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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  February 10, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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now on kpix5 news, a deadly plunge into mount diablo and investigators questioning what caused the single engine to crash. >> plus the same storm system bringing rain to the bay area is hammering the sierra with snow it would be madness to shutdown the government. >> we join -- they're discussing border security and what needs to happen to prevent another government shutdown. it's sunday, february 10th. i'm devon feeling. >> i'm -- l go to julie watts. >> i love these mornings and we have snow this sunday in the bay area. always fun especially for the
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kids who think it never snows in the bay area. a winter storm area, the areas in blue on your screen. and a winter storm warning for the areas in pink. [coughing] >> excuse me. we could see -- east bay hills from 2 to 4 inches above 1500 feet. we could see a few inches above 2,000 feet. in the sierra, we're seeing more snow. one to three feet. and windy conditions. let's take a look at where we're seeing the rain-snow mix falling right now. definitely have showers moving through the bay area. here's a look at bay area wide. you can see the santa cruz mountains have snow on them. some of the east bay mountains as well. taking a closer look at the east bay, heyward, you're seeing moderate rainfall. just above the snow grade, w mix with snow there on the peaks further north. showers passing across 580 and 80
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and berkeley, you're seeing moderate consistent rainfall. san jose is mostly dry. look at the snow up the peninsula. mountain view you're seeing showers and scattered showers continue through the morning and we'll be dry for the latter half of the day. monday, initially looked dry, but we're going to see scattered showers tomorrow. temperatures are chilly in the 30s and 40s. and in a bit, we'll come back with your full forecast and i'll let you know what to expect as we make our way into the workweek. in the meantime, we are heading over to melissa. devin. federal officials are looking into a plane crash. the single engine m-20 aircraft crashed southwest of the mountains peak near summit road and the pilot was killed and believed to be the
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only person onboard. the plane caught fire after it crashed, but the wreckage was not discovered until yesterday afternoon when some hikers spotted it. investigators requested the area be marked off as a crime scene. >> they thought it was unusual that it went down and they wanted it to be treated like a crime scene until they can get on scene to make their own findings. >> the pilot was flying from heyward executive airport to the city of lincoln in placer county and reported missing by his family yesterday. >> a plane in monterey county -- the single engine plane went down as the pilot was attempting to land. federal authorities say the plane is registered to eva, the name of a former olympic skier. it's not clear whether she was onboard that plane. the two injured people are the only people onboard. federal investigators are planning more interviews to find
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the cause of that fiery gas pipeline explosion in san francisco. a team from the ntsb is trying to establish a timeline and to figure out why it took two hours for pg&e to shut off the gas. last wednesday contractors installing fiber optic -- it caused damage near gary boulevard and parker avenue. the ntsb said they're sending a segment of the ruptured pipe to a lab in d.c. >> we have matched up the teeth marks of the many excavateers to the damage on the pipeline, so we plan to do that. >> federal investigators did nine interviews yesterday. and they made a trip to pg&e pipeline -- they plan to put out a preliminary report in two weeks and the contractor said in a statement, it's important to note that no cause for the fire has
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been established. and any speculation to the contrary undermines the integrity of this investigation which must be given time to reveal answers as to what occurred. two people killed and one hurt -- one of the drivers was going the wrong way. it happened on highway 1 near the sharp park road. northbound lanes were closed for hours as the chp investigated the crash. here's a look at the aftermath. the chp says the impact was so great it pushed the presis -- the driver was seriously injured while the driver in the pickup survived. >> you hit head on with another car, that's over 120 miles-an-hour impact. >> last sunday a woman driving the wrong way hit and
