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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 28, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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san quentin inmate on the loose. >> it turns out the state's pipe dream was just a pipe dream. we know revenue from legal recreational marijuana sales are not close to what was expected. i'm michelle griego. kenny is sleeping in today, but we are here, ji an nip and mary. a lot of people have the day off. the weather, there's good stuff happening there. >> if you love the sunshine that will continue. we are tracking some breezy to windy conditions but the winds will ease later on in the afternoon. a live look at sfo clocking winds at 23 miles an hour at sfo. concord looking at 50.
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santa rosa at a chilly 33 degrees. so let's show you the winds out there. looking at 15-mile-an-hour winds out of or. 23 sfo. 26-mile-an-hour winds in downtown san francisco. things are really rocking and rolling still in downtown san francisco with those winds. 14 in liver more. 17 in berkeley. 14 miles an hour in napa. the winds will ease and relax. we'll stay dry through the end of 2018. a big holiday. a lot of people will be out and about and to ring in the new year temperatures around the coast, the bay, mid-40s with clear skies. we're going to time it out, what you can expect, taking you hour by hour as we head through
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the weekend and into the start of 2019. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. >> we have to get used to saying 2019. we have a crash report, highway 9 near highway 35. a vehicle within the down the embankment. speeds are a little slow last you work your way through there. also getting word of a trouble spot along 680 on the capital avenue offramp. a car hit a tree. maybe some spectators slowing in that area, so use caution. all right. taking a look at traffic as you head along the venetia bridge area. definitely use caution as you work your way across the span. overall it is a pretty easy ride. a live look at the nimitz
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freeway. this is north of hagan burger. that will take you an easy 20 minutes. southbound 880 looking good from the maze toward hayward and free month. michelle. a central valley town mourns asen intense manhunt is one way for the man who killed one of their police officers. anne? >> reporter: it's been tough for investigators. looks like the man has used several different aliases but the stanislaus county sheriff's office has confirmed these facebook photos are of the suspect. you can see him posing in front of the golden gate bridge. his profile says he lives in san francisco. police are not naming him even
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though they know who he is. they're putting his picture out. he is accused of killing police corporal ronil singh during a traffic stop. the suspect got away. he is an undocumented immigrant. >> the suspect is in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here. he's a criminal. >> reporter: the colleagues said longer singh singh was an immigrant from fiji. authorities are planning the
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funeral for corporal singh. in the mean team, they're following leads. developing news in san jose. police are defending their actions after an officer shot and killed a woman who they identified as a murder suspect. at one point officers said she read it to run them in over. police opened fire and killed jennifer vasquez. they initially thought they were chasing a shooting suspect but now they admit they went after the wrong car. >> i stopped short. had they not been in a stolen vehicle, had they not pled police on a high pursued we wouldn't be here today. >> police said vasquez was driving a stolen vehicle and had previously been involved in leading officers on a chase.
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vasquez's family is calling it an unjustified murder. >> it should not have happened the way it did. it wasn't right. >> the vasquez family is demanding a knead investigation. >> the search continues this morning for an inmate who escaped from san quentin state prison. that same man may have committed a carjacking a short time after he slipped out of prison. 21-year-old shalom mendoza was seen about 6:00 last night. then about 9:15 a carjacking was reported a mile away. video shows a man in a white shirt walking up to a woman who was about to get into an suv. he motioned as if he had a weapon under his shirt. he demanded the keys and drove
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away. >> the descriptions were almost identical. so that's an investigative lead we're following up on. >> they consider him armed and dangerous and said anyone who sees him should keep their distance. mendoza had been serving a five- year sentence for a carjacking and police chase. police are searching for the driver who ran a woman down in a crosswalk and took off. it happened just after 8:00 wednesday night when show was struck by a dark colored '90s mustang. the woman is in critical condition. happening today a heads up to drivers that if you're caught drinking and driving you may have to install a device that measures blood alcohol
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concentration. san francisco's police chief and jerry hill will be announcing the program at noon. it launches on new year's day. this is a live look at capitol hill in washington, d.c. where there is no shine to ending the partial government shutdown. it's now in its seventh day and is expected to continue into next week. republicans and democrats cannot agree on a funding plan that who please president trump. the president said the shut june mr. continue until he gets billions for his walls. >> i was hoping that republicans were hearing what i was hearing. that is you guys need to get back to work. >> compromise is not what they're willing to engage in. >> democrats gain the majority in the house in the new year. elon musk is asking for a
