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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  January 25, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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in a massive battle over it's name. some feel being called "dixie" sends the wrong message... you're watching kpix5 news at 5:30. a tiny bay area school district in a massive battle over its name, some feel being called dixie sends the wrong message and it's time for a change. good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. the fight has been going on for months, but now kpix5 emily turner reports it has moved to social media and gotten personal. >> reporter: it's a top rated school district in a quiet part of town, but the battle over what the dixie school district should be called as fractured
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the community and brought more than bad feelings over a name. >> there are passions on both sides. a lot of people don't really understand or appreciate or acknowledge what the history of it is. >> reporter: noah griffin and his group want the district to go by something else because of the association dixie has with the confederacy. at the same time another group called we are dixie wants the name to stay the same arguing it's not racially motivated. the debate has escalated to the point of threatening lawsuits for defamation, hateful social media posts and name calling. the debate over the name change has gotten so heated, in fact, that folks who represent the we are dixie, those who don't want to change the name, wouldn't talk to us on camera because they say they're afraid for their safety. these are tweets posted by david curtis, husband of a school board member and clear advocate for the name change. he calls we are dixie a hate group and its supporters white supremists on twitter. neither he nor his wife responded for comment, but one of the people he specifically calls out in another tweet sent
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us this statement. "these are disgusting lies and serve to create far more hate and divisiveness than the school district name ever could." and that at least is something people on both sides seem to agree on. >> turning the temperature down and talking to your neighbors in a civil way, i think that's always beneficial and valid. >> reporter: in san rafael, emily turner, kpix5. >> we just received a statement from david curtis about some of the statements that he's tweeted. he says that, "i am in discussion with attorneys, so have no comment at this time. i do tend to sometimes use confrontational language as a poetic device." a community meeting on the matter is set for february 12th. san francisco officials are acknowledging police were too slow to respond to a recent re. day the police chief and a city supervisor went to good orchard bakery, a chinese eatery on mission street near ocean avenue. the owner says he was assaulted and robbed there last saturday and after he called police it
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took four hours for them to show up. >>911 needs to have a more stronger response, a little bit more culturally competent people that can be really on top of the translation services because we think there was a breakdown in the translation services. >> we're looking to why it took four hours and determine exactly why this happened the way it happened. >> chief william scott said he just wants to fix whatever went wrong and not point fingers at the department of emergency management. for the first time california is suing a city over a lack of affordable housing. >> it says that city officials in southern california cheated on a law that required developers to build low income units. here's the story from huntington beach. >> i think that's horrible. that's all i can say. i think it's awful. >> reporter: rudy perez calls huntington beach and he doesn't like it one bit that the state
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of california filed a lawsuit today against his city over a lack of affordable housing. huntington beach city attorney michael gates takes issue with it, too. >> we've made a tremendous amount of progress. i can tell you we've actually made more progress than most cities. so i'm again surprised by the lawsuit. huntington beach has done i think as much, if not more, than many other cities. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom says this is a first of its kind lawsuit accusing huntington beach of amending its housing plan to build fewer new units and refusing to comply with state housing laws. elizabeth perez lives here and says recent high density development projects like this one across from the bella terra mall on edinger avenue is causing big avenues. >> it's to the street wall to wall high rise much like you see across the street. it's a blight. >> reporter: orange county's young democrats accused city
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council of deliberately reducing the number of low income housing units needed for people their age saying, "the time for hand wringing is over. our cities must meet their housing goals or face the consequences." city attorney gates points out that huntington beach has done a lot toward meeting its state mandate of 1,350 affordable homes and its deadline is still a ways away. >> in fact, our shortfall right now is only about 400 units and there have actually been some delays in the city's ability to meet its target entirely because of lawsuits like this one. >> reporter: recent lawsuits dealing with the same issues that huntington beach has prevailed on. in huntington beach, michelle geely, kpix5. a butte county woman may be facing fines after housing some wildfire victims on her property. according to the county code enforcement manager, she's
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violating the camping ordinance which says only two trailers are allowed. despite the warning jones says she plans to fight and keep sheltering evacuees on her property. >> how can you go and steal peace from people who just found some stability after their entire lives were taken away from them in seconds? >> jones says she isn't charging anyone to live on her property and understands it could take them years to get back on their feet. meantime wells fargo is donating more than $3 million to camp fire victims. earlier today the bank announced that donation saying it would be to help communities redeveloping in chico and paradise. today a federal grand jury indicted seven people for conspiring to help the suspected killer of a central valley police officer. gustavo arriaga, an undocumented immigrant, is accused of shooting to death newman police corporal ronil singh. court documents allege the other defendants conspired to hide arriaga while he ran from police with the goal of helping him escape to mexico.
