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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 17, 2019 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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tomorrow morning at 4-30. good night. us ed the late show with stephen colbert is next. next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. have a great night. >> to mitigate the shutdown's impact, the white house has reportedly called back nearly 50,000 federal workers to resume functions including food inspections. but they'll do it without pay. >> so how was school today, angus? >> it was alright. >> what's this in my meatloaf? it's a note. "please help me," signed food inspector #4. ( laughter ) oh, i got one, too. "are you a non-government job that is hiring? if so, see mashed potatoes for résume." ( laughter ) >> mine says to tell president trump, "he can go f--" >> okay!
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dinner is furloughed. >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, fight her flight. plus, stephen welcomes... sarah paulson. killer mike. and musical guest, future. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: c'mon! woo! beautiful, beautiful! oh, yeah! welcome! how could you not feel good.
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this is it, you're too kind. welcome to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. ( cheers and applause ) it is-- day 27 of the government shut down, who would have thought the four horsemen of the apocalypse would be is have been death, famin, pestilence and pooping in national parks t is starting to get ugly and it was never a bitee queen. you might remember yesterday when nancy pelosi asked trump to delay the state of the union address saying that unfunded security agencies weren't he quipped to protect the speech during a government shutdown. that makes sense. you can't have unpaid people guarding our leaders, eagle has entered the building and i need someone to take over my position because i've got to get to my second job at dollar tree. oh my goodness, another day, another dollar. >> dollar tree, now
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uncharacteristically there was no response yesterday from donald trump. clearly the president considered the chaos and the disfunction that he has brought upon our government and the solemnity of the state of the union and cooler heads prevailed. i'm just kidding. today 45 minutes before she was supposed to visit fato allies and our troops overseas, trump sent pelosi this letter. >> due to the shutdown i'm sorry to inform you that your trip to brussels, egypt and afghanistan has been postponed. if i can't get my wall to keep people out of the country, you don't get to leave the country. sorry, nancy. no living it up in afghanistan for you. all he though with the shutdown there was in way she was going to get through tsa in time anyway. trump has the power to did this because pelosi was flying military transport and he's the commander in chief. but trump did give her another
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option saying obviously if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative. all right, she can fly commercial to afghanistan. i'm sure jetblue offers dalely nonstop flights to a war zone. hello, folks thrk is your captain, just wanted you to look out, look ot the left side of your plane right now you can see the khyber pass and if you look out the right side you can see the smoking stump where our wing used to be. we will be landing slightly ahead of schedule. so you might not get to finish mama mia, here we go again. any it was too bad. cher is awfully good. pelosi wasn't on some pleasure cruise here, she was visiting the troops. and the trip to afghanistan was a closely held secret due to security concerns. is basically what trump's letter said was nancy, feal free to go commercial now that i have told
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the taliban that you're coming and staying at the jalalabad la quinta inn. plus, plus, here's a shocker. (cheers and applause) jal all la-- jalalabad, fun word to say as trump, jalalabad. plus here's a shocker, the letter was not very good. trump made a mistake in the very first line by misspelling pelosi's name, he wrote der madamee speaker. nancy pelosi is mad am speak we are the e. madame is what trump uses to order at a drive-threw brothel. i will have the number one. that's not the only sign that the shutdown is really getting to the president. this morning he tweeted the left
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has become totally unhinged, they no longer care what is right for our counseltr-tee. >> yes, lefties. you are letting your countr-ty down, you are a disgrace to ameri-caca. now here say little fun fact. this actually happened. my staff tried to type countr-ty into twitter and it auto corrected to country. that means trump had to actively override it, no, stupid phone, countr-ty. jar ed, jared, help, the deep state has gotten ahold of my phone. i can't believe something like this is happening in the united
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shtush. now the tsa has been hit particularly hard with employees working unpaid and now evidently at new york's jfk airport agents have started blasting explicit unken sored versions of rap songs over the loudspeakers. just when you thought you couldn't hear more people. (applause) i am not sure what you are applauding but i'm 100% with you. just when you thought you couldn't hear more people yelling the f word at jfk. and it's worse than that, according it a top executive at the national air-traffic controllers association, quote, i would say flying is less safe today than it was a month ago absolutely. that is truly terrifying. but you know what that means, this is your time to shine mega bus. mega bus, you live. but the words-- you'll make it