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california judge to throw out a lawsuit against him. he accused a british dive are of being a pedophile. that diver filed a lawsuit. the diver was helping those rescued in a cave in thailand. a morgan hill mushroom grower could face tens of millions in nines for illegal dumping. a lawsuit from the santa clara office said they pumped the material into the creek. coyote creek knows into the bay. the dumping started in early 2016 and continued into 2017. the lawsuit said the company did it to save money. we reached out to the company for comment but so far we have
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not received one. it has been a year since california legalized recreational pot. we learned the money is not materializing. >> the state wants to overtaxed. >> supporters said it could bring in a billion dollars in year. the reality is nothing close to that. what's behind the shortfall? excessive taxation and a resilient black market. >> at the and of the day what we need is a systematic comprehensive review. >> it became legal on january 1st. a report claims a state-run bank for cannabis is too financially risky. that's because marijuana is still illegal under federal law
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that the bank would be loyable for criminal or civil liability and the penalties would be too severe. the report recommends lobbying for legislative change in order to set up an exclusive bank that would provide services only to the cannibals industry. sugary drinks may be putting your kid nis -- kidneys at risk. >> it is still windy. i will tell you when the winds will ease. we're also looking ahead to new year's eve. that's coming up. >> and coming up we'll have a look at the special schedules for mass transit plus the wind advisories on our bay area
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♪ not long ago, ronda started here.
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and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here. a new study finds fat burning exercises are nullified ki garyeetene with a certain ug
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vecoullead to kidney problems. a survey found those who drink more of the sugary drinks had a higher chance of developing chronic kidney disease. new research finds your brain delivers a double dose of the feel good hormone dopamine when you eat, first when you taste food and then when it enters your stomach. the doe a mean release is proportionate to your desire for a certain food. the higher the craving, the less dopamine. >> anytime i eat oreos or chocolate, i'm feeling good. >> it's on the top of my list as well, anything with chocolate. all right. taking a look at the freeways, we are nd advisories.
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so everything is on time for bart, cam tran and says. so special service oning for bart. for all you new year's eve goers, free service for cal train and muni will be running from 8:00 tom 5 a.m. taking a look at the travel times, you are in the green. if you're traveling from the sought bay, 41-minute drive time. 17 minutes from highway 4 to the maze and the altamont pass is looking good. we are dealing with wind advisory through the altamont pass. slightly slower speeds. jumping out to the bay area bridges, let's get a live light easy ride.
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same goes for the san mateo bridge. as far as speeds go it's looking good. an easy ride. jumping on downtown up with the shouldn't have troubles north or southbound. let's go to the golden gate bridge where traffic is light but an easy ride into san francisco. of course, everyone's ready for new year's eve. >> that's right, gianna. it looks great with clear skies as you ring in 2018. you can see it rocking and rolling. if you look chestily you can see that shaking. temperatures are rolling in the 40s, 50s and 33. wow, look at that. kld. so let
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winds out there. sfo 23-mile-per-hour winds. 26 in downtown san francisco. 21-mile-an-hour winds out of the north. 18 in antioch. 1 in napa we're going to see the winds ease. sunshine as we head through the afternoon. we're seeing daytime highs. not as windy. we'll stay dry through the end of 2018. satellite and radar view. why is it so windy? we have a low pressure system to the east. there's a tight pressure gradient. the winds go from high to low. the winds will be releasing.
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wind gusts and as we go through the morning we're looking at breezy conditions. there we go as we head through the afternoon and evening. things start to wind down and especially by tomorrow. here's what you can expect as we're looking well ahead to new year's eve and dry for 2018 and the start of 2019 so your new year's forecast first. monday if you're heading out to the embarcadero, clear skies, low 50s and midnight 48 degrees. here's what you can exspect for wesetemperatight nd wheree should be for this time of the year with plenty of sunshine. redwood city 58 for a high. pal low -- palo alto. mountain view at 57 as well as
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union city. 356 for walnut creek. 58 for vallejo. for berkeley, 57 for you,al alameda. 59 for clover day. here's what you can expect. plenty of sunshine and not as windy as we head through the afternoon. partly sunny on sunday with the weather system to the north new year's eve dry and into need need, 2019 the start of this looks like of sunshine. here's a look at sports. here's what steve cur said. he said we together for 48 minutes as the warriors dropped another one, this one an overtime thriller.
