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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  December 30, 2018 8:30am-8:59am PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: it's sunday, december 30th. i'm margaret brennan, and this is "face the nation." the government shut down drags on as the new year approaches. and democrats prepare to assume control of the house of representatives. washington was at a stand still with the senate in session for all of four minutes on thursday. actually, two and a half if you don't count the prayer. >> the senate stands adjourned.e and instead war ze troopin iraq. >> america shouldn't be doing the fighting for every nation on
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earth. >> brennan: meanwhile republicans and democrats remane at odds of funding a border wall and president trump is raising the stakes, threatening snder cf justified this costly move. >> our options are on the table, listen, it's the only way w we n get the democrats' attention. >> brennan: washington dysfunction is rocking wall chips, blue chips are on track for worst december since the great depression. we'll talk with alabama republican senator richard shelby chairman of the powerful appropriations committee, his still fellow committee member jon tester also joins us to discuss democrats exxon valdez. in these turbulent times, we turn to a "face the nation" tradition. a historiansndtable one b andt lies ahead for 2019 it's all ahead on "face the nation."
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go morning, welcome to "face the na." it's day nine of the shut down with no end in sight. thnd. some 420,000 federal employees worked this week will not receive pay for their time until the shut down ends. while another 380,000 stayed home with no guarantee of back pay. joining us now from tuscaloosa, alabamas republican senator richard shelby, he's one of the most powerful groups in congre congress, he runs the appropriations committee. senator shelby and his fellow members control government spe spending. senator, welcome to "face the nation." >> thank you. >> brennan: sir% of for the s3lant mocrats accor the ters poll whe donetiations stand >> our negotiations are at an impasse at the moment.
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i wish it were not so. but we've got to move away from the blame game, blaming the president, blaming the democra democrats, pelosi and schumer and others and get back to doing what we're sent there to do, to fund the government. that's been my mandate, that's what we've been working hard this year in a bipartisan way on the appropriations committee. senator leahy, the senator from vermont who is the ranking democrat on the committee, i believe if people would help us along we'll do what we did with the 75% that we funded the government, funded all, the sooner the better. >> brennan: have you spoken with the president or the white house since the shut down began last saturday? >> i had lunch with the president and vice president last saturday and we talked at length about it, how to bring it to a close, how to fund the
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government. the president made some proposals through the vice president. i made some proposals to senator schumer the night before. but right now we're at a stand stand-off i think that's not good for the senate, the house or america. we can do better and we've got to figure out a way, margaret, 20 get to yes. if we blame each other, this could last a long, long time. >> brennan: why is the democrats' offer to continue current level of san diego.3 billion border security, why is that not enough? >> the president wants more, i tried to work a deal earlier on where he would get 2.5 billion this year and 2.5 next year try to have compromise, that didn't work out. i do believe that the president would like to work -- to yes, i think senator schumer, who i worked with for years would like
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to fund the government. is the question, when do we get off the blame game and get to serious negotiations. at the end of the day, all of this will end we don't know when in negotiations. it's not a question of who wins or loses, nobody's going to win this kind of game. nobody wins in a shutdown we all lose and we look silly. >> brennan: the president sent off some tweets this weekend specifically blaming democrats for the deaths of children or others at the bord border, he said they're strictly the fault of the democrats. do you agree with the president and what does language like that use to negotiations that you say you want to get going. >> what is the president twee tweeting and blaming somebody or blaming democrats or whether it's the democrats blaming the president, brought us to the impasse that we are today. i found out long ago working in the senate on the appropriations committee that we've got to find out what do the democrats really
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want here, when do they want it and can we work with them, at least meet them half way. i believe the president does not want a shut down. i think he wants to secure the borders, which he should and we should help him do that. but there are lot of ways to do it. sometimes names get in the way of good work. >> brennan: do i understand you saying that you disagree with the democrats that the democrats aren't to blame for d of these children? >> no, i didn't say that. i didn't say that at all. >> brennan: who is to blame. >> the blame game, i didn't say, ma'am. i just said if we're going to blame each other, democrats going to blame trump for this and trump is going to blame democrats for this we're getting no where. what we're trying to do is try to work the yes to fund the government to do our job, to get on to bigger things. >> brennan: house democratssd they say they're going to reopen the government or try to do so. will senate republicans send any
