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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 11, 2019 7:00am-8:58am PST

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more rain. the next local update is 7:26 am. cbs this morning is coming up next and enjoyed this beautiful good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, january 11th, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking overnight, jayme closs is found alive, the 13-year-old girl missing for nearly three months was discovered about 6 an miles from the wisconsin home where her parents were murdered. we'll talk to the family who helped her to safety. protests across the country as federal workers who are not being paid demand answers. st i s.ou nt on like airport security and fbi investigations. first on "th lin-manuel miranda in puerto
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rico recreating his broadway role as alexander hamilton. he tell us why he brought this megahit musical to the island where his parentse born. and david begnaud take us behind the scenes. we begin this morning with today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> a wisconsin teenager who disappeared last october after her parents were murdered has been found alive and the suspect is in custody. >> an extraordinary ending to a months long manhunt. >> she's going to have a loving community to come home to and i'm just grad she's alive. >> president trump, who is at the border, pressing congress to approve funding for a border wall. >> over 90% of our traffic occurs in those areas. >> okay, folks. >> republican congressman steve king is under fire for asking how the term white supremacist became offensive. >> i reject white supremacy. that was in the context of a long interview. >> michael cohen, the president's former personal
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lawyer, has agreed to testify publicly before congress. his appearance is voluntary. >> the truth will now empower michael cohen. >> police in las vegas asking italian authorities to obtain dna sample from krironaldo in a ongoing investigation. >> andy murray says his career will end this year. >> this is not enjoyable anymore. >> all that -- >> kick back! >> and all that matters -- >> many people put out books before presidential election to introduce themselves to the american people. are you going to run for president? >> i might. >> you might? >> on "cbs this morning." >> president trump went to texas to visit the border between the united states and mexico and he said this as he was leaving on his trip. >> i said, well, if we go back and everything's peachy dory and you say we'll talk -- >> wait a minute, beacpeachy do?
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that's like hunky keen. peachy dory is the new movie from pixar. it comes out later this year. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. it would appear he got hunky-dory and peachy keen mixed up. but i think that's a really good way to describe how we're feeling today. because we're starting with great news. peachy keen, hunky-dory, all of it. welcome to "cbs this morning." norah is off today. we begin with some very good news. it's been a long week for a lot of people but this is fan of the ta fantastic. 13-year-old closs has been found alive and safe. she apparently escaped from captivity yesterday in
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wisconsin. about 65 miles north of her home in barron. >> deepens the mystery over what happened to her and her parents. local authority will only say the suspect is in custody. adriana diaz is in gordon to show us how she was found. i know you were following this story from the jump. what amazing news. >> reporter: it is incredible news. good morning. half a mile down this road is where the search for jayme closs came to an end. neighbors here finally saw the face everyone has been looking for. >> this is jayme closs. call 911. >> reporter: those were the hened his door.r kasinskas he told us his neighbor had been pounding on it, standing with a disheveled girl. >> literally, like i was seeing a ghost, because we'd seen the bill boards and commercials and there she is in my kitchen.
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>> reporter: he says his neighbor was walking her dog around 4:00 p.m. in this remote and wooded area when closs appeared. she immediately brought her to kasinskas home to call 911. >> she saw this girl saying help me, help me. >> reporter: closs appeared thin and legged, wearing what looked like leggings, a sweatshirt and oversided men's tennis shoes. said she was quiet while they waited for police to arrive 15 minutes later. >> she looked the same in all the photos. a little thinner. he just looked a little unkept, like she hadn't been able to take care of herself. >> reporter: according to the douglas county sheriff's office, 11 minutes after police arrived, a suspect was taken into custody elsewhere. >> i just cannot believe this. >> reporter: closs' aunt, sue allard, was overcome the teen was found alive. it had been three months since her parents were murdered and she vanished. james and denise closs were found shot to death in their
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barron home. police received a mostly inaudible 911 call from denise's cell phone around 1:00 a.m. when rt though authorities arri minutes later, the front door was kicked in, the parents were dead and jayme was gone. for months police and volunteers combed the area for clues. but the tight-knit community kept the faith. over the holidays, they held a christmas tree vigil for closs. her family never gave up hope despite few promising leads. >> jayme, we need you hear with us. we all love you to the moon and back and we will never stop looking for you. >> reporter: kasinskas believes about half a mile from his. he described the people who live there as different and said they kept a low profile. police took jayme to a hospital in duluth, and she is expected to be reunited with her family later today. >> adriana, thank you.
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i can't wait for the reunion. there are so many questions in this story. you know, it reminds me so much of the elizabeth smart case who went through unspeakable horrors and in the end she's okay today. she was missing for nine months. this little girl who knew the whole time that her parents were dead and what she'd be coming back to. >> and what she witnessed. >> exactly. >> you're right, never underestimate the resilience of a young person. it's so great she has her family around her as her aunt said, we have her, we found her. >> we love her to the moon and back. >> all those people who kept hope alive, you know, all those people walking through the fields, doing all the hard work of trying to find her and now that help has paid off. >> a lot of people looking for a good end. she is okay. i can't get enough. want to hear more of course. nearly 40 million americans are in for a snowy weekend as a major winter storm will travel more than 1,500 miles from the rockies to the east coast. lonnie quinn, chief
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weathercaster of our new york station is tracking the storm. >> you look at the radar picture. we've got snow up in the rockies. but st. louis, you should be on alert because the snow's pushing in your direction. i believe you're going to be the bull's-eye for this particular storm. how much are we talking? keep in mind st. louis, your biggest snowfall ever has been 12.8 inches. that blue color is a foot of snow. the possibility is there. it's a record setter for you. for everybody on the west coast, let's look there. for you it's all about the rain coming on shore. today into tomorrow morning, look at this, top to bottom in california. you're picking up rain. maybe a little wit bit of a bren sunday. monday, tuesday, you're right back into more rain. wednesday, thursday, friday. this is probably the heaviest band of all. it's pulling down a lot of rain for 10 days straight. look at some of the numbers. san francisco, every day for ten days, you're picking up rain. for l.a., you'll pick up about 9.2 inches. all of last year, you picked up less than five.
