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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 1, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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it was legendary really. endary really. >> now at 7:00 heartwrenching tributes after one family's unimaginable tragedy, three members killed in a bay area crash and one fighting for his life. >> there's not really any student here that didn't know at least one member of the family. >> oh, my god! >> plus a new apology just released by giants ceo larry baer, what a witness says happened during a heated argument with baer and his wife. >> he was literally over her trying to get the phone. trying to get the phone. >> i feel great. i feel great for our children.
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>> and why it appears bigger paychecks and smaller class sizes will soon be a reality for thousands of oakland teachers. >> the new kpix5 news at 7:00 starts now with the terrible family tragedy hitting one bay area high school very hard tonight. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. much of the family went to mission high school in san francisco. let's get right to kpix5's andria borba. andria? >> reporter: there were counselors on hand here at mission high school today to let students talk about their feelings about losing three members of one family and another that is in critical condition. just inside the main hallway at san francisco's mission high school sits a small memorial for the villarreal family, siblings were killed in a crash early thursday morning on i-80. the family was racing from the
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east bay to san francisco to see their father in the hospital. their 17-year-old brother aaron was injured in the crash. the entire family went to mission high school. eric guthards has been principal to all of the children. >> it felt very somber today. children. >> it felt very somber today. the students, the folks that passed, were beloved here. the family is beloved at mission, legendary really. >> reporter: tuesday two days before the crash in the middle of an atmospheric river the family was out supporting aaron in his playoff soccer game against winters high school. >> i turned to the stands and who were there but the students, the kids that i mentioned, ely and sarah and eva, all supporting their brother on the field, all drenching wet, cheering and saying go, go, go bears! and i just remember thinking what a lovely family. >> reporter: aaron's teammates thursday channeled their emotions into a win for their fellow player still in the
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hospital now short three of his siblings. >> and on the field when they won, they really won a hard fought game and i could see that the level of energy was coming i think from their emotions, perhaps from grief maybe. they chanted his name as they won. they chanted his name as they wo >> reporter: now there has been a gofundme account set up for the villarreal family. tomorrow aaron's teammates will play for the state championship in boys soccer against hillmore high school. at mission high school, andria borba, kpix5. a break-through in the oakland teachers strike. educators and the school district have struck a tentative deal after a number of demands were hashed out. the teachers will get a total pay boost of 14%, 11% of that in incremental raises along with a one time 3% bonus. the district also agreed to reduce class sizes. kpix5's da lin has reaction from both sides. kpix5's da lin has reaction from both sides.
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>> we have a tentative agreement! >> we have a t >> reporter: the union president calls it a victory and a contract he can live with. >> i feel great. i feel great for our students. >> reporter: but many teachers say they aren't happy with it. they say the union gave in too early and believe it's a bad deal. >> we need to keep pushing. we're not there yet. one of the biggest pieces was living wage. >> reporter: they plan to vote no and send union leaders back to negotiations. they say the wage increase doesn't keep up with inflation. also they aren't happy the deal only has a five month moratorium on school closures and consolidations. >> when we vote no, that they take our no very seriously. >> reporter: some teachers say they're ready to go back to work. >> i think it's a fair compromise. negotiations are about compromise. >> reporter: this weekend the teachers will vote whether or not to ratify the contract. if approved, the earliest they could go back to work would be tuesday. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. tuesday. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5.
