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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 12, 2019 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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rosa with temperatures in the mid 40s in concord and oakland, 43 in san jose and 50 in san francisco. we partly cloudy skies today, breezy to windy as a week but dry cold front pushes across the bay area. upper 50s in san francisco, about 64 san rafael, oakland and fremont later today, 62 in san jose and 64 in santa rosa. today is the coolest day of the extended forecast because we warm up going through the work week and into the weekend. 70s inland for the weekend. >> a little birdie called facebook told me it was your birthday. >> it is my birthday. >> happy birthday! >> i was going to try to get the day off, but i didn't. >> happy birthday! flying the boeing 737 despite the two deadly crashes in the last five months. the max 8 jets are grounded in 15 other countries. we'll look at the growing safety concerns and ongoing investigation. a fraternity is shut down at the university of california irvine after a freshman dies of alcohol poisoning. we'll hear from his father who claims the 18-year-old was a victim of hazing. 3m sued byets clm the manufg sold earplugs the military knowing they were defective. we talk to two vets who say the comb earplugs failed to
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prevent catastrophic injury. our eye on money series with costly mistakes. this morning, how you can keep student loan get from overwhelming you and your family. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> the world is waiting for more answers after a jet went down in ethiopia. >> lawmakers call for the grounding of boeing's top selling jets. >> the growing risk. >> here in the u.s., they are still flying. >> the united states is withdrawing its staff from the embassy in venezuela after several days of blackouts in a deepening political crisis. >> the venezuelan people are suffering. >> we're hearing from a woman who got clawed by a jaguar at aa admover t fence m i idea >> the white house press secretary -- the former campaign chairman -- >> the president made his
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position on that make a decision when he's ready. >> nancy pelosi making headlines saying she does not support impeaching president trump. >> impeachment is not -- >> all that -- >> people in germany had a close call. >> stormy weather caused pieces of a roof to fly off a building. >> look at this thing, a camel slide to the left, slide to the right. >> and all that matters. >> remember when president trump referred to apple's ceo tim cook as tim apple. >> if i called you andy sidekick. >> it is like that, conan paycheck. >> on "cbs this morning." >> on their bedeath beds, i thi everyone sthame ing, hay wasted so much of my life on saying last names instead of occupations. don't make the same mistake i
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did, little johnny paper route. ♪ >> this morning's eye opener presented by toyota, let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm norah cbs. >> i think it was an honest mistake. tim apple. we have all done that. it is exacerbated because he's trying to explain it, trying to save time, which sounds a little silly. >> which takes up a lot of time. >> exactly. >> tim cook had some fun with it. >> exactly right. >> we have a lot of news to get to this morning. we'll start with this, a big story, dozens of boeing's newest model 737 jets will carry passengers around the united states today despite growing pressure from lawmakers to stop flying them. airlines and 15 other countries and territories have grounded those max series planes after
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sunday's deadly crash inecd acc involving a max 8. southwest, american and united are the only u.s. airlines that operate the 737 max. they say they are sticking with the aircraft. >> the ethiopian airlines max 8 that crashed killing 157 people is the same model that the jet that went down in indonesia last fall. kris van cleave is at washington's reagan national airport with the increasing concern over that plane. chris, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. pressure is really mounting on the faa this morning, two democratic senators dianne feinstein and richard blumenthal calling for the agency to ground all of the maxes in the u.s. during this investigation. still, tens of thousands of people a day fly on the maxra customers are starting to worry. as investigators scramble to find out what happened on board flight 302, the second boeing
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737 max 8 to crash in less than five months, many airlines are grounding their max fleets. aeromexico and argentina are among the latest of two dozen carriers to temporarily stop flying the max. in the u.s., southwest and american airlines which operate two of the largest are still flying them. united air slnz continuing to operate the longer 737 max 9. in an update to airlines, the faa says it does not have enough data from sunday's crash to take action yet. but will if the investigation indicates the need to do so. on monday, unions pushed back against the faa and the airlines. >> we need to hear from the faa with transparency about what steps they're taking to address the concerns of the public and the crews who are working on these planes. >> some passengers are worried too. >> i am looking at making sure that i'm not going to put myself on a 737. >> said a little prayer and got here safe. >> reporter: one woman asked southwest on twitter, how to find out what plane she's