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killed an uber driver. the victim left behind 7 children and the other driver died. it will be a few days before caltrans starts to work on long term repairs to the richmond bridge. the bridge was closed for hours last week after chunks of concrete fell from the upper deck onto the lower deck. temporarily fix was completed yesterday morning and that's a large steel plate over an expansion joint and that's to be the cause. cal tran his to delay the work until thursday due to the forecast of stormy weather, and the agency is trying to convince nervous motorist that the bridge is safe. >> the bridge is structurally sound. at any time i feel this bridge or any other bridge throughout the area is unsafe, i will close it. >> caltrans says the faulty expansion joint was installed in 1956, but inspected less than a year ago, and no problems were found. it could take up to
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a few weeks to finish the needed repairs, but they said the work will be done during late night hours to avoid impacts on busy commutes. after some some delays, the south bay bart extension is getting back on track. they plan to begin testing trains to the fremont station -- bart has not said what time of day the trains will be running and the station is expected to open late this year around november. >> a reminder about big changes starting tomorrow. train service will begin an hour later at 5:00 a.m. and buses will shuffle riders from 4:00 to 5:00 a.m. and those riders will have to pay with clipper cards and the changes are making way for barts plan size retro fit of the trans bay two. >> let's look at capitol hill this morning. president trump delivered a second "state of the union" address there last week before a divided congress. we asked mayor willy brown if his address was a
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kickoff for his election campaign. >> there's no question. he did a spectacular job for him in terms of how he made the presentation for an hour and 20 minutes and he was careful not to get into the wilderness of what he does at his rallies or any of those things. he went a long time on the immigration issue. he went quite a bit on the border issue. but even there, he didn't defend anybody and he was smart enough to generate applause even from his enemies. >> i wonder if that was apart of the plan. there's democrats singing and chanting usa and applauding the things he had to say. i thought that's a photo op. >> it's going to far rep the democrats. if he's running on the border, if he's running on the border, the border,
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do you think the democrats will be able to take him out? >> they won't get him on that because he fired up the core group of defensive democrats on all the democratic policies. he literately kept that whole group of people he needs and those are the democrats who don't follow that old policy, he was addressing them. not the old democrats. >> you have -- >> the democrats, somewhat gave a response, the green dreamer, the green deal of what's coming out of their side. >> we have this memo that lays out bullet points of an agenda. >> from one wing of the party. >> some of the stuff is for us in california, it looks fairly normal about cutting down admissions but some of it is going toraise some eyebrows, particularly in swing districts where democrats where they need to hang on. some things like we're going to guarantee income for someone unwilling to work. >> why are you
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laughing? >> i'm laughing because those who responded never heard this speech. they didn't say anything about the speech. if i'm trump, i would be insulted. i spent all the time giving this speech, and you're responding as if you didn't hear it, as if you didn't hear anything i said. i want to drag you into my world. stacey abrams did not go into trump's world at all. stacey abrams stayed a candidate for the governmentship of georgia. >> you know, one of the lines that i feel like has gotten the most attention was the no legislation if there's investigation line. what about that? >> you know, that raised a lot of eyebrows because in an otherwise, sort of presidential speech, the fact that he sort of took aim and basically threatened the economy would suffer if he were investigated too thoroughly. it appeals to -- democrats are
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clear, they have no intention of slowing down when it comes to trying to get his tax returns and other kinds of investigations. that was a very nick sewn yan kind of line in an otherwise -- in a speech that otherwise appealed to a lot of people. >> got you. okay. ahead, even if they don't win tonight, the grammy nominees will take about 30 grand worth of goodies and that includes one man's invention for dog lovers.
