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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 8, 2019 12:00pm-12:28pm PST

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dental care and the california dental association is hosting a two day clinic to provide oral health care at no cost. services will be provided for 1900 patients on a first come first serve basis. if you can't make it out today you will still have a chance tomorrow. this is happening at the fairgrounds and doors open at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow. today is international women's day a, chance to celebrate the contributions women make to society. and sometimes those contributions come from unexpected sources like a 9- year-old girl who raised a big u studs is kpix5 news at noon. a deadly crash between a line. >> no fractions this week? >> no. >> 9-year-old riley is like box truck and a bicyclist. let's get to ann live near d favorite past time, basketball.
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the scene in san francisco. but last november her life >> reporter: the white truck is changed forever when she still here on scene you can see noticed basketball shoes designed by her favorite nba it behind me and this is where player apparently were not the street is still closed available in girl's sizes. down, one block of howard between fifth and sixth as the >> i was thinking this is not the investigation has been going on all morning for hours fair. >> she wrote a letter to steph curry. >> i hope you can work with now on to how a woman was under armor to change this killed riding a bike. she was riding a bike on the because girls want to rock it r e details are sketchy. the box oakland, home to the golden state warriors. >> when you wrote that letter, we heard unconfirmed reports what did you want to happen? that a car along side the >> i just wanted it to change. street may have opened the because i didn't think it was door. fair. >> did you expect to hear from she was riding an electric ford go bike and a helmet was found at the scene but they are not sure if the woman had been wearing it. him? >> no. >> it turns out not only did a lot of questions about what curry read the letter but it lead up to the crash. >> that's part of our the investigation, the positions of inspired under armour to change the vehicles and all the party the way they market to girls
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involved are being determined and they invited riley to still. >> reporter: the truck driver design the artwork on the did stay end latest version of the curry six shoe. >> it's saw some to be here to investigation according to police. back out here live on howard you can see if she had see the entire story come full circle. >> it's two girls playing basketball and encouraging on the other side of sixth words behind it. street there would have been a >> i will let you do the honors. pull straight down on that protected bike lane. you can see the parked cars lock. it should be open. >> now it's time for riley to separating the lines and see first hand what writing a protecting bicyclists from simple letter can do. other traffic and on the other >> show everybody what is side of six street it's a white inside. >> that's cool. it's definitely building up my confidence. before i was not very confident painted line to separate the and i was really shy so this bicyclist from the cars. definitely helped. >> how much pride do you take the the investigation is when you see that knowing it's yours? ongoing. can you describe what that is we have a crew asking about the plans to make the city like? >> no. >> that's good. safer, more coming at 6:00. that means you did something it's officially kicking off special.
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the construction project from >> i got you. >> tonight she will wear her new kicks along side her idle. san bruno to sunnyvale with the oakland tech girl's hopes of easing traffic. basketball team left for ground broke on a 567 million- sacramento to play for the dollar project that the state senator says has been an state championship. the team from oakland high obvious need and this is just school also night. the beginning of a change they are taking on mcfarland in drivers will see. >> looking at bay area wide over an hour. the oakland tech bulldogs will transportation measure that will include hopefully take on north view tomorrow completing the entire bay area morning. >> good luck to the teams. express lane system. >> dream on. >> the 32-mile project will >> do you know what else is awesome? stretch from i-380 to route 237 the skies. >> so beautiful to have the in sunnyvale. >> this has been a long time sunshine. it has been a while for us. soak it in and enjoy it and we coming and an important step towards traffic congesttion looking at a beautiful tower camera, you can see blue skies relief in san mateo county and and sunshine and temperatures throughout the region. >> carpoolers with three or running in the low to mid-50s, more people will be able to use the lanes for free. if you don't have three people 52 in oakland, san jose and 51 in the car you will be charged a toll and you will be charged in livermore and let's check car,mo atencourages ty in your
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the winds. >> it's a breezy to windy afternoon. looking at 17 in oakland, 20- mile per hour winds in valejo. people to carpool. a fire at senior living high definition doppler a few facility in hayward forced those inside to evacuate around spotty showers, tracking that 5:00 a.m. for you mill valley, south san at the landmark senior living francisco and a few spotty home. the fire started in the kitchen showers. so here is atshower but sprinklers put it out and one person was taken to the through the day but mainly dry hospital for smoke inhalation. with a mix of sun and clouds. elizabeth warren wants to tracking the next weather break up some of the biggest system that will bring the rain names in tech and it can send for us for the weekend. not a wash out but we have that shock waves through silicon wet weather and i will show you valley. her main targets are amazon, this on future cast. a mix of sun and clouds and google and facebook. she wrote today's big tech that slight chance of an isolated shower through the day companies have too much power and through tomorrow. over the economy, our society with the return of the rain, this is at 9:00 a.m. and our democracy. she wants to platform and that rain with a front pushing through behind that front scattered showers for tomorrow in the afternoon and utilities. the move would have a spiraling