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in time. the words plungee and plummet rarely soshted with bus travel. but there is one bright spot out there because friend of the show chef jose andres has opened a pup popup kitchen for federal employeed affected by the shutdown trk is in dvment krmplet right on penn pennsylvania avenue, he and his team are working around the clock to prepare some 200,000 meals a day. (applause) >> st beautiful stvment beautiful. these are tough times. these are tough times for federal workers, which is why i said this last night. with the shut dunn continuing the trump administration called nearly 50,000 people back to work unpaid. this is so unfair to these federal workers, that in their honor i designed this special shut down coffee mug that says don't even talk to me until i have had my paycheck. (applause)
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can we sell these? we should sell these. so we're selling these. (applause) help him help these workers woro to colbert late mug to get one. is 100% of the late show profits benefit world central to help jose andres team feed federal workers during the shutdown. get a mug, it's great for a hot cup of morning bourbon. >> get a set of mugs. >> we all have our ways to get through the shutdown. now one, one of the reasons that trump likes the shutdown is that there is a chance it might make you forget for a little while that there is this thing called the russia investigation. anybody remember that threat to the very nature of our democracy? well, last weak we learned something damning about former
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trump campaign chairman and me in about a year paul manafort. turned out during the campaign manafort gave campaign polling data to a russian agent. this certainly looks like kol if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck paul manafort is so ducked. so the link to russia, so the links to russia are wrapping around trump like a boa constrictor around a florida grandpa. but there are-- he was sleeping in the sun. but there are still some people on trump's side like attorney and man, attorney and man doing the ten year challenge between his top and butt om teeth rudy giuliani. last night, last night rudy went on the chris cuomo show-mo where
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he was asked about paul manafort's shady dealings. >> now you have paul manafort giving poll data that winds up leading to this coincidence. >> you just misstated my position. i never said there was no collusion between the campaign. (laughter) (applause) >> he basically went on tv and admitted the trump campaign colluded with russia. that is so shocking, you saw it, he shocked himself. when he heard him say it. seriously t was a huge reaction, let's take a closer look. >> i never said there was no collusion between the campaign? >> i don't want to go to jail! >> then-- then giuliani drew a distinction between the trump campaign and the head of the trump campaign. >> there is not a single bit of
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evidence of president of the united states committed any crime you can submit here conspiring with the russians to hack the dn, c. >> yes, there is zero evidence that donald trump reached out to russia. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. >> obviously he was joking, if russia was listening. now that looks bad. but only if we're going to start counting evidence as proof. rudy's comments, rudy's comments are just another example of the trump team moving the goal posts. in november of 2016, trump spokesperson hope hicks said of collusion with russia tks never happened. there was no communication between the campaign and any foreign entity during the campaign. but in february 2017, sarah hucka ds sands added to the best of our knowledge, no contacts took place. to the best of their knowledge. they could have just taken a lot
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of ambien and committed sleep treason. then in march don, jr. was all, did i meet with people that were russian? i'm sure, i'm sure i did. but none of that were set up. >> yeah, he colluded accidentally. you hang out in trump tower long enough are you going to ride the elevator with a felony. then he admitted to meeting with the meeting was a setup. he admitted the meeting was a setup but claimed it was for russian adoption and said it was okay because they exchanged no meaningful information. now that i believe. i have heard don, jr. speak. then in december of 2017 president trump said. >> there is no collusion and even if there was, it is not a crime. >> he just moved the goal posts to a whole different sport. it is a hole in touchdown, you're out. and there's breaking news about former trump lawyer and man
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whost who smile is show sadder than his frown. >> wow, wow. >> (laughter) >> michael cohen. cohen has already been sentenced for three years in prison for being trump's porn star bagman but this morning we learned he also tried to rig all nine polls in trump's favor prior to the presidential campaign. it almost worked but trump refused to change his name to boaty mcboatface. apparently to rig the polls cohen hired a consulting firm. and was billed $50,000. but instead of giving them the full 50k. cohen showed up with a blue wal-mart bag containing between 12,000 and $13,000 in cash and a boxing glove that had been worn by a brazilian mixed martial arts fighter. one boxing glove? that's the payoff equivalent of rifling thraw your car for a birthday present. oh, happy birthday.