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good morning. jousrk ni the plane back on the plane. this week, the "state of the union" address and the big issue continues to be, let's call it border security. >> uh-huh. >> all right. some people call it the border wall and
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some people call it border security. is there a deal in the works and what are we going to see? >> i'm told there's a deal and grown ups have come into the room, democrats and republicans from both houses and there's 17 members. so there's a deal from what i understand, but it's not donald trump's deal. >> what deal is it? >> it will be -- it won't be for a wall. it will be for real border security. they started off by having experts come in and they've spent hours with them saying this is what we need for security. >> it won't be a wall. will it be fencing? >> from what i understanding, they'll be fencing and barriers. >> they'll be fencing and barriers and electronic surveillance and things like this, but not a wall. is that to get both sides to get from out under the wall and work some deal out. >> i think probably a little because as
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you know, everything is politics in this business, but what they focus down on is the needs on the border. the first needs and -- >> is it still about him or is it -- >> it's about him because he's president of the united states and he has to sign the legislation. we have to -- by our timeline, we have to have a deal by monday. so they have to agree by monday in order to meet the 72 hours we just instituted before he signs it. so the public can see it. >> we're going to a deal whether it's fencing or security, what other things are components of this? >> there's an argument about custodial beds for when people come over. >> infrastructure, that would be it, improving centers, are we going to get more immigration judges? >> that's my preference because the biggest problem of the obama administration and -- the drug problems and the crime problems, but we don't have
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enough infrastructure and for judges and border patrol agents, they should have their case heard and have a decision much quicker. >> when we're talking about human trafficking, there's the drug trafficking and deadly drugs, we're not talking about marijuana. deadly drugs coming through. will this -- >> yes, because we're going to put the technology and the resources where need to be at the ports where they come through. >> we're going to have more border security officers? >> yes, i think we will. we should. i talked to them down there and they're stressed. they need more support. >> as someone who has been around washington and sacramento and seen the political process, do you think the votes are there on both sides to get this through? >> yes, because it would be complete madness for shutdown the government again. there's an issue at the border. it's not one of the top 20 issues we have in this country and i would argue it's not one of the 30. we should deal with it and deal with it as this group of members is doing.
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>> as far as you know, is there still a threat of the president, is he still holding out the threat of declaring an emergency and going in there with the military and the military spending? >> yes, but who knows what this gentleman -- two months ago, we had a deal that the senate passed unanimously. he agreed to and he watched fox news in the morning and we went into a government shutdown. so we never know with this president. >> what would you give the odds going forward in the next 7 days -- >> i would say 90 percent. but the wild card is the president of the united states, and his relationship with fox news. >> and we are going to be talking about the president of the united states, his "state of the union" address, and the democratic response to it, congressman mark desan -- we're going to look at a great morning as well. let's take a look at the weather. >> if you like rain
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and snow, that's what we have in the bay area. white stuff. taking a look at high depth doppler. a crosser look across the bay shows this rain spreading south. we're seeing heavy to moderate rainfall across san bruno and the southern portion of san francisco and crossing the bay into heyward and fremont. a closer look at the east bay shows we have some snow, a rain-snow mix along the snow grade. we're seeing our east bay mountains with the rain snow mix and the snow in the peaks. moderate rainfall moving through livermore. up north, we are drying out. emery berkeley seeing showers. we're seeing more and more snow as this swath moves out. foothills getting snow. santa cruz mountains, you're going to see a little snow this morning as well. so kind of fun especially on a sunday. the kids get a peak of the snow or play
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in it if it gets low enough. a cold area of low pressure sitting offshore, it's bringing snow to seattle. and then to the peaks here. not quite on the bay area floor just yet. what to expect as we make our way throughout the day. it will be a snowy sunday morning with snow in the peaks and scattered showers and cold today. more rain moves in. we'll get a break for the first half of sunday -- more rain late monday into tuesday. here we are at 9:00 this morning, we're seeing snow in the peaks making our way throughout the day and we dry out for the latter half of the day. here we are at 7 tonight. we stay dry for the first half of monday, but the next round of rain moves in the early afternoon hours starting with scattered showers and once again, some low snow levels. the winter storm warning is in effect until 10:00 tonight. however, the winter weather advisory, the areas in blue in your screen and throughout the bay area, that's in effect until 10:00