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giants ceo larry baer is apologizing after he was seen fighting with his wife. it was a very public altercation that was captured on video. >> oh, my god! no! on video. >> oh, my god! no! >> on video pam baer screams as larry tries to grab a cell phone out of her hand. he knocks her chair over causing her to fall to the ground. a second clip shows larry walking away with the phone in his hand. both videos were posted on tmz. san francisco police showed up later at the plaza where it happened in hayes valley. according to tmz, officers spoke to several witnesses including the people who took the video. >> he was literally over here and like trying to get the phone. it was super upsetting and intense, but it was just like strange because like usually
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that stuff doesn't happen alike it shouldn't be happening in 2019. >> tonight larry baer put out an apology on the giants twitter feed. he says, "i am truly sorry for the pain that i have brought to my wife, children and the organization. it is not reflective of the kind of person that i aspire to be, but it happened and i will do whatever it takes to make sure that i never behave in such an inappropriate manner again." major league baseball said it was aware of the incident and was going to gather facts. we'll have more reaction coming up tonight at 11:00. the russian river has finally dropped below flood stage and evacuations have been lifted, but it could be long before things are back to normal. today residents and business owners began returning to guerneville to take stock of the damage and get back on their feet, many cleaning up soaked furniture and flooring. the clearing out debris left
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behind from the historic flooding. >> this is my grandfather's truck. it's been in my family since '83. it got way beyond what a lot of us thought. >> we were expecting nothing like this. we thought that we'd hit 40 feet which would actually not even get in the room. >> county officials estimate about 2,600 structures were flooded out. they have now started assessing the damage and the hazards. meanwhile the barlow shopping district in sebastopol is also trying to dry out. business owners say their stores were not supposed to flood. tenants claim they were assured that if a flood happened, the landlord would apply special barriers to keep the water out. now a county supervisor is calling for an investigation. supervisor calling for an investi >> i think that we really need to have, quite frankly, an investigation into what went wrong because there was not supposed to be water getting into these structures. there were steel bars. there were skirts. there were things that were supposed to keep the water out on. evidently all of those measures failed. >> marin westbound lanes of
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highway 37 are still flooded out. the trouble is near novato from the atherton 101. paul, there's more rain on the way for the on weekend. >> no atmospheric river, but it will get soggy in a matter of hours. a few light showers are already over the bay area, light rain being reported in concord on. we had light rain over santa rosa and guerneville and showers moving from healdsburg and also cloverdale. futurecast says the leading edge of the steady rain moves in at 11:00 tonight. it will pour between about 2:00 and 5 a.m. quickly that thankfully moves out and things taper off to showers by lunchtime. rain around here most often leads to snow in the sierra. that will be the case. a winter storm warning will go into effect in less than three hours, snowfall up to 2 feet there. steady rain at times overnight tonight, but no new flooding is expected from this rainfall as it wraps up about lunchtime
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tomorrow. we'll talk rainfall totals in about 10 minutes. >> paul, thank you. a protest is underway tonight follow oning the taser- related death of an unarmed man. >> deputies were cleared of any wrongdoing. a group of activists held signs and candles on the millbrae street where the deadly confrontation took place. activists remembering chinedu okobi calling his death an instance of profiling. okobi calling his death an instance the newly released video shows how it played out last fall. at one point on 37-year-old okobi can be seen with his hands raised and also shows him struggling with deputies, punching one in the face. he died of a heart attack after being tased. even so, san mateo d.a. said deputies acted within the law. an attorney for the family calls that a miscarriage of justice. >> this was all cop-initiated confrontation.
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the cops created a conflict, created a confrontation and fought their way out by beating this man up, ultimately tasing him and finally killing him. >> okobi's family said he struggled with mental illness. they believe the officers should have shown more restraint. they plan to file a civil lawsuit. up next with tesla closing dealerships, how will you take a test drive? >> we got to go and we don't have nowhere to go. >> a tent takeover at a popular oakland park, why homeless people who were told to leave aren't budging. >> it trickled down and disappeared and i absolutely lost my cookies. >> plus what are the odds? the bay area course that had four holes in one in just two days. one days. >> also ahead it's being called the mother of all bay area potholes, the beach parking lot that is now blocked off.