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come on back. i've got the details. >> and we are taking a live look at the beautiful golden gate bridge of course in san francisco. it is 5:21 right now. we'll be right back.
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good morning. i'm smiling because i like to take the high road. the warriors lost in an overtime thriller. remember last night, it was there, both ends, sort of. here's how it within the down in oroville. he was ready to bring down a hammer. triple double. let's get to the good part, okay? end of the game, steph curry did the hot. and 30 seconds, steph curry, no kevin durant yes. overtime. 26 points, 10 rebounds, 11
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assists. ball's loose. warriors by 2. clutch for the bladessers. put it blazers. let's drop the puck on the ice. sharks they hosted the anaheim ducks. gave the goal to marcus sorenson. tied at two and brett burns scored. sharks won it4-2. that is sports at this hour. three more bowl games tonight. there will be nine bowl games between now and nfl sunday with the ninners. and 14 point underdogs. see you later. >> nba hoops. the kings taking on the lakers
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in sacramento. >> guess what, two points. >> ouch, it looks like it hurts. that's a huge dunk. the kings would hold on for a one point win over their rifles and fox takes home your play of the day. >> we're learning more about the man who killed a central valley police officer but he is still on the loose. we'll tell you the leads that police have right now next.
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, kpix news. police officers said they got it wrong. >> today marks one week since
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the government shutdown tend is expected to continue into next week. good morning. it's friday, december 28th. i'm michelle griego. friday is our favorite day of the week. >> finally friday. >> traffic has been good. a lot of people staying home this week because of the holidays and gearing up for the next holiday which is new year's eve. >> are we ready for it? >> kind of. >> you have to remember. okay. t'ta abt that new year's forecast. we'll see clear skies to ring in 2019. first, let's take yum out to the camera. the camera is shaking in the
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wind. we're dewithzy so temperatures 50 in concord, oakland as well as downtown san francisco. so almost down to freezing for you in santa rosa. let's check out the winds as we're looking at 15-mile-an- hour winds in san jose. 11 redwood city. 23 sfo. one of the windiest spots, downtown san francisco with winds at 26 miles per hour. 18 half moon bay. 18 in antioch. 17-mile-an-hour winds in berkeley and 14 in napa. so breezy to windy conditions, clear skies. sunshine as we head through the afternoon. seasonal daytime highs. thethe wiwi ease.
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so that new year's forecast first. new year's eve if you're out and about clear skies, great weather to watch the fireworks. inland, temperatures will be in the mid-40s as we ring in the new year. we'll talk about what you can expect taking you through the day on futurecast as well as the new year as well coming up in a few minutes. gianna. we are getting first reports of a crash along 101 right around the railroad. not block lanes. chp is headed out to the scene to get more information. we're seeing traffic moving despite crash in both directions. we do have some wind advisories, so just a heads up. use caution as you work your way across the span, pretty windy but the drive times are looking great, 15 minutes from
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the maze. we have advisories in effect for the dumbarton bridge. eight minutes to get across that. the benicia-martinez bridge, we have a wind advisory. use caution as you work your way across the span. we'll check the south bay coming up. authorities are searching for a suspect in the shooting death of a police officer, a suspect they said who is in the country illegally. kpix is in san francisco. >> reporter: the suspect said he lived there at least at one point but he's been pretty shady. he has gone under several aliases, the stanislaus county
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sheriff's department has just confirmed these facebook photos that we found are of the suspect. you can see him posing in front of the golden gate bridge. his profile page said he's living in san francisco. police are not naming the suspect even though they do know who he is. he got lay way immediately after shooting the officer taking off in a gray pickup truck which he later ditched in a mobile home park. as michelle mentioned, he is an undocumented immigrant. corral ronil singh pulled him over. singh worked for the newman pd since 2011. he is an immigrant from fiji and leaves behind a wife and 4- year-old son. the flags are at half-staff as
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they plan the funeral for corporal singh. investigators are following several leads for his killer. so far he's still on the loose. anne makovec. the search continues for a man who escaped san quentin prison. he may have committed a carjacking after escaped. shalom mendoza was seen about 6:00 wednesday night after leaving a work crew. a carjacking was reported about a mile away outside a home depot in san rafael. video shows him walking up to a woman. he motioned as if he had a weapon under his shirt and threatened to kill her. he then demand the keys and drove away. >> the description given by the victim and by san quentin was
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almost identical. >> police also found mendoza's jump suit and considers him armed and dangerous. mendoza had been five- year sentence for an armed carjacking and police jacking. the police chief now admits his officers mistakenly identified a woman as a murder suspect and they shot and killed her. police said the woman led them on a high speed chase christmas morning and at one point tried to run them over. police killed 24-year-old jennifer vasquez. first, they thought they were chasing a shooting suspect but now they admit they went after the wrong car. >> no. they weren't the suspects but had they not been a ol e. thnot led police on a
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chase we wouldn't be here. >> vasquez's parents are calling this an unjustified murder. >> it shouldn't have happened the way that it did. even if it was a mistaken identity, the way it was dealt with wasn't right. >> the vasquez family is deending a federal investigation. here's a live look at capitol hill in washington, d.c. where there's in sign toeding the partial government shutdown. it's ins it seventh day. congressional democrats and republicans cannot agree on a is underring bill that with please president trump. the president said the shutdown will continue until he gets billions for his wall along the u.s.-mexico border. >> i was hoping that republicans were hearing what i was hearing from constituents.