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this evening. we could see two to -- seattle snow, 2500 feet and above. 1 to 3 feet. the future cast shows we're going to see significant snow over the next five days, we're looking at over 50 inches in half don't and half in bear valley. tahoe snow reports shows over 63 inches at squall valley. and if you are heading over to heavenly, 55 inches. the winter storm warning in effect through tonight. high temperatures today on the cool side, 40s and 50s area wide. the extended forecast shows we're going to dry out for the first half of sunday -- showers begin monday afternoon. tuesday and wednesday looks wet. thursday, the models are flip flopping so we're going to keep clouds there, and i'm not going to guarantee anything passed wednesday. >> so a very rainy week, but we need it though. >> yeah, you know, we can still add to and we likeo see. it off and on so we have time to absorb
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it before the next round of rain comes. >> thank you. soggy weather didn't -- hundreds of die-hard fans turned out. the sky may have been overcast and rainy, but fans had a sunny outlook for the 2019 baseball season. they had a chance to play catch on the field, to hangout on the dugout and get players autographs and the team will be headed to arizona for spring training and their first game is in two weeks against the los angeles angels and today is the day for the 64th grammy awards considered by some to be the biggest event of the year. >> people attending these big award shows tend to receive bags of gifts, swag bags. and one man from turlock is behind one of the gifts in this year's bags. it's a dog safety leash. the device attaches to the owner's wrist to keep the owner's hands-free and to get his invention included in the bags, richard simply called the grammy organizers. >> we were fortunate to have a
6:22 am
dog lover that worked in the office and we inquire what does it cost to get in. >> the device is awaiting a patent and the awards start at 4:00. good morning, everybody. how is your sunday going? don't answer that. it's just getting started. you know what, i just can't go any further in imaginary coffee. guess who they were doing this to all night long.
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good morning, everybody. me again. uncle vern. i got this stack of papers. actually it's a minute of sports. would you like to see them? i've got them. if you like to see more moving pictures for more than four hours after this, consult your doctor. they look like this at the start. and by the finish, it looked like this. a lot of the wet stuff. nicholson ate his wheaties yesterday. a couple of man shots and set himself up for eagle three and shot at 270 and he's alone in second place and he's chasing paul casey. the english man who shot a -- so take a 3-shot lead in sunday's final round. this lady, you need to get excited
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about the sharks. they've won five games in a row. they took care of business at edmonton. that is king scoring a goal. he has 13 in the last 15. now kevin bank, he had a hat trick. three goals last night as the sharks won 5-2. they won five straight games. looking for a more -- look at it. serve up st. mary. and willie finished it off. frank crushed the -- kyle smith, i know him, he's the coach of usf. he looks like that all the time, so he's not nervous. with 90 seconds left, he went to a big man inside and score 16. they beat santa clara 76-62. that's -- that's her dad, wayne. he coaches oregon state, and that's
6:27 am
his son. what a talented family. oregon state took care of the cal bears 79-71 and the bears lost 12 straight and they're 0-11. the sanford men play later on today. that is a quick sports update this sunday morning. back to your morning joe. >> american skis legend lindsay vaughn wrapped up her career in her final attention and she won a bronze medal in sweden. and coming up in our next half hour, streetless in seattle. a powerful winter storm turns the roads into ski lopes. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to kpix -- i'm melissa caen. >> i'm devin fehely. >> it's weird to see the purple and pi t s sttle a e nothalu rememhen we s ann anrew up in whad sw on the ground in san jose. do you remember that winter? >> i don't. i'll never forget
6:31 am
it and my daughter keeps saying why doesn't it snow here, and i said it did -- this is about as close as we get. we've had lots of snow this morning on the foothills and the sierra. this winter storm warning, the pink on your screen is for the sierra. a winter weather advisory, all the blue around the bay area, mountains and foothills. one to two feet of -- excuse me, one to two inches of snow above 1500 feet, and then one to three feet of snow in the sierra. four feet on the peaks. we could see a couple of inches in the santa cruz mountains and certainly our east bay hills. taking a look at high depth doppler. the showers are spreading south, and so is that rain-snow mix. we're in san francisco. moderate consistent rainfall spreading across san bruno and much of san francisco and the southern tip of marin. the east bay is seeing that rain-snow mix and
6:32 am
we have seen it over the last hour across the snow grain and fremont seeing light rain. we're seeing the rain-snow mix in the santa cruz mountains. los gales you can seeing that snow. the rain is headed into san jose where it has been dry for most of the morning. we start to taper off toward the afternoon and our next round of rain moves in the second half of monday. here's devin. highway closures to report this morning because of snow, and or poor visibility. interstate 80 is shutdown between colfax and the nevada state line. u.s. 50 is closed between placerville and echo summit and highway 130 is shutdown between quip bee road on the east san jose foothills. a state of emergency has been declared in washington states severe weather -- slick roads caused accidents from seattle all the way
6:33 am
to portland. more than 6 inches of snow fell at seattle's airport on friday. that's the second highest single day -- elsewhere the and ice brought down trees and power lines. but some folks are making the best of a bad situation. this skier in seattle is enjoying all the fresh powder. but that isn't a snowy mountains he's going down. it's a street with buildings on either side. and he didn't seem to mind the occasional car passing by. >> wow! that's amazing. trump says the meeting is going better than anyone could have expected. >> president trump says his second summit with north korea's leader will happen. in the capital of vietnam. president trump said the summit would happen in vietnam. they have good relations with the u.s. and north korea and the -- it's a fresh sign of its normalized relations with america.