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the conspiracy charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. we're learning the man suspected of killing five women at a florida bank had run-ins with police in indiana in recent years. they say they had received calls from people reporting zephen xaver's desire to kill or harm people. now 21, xaver is accused of shooting the five women execution style wednesday at the suntrust bank in sebring, florida. the victims were a mix of employees and customers. there is no evidence they were targeted. u.s. diplomats are caught in the middle of a power struggle in venezuela. the state department is ordering nonessential personnel out of that country. it's after president nicolas maduro, who is trying to stay in power, severed ties with the u.s. he says the u.s. is interfering by backing an opposition leader. there's still an estimated70 to 80 americans working for the u.s. in venezuela. senator marco rubio of florida says if any of them is harmed,
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the consequences will be swift and decisive. youtube is working to curb conspiracy videos by changing its algorithm that suggests new videos to users in order to prevent promoting conspiracies and false information. the change is the result of a six-month long technical effort. youtube says none of the videos will be deleted. people can still search for them or subscribe to certain channels to find them. facebook messenger, instagram, what's app, they are coming together. ceo mark zuckerberg is working to combine those messaging features of all three apps. that would mean users could interact across all three. the new york times reports the move is in mart to keep users engaged with messaging systems facebook owns instead of heading to competitors. it's also being done to protect messages from being viewed by anyone except those involved in the conversation. the three services will continue as stand alone apps. tonight presidential
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candidate kamala harris is making her first campaign stop, not in iowa or not in new hampshire, but in south carolina to address the national chapter of her college sorority. alpha kappa alpha was the first black sorority in the country. harris made strong connections with her sisters decades ago at howard university, bonds that could come in handy on election day. >> it is a fact that there are close to 300,000 women in alpha kappa alpha sorority, incorporated and that is a fact. so it's not rocket science. >> harris was last in south carolina three months ago. the state will hold an early primary for the democratic presidential nomination early next year. and the democratic field is about to get more crowded. yahoo news is reporting vermont senator bernie sanders is expected to announce he is making another run for the white house soon. a family outraged and embarrassed, they say they were kicked on of a flight because
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of complaints about body odor. now they're demanding an explanation. >> and he's on death row for a quadruple murder. now could a new dna test clear his name? the latest twist in a case that's drawn national attention. >> coming up all new at 6 p.m., violent crime spree in santa cruz when a suspect allegedly uses scissors to pull off a carjacking and police say he used scissors to assault an officer, how he was finally taken down.
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one of the only things that's better than breakfast is breakfast on a saturday because you get to wake up and enjoy the breakfast, maybe with your family. a little bit of valley fog especially on highway 4 out toward central valley, 38 degrees inland. tomorrow morning clear start, mild start, mid- to upper 40s anywhere near the water. kpix5's julie watts will have your up to the minute forecast tomorrow morning beginning at 6 a.m. police pursuit in oakland... i'm emily turner here at the live news desk where we have some developing new information on breaking news we told you just about half an hour ago. we have just now learned that the car chase that happened in oakland that started about 4:00 is in relation to a murder case out of merced. you'll remember that three people were arrested as a result of this car chase. we now know that they are wanted on a homicide detectives out of merced say most likely
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a edwhe e ree men are likely the ones police say who killed a man just after midnight early this morning. merced police have just told us that they are sending detectives to oakland to talk to these three men now in custody. in the meantime this crime scene is making for a mess for evening commuters in oakland. as of the last moments we checked, this car accident is blocking 98th avenue all the way to the border of san leandro, so again a major backup in oakland, but hopefully they resolved a murder case out of merced. i'm emily turner, back to you. >> thanks. in sacramento one pregnant mother now says all she has left is her kids. it's after a suspect led police on a chase before crashing into a tree and hitting four cars including stephanie marino's. the chasdriven recklessly. the crash ended leaving marino without a car.