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an average year gives you 14.9. about two-thirds worth of a year's rain in ten days, john. >> all right, lonnie in st. louis. they need to make sure they got salt for the walkway and snow shovels. the partial government shutdown is now three weeks old. tomorrow, it will become the longest in u.s. history. federal workers who are not being paid are starting to hold protests across the country. the shutdown began over president trump's demand for billions of dollars for a border wall. paula reid is at the white house where the president might return from a visit to the southern border. >> reporter: good morning, that trip to texas is part of the president's all-out offensive to build a border wall but he has made no progress with congressional leaders over the past few days. it appears his only viable option may be to side-step congress. yesterday, he appeared to be laying the ground work to do just that, saying he is willing if we don't h ationalemergency. edbarrr, we're all wasting a lot of time.
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>> reporter: as hundreds of thousands of federal workers prepare to miss their first paycheck today, president trump is at war over his wall. >> everybody wants us to win this battle. it's common sense. death is pouring through. >> reporter: surrounded by helicopters and contra band seized by border agents, he portrayed his nation as under siege. >> they need a barrier, a wall. >> reporter: federal workers need to put food on the table. >> we need our paycheck. >> reporter: across the country, increasingly desperate federal workers stage protests against the shutdown. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, this shutdown has got to go. >> reporter: even the president's supporters see no end in sight for the standoff. >> i have never been more depressed about moving forward than right now. i just don't see a pathway forward. >> reporter: a key issue for republicans, the president's mixed messages on would pay who the wall. he told this to john dickerson
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three months after taking office. >> 100%? >> 100%. it's going to be happening. they'll be very happy to pay. >> reporter: yesterday, the president took a different approach. >> obviously they're not going to write a check but they are paying for the wall indirectly many, many times over, by the really great trade deal we just made. >> reporter: democrats won't give him taxpayer money for the wall, the president says he will exercise his right to declare a national emergency. >> i would say it will be very surprising to me that i would not declare a national emergency. >> reporter: doing so could allow the president to use unspent pentagon funds to start building his wall. but in the immediate future, it would likely keep lawyers busier than construction workers. democrats have vowed to file legal challenges in the president tries to do this and even if he prevails at the supreme court, he would likely face another round of legal
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challenges from property owners on the border. >> there's a "wall street journal" report out talking about the infighting from the white house and about whether or not he should declare an emergency. >> just to remind people, the president's policy, as it was written down on his website in detail, the first thing, mexico will pay a down payment on the wall. so when he says he wasn't asking mexico to pay by the details of his campaign, he was asking mexico to write a check. >> yes, you remember that exchange -- >> i do. that was when he was president and they were chanting "build the wall" and he said absolutely mexico's going to pay for it and they're going to be happy to pay for it. >> such confidence too. >> we know we're about to set a government shutdown record that nobody should be proud of. >> the shutdown is also affecting airport screeners who have to keep working without pay. kris van cleave is at washington's reagan airport tracking the potential impact on air safety. kris, everyone is paying attention to this. >> reporter: good morning. tsa leadership remains concerned about a tipping point moment.
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particularly now that screeners have received a paycheck for tipping point would be the moment when folks go look other places for work which would make it a lot harder to staff checkpoints like the one behind me. it's important to note the vast majority of tsa screeners have been on the job without pay. there has been a moderate increase in the number of workers calling in sick compared to last year. if staffing become as issue, the tsa will reduce the number of screening lanes which will result in longer lines and the potential of missed flights. miami international is prepared to close terminal g in the afternoon starting this weekend to free up tsa officers to work usier checkpoints in part due to sick calls. faa air traffic controllers rallied on capitol hill yesterday calling for an end to the shutdown. they're also on the job working without pay. one controller posted on twitter a picture of her pay stub showing zero dollars. the national transportation safety board can't investigate fatal accidents because its investigators have been furloughed. they can only be brought back if
7:14 am
there is a clear sign of an imminent life-threatening safety risk. bianna. >> kris, aside from the headaches of long lines, if tsa screeners don't show up for work, is it still safe to fly? >> well, tsa screeners don't show up to work, people won't be able to go through the checkpoints and they won't be able to fly. but the screeners have been on the job. it is safe to fly. air traffic controllers are on the job. screeners are on the job. >> all right. >> good to hear. >> thank you, kris. >> when i was at the airport last week, passengers were thanking the tsa screeners for being there on the job. you might want to think about that when you're flying. these people are there without pay. >> absolutely, that's absolutely right. now the fbi agents are urging congress to immediately fund their agency with the government shutdown now affecting critical security operations. nearly 13,000 special agents won't receive their paychecks today. in a petition, top fbi representatives warn the resulting financial insecurity could disqualify some agents
7:15 am
from serving. and lead others to find work elsewhere. the president of the fbi agents association spoke with our jeff pegues yesterday. >> people are upset, worried about when is the next paycheck going to come in. >> the federal law enforcement source tells cbs news the funding freeze could jeopardize undercover investigations. the source says morale, understandably, is horrible. meantime, more high-profile musicians are distancing themselves from r&b legend r. kelly. yesterday, the band phoenix said on twitter, quote, we are deeply horrified by the stories of abuse surrounding r. kelly. the band performed with him at coach chela and worked on a song with him in 2013. kelly denies any wrongdoing. jericka duncan spoke with his attorney. >> reporter: the three-time grammy winner faces a growing
7:16 am
public backlash and mounting legal pressure following the airing of the docu-series "surviving r. kelly." his lawyer told us the sex abuse allegations in the documentary were fabricated by people he described as disgruntled. >> it's a hit piece. >> reporter: criminal defense attorney steve greenberg says his client r. kelly has not seen the six-part documentary that's created a firestorm. >> he's disappointed that these women are doing this, that these families are doing it. they're ruining a talented musician's career. >> reporter: just so i'm clear, did you watch all six hours of this? >> i didn't watch one minute of it. i don't watch that kind of trash. >> reporter: so you didn't see any of this but you're convinced all of these women are out here trying to get sa minu15 minutes fame? >> i've seen snippettes of alla the attention of prosecutors in
7:17 am
illinois and georgia. multiple women said they were sexually, physically and emotionally aabused. >> brings back memories, very painful. >> there's absolutely no evidence what they're saying is true. >> reporter: on thursday, the band phoenix said they regret not knowing more about the allegations against kelly when they collaborated with him in 2013. and i-tunes removed "do what you want" lady gaga's duet with kelly the day after she declared she will never work with kelly again. >> look at lady gaga. now she wants an academy award so now he's a terrible person. >> reporter: do you think he plans to address the public soon? >> i'm sure he will. if nothing else, i'm sure he'll write a song and it will be a big hit. >> reporter: greenberg says no victims or police have contacted him about r. kelly. the executive producer of the series told us they never heard back from kelly's lawyers but that the women's stories speak
7:18 am
for themselves. yesterday, kelly's estranged daughter broke her silence on instagram, videscribing kelly aa monster and offering her prayers for his alleged victims. >> the more you hear about the story, the worse it is. thank you very much, jericka. in puerto rico as the tony award winning broadway musical hamilton premieres tonight on the island. david begnaud got a tour behind the scenes as cast members prepare for a three-week run. he's in door radrado. first on "cbs this morning." the actor, you may have heard is returning to his lead role as hamilton to help the island as it recovers from hurricane ma a maria. a lot of people very excited in puerto rico, us too. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've been singing alexander hamilton for the last 12 hours since we went to theealastight. i don't know how cold it is in new york city but it's 75 and sunny here in dorado. we're here because this is where lin is having his first event on
7:19 am
what is debut day. i mentioned last night we went to the final dress rehearsal and, man, was it powerful. we'll tell you more about that later. we got the chance to go behind the scenes and get the back story on why they had to move the venue at the very last minute. before we came here, we went on social media and asked people what is the story you want us to cover an important story to you. and one thing we heard more than anything else is crime and violence. we'll tell you more about that a little later on in the hour. >> can't wait to see that. >> you know darn well it's good friday morning. we are tracking this next weather system bringing increasing rain this afternoon and evening. light to moderate rain at 4, wind and flooding impacting 3 with the greatest impact your afternoon and evening commute. we are looking at one quarter to a half inch of rain with this first system, a break
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saturday, more rain on the way sunday afternoon into monday through thursday.
