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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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county. that is even heavier rainfall than we had earlier today and even stronger wind. within the past two hours big rock ridge 1600 feet in elevation and right around petaluma. 93 mile per hour wind gust. 55 miles per hour at sfo and 56 miles per hour at the east bay hills. it is raining in napa. as we go into time lapse mode over the past three hours you can see one wave of rain moving out. that is now snow over the sierra. some heavy rain ask some thunderstorms heading toward the bay area with that second wave which will move in this evening. flash flood warnings. there are two. both in sonoma county, petaluma, pen grove and sebastian paul under a flash flood warning until 5:45. urban flood advisory, roadways are flooded for the entire north
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way and central bay. a high wind warning is in effect. we already talked about that 93 mile per hour wind gust. plenty in the 70s. we could see more of that this evening. even our cities could see 40-50 mile per hour wind gusts with the hills and coast up to 60 miles per hour. so it has been wet and windy. it will get wetter. it will get windier as the evening progresses. we will talk specific rainfall totals and when all of this moves out coming up in a few minutes. >> we will see you then. reeew v wal tbringing down treep he justl ov gettierng in from sonoa county. a tree snapped a power pole. a tree also crushed an suv on old monty rio road. storm also pulled down some high
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voltage lines on the road leaving one family stuck in their home. meanwhile in san jose a large oak tree fell on a pool house. the homeowner was in the kitchen when a strong gust of wind brought down that old tree with a boom. crews used a chain saw to try to cut pieces of it apart. there was no major damage to the house itself. >> and another tree came crashingrifow tghn itnto a home in crest brook drive. it toppled power lines and knocked out power for more than 130 people. now in the past hour a new mess in the santa cruz mountains. a mudslide came down on highway 17 atn wood cut off. the day long downpour too much for the soaked hillside. the slide blocked both lanes causing a major back up just before 4:00 p.m. caltrans wuss able to get on scene quickly and clear those lanes. at last check only one lane
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remains closed. they are feeling the effects of this storm. devin. >> yeah, here in the mountains we have the trifecta at the moment. we have rain thankfully a little light at the moment. we also have a cold gusting wind and we also have fog as nightfall has fallen here in the mountains. these cars that are inching along are inching along in that back up created by all of the problems this rain has caused including that mudslide a few miles down the road. a soaking rain created widespread problems throughout the santa cruz mountains this afternoon csi sal roads and for a time work crews were spread so thin this was forced to wait for a dump truck to arrive before he could even begin to clear the soupy mess of dirt and debris. >> i was trying to follow the
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curb in the road. my car had other ideas. >> drivers on the main roads didn't fair much better. snared by slick, slippery roadways >> the back of my car went this way and i tried to correct it and ended up in the wall. >> the crash flattened both tires on the driver's side and the seriousness of what happened had just begun to sneak in. as the chp helped his car limp on to the shoulder. >> it was fun. it was like a cool 20 seconds of a roller coaster and then i hit the wall and realized i could have died and it stopped being fun. >> it is an important reminder to slow down. drivers faced with unrelented rain and approaching darkness in the santa cruz mountains. >> there is no exact timeline for when the road behind me will be completely reopened. coming up a at 6:00 we will take a look at what was done today. that is coming up tonight
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at 6:00. back to you. >> some east bay residents dealing with those dangerous winds and spin outs on slippery roadways as well. we have learned damage from one falling tree could have been a whole lot worse. john has that story. >> the assignment desk told me to come up here to see what that looks like today. that is what assignment desks do to reporters on days like this. in contra costa county there was storm damage even before the rain started to fall. massive oak tree crashed down on to a residential street about 9:00 this morning and blocked withers avenue. the property owner said it she tsucky ter whher and shookoe di fall earlier because there are usually cars lined up on the street taking kids to school. >> it was good that the had ended and there was nobody on the road at the time. >> if this had happed an hour earlier. >> it would have been a lot
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sadder. >> the tree may already have a sad story. the creek is known as murderer's creek because in the mid 1800s a crew found a man hanging from the oak tree in this very area. >> as we are cutting the tree we are noticing water coming of the tree and so that tells us that the roots gave out and it couldn't handle it anymore. >> by 2:00 on highway 24 windshield wipers were already having trouble keeping up. tow trucks were busy picking up disabled cars and luckily no one was injured in this roll over accident on camino diablo alongside the highway. up on grizzly peak there is usual lay panoramic view of berkeley and san francisco in the distance but not today. unprotected from the hills the wind was howling and rain formed what looked like waves ton
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street. a miracle of sorts. for a brief moment the rain stopped and the bay area was visible again. >> pretty good view from here. >> yeah. it can be. >> i notice you are inside though. >> staying dry. staying dry. >> and with that the wind and rain began again. the moral to this story is stay inside tonight if you can which is where i'm going in just a few minutes. back to you. >> good idea. well close call to tell you about now at a homeless encampment. a tree fell in the middle of the night nearly missing the people that were there. no one was injured. this is what it looks like driving down interstate 680 right now through contra costa county. kpix 5's julie watt s is in our
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weather lab. >> we are on 680 south near concord heading towards walnut creek and san jose. there is a bit of a lull in the rain right now. at least where we are. we have been driving around contra costa count y since about 1:00 this afternoon. we have seen steady traffic. basically anybody heading inland away from the bay has seen a slow going traffic. really all afternoon long. that certainly has led to some slow downs here and there. we are going to continue to see likely traffic increasing throughout the day as we are expecting that next band of showers heading our way. we will be continuing to travel around the contra costa in mobile 5 here. we are tracking this traffic off to the left hand side of your screen. traffic is slow as you head