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kind of bill to the president's desk that does not include border wall funding? >> i think senator mcconnell our leader is already addressed that, that said that he would not even take up the bill until he finds some compromise that the president would agree to sign. so we're going to be at an impasse, that would be probably in the empty gesture that goes on in washington every day. >> brennan: the out going chief of to have, john kelly, recently gave an interview to the "l.a. times" he said number of things including that it's not a border wall that the president is asking for but he also said if you actually want to stop illegal immigration, you need to stop u.s. demand for drugs and expand economic opportunity in central america. that seems to contradict what the president said he might do which is cut off aid to some of those impoverished country that migrants are coming from. do you agree with the president, would congress even consider cutting off this kind of aid if
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he's threatening to do? >> well, i don't know yet, the president speaks for himself and he does speak for a lot of the nation because he is the president. but my goal is to secure the borders, we have -- we are one of the great nations of the world that don't secure the borders. democrats and republicans have worked together toward that end before and it's going to take us working together to get it done and that's what i want to do as chairman of the appropriations committee to reach out to the democrats, get the president on board, get the democrats on board and let's move on and quit fighting and quit blaming each other. >> brennan: for giving democrats something they're asking for and that in the past the president said he supported which is offer that would include something like protections for so-called drea dreamers. >> i think that that probably will be discussed and other things, too. i think work in agreement in
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politics after january the 3rd when democrats take control of the house, the political equation will change, you'll have a democratic house, republican president and republican senate. so we're going to have to negotiate. i think that we ought to see what do the democrats really want, can we do it and can we reach there and got to show them what we want to secure the borders. >> brennan: sir, you spent a long time on the banking committee and so i want to ask you, because this government shutdown is waying on theets a h some unusual comments from the treasury secretary about health of the credit markets, the president publicly criticizing the chairman of the federal reserve. can you reassure wall street when it opens tomorrow that there's not a reason to be concerned? >> well, we are concerned about the economy, the economy has been very good. probably the best economy i've
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seen in years and years if not in my lifetime. but the federal reserve is the backbone, is the bedrock of our financial system. it's set up to be independent. i don't believe blaming the federal reserve for this or that or whoever the president our congressman or senator is, helps matters. the president cannot fire the chairman of the federal reserve, except for cause. i think chairman powell, myself, is doing a good job. >> brennan: all right, senator shelby, thank you for joining us, you have your work cut out for y than >> bnnan: we democratic senaton tester. he's also one of only two moderate democrats to win re re-election in a reliably red state. good morning to you, senator. >> good to be here, margaret, thank you. >> brennan: your colleague, senator shelby said negotiations are at an impasse they need to find out what democrats want and
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when. as democrat here, what can you explain? >> well, first of all, margaret, i would just say that we passed a bill a couple of weeks ago to keep the governmop house refused to take it up. i think that the fact were at government shu shutdown is nothg short of ridiculous. senator shelby and others are spot on, we need to sit down and pound out a deal. i think that that agreement that the senate passed in bipartisan way couple of weeks ago would give us the opportunity to come to an agreement. the problems is that the president has.3 billion dollars from last year f curitytu twa spent ttle eeds e' plan t howy is g or any analysis on what's most effective to secure the border. bottom line is, margaret, is that i don't talk to anybody in
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the senate that doesn't want secure borders, just how the money is going to be spent. if the president wants to continue to campaign promise that he made which is to have mexico pay for a wall, the rules have changed now we're still going to build a wall but have the american taxpayer pay for it we'll use the american taxpayer like atm machine that's not the right direction to go. >> brennan: the white house says it's democrats who walked away from the table. senator shelby says there was an offer that he put forward of $.5 billion this year and next year, what happened to that? >> well, i think that that deal never got past leadership, but what did happen this last year is the president asked for $1.6 billion in his budget proposal for this next year. the appropriations committee, which senator shelby chairs and senator leahy is. senator shelby voted for it, the president moved the goal post. said, no, now i want $5 billion. >> brennan: they come down to
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around two, why can't democrats come up from 1.3? >> that's negotiations that need to be done between leadership, between senator shelby, senator leahy and others and move forward the wig thing is that how is the money going to be spent. what is the most effective way to secure that southern border that is what is important here. we can do it with technology and manpower much more effectively. than with a wall. >> brennan: you heard senator shelby thinks probably you're going to have to talk about things that democrats want including profession for drea dreamers is that the sweetner that would get democrats to reconsider? >> i think we've been here before. i was in the room when the president said, if congress passes something i'm going to sign it then he moved back away from. that so i think ultimately in the end we do need comprehensive immigration reform, no doubt about that, margaret. but in the end we need to know what the president wants and hopefully he will stick to it. when we passed the bipartisan funding to go to the 1st of february, the president said he was going to sign it.
