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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  March 11, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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senator dianne feinstein is replying to yesterday's deadly plane crashed. in a letter to the faa today she called for 737 max 8 aircraft to be temporarily grounded. earlier today the faa announced that the boeing 737 planes are airworthy. vacaville police of honda lead and the unsolved death of a jane doe. the first from the woman's body back in 1991 in an open field where the vacaville premium outlets now sit. new technology has helped identify the woman. detectives are trying to piece
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together the rest of the case. new at 5:30, be careful what you post on social media if you want disability. the trump administration is looking at platforms like facebook and twitter to investigate social security disability fraud. the goal is to catch cheaters. some say it is a case of the government going too far. >> reporter: we often post activities of, on facebook. according to a new york times report, the trump administration has been trying to increase the use of social media as an investigative tool to catch social security disability cheaters. >> we have a major lack of privacy. >> if you're going to be stupid enough to post yourself. >> reporter: if it is a public posting, it is fair game.
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>> you say you have a disability and you can stand up for 30 minutes but you're out there bungee jumping, you're showing a fraudulent case. >> social security isn't based on being a quadriplegic or confined to bed. >> reporter: jeffrey was a attorney for 40 years and says a social media post is a snapshot and can be misleading. >> people who are disabled still have to live a life. they go to the supermarket and they go to see family. the question is in can you not do anything? when you try to do things, how much can you do? >> people would get an opportunity to explain the postings and have their case decided by a judge. one social media user says it can be a lesson on keeping your profile more private. >> if you don't want people to know what you're doing, set your privacy setting to friends
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only. >> according to the new york times, more than 10 million people are receiving social security disability benefits and the government pays out more than $11 billion per month. google paid a former executive millions of dollars when he was forced to resign after a sexual assault investigation. they paid him $35 billion and an exit package. he left in 2016. amit singhal has denied the allegations. details were part of a lawsuit against google. the company has made changes to take a firm stance against sexual misconduct. a new bay area teacher battle. five teachers filed a lawsuit against the california teachers association. they say the union takes dues without consent. a violation of the first
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amendment rights. >> they are still being required to have compelled speech. this is an ongoing violation. we would like that to stop immediately. and we also ask for a refund of dues taken in violation of principles established. the decision said last year that requiring dues from public- sector rectors, workers as unconstitutional. a usc music student with a love for jazz was shot and killed about a mile lt hard in oakland. his mother is a city councilmember. >> this young man who is the son of not just in oakland city councilwoman, but someone who is a champion for violence
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prevention. his parents were always talking about how proud they were of him and of the whole city. the whole city is grieving and in deep prayer for this family. >> the talented musicians friends are sharing fond memories. randy page has the latest from usc. >> i would see him all the time. is still feels unreal. >> reporter: victor was more than just a gifted drummer. >> everyone that knew him knew that he was fighting for the causes that he believed in. it is really jarring for it to happen. >> reporter: detective say the 21-year-old jazz student was shot just after midnight on sunday morning. it was during an apparent robbery attempt in this run down strip mall about one mile from usc.
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three or four young men approached him, shot him and then jumped into a vehicle and drove away. it is not clear if anything was taken. victor died at 11:00 that morning. here is a photo of victor with his mother and father on his 21st birthday. his mother is a member of the oakland city council. her press deputy told us she's in los angeles today and she's not making any public statements. she lost a close family friend she considered her grandson to gun violence a few years ago. the 17-year-old boy was shot during a robbery on christmas eve in 2015. >> my baby, like so many other babies has lost his life. >> reporter: she and her husband have lost their only son. >> victor gave the best hugs.