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>> not having a car, it's hard to get around. it's hard to get to doctor's appointments. it's hard to get her to school. she's not even in school today because of the situation. >> meanwhile the suspect was arrested shortly after the crash. an embarrassing moment for one family at an airport in florida, they were kicked on of a plane after some passengers complained that they smelled. >> there's no body odor that we have. there's nothing wrong with us. >> josie adler and his wife jamie and their children boarded the flight last night to detroit following a miami vacation. they say they were asked to get off because passengers complained about their body odor. >> we stopped several people in the airport and it's embarrassing, but we asked them do you think we smell because we just got kicked off a plane for smelling and they're like oh, my god, we're so embarrassed for you that somebody would do such a thing, no. >> we're frustrated. i want them to own up to what really happened. >> american airlines released a statement this morning saying,
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"the adler family were asked to deplane last night after multiple passengers along with our crew members complained about mr. adler's body odor." they also said, "our team members took care of the family and provided hotel accommodations and meals and rebooked them on a flight to detroit this morning." the family made it back home to detroit and they were reunited with their luggage. a five time olympic gold medalist and former cal swimmer is dealing with a new challenge, cancer. 30-year-old nathan adrian revealed on instagram that he has testicular cancer. he posted a picture of himself in a hospital bed alongside his wife on instagram. adrian says he wants to share his journey to help break the stigma of discussing men's health issues. he says he is scheduled for surgery next week and plans to be back in the water a few weeks later. he was convicted of the 19 the state of california will soon conduct new dna tests for death row inmate kevin cooper. he was convicted of the 1983
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chino hills massacre that left four people dead and an 8-year- old boy critically injured. cooper's case has drawn international attention from everyone from kim kardashian west to the pope. 48 hours correspondent erin moriarty was on the story first. >> reporter: nearly 20 years ago i got a stack of letters from an inmate at san quentin prison. >> i'm kevin cooper. i'm on death row. >> reporter: he wrote that he was innocent and had been framed. >> 2951 english road. >> reporter: cooper had been convicted of the murders of doug and peggy ryan, their daughter jessica and neighbor christopher hughes inside the ryan home in chino hills, california, in june of 1983. 8 1/2-year-old josh ryan barely survived. there was strong evidence pointing to multiple assailants, but then
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investigators discovered that one escaped prisoner, kevin cooper, a career burglar, had been hiding out in a vacant house near the ryans' home. defense attorney norman hiles. >> kevin cooper was a convenient person to pin it on. the problem was they didn't have the evidence. >> reporter: there were no fingerprints or any of cooper's hair in the house. the state found that only one tiny drop of blood scraped on of a wall matched cooper's blood type. >> they planted his blood in order to keep him in prison. >> reporter: his attorney also believes evidence was deliberately destroyed like bloody coveralls turned into investigators by diana roper. roper says her ex-boyfriend, paroled killer lee furrow was wearing them the night of the murders. >> i had nothing to do with any of this. >> reporter: and former district attorney michael ramos agrees. >> he was 30 plus miles away when this murder occurred. >> reporter: was it lee
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furrow? kevin cooper or someone else? new dna tests may provide answers. a pie in the sky idea? or a g >> that's erin moriarty. you can watch the full 48 hour story tomorrow night at 9:00 here on kpix5. stadium. pie in the sky or a goldmine, a new look at the potential benefits from an aerial gondola at the new a's stadium.