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traveling on for a flight in may, saying she doesn't want to fly on a 737 max. southwest responded stressing the safety of its operation saying it had no plans to stop operating its max jets. ross aimer flew an older version of the 737. >> we don't know exactly if this is the same thing that happened a few months ago with the lion air. >> reporter: he said the data and voice recorders recovered need to be analyzed before u.s. airlines take any action. >> perhaps a grounding may be the right thing to do until we find out exactly what happened and boeing comes up with a fix. >> reporter: boeing's ceo says he's confident in the safety of the 737 max, the company says it is working to understand all aspects of sunday's tragic accident. the faa tells cbs news it is anticipating new regulations to require some design changes to the 737 max. that includes a software update. that stems from the previous
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deadly accident with the max, not the ethiopia crash. >> i tell you, it is all very disconcerting. i'm flying this weekend. first thing i asked the travel agent is, is it a max 8 plane. is that a question we should be asking and number two, what about people who want to change their tickets if they already have been booked on one of those max 8 planes. >> a question a lot of people are asking and the way to find out, you can call your airline, you can look in your reservation e-mail, that tells you the aircraft type and it is online. none of the u.s. airlines are waving change fees, though, so if you want to make a change to get off of a max plane, it may cost you some money. i'll tell you, i flew on one on friday, the u.s. airlines insist they are safe. >> all right, kris, thank you very much. eight of the crash victims in ethiopia are americans, including melvin and bennett riffle from reading,ec others who i n
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husseinbdullahf,my cap illinois, doing missionary work in africa. deborah pada visited the site this morning. >> reporter: behind me, huge piles of dirt obscure a massive crater. mangled pieces of wreckage lie strewn across the site which is now guarded by armed militia. this crater opened up when the boeing 737 dropped from the sky and ripped through the arid wasteland below. the size and depth give a sense of how powerful the impact was. the two black box flight recorders have been recovered from the wreckage, and will be the focus of the ongoing investigation into why this plane went down. everywhere you go there is mangled wreckage like this one, and in among it are the charred
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personal belongings, a reminder that so many people died in this crash. in one area, possessions have been piled into a large mound. a tiny girl's purple fairy princess, many of those on board the flight were young people who simply wanted to change the world. the u.n. lost 21 staff members in the crash. people who worked to improve the lives of others in some of the most troubled spots on earth. crash site investigators including a team of americans will comb this area, searching for answers today. their job to piece together exactly what happens in the six minutes after takeoff that lives at this devastating scene. at the crash site in ethiopia. >> thanks so deborah. it is heart breaking seeing that little princess dress, right? thoughts with the loved ones and family members who have perished. most powerful democrat in
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congress has come out against impeaching president trump saying, quote, he's just not worth it. speaker of the house nancy pelosi said democrats should not be distracted from their agenda of linlth costs and improving infrastructure. >> i want me to impeach president bush for the iraq war, i didn't believe in it then, i don't believe in it now. it divides the country. unless there is conclusive evidence that takes us to that place. >> the comments come a week after they requested documents from 81 trump associates including an institution seeking evidence of obstruction of justice and abuse of power. it is one of six house committees investigating the president or his associates. targets include russian election interference and mr. trump's business dealings. >> what she did was politically smart. gives cover. there are 31 democrats elected in districts that trump won, they don't want to go home and talk about potential impeachment, they want to talk about infrastructure, health
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care, other things like that, let the investigations go where they may. >> that's right. if the investigation comes up with something that is impeachable, everybody will know it and she'll go back on that. >> the new conversation. we learned overnight that the u.s. will withdraw all diplomatic personnel from venezuela this week as the country descends further into chaos. secretary of state mike pompeo said the presence of diplomat at the embassy has become a constraint on u.s. policy. the statement hints at further u.s. action, what could that be? that's the big question. schools and businesses in venezuela are closed for a third day because of widespread blackouts that began last week. manuel bojorquez shows us how the latest emergency is making life increasingly difficult. >> reporter: some desperate venezuelans have resorted to sporadic looting as the short supply of food and medicine becomes even harder to get. they're forced to search for water too, people say, since the pumps stopped working.
