. >> we know who we're going to be in a few years or what we can get to. so it's just about believing. like you said, the record don't really matter. our jobs is on the line. so if you ain't coming out here to get stuff done or make plays or help this team, we don't really need you. >> the 49ers came up short against the bears but showed plenty of t,maybe too much. richard sherman was one of three players ejected in the 4th quarter for throwing punches while trying to defend teammate marcel harris. >> as a leader, you can't let them do your teammate like that regardless of the circumstances, regardless of what's going down.
6:23 pm
i felt like they went over the top and i responded with over the top. >> richard is a baller and i respect what he d. i will not pay his fine, though. >> i'm a grown man with kids. i don't care about any of that, you know, and at the end of the day they're going to get punished for it. you're a grown man. you don't put your hands on me. i don't put your hands on you. you put your hands onme, you're going to feel me. >> you saw what happened yesterday. >> i wouldn't put my hands on him. thanks. coming up in our next half hour a look back at some of the incredible students rising above scholars and alums. oh!
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welcome back to kpix5 news at 6:00. >> our christin ayers gives us a special look back at some bay area teenagers and the nonprofit committed to helping them succeed in college and beyond. >> hello. i'm christin ayers. the past year i've been reporting on students rising above. we've brought you incredible stories about sra students and alums doing amazing things with their lives and making a difference in their communities. tonight we begin with kimberly
6:27 pm
gonzalez's story. kimberly is using her voice to let others know life continues even after great loss. the tragedy was splashed across pages of newspapers, two tires blown on a car on the road to los angeles. kimberly ramirez gonzalez was in that car. she was 13. her 11-year-old sister rosa was thrown from the car. >> rosa and my grandmother both passed away that day. i didn't really even understand what breath was. i remember praying to my sister because i just couldn't comprehend that she was gone forever. >> the tragedy and responsibility stuck with kimberly like a shadow sending her into a spiral. >> that turned me on to drinking at the age of 13, you know. by the time i was 14 i realized i was an alcoholic and i started going to aa meetings. >> wanting to set a good example for her little brothers, kimberly did the one thing that she felt sure would change her life, a story she shared when she stepped on a stage last month in front of
6:28 pm
16,000 people in los angeles. projected onto the stage behind her? a photo of her sister rosa. >> and eventually i applied for a college scholarship, students rising above, didn't expect i'd get the scholarship, so when i did, i was ecstatic. >> with students rising above, kimberly found her voice sharing her life story at we day, an annual conference that celebrates young people fighting for social change. she would speak at a ted talk about the meaning of success. >> help someone. inspire someone because that's what success is. >> words that kimberly is living by mentoring the young women of girls united, the organization she founded as a student and inspiring her younger brothers. pablo is now a students rising above scholar, too. >> i wanted to be kind of like the testament of that it will happen. >> students rising above alum evelyn montiel struggled to get through college and find a job, but she credits family and sra for seeing her through those
6:29 pm
hard times. if there's been one constant in evelyn montiel's life, it's this, hefamily's east oakland- based ice cream truck. for over 20 years her family's fortunes hinged on this truck and this treat. >> i became like an adult very early on in life. >> but for evelyn life was rarely sweet. when we first met her 12 years ago, she was a high school junior, an a student and class president, but at home she was in survival mode fighting to keep this business afloat. >> it was being two people at the same time. >> after a bumpy start at college she dropped out. >> because i had students rising above, they were able to give me the help that i needed. >> help with applying for and getting into a different school, the university of southern california. the years flew by punctuated by internships set up by students rising above. >> to help me and make sure i made it through and that i was prepared to enter the
6:30 pm
workforce. >> but the workforce wasn't prepared for her. evelyn graduated at the height of the recession. >> i just finished a premba at stanford and i can't get a job. i'm here selling fruit in east oakland, like i cried. >> but students rising above would not let her slip through the cracks connecting her with a job interview that would launch her career in finance. now evelyn is a broker at a silicon valley startup that aspires to democratize the stock market, but she still goes back home to east oakland and evelyn's ice cream, life she says is a beautiful dream, one she could not have created on her own. >> i want to go back and tell them that story. yes, give me one. >> recent high school graduate jocelyn gamma is eyeing a career in public service, too. she's got big plans that she hopes will lead her to washington d.c. jocelyn gamma
6:31 pm
