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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 26, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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stands. good morning it is wednesday december 26th i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm kenny choi. we are starting live as it is almost 6:00. you can see transamerica. nice clear conditions to start off this day after christmas. >> of course those clear conditions mean chilly temperatures. >> right. definitely bundle up this morning if you're heading outside maybe you're heading back to work after christmas the holiday there and we are looking at beautiful weather. so we're going to keep that sunshine going for today as well. we're starting off with mainly clear skies and temperatures that are on the chilly side. concord coming in at 40. 37 in livermore. san francisco 49. 42 at san jose and santa rosa at 35. your weather headlines mainly clear. chilly as we start off the day. sunny and breezy. we're going to be tracking a dry
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cold front kicking up the winds a little bit here. as we head through the afternoon and evening. daytime highs will be cool but seasonal for this time of year. and we're going to stay dry all the way through the end of 2018. so that first new year's forecast for monday night it looks good. partly cloudy skies. we're going to ring in the new year with temperatures right around 49 degrees and new year's day looks great as well. we're going to time it all out for you on future cast taking you through the rest of the week into next week coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in with giana for a look at traffic this morning. >> we've had our eye on this crash over to southbound 101 where a vehicle went down the embankment. it has now just been cleared out of lanes. we just watched the tow truck. overall things have been pretty quiet. we'll show you on our maps here.
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westbound 580. a big rig accident over to the right shoulder. it's not blocking any lanes but it is causing some spectator slowing. you have great spoodz. everything is clear over towards 680. this is pretty much the story for all of our bay area bridges this morning. out of oakland into san francisco. no metering lights so it's good to go. you've got about a 15-minute ride from oak loond into the city. this fresh powder was a welcomed sight for skiers and snow boarders. just a few miles down the mountain the historic downtown was full of window shoppers >> nice fresh powder about this thick. that's a christmas miracle. >> you've got thousands of people here flocking up from the bay. our parking lots are full. we're 100% open. it's just an amazing time up
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here. >> and there's a resort just for sledding that's open for the next two weeks. 6:02 right now a live look from washington this morning. hundreds of worker there is will begin feeling the effects of the shut down today. many will return from the holiday to begin working without pay. others have been told to stay home as the shut down. a defiant president trump says the government will be shut down. >> the partial federal government shut down is going into day 5. there are no signs of a break in the stalemate between president trump and democratic lawmakers. >> i can tell you when the government's going to be open. i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall or fence or whatever they want to call it. >> there has to be some kind of barrier. when asked if the $5 billion he wants for the wall is a firm
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number, he left it open. instead, the president referred to the more general border security package he asked for from congress. >> we're getting $25 billion. it's already approved. but that's for everything. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said last week he won't bring up a vote. the president wanted the shut down but he seems not to know how to get himself out of it. it's hard to see how he can come up with the solution that can pass both the house and senate and end his hashtag trump shut down. and that government shut down is affecting a wide range of offices here area. we're live in san francisco to explain what's open and what's closed. >> yeah, so the shut down affects various agencies
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differently. the courthouses will be open until january 11th but the passport offices inside the building, they will be closed indefinitely. closed today will be passport offices inside federal buildings. national park visitor centers. their bathrooms and parking lots. everify services. irs offices, department of education buildings and seafood and dairy inspectors. remaining open, post office, most federal law enforcement and that includes the mueller investigation. and federal contractors will be hit hard in particular. they will not be working, not be getting paid, not be getting back pay and not be able to make up those loss pay or hours. >> these are totally avoidable circumstances j hav govern employees, conac me imp significantac the
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i' to fin a way t avoid them in the future. >> and so we just met a federal contractor who was passing by on the sidewalk heading into the building. we learned he's going to finish up this job which is already prepaid but after that there are no contracts on the horizon until they figure this all out. if you have some sort of business with the federal government today it's best to call ahead. kpix 5. new details are emerging on what led to a deadly police shooting in san jose. witness video showing us yesterday morning at lee and fruitvale avenues. officers say they fired at two people in their vehicle after the driver rammed a patrol car killing one of them and injuring the other. that happened at the end of a 5-mile chase through the end of the city. they responded to an earlier report of a gunshot then spotted what appeared to be the victim inside that car. llr and the chase then gotld n
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under way. just about 7 minutes after six thousand one local church is going to great lengths to help those in this holiday season. the unique program organizers hope will spread across the bay area. >> plus why one long time bay area holiday tradition has ended just a bit earlier this year. >> well another beautiful day across the bay area with that sunshine. i'll let you know how long this will last and let you know if there are any changes coming up as well. >> if you're hitting the roads early this morning. you're in luck. it's just one minor hot spot through the altamonte pass. details on that coming up.