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the blackout effect has been devastating for the country's hospitals, doctors perform surgeries by flashlight. opposition groups estimate 17 people have died from lack of proper care. this doctor spoke with us via skype. he says doctors are having to treat patients in their homes as a result of the blackout. >> the system had problems for a long time. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo blamed nicolas maduro's government for inadequate management of the energy system and accused russia and cuba of enabling maduro's regime. >> the kremlin is standing with its venezuelan cronies against the will of the people. moscow, like havana, continues to provide political coverage to the maduro regime. >> reporter: so far no sign he can provide a quick fix. all of this intensifying the difficulties people describe to us as we reported in caracas last month. when this woman's grandson had a
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severe asthma attack, the hospitals couldn't help, she said. her only hope, medicine, that expired three years ago. you took that risk. for now, opposition leader juan guaido is hoping people channel that pain into protests he's called for later today. for "cbs this morning," manuel bojorquez, miami. the parents of one of r. kelly's live in girlfriends says they are making progress toward their first to first meeting with her in more than two years. joycelyn savage's mother pleaded to kelly yesterday to let her see her daughter. she believes that joycelyn has been brainwashed. jericka duncan is in chicago where r. kelly lives. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the last time we saw joycelyn savage was during her interview with gayle here inside the trump tower high rise. now, at that time, she said she was staying with kelly willingly and she also said that he she in
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love with him. >> i have no doubt you have feelings for mr. kelly. >> reporter: she has resorted to holding news conferences in order to communicate with her 23-year-old daughter joycelyn. she says the last time she saw her was 2 1/2 years ago. >> joycelyn, if you do hear my message, please know that your mother loves you dearly. all these lies, manipulation, things that you've heard about your family, took money we don't want to see you, those are all lies. >> reporter: gerald griggs says kelly's crisis manager darryl johnson told him last week a meeting between joycelyn and her family was imminent. >> if she decides willingly to leave, that's on her. we want to establish a relationship back with her family and then move from there. >> reporter: in a television interview lasthtit the meeting. >> we have maybe one camera, a mediator, not to just let them do what they do, and sit and
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listen. when it is over, each participant say what did you get out of it and everybody got what they wanted. >> reporter: last week joycelyn savage made a surprise phone call to her family. >> i'm very happy. >> how do we know you're happy when we don't hear from you in two years? >> i have to go now. >> i love you, joycelyn. >> reporter: that call came the day after she and kelly's other live in girlfriend azriel clary gave an exclusive interview with gayle king, with kelly listening nearby, both women claim their parents were scammers, out to get money from the three-time grammy winner. >> i can make my own decisions and i choose to be here with robert. >> you both made the decision you don't want to see your family? >> yes. >> of course. of course. >> reporter: kelly adamantly denies holding any woman again eaying the parents handed their daughters azriel and joycelyn over to you? >> absolutely.
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>> reporter: the parent s of boh girlfriends say they never asked kelly for any money. joycelyn savage's mom says she wants to meet her daughter face to face, but does not want kelly to be present. the 52-year-old pleaded not guilty last month to ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. if convicted on all charges, he faces up to 70 years in prison. >> thank you. tomorrow we will hear from angelo and alice clary, the parents of r. kelly's other live-in good, azriel clary. she said her parents are out for money. that's tomorrow on cbs. this is a sad saga all the way around. no winners here as i can see. the more you hear about the story, the more sad and tragic it becomes. you want it all to end. you want it all to end. >> very disturbing. >> looks like there will be a meeting this week. so that's encouraging for the girls and their families. a california father tells cbs news he believes his
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18-year-old's son alcohol related death was the resul a fity hazing ritual. the orange county coroner's office said yesterday noah domingo died from accidental alcohol poisoning. jamie yucas is outsideouse where someone placed a frantic 911 call. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. noah's blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit. the freshman was found unresponsive in the house behind me after a party in january. his father says noah was taking part in a dangerous and long-standing fraternity ritual. >> reporter: the death of noah already prompted the fraternity to close its chapter at uc irvine indefinitely. his father dale attended a vigil for his son in january. >> they put this together, i miss my son, she misses her brother. >> reporter: in a new statement to cbs news, dale domingo says we discovered the horrifying truth about fraternity hazing.
7:18 am
he contends the fraternity was conducting its big brother night ritual, where know he withnoah d to guzzle a drink to become part of the family. they refer to this type of ritual as being one of the deadly nights. authorities say domingo died at about 3:30 in the morning, but the initial 911 call was some six hours later. >> why is he unconscious? what happened? >> he just drank, he just drank too much. >> disputing the account in the 911 call, noah's father says his son did not just drink too much. he says experts call such victim blaming tortured rationalization. authorities are still investigating the circumstances, leading to domingdomingo's deat have not confirmed that hazing played a role. in a statement, the university offered its deepest sympathies to the domingo family and says his death brings an urgent focus on alcohol and substance abuse. the focus on fraternity hazing has intensified in recent years
7:19 am
with the deaths of penn state sophomore timothy piazza and florida state university fraternity member andrew covey. just like other families impacted by college drinking deaths, noah's father says he will honor his son by doing everything he can to end hazing by fraternities and their members. we reached out to the fraternity, but have not heard good tuesday morning to you. we are tracking a week but dry cold front that will bring breezy to windy conditions and cooler temperatures. we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds today. sunshine and warmer temperatures begin tomorrow and continue through the weekend. daytime highs today upper 50s to low 60s. again, partly cloudy.