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we have much more news ahead we have much more news ahead, including new information in the case of missing colorado mom kelsey berreth. an idaho couple claims the nurse suspected of helping her alleged killer was an old flame of his. a warning to people sharing netflix passwords. how a software company plans to track down anyone watching streaming services for free. you're watching krx thz. "cbs this morning." so, i needed legal advice, and i heard that my cousin's wife's sister's husband
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this is a kpix 5 morning update. good morning. it is 7:26 am. i am michelle griego. davis officer natalie corona responded to a traffic accident and during the investigation shots were fired and she died at the hospital. the shooter died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. unions and professional groups have sent a letter to the president saying that the shutdown is hampering the ability of air traffic controllers to function effectively. there is a new proposed budget from governor newsom including helping the homeless. the total budget is $209 billion. we have updates throughout
7:27 am
the day on our platforms including our website at kpix
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caltrain is beginning to recover with significant delays due to the crash involving a train that hit a pedestrian in redwood city. it is in the clearing stages with all tracks now open northbound and southbound. we have trains affected in and accident. we have have -- have okay conditions at northbound 280, on the right shoulder. we have this next weather system bringing increasing rain this afternoon and evening. it is the dry and cloudy start. light to moderate rain for the next weather system for today into tomorrow morning. the wind and flooding at 3 but the biggest impact is your wet evening commute. we have more rain on the way sunday afternoon into next week.
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♪ see that bird fly right into the camera? nice shot of daytona beach, florida. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. we have breaking news about syria, where the u.s. has started the process of pulling out some 2,000 troops. a spokesman for the u.s. coalition fighting isis confirmed the move. giving no specific time line or detail. but one official told us withdraw would take 90 to 120 days. president trump abruptly announced last month that u.s. troops will leave because they had, quote, defeated isis. democrats and republicans in congress have criticized the
7:31 am
decision. saying isis is still a threat. wireless carrier t mobile is starting to crack down on spam phone calls. it's rolling out a new software update that verifies calls for customers using one of the phones it sells. the samsung galaxy note nine. nearly half of all calls made this year will be scam calls. in november, ftc chairman ajit pai began insisting they use the technology. others will use it later this year. >> software company center media says it can track you down if you're sharing passwords for streaming services like netflix. co the company uses location data to determine who is sharing credentials and from what location. 26% of millenniums use someone else's passwords for streaming services. one media research firm estimates if 4 million u.s.
7:32 am
households stopped sharing passwords, netflix could make $390 million per year from new accounts. >> have to have a family meeting tonight about that. >> that's right. well, a couple in idaho claim to have new details in the mysterious case of a missing colorado mother and a possible murder plot. joe and patty rockstahl said they called the fbi after learning disturbing details about the disappearance of kelsey berreth. they claim they learned it from a close friend of crystal lee. lee allegedly had a relationship with patrick frazee. frazee is charged with berreth's murder even though the body has not been found. the expanding, twifsting investigation. >> reporter: a source tells cbs news the fbi questioned crystal lee recording her possible role in kelsey's disappearance and she's cooperating with authorities. her alleged connection to frazee is offering new insight into what may have happened. >> she was in love with him from
7:33 am
a very young age. >> reporter: patty and joe rockstal said one of their employees who was crystal lee's best friend told them lee and patrick frazee had a relationship that began just after high school. >> she was very vulnerable and i think she cared for him and he took advantage of that. he was her first love, i understand, and he had a hold on her. >> reporter: the rockstahles said they were told lee visited frazee as recently as november. the month his fiance kelsey berreth, vanished. they claim their employee said lee may have threatened. >> he said that little girls go missing off the playground all the time. >> crystal was so scared. he was so angry he said things that made crystal think he had killed before. so of course she's going to be terrified. they were tolthe times as earlys
7:34 am
elp killberreth but lee refused. from what crystal said what was frazee's motive? >> that he felt that kelsey was going to harm the child, that she was crazy. >> reporter: is crystal lee a murderer? >> i don't believe so, i don't. >> reporter: berreth was last seen on this surveillance video at a grocery store in colorado on thanksgiving day with her and frazee's 1-year-old daughter. three days later, police say berreth's cell phone pinged nearly 600 miles away in gooding, idaho. several texts were sent from the phone, including one to her employer saying she would be away for a week and another to frazee. do you think crystal lee sent those texts? >> i do. she had the phone. she was probably instructed to send those texts by patrick. but there's nobody else that could have sent those texts. to my knowledge. >> reporter: why would crystal lee, a nurse with children, hel
7:35 am
murder of his feefiance? >> i think she was afraid and got in over her head. she was in love with patrick. we've all heard the stories of what people will do for love. >> reporter: the rockstahls have never met crystal lee in person. she has not been charged with any crime related to berreth's disappearan disappearance. a jury trial for one of the two wrongful death suits frazee is facing is scheduled to begin one month from today. >> thank you for speaking up, i'm grad to hear lee's cooperating. >> yes, pray for kelsey's family her body's found too. so far this month there's been 22 murders in puerto rico. coming up next, we'll take you back to the u.s. territory where a former police superintendant tells us she refuses to go outside after 6:00 at night. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last.