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homeless encampments reappeared in a park along lake merritt in oakland despite a recent sweep by the city there and posted signs that prohibit overnight camping. toad we spoke to two men who so far at least have refused the city's offers of housing assistance. they were in lakeside park two
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weeks ago when tents were trashed, but they were not among the 17 people who accepted housing. one says he's lived in the same park nearly two years and prefers to stick it out alone, but another says he's open to moving. >> they said they were offering people to go to tough sheds or shelters. would you go to either of those? >> i'd be glad to. >> i didn't want to stay with nobody. >> reporter: you don't want to stay with other people? >> no. >> the city says it will be back next week to enforce the no camping rule and this weekend people will receive a notice saying they must vacate within 72 hours. tesla's shares dropped today sinking nearly 8%. it's one of the electric car company's worst selloffs this year. a tesla move to shut down nearly all of its stores and move to online only sales has sparked concerns on wall street. the ceo, elon musk, says that they're doing this to cut costs. one couple thinking of buying a tesla model 3 are split on
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online sales. >> it seems like a really good deal, kind of cuts out the middle man. >> that's part of the experience is actually being encased in it, not just seeing it on a screen. >> layoffs to tesla's sales staff and the service centers are projected, but the company also said that it could be hiring more technicians and do more servicing out in the field. back to storm watch, check this out. people are calling it the mother of all potholes. it opened up half of the storms on the road to mcclure's beach in point reyes. the parking lot is now cut off, but we hear it's only a short walk from the sinkhole to the actual beach. yikes. >> if you really want to jump in and go swimming right now at mcclure's, i don't think a little sinkhole will slow you down. >> hike up the hill and go around. >> an extra thick wetsuit. it's cold. it's brisk in the water and out of the water. we had our second coldest february in 70 years. march is not starting off really that much warmer or
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drier. looks like we may see a transition a week, week and a half from now, but you just want to get through the weekend and get into it at least. there is some rain coming, san francisco 55, santa rosa 50, concord 55. we stay mild tonight, concord dropping to 49 degrees, 6 degrees cooler than now on, san francisco 51, santa rosa 48. some very light showers are beginning to form over the bay area. you see off to the south and west that's the leading edge of the actual storm moving in which will give us some rainfall this weekend. how much? we have a 48 hour rainfall total, kind of a running total. most of the rain is falling between now and 7:00 tomorrow morning, a 1/2 inch. we'll get a few showers saturday evening and a few drips of rain sunday, but both days will carry the chance of rainfall. here is the storm, big differences from the last one. first off, it's not as strong. it doesn't have as much of a tropical tap and it's aimed more at southern california than us. for all three of those reasons, don't plan on any new flooding from. this we'll just get some steady soaking rainfall overnight
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tonight. it will be a soggy start to the weekend. futurecast tomorrow morning shows that heavy rainfall moving in and through by 6 a.m. you'll hear the rain pounding on your rooftop overnight. by the time we hit sunrise around 7:00, the heaviest rain will be moving out. we have will see scattered showers saturday afternoon, saturday evening and continuing into sunday morning. so the change is that we aren't completely dry sunday. there will be some morning showers before we begin to see some sunshine sunday afternoon and then by monday maybe the sunniest day of the next several. rainfall totals, anywhere from a 1/2 inch to 1 inch of rainfall, which is 1/40 as much as you got in the north bay, but here's the interesting part. san jose, you'll get rtmore rai from this system than the last one because the last one almost entirely missed you. you got a 1/4 inch of rainfall last time. you'll get a 1/2 to 1 inch of rain with this particular system. we have another atmospheric river moving in next week. all indication as can are right now that is heading towards
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central and southern california. we'll get a glancing blow in the bay area. tomorrow in concord morning rain, afternoon showers, 57. redwood city 62, san rafael 54. extended forecast, showers are wrapped up sunday morning, sunday afternoon and monday should be dry, more rain, light to moderate, coming in tuesday and wednesday. that is your kpix5 forecast. we have an incredible golf story. you don't hear this very often. >> no. i've never had a hole in one. >> maybe at putt putt once. >> you've been known to swing a blade, but no? >> no. >> 10? ken? >> close but no. >> teeing it up on this particular course in marin county. this marin county i don't know what's in the water in novato, but recently
