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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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breaking news a police officer shot in davis. the university is on lockdown. next. breaking news, a manhunt underway in davis right now after a female police officer is shot. police are in tactical gear going door-to-door, guns drawn. can i get you to sit down,
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please? >> it's just going take a little bit more time. >> trapped on the tarmac. the hours-long drama that ended in sickness and arrest at a bay area airport. >> are you going for president? cheers pause >> will she or won't she? tonight senator, harris is down with steve colbert. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> and we begin with that news out of davis tonight, just west of sacramento police in tactical gear have been going door-to-door for the man that shot and critically wounded a police officer tonight. this was the scene about half an hour ago. we saw swat team closing in on at least one home, guns drawn. just a couple blocks away from the shooting, that house was cleared moments later. female police officer was read responded to a three car crash at fifth and d street just east of the university downtown
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when gone gunfire rang out about four hours ago. she was rushed to uc davis medical center in critical condition. >> the sheriffs county's department says hundreds of officers have been responding and the gunman is described as a white man in his 20s wearing black tactical boots. still not clear why the officer was shot. our other top story tonight, that aeromexico jet was stuck on the tarmac four hours. passengers complained of no water and no air conditioning. >> the pilots conversation with air traffic control reveals it wasn't just a nightmare for the passengers. >> right now we have a really couple of people who are shouting and calling 911. they are going around the plane i have been asking for an hour and a half. >> i do understand however i do not have the personnel to take care of everybody. we are working on that. >> yes sir, i was told that two
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hours ago. so i don't know what's happening here. >> no sir, that's not the point. >> kpnx i 5 reporter is live at the airport on the 4-our ordeal. >> you can hear the frustration on the voice of the pilot. imagine what it was like to be a passenger. they knew what much less, they were flying from while hard to san francisco. it got bogged out so they had to be diverted to oakland and here they got diverted to the tarmac for four hours. one of the passengers was so frustrated he threatened to go through the emergency exit and that's when the sheriffs department had to be called. >> children crying, it was terrible. >> reporter: the pilots were announcing that they were leaving but then the aeromexico plane kept sitting on the airport at the oakland international airport. the cabin got increasingly hot. >> it was hot, kids recline,
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older women like, ready to pass out. >> reporter: dear neighbor spanned them with magazines. >> everybody started sweating. there was a lady 93 years old behind us, no water. it was like at least little kids, offer them water. >> sit down! >> reporter: arrow flight mexico # 66 2 was on the tarmac for four hours and passengers decided they had enough. >> we encounter the gentleman who had had enough there was also second passenger was upset and that person was also detained. >> reporter: was the man really going to open the door? we don't know, but he voiced his intent to do so and the pilot do the right thing by calling law enforcement and getting up there. >> reporter: paramedics ended treating up many passengers and finally just before the 4-hour
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mark passengers were allowed to disembark in oakland. most tell me that they were called but some had anxiety attacks as it got very tense toward the end with very little communication from the airline about what was going to happen next. >> what upsets me is that they don't give us any explanation what happened. >> reporter: and we also reached out to aeromexico but have not yet heard back from them. i should mention, liz that the two men were pretty quickly released this evening. >> now joe we know when we fly domestically passengers have a certain set of security measures for them and for their own protection and is called the passengers bill of rights. what kind of rights do you have aboard an international flight? are they the same? >> right, the passengers bill of rights say that you cannot have more than a 3-hour delay keeping people in the tarmac. after the 3-hour machiavelli people out and asked him what's
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going on. for international vice it is 4- hours. and they came right under the 4- hour mark. and you can see how frustrating that is, to get that that mark. >> all right joe, thank you. take a live look outside down town walnut creek, i hope you enjoy the break from the rain because it's not last much longer. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is in the center with that, paul? >> we have more coming before this time tomorrow. between now and then we have a dense fog alert and all east bay, inland valleys and the entire central valley including sacramento, davis south of fresno. visibility will be less than one quarter of a mile. let's look at the radar which is dry now but won't be for long. tomorrow morning we go cloudy by tomorrow morning with showers building offshore and a wave of light to moderate rainfall over the entire bay area, just in time for the