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♪ puerto rico is still dealing with the devastating effects of hurricane maria nearly 16 months after the deadly storm slammed
7:40 am
ashore. 3 million americans live in the u.s. territory. in 2017, puerto rico had 710 homicides. that's more per capita than any u.s. state. last year, the number dropped to 641. so far this yearmurdered on the. in dorado with a look at the challenges. i've been to the resort you are, but other places, not so good. >> reporter: not so good, gayle. look this is paradise. but there are a lot of problems here. people have asked us to talk about. when we planned this trip for hamilton, i went on social media and asked folks what's the number one story we can dig in for you. more than anything else, we heard crime. we talked to key players. some of whom believe there's a crisis of violence on this island. videos like the one i'm about to show you are why a lot of people are afraid here. [ gunshots ]
7:41 am
>> reporter: this is not a war zone. it's san juan, puerto rico last sunday. gunfire erupted in an area frequented by tourists near the airport. a man is killed in the middle of the street by a gunman who shoots him again as the driver flees. the next day, two brothers were shot when a driver pulled up and opened fire in broad daylight. then wednesday, a gunman walked up to a man in his car at a gas station in dorado and killed him at 8:40 in the morning. do you feel safe walking down the street at night? >> no. >> reporter: kyra walked with us through this tourist area. >> it's not even perception. it's literally my husband getting held up at gunpoint, it's my mom getting car jacked. you know, it's everybody that i love has been a victim and it's happened here. >> reporter: douglas leff is the top fbi official in puerto rico.
7:42 am
he says the island is facing a crisis of violence. what percentage of homicides here on the island are gang related? >> sadly, it's pretty close to 100%. >> reporter: leff told us the motives behind almost every killing are money, survival and drugs. >> they could send the entire fbi down here and they would still be overworked. that's just the situation we have here. >> you can now go to a precinct and sometimes only find one police officer. >> reporter: this was the head of the police department in 2017. during hurricane maria, she asked if one of our armed security guards would escort her to our interview because she doesn't go outside after 6:00 p.m. >> personally at night i don't leave my house unless it's an emergency that i have to go to the hospital. >> reporter: that is a hell of a statement from the woman who used to be the head police. >> it is what it is. >> reporter: i'm not hearing anybody say what can specifically be done to make this better. >> it's very easy. the government has to set priorities. a couple of weeks ago, half a
7:43 am
million dollars were taken out of the salaried accounts from the police department and moved to the fire department. >> reporter: robbing peter to pay paul? >> correct. >> who's going to work in a place that you're going to risk your life for everybody and you'll have no benefits, no money. they don't pay extra hours. >> reporter: that's veteran puerto rico police officer julio hernandez. he's planning to resign in june. for now, he's using his paid time off to work at a warehouse in florida. >> i'm talking about thousands of co-workers. they'll be resigning. they're coming into the united states to find decent work with benefits. >> reporter: how many police officers have left the force in the last ten years? >> 10,000. >> reporter: 10,000? >> reporter: t sergeant he the still serving are demoralized, overworked and underpaid. just lafb off
7:44 am
went into a bank and took a hostage, saying he wanted to send a message. no one was hurt. that's something, right? so the puerto rico secretary of public safety told us this in writing. he does not believe there's a crisis of violence. thinks the social media videos are highlighting a larger problem he doesn't think exists. he says at the evidence the day this bankrupt island is having to cut every department, including the police. gayle, the real issue here is so many police officers continue to leech t leave the islands. i talked to ten of them just this week who left the island and left their families behind in search of better pay and benefits. >> such a beautiful island with beautiful people. that's a very grim picture you painted. thank you very much, david. you can hear more of david's conversation with douglas leff, the top fbi official, on today's "cbs this morning" podcast available on apple's podcast app. hamilton creator lin-manuel
7:45 am
is doing his part to help the island recover from the hurrsad of nis performance there. then, including why tennis star andy murray says the this next weather system is bringing increasing rain and wind. increasing rain today picking up anywhere from one quarter to a half inch of rain. a break saturday with more rain on the way sunday afternoon into next week. this ption this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by colgate.
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and if you have any medical conditions. isn't it time to rethink your type 2 diabetes medication? ask your doctor about jardiance- and get to the heart of what matters. headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports president trump's former attorney has agreed to publicly testify before congress. cohen will appear before the house oversight committee on february 7 to give what he says will be a full and credible account of his work for mr. trump. last month, cohen was sentenced to prison for a number of crimes. they included lying to the fbi and lying to congress as well as
7:50 am
coordinating hush money payments to two women who allegedly had affairs with mr. trump. the miami herald says the noro virus outbreak is forcing a cruise ship to cut its trip short. on the oasis of the seas. it departed for a seven day care brai care bian cruise to mexico. royal caribbean says it will return to florida tomorrow, a day early, to allow more time to completely clean and sanitize the ship. "the wall street journal" says a new report suggests the u.s. birth rate is at a 30-year low. the cdc found in 2017 about 3.85 million babies were born in the u.s. that's well below the number needed for the population to replace itself. only south dakota and utah had fertility ratings that reached the level needed to sustain the population. saying cultural, religious or economic differences across
7:51 am
regions account for the variation in birth rates. >> our partners at the bbc report the australian open next week could be andy murray's last tournament. he has long suffered hip problems. at a news conference, murray says he wants to retire after wimbledon this year but he's not sure he can play for another four or even five months. >> the pain is not allowing me to enjoy competing or training or any of the stuff that i like about tennis. >> i feel for him. murray is a three-time grand slam champion. monday on "cbs this morning," dave matthews tells us how he's sharing his band's good fortune. you've given away more than $40 million. >> what? >> like, this is something --
7:52 am
yeah. >> what? we'll put an end to that immediately. >> we went on tour with him to see how his band is investing in the city where they played their first gig nearly 30 years ago. >> seems like a good guy. i can't wait to hear it. >> he's doing a lot for that city. ahead, a bus driver's honored for saving a little girl. how she found the child wandering all alone on a highway overpass wearing only a diaper and a little onesie in freezing temperatures. the details right after the break. you're watching "cbs this morning". [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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this is a kpix 5 morning update. it is 7:56 am. i am kenny joy. the rookie police officer was shot overnight in yolo county. police officer natalie corona responded to a traffic accident and during the investigation shots were fired. she was pronounced dead at the hospital and they also found the suss dead with the self- inflicted gunshot wound. the police are searching for the suspect that assaulted the 89-year-old woman on tuesday and her injuries are considered life-threatening. in el dorado hills a student was physically
7:57 am
restrained and later died. the investigators found that the school had violated multiple lies -- policy and failed to file a report. you can get more information on our platforms including our website at . life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. the last day to sign up is january 15th, so don't miss out! because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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good morning. from the traffic center, transit delays including caltrain, muni and bart. the caltrain delays up to 24 minutes from an earlier problem in the sf unity and market delays due to a stalled cable car. the ace train is on time. at the bay bridge the metering lights are on but getting out nicely. we have increasing rain this afternoon and this evening. it will be a wet evening
7:59 am
commute. looking at the light to moderate rain at 4, wind and and flooding at 3 with the commute the biggest impact for a wet evening commute.