6:34 am
the president and kim met for their first summit in singapore last june. it's unclear how much -- a second woman is now accusing virginia's lieutenant governor of sexual assault. a scandal consumes the state's government. all three of the state's top officials are facing calls to resign. cbs reporter nicole killian has the latest on the political crisis in the commonwealth. >>reporter: lieutenant fairfax appeared upbeat as he left his home after a second accuser came forward claiming he raped her in a quote premeditated and aggressive attack when both were duke university students in 2000. >> i'm -- you know, lieutenant fairfax has a family and young children and he has other people impacted by this, so i think be best to resign. >> fairfax called the latest allegation false and he said he would not step
6:35 am
down. fairfax is losing support fast over virginia dell democrat and fellow democrats says he plans to -- >> it's going to take democrats to remove an african-american office holder from office and that's another political issue fought -- >> the top three officials are caught in the career ending scandals. >> i look back now and regret that i did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that. >> in his first interview since acknowledging he wore blackface as apart of a michael jackson costume 30 years ago, governor northam told the washington post he wants to fight for racial equality in his state. virginia's attorney general haring admits he once wore blackface at a party in virginia. >> phil and i asked mayor brown what he thinks about the
6:36 am
legislatures of virginia. >> well, virginia, it is so groovy, so wonderful. it's such an incredible experience. can you imagine blackface and the other things that they're talking about, and the relationships between each one of the elected officials and a republican right winger standing there waiting to be the 4th in line. you know those democrats are going to back off the all franklin motivations and say, let's be more practical. >> i mean, the folks who stood up and said, we want to be very consistent here, and we are going to apply the same standard to our democrat governor as we would just anyone else, and then the sexual assault allegations come out against the lieutenant governor and then we have the attorney general confessing to wearing blackface and all of a sudden, northam as governor doesn't sound like a bad thing. everyone is backing off tt initial call for a
6:37 am
resignation and it's definitely -- everyone seems to be staring at each other. >> if the standard holds, and it was the reason why al frankin was told to resign and it was the major objection to idea that a substantiated allegation must be heard. does that rise to the level for people to resign? >> only the democrats are in the category of a hearing to the so-called standard of perfection by resignment. the republicans from the top on down, from trump on down, it means absolutely nothing. >> my thought is, why resign until the allegations for all of these folks had been thoroughly investigated and vetted. figure out what the truth is. >> because we have, as mayor brown indicated, we have the al frankin, if
6:38 am
allegations, if they seem credible is enough to force someone to resign. you don't have a right to be in office and if your credible is shot and you're unable to lead, you know, it's time to go, and it seems like somebody's has to pay for this. we have three people and three issues and somebody has to step down, and at this point, it seems to be around the lieutenant governor. >> he's accused of a crime as opposed to doing something that's insensitive or racist or depending how you look at it. >> tax season is off to a slower start with fewer filing and fewer refunds. the revenue service says the average refund is down 8% compared to last year. the total number of returns dropped during $2 million. as the season keeps rolling, it's likely to show some of the impact of the republican tax overhaul. californians saving for college could soon get a tax break. a bill in the state
6:39 am
assembly would allow residents to deduct annual contributions to college -- married couples can deduct $10,000 a year, and single folks can deduct $5,000 each year. still to come, congressman -- they're discussing the mood in washington, ahead of another possible government shut do not. and these bay area barbers are trimming a lot more than just hair. how they're happening their clients cut down their blood pressure. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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well, welcome back. joining us this morning, congressman mark desania, democrat from concord. we're going to be taking a look at the mood in washington. the state of the a union address, donald trump stuck to his script and he made his points and he said america will never be a
6:43 am