is a winner whether she's hitting a basket or hitting the books. at school she's in her element. >> education is just the key to where i want to get to like help my family out and just make a change for my community. >> oakland high school has been jocelyn's second home, her haven. they offered to show us around the place that helped shape her into the first person in her family to be college bound. where you taking us now? >> to my class english writing. i just love writing. writing is like a great way to express myself. >> it it hasn't always been easy. jocelyn watched her older brother get caught up in a life of crime and struggle through the prison system. she wanted something different for herself and her family. >> i said to myself i want to become a role model for my baby brother and baby sister and it's just like i'm the first one going to college. >> it was in these halls and classrooms that she found her
6:32 pm
own role models, a coach who encouraged her, teachers who inspired her and that's when she started dreaming about being a politician like kamala harris. >> one day i want to be the voice for people who can't speak for themselves and i read kamala's bio and it literally said the same thing. >> dreams she said she never would have had without scholarships, mentoring and help with the college application process from students rising above. >> they've just done a lot for me, my other parents, my other family. >> these days jocelyn is on the cusp of college acceptance. at her part-time job at office depot she tells her customers about her hopes. >> and what do you want to study? >> political science. jocelyn gamma,ing on the lookout. >> tahani rhodes is a leader on the field and the classroom. she took time to show me her
6:33 pm
favorite sport. tahani is eyeing her future and it looks pretty bright. the oakland high school senior is headed to uc merced in the fall to study biology. >> i'm excited about that. >> she took a break from studying and work to give me a lesson on how to hit a softball. spend some time with tahani and it's easy to see she's a strong young woman who credits much of her success to the other strong women in her life starting with her grandmother. >> she really is a guardian angel. my grandmother taught me so much growing up. >> her friend kimberly. >> she always supported me and told me you're perfect. you're going to do great. >> her mom. >> we're just trying to do little things together like prom and graduation. >> but with that love and support came loss. kimberly was murdered when tahani was 13. her grandmother passed away last year and tahani struggles daily to make a connection with her mom who was on her own most of tahani's childhood working to support a daughter she was
6:34 pm
barely able to see. >> i was in a daycare most of my life. they've known me since i was 6 months. >> she'd heard about students rising above her sophomore year. >> i said what's the next step? >> sra was there for tahani helping with applications and money for tuition. now she's seeing her college dreams fulfilled, not only for herself, but all the other women in her life she carries with her in her heart. >> keep going no matter what because not everybody is going to believe in you through your struggles, so you have to just keep, keep pushing. up next reaching for the stars is a common theme among sra students, but how did they achieve those dreams? we'll tell you about what sra does throughout the year to help support its programs.
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♪ not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here.
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not only does sra have incredible students and alums, it has tremendous community support. this year at its 15th annual gala both were recognized and celebrated. it's an annual celebration of young people with big dreams and unbelievable life stories, people like billy, veronica and ametra. when we met them roughly a decade and a half ago, they were high school students with daunting personal stories of homelessness and hardship. all they wanted to go to college. >> just got to look for the good people and stick with them. >> encouraged me to keep making progress and do better in my life. >> she took me into her office and said done playing around. let's go. >> they were going somewhere, but back then they might never have guessed that they would wind up back here with the organization that helped lift
6:38 pm
them up, students rising above. >> i graduated from university of oregon. >> i got my masters from berkeley. >> as a single woman, i bought my home two years ago in the bay area. >> victories they say they never could have accomplished on their own and in the years since they were fresh faced high schoolers, students rising above has also grown. >> off the top of my head, nearly 750 students are students that we've impacted. >> the most recent crop right here in the room for the organization's 15th annual gala, high school seniors with unlikely stories holding signs bearing the names of the colleges they'll attend in the fall. for billy and veronica and ametra, it was a full circle moment and as professionals now it's time to give back. >> i'm currently mentoring a college student who is a junior at uc merced. >> i took my men tee into my home. it was the best decision because she's like my little sister. >> there is a sense of pride and also wanting to return the favor.