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, january 11th, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, the surprise discovery of missing 13-year-old jayme closs three months after she disappeared. how a woman walking her dog found the girl. and first on "cbs this morning" "hamilton" creator lynnwell miranda talks about returning to the show but first here's theio opener at 18. >> 13-year-old months after her parents were murdered has been found. >> it's incredible news.
8:01 am
these where ordeal jayme closs has come to an end. >> putting down a lot of rain for ten days straight. >> his only viable option may be to side step congress. yesterday he appeared to be laying the groundwork to do just that. >> tsa leadership remains concerned about a tipping point moment when folks look to other places for work now that screeners have received a paycheck for zero dollars. >> the lawyer told us the sexual abuse allegations were fabricated by people he describes as disgruntled. did you watch all six hours of this docu series? >> i didn't watch one minute of it. >> frontier airlines is making headlines after taking the unusual step of asking passengers to start tipping their flight attendants. how do you tip a flight attendant in the like, these peanuts are to die for, and the way you poured a can of ginger ale into this flimsy plastic
8:02 am
cup, mwah. >> good morning. i'm bianna golodryga with gayle king and john dickerson. norah is off, and once again a remind their miracles do happen, right? >> so right. >> a small town in northern wisconsin it is celebrating because a between-year-old girl missing since october is alive. local sheriffs say she was found in gordon, wisconsin yesterday afternoon. the they say a suspect was taken into custody a short time afterward. jayme disappeared the same day her parents were found shot to death in their homes in barron, wisconsin, about 65 miles south of gordon. a woman was walking her dog in gordon when jayme approached her screaming and asking for her. people kasinskas says a neighbor pounded on her door and called 911. >> i knew it was her when i saw the name and it was literally i was seeing a ghost because we
8:03 am
had seen the billboards and commercials and all that stuff and there she is in my kitchen. she looked like the same as in all the photos, a little thinner. her hair was still the same color and length. she just looked a little unkept like she hadn't been able to take care of herself. >> kasinskas told us it looked like jayme was wearing men's shoes too big for her. she was last seen october 14th at a family birthday party. police got an inaudible cell phone call from her mom's cell phone early the next morning, but she was gone before police arrived. jayme's godmother thanked the public for never giving up. >> i thank the public so much. thanks so much for everybody not giving up on jayme and hope and all your prayers, this is what brought her home and for all the posters and everything. the lady that was walking her dog, seen a poster, that's how she knew who she was right away. jayme, aunt jen can't wait to give you a big hug and hold you tight because we're not going to let you go, and we'll get
8:04 am
through this together. >> jayme was treated at a hospital and is expected to be released to her family today. about 800,000 federal workers will not be paid today when the partial government shutdown ties a record for the longest in u.s. history. sources tell cbs news that president trump is laying the groundwork for -- to declare a national emergency, allowing construction of the border wall at the center of the showdown. the military could build it using money in the pentagon's construction budget. democrats say they would challenge the move in court. the president said yesterday he is cancelling a trip to davos, switzerland late they are month. it's a sign that he expects the shutdown to drag on and on. more than 60 members of congress say they are withholding or donating their pay during the shutdown. party leaders haven't said if they will do the same. >> the president will visit new orleans on monday to address the american farm bureau just as farmers are beginning to feel the impact of the government
8:05 am
shutdown. about $9.5 billion in federal aid was set aside to help farmers across the country weather the trade dispute with china. those federal aid checks are now on hold. dean reynolds is in pole being city, iowa who needs help after the price of his crops dropped by 20%. >> reporter: aaron lehman is not a federal employee. he's an iowa farmer, but the government shutdown has put him in a real bind. >> this is our soybeans. typically this time of year we'll go in just to check them and make sure they are not spoiling or they are staying in good condition. >> wow. you're not kidding. >> yeah. >> it's a 30-foot bin. when it's full it hold about 10,000 bush els. >> lehman has watched the price of his soybeans drop 20% since last summer when the trump administration got into a fight over trade with china. >> so the price drop-off on
8:06 am
soybeans together with the government shutdown is like a double whammy. >> it really is. it got us coming and going. this adds just another layer of uncertainty. >> we rely on our usd a folks. >> reporter: the government shutdown means farmers are sort of flying blind, lacking the supply and demand information that the now closed agriculture department would be providing them and allowing them to plan ahead. in three months, these dusty fields should be filled with crops, but how much to plant no one really sure. the government was in the midst of subsidizing farmers for lost markets in china, but the payments were suspended when the government shut down. >> that side is not too bad. >> reporter: a farmer for 25 years, lehman wonders how it's come to this. >> it's not worth putting up a wall to put us in this situation. >> reporter: it's just over 1,000 miles from his pole being
8:07 am
ci -- polk city acres to washington, d.c. but the reverberations from the washington stalemate are hitting him hard. >> we're used to weather factors being out of our control. we try to deal with those as best as we can. the patience runs thin for farmers when it seems like there's a crises that is invented or something that can be completely avoided. that makes no sense. it really makes farmers exasperated. >> and they are not alone. for "cbs this morning," dean reynolds, polk city, iowa. a milwaukee transit bus driver is being praised for her quick thinking after rescuing a toddler from a freeway overpass. arena was driving her route last month when she saw the little girl walking alone in freezing temperatures. the video shows her stopping the bus, running across the street in traffic and carrying the little girl to safety. the baby was barefoot wearing only a wunsie and a diaper. police say the girl's mother, who may have been suffering from a mental illness, left her outside. yesterday city officials honored the driver for her special act of kindness.