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inland here on 680 heading to the north but moving at least at this point again as we head closer to the bay. we are going to continue to see that traffic increasing. we will be keeping a close eye on this throughout the day here in mobile 5 around contra costa county. back over to you and i'm sure paul will be giving us an update on that forecast here. back over to you. >> we appreciate the update. thanks. the rain and wind have been slowing the bay area commute tonight. its especially gusty out on those bridges this evening. we can tell you traffic has been slow everywhere. here's a look at the traffic maps. you can see all those trouble spots there in red. we will be keeping an eye on the traffic. we will bring you updates throughout the evening. traffic situation in the sierra just as n worse obablyore badf i dangerous. so many spin outs on interstate 80, westbound traffic is being held now at the nevada state line. they have closed it.
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eastbound just as bad. the chp just sending thus picture of a jackknifed big rig. this is what you can expect to see if you head into the mountains tonight. this the eastbound lanes closed in trucky. heavy snow being whipped by strong winds creating white out conditions. they are telling people don't go up there. this is what it looks like along some of the roads heading up along highway 50 and 80. caltrans doing its best to keep interstate 80 clear from blue canyon all the way to truckee. live report from the sierra. we will have it coming up a bit later on. treacherous weather has closed dune stretch of the great highway. southbound lanes are shutdown from lincoln highway to slope boulevard. it is unknown that the point when it will reopen. in the meantime the national weather service has been warning about these powerful swells. the surf was rough today at rock wave beach but waves are
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expected to reach 25 to 30 feet tomorrow. some areas could reach 40 feet. the high of a four story building. beach goers have been warned to stay away due to powerful rip currents. another area of concern here mudslides around the burn zones in butte county. getting reports of some hillsides giving way. there is no vegetation left to keep the soil in place. more storm coverage ahead. we will have you covered early tomorrow morning ahead of your thursday morning commute. kpix 5 morning news will start at 4:00 a.m. a bay area man who survived 9/11 killed in a terror attack in kenya. and a muni rider had enough. he's caught on camera turning the tables on a man accused of harassing other passengers. and an earthquake rattles the east bay this morning. how the government shutdown is leaving some questions about it unanswered.
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right now the airport is and posted to twitter. that next wave of heavy rainfall has moved inland in sonoma county. big rock ridge southwest of never doe 88 mile per hour wind gusts right now as this rain moves through. it will be a very wet and stormy
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evening. there are some thunderstorms also offshore. i will update throughout the show and on an assault on muni caught on video and then posted to twitter. >> i'm going to good enough you what you want. >> i'm not doing anything. >> one man standing over another holding him down refusing to let him up. wngss say the man on the ground had been harassing riders and this man had enough. we put in calls for comment to muni and sfpd. neither agency was aware of the incident but is investigating. 21 people now dead after yesterday's terror attack in kenya. one of them a man with ties to the bay area. he is the ceo of san francisco base tech investment firm. suzy is in front of the office with his story. suzy. >> well jason's coworkers
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here call him a visionary. he say his life goal was always to be helping people and that that is what he was doing in kenya. they say they plan to carry on his legacy. >> [ speaking foreign language ] . >> al qaeda linked militants have claimed responsibility for an attack on a luxury hotel and shopping complex in kenya tuesday. 21 civilians and five attackers are dead as names of the deceased begin to surface we learn he's among them. >> he was full of energy. he had a vision. he wanted to change the world. >> patricia is jason's business partner. its based in san francisco but its focus is in 45 other countries. they invest in small businesses in developing nations around the world. jason would have turned 41 on monday. he's a former member of the
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peace corp. and a former investment banker. she said he showed up late to work at city group in new york city on 9/11. >> he stayed around ask was helping to pull people out and get them to safety. >> she said they will continue to dream big and support small businesses in his honor. turning back is something friends say jason wouldn't consider so neither will they. >> a lot of the reason he was doing this is we believed you could invest, you could build businesses and they would be a means of stabilizing economies and reducing the need to terrorism for war, for hatred. its ironic that it ended this way but when you choose these types of battles you don't always win. >> that luxuryel shopping center where the attack
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happened is popular with westerners. patricia says she has been there herself and that this company will go back to kenya. back to you. a bay area man and a baby were killed in a crash this morning on slippery roads along highway 50. the crash was reported around 6:30 on highway 50. it happened near camino heights drive. chp said a volvo traveling along westbound 50 lost control in the heavy rain. it spun into the eastbound lanes hitting a subaru. the driver of the volvo was killed. a passenger and a 1-year-old girl also died after being ejected. early morning fire in san francisco left six people hurt including a child and one firefighter. this one started about midnight in the outer mission district. fire crews had trouble fighting the fire because there was so much stuff inside of the
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building block access. five people were taken to the hospital. two in critical and three in very serious condition. jolted awake. it is howling in a good which you chunk of the bay area. look at the new lightning strikes due west of you in san jose. that's the front heading our way. we will talk more about the timing of the heaviest rain we have seen coming up. at bayer our roots run deep.