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two hikers became stranded after slipping down an embankment....stu ck 100-feet new video of a daring cliff
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rescue that happened yesterday near muir beach. two hikers became stranded after slipping down an embankment. they were stuck 100 feet below the trail by those rocks. chp sent an air crew and you can see them there using a basket to pull up those hikers who luckily were not hurt. >> they're also very lucky the weather is what it is and not what we had a week or so ago with all the rain and storming. it's amazing how the weather turned on a dime. we had 14 stormy days almost in a row. then like that the rain went away. the clouds went away. we're left with beautiful pictures like this, post sunset now, always like to see the urbanscape in the foreground, san francisco, north beach and in the distance, yeah, you can go hiking 7 nautical miles away from san francisco with one heck of a view. current temperatures outside still in the 60s, san jose and livermore 60 degrees, oakland
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66, santa rosa 63, mainly 40s overnight tonight, even napa low 40s, concord 40 degrees, fremont 43 and 50 degrees for a low in pacifica, sunrise 7:18 tomorrow. the radar's clear, lots of snow in the sierra. your tahoe report, you likely know somebody who is on their way there. it's going to take them twice as long, but here's what they get when they get there, a base of 10 feet of snow at alpine meadows, north star a base up to 90 inches, partly cloudy skies this weekend, packed powder at sugar bowl, snow base up to 10 feet of snow. sierra is doing really good and likely some snow returning to the sierra by this time next week and also likely some rain returning to the bay area by this time next week. we have a ridge of high pressure that's building so far to the north, look at the clouds south of it. the ridge is so far out of whack in a wrong direction for this time of loudover willbe th wherever you'll be this weekend. we will have filtered sunshine at times. despite that temperateswill
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make it approaching 70 degrees away from the water. we don't see clouds tomorrow morning, but watch them stream in tomorrow afternoon, more on than off rolling through the day sunday, filtered sunshine. next week let's watch the change. some rainfall, far north bay up toward redding and chico. watch the difference from wednesday to friday. here it comes. widespread rainfall is likely the end of next week. we're circling next friday, although seven days out things can certainly change. we'll watch for the rain returning about seven days from now. clear tonight with some patchy fog, a mild to warm weekend with some changes coming by next week. getting close to 70. if you got there, san jose, it would be 11 degrees above average. we're forecasting 69 degrees for you, but morgan hill 70 tomorrow, palo alto 68. how about pacifica, 66 degrees. 62 in antioch, 65 for benicia, berkeley and inland fog richmond 65, bodega bay 63, cloverdale 70 and ukiah 69
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degrees. extended forecast, equally as warm on sunday with more filtered sunshine. as we head toward next week, two steps changing here. the first step is cloudier and cooler tuesday and wednesday. the next step would be the first rain in nearly two weeks. that will be next friday. that's your kpix5 forecast. >> paul, thanks. coming up what lies beneath the golden gate bridge, divers are getting ready to suit up for a fascinating inspection. >> starting monday kpix5 is launching a new newscast. tune in at 7:00 week nights. join ken bastida, elizabeth cook and paul deanno for the latest bay area news and weather right after the cbs evening news with jeff glor. the evening news follows 90 minutes of continuous local news weekdays starting at 5:00.
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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would provide an economic boost to oakland. the gondola would run from near the 1 n... to jack l a new report says a proposed gondola from near the 12th street b.a.r.t. station to jack london square and would draw an extra 50,000 visitors to oakland per year and that would translate to more than half a billion dollars over the first decade mostly from sales tax revenue. for the first time in five years divers may soon inspect the bottom of the golden gate bridge. the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district is set to a approve a $262,000 contract for divers to conduct
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routine inspections and growth removal on the bridge's concrete base. if the contract is approved, vessels would scan the structure and foundation for areas of concern. after that they would send in the divers and the process is expected to take at least two weeks. that is it for the news at 5:00. kpix5 news at 6:00 begins right now with allen martin and elizabeth cook. plus. breaking news at 6:00, a police chase ends in dramatic fashion, police closing in on a suspect wanted for a central valley homicide. >> plus look at this dramatic situation, a bay area college sports team was on that bus, what caused it to catch fire. torm on a bay area campus. the artist says.... she was pressured to add more white people to her work of art. kpix 5 news at six starts... right now. >> also a high school mural starts a firestorm on a bay area campus. the artist said she was pressured to add more white people to her work of art. kpix5 news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we start with breaking news
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in oakland. a police pursuit in oakland comes to a violent end. several cars collide including a patrol car along 90th avenue. kpix5 reporter andrea nakano is at the scene with late details. >> reporter: this is still an active scene here in east oakland on 98th avenue a couple blocks away from the crash. the black sedan remains, but a tow truck was just on scene taking away the pickup truck that was hit. chopper 5 captured the scene unfold from above shortly after the crash which happened right after 3:45. investigators say three suspects were taken into custody. we are trying to get clarification on this, but oakland police say the sedan is wanted in connection with a homicide. we were originally told vallejo, but the police department said it's not related to its cases. we are learning it is possibly a homicide out of merced instead. we do not know at this point if any of the three suspects were actually involved in the crime. accordin


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