socialist country. your reaction. >> never was a social country. it's not going to be. >> point being, he's drawing a line in the sand for the upcoming presidential election. and he is trying to define himself as well as nancy pelosi and you democrats in that house as well as the socialist party. your reaction to that because he's trying to drive you that way. >> he has been successful of defining things to the majority of americans and it's not the truth. americans have taken a grain of salt with what he says. for most of us, we don't believe what he says. >> should we take a grain of salt for what the democrats say, for example, when i have a representative out of new york with the green deal that says we're going to guarantee everybody an income whether they want to work or not, should we believe that? >> american voters should question every politician, ear respective of how they feel. that's how the system is supposed to work. they're supposed to
6:44 am
make sure what we're saying is truthful and meaningful. >> if that's the case and i sure hope it does, do you see the democrats doing with the presidential primaries or are we going to see a certain part of the party become a tea party -- >> i personally think the country as an amateur historian of american history, we swing the -- it's a tension between individual and the social contract. my own belief is we've -- we've swung way too over the right and that's why we have this concentration of power and equality. we need to pushback this way. the question is how does that define itself as we go through the election. >> as a student of history, let's take ofaces at a couple erody yspors 't get him through and there's small numbers that elected him. in his two shows whether it was richard nixon against george mc
6:45 am
governor the first bush against the second bush against john kerry, even unpopular presidents, republican presidents managed to skate if the democrats go too far to the left. america isn't ready for that either. >> everybody said two years ago it would never be president trump and we went into election night and nobody thinking that would happen. we didn't know about the influence from a lot of people including the russians in our election process. so this is going to be a very important election for americans and american history. i think we will see it through. i think it's good we have a lot of people running in the primarily. the wild card is somebody like shultz. if somebody -- >> schultz, the -- >> the ceo of starbucks. if you get an independent, that's how bil clinton became president of the united states, and bush probably would have won reelection. >> you have a third party because if
6:46 am
have one party that people feel is too extreme on the right and others who feel -- schultz comes in and says you can't pay for universal health care and your border wall and that's it. there's a natural migration toward the middle. >> i would say that's historically accurate. we have billionaires that come in and decide they want to get a tech. the third party that had significance and could have won was teddy roosevelt. >> they managed to draw the balance of power one way or the other. the question on the democrats, what do you see as their most convincing argument for being elected, not getting rid of trump, but for why i should put you in power at this going forward? >> we're going to be honest and we're going to be honest for working americans. people who have been -- >> be more specific. >> that's pretty specific. i can bore you and i know you don't want me to do that. we can raise minimum wage and make sure workers don't get laid off
6:47 am
and employers don't dessert communities that -- >> can you name me the last administration that did that? >> i think every administration has done that to some degree. you know, the glory years of this country was through eisenhower and we got through depression and world war and we came out as a super power that we still are, but we're diminishing because we don't focus on middle income people. >> make the middle great again? >> that's a good line. i'll get a hat made for you. [laughter] >> thank you for joining us this weather. maybe we can get a pretty good prediction. >> taking a look outside. we'll get a break in the rain over
6:48 am
in the 30s and 40s. pretty much area wide. showers are sinking south at this hour. we'll see a couple of lingers showers later in the morning and we should be drying out for the later half of the day. moderate to heavy rainfall over san bruno and the peninsula with the rain-snow mix on the higher elevations heading to the east bay. livermore seeing snow and a rain-snow mix over the passes over 680. and fremont seeing consistent rainfall right now. the santa cruz mountains is getting that rain-snow mix. san jose, a light rainfall. that area of cold pressure offshore is bringing snow to the streets of seattle. and we're getting that snow on the peaks here in our foothills and our mountains. a possibility of anywhere from two to four inches
