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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  January 8, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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today. you will have until 11 pm tonight to grab a meal. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5 pm. >> paul, alan, and veronica are back in 30 minutes. >> after the president's address. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this tuesday, the president makes his case for a wall. we'll have the democrats' response, the impact of the shutdown, and our reality check. a second arrest after the shooting death of a seven-year- old girl. and, the american navy vet being held inside an iranian prison. all that and much more, beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> day 18 of your partial government shutdown, and no end in sight. >> the president is set to deliver a speech from the oval office. >> will president trump declare a national emergency? >> he'll be laying out the facts. >> the president repeatedly lies to the american people. >> hundreds of thousands of federal workers remain affected by the shutdown. >> we need the people in power to do their jobs, so we can do ours. >> breaking news out of texas now-- we're learning of a second
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arrest in connection with the shooting death of jazmine barnes. >> the arrest happening at barnes is being laid to rest. >> the killing of our children will not be the norm. >> shocking admission today-- accidental from paul manafort's legal team. >> manafort allegedly lied to investigators about sharing polling data with a russian operative. >> the illinois state attorney is speaking out on r. kelly, after a disturbing docuseries was released. >> victims related to these allegations, please get in touch with our office. >> the u.s. cancer death rate has hit a welcome milestone. >> deaths have dropped for 25 straight years. >> the tigers reclaim their crown. >> clemson dominated alabama to win the 2019 college football national championship. >> i can't wait to celebrate. i can't wait. >> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor. and this is our western edition. we are going to begin tonight with the biggest day of the second-longest government shutdown in american history.
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on day 18, president trump will up the ante with his first address to the nation from the oval office. the president wants billions for a border wall, to end what he calls a security and humanitarian crisis. democrats remain opposed. and without a deal, the government remains partially closed, with 800,000 federal workers affected. major garrett begins our coverage. >> reporter: tonight's prime time oval office address, expected to run six to eight minutes, will be the president's latest attempt to convince congress to approve $5.7 billion for a border wall. wwhite house official said the siesident is not expected to reclare a national emergency, which might allow him to use military funds for the construction. but he will argue that a southern border without more extensive wall construction will deepen a humanitarian crisis, putting families and aaccompanied children at grave risk. this morning we sat down with vice president mike pence. so it sounds like $5.7 billion is not negotiable.
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>> we're at $5.7 billion. we've been engaged in good-faith negotiations. but negotiating is a two-way street. >> reporter: pence blames democrats for refusing to negotiate on wall money until the government is reopened. why can't the rest of the government, unaffected by d.h.s., department of homeland security funding, be funded, and then deal with this issue separately? ll well, really for two reasons. number one is, these are the bills that were remaining at the end of the year. >> reporter: but you can separate them out. you did that when you were in the house. wu know that. >> well, right, but the fact is that we've also listened to democrats. p reporter: pence points to a request for $7 billion for humanitarian aid, additional immigration judges, and detention facilities, something he said democrats have supported in the past. >> the democrats are not >>gotiating. >> reporter: so this is never going to end? >> that's a disservice to the american people. am reporter: how does this end? >> what the american people >>pect us to do-- >> reporter: can you describe how it ends?
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>> --is to take the facts to them, offer solutions, as the president has done, to address this crisis on our southern border. now is the time for the democrats to start negotiating, and we can end this partial government shutdown, and we can end this crisis at our southern border. >> reporter: so it ends when you break them? >> no, it ends when they start negotiating, major. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer will deliver a response tonight to ge president's speech, and while the government remains partially shuttered, senate thmocrats say they will block any legislation that does not end the impasse. house democrats remain similarly ilg in. freshman lawmaker ayanna pressley had this message for ese president: >> i see right through you, and so do the american people. this has nothing to do with border security. your shutdown, another trump- generated crisis, has brought a tsunami of hurt to the american isople. >> glor: major, the vice president told you democrats are not negotiating.