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you guys have to get back to washington and row open the government. >> compromise is not a word the democrats are willing to engage in. >> it appears the stalemate will continue after the new year. that's when the democrats gain the majority in the house. americans believe there's plenty of blame to go around. we have more in the money watch report. >> reporter: wall street saw a late day charge to end the session in the green. the dow was up 260 points yesterday, a huge rebound after being down more than 600. the nasdaq rose 25. investors will need moralelies or morale more rallies.
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the confidence index fe. . ere's the trade wa china ane feserve's interest rate hikes. a new reuters poll finds 47% of americans blame president trump for the shutdown which is now in its seventh day. the blame game continues. >> the blame always shifts. a new look for instagram that caused users to become unhappy. what happen. >> the social media changed its format from vertical to horizon. it was supposed to be a small test. all is back to normal and all of social media gave a great
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big sigh of relief. >> my friend at work showed meed she hated it. i looked on mine and it was normal. now all is back to how this was. thank you. elon musk is now asking a california judge to throw out a lawsuit against him. in july the tesla owner tweeted this. musk criticized the man. according to a new court filing the public new the insult was not meant to be a statement of fact. a mysterious blue light had social media blowing up. we'll show you why some people thought this was an alien invasion. >> this is a live look outside at our dublin cam. traffic seems to be moving
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along. we'll have an update after the break. we'll be right back.
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good friday to you. we made it to friday. breezy to windy conditions still this morning. we're looking at temperatures that are in the low 50s in downtown san francisco where it is windy with winds anywhere from 26 miles an hour. it's 5:43. we'll talk about what you can expect and your new year's forecast coming up. a mysterious blue light that could be seen for miles lit up the skyline. it caused confusion and blackouts. so what was it? authorities say it was a transformer fire at a con
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edison power plant. it happened east of manhattan it. caused scattered blackouts, train delays at laguardia airport. the blue glow could be seen 20 miles away and it caused social media to blow up. >> it was like independence day. >> i told my husband we are being attacked. >> all i see is the blue flame and from there the ground started shaking. i felt the ground shake for a good 15 seconds. >> con edison said it has restored all transmission lines and is in the process of investigating the root cause of the failure. glad everything is good. glad it's not an independence day situation. it looks like it. the blue sky would be scary. >> pretty. >> it looked pretty cool.
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>> all right. you're saying the roads are looking good. >> we have a couple of accidents, but they're not causing delays. if you're hitting the roadways, this is a good time. this is north of petaluma. we have reports of a crash south of here. looks like it maybe causing activity off to the shoulder where a vehicle went down the embankment, a little extra volume. it is northbound 101 right before railroad avenue. we have reports of some slightly slower speeds in the south bay. that's that morgan hill area. overall a 9-mile area. it will take you about seven minutes, so an easy ride. we have a trouble spot near 35.