8:08 am
>> when i saw him pull over, my boss. he immediately goes pick up him. if there was a same situation again, i will, of course, get help. >> i know what you're thinking? you thought that the was sharon os born, we did, too. milwaukee transit officials say that's arena. it's the ninth lost or missing child the drivers have found in about three years. >> great to see the other passengers on the bus bring up their coat. >> bring up the coat to help, too. the baby is reunited with the dad and t
8:09 am
8:10 am
tone tonight it's opening night for the hit broadway musical "hamilton" in puerto rico and david begnaud gets a look behind the scenes and meets the cast members. >> broadway in puerto rico. >> this is a nice place. >> this is beautiful, peter. >> the yeah, this is nice. >> broadway in puerto rico, nice. "hamilton"'s creator joins us, and his father tells us what it means to have the show come to his homeland. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for that. we'll be right back. ♪
8:11 am
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we are counting down the hours to the puerto rican ♪ look around, look around we're counting down the hours to the hit broadway debut of "hamilton."" after hurricane maria devastated the island in 2017. creator lin-manuel miranda will play the role he developed, alexander hamilton. he's brought the tony award-winning slow to the island where his parents were born. david begnaud is with us again from dorado beach, puerto rico. he takes us behind the scenes before tonight's big show. david, i know you're very excited to be back there. you're almost as famous in puerto rico as lin-manuel is. >> reporter: we were so excited to see him last night, i've got to tell you. since hurricane maria, puerto rico has declared they are open for business. they want you to sit on the beach, see the natural wonders. people here like the folks who have come to see lin, they think
8:16 am
that lin bringing "hamilton" here puts the island in the limelight and gives it the positive press it needs. every dollar for every ticket sold will go to the arts on the island. i got to tell you, last night when lin-manuel took the stage in san juan, it was glorious. ♪ the world's going to know your name what's your name man ♪ ♪ alexander hamilton [ cheers ] >> reporter: what a mont. 21 seconds of applause for lin-manuel miranda. ♪ he took the stage for the final dresser a dress rehearsal for "hamilton" last night. ♪ when the show ended, we noticed two words he yelled -- the 38-year-old miranda and cast are performing in san juan at the centro debayosartes. >> very good. thank you, sir. there's our list of actors that are in the show.
8:17 am
>> reporter: where it's at rick negron? >> alphabetical order. >> i haven't lived here in 30 years. i pursued my dreams in new york, l.a. and just to come home and have family here and see how the island has gone through an amazing transformation -- rick negron is the only cast member in the production who was born in puerto rico. ♪ we are waiting in the wings he plays king george iii. >> here we go. >> reporter: negron see but there we are. >> reporter: look at that. broadway in puerto rico. >> broadway in puerto rico. exactly. >> reporter: this is a nice place. >> this is a beautiful theater. >> reporter: yeah, this is nice. it wasn't the first choice. the musical was supposed to be put on at the university of puerto rico. that is the alma mater of luis miranda, lin-manuel's father. >> the island and particularly the university have gone through
8:18 am
so much turmoil, change, economic austerity, that i figured let's put them on the map. >> reporter: after a million dollars was spent to repair the university's theater, a local labor union sent a warning -- >> the letter ended up saying there are real problems at the university of puerto rico, and we want to advise thatthgs, protests, can happen around your production. >> reporter: and you're thinking, i don't know if i can provide security for everybody who's coming to see the musical. >> yeah. you know, we have 1,700 people inside the theater. we have 150 cast and crew including my son. >> reporter: what do you want? ♪ this production to mean to the island? >> puerto rico is ready. that if this can happen, tons of other things can happen. congress can give puerto rico the aid it needs.
8:19 am
♪ when push comes to shove >> reporter: back at the theater with the king, he introduced us to vincent hooper who's from austin, texas. god, i wish i could move like that. aside from those moves, he covers six roles in the musical -- "hamilton" is his first major production. >> be a young black man, there are only so many shows i think that give you the chance to stretch yourself this much and to dig in this much. >> reporter: at any given moment, how many people are doing a costume change behind the scenes? >> oh, my god. at some points, you have almost the entire cast ensemble and principals changing. >> reporter: how about your outfit? >> you ready? it's -- i'm the king. and this is the piece de resistance. >> reporter: boy, look at this. >> that is my cape. once i have that puppy on and the crown, there's only one way to walk, and it's regal. >> reporter: a regal cape for a regal set that arrived by boat
8:20 am
from new york city. and they even let a commoner try out the cape for a millisecond. >> how does it feel? >> reporter: good. i feel like gayle king would look better in this. >> reporter: i definitely was not meant to be royalty. with the tickets, they sold some of them for $5,000. they wanted wealthy people to come to the island, but they have also kept 10,000 tickets that they're selling for $10 apiece. who's going? you going? one, two, three, four, five -- that's good. six people. in fact, we heard there may be celebs there. jimmy buffet, shonda rimes, maybe the clintons. i heard oprah -- gayle, i was thinking you mite ght be able t confirm it. >> that is absolutely true. absolutely true, david. i was debating. should i say, should i not say. that's absolutely true. she iscoming. >> reporter: excellent. >> i don't think she pla nned t announce it. but -- thank you, david begnaud. i can't lie on tv. >> reporter: oops. >> i can't lie. i can't tell a lie. david, what a great piece.
8:21 am
it's bringing up so many memories just hearing the music. that's really, really wonderful what you're doing there. >> reporter: puerto rico deserves all the positive press we can give. >> you're absolutely right. thanks a lot. i know there's more to come because we're still waiting for lin-manuel miranda to join you. ahead and first on "cbs this morning" -- >> reporter: he's next. >> coming up. lin-manuel miranda will join us from puerto rico. he'll be there with david. we think it's like the mayor of puerto rico the way he's walking around there today. what he says -- why he says he likes to play alexander hamilton for the first time in more than two years. and you can hear more of "cbs this morning" including interviews and original content on our podcast available on apple's podcast app or wherever you like to download your podcast. i'm getting thrown by the "hamilton" music. i love it so much. ♪ you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ for every 5 lbs you lose, alli® can help you lose two to three more by preventing about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed. for the only fda-approved otc weight loss aid, try alli®.