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ts that accurate? go reporter: what he means, jeff, is that in their face-to- face encounters this weekend, democrats simply would not rs, uss any amount of border rall funding until the government reopened. the white house for now is adamant that the partial government shutdown continue until this dispute over border ntll funding is resolved. now, the president will meet here tomorrow with top congressional leaders, and it is the operating assumption of this white house that, as this partial government shutdown sontinues, it will be democrats, not republicans, who will break first. >> glor: okay, major garrett, thank you very much. cbs will broadcast the president's address, and the democratic response, democratic response coming up next. now to the larger question bow, to the larger question: is there truly a crisis at the border? cff pegues has our reality check. ur we have an absolute crisis. >> reporter: to back up their argument that there is a national security crisis at the cluthern border, administration officials including the vice president have repeated the
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false claim that terrorists are pouring in. >> nearly 4,000 known or euspected terrorists were apprehended attempting to come into the united states. >> nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists come into our country illegally. >> reporter: but in 2017, the state department concluded that there was no credible evidence of international terrorists crossing the southern border. the president has also said that 17,000 criminals have been apprehended at the southern border in the last year. >> 17,000 criminals trying to ryt across the border. 17,000. >> reporter: but in reality, just 6,000 were caught by border patrol, while an additional 10,000 were detained at airports and other points of entry. d at some point, you have to question why you see repeated mistakes from very senior officials. >> reporter: david lapan was a top official in the department d homeland security during the first year of the trump administration. do you think that the administration is misleading the public? >> i think they are. >> reporter: however, there is evidence supporting the administration's claim of a
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humanitarian crisis at the border. a record number of families with children have been apprehended, severely stretching border patrol resources. many democrats say that they would support increased funding to deal with that problem, but tnly if a wall wasn't included. jeff? >> glor: jeff pegues, thanks very much. as it stands now, hundreds of thousands of federal workers kell not get paid on friday. adriana diaz in kansas spoke to one of them who is already feeling the pinch. >> reporter: when sarah waterson woft work on new year's eve, she still had a job, but no sense of security. >> so you have to go to your landlord and say, "i don't know how i'm going to pay you." i've never had to do that. >> reporter: the former marine now works as an office manager for the e.p.a. in kansas. how does it feel for someone who has a full-time job, works for the federal government, to have to go to their landlord and ask for-- i don't even know what to call it? >> mercy? >> reporter: the mother of two is the family's primary breadwinner.
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she received her last paycheck at the end of december. >> we did just pay as many bills as we possibly could. i looked today, we have about $300. >> reporter: have you started thinking about where you might save if this shutdown goes longer? >> we're trying to cut the grocery bills just down to the necessities. i mean, we don't live extravagantly, so it's hard to tut out any bills. >> reporter: to try to help, the eovernment provided sample letters last month that federal employees can show creditors, explaining why they're struggling to pay their bills. according to the real estate npbsite zillow, unpaid federal workers will owe $438 million this month in mortgage and rent payments. do you think it's worth keeping the government shutdown going t, in order to potentially get funding for the border wall? t i don't know that it's worth the livelihoods of people. i don't know that anything would be worth that. >> reporter: waterson, who's
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also the local union president, says her kids are starting to notice her penny pinching-- different food at home and fewer htings. she hopes a deal is reached by february 1, or else she'll have to choose between paying for bills or buying groceries. jeff? >> glor: adriana diaz, thank you. dxas authorities today charged iee man they believe opened fire, killing seven-year-old jazmine barnes. this was also a day to remember the second grader and say goodbye. ornet shamlian is there. >> reporter: prosecutors say 24-year-old larry woodruffe is the gunman who shot and killed seven-year-old jazmine barnes on a houston-area service road. >> what would you say to >>zmine's family? >> reporter: the accused driver, 20-year-old eric black, jr., was in court monday and is being held without bond. >> in texas, the law says that theher you're the driver or you're the actual shooter, that everyone is held accountable the same. >> reporter: jazmine was shot in the head december 30 as she rode in her mom's car with her sisters. the sheriff says it appears to