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evening commute tomorrow. so rain and wind will be about a 3-4 on a 10 scale. and that will be the highest late in the day tomorrow. very sloppy drive home for workers because of that rain. the first of several weather systems to move in, we will talk about which one date looks to be the dry day of the next seven. tonight the government shutdown is now the second- longest longest ever. if he goes past saturday it will be the longest one ever. take a live look of the capitol tonight as the stalemate continues , tonight the white house wants to use money that was allocated for disaster relief like buyers and hurricanes to build the border wall. last fall president trump promise to help rebuild california communities destroyed by those wildfires. now he says he wants the army corps of engineers to look at using the billions in that emergency funding for the wall. instead. it's money that congress has already approved to fund
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projects in california, puerto rico and elsewhere. i asked the governor today can the president do that? >> the answer is unequivocally, absolutely he cannot. if he wants to threaten now just california and based upon that statement i imagine those that were devastated by the hurricane and put that money toward a fifth century solution on a wall when he hasn't even spent the money congress appropriated last year for a wall, then we are at a whole another level of concern with the president of the united states. >> had a lot to say, you can see my entire interview with governor newson on our website. tonight the president has laid the groundwork to declare national emergency to build a wall. mr. trump surveyed a spot near mcallen with border agents on
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duty. he says that the southern border is being overrun by migrants, drugs and human trafficking. >> we are going to get this straightened out, hopefully the democrats are going to come to their senses. >> i have the absolute right to declare an emergency. the lawyers advised me, i'm not prepared to do that yet, but if i have to, i will. >> meanwhile on capitol hill today there was no sign of compromise. house speaker nancy pelosi described yesterday's meeting at the white house where she said the president slammed his hand on the table and stormed out as a premeditated force. >> not only was the president unpresidential, surprise, surprise yesterday in his behavior. i think the meeting was a set up so he could walk out. but i'll say just that. >> today, air traffic controllers rallied at the us capitol demanding and into the stalemate. also tonight the aviation industry has a dire warning for all of us. anybody who flies the skies may be less safe now because of
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this partial shutdown. an array of unions and professional groups have sent a letter now to the president saying "the shutdown is hampering our ability to function effectively." we are at san jose international with more on the travel troubles, maria? >> reporter: this is the first day that air traffic controllers did not get paid and of course they are worried about paying their bills, but they are also warning travelers that we could see delays that we saw in the 2013 government shutdown which happened when up to 6500 planes per day were delayed. chris arrived at the airport today an hour late. >> we just sat on the tarmac. >> reporter: and she blames the government shutdown. >> you're going to see shutdowns and delays on the magnitude you saw in 2013. >> reporter: in fact, the association of flight attendants and the association of professional flight attendants says that is right.
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>> you've seen delays if we don't have enough people, you can't work the same number of airplanes. >> reporter: one traffic controller who didn't want to be identified told us they are not allowed to leave during the shutdown and are working overtime. he also claimed some planes are not being inspected. a union that represents thousands of flight attendants wrote a letter to the president saying "are members of the traveling public are flying within the system that is less safe and secure as long as the shutdown continues" >> we are highly paid professionals that will ensure that the people that get on those planes are safe. but that margin of safety degrades if we are distracted. >> reporter: uses many will resign of the shutdown continues because they simply can't afford to survive in the bay hour without a paycheck. this puts more pressure on air traffic controllers who are left and causes a ripple effect throughout the country. >> we operate the safest most efficient airspace in the world. and to use those people as political pawns over government funding is wrong. >> reporter: and a spokesperson
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for the faa released a statement saying in part, "we are allocating faa resources based on risk assessment to meet all safety critical functions." but that brings us to the other aspect of the story. engineers for the traffic controllers, those who fix their quote equipment they are being told to stay at home and training for new traffic controllers has come to a halt. live in san jose maria medina, kpix 5. of course we will have the latest on the government shutdown on our kp x5 morning news and that starts at 4:30. google search sued for covering up alleged sexual misconduct. what warmer executive is accused of sex trafficking. he's been called the button- down bandit. how was well dressed crook pulled off grand threat. and could become the most expensive divorce ever. the reports that tonight that amazon's jeff bezo is leaving
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his marriage for southern california news anchor. and we continue to follow news from davis outside of sacramento. police have gathered outside this home, the latest information from an active police shooting scene, coming up.