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he called me mama. >> he was an artist and someone who wanted to give to the culture and spread this oakland culture all over the world. >> reporter: his friends at usc are devastated too. >> reporter: the case is being led by the homicide division. detectives are not saying what they have found, but it is early in this investigation. kpix5. police are trying to locate surveillance video of that robbery. whether one year after police shot and killed a gang member in san jose the da says they had a right to open fire. >> hands up. hands up. >> the das office release this body cam video today. in september 2017, a 33-year-old
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suspect referred, refused to surrender during a traffic stop. an officer shot him when he made's sudden movement. an autopsy later revealed meth and pcp in his system. police say he robbed a gas station at gunpoint five days before the shooting. a lot of ice will be on milwaukee. democrats have chosen the city for their presidential nominating convention. milwaukee won over houston. the forum is expected to attract more than 50,000 visitors. republicans will hold their nv carolina. a new record for voter registration in california. mud and 20 million people are registered to vote which is the highest number since 1996. as of february 10, 79% of
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eligible californians are registered to vote. president trump tweeted, at a recent roundtable meeting the business executives and long after formally introducing tim cook of apple i quickly referred to tim and apple's tim apple as an easy way to say time and words. this all happened at a white house meeting last week where the american workforce policy advisory board met. he briefly changed his twitter handle to tim and the apple logo. right now apple is sending out this invitation for a in cupert apple is expected to announce is tv streaming service. they could also introduce a cheaper ipad and new ipods. levi strauss is planning to go public again. there hoping to sell $587
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million worth of shares. no ipo date has been set. levi has gone public before but it has been a private company for the past three or four years. a man caught on camera tackling a pelican. he could face serious charges for targeting a federally protected animal. the moment a man narrowly escapes being crushed by a crumbling building. a near miss by just inches. a area city is looking to build new housing. the location is raising some red flags. why neighbors say this is not a good idea.
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a woman attacked by a jaguar in an arizona zoo was apologizing and it minutes it was her fault. authorities say the woman across the concrete barrier at the wildlife world sooner phoenix on saturday to take a selfie. the jaguar reached out and clawed her arm. another visitor distracted the animal with a water bottle to get a to let go. the draw of posting a picture on social media has prompted a growing number of people to put their safety at risk. >> we want that great picture, but that is at too great a cost. it could've been so much worse for the animal and the person who tried to intercede and help
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her. >> the concrete barrier does meet federal guidelines. while video caught on camera of a man attacking a pelican. the bird fights back. >> he posted this video to his facebook account. he is seeing lou worrying in the pelican before he jumps on the bird. moments later the bird fights back lunging has long beak at the man. the video went viral. he is likely facing federal charges. it is illegal to attract federally protected pelicans with food no matter how much you had to drink. in london this passerby counting his lucky stars. he was walking past the building as a section of brick wall collapses. it slams the pavement. the man escapes unharmed. we are told that strong winds were blamed for the wall collapse . new research suggests and i
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test will help doctors diagnose alzheimer's disease. researchers studied 97-year-old twins. one with alzheimer's and the other healthy. they discovered that when with alzheimer's had sick difficulty degrees blood vessel density in the retina. the lead researcher says the eyes may be a window to the health of our brains. >> these changes happening in the retina of the imac, of the eye may reflect what's happening in the brain. >> they plan to study people who have had the gene for alzheimer's but do not have symptoms to see if they can predict the development of the disease. the warriors may be moving into the new chase center in san francisco, but they will be making an impact in oakland.
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kaiser permanente announced a partnership to create generation thrive. this is an initiative that aims to lift up at risk youth in the community. generation thrive will be headquartered out of the warriors current practice facility in oakland. it will focus on education, career readiness, and health. >> you heard it here first. the warriors are not leaving oakland. the warriors are right here in this facility that is a gift for this community. how cool is that? >> they want to find a solution to the educational and achievement gap among a lot of young people in the bay area. graduation rates for african- american and latino students continue to lag in the bay area. that is the latest from the
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life news desk. president trump taking sides when it comes to daylight saving time. he tweeted out, making daylight saving time is okay with me. last november california voted to repeal the 1949 initiative that started daylight saving time. a bill needs a pass in the state again and obtain federal approval with the vote in congress. >> the collective groan could be felt throughout the bay area on sunday morning. >> we like it to be light later. there is some positives but it does take a minute to adjust. were looking out over san francisco toward the hayward fault on a beautiful day. a great finished the monday. and then clouds will increase overnight. in the meantime, the number skyrocketed almost to 70 degrees in vallejo. at 5:00 tonight they were 14 degrees warmer than sunday
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afternoon. a little bit of a heat spike will be tamped down tomorrow just to prove it is not raining. here's our high def doppler picking up migration of geese. aside from that, no rain. this week low is coming in from the pacific northwest. as a begins to head south, we will get more clouds and we had today. but that is probably the only thing that will come down. it doesn't look like there's any rain associated with this. the might be a light sprinkle or two. afterward, high pressure rolls in and will keep us high and dry for the rest of the week. overnight tonight will be looking at a few light clouds and sonoma county. we begin with sunshine. as time goes on we can see those high clouds raced to the bay area.