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not long ago, ronda started here.
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and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here. good wednesday morning to you and happy day after christmas. looking east at the bay bridge this morning. a chilly start to the day. i'll talk about what you can
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expect as we head through the rest of the week into next week and of course from holiday to holiday we've got your first new year's forecast coming up in a few minutes. 6:11 right now. the devastation unbelievable in parts of indonesia where 429 people are now #ki6r78ed dead after that tsunami struck. thousands are left homeless. huge waves on saturday night following a volcanic eruption. at least 128 people are still unaccounted for. military members, government personnel and volunteers are searching for any survivors along the coast. in china a man is in custody after hi man hijacked a bus and drove it into crowds of pedestrians. eight people killed and more than 20 injured. the hijacker used a knife to take control of the bus.
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12 minutes after 6:00 and a church in oakland is proving it knows the true meaning ofn.ind o open its doors to the homeless for 36 hours. they came up with a plan to set up beds and blankets. they've also been serving three hot meals a day from christmas eve through today. >> just to have somebody to tell you to come in and we're going to feed you and house you for as much time as they can, it's a wonderful thing. >> i'm hoping it catches on and other churches are opening their doors to say hey you can come in and stay. >> already other churches have been contacting him about the program. today marking the official
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start of kwanzaa n american artultu complex will host the celebration marking the start of kwanzaa. tonight's event runs from 6:00 until 9:00. it features games, arts and crafts and an african american inspired meal. the lights went dark at san jose's christmas in the park. here in downtown san jose it's going to be packed with fans attending the ncaa national football championship game. so crust kris in the park had to shut down early. >> i feel back and sad because this is a point really for the family kids and actually i have my family coming from texas and we have a really great time
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here. >> and it was a very special moment for one couple. you can see he got down on one knee and proposed and she said yes. 6:14 this morning our neighbors to the north are claiming their most famous citizen this week is santa claus. multiple agencies confirming that santa and the entire claus clan are citizens of canada. santa's permanent residence is in the north pole and he has been issued a canadian passport. the north pole is hundreds of miles from any inhabited area and some contested canada sovereignty over the north pole. >> well he's really busy. today he's resting after his big last couple of days. >> he deserves a day off.
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>> he can deal with immigration status later. >> canadian or american doesn't matter. >> i think he belongs to everyone everywhere. all right. let's check the roadways right now. a couple things going on. really as you work your way out of that altamonte pass area. you're seeing traffic backed up just a little bit. not a typical morning commute. we do have a crash just past this area. we'll show you on our maps right now. it's westbound 580. a little activity there. we are seeing some red on our sensors. 32 miles per hour so speeds are improving. just a heads up. once you get past that you won't see any troubles through there. drive times through our area looking good. 205 to 680 it's about 20 minutes to get through there. only 13 minutes northbound 101.