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8:24 am
lin-manuel miranda has just arrived in dorado beach, puerto
8:25 am
rico, where he will be talking to us in a few minutes. wel find out how feeli ofght'debut. he h this is a kpix 5 morning update. good morning. it is a 20 5 am. i am michelle griego. overnight the day this police officer was shot and killed after responding to an accident in yolo county. 22-year-old officer natalie corona had only been on the job for two weeks. the suspect died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. an array of unions and professional groups have sent a letter to the president saying the shutdown is hampering their ability to function effectively in air travel. and a few hours the blum dispensary is the first of
8:26 am
three dispensary shops to open its doors. we have your news throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website at
8:27 am
it looks like things are quieting down on the freeways. let's take a look at traffic conditions, much better news across the bay bridge. they have turned off the metering lights and very quiet out of oaklaninto the city with drive times 18 minutes. at 880 oakland northbound nimitz freeway, busy and
8:28 am
sluggish crossing the coliseum. sluggish across the maze and southbound, and the san mateo bridge connecting over to hayward in the foster city. it is an 18 minute drive time. if you have any slowing on 92, we have a crash clearing. it is a dry start to the day is we had through the afternoon and and we will see increasing rain. you can see on the hi-def doppler showers offshore moving on to the coast for wet weather increasing. light to moderate rain on the scale, and impact of 4 for the rain with wind up letting at 3 with the biggest impact the wet afternoon and needing commute. it is a dry day and we will catch a break tomorrow with another storm system arriving sunday afternoon continuing into sunday night.
8:29 am
we have rain chances monday, tuesday, wednesday and thseries
8:30 am
♪ ladies and gentlemen ♪ the moment you've been waiting ♪ ♪ here comes the general ♪ ladies and gentlemen >> hey, it's ingrid. i wanted to wish you good luck and so does tessa. good luck. history has its eyes on you, my friend. >> lin-manuel, congratulations. only you will bring so much home to the beautiful american people of puerto rico. after all you know it. immigrants get this [ bleep ] done. >> well said. that was songwriter ingrid michaelson and that was chef jose andres congratulating the
8:31 am
"hamilton" andatortar lin-manuel mir.miranda kicks ofk rul puerto rico tonight. this is, think about this, the first time in more than two years that he will play alexander hamilton, the role he originated on broadway. the production will raise money for artists and art organizations in puerto rico still recovering from hurricane maria. there's a lot of work to be done. david begnaud is with the man himself lin-manuel miranda in dorado beach in puerto rico for an interview you'll see only on "cbs this morning." i'm so jealous, david. you got puerto rico and lin. >> hello, lin-manuel. >> hi, gayle. >> hi, hi. >> the prize of puerto rico is here, gayle. he is ready. you look rested, but i know you went to bed late. >> i went to bed very late, and i woke up with toddlers in my face, but that's okay.
8:32 am
i am actually rested. i'm feeling very calm today. you made me cry by having chef joseph andres before the rview reallyrt that's reayair yeah tre work and take notes, and i just got lost in so many moments, and when you took the stage, and you said alexander hamilton, the crowd -- it was like 25 seconds of applause. what was going through your mind? >> oh, that's always sort of the moment when i -- like a pokemon i try to harness all the energy of everyone in the crowd because it's -- it was really sort of extraordinary. a lot of people did a lot of hard work to bring this show to the island, and i felt like i received all of that, and everyone in the audience was someone who helped make that happen or was a friend of the cast. >> it felt familial. >> it felt very familial so that was our energy for the night. >> so with the time you and i have spent on the island, i'm
8:33 am
struck by the fact that this for you is -- is the -- is beyond just coming here to work. it's personal. it's why you're doing the three weeks, but for the people who don't know, why did you want to bring "hamilton" to puerto rico? this wasn't about making money. this was personal. >> no one is making any money. the goal was -- well, here's the thing i brought my first musical in the heights here many years ago, and it was a labor of love. that was the first equity she had ever come to the island. we played a week where we're playing "hamilton" and it was the most emotionally satisfying, artistically satisfying week of my life. i didn't realize how important it was to me that this island that i love so much embrace my work, and it's hard to get broadway shows to -- to puerto rico, but i sort of realized as soon as we got a nice review in the "new york times," oh, there's going to be a tour of the show, and oh, i'm going to get to play this in puerto rico. >> and then came the hurricanes. >> and then came the hurricane
8:34 am
and then the conversation immediately became how do we help puerto rico and leave it a little better than we found it? and we chose -- you know, in the immediate aftermath of hurricane maria, as you well know, were you here. you're one of our heroes on the island for reporting on what was happening here, it was ery, you know, really first responders, urgency, and with that campaign, we want to help artists and artistic organizations that often get forgotten in the rebuilding effort. >> there was a moment last night where madison says "hamilton" brought us from bankruptcy to prosperity and i'm thinking, wow, the irony. here were on a bankrupt island. "hamilton" started the bank as we know it. >> yeah. >> what is it going to get to take puerto rico back to prosperity? >> it's going to take a lot. it's going to take congress really investing in the rebuilding effort on a scale commensurate with the other hurricane relief that has happened in the united states on the mainland. it is going to take debt
8:35 am
forgiveness on the island because -- >> so you're for that, forgive the debt? >> i'm for forgive the debt, yeah. i don't believe squeezing the future of this island and the students who are going to make it great again in the next generation is the answer, and, you know, i -- i think the puerto rican people are the most resilient in the world. >> amen to that. amen to that. >> what they have been through over the past year and a half is a test not that. >> i want to bring in the gayle in new york. gayle, you've seen "hamilton" and john and bianna you have as well. >> i've only steen twice. >> i've only seen it twice as well. >> yeah. >> and how do you count the singing by the kids in the kitchen to the cast album? i don't know how to account for that? >> but i am serious, lin, because i would imagine you'll have a lot of goose bump moments during this run, and i was -- i saw your twitter the other day where you talked about your young son seeing it for the first time during rehearsal. please tell us what that was like for you because it seemed like it got to you a little bit. >> yeah.