6:39 pm
>> a diverse work force can be critical to a company's success, but some say achieving that isn't always easy. now sra is partnering with bay area companies to help bridge the gap. >> tonight we're here to celebrate 20 years of students rising above. >> for two decades students rising above has been helping young people get into college and find careers against all odds like veronica. tonight she takes the stage to tell a story from her childhood that shocks the room. >> my dad's behavior started changing. he became a violent, abusive alcoholic. one night him and my brother were arguing and my dad brought out a gun and he shot my brother five times. he then turned to shoot at my mom but missed. >> veronica says it was in spite of her tragic childhood that she made it where she is
6:40 pm
now, working in cyber security for the company duo security. >> part of it was yes, i wanted to be successful, but i also want to take care of my mom because she's done so much for my sister and i. >> students rising above board member steven thompson says it's precisely because of their unconventional backgrounds that young people like veronica can succeed in tech. >> these types of students transition into technology companies extremely well. >> he should know. he grew up in foster care before landing jobs at google, facebook, linkedin and now amazon. >> when you've lived below the poverty line for many years, when you've had to struggle to get to school and get through school, when you go work in a work environment, you know how to get around obstacles and work with others to influence, make and build things that will really change the world. >> danny gillery, head of to de suffer. >> without involvement of underrepresented groups and women in technology there's a risk and that risk is that
6:41 pm
they'll become irrelevant. >> auto desk has partnered with students rising above and hosted this celebration. veronica says it's having this kind of support that changed her life. >> it makes me feel like i belong. it makes me feel like i'm enough and i feel like i have a family. >> to explain more about how students rising above works, we have here with us sra executive director carolina martin. welcome. >> thank you. >> it's great to have you here and have the opportunity to pick your brain about how sra works. tell us a little bit about the history. >> yes. students rising above has been part of the bay area for over 20 years. we go as far north as serving students in santa rosa, as far east as brentwood and as far south as ng stars program and we right to hat first generation a four-year degree or college access and it's not just about college access. it's about college completion
6:42 pm
and while they're in their four years at a university we start infusing it with workforce development conversations. so when they graduate from college, they're already workforce ready by having a robust career development program. so we really are trying to get our students ready to thrive in the work place and have meaningful careers. >> you're also not only just selecting them giving them scholarship money, which is the focus a lot of times, but you're also providing them with the support network while they are in school. >> yes. we provide a health navigator. we have tutoring, career mentors, social mentors. we sove are hanot part of our rising stars program, actually we have the sra hub which is kind of an ed tech platform that has a virtual advisor, so our students are virtually getting other information if they're not part of our legacy rising stars program. >> that's really impressive. that gives you the opportunity to sort of help out more
6:43 pm
students bring more people in. >> yes. that's exactly right. usually we accept roughly 75 to 100 students in our rising stars program, but over 800 apply. so we say what happens to that other amount or those other students? so we actually access the hub to provide similar students for all those students. >> you're actually helping many students who are first generation and they have special needs beyond students who had parents that went to college. >> yes. when students go home and try to access their workshop to try to get a job, they night go home and not be able to have that conversation, but students rising above provides that space to center that platform how do i get a job, create a resume? so we provide that access for them. >> it's been my great honor to be part of it and tell the amazing stories of students
6:44 pm
rising above and the students that are helped by students rising above. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> absolutely. thank you, carolina. looking for a job can be tough. next up we'll show you how sra alums are helping each other achieve their career goals and we'll also show you how one sra scholar spends her free time.
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any recent college graduate can tell you getting that first job isn't always easy, so when students rising above alum john butcher saw sierra collins struggling to find work, he stepped up to help. it started with a so different kiera collins and john butcher are having now, a few words at a mixer hosted by the software company autodesk. kiera and john quickly realized how much they had in common. both had pushed through tough childhoods. >> i grew up in the fillmore neighborhood and there wasn't a lot of things to really look up
6:48 pm
to. >> at the time richland was one of the top 10 rated violent cities in the bay area. >> as teens they were sra scholars. at different times both would become sociology majors at sonoma state. a few months after graduation last october kiera went to the mixer. she was discouraged trying to figure out her next step. >> i had literally applied to 100 different places. >> no luck. john had been there. >> she mentioned she was looking for opportunities. she was graduating pretty soon. i kind of took the power into my own hands and said let's see what i can do. i referred kiera to the row and a couple weeks later history. she ended up getting a position. >> it couldn't be better than this. >> it's one of the reasons she said autodesk so prizes its partnership with students rising above. >> there's a connection that is made and you can collaborate
6:49 pm
together in the future. >> now she has her dream job. >> i'm a talent acquisitions coordinator at new relic. >> both she and john say they have a new motivation. >> i can have such an impact by doing just the simplest thing. >> just keep pushing. you're going to make it. >> at the ritz carlton in san francisco centurion barron is the ultimate insider. he takes us on a backstage tour of the hotel. just call him mr. fix it. >> i like building things and solving and fixing things, yeah. >> he's spending the summer interning behind the scenes in the engineering department at san francisco's ritz carlton hotel. >> you're either working on a different project or new things always come up in a hotel. >> centurion is used to being the kid who had to fix things. he and his siblings spent some time in foster care. the family was separated and when they finally reunited, he vowed to set a good example for his brothers and sisters. >> everything that was wrong that was going on, people using
6:50 pm
drugs, people doing bad things and i'm like that's not in me. i want to do something different, make my future better. >> a family member told centurion about sra and his dreams of the future started taking shape. e earned a scholarship to uc merced becoming the first in his family to go to college. >> my major is mechanical engineering. i hope to work on cars in the future. >> for now he's excited to learn the in's and out's of the ritz along the way impressing the engineering director. >> everybody can be taught skills, but what can't be taught is dependability, reliability and centurion has proven to be both reliable and dependable. his time keeping is very good. the rest we can teach and he's embraced that teaching. so i think he has what it takes. >> like how to build a table from scratch. as a summer project he started as a gift for his mom.