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no delays out of the south bay. mass transit on time this morning as well. we're back to our regular schedule there. no delays to report o b right now. we'll get a start over in the north park there marin county to the east bay commute. not bad at all. a couple more cars out there. golden gate bridge looks good as well. 15 minutes to travel. southbound 101 from san rafael as you head into san francisco with light conditions across the span there. it's been pretty nice all morning long. we're seeing 18 minutes from hayward into foster city. once you get on 101 it's clear and the bay bridge. metering lights are off it's been a really nice ride out of oakland into san francisco. hopefully a nice day as far as the weather goes. >> that's right. a beautiful day ahead. we're going to keep that sunshine going for us. so grateful for us to be living
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here in the bay area especially when many parts of the country are dealing with nasty weather. you can see the sales floor tower camera as we look at mainly clear skies this morning. a chilly start to the day. looking at temperatures right now in concord at 40. oakland 50. livermore 37. downtown san francisco 49. san jose 42 and 35 for santa rosa. here's what you can expect. your weather headlines mainly clear. chilly conditions to start off the day. sunny and breezy conditions as we head through the afternoon. and we're looking at northwesterly winds about 10 to 20 miles per hour. and cool but seasonal daytime highs for this time of year. we're going to stay dry through the end of 2018. the satellite and radar view. high pressure, the big weather feature for us. we're tracking this upper level low well to our north and that's going to swing the tail end of a dry cold front our way and the impact of this will be those breezy northwesterly winds. we are still going to see that
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sunshine with clear skies, future cast taking you through the day at 3:00 p.m. and you can see that sunshine for all of the bay area as we head through tonight. this is at 10:00 p.m. and you can see a few patchy clouds out there. so in some spots we'll see that as we head through tomorrow we're looking at plenty of sun as well. we're going to fast forward all the way into new year's day and it does look sunny. so we're looking at high pressure still in control by early next week and that means we're going to start 2019 with that sunshine. your first new year's forecast to ring in the new year for monday night 7:00 p.m. low to mid 50s. partly cloudy and then we're looking at midnight. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s with a mix of clouds out there. but still looking great for the start of 2019 and as we ring in the new year as well. daytime highs today upper
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downtown san francisco. 50 zin7 in fremont. concord you'll see a high of 59. sunny and breezy today. we're going to keep that sunshine going all the way through saturday is there. we're looking at partly to sunny sunshine. new year's eve on monday with that sunshine and again, the first day of 2019 with mostly sunny skies. and now here's sports. coming up in sports the warriors play their final christmas day at oracle. and oakland didn't exactly get the gift as le bron and the lakers come to town. >> and before we go to our tv time out. look at san francisco, the china basin wells the embarkedaro.
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it's 47 degrees. we'll be coming right back after this.
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well the raiders future will not be in oakland next season. >> final minutes of the first half. bandeet in. 3rd quarter and the warriors looking to make a run. klay thompson finds draymond green. james slips making a pass and injures his groin.
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he could not return. to cut the laker lead and minutes later, the warriors on a fast break with a bounce pass to kevin durant. final seconds of the third, lance stevenson hits the deep 3 pointer and breaks out the air guitar for a little celebration there. as the lakers blow out the warriors 127-to 101. and the lakers outscore the warriors without james and head coach steve kerrr spoke about the warriors dismal offense and he did not like the effort on defense last night. and the warriors are back in action on thursday. kpix 5 sports. basketball is fast becoming a christmas day tradition for as andrea just showed us.
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getting a lump of coal for golden state fans it was kind of painful. >> but for one group of kids from oakland the outcome did not take away from their experience. a group of 30 oakland kids were treated to a day of surprises. >> we don't celebrate christmas at all but this is my first christmas and i actually like it. >> they cost so much money and then they look so perfect and then i'm like oh, my god they are so saucy. >> saucy, that means cool right. >> yeah. >> the saucy footware by the way was a pair of new steph curry sneakers. some bay area art students helped come up with the design for those sneakers. all right. play of the day from the nba portland taking on utah. >> bench this season. not a very good passing tig
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quarters. clover to mitchell. what a pass. >> good look from half court. the jazz teaming up for that nice play. the alley-oop. utah going on to meet the trail blazers. 6:26 a winter storm is causing a whole lot of problems for people trying to travel during the holidays. we'll show you some of the trouble spots. >> and it is the day after christmas and we're getting a first real taste of the federal shut down today. what is and what is not open coming up any alive report. >> and taking a live look right now at the bay bridge. traffic moving very slowly for this hour of the day. giana will be having more of your traffic update coming up. we'll be right back.
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios. >> another child has died in u.s. border patrol custody. >> and the holidays can be difficult for those who lost loved ones to violence. >> it is wednesday december 26th. good morning thanks for waking up with us i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec. boxing day. holidays they just keep on coming. starting with a live look outside today. skies are clear and temperatures are chilly. >> you mentioned boxing day. boxing day and return day. >> boxing day came from england. people are doing these things today in honor of christmas going to brave your returns or boxing up some of the stuff you didn't like. >> and at least the roads are looking good. >> yeah, i just got the all
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clear from chp. >> and a day ahead. if liked c god as well we're going to keep that gorgeous weather continuing across the bay area. we'll talk about your new year's forecast coming up in just a moment. looking east with mainly clear skies beautiful view of the bay original. 40 right now in concord. downtown san francisco 49. san jose 42 and 35 for santa rosa. mostly clear to start off your wednesday. we are looking at that sunshine. breezy seasons. definitely seasonal for this time of year. and we're going to stay dry all the way through the end of 2018. monday night it does look great. we're going to ring in the new year with temperatures right
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around 49 with partly cloudy skies. we're going to time it out for you' all on future cast as we go into nex w course that first day of 2019. >> all right. jumping over to the roadways right now. good news to report. we've had our eye on this trouble spot. over to the shoulder near grant line. it's now been completely cleared out of lanes. here's a live look as you make your way. so far traffic looks good let's jump and take a look at the bay area. if you're headed westbound 580 maybe hit the roadways it looks really good. no delays traffic is very light as you head through there and a live look at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. no metering lights today. good news it's an easy ride. northbound headed towards the mcarthur maze and of course once you get to the toll plaza clear all the way into san francisco. so traffic looks really good right now. ann. lucky for us in southern california ice and snow turned freeway 15 near cajon pass into a bit of an and then crashinginn people. in the southern u.s. forecasters are warning people to prepare for heavy wind today.