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we will see increasing wind. check out the warm up, especially by the weekend. this national weather report sponsored by toyota, let's go places.
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we have much more news ahead. the florida police officer accused of stalking women after looking them up on restricted law enforcement databases. and mixed martial arts champion conor mcgregor is arrested again. how a confrontation with a fan got him in trouble. you're watching "cbs this morning." a fan got him in trouble. you're watching "cbs this morning." i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it starts acting in my body from the first dose and continues to work when i need it, 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes,
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. it is 7:26 am. i am michelle griego. police have made an arrest in the fatal stabbing of a san jose woman. this is a suspect. he is carlos eduardo arevalo carranza, 59-year-old bambi larson was found dead two weeks ago after she didn't show up to work. nurses at two south bay hospitals have become a 24- hour strike. santa clara county just recently purchased the two hospitals. the county is trying to force them to switch unions. marin county supervisors are taking their first steps
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toward fixing the flooding along highway 37. the solution could include a toll. the board is set to discuss options at 9 am. news updates throughout the day on your favoriteplfo, day on your favoriteplfo, including our websit that's yes for less. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now! yes for less.
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we have a pretty troublesome commute this morning with three separate traffic alerts to report. one on the east shore freeway, one of 580 and another one reported along highway 4. eastbound 580 right at gilman, look out for an accident. you have at least one lame blocked with delays in both directions. eastbound 4 at a street, at one point all lanes were shut down but now only the two right lanes are blocked and the on ramp for a vehicle fire. westbound 580 at grant line is still dealing with pothole repair. we have a we cold front. it will be a dry front but it will pick up the winds. we have breezy to windy conditions today with a mix of
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sun and clouds and mid to high level clouds today warming up tomorrow all the way into the week with daytime highs today in the upper 50s to low 60s. if you love breakfast and a good deal, you should try denny's new omelettes. fresh ingredients folded into fluffy eggs all at a great price.
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denny's new omelette line-up - starting at just $6.99. ♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." there are three things you should know this morning. the 2020 democratic national convention, have you heard, will be held in milwaukee. the key battleground state of wisconsin. now, this is the first time in more than 100 years democrats will gather in a midwestern city other than chicago. the party will convene in the y fiserv forum. democrats lost for the first time in three decades back in 2016. hillary clinton was criticized of avoiding blue states. and proposed budget cuts
7:31 am
includes 31 of the epa budget. and cutting crop insurance subsidies by $22 billion and food stamps by $220 billion over ten years. the budget also contains hundreds of billions of dollars in proposed medicare and medicaid cuts. the president called the cuts arbitrary and said the impact on care for seniors would be devastating. mr. trump promised to save medicare and medicare in 2016. and the world wide web turned 30 today. in 1989, a british scientist proposed a network of computers that was free for everyone. now, nearly half of the world is online. the inventor, however, raise concerns in a recent open letter about hacking, online harassment and hate speech corrupting the web. but he acknowledged hop the web has changed in the past 30 years
7:32 am
saying, quote it would be defeatist and unimaginative to assume that the web we know it can't be changed for the better in the next 30. veterans claim the company 3m knowing sold defective ear plugs. and selling ear plugs with dangerous design defects to the military for more than a decade. our dr. jon lapook met two veterans who say the combat ear plugs. >> 3m agreed to pay $9.1 million to the government but no liability. until that 3m settlement, they believe their hearing loss was par for the course. >> we were told these devices were going to save our hearing,
7:33 am
that's what we did. we used them. >> bake expectation, you can rely on your equipment. >> reporter: joseph junk and david henderson served in the u.s. military for three and six years respectively. junk joined the army as part of family tread. and henderson. and relied on the ear plugs for training in combat. >> everybody was under the impression that these ear plugs were doing the job. >> you thought they worked? >> everybody thought they worked. >> and you're trusting the armed forces? >> well, you're trusting a contractor to provide that equipment. >> we've just been told this is the equipment you get. it's the best out there. it's going to save fou it didn' protect our hearing much at all. >> reporter: a joint lawsuit filed by the government and malbec, a competitor of 3m alleged 3m was aware prior to selling the ear plugs to the military that testing procedures