6:49 am
above 1500 feet. a snowy sunday for our peaks and foothills and mountain peaks and cold for the better part of your sunday. the rain moves in late monday into tuesday. we're staying soggy for another couple of days. future cast shows, as you can see, scattered showers tapering off this afternoon. a break late sunday into the first part of monday. here we are monday around lunch time where we see the scattered showers make their way in for the northern half of the bay area. winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 p.m. this evening. we do have a winter weather advisory, however, around much of the bay area. that expires at 10:00 a.m. low snow this morning above 1500. two to four inches of snow here ontally. of snow in the sierra, up to 2500 feet. a look at the snow feature cast, we are seeing substantial snow totals up to above 50 inches in half
6:50 am
don't and 40 inches for bear valley. a lot of snow over the next five days. tahoe snow report shows squall valley over 63 inches of new snow and the winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 tonight. temperatures in the bay, 40s and 50s. a look at the extended forecast shows we will see those showers tapering off later today and dry for the first half of monday. but the next round of rain moves in monday and continues tuesday and wednesday. we're going to call it unsettled beyond that. back over to you guys. >> thanks, julie. >> it has been a pipeline to college. >> hundreds of students packed the oracle arena for the black college expo. students could apply to the historically black college or university of their choice. and even get accepted on the spot. more than $5 million in scholarship money was awarded and students were able to apply for financial aid. some bay area barbershops are working to improve their clients health by helping
6:51 am
them trim their blood pressure along with their hair. research shows african-american men have the highest hypertension death rate. some barbershops like this one are joining a unique approach to treat the condition. usf doctors trained barbers in san francisco to screen clients for blood pressure. >> if you can partner with barbers to bring treatment to men who don't tend to see the doctor, then you can impact those guys that have high blood pressure and don't know it. >> it's a great place to have that conversation started because of the unique relationship that most individuals have with their barber. >> as part of the program, barbers are asked to refer their clients to the doctor -- tonight is music's biggest night. coming up, how women are front and
6:52 am
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women are taking the lead tonight in music's biggest award show. >> reporter stella escavido -- after a downed year in 2018. [ music ] >>reporter: rapper cardi b has five nominations. >> r&b new comer h.e.r. also has five nominations and brandy has six nods at this -- women will command on sunday with host alicia keys leading the charge. >> it's time resity and inclusion is front and center and especially for women. >> i love alicia keys. she's powerful. i would vote her into the presidency of the united states, that's how powerful alicia keys is. [ music ] gaga will
6:55 am
make his 5th grammy performance in a row. person of the year, dolly parton will perform on the grammy stage for the first time since 2001. motown superstar diana ross will take the stage to mark her 75th birthday. >> the emphasis on female party comes after last year's uproar after neil port said women needed to step up. >> you can make the case it's the year of the woman for the grammy's. they had something very big to come back from last year with the low female representation in the show. and in the winners. >> this year, more than half of the nominees for the album of the year award are women. stella, cbs news, los angeles. >> you can watch the grammy awards live on kpix5 starting at 4:00. our betty ul will be -- our betty yu
6:56 am
will be there streaming online all evening long.
6:57 am
guys, one last check the weather. winter warning storm for the sierra. we are seeing the possibility of one to two inches of snow above 1500, and then one to three feet of snow up in the sierra. so, kind of a fun morning. high depth doppler show -- we're getting that rain-snow mix in our higher elevations. take a look at the foothills south of livermore, and snow there and a rain-snow mix across the -- scattered showers moving over the south bay and we should be drying out and our next round of rain moving in monday into tuesday. >> just a little breather. >> a little breather before the next round. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> cbs sunday morning with jane poly is next on kpix5. >> have a great
6:58 am
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