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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> it's the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. tonight, help for furloughed bay area federal workers next. life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. the last day to sign up is january 15th, so don't miss out! because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. >> now, at 11:00, a community grieves as we learn more about the death of a young police officer in davis. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. tonight, police have identified the suspect and found a letter
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he left behind. >> here is kpix5's andrea nakano. >> reporter: a vigil for natalie corona. complete strangers have come forward to honor the fallen officer. >> ♪ give me a light to light my way ♪ >> reporter: roughly 5,000 people with a candle in hand mourning the senseless loss of 42-year-old natalie corona. >> when she entered a room it was like the lights turned on. >> reporter: mr. ed was her basketball coach. her parents were at the basketball game when they heard the shooting. those who knew her can't believe she is gone. >> she'll be with us forever. >> reporter: as the community grieves the lice officer, new d surfacing about the suspect and the possible motive for the
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shooting. police say 48-year-old kevin douglas limbaugh left a letter for investigators on his bed. the police department read the letter out loud. >> the police department has been hitting me with ultrasonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking. i notified the press, internal affairs and the fbi about it. i'm highly sensitive to its effect on my inner ear. i did my best to appease them. but they have continued for years and i can't live this way any more. it is signed it is seven kevin limbaugh. >> reporter: they thought davis was immune from big city crime until now. >> now, our children see things differently. they are a bit more fearful. and we just want to help them get that sense of safety back. >> reporter: i also talked with a coworker who didn't want to
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be on camera. but she said natalie went door to door to introduce herself. she had a bright future ahead of her. in downtown davis, andrea nakano, kpix5. well, switching gears to what's happening in the weather. the recent storms opened up lar milpitas. it will be closed while crews get it fixed. it is 30 by 30 feet and 20 feet deep. it will be back open by monday morning. weather permitting. on the subject of weather, it will permit us to get wet the course of the next week. a live look over san francisco. there was a break from the rain today and will be for most iscato cothrough. anananother and another. kpix5 high-def doppler not much tonight. but in 30 hours we will be lighting up the radar with the
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latest in a series of weather systems affecting northern, central, and southern california. there's more rain coming in later on sunday. most of tomorrow looks dry. but then after that, it gets wet. by late sunday and monday. so it will be dry and cloudy tonight and most of sunday. showers develop late on sunday. it will favor the south bay. on monday, we all get rain. so things will be getting wet. so, the track will be changing in about a day, a day-and-a- half. we'll have all the details in a few minutes. senator kamala harris was in san francisco promoting her new memory. kpix5's andria borba reports. >> reporter: while there was no announcement of potential 2020 presidential run by california senator kamala harris here in san francisco, there were plenty of teases about it. as the field of democratic candidates becomes thicker and
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thicker. from the very beginning, there were thinly veiled jokes dancing around the subject of a presidential run by democratic senator kamala harris. >> we are dying to know. we are all dying to know. this important question that everyone is asking you everywhere. do you really walk around in those stilettos all day? [ laughter ] it's either these or my chucks. >> reporter: harris was back on capitol hill to promote her new book. the truths we hold. the kind of book that is often the precursor to a campaign kickoff. along with on stage moments like this. >> thankfully, my mother had medicare. but, this is why i am a proponent of medicare for all. >> yes. >> reporter: harris supporters seemed okay with the political tease. >> it was interesting to see how open she was.
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so it's coming. that's good to hear. but, i have heard from some out lets and i read she is waiting for the right day to anoun. and if that day is martin luther king jr. day, i see why the symbolism of that matters. >> reporter: the field of democratic challengers to donald trump is already thick. >> i'm a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> reporter: today, in san antonio, former mayor and hud secretary julian castro announced his candidacy. >> i'm running for president because it's time for new leadership. because, it's time for new energy. and, it's time for a new commitment to make sure that the opportunities that i have had are available to every american. >> reporter: he joins massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. >> rules matter. rules made in washington matter and that's why i'm in this fight. that's it. >> reporter: and congresswoman tulsi gabbard from hawaii, along with anticipated candidates like former vice president joe biden, texas
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congressman beto o'rourke, and vermont senator bernie sanders. and many more still considering a run. >> we are going to have a big field. and i think that's great. we need all the ideas we can get. >> reporter: in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. oh, the tensions are rising in washington tonight. as the partial government shutdown entered hits 22 day. the longest in u.s. history. president trump took to social media to express his frustrations saying democrats could end the shutdown in 15 minutes. congress has adjourned until next week. so far, democrat haves denied the president's request for more than $5 billion to fund the border wall. >> we have a better idea about how to secure our border. to do so with technology and infrastructure. that is smart. >> we don't make a deal. i would say it would be very surprising to me that i would
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not declare a national emergency and just fund it. >> caught in the middle. 800,000 federal workers who didn't get checks yesterday. mr. trump says he will sign legislation from congress though that gives back pay to every federal worker affected. for their part, tsa workers will soon get some financial relief. for instance, those that work on december 22, first day of the shutdown, will get paid for that day this week. they will also get $500 as a bonus for working through christmas. meanwhile, the state's unemployment office has just set up a dedicated toll-free number for furloughed federal employees. they can final an unemployment claim by calling 855-327-7056 and claims can be itted li. tonight. police conin homicide of e yearfound gunned he was transported to a trauma center but did not survive. officers found him just before