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then after we passed it he said he wasn't going to sign it. we need some predictability. >> brennan: the president said of the two migrant children that died is the democrats' fault. there is incentive in the u.s. laws that encourage people to cross to take this really dangerous migration route. how do you respond to that? >> well, i respond to the fact that we need comprehensive immigration reform that needs to be there for a while, it's everybody's fault, this sun acceptable. bottom line is that if we're able to get comprehensive immigration reform done, which is going to require some leadership. then i think we'll see things by brennan: is there a cost for democrats to appear to work with the president? >> no, i think what democrats need to do they need to work for the country make sure that not only southern border but northern board is he secure, make sure we have atability on the board to be able to screen every vehicle coming across to make some that drugs don't come into this country. if we're able to get a plan to
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be able to do that which i don't think is that hard to do, i think democrats and republicans can work together. h to make sure that we of hat secure border and keep this country safe. >> brennan: we idu i pointed out you're on of only two democratic senators to get re-elected in the state that the president took by double digits back in 2016. the president came to mob none personally campaigned against you, how do you take your win and advise other democrats on how to win states in the west and midwest? >> i don't look like your basic democrats, margaret. we still farm, my wife and i still farm we believe in the citizen legislation model we go everywhere in the state. i go everywhere in the state listen to mon answer in conservative areas or take those ideas back. h to washington, d.c. put them into action i think it's more of a function of listening and going everywhere. i don't believe in model, is that say you just knock on this door, you just to go this
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community and you'll get elect elected. i think you go everywhere and you legs ento everybody, everybody's got ideas. some of them are great, and take those great ideas back to washington, d.c. >> brennan: saying that, are you implying that democrats have gotten out of touch with the part of the country? >> i think all politicians have gotten out of touch. in fact they just go to certain places where they think they get enough votes to win. what nation make this country great washington works for this country and in order to do that you got to go everywhere and listen torybo cs d needs. and go back and try to find solutions. >> brennan: you said you're one of the few working farmers still in the senate, i want to ask you, about the impact of the trade war that white house put together the second bail out package for american farmers. because of some of the impact of the trade war. what is the impact you've seen in your state and are people questioning their support for the president because of it? >> well, margins and production in agriculture are really narr narrow, so when you get a
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situation where you start to lose export markets which is what happened with this trade war, you end up lowering prices at the farm gate, you have more farms potential going to situation where they're thought solvent any more and bankruptcy. the trade war has to end. we need those foreign markets. i personally have about 40% of my crops go on the farm from 2 2017 because of the trade war. most folks can't stand that, in fact after about 18 months they start going growing. we need those markets. we need to hold china accountable but we need the markets. and we need to move forward. there are other ways tuse famile american farmer as a tool. for instance, use the financial system. it will bring them to the table much more quickly, i believe ans we'll go bke furtinishedca
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>> brennan: senator tester, thank you for coming on the sh show. we'll be back with lot more "face the nation" in a moment. don't go away.
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>> brennan: welcome back to "face the nation." in 2018, the catholic church and united states was again consumed with controversy other charges of sexual abuse by priests and allegations of cover ups in the church hierarchy. in pennsylvania, illinois and ten other states, law enforc enforcement agencies are investigating claims against the church, some dating back decad decades. it's a scandal that that has shaken faith in a trusted institution and the impact is not confined to our borders. as cbs news correspondent seth doane reports from rome. >> scandals are swirling every closer to pope francis, he removed two cardinals from his hand-picked advisory group both implicated in sex abuse cases.
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and in his christmas address to church leaders, frances called on abuser priest to turn themselves in. >> the untouchables are not untouchable any more. and this pertains also to bishops to cardinals to the pope himself. >> hans on the pope's commission for the protection of minors their developing policies under a pope accused of not doing enough. >> day after day it seems like there are new allegations, new accusations in new countries. >> yeah, but this shows we're at the core of things. it is good and necessary that it happen. >> this is a good thing? >> oh, yes. it is good in that sense that this has been brewing, now it's in the open and deal with it. >> before becoming pope, francis addressed the issue of clerical sex abuse in a book he coautho coauthored saying he new of no cases in the diocese he
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overawing argentina. but he says that's not true. for son was abused in 002 she tried to see the man who later became pope but wasn't allowed. knew of so many cases of sexual abuse of kids, she said, especially mine. her son gabrielle who was abused at age 15 said he felt guilty and ignored. he's only a pope of marketing. before running the entire church, francis was in charge of argentina's bishop when they commissioned a parallel investigation into the case, who has been convicted of sex abuse. study wound up on the desk of the judge. >> i wasn't surprised. it was a book in favor, for the
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defense. >> church inquiry bound like a book sided with the predator priest saying the victims were lying, but the appeals court was not swayed and upheld the prie priest's 15 year prison senten sentence. the pope admitted he made a mistake earlier this year by backing a chilean bishop who was later found guilty of wittin wittingnessing and ignoring. in august when things a bishop warned pope francis in 2013 of the sexualis then cardinal theodore merry christmascarick he said the pope ignored that allowing cardinal continuing to serve until this summer. >> you have allegations that the pope has sided with predator priests, he has ignored victims of sex abuse, you have allegations that he himself may have covered up a sex abuser in the ranks, is that alarming for someone running the catholic church? >> i think he is, as i said, he
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has had an attitude that he expressed from the beginning that he was willing to listen to survivors and started not only to listen to them but also to invite them to his house, he is somebody who is willing to learn and i see this happening day by day. >> he packaged institution behind these walls has lot to learn about transparency and accountability. seth doane, cbs news, rome. >> brennan: the pope is planning a february meeting at the vatican with church leaders from around the world to discuss preventing clergy sex abuse and protecting children. we'll be right back. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. singular focus, a distinct determination
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