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we will increase the sunshine. mostly clear tonight. breezy and cooler on tuesday. by the time we get to midweek, we will warm it up. by this coming weekend, the numbers will be in the low 70s. and so a little with of spring in the bay area. overnight tonight, 44 degrees. in redwood city, it will get down to 45 degrees. 48, san francisco. 47, santa rosa. sunrise tomorrow at 7:20 5 am. we will take a little bit of a hit with 10 degrees cooler than today. san francisco, 59. all of these numbers are below average. in the south bay tomorrow, clouds and then sun and then
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clouds and then sun. we will be in the upper 50s. high clouds again increase and they will taken. we will get a nice sunset tomorrow night. as you head up toward ukiah, 60 degrees. clear lake, 56. we will be looking for high clouds around tomorrow. wednesday through the weekend, it looks like just about nothing. temperatures will warm into the mid-60s. by the time we get into the weekend, we will be back into the low 70s for the first time in a long time. coming up, you can score it discount if you're willing to walk beyond the curve.
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today students rising above scholar is a natural born engineer. he is using those skills to achieve his educational dreams. >> reporter: he is a tinkerer. recycling yoga cops and card were tubes into a toy helicopter. >> as a child i was always curious. engineering skills aside, his
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hobby has been his key to survival. >> the fact that i was able to create my own childhood rather for it to get destroyed by actions of others i inspired myself. >> reporter: the 17-year-old has been living on his own since freshman year without his mom and dad. there was violence in the home and neither were able to take care of their son. >> growing up around violence was mainly on my mother's side. a big lesson i have learned is that i do not want to be like that. >> reporter: he drew strength from his desire to make a better life for himself and that included knowing how things work. youtube became his go to escape >> it is another world. there are so many things to figure out. how cars work and where electricity comes from. >> reporter: his advisor and friend is inspired by fabian's
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determination. >> he is always smiling and always coming in and down to business. >> reporter: education is fabian's number one priority. students rising above help the high school senior get ready for his next big project, college. >> i would like to attend uc davis. >> reporter: his secret to success is simple? >> be consistent and persistent and never give up. >> to learn more go to our website, . coming up, giving bicycles a priority on caltrain.
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exploding right ear traffic is clocking the drop off area at sfo. they are offering a financial incentive to lessen it. they are offering a three dollar discount if they are willing to meet their drivers across the street at an adjacent garage. sfo has a five dollar curb charge per right. those fees brought in $45 billion for the airport last year. check caltrans kicked off a new
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program that allows bike riders to board certain transfers during peak hours. they said it shaved more than a minute off aborting times. it ends at reducing delays and smoothing out the boarding process. all aboard for the news at 6:00. new questions over a glitch that shut down the entire bart system for hours. a area city looking to build new housing on shaky ground right on top of the san andreas fault. a area tech companies ties to a deadly plane crash. kpix5 news at 6:00 starts right now . we start with due information about the systemwide shutdown on bart that left passengers stranded for hours. it all began with the computer network failure early saturday morning. as a result, transfer not dispatch for three hours
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between 6:00 and 9:00. service was fully resort just before 11:00. we are live at the west oakland station and she has been speaking to bart about what went wrong. >> when this first happened over the weekend, officials thought it was due to overnight construction. we now know that is not the case. bart has launched an internal investigation trying to prevent this from happening. >> i needed bart to get to work that day. >> reporter: haley is one of 150,000 people who regularly ride bart on saturdays. two days ago they experienced a significant computer outage. >> a change my schedule and cost me more money. >>


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