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be a case of mistaken identity. she suspects thought they'd fired on someone they'd been in a bar fight with the night before. the charges came as the community said its final goodbyes. not just friends and family llebrating jazmine's life, but the sheriff, the mayor, and people who didn't know the family but felt her mother's pain. >> this is a celebration, and i just want to thank everybody. >> reporter: her school reopened today. jazmine would have gone back to pecond grade. >> she wasn't only my daughter, and my baby and my angel. she's all of our daughters. >> reporter: the senseless death of one family's child, as an entire community grieves. janet shamlian, cbs news, houston. >> glor: there is a development tonight in the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. for the first time, we are learning that federal prosecutors have accused the president's former campaign
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chief of sharing election information with a russian operative. here's paula reid. >> reporter: lawyers for paul manafort accidentally revealed in a court filing today that the special counsel has evidence manafort shared polling data with an associate linked to russian intelligence during the 2016 campaign. as special counsel robert mueller continues to probe russian interference in the election, it's the first time a trump official has been accused of sharing campaign information with russian interests. the associate is konstantin kilimnik, who worked closely with manafort for years, promoting russian-backed ukrainian interests. the filings also reveal manafort "may have discussed a ukrainian peace plan with kilimnik on more than one occasion." investigators have been questioning witnesses about whether russia tried to influence the trump campaign to broker a resolution to hostilities between russia and ukraine. the new details were revealed in a defense filing that was supposed to be redacted, but through a cut-and-paste error,
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could be read. >> you're selling america out to the russians. traitor! traitor! es reporter: manafort was convicted on charges of tax and bank fraud last year. the special counsel has accused him of violating a subsequent plea deal to cooperate in the investigation. president trump continues to etny that there was any coordination between his campaign and russia. >> there was no collusion. >> reporter: manafort's contacts are the kind of new information we expect will be included in mueller's final report. the white house could try to tock portions of that report from being released, but congressional democrats have vowed the entire thing will be made public, even if they have he subpoena special counsel robert mueller. jeff? >> glor: okay, paula, thank you. there are new tensions tonight between the u.s. and turkey, a key nato ally. national security adviser john erlton went there to discuss the timing of america's withdrawal from syria, but he never got to meet with turkey's president. holly williams has covered syria extensively and reports tonight from istanbul. >> reporter: john bolton was in
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turkey today looking for an assurance that when the u.s. pulls its roughly 2,000 troops out of neighboring syria, the turkish will not attack america's syrian allies on the ground. instead, an angry turkish president, recep tayyip erdogan, accused bolton of making a "serious mistake" after mixed mixedes on the u.s.'s withdrawal plan. america's partners in syria are a local militia group still doing battle against isis holdouts. but turkey views them as a terrorist organization, and says it's drawn up plans to attack them. >> now we've won. >> reporter: less than a month after president trump announced wobe now confusion over ely when they'll withdraw, leaving u.s. allies unsettled here in the middle east. meanwhile, america's partners in the fight against isis, known as the syrian democratic forces,
5:44 pm
also feel betrayed. they have called the u.s. withdrawal a stab in the back, and fear an onslaught from turkey. a ragtag army of farmers, students, and shopkeepers-- in 2017, a u.s. commander told us just how crucial their role was. >> our syrian partners here are doing the world's bidding, the world's fight. they're doing what no one else t willing or capable to do. >> reporter: the u.s. undoubtedly faces difficult choices when it comes to its military presence in syria, but with the confusion surrounding this withdrawal plan, the trump administration seems to have angered all sides. jeff? >> glor: all right, holly williams in istanbul. holly, thanks. coming up next on tonight's "cbs oening news," iran jails another american. this time, it's a navy veteran. time it's a navy veteran. 's got wide feet.