7:34 am
and fitting instructions were unlawfully manipulated. and it also claims they sold the plugs from 2003 to 2015, without disclosing the design defect. >> it wasn't an omission. it wasn't something missed. there was deliberately lying to gain money, and hurting ours is members. >> reporter: last month, junk and henderson filed several complaints against 3m, claiming the company did nod adequately warn of the defects or adequately warn how to wear the ear plugs. >> guys would put them in that had a bigger ear canal so it would go all the way in and get stuck. and guys put them in and they would hear everything. you have so much to worry be a, your physical well-being. >> so you have to triage your worries sort of? >> absolutely. >> at the top was staying alive. >> absolutely. that was concern number one. >> and hearing was kind of like on the bottom of the list. >> reporter: they say they both suffer from partial hearing loss
7:35 am
and as eye condition known as tinnitus, described as a high-pitched hearing sound. >> moment you stop hearing the sounds around you is the moment the ringing gets louder. >> what's quiet? what's peace? >> for me, personally, i don't have it. all i hear is ringing. >> so you're hearing that sound 24/7. >> if i don't have noise around me, it's maddening. it's torture. >> reporter: according to the department of veterans affairs, tinnitus is the most common disability to veterans. military personnel are exposed to extreme level of noise. the doctor explains that it's through bone conduction. >> when the sound strikes the bone of our skull, the bone moves. even if you block the ear, bone conduction can still be very damaging. >> reporter: he says any ear
7:36 am
plug, even one perfectly designed cannot prevent bone conduction of loud sounds to the skull to the inner ear. >> these ear plugs have a dangerous design. >> reporter: andrew duffy represents over two dozen veterans who used these ear plugs. >> the main goal is to send a message to 3m and other companies, that you cannot defraud the united states of america and have the consequences be health and well-being of our military members. >> is there any defense in saying no ear plug, no matter how good, would ever protect you from the percussion or shock wave? >> i can't say yes or no. as a soldier, you're putting something in your ear that's going to stop the sound wave in the sensitive parts that allow to you hear. >> i know you know this well, no settlement you receive is going to get your hearing back and get rid of tinnitus? >> you can't put a price on
7:37 am
that. you can't put a price on your peace and quiet or how i used to enjoy music. i can't enjoy music the way i used to. >> where does that leave you guys? >> still very angry. still wanting to get the word out. you know, get tested. go to the doctor. but also wanting 3m to own up to it. and explain it more. we can maybe start with an apology. >> those ear plugs have been discontinued. and the department of justice declined to comment on which will ear plugs the military currently uses. 3m tells us it has a long history of partnering with the u.s. military and continues to make products. it denies the ear plugs were defectively designed. >> i'm so glad you did this story. it's a remind the veterans who come bac healthy, suffering the trauma and effects
7:38 am
of war. >> it is real. >> i think he said it best, you can't put a price on one of your senses. >> and poetically described that music is affected. >> all of these years i've been saying tinnitus wrong. >> i thought it was tinnitus, too. >> it's tinnitus. it's tomato/tomato. >> i'm glad you brought that story for me to know about. >> thank you, dr. lapook. a former florida police officer allegedly used law enforcement databases to prey on women. ahead, the rules giving access to sensitive information about drivers and vehicle owners. and if you're on the go. subscribe to the "cbs this morning" podcast to learn what's happening in your world in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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romantic. investigators a leonel marines searched for hundreds of women on data basis used by law enforcement nationwide. the 36-year-old resigned in october amid an internal affairs investigation. but his legal troubles could just be starting. nikki battiste shows us. >> this is truly a disturbing situation for me as chief. >> reporter: bradenton's police say an internal audit revealed leon elel marines violated home visits. >> and he was persistent and successful at times. >> reporter: last june, a woman filed a complaint saying marines followed her home, triggering an investigation of his databases. police found several hundred database searches on women.