8:36 am
well, that was the most nervous i think i've ever been performing the show. he had seen act one of the show. he had never seen it with me in it. we had a long talk about act two and how everything is pretend, you know. everything daddy is doing on that stage is pretend. kissing that lady is pretend, pretending to get shot is pretend. i'm still alive, and he -- and it worked because at the end he high-fived donald weber who plays burke. that guy shot daddy on stage so he was real -- i'm so proud that he -- everyone -- everything else is gravy after that. >> it's been two years. are you feeling a little nervous though, ow are you feeling -- i know you got this, but are you feeling it's like so comfortable that it's like come home again in many ways? >> yeah. someone asked me is it like riding a bike, and i said, yeah, but it's like riding a bike in new york traffic. i know the route. i don't know if someone is going to open a cab door on me, but i do know -- i do know the way home. >> and we said if you goofed up
8:37 am
a line you would just create a new one so it all works. >> lin, a lot of people listen to "my shot" for inspiration before they do something difficult. do you ever do that? >> yeah. but you know what's interesting about this show is, you know, you change the day and you change the moment and suddenly something else in it speaks to you. i got very emotional singing "hurricane" here last night. there's a song called "hurricane" in our show, and it's about how that -- the hurricane that destroyed st. was t was the catalyst. it's very hard to get through that song here. >> in the eye of the hurricane, yeah, and the musical is also about immigrants, lin and you're the son of an immigrant and immigrants are always reminded never to forget your roots you spent your summer growing up in puerto rico and going back.
8:38 am
do you plan on doing the same for your sons, taking them back there? >> absolutely i do. first of all, puerto rico is part of the united states. stle and immigrant mentality and i grew up largely in an immigrant neighborhood and do i believe that, you know, my parents have a house here on the island, and our goal is for our kids to have the childhood that my wife and i had. my wife would get sent to the dominican republic every summer and would i get sent to puerto rico so we'll do sort of splitsys and that's the goal to get their spanish and the culture >> today is alexander hamilton's 262nd birthday. i'm sure you knew it. >> was this is a koinkydink for you, or did you just plan it that way? >> things just work out weirdly in the world of amountion. our first performance was also on january 11th at lincoln
8:39 am
center so there is something auspicious about this day. >> seriously you didn't plan it for his birthday? >> just how it worked out? >> this is -- this was always opening night. >> oh, wow. >> yeah. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> way to celebrate a birthday. we've good goose bumps just watching you there. good luck tonight. we are so excited for you both. >> thank you so much. >> david and lin, thank you. still to come. a big surprise. we'll show
8:40 am
8:41 am
this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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8:43 am
♪ history has its lies ♪ what's up, "hamilton," puerto rico. >> i love you all, i love you. remember, you wrote them all. >> that's original "hamilton" cast member christopher jackson who played george washington showing his support for the show's puerto rico run. lin-manuel miranda will step back into his famous leading role tonight, but before that we have a very special surprise for him. let's go back to david begnaud who is in dorado beach, puerto rico, with the "hamilton" star. >> thanks, don. your wife told me yesterday she
8:44 am
used to change your password. your pio says former substitute teachers and i know teachers meant a lot to you so we went to visit one who wanted to say something. >> oh, boy. >> so lin, this is your old english teacher dr. herbert here. i'm sure you didn't imagine when you were in the eighth grade hand set steps into music that it would lead you to where you are today. congratulations. i heard a lot of what you're doing in puerto rico and i wish you well in those endeavors and continued great success down there. >> very good. >> i heard one of the first people to say your work is worthy and we pick you. >> yeah. dr. herbert is the reason i'm sitting here talking to you. he was the -- i was writing -- i wrote a musical instead of -- doing my homework for his class in eighth grade.
8:45 am
he said you could be good at this and you should stop hibernating in my class and you should be doing this because we had a student written theater club at my high school. and he's the one that nudged me in that direction. my life forever. >> all the way to south carolina to find him. by the way, guys, so lin has been practicing his lines. he does it in the laundry mat. he rides the bus and subway, by the way. terrorist a great video of practicing and you flub a line. >> yeah. there was a lot of that. i had a different problem than the other actors who are le learning the show. i have all the versions. i have the cut tunes -- here we go. [ laughter ] >> did you see that? >> yeah. it's important to do laundry during off peak hours. >> touche. >> otherwise everyone will see you rehearsing.
8:46 am
>> i don't know, lin. i love the letter from dr. herbert that said it's a well-crafted essay that confirms what i've suspected for some time. you've been hibernating in the back of the class. come to the front and join us. it's almost spring. it's amazing what a teacher can do to transform your life. we're glad he wanted to talk to you. and it clearly means something to you. >> it means the world to me. >> you've transformed so many lives yourself. thank you so much. good luck tonight! >> break a leg. >> yes! you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:47 am
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8:49 am
i was told we were going t n picturthe cratrowd istty and.liu
8:50 am
he'sce f that wil it us. i can't waisee t tune in to "cb evening news" with jeff glor tonight. as we leave you, we'll look back at the week that was and all that mattered. see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." how much more american blood must we shed before congress does its job? >> president trump reached out to voters from the oval office saying that the country needs a border wall. >> the idea of this national emergency is something the president has suggested. >> the congress should do its job. if illegal immigration at the border has gone down, why is it a crisis now -- >> do you know why it's gone down? because of me and my people. hundreds of thousands of federal workers are set to miss their first paychecks this friday. >> do you feel like you're stuck in the middle of this? like you're being used? >> yeah, definitely feel like a pawn. sears once employed as many as 350,000 people. >> why do i shop at sears?
8:51 am
wrenches..ens, drotngorqu ree ppli winner ced nyd musician's career. she was dancing when they told her she'd be released. i grabbed the gun and shot him.t. she's a smart cookie and a bad ass. >> this is a great journalist. one of the robots that was to make its debut at ces was run over by a tesla. it's still smiling, though. [ laughter ] >> going to show up in a neck brace like i've been unable to support my wife and three toasters. ♪ ♪ even if i could hey! >> song will get you out of bed. ♪ >> 2019. i'm curious about the robot that hugs. no comment on my personal life here. >> yeah. you got to watch where we're going on this one. ♪ why do you think the song has resonated with so many
8:52 am
people? >> everybody has had that experience of really wanting to do something and being afraid. black ron stallworth over the phone, white ron stallworth face to face. >> can we do that? >> i belie. with theht wte man we can do anything. >> we can do anything, john dickerson. john -- [ laughter ] >> got a new logo now. >> with the right white man. john dickerson. a lot of people were watching the golden globes last night. >> i love you, you beautiful man. this is for and because of you, gorgeous! [ applause ] this moment is real. i am making a vow to make sure that everything that i produce is 50% women. >> my favorite dress of the night, too, yours. >> gayle is wearing a familiar yellow dress. she wore it on the first day of the broadcast. and she's worn it almost every anniversary since then. >> except today i needed two spanx. in 2012 i only needed one. got a big anniversary tomorrow,
8:53 am
too. do you know what tomorrow is, john dickerson? >> a double spanx day for me, gayle. ♪
8:54 am
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