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i got you, i got you a road map of tennessee and a some sticky pennies. cohen also asked the consulting firm to create a twitter account called@women for cohen. which claimed to be run by women who love and support michael cohen. so he paid fake women to say nice things. that's refreshing. usually he pays real women to say nothing. (laughter) and, and-- we'll get there. we'll get you all. and these nonexistent women loved michael cohen who they described as a strong pitbull sex symbol. sounds like someone has the hots for michael cohen. and it's michael cohen. then there's this tweet. never too late for hashtag man crush monday and a hashtag
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selfie. okay, you can't say it's never too late, then provide photographic proof that it is, in fact, far too late we got a great show for you tonight, sarah paulson is here. but when we return useless gadgets. stick around.
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) give it up for the band, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) >> happy thurt, jon. >> happy thurt.
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>> happy thursday, it's nights like this with an audience like, that i wish we could do two shows. >> i know. >> it's a shame, i would do anything to have these people back for tomorrow. >> it is a good vibe, they would be great on friday. >> they're like family. these people are like family who still like you. >> that's right, yeah. >> sarah paulson is coming up in a little bit. she's amazing. we us always love to have her, a brilliant actress. >> i love her work. >> this is no secret, i consider myself a bit of a techie. have i a smartphone, a smart tv, a smart refrigerator. and some say a smart ass. i certainly hope it's a smart ass, it it has a usb port for some reason. that's why i like to check in the latest tech news in my recurring segment cyborgasm.
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thank you, everybody, you know folks, last week was the big consumer electronics show in las vegas which shows off the hottest new tech trends every year. it's where major companies go to unveil their cutting edge products and where i go to start fights by yelling it's pronounce-- pronounced jif you gerk. ces is always full of wild and futuristic products and this year did not disappoint. take lg's new television that rolls up for storage. it's perfect for anyone whoever said i want a garage door i can watch porn on. there was also this lamborghini massage chair that one reviewer said was like having bad sex with optimus prime. first of all, that chair is yellow and black.
11:58 pm
you're having sex with bumble bee. second of all, how could any sex with optimus prime be bad. if i know anything about those movies, prime's lovemaking will be exciting, emotional and have just the right amount of mark wahlberg. and for the minimalist decorator or decorrer in you, there is something called mui, an internet connected block of wood. do you ever think you hear voices coming from the walls? now you can be right. mui which costs $549 does basic stacks like show the weather, control temperature, adjust light, display spotify music playback and open smart door bells it is also great for killing spielder, propping open windows and knocking some sense into yourself when you realize you just blew $500 fon a battery
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powered 2x4. and for the ladies they also debuted a smart bra with bluetooth that tells you your exact size. it runs on batteries ranging from double a to double d. we'll be right back with sarah from double a to double d. we'll be right back with sarah paulson. applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. zack. poor uncle edward. [ somber music playing ] he's passed away six times this year. [ cheering ] [ upbeat music starts ] let's go! let's go! let's go! and we don't even have an uncle edward. and yet somehow, i think this is what he would have wanted. [ cheering and screaming ] the volkswagen atlas.
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♪ whatever it is that floats your boat... ...or tickles your tastebuds... ...or brightens your day... ...even if you've never tried it before... ♪ ...just know that... you can, in portland. ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back to the show! folks, my first guest tonight, what a treat. we love our first guest tonight. she is talented and delightful, emmy award winner you know from the people versus o.j. simpson, american horror story and bird box. she now stars in m night sham
12:04 am
larn's glass-- sham alan. >> have you ever been to a comic book convention? they sell teen tv shows there. they are selling things. your friends and family members have lost their perspective. your dad is trying to fight her abductor. your son is trying to best his dad. he's the anarchist. he's the brain, he's themilin't? >> please welcome back to the late show sarah paulson. (applause)
12:05 am
>> you i want to go, i want to go to whatever party this is for. that looks like a really fun party. >> really into wearing things that look like they can make me fly, done you. >> halfway toy a superhero right there. >> yeah, i like it, bird lady. >> bird lady. well, you are actually the third person we've had on the show for "glass" so far. >> truly? >> oh yeah, we've been slumming. >> saving the best for last. >>hen is. >> i done know what this was that i just did saving the best for last, who's that, not sure. >> i like it. run with it. >> tequila is delicious, that saul can i say. i'm just kidding, time's totally sober. >> we all are, of course. >> yeah, sure. >> what does your character do she specializes-- a doctor. >> in a particular type of delusion of grandure which are those individuals who believe they are superheroes.