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then and now. an early -- and unwelcome -- morning alarm in the east bay. a 3-point-4 earthquake --
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centered in the oakland hills -- jolted neighborh well an early and unwelcomed morning alarm in the east bay. 3.4 quake centered in the oakland hills jolting neighborhoods before 5:00 followed by three after shocks. lots of people felt them. fortunately there was no damage reported. all four of those quakes were a along the hayward. >> now we have leashed that when usgs not operating the uc berkeley lab monitors quakes but if there is a big one the usgs would call in staff. in san francisco barriers went up on folsom and 17th street to protect businesses against flash flooding. the area has seen trouble in the past. the tomorrow is causing major
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power outages. in the north bay more than 14,000 customers are currently without power. more than 1700 customers in south bay are without power this hour. tracking the forecast with the help of the fine meteorologist from the national weather service who have been working for the past month without $1 of pay. they are still at the job and will be through events like this. santa rosa getting stetd steady rainfall. it is absolutely pouring in sonoma county. the heaviest rain santa cruz mountains. this is going to be a problem if it continues for a couple more hours. it is just coming down at more than half of an inch of rain per hour in the santa cruz mountains. east bay, you getting a bit of a break. it will be over in about 30
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minutes. a lot more rain coming. it averages out to about 2.5 million gallons of rain falling on the city of san francisco every minute for eight hours. that is how much water is coming out of the sky just over san francisco today. high wind warning continues for the coastline and hills. 60 mile per hour gusts. 93 in more rain county. the strongest wind gust so far. wind advisory for the entire bay area. winter storm warning through friday. that is all day tomorrow between 5,000 and 7,000 feet in elevation. 2-3 feet of fresh powder. get above 7,000 feet in elevation, its really windy, really snowy. up to 7-feet of snow by friday morning with blizzard conditions likely coming up tonight and early tomorrow. when the rain stops tomorrow, the sur will have be really rough. breakers could be 40-feet or higher. the stormy weather continues even when the rain stops. its an ominous sight over the
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city of san francisco. 50s overnight tonight. oakland, san jose a low of 54 degrees. big storm heading toward us. we have the rain, we have the wind. this one is big and its heading right toward us. future cast, wettest hour about 8:00 tonight. its a front so it will clear out quickly. by midnight all we will have is some scattered showers. we will see things begin to clear out by thursday afternoon. the next weather system passes by just to our north. we should stay dry on friday and saturday. i mentioned an inch and a half ofn r ouraior prediction of fute cast. notice its uniform rain totals everywhere throughout the bay area. we will all get soaked. highs tomorrow right around 60 degrees. the really rough weather will be between now and 9:00 tonight. napa your high 58 degrees. then the pattern calms down. we are dry friday and saturday. a small rain chance coming up on
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sunday. next week looks completely dry including martin luther king jr. day on monday with highs in the 50s to around 60 degrees. from now until 9:00 very windy, very wet. thunderstorms are possible as well. back to you. when funny crosses the line. how youtube is cracking down on dangerous pranks like the bird box challenge.
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with pranks and challenges are not allowed on youtube. this comes days after a utah starting today potentially harmful videos of
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pranks and challenges are no longer allowed on youtube. >> the stunt was inspired by the netflix film bird box. youtube's new guidelines quote prohibit challenges presenting a risk of serious danger of death. also banned any videos with pranks that make victims believe they are this serious physical danger or cause children to experience severe emotional distress. coming up at 5:30 san jose move ag moving ahead to help pay the workers. and you will hear from the woman who watched a tree suddenly come crashing down on to her pool house. more team coverage, the fall out from the storm. and we are driving the roads, keeping an eye on the traffic conditions with more heavy rain still on the way.
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an intense storm slams the bay area. bringing rain, gusty winds... and thunderstorms. and our top story at 5:30, this intense storm that continues to slam the bay area bringing rain, gusty winds, thunderstorms. our high def doppler radar lit up right now. >> lets get you right to paul. he has been tracking thisor two w of rafall mthro one got


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