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this is a crash for people down the embankment. tow crews are on scene. on the south bay it looks good. so an easy ride if you're hitting the roads. getting ready to plan your new year's eve, a special service from 8:00 p.m. to 3 a.m. for bart. no train on monday or tuesday. this is our dublin interchange. the headlights no delays in the altamont pass. you are clearas you work your way toward the bay bridge toll plaza. looking ahead to the big holiday. the new year's forecast first. for monday night clear skies if you're headed out to
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embarcadero. clear skies and by midnight to ring in 2019 temperatures will be in the upper 40s. so clear and cool. here's a look. the cameras are rocking and rolling in the wind. it's breezy to windy. let's show you our temperatures. 53 in concord. 47 liver more. 33 in santa rosa. the cameras are shaking. let's show you the wind speeds. 113 pleasant. 23 in sfo. one of the windiest spots with northerly winds at 26 miles an hour. 12 in vallejo. so clear skies, breezy to windy. sunshine as we head through the
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afternoon. dry until the end of 2018. satellite and radar view. the reason it's been so windy we've had an upper level low. with those two weather features so close together there's a tight pressure grade yet. that's why we saw the winds pick up. what happens, as we go through the day, the two weather features will move apart and with that we are going to see quieter conditions. breezy conditions for the rest of our morning. watch as the winds ease and especially boy tonight into tomorrow. here's what you can expect as we look forward and fast forward to new year's eve. dry conditions to end out 2018 with a ridge of high pressure in place. we'll kick off 2019 with plenty
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of sunshine. our sunset at 4:58. 59 for san jose. looking at 60 for santa rosa. so plenty of sunshine tomorrow. partly cloudy skies for sunday new year's eve, new year's day as well as wednesday into thursday of next week. it looks like we'll see plenty of sunshine. michelle? there is lot of cloining up to do in southern california. this is a mess left behind after powerful winds whipped through parts of los angeles. they toppled several trees. >> i was standing here. i was getting ready to walk cracking. >> the winds also knocked out power to thousands of homes and a lot of people with travel plans for the holidays will be dealing with jack frost, the
5:50 am
winter storm that's been crawling across the country. it doesn't plan on easing up. more than 100 miles. wisconsin roadways are also getting severe slow. >> sloppy getting your car. an extra 5 minutes, maybe 10. >> blizzard warnings for minnesota, nebraska and the dakotas. atlanta, the city with the world's busiest airport, could see a half foot of rain by this weekend. a man accused of starting a devastating wildfire in he rnia will orge coun rule there is enough evidence to try forest gordon park for arson. clark is accused of setting the holy fire in august. that fire destroyed more than a
5:51 am
dozen homes and forced thousands to evacuated in orange and riverside counties. clark has pleaded not guilty. a judge has suspend criminal proceedings for a man charged in a deadly bart stabbing. the attorney said his client is suffering from delusions and paranoia. psychiatrists will submit their findings on february 13 he is charged with stabbing nia wilson. prosecutors described the crime as a random act of violence. >> new year celebrations kick off next week. we'll tell you who is offering free rides so you can party until your heart's content. this is look at the bridge. we'll be right back.
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good morning. happy friday. we're starting off with breezy conditions. enjoy the sunshine. definitely not as windy later on. 58 in palo alto. 59 in santa clara as well as san jose. 58 in pittsburg. let's check out berkeley. 57. 59 in oakland, san leandro. 59 for san rafael. let's head to the peninsula.
5:55 am
a crash near broadway. it's over to the shoulder. we have debris. still green on our sensors. as mary mentioned it is windy. we have a wind advisory. that includes the dumb barton bridge. high wind advisory. use caution pass you cross the span. it will take you eight minutes. michelle? >> thank you. some local transit agencies will offer free rides for new year's eve revelers. there will be free transportation. the hours and available routes may vary. so you want to contact those agencies for more information. >> a couple championships and a whole lot of high may have helped the warriors for the most sellouts in a row. all 19,590 seats at oracle arena have sold out. it's the fourth longest sellout
5:56 am
stroke in the national basketball association. >> the war yars have probably, i think one of the strongest fan basils ever. >> the best loyal fans of any team. >> that is true. the nba team with the longest active sellout streak, the dallas mavericks who have sold out 761 straight games. a host of new laws will take effect when we wring in the new year. one in particular could make the roads safer. >> we have new information on the man who killed a central valley police officer. police have released new pictures but not his name, the leads they have to go on next.
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not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here. live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix news.
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>> we get another look at this suspect committing another crime. >> and the impact of the shut june on federal workers. good morning. i'm michelle griego. kenny is off this morning, so he's sleeping in. we are going to look at, let's see, the city of san francisco. look at that, all of the beautiful lights out there. it's dark. gianna will have a look at the traffic. we're all worried about the holiday forecast. >> give it to us. >> it's a very good one. i think you will like it. we'll be out


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