12:06 am
thank you, that was a mouthful. >> right. because these are characters we already know, the characters have come back from unbreakable and glass and split, unbreakable and split. and but you're dealing it with. >> big, big movie stars, big hollywood. >> which one of them, between samuel l. jackson and bruce willis and mcavoy has the biggest most delusion of their grandure? >> well, what are we talking about here? >> what are we talking about? >> the largest self-perception. >> like i said, what are we talking about. just kidding. you know it's hollywood. everybody's got to kind of like, it's par for the course. although i will say sam jackson, it's not a delusion of grandure, is he just the coolest cat around. >> true. >> an he takes about ten minutes to walk like two feet and it's like, and you just wait for him
12:07 am
to do it because it's sam jackson, you're like i'm good, i just want to wamp you do what you are doing. >> will you still be there. >> i will still be here and he knows i will be waiting here for him and will take him time. >> he using the space like all good actors do. >> like all good actors do. >> do you have a delusion of grandure yourself too, or are you the humble one. are you the one person in hollywood that is like little old me. >> i'm the one dretioned like a bird, what do you think it means, i have sparkles and feathers on. >> i think a sense of self-grandure is great. >> great, then i've got a. >> go ahead, say butt load. >> a butt load of ego, i don't. >> uh-huh. well, m night d-- m night sham lan, m. night shyamalan n night sham alan, i couldn't do it. >> n was on here, his friends call him-- and he-- shall is he
12:08 am
an intense guy, what is he like to work with as a director? >> collaborative and yet. >> what does that mean, collaborative. >> he wants to know your ideas, kind of. >> sure. >> i like to call it-- power is delusion-- how are his delusions of grandure, by the which? >> you know, he is a writer and a director and he has been living with this story in his mind-- you cannot add a comma, cannot can't. >> really? what happens if you do? >> you go to jail. you go to actor jail. >> what does he say to you. >> he says hey, cut it out and say what i wrote. and i said i just put a common there just to take a breathe. is he like noette brooking, no breathing here, no, we move beyond breathing and i need you to get it tall out on one breathe without taking a pause as long as you can without breathing, i wonder how long can i do, that i am still doing it right now, i wonder how long i
12:09 am
could do it. >> that is training. >> that is my diaphram attic breathing. >> that is he slees breelt mark and mathary walk far from the champling house not far from their father's house. (applause) >> you don't live in, no, you flif l.a thank you for making the trip out here to come talk us to today. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. so you have hollywood friends, right. >> i do. >> people think i know hollywood people but unfortunately i only get to spend a little time with the people i admire ten minutes at a time here. you actually know someone i wish i knew better. >> amanda pete, right? >> yes. >> because i know you love her. >> i am not sure if he sh knows how much i love her because i only interviewed her once. >> i will tell her. >> please do i always ask when is amandar pete come back. >> we have been best friends for almost 20 year, we call each other bird, we have nicknames. >> you can play the sax o phone. >> i don't really know how it came about but we have weird
12:10 am
nicknames, if we are in a public place we lose each other for a minute we will call each other characters from the movie silkwood so i will yell out dolly pellicker and she will did grew, which is kurt rustle's character's name and that is how we find each other. sometimes you will her and you hear drew, you know if you go left she is that way. >> wow. >> sn that a great story. >> they are all good stories. >> all good stories. >> particularly good, that one. >> now she is, we are talked about this, she was on here, married to david bennyoff, cocreator of game of thrones, you can tell me what is going to happen this season. >> i am the superfan and so i ask her all the time and then i'm like tell me you but don't tell me, actually tell me, don't tell me, okay, just tell me and i beg her not to tell me. and i write her husband's, mails saying dear david, how could you do this to me. >> yeah. >> why did the dragon go evil. what is happening. >> sure.