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2:00 on peppertree way near sycamore drive. no suspects have been identified. also, in antioch, two teenagers are dead and four are recovering after a terrible car wreck. the teens were leaving a high school basketball game last night when they crashed into a tree. one girl was ejected and died at the scene. friends identified her as 13- year-old jaya lightner. the 17-year-old driver also died. firefighters had to cut open the suv to free the other four teens inside. >> she wasn't wearing her seat belt and flew out the back window. they said why did this happen? the mom was sobbing. it was very sad. >> antioch police think that the combination of wet roads and high speed probably led to that crash. novato police used a vape pen to end a tense standoff after a man allegedly try today burn down a gas station. surveillance cameras captured a
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man pouring gasoline in a convenient store at a 76 gas station this morning. he tried to start a fire, but the flames did not spread. the suspect drove to a different gas station when officers caught up. the standoff with police lasted nearly six hours before officers used a robot to deliver him a vape pen and he finally surrendered. we are getting one road opened up. a couple of hours later it's covered back up. >> look at what they are dealing with in other parts of the country. a deadly storm that is just getting worse. >> plus, can flying taxis be really in our future? we show you the latest transportation technology in the works. >> and why some bart riders won't be wearing pants tomorrow.
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>> imagine this. can you see electric go carts as a part of our commutes? autonomous cars were featured prominently at the consumer electronic show, but that's not the only thing picking up speed. things on a small scale like
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segway 9 bot's electric go cart. >> it is more eco friendly. it is more efficient. and, we are definitely trying to make people's life easier. >> you can't talk ces without talking cars. they are showcasing the future like the mercedes-benz. eq silver. and autonomous vehicles. at last year's ces, lyft offered rides between the las vegas convention center and points in the city. now? >> a year later? we have done over 30,000 rides. and it is now publicly available. >> in car technology, autonomous or otherwise, is expected to zoom forward with the roll-out of 5g. the next faster generation of connectivity making it easier for cars to talk to one another
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on the roadways. want to swap the roadways for the skies? this is not quite a flying car, but getting closer, bell calls it an air taxi. the nexxus is a hybrid electric aircraft that can seat four passengers and a pilot. the goals, on demand travel in the sky with safety, quiet, and vertical takeoff and landing. and how you would hail one? bell partnered with uber which hopes uber air will take flight in 2023. some of these ideas have miles to go before becoming reality. but there's a clear path out of las vegas. an effort to transform the traditional trifecta of planes, trains, and automobiles when it comes to taking off. another item unveiled is a rd to share your l make it a netflix accounts with your friends. cn media says the artificial
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intelligence system looks for potential fraudulent activity. when it finds it, it would ask you to upgrade to a premium account that includes sharing. if passwords are sold through for-profit operations, the accounts could be shut down. the company points to research that about one in four millennials give other people their credentials for video screening services. the bad news tonight, bay area rents rising again. but, the good news is it is not rising as quickly. the average rent grew 4% from 2017 to 2018. the fastest pace in almost three years. but, the report finds it is still not close to the high rates that persisted from 2011 to 2015 when increases reached into the double digits. meantime, a tee shirt designed as a rent joke is going viral tonight. check it out. it shows the outline of the
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golden state along with idaho with idafornia. the number of californians moving to idaho to escape the high rent. 21,000 californians made idaho their new home in 2017. the list is out for the unhappiest cities to work in. the bay area made the cut. apparently it's oakland. 50 cities were ranked on more than 87,000 employer reviews last year and oakland came in second to last. according to the study, the happiest city to work is miami. the only bay area city that made the top ten list is san jose. tonight, hundreds of east bay teachers and families are calling for more public education funding. they lined the steps outside of oakland city hall today demanding education be a top priority if the state budget. you see some kids holding up
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signs. these read this wouldn't happen at hogwart's. east bay teachers are battling the state in their own districts for pay raises, smaller class sizes and more student resources. if you plan on taking bart tomorrow, be prepared. you may see some pantless passengers. it's all part of the annual improv inspired event called no pants subway ride. they will meet at the mcarthur station and daly city station. the no pants ride is the 11th in the bay area. another mountain lion was spotted roaming around. this time in pacifica. it was last seen in the backyard of a home on crespy drive. a couple of miles from pacifica state beach. in to 16, onthe outss of fi come across one, don't approach it. stay calm, and back away slowly. a deadly winter storm is blasting snow and ice along a
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1400-mile stretch. from the central plains to the mid atlantic coast. indianapolis and the washington dc area could get up to a foot. at least seven people have been killed on slippery roads in missouri and kansas and in indiana. as the storm moves east, conditions are expected to get worse. more than 65 million people are under winter storm warnings from all the effects from the storms. you can see how all of that is panning out. our biggest problem in the storm has been the intensity when it came down so intensely. and the roads got slick fast. and, it is impossible for us to keep up. >> you can see why. a bad situation out there. back in the bay area, we had a little bit of rain contend with, but nothing much beyond that. we have clear to partly cloudy skies. the y brge is nice and
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tranquil. concord, 47 degrees. oakland 53. in san francisco right now, it is 53 degrees. beach hazard statement. well, there's a long period swell that is headed to the shoreline tomorrow. and, as a result, it's a sneaker wave threat. you have waves that look nice and fairly placid. then you have a set of breakers that can cause the water to rush up on shore. so bad news if you get caught in that. have a care if you head to the beach. california smoke pack looking good. 90% of average. and we will add to it by this time next week. we will be close to average. 100%. and, the satellite map, low pressure is banging into that high that refuses to budge. this is interesting. the rain that was supposed to come in tomorrow, has been delayed. probably taking a rain check for maybe late sunday night. more so early monday morning. tomorrow will be sunny. and then getting increasingly cloudy. in the afternoon. so it will be tomorrow night before we begin to get wet.