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at the marin country club -- >> i don't even -- i don't even know where it went. >> -- par three 16, doris rodrigo 3 wood. bob green, a 6 iron at the 11. 6 iron at the 11. chris himmenner, an 8 iron at the 6 hole. bob whittigren again at the 16. four hole in one's over the course of five golf days. what are the odds? >> a hole in one generally is 12,500-1 to make one hole in one and you've got four in a span of five days including 549 rounds, i think that number has to be unbelievable. >> also amazing, in the case of writi whittigren. >> i've had one before. >> this foursome is enjoying
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their newfound fame. >> people watch golf on tv and see a hole in one made and you can go yeah, i did that. >> exactly. i'm one of them. >> i saw it rolling and go get in the hole and then it did. >> just relax, hit the ball, lands in the middle of the green and the flag was 12 feet back, pitch forward and went in the hole and they started going nuts. >> the ball just trickled down and poof, disappeared and i absolutely lost my cookies. >> the guys in the clubhouse are like you have one and the next -- another one? and then another one? and then another one? it's amazing. a couple of stats for you. longest ever hole in one, 404 yards. >> oh, my gosh. >> shortest one, 30 yards. >> yeah, yeah. 400 yards and it was a hole in one? >> that's amazing. got to be able to drive like a maniac. >> it must have been a dry day. it was just rolling and rolling. >> the wind at your back. >> tiger woods or something. >> i guess so. >> that's awesome, vern.
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thank you. coming up next space history could be made tonight, the company that may get one step closer to taking customers into space. >> also what we're learning about the repairs underway tonight on the bay area's tallest building. >> plus the big milestone marked today in san francisco after five years of construction.
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if you're just getting home, the parents of north korean prisoner otto warmbier are upset over president trump's comments about dictator kim jong un. after this week's second summit
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president trump suggested kim jong un is not to blame for the death of the college student. his family says, "kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son otto. no excuse or lavish praise can change that." the president tweeted today he was misinterpreted and that he does hold north korea responsible for otto's death. ride hailing company lyft is going public. the san francisco-based company filed for an ipo today. it reported three years of big revenue growth. lyft has been in a race with uber to be the first ride hailing company ipo. uber is expected to file later on this year. a historic test flight happens just before midnight tonight for the spacex falcon 9 spacecraft. it's the first time ever a commercial vessel capable of carrying people will travel to the space station. the goal is to safely dock and undock, then splash back down
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off the florida coast. if it works, it would take spacex one step closer to taking customers into space. step closer to taking cus also high in the sky tonight two cracked windows on san francisco's tallest building, the salesforce tower. they are on the 12th and 14th floors of the building. it's not clear what caused the cracks, but a spokesperson says since the damage is on the inside part of the windows, there's no danger of glass falling onto the street. after five years of construction sutter health's new cpmc hospital in san francisco is now open. the mayor and other city officials were on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony today. the 11 floor facility sits at van ness avenue and geary and has more than 270 hospital beds. its focus is on pediatrics, maternity and emergency care. it will take its first patients tomorrow morning. coming up next the innovative entree that goes
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so if you haven't eaten dinner yet, a spanish company is now making vegan steaks with
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a 3d printer. wow. it's made with edible ink in a cartridge with ingredients like rice, peas and seaweed. it only takes about 10 minutes. >> it's a plant-based meat substitute. >> the 3d steaks are not yet on the market, but the company says it's trying to expand into 3d printed tuna steaks and chicken breasts. >> ranchers in iowa are just going go ahead. have at it. we'll take it. >> i'm curious what one tastes like, though. you want to try it? i'll try it for everybody. thank you for watching tonight at 7:00! >> we'll be back here at 11:00. for more news and weather, just head to got to go out and have a real steak. good-bye. dearest britain. we love you.
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