12:11 am
>> is it, and he writes it back, dear bird, get a life. >> that's very kind of him. >> i call him mr. bird. >> besides being in glass you are also in. >> bird box. >> are you also in bird box. >> it is a bird scene. >> you are in the bird box which they told me in the first four weeks 80 million households have watched that and streamed it. >> yeah. >> and that because 80 million households and given how many people share their passwords, that is like $7 billion people, everyone, they are watching in subsaharan africa. >> totally. >> why do you think that movie has caught on so wildly. >> i probably think it has a lot to do with sandra bullokay-- bull october being in it. >> are you scared. >> i'm the one person who hasn't seen it. >> why did you not watch itness which don't watch anything i do ever, not since people versus o.j. >> why, you have done some very good things. you didn't see new the post.
12:12 am
>> i did not see me in a post. >> st such a brilliant, beautiful piece, were you so good. >> thank you. >> i will act it out for you. >> and action. i would like to see you do it now. >> i think that is very brave. >> is that me doing pottery. >> you were work on the little sculpture or whatever st. glass is in theaters now in case you didn't know. >> i didn't know. >> you are not going to see it. >> i surely won't wks. >> sarah paulson, everybody, we'll be right back with killern mike. (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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>> stephen: hello! ladies and gentlemen, folks, my next guest tonight is a grammy award-winning rapper and activist. he now hosts a new series on netflix called "trigger warning." please welcome, killer mike! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) good to see you again. >> hey, how are you. >> how you have been? >> let me make sure, my wife says don't look fat, straighten out your shirt. >> you look good, you look big, you look formidable. >> hey, mike. >> how y'all doing, love y'all too. >> now we have done some songs
12:18 am
tolgtd, fifth a appearance. >> are you going to be on rtj4, we are adding a guy to the group, you will be the third member. >> book. so a successful rapper, grammy winner, now on netflix with a show called trigger warning. >> yeah. >> what kind of show is this binge-- bingable, can i chill with this. >> i think st bingable. my wife had a bunch of our friends and a bunch of teenagers over watching it. they seemed to like it then we sent the teenager away and smoked marijuana an watched it again. >> did it improve it the second time way little weed? >> it was actually, with the teenagaries it was a little funnier, with the adults on marijuana everyone went to sleep but we woke up laughing. >> sure, so what is the show brrks what will i see in. >> the show is the most absurd thoughts and arguments have i had in my life and to see if they are possible. i'm a black kid that grew up in atlanta and in atlanta
12:19 am
everything is possible for black kids, right. so i never really had a box to keep me in my imagination. >> why would that be. >> because atlanta is wakanda for feel. >> skyscraper and black people everywhere. >> and we're nice to white people, so st a great place to g atlanta is a black nashville. >> i dig it. >> instead of country mus in and cowboy we have nikes and future. so but i had questions like as a kid, i loved the bad guy. i loved the vil ann, as americans we seem to love the vilans, right. so i wondered why don't we celebrate within my community, black community, why don't we celebrate our villains a little more. so i looked at kids who are marginalized on street joining street gangs and i knew whenever you interject money and jobs, gangsk violence dissipate. and i have always said what if we could introduce a product much like the he'll airch gels, much like other motorcycle clubs or games what if we can
12:20 am
trademark or what if they had a product for sale thats what legal that would benefit their rivalry. i took some crypts from atlanta and also some bloods and they got together and they created a soda company. >> is that what this is. >> that is crypta cola. >> what is the flavor? what is the flavor. >> the flavor is a tradition traditional cola flavor. i can't say st as good as the other soft drink that is made in atlanta, if that is what you like. >> what can i open this on. >> it is a damn good soda. >> what do i got, do i got oh, bam. (applause) nags' tasty. >> do you like it? >> yeah. >> and you did not just join the crypts so nobody is going to kill you for drinking it. >> all right, all right. so now what other things do you do shall. >> i'll drink with you, we are
12:21 am