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many people heading back to work after the holiday many would rather do without. today is the first full business day since the federal government ran out of money on friday night. 800,000 employees have been told to stay home. president trump is holding firm to his demands for billions of dollars to pay for a wall along the border with mexico. >> i can't tell you whether the government's going to be open. i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall, fence whatever they'd like to call it. >> mitch mcconnell saying he won't call for a spending bill unless there's a compromise reached ahead of time. >> well the joy of the holiday season is turning a little sour this morning. we're live at the federal
6:35 am
building to explain how a lot of people are being impacted. >> good morning. to give you an idea of how hit and miss it is. the courthouse inside the federal building here on golden gate avenue they are open. they're going to stay open but the passport office that's inside this building, they're going to be closing indefinitely. take a look. passport offices. federal loan processing offices. everify services irs offices and seafood and dairy inspectors remaining open. that includes the mueller investigation. one group hit particularly hard federal contractors. these are people with skills. they will not work, not get paid and not get back paid. basically it's lost for good.
6:36 am
>> federal employees are almost always compensated for their time off and of course hours that you're supposed to work can never be made up. >> and so if you're heading out to a national park they themselves are open but you cannot park inside them. you'll have to park outside and walk in and of course there are no bathrooms once you get there so take a bathroom break before you decide to go it is best to check and call ahead. we're live in san francisco, kpix 5. >> and the shut down is just one of the factors driving down losses huge on wall street. . by this morning's opening bell, the dow was on track for its worst year since 2008 and its worst december since 1931.
6:37 am
on monday the dow fell 140 points and the trade war between china and the u.s. as we take a look at the board the dow is starting in green. u.s. customs and border protection now ordering medical checks on every child in its custody. it is the second death of a child in the agency's care this month. the boy was initially diagnosed with a cold and then a fever. >> it's just tragic and we're thinking about his family right now. just what they must be feeling to have lost their child on
6:38 am
christmas day. to be in a strange country not to know what's next for them. >> that boy's death comes about 3 weeks after another guatemalan child died. police are trying to determine if the same man was behind two stabbings. between 6th and mint streets on monday night. police say that a 70-year-old woman died from her injuries. then the second stabbing happened just after midnight on 3rd and market streets. as of last night the 43-year-old victim was still in the hospital with life threatening wounds. a 27-year-old man was arrested in that attack. time check 6:38. pg &e taking new steps to make sure we don't have fires.
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>> and a community comes together to make sure survivors of the camp fire have a merry christmas.
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good wednesday morning to you. get ready for a beautiful day across the bay area. here is a lovely view love those beautiful colors in the sky. we'll talk about what you can expect as we head through the sxafrn as we head through the rest of the week into next week your first new year's forecast is coming up in a few minutes. they're part of a non profit called 1000 mothers to pro mote non violence. the group was f by an oakland mother whose son was shot in his car. >> a bag of grocery and a check
6:43 am
just something to say we're here. we care and you don't have to suffer alone. >> a gala is held in december of each year celebrating survivors and the love they've lost to homicide and for those who can't come. 6:43 this morning. investigators in south dakota are trying to figure out what caused a small plane to lose control and slam into a neighborhood right below it. four homes were evacuated when the plane went down last night in sioux falls. authorities have confirmed one person on board was killed. after the crash, neighbors rushed to the scene to help but there was nothing that they could do. >> we heard the boom. so we ran out the front door unsure where exactly was it. it sounded like it was right in our back yard. i don't think anyone could enter the flames at least we couldn't. no oro was hurt. local authorities have reached
6:44 am
out to the ntsb to help them with the investigation. japan says it plans to resume commercial whaling operations in july. japan is leaving the international whaling commission which does not want the practice to return. japan says it will only hunt whales with healthy population numbers in accordance with international law. the commission banned commercial whaling more than 30 years ago. and in italy about 10 people dealing with minor injuries. authorities say it was a 4.8 magnitude earthquake triggered by the mount et in a volcano. here's a look at what's coming up on cbs this morning. dana jacobson joining us now from new york. >> good morning kenny. coming up on cbs this morning we're going to talk to the customs and border protection commissioner after an 8-year-old died on christmas eve.