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michael white's family reported him missing after he failed to amturn from a trip there in july. here's margaret brennan. >> reporter: michael white, the 46-year-old u.s. navy veteran from california, was traveling to iran to see his girlfriend, according to his mother, joanne white, who found out about his arrest just three weeks ago. white had visited the country previously three or four times without issue. his mother said she is concerned for her son, who suffers from asthma and is a cancer survivor. white is one of at least four american prisoners held in iran, including princeton student xiyue wang, as well as 82-year- old baquer namazi, a former u.n. diplomat, and his son, businessman siamak namazi. karim sadjapour of the carnegie institute is a friend of the namazi family. >> in order to release american tiian prisons, it requires both a large financial package from the united states, and the release of iranian prisoners held in the united states. >> reporter: president trump has repeatedly criticized his predecessor for green-lighting a
5:48 pm
prisoner swap and unfreezing more than $1 billion in iranian assets. that brought four americans home in 2016. >> i didn't do what obama did, give them $1.8 billion in cash to get back four hostages. >> reporter: but president trump's confrontational stance, exiting the nuclear deal, and sanctioning iran, has not stopped the regime from detaining more americans. has the trump administration policy made it harder for them to bring americans home? >> there's essentially no diplomatic contacts between the united states and iran. high-level sustained contacts. and it is going to take some type of a quid pro quo for iran to release these prisoners. >> reporter: before the u.s. exited the nuclear deal last year, iran refused u.s. requests to set up diplomatic talks about prisoners. recent overtures by iran have gone unanswered. today, the trump administration issued a public call for iran to release innocent american detainees. jeff?
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abdominal pain, and decreased appetite. these can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. to help lower my a1c i choose trulicity to activate my within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> glor: prosecutors in chicago iday appealed to any possible cctims of singer r. kelly to come forward with details. fis follows a six-part lifetime documentary "surviving r. kelly" that looks at allegations he ksxually abused women and girls. r. kelly says he not guilty of any crimes. teachers at the nation's second biggest school district could soon be on strike. 30,000 teachers in los angeles say they will walk out thursday if they don't get a pay elcrease. uthools plan to remain open, with administrators and substitutes teaching. the u.s. has hit a positive milestone in the fight against cancer. erreport today finds the cancer reath rate has now been falling for at least 25 years, down 27% over that period.
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>> glor: we end here tonight with a high school wrestler who went to the mat to make a hoammate's dream come true. jim axelrod introduces us. >> come on, jake! >> reporter: dillon keane, on the right, a senior at bradford high in northwestern pennsylvania, took on teammate jake meister, a junior, and couldn't wait to lose. >> he's always been such a big suc of the team and such a big inspiration to all of us. i mean, what he's done is incredible. >> reporter: jake has cerebral palsy, and is autistic. he doesn't speak. but he's become close with the wrestling team, which made him their honorary captain. still, dillon and his teammates wanted to get jake a little closer to the action, which was ake fine with his mom, mary jo hardy. a as a parent who was told, you know, when jake was three, that he would never walk, talk,
5:58 pm
anything, to watch him actually atrticipate in a sport, it was a dream come true for the both of c, i guess you could say. >> let's go, jake! ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: the match ended just the way you would have wanted it to-- dillon, an otherwise undefeated district champ, pinned by jake. and the gym going nuts. >> it's a nice feeling, but that's not what it's about for me. i mean, showing that whenever you're given a situation to make a difference in someone's life, take it. >> reporter: one match, two winners. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> glor: that is the "cbs evening news" for tonight. that was wonderful. i'm jeff glor. we'll be right back with the president's oval address and the democratic response. see you in a moment. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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now at 6:00 we are standing by from president trump's prime time address to the nation. >> the president will make his case that border wall is necessary. when the heaviest rain is expected to begin. and falling trees a real concern with this storm. the saturated ground and gusty winds could cause even more trouble. >> kpix 5 news at 6:00 begins right thousand with the president's address to the nation just moments away. good evening. >> comes as the partial government shutdown drags into its 18th day. a live look right now at the white house where the president will speak from the oval office. he's expected to call the tuat the southern border a crisis and lay out why his wall must be funded now. >> the president has threatened to declare a national emergency but we are told he's not
6:00 pm
expected to do that in his speech tonight. democrats will get air time to respond after he's done. a special report with cbs news begins now. president trump is about to deliver his first address from the oval office. to the make his case for a border wall on day 18 of the partial government shutdown. out of roughly two million federal workers 800,000 are impacted. about half are furloughed, half are required to work without pay right now. the wall is at the heart of this dispute. building it was a key campaign promise. the president said he will not sign any spending bill that does not include more than $5 billion for wall construction. democrats have said no. neither said has budged. in playing out his case the president will contend there's a crisis at the southern border brought on by a surge o


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