home yeas. >> you want to take a swig off of that. >> we are going to g cola. >> we're drinking the same temperature like english beer. >> yeah now i understand you also start your own religion in the series. >> i do. i do. i start my own religion. now i have a theory. as a norral-- moral "guiding light," jesus the character in the bieb sell amazing, he is a superhero, he fights injustice with the church, he rallies against government, him and his homies go around just fing it up for the system, right. it would be a great graphic novel. the only problem is we don't get our black spiderman, you know what i mean. >> because in western society. >> he's a white guy. >> he is skinny and his hair is long, he looks like a member of the doors. so i always. >> doobie brothers. >> yeah, alman brothers. >> smoke coke or done weed or something. but with me, i said that wrong,
12:22 am
smoked week or done coke but for me i think that to raise a confident child in terms of difficult inity and matters of spiritualness, they need to see people that look like them or a deity that looks like them. so i went out into the world saying we needed to destroy the image of white jesus and begged a mega pastor to become a messiah of a new religeon that i was going to start. and to let's go to jolo church and march in and rally like the black panthers and tell black people we're leaving white jesus and this sour new black mess eyea and he looked me in the eyes and said neglect rock you're crazy. but. >> so you had to-- negro, are you crazy. >> so you had to start your own. >> i did i started with my best friend who i met shooting dice at 7 in church. sleepy and pri in the basement of church shooting pool and dice and is he one of the most morally good people i have ever met even though we used to steal cars together. >> you were raised in the church. when you started your own church, is it a christian church
12:23 am
or a killer mike church. >> my church is the church of sleep it is the church of sleepy. >> you so you don't have to get up and go. >> no, you can enjoy god from your bed. you don't have to pay tits it but we go have church in the strip club so if you want to tip the girls, that is fine. but we came up, i talked to ariana huffy, well, jesus was naked under the robe. >> aren't we all. >> aren't we all. did you take anything from your christian upbringing and put it in your church. >> absolutely. i took a lot of lessons, to love above hate, to allow people to face and confess themselves and to give, give that pain away to the world and not have to accept it, hold it in. >> forgiveness. >> forgiveness an fellowship. there is a lot in all spiritual, the part is when we colonize or intrude on others with our
12:24 am
religion. right now in north africa there say tribe that is a nom adic tribe, for thousands of years they walked around. with the introduction of christianity to their world, what we introduced was something that took god away from nature and people around them and says you have to limit it to a book and if you don't come out to church, that is not right it is hurting the tribe because the law with christianity being introduced, also land, ownership is introa us doodz. the land for them used to belong with everyone but the introduction of church and politics t is stopping, so we just have to make sure when we are introducing morally what is right for us from western society into other places and people that we introduce it with a fair hand, we introduce it from a moral perspective, with love and care and not just with sugar and candy and war. (applause) >> and crypto cola. >> good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> trigger warn song netflix tomorrow. killer mike, everybody. we'll be right back with a
12:25 am
performance by future. what he said.
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>> stephen: his new album, "the wizrd," comes out tomorrow. performing, "crushed up," ladies and gentlemen, future! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ plain jane, jackie chan, richard mille ♪ you gon' be the one bust it down, i can see it ♪ diamonds in the face crushed up, i can see it ♪ diamonds in the face crushed up, i can see it ♪ diamonds in the face crushed up, i can see it ♪ diamonds in the face crushed up, i can see it ♪ diamonds in the face, di-diamonds in the face ♪ half a ticket for my wrist, spill so big ♪ i put five pointers in the face, you can see it ♪ i just put my whole damn arm in the fridge ♪ ten chains on, lucky charms, i'm the ♪ ten, ten different exotic cars how we slid ♪ meet me in chanel in the back, we goin' big ♪ i been gettin' n.b.a. money, jason kidd ♪ i just charged a whole damn "m" for a gig ♪ and i got that nitro for a pig i'ma make it spark when you see it
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up, i can see it ♪ diamonds in the face, di-diamonds in the face ♪ crushed up, i can see it ♪ diamonds in the face, crushed up, i can see it ♪ diamonds in the face, crushed up, i can see it i can see it crushed up ♪ diamonds in the face, crushed up ♪ diamonds in the face crushed up i can see it future ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you, future. future, everybody! we'll be right back. when you shop with us, you know how to score.
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