6:45 am
this was the second child death this month. plus a top wall street trader explains what you can do to protect your investments in the new year with stocks on track for the worst december since the great depression. >> and hall of fame coach jim calhoun how his love for the players is bringing him back to the game six years after retiring. all coming up at 7:00 we'll see you then. >> that former yukon head coach keeps going and going. >> we'll see you at the top of the hour after this show thanks. fresh powder is blanketing mountains across the state thanks to powerful storms this week. >> it was a white christmas. families in running springs were overjoyed to see snow in their back yard. >> it's really cool to have snow. d>>lly to have snow and it's our first time having snow on christmas. >> nice. other parts of the state weren't
6:46 am
as lucky. hundreds of people raced to the mountains yesterday saying a little traffic is nothing compared to making memories on the holiday. >> when will we see snow. >> you know, i think that's fine. you know where to do to get it and that's fine. >> not too far away. pretty nice up there. i hear it snows. taking a look at the roadways right now. we've got lots of good news. your drive times are all in the green. so easy breezy along 101, 80, and 580. over towards sfo 39 minutes. westbound 80 looki gd. you head towards and earlier trouble spot involving 880. if y want and use mass transit looking good as well. regular schedule today.
6:47 am
everything is on time. bart, cal train, amtrak and muni and ace is back in service today. here's a live look at 680, the venetia bridge. connecting benetia and martinez. and that's pretty much the same story. so easy ride as you work your way through there. you should have no problems getting out of oakland into san francisco. give yourself about 15 minutes to work your way across the span. once you get into the city, traffic is light through there. san mateo bridge so far so good this morning. it's been a pretty easy ride out of foster city. we haven't had any accidents or incidents across the span there. golden gate bridge is looking good. we're seeing a few more cars on the roadway but light conditions out of san rafael into san francisco and richmond san rafael bridge connecting 880 to
6:48 am
101 across the span there. here's mary with our forecast. and we are beginning to see the sunshine out there. a gorgeous live look with our sales floor tower camera. turn to your screen and check out this view to something to make a smile this morning. this is looking south and we're starting off the day with a mainly clear sky temperatures on the chilly side from concord at 40. oakland 47. as well as for downtown san francisco and for san jose. 37 in livermore and 35 right now for santa rosa. so here's what you can expect. mainly clear. a chilly start to the day. sunshine, breezy conditions with northwesterly winds about 10 to 20 miles per hour. cool but seasonal for this time of the year as we head through the afternoon. and we're going to stay dry through the end of 2018. so the satellite and radar view. high pressure in control. this upper level low tracking
6:49 am
well to our north and really the biggest impact will be breezy conditions and we will still see plenty of sunshine as we take you through around future cast taking your b skies out there. as we head through tonight this is at 10:00 p.m. you can see some clouds with that dry front. otherwise looking at plenty of sunshine as we head through the next several days. >> taking you out and fast forwarding all the way to new year's day, we'll see plenty of sun for that first day of 2019 as high pressure really remains in control. that first new year's forecast and what you can expect for monday night, it looks great as we ring in the new year. 7:00 p.m. and then by midnight looking at temperatures around 49 with partly cloudy skies. our sunrise today, 7:23 and our sunset at 4:57. daytime highs today around where we should be for this time of year. definitely feeling cool. downtown san francisco 58. 59 in redwood city as well as
6:50 am
for mountain view. san jose fremont 59. 60 in oakland. 60 for san rafael as well as for santa rosa. so sunny and breezy today. we'll keep that sunshine going thursday, friday, into saturday. they'll be a weather system to our north and that will bring more clouds partly sunny for your sunday. still dry and there we go for monday, for new year's eve. plenty of sunshine and the first day of 2019 on tuesday looking at that sunshine as well. kenny and ann. >> sounds good. our feel good story of the day volunteers making sure that kids affected by the deadly campfire. >> different non profits work together to get these kids gifts, food, and even a visitfr. >> t ise. i hope everybody can have that too. but that would be in time, huh. >> i never expected so much love
6:51 am
and compassion from our community and it's moving. >>. >> kids and adults laced up their skates. >> it's kind of an early tradition to come out and skate so i figured what better way to do it than to come out and have a little bit of normalcy. >> symbolic of the resiliency of the town. 6:51. pg&e says it is investing in new cameras in an attempt to spot wild fires sooner. suspected of causing some of the recent wild fires. the marin county fire department hopes that the new cameras will be a help to its crews. >> if we see something getting established we can start additional resources early before that scene.