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scattered showers for your effect. facebook owns instagram and sunday as well. and again it's not the whole weekend but we will see the off what's app and amazon just merged with whole foods and and on showers for the weekend. google owns nest and waze. >> i think she is trying to get the sunset at 6:10 and the into the heart of how to create sunrise at 6:29. daytime highs mid-to upper 50s a policy prescription and i don't know whether they are and below average temperatures going to happen but i think at five to 10 degrees. kick starting this weekend we spring a.m.t th a conversation. >> she wants the companies to easily besinessco by federal or state regulators and is asking p.m. sunday. here is the seven day forecast. people to sign her petition. enjoy the break from the rain. president trump and the first lady are in alabama to looking at wet weather for the meet the weekend and sunshine monday, deadly tornado and tour the showers tuesday and wednesday through friday look dry and damage left behind. also sunny. the first stop a baptist church it will be great to see. serving as a disaster relief >> thankful for that. >> yes. an american teacher was killed in her apartment in south korea 30 years ago and the main suspect was never center. the e-f4 tornado killed 23 people in lee county and local arrested. the alleged killer is speaking groups have pitched in to pay for the victim's funerals. out for the first time. people there are bracing for more severe weather this
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caroline was teaching english in 1988 when she was stabbed to weekend. new at noon army whistle blower manning was sent to jail death in her apartment. 48 hours has been following this case for years and i asked for refusing to testify before a grand jury in virginia. them how police determined her she will stay in custody until roommate as the main suspect. she answers questions and she has asked to testify on >> the number one witness against cathy patrick was her roommate in south korea who wikileaks. her lawyers say an appeal is claims she was awakened at night. cathy was at the door and said likely. president trump is seenceprisonul manafort i think i murdered caroline and the two of them went back to caroline's apartment and went inside and there was her body, afte and tax evasion charges. it's a much lighter sentence this horrible murder scene. she had been stabbed moremes t than usually recommended for that type of crime. president trump says that proves there was no collusion five. still ahead, with a royal between the trump campaign and baby comes a royal toy and why
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this is called the perfect present fit for a prince or princess. russia. r kelley's manager expects his client to be released from jail today. the singer was taken into custody for failing to pay child support and facing charges of sexually abusing underage girls. >> some of his alleged victims say his explosive interview with cbs gale king brought back painful memories. >> when he started screaming it terrified me. >> mcgee said kelley exposed her to mental and sexual abuse. >> there is ofmonster he is and he will cry at the drop of a dime. >> another former girlfriend who claims kelley beat her still had sympathy for the man
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she once loved. >> i couldn't help wonder why didn't someone step in and help him earlier. >> the parents of one the singer's current girlfriends are speaking out and claimed kelley lied about her father in the interview. >> i didn't go looking for jocelyn, i was doing my show and he brought her and asked a friend of mine to put her on the stage with r kelley. never did that ever happen. >> so you didn't bring her to the show? >> no. >> i net met him. >> the 23-year-old called her parents shortly after the interview aread to let them know she is okay but they believe their daughter has been brainwashed. >> i call thim prison calls because i can tell someone is listening to the calls. >> it has been more than two years since they last saw their
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daughter in person. >> jocelyn and kelley's other girlfriend told cbs there was nothing wrong with their relationship with the 52-year- old singer and there parents are lying because they are out for money. to wall street let's look at the big board, the dow is down 77 points, the stocks are down after the government we are just about a month reported hiring fell sharply. until prince harry and meghan f space x just took a huge step in space exploration with the successful splash down of three. > these twin brothers spent 37 its crew dragon capsule. it returned to earth after a years making these rocking five day mission and carried horses. >> we would like to think that 400 pounds of equipment to the the royal children will be international space station, given a rocking horse of also on to thstresse future and course. who knows. it just might happen that we get a commission for the latest they tested air quality and baby. >> the british monarch history checked the capsule before it's with horses runs deep and the duke and duchess are expected to get a horse stable once they
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move to windsor. if you have a consumer problem or question email us at mission upcoming here. >> when you look at this consumer watch at kpix. mission it was a great address com or call the hotline, 888- rehearsal for demo2. five helps you. we will be right back. >> if all goes well the capsule will carry it's first human passengers this summer. still ahead, the long lines today for free dental care and the no cost clinic here in the bay area. plus a special meeting between steph curry and a young fan and how in his shoe line. we will take you through the weekend on future cast coming up. get free
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this just in the federal government has rejected california's request for $306 million for repairs at the tallest u.s. dam after the february 2017 spill way crisis. fema says it will not reimburse california because of preexisting problems on the structure. coming up concerns about mold at a north bay preschool and the closure that left parents scrambling. we will have that more coming up at 5:00. that will do it to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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>> hope: you want to tell us something about phoebe. >> yeah. liam, you -- you said that, um, that she has kind of taken the place of your baby? >> liam: oh, i -- listen, i should not have put it that way. that's not what i meant. i just -- >> is that -- is that how you really feel? because, if you do, then... there's something i really need to tell you, and i am -- i am so, so sorry. >> hope: no, it's okay. it's okay. >> it's -- it's not okay. it's wrong. all of this. all of this is wrong. none of this should have
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happened. >> wyatt: flo, we all feel that
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