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futurecast bears it out. tomorrow morning, a lot of sun and a few clouds. time goes on, and tomorrow night, still nothing. got to wait until, well, the early hours of monday morning. then we get the showers moving from south to north. south bay gets more. six plus inches. we get two to three inches in the san francisco bay area. and, so, with will be looking for showers to develop late tomorrow. sunday night. and then on and off rain through the week. drying out toward friday. heading out of sfo looks okay. showers by tomorrow night. highs will be about 60 degrees. freezing in chicago. but, partly cloudy. tonight, 40s , 50s , and tomorrow, upper 50s , a few low 60s . extended forecast. tomorrow, dry. sun and sunshine. and then, we get rain monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, not a huge gully washer but it will keep us wet all week. we will dry it out next week.
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that's weather. only one sports caster won the emmy for best. >> and i'm back to defend. for the first time in 2019, two for saturday night is back! not one sports segment, but two, tonight! ahead, we start you off in la. take you there kansas city. and we'll see you on the ice in san jose. a busy night, i know. you need to check it out. after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll nevetgw mory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip.
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working in communications services, i can be a voice for those who want to push past their limits. i'm in it to connect people. >> nfl up top. divisional playoff weekend on the menu. skip the hors d'oeuvre. let's get you the main meal. lebron james. rams attacking the cowboys. second quarter run by todd gerley. the gerley man on the loose. a touchdown run.
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rams led 20-7. gerley, 150 yards of the game. and vallejo's c.j. anderson crashed in. second touchdown of the game. he rushed for 102 # yards. and, the local connection continues. quarterback jared golf. key first down run, with time running down to protect an eight-point lead. rams win it 30-22 and advance to the first nfc championship game since 2002. good for him and the coach. we have frigid 33-degree weather in kansas city. chiefs up 7-0. they kept going. speedy tyreke hill. 36-yard sprint into the end zone. and, like that, it was 14-0. patrick mahomes aims straight for the pylon to score. 24-7 at the half. 31-13 the final. onto its first afc
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championship. with a 31-13 win. first homeoff win for the chiefs since joe montana quarterbacked them. i was there. father and son. jagger in his thousandth career nhl game. dad's career, 1,000th game. and boy, he made it count. knocked in a deflected shot. chargers led 2-0. now, 2-1, joe thornton. right in front of the goal knocked it in. sharks have won six straight. and wait. wait. joe in livermore, marty in santa rosa, put clicker down. we're not done yet. segment two is ahead. and a round ball. a greatly anticipated matchup. gonzaga and usf.
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introducing my new pannidos. featuring the deli trio and turkey, bacon, and cheddar, 'raloosy t theo. both on toasted ciabatre nga r. while tackling errands both on toasted ciabatre ng tac a guy named aaron. huh? [buzzer] while working on your website. while twerking at a construction site. [buzzer] actually, i think that's a panni-do.
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try my new deli trio or turkey bacon and cheddar pannidos. delivered exclusively with doordash. tonight was time to run with h long. usf fans were restless too. on the hill top. fifth ranked gonzaga in town.
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don't sleep on frankie ferari. tied the game at 68-68. three minutes left. still tied until the bulldog zach got a look. final seconds. and the dagger shot. josh burgett's ally-oop. brandon clark brought it down and we are done. gonzaga finished on a 17-2 run and won 96-83. only their third loss of the season. can i show you saint mary's huddled up. at loyola. the opening minutes. corner pocket three. they led 20-4. did not look back. 2-1 in the west coast conference. i got thsanta naconds.
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cougars up two. a bank shot here. they win on a final of 80-74. even david shaw, the stanford football coach had a seat for this one. stanford ran around. arizona state. they start on a 10-0 run. go onto win 85-71. for their first pac-12 win of the season. and i have shawn miller and arizona trying to stay undefeated in the pac-12. at cal. last play of the first half. chase, jeter. made the highlight. the tip in, and arizona won it 87-65. we'll be back.
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