6:52 am
so it could make a tremendous difference. a quick response is important especially in an area mixed with structures in the whield land. >> 69,000 homes exist in marin county's wild land. in high or very high risk fire zones. the cameras are designed to work at night. eight minutes now before 7:00 and we are learning more on what led up to a deadly police shooting in the south bay. >> now this is the first post holiday work day of the federal shut down. coming up in a live report.
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we're live here at the federal building on golden gate avenue in san francisco and we're learning that this shut down affects various agencies differently. for example the courthouse here is open today and they
6:56 am
open throughua 1h and so round e know so far. closed today passport offices. national park visitor centers. their bathrooms and parking lots. everify services. irs offices, department of education buildings. seafood and dairy inspectors remaining open today. airports, post offices federal law enforcement and that includes the mueller investigation. federal contractors. these are people with skills in tech or high in construction. they will not work. not be getting paid. not be getting any kind of back pay and will not be able to make up those lost hours. >> i think these are totally avoidable circumstances that just have enormous implications on government employees, contractor employees and more importantly have a significant impact on the american people. i'd like to find a way to avoid
6:57 am
them in the and s nl themselves will be open, but again, you have to park outside and then walk in and make sure to take a bathroom break before you head inside because again those bathrooms will be closed. if you have any kind of critical business with the federal government today it's best you check ahead with a call. >> thank you. 6:57 time for your final 5. >> president trump says he is holding firm to his demand for billions of dollars to pay for a wall along the border with mexico. >> for the second time in just a few weeks a young migrant from goddaughter mala has died -- goddaughter goddaughter ma la.
6:58 am
>> one suspect died and the other was taken to the hospital. the shooting happened after a 5-mile chase through the city. >> this is the first day of kwanzaa the week-long celebration celebrating african heritage and in san francisco the african american art and culture conference will host a celebration starting at 6:00 tonight. >> and a live look at the billboard right now. wall street trading resumes after the christmas holiday, and the dow is up after the trouble earlier this week. that's good news. dow on track still for its worst year since 2008. >> good news on the freeways right now. you are cruising right along the 101. traffic is clear on that northbound side. you go 9 miles it will only take you 15 minutes into santa rosa. that's pretty much what it looks like around of the bay area. 47 minutes to go, 28 miles out
6:59 am
of antioche and we're clocking in nice speeds off the east shore freeway. also no delays coming off of 880 and looking good 101 southbound as you head into san francisco and a nice ride into the south bay. >> let's check in with the south bay. san jose good morning to you with mainly clear skies. the sun just about to rise. a beautiful view on the chilly side for sure this morning. as we head through the afternoon sunny and breezy with daytime highs. 58 downtown san francisco. 60 in oakland as well as for santa rosa. 59 in san jose and for concord. so plenty of sun. not just today but all the way through the end of at least the workweek for some of us here who do have to work. we're looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. looking great for the start of 2019. >> sounds fantastic. christmas is done. the returns can happen today if you want to do that. >> yeah, if you can brave it.
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>> have patience. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is at 7:26. >> and cbs this morning is coming up next. good morning to our viewers in the west, it is wednesday, december 26th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." customs and border protection face new outrage after the death of an 8-year-old boy in its custody on christmas eve. lawmakers demand answers about the second child to die this month. we will talk to the agency's commissioner. a new report reveals you could be paying a high price for those so-called risk-free trials. how to watch for misleading subscriptions that cost americans more than $1 billion in the past decade. plus the new hashtag campaign that encourages americans to unplug, how it takes the idea of fomo, the fear of missing out and turns it into joy. and why would a man who retired at the top of his game


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