6:51 pm
the engineering department helped him do it and as far as setting a good example for his siblings, centurion's got that covered. >> my younger sister just graduated high school and she's moved to alabama applying to colleges out there, which is really good. >> brenda vasquez knew students rising above would be her ckllege. what she didn't know is it would also be her ticket to travel the world. >> mexico, norway. >> in just two years brenda vasquez has hopscotched across more countries than many people visit in a lifetime collecting keepsakes. >> i have this one from russia. >> like this music box from st. petersburg. travel is a passion she didn't know she had. in her early days at berkeley high, she never dreamed of going to college, but then she got into an intensive college prep program and got a scholarship from students rising above. before she knew it, she was off to long beach state. it was during her college years that she discovered she had an
6:52 pm
adventurous streak. students rising above sent her an application for a summer internship that gave her the chance to travel to bangalore, india. >> i ended up falling in love with india. >> brenda was officially bitten by the travel bug. the following summer she explored eastern europe and scandinavia. >> hungary, the czech republic. >> suddenly crossing the globe on her own was not a stretch. brenda had been forced to grow up fast. when she was just 7 years old, her mother, a child care worker, broke her leg on the job and brenda had to take charge of the house. >> i was pretty comfortable with being alone. being out of my comfort zone, i guess it did help me grow a lot from what occurred when i was 7. >> now that she's graduated from long beach state and has got her visa in hand, these off to see the world again, first to mexico to visit family and after that a voyage back to india to teach english as a fulbright scholar.
6:53 pm
>> being abroad just makes me feel like we need to focus on our commonalities and see there's a lot more we share in common than people can see. >> brenda, tahani, john, all these extraordinary young people say they owe much of their success to students rising above. remember it's easy to learn more about sra by going to our website, then watch for their stories on kpix5 news on mondays at 12 noon and 6 p.m. and sunday mornings at 6 a.m. thanks for watching! stay tuned for more news here on kpix5.
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we're back with a brief sports updateically guess really you should do, but i'll read it. it's now the 3rd quarter in oakland at the raider game and is this a surprise? the silver and black are up on the denver broncos 17-0. >> i think there's so much energy and the possibility that this could be the final game in oakland. >> yhear here first. this one. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest is always on join us tonight for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw 44 cable 12 and back here tonight at 11:00. merry christmas!
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause steve: thank you all. thank you all. thank you very much. i appreciate it, y'all. thank you all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got another good one for you today. returning for their third day, with a total of 20,845 bucks, from right here in los angeles, california, it's the champs. it's the parker family. everybody's here trytoarkansas, eirsso somebody might have a shot at
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driving outta here in that brand-new car. hey, let's go meet the kirby family. hey, nathan, how you doing? nathan: i'm good. steve: that's good, man. what you do for a living, nathan? nathan: uh, i am a professional mixed martial arts fighter. steve: ohh! [cheering and applause] ohh! oh. oh, this man is in the hurt business. you in the pain game. boy, that mma, man. that ain't no joke in there, man. nathan: yeah. yeah, actually, i want to show you something. can i show you something? steve: aw, hell no. [laughter] nathan: not on you, steve. steve: oh, ok. oh, ok. nathan: not on you. all right. steve: go ahead. fixin' to show me some-- nathan: not on you, steve. steve: oh, man. come on, man. nathan: steve, i want to show something on you, but i think i'll get sued, so this is my son. steve: oh, that's your son. nathan: yeah, he's 17. he's undefeated. he's an undefeated fighter. steve: oh, you're a fighter. all right, let me see. nathan: ok. all right. here we go, steve. [grunting]


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