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we are staying on top of that breaking news in the city of davis. a police officer shot while investigating a crash in the downtown area. within the past 30 minutes police have closed in on this home. reporter at our sister station says that police saw the gunmen inside his home and they are telling him to surrender. the manhunt underway uc davis is telling students to shelter in place and the public has been asked to avoid the downtown area. the off ramps to interstate 80 and davis are also shutdown.
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lease are still surrounded the home as you can see, this all unfolded after 7:00 tonight. female officer was responding to f3 car cash crash at5th and d streets and davis police blocked traffic at richards exit off interstate 80. she was taken to uc davis medical center in critical condition. meanwhile google is facing a new lawsuit tonight. >> this one claims the company's board covered up sexual misconduct by its senior executives. how the suit claims that some of these guys were even rewarded monetarily, betty? >> reporter: that's right, ken and liz this lawsuit claims that google kept quiet about it, one allowed high-level executives to resign and even praised them when they left the country company. they called it disgusting illegal and immoral to women. >> 'time's up'. now, it really is time to start doing the right thing. as google has said. >> reporter: that is the
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message from shareholders to google's parent company alphabet. the lawsuit filed today argues that the tech giant turned a blind eye to sexual harassment and rewarded highly paid men. instead of disciplining them, the company protected them. >> the rewarded people with enormous amounts of money. they let them leave as if they were heroes, and no one ever openly talked about what was being specifically covered up. >> reporter: the complaint states that andy rubin who created the android mobile software is alleged to have engaged in human sex trafficking, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to women to meet in ruben's own words owned by him. the complaint states that rather than firing him, he received a $90 million exit package, even after an internal investigation found hex sexual harassment claims against him credible. >> we have asked for a lot of changes in the corporate governance at google.
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and that is really the ultimate purpose of this litigation. >> reporter: and the state also states damages including the return of millions of dollars that were paid to former executives and severance packages. google has not returned our request for, tonight. can? >> betty, thank you for that, tonight there is word that uber may not go public this year after all. the right healing giant is gearing up for an ipo in the second half of 2019. the ceo tells the wall street journal now that if it does not happen, it doesn't happen. two reports this week's eight uber's valuation is $90 billion not the $120 billion that it wants claimed. now is your last chance to buy tesla's cheapest models. ceo elon must said that they will stop selling the lower end
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cars. each luxury car still starts at around $80,000. next week, the cars will be upgraded to 100 kilowatt hour batteries. takes off with the previous in southern california. a neighbor saw him in the act, but his outfit got him off the hook. surveillance video captured at all. the suspect in a button-down shirt and dress pants looked all over the garage for the car keys while a family slept upstairs. a neighbor saw him driving off, but didn't think of it as suspicious because of the way he was dressed. the homeowner thinks he pushed the garage door button twice, leaving it open that night. new revelations about the jeff bezo's divorce. multiple reports are saying the amazon ceo is leaving for another woman, lauren sanchez a former tv news anchor in los angeles. she is separated from her husband who happens to run a major hollywood talent agency. and he introduced his wife to
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bezo's. all this could cause complications in the entertainment world. >> amazon is a major distributor, major financier of both movie type product and television series type product. if i were an agent at w m&a, william morris talent part and was thinking of taking a project to amazon, i might hesitate a little. >> jeff and mackenzie bezo's have been married for 25 years and may be the world's richest couple. they also have no prenuptial agreement and reportedly the divorce could be the most expensive ever recorded. right after our show senator, harris will be dropping her biggest hit yet about a possible run for the presidency. >> she is tonight's guest on the tonight show with stephen bezo's and veronica cruz is here with the latest on that. >> reporter: tonight, stephen
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colbert asks her if she is sitting for more than just book sales. >> many people, who have put out books two years before a presidential election do so to introduce themselves in a broad way to the american people. are you going to run for president? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> eye mite. >> you might? >> now despite her answer tonight, sources tell kpix 5 insider that harris is running and plans to make an official announcement on or around january 21. that is martin luther king jr. day. in the meantime you can see more of what she had to say tonight on stephen colbert, that starts right after our newscast, ken and liz. >> look forward to that, thank you veronica. fog in the bay area is
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gorgeous crossing the bay bridge and that low layer in the city on top of the sunshine. >> it is allowing certain structures to show just above it and was a pretty cool image. we will have fog once again tonight and then the image will be gray, just lots and lots of gray. san francisco 52 degrees, livermore 49, lots of 40s. we do have some clear skies this evening and try valley 45, fairfield 44. orkin 48, san francisco 51. radar will not be clear tomorrow it is right now. rainfall by the month we are doing good for january we did great in january we didn't get much rain in december and that's dragging down our rainfall totals for the year. but that january number is absolutely going to spike next week. we have a lot of storms heading our way. there is one coming tomorrow. the low-pressure area the center of low pressure and the
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storm used weather stays up to our north but we will get a front moving through and that will likely give us widespread light to moderate rainfall as soon as tomorrow afternoon. futurecast calls for mainly cloudy skies in addition to the fog. tomorrow morning, by the afternoon i'm stopping the cloud here 5:00 and it will likely be the wettest hour. on and off rain throughout the evening and saturday looks cloudy, but likely precipitation-free once the sun rises. so we are calling saturday last friday before things change considerably. coming up to it in next week rainfall totals about one half inch-1.0", there's a storm over my shoulder and three different storms moving through, keeping the rain chances elevated to sunday all the way until the end of next week. five or six straight rainy days. livermore 62, san francisco 60, watch out for afternoon rainfall. we dry out saturday, that's temporary, temporary this rain comes back and watch all the rainy days sunday all the way to thursday.
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wake up with us tomorrow with the latest on weather and traffic starting at 4:30. there will be a lot of rainfall over the next seven days. we'll be right back. cvs pharmacy. ed gets copays as low as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that?
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you like metallica's music? >> oh yeah, totally. >> you would like mr. metallica's house, he is slicing the price of his san francisco mansion. >> here it is, it's kind of cool to see. the price of it just dropped
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two of the nhl's hottest team met in las vegas. the sharks were writing a 7- game win streak. the nights cold the ring because opponents just can't break through. in vegas and jon merril, rips one from the blue line, jack put they took a 2-1 lead. but the sharks found their offense. melker karlsson, the milkman gets the rebound puck and then, just 39 seconds later, jonas don ski and he takes the lead
11:30 pm
and they win 3-to and extend their streak to five games and their 1000 when in franchise history. how do you put your program on the map? beat gonzaga, the team is 14-2 and they will get that chance in san francisco against fifth- ranked gonzaga, also known as the fab five. >> it's like the beatles coming to town a little bit. i've done this before. i feel like everywhere they go they are pretty much sellout, you know people want to see the zags and that's what we're trying to establish your so we go into other teams places and it sold out everywhere. >> and don's debtor be careful, they have all the right moves they were hosting pacific tonight, 10 points and the big dunk they held pacific to 12 points on night. they win 67-36. santa clara clinging to a three-
11:31 pm
point lead against pepperdine, colby ross from three quarters court oh, and nearly went in, 67-64, the meds have a two-year deal with lowery. he made the all-star team for the first times in 2018. my old buddy, introduced today at the broncos new head coach. he was once a 49er coordinator before he took the same job with chicago. he got the blessing of the bears ownership at least when it came to his clothes. >> and you can think george i talked to george yesterday and i said to him george can i do the press conference tomorrow in my gray sweats? he calls it my gray business suit. he said no, you can't do that. so he gave me this tight aware. so this tie is compliments of george mccaskey and the chicago bears.
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>> good for him his first shot as being a head coach. we'll be right back.
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let's go back to that breaking news inactive manhunt underway for a suspect he shot a female police officer. >> they say it's a meadow view solution, that's true because it worked then and it works even better now. believes it's just a small t's justier,ngry peasants. eschrich. ah, my wall. i say, even in 800 years, no border solution shall ever be more effective than a wall.


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