7:44 am
and interviewed nearly 150 women associated with the investigation. >> it revealed that this behavior may have been going on for years stretching as far back as 2012. >> reporter: marines was put on administrative leave before he resigned last october. kelli blake is one of the women he contacted. >> i was freaked out. >> it's a violation of privacy. it's a violation of ethics, it's a violation of every code of conduct of never police department i can think of. >> reporter: adam levin is the president of cyberscout. >> what can a police department do to counteract this happening? >> they can be stricter with a way to access their databases. where you have cases like this where that access is abused, that privilege isset undermines people's faith in law enforcement. >> reporter: marines did not
7:45 am
return our calls for comments. for cbs news, i'm nikki battiste. coming up, a look at other headlines including why police we are tracking a week but dry cold front that will kick up the wins for us. breezy to windy conditions with a mix of sun and clouds. increasing to mid to high level clouds and we are looking at plenty of sunshine with warm temperatures as we head through tomorrow through the week. upper 50s to low 60s for today. again, turning breezy to windy and then warming up, especially by the weekend. of "cbs this morning" sponsored by co coolsculpting. not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting?
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7:50 am
against terrorism. the company never shares informationntthe u.s. warned th and looks like it is starting >> miami harold says mixed martial arts fighter conor mcgregor is out on bond. after slapping a phone out of a man's hand. stomped oilten and took it aaafter the man tried to take a photo of him yesterday. last year he pled guilty to disorderly conduct in new york city after throwing a dolly through the window of a bus carrying several fighters. >> and had to take anger management courses of that. seems like he needs a refresher. >> what does he do for a living? >> mixed martial arted, exactly. >> don't want your picture taking. or you could say please no photos today. people leave you alone. >> or like putting your head inside a panethic cage.
7:51 am
maybe just don't do it. in cancun a man on spring break died when he fell from a 7th floor hotel room balcony. the 19 yie-year-old was on vaca with his girlfriend when he fell on saturday. thrts will carry out a toxicology test. warnings of unforeseen problems. a godiva's packaging claiming the chocolate is made there when it is made in pennsylvania. the brand is proud of its roots and the company logo reflects the spirit. and reports on a high school senior who was accepted to get this, 41 colleges. michael love is a member of the national honor society and plays
7:52 am
varsity basketball. >> got told a lot when i was younger i couldn't do this, i couldn't do that. i just wanted to show people i'm better than what they think i am. >> getting a lot of of love these days. the detroit student also awarded more than 300,000 dollars in scholarships. good for him. >> i'll say. >> president trump asks congress again to spend billiones on the border wall. and saying there is no chance lit happen. what he thinks the president is aabout algt the 2020 campaign and championship spending gives more money to the military. busy who's boss. that's why at kohl's, we give to the go, we respect the routine, and we reward the everyday. every. single. day. kohl's. are confusing quilted northern for robes.
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. i am kenny choi. teachers will vote on the plan to avoid a strike scheduled for next month. the tentative deal with the district put the cap on class sizes and gives teachers a 4% raise. in san jose, leaders will decide whether to raise downtown building heights. it comes as a dispute because of plains needing emergency landings. a community and health center wills used for orders best about cans.
7:57 am
we have news updates throughout the day on your favorite social media platforms, including our website, [ dramatic orchestral music ] [ announcer ] tiger woods. [ tap of the putt ] expect anything different? [ waves crashing ] probably the most important shot dustin johnson has ever hit right here. [ crowd cheering ] what a gem! now keopka, down there into the wind. [ club thwacking ] how about that? back to back united states opens. [ tense elegant music ] just awesome.
7:58 am
i am gianna franco in the traffic center. we have three separate sigalert in effect. we will start off with the eastshore freeway. it is the opposite direction eastbound at gilman but in the live shot we have a lot of delays in both directions. eastbound is shut down but westborough is slow anywhere. if you are headed toward the bay bridge, you will see some delays anyway westbound working your way into the maze. backed up into the maze with metering lights on with a slow ride heading into san francisco. we have two light lanes blocked. we are tracking a weight cold front pushing across the bay area. it is dry but it will pick up the winds for us. breezy to windy locations. the windiest locations will be along the coast today.
7:59 am
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♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, march 12th, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, former senator jeff flake is in studio 57 to talk about which democrat he thinks poses the biggest challenge to president trump's re-election bid. and jill schlessinger is here to help you avoid common and costly mistakes that college students and their parents make with student loans. but first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> airlines in at least 15 other countries and territories have grounded the max series planes after sunday's deadly crash. >> two democratic senators are calling on the faa to ground all of the maxes in the u.s. during the investigation. >> mangled pieces of wreckage
8:01 am
strewn across. >> the parents of both girlfriends say they never asked kelly for any machine. joycelyn savage's mom wants to but does not want kelly to be present. his father says noah was taking part in a dangerous and longstanding fraternity ritual. >> facebook founder mark zuckerberg is so concerned about his safety that he's had a panic chute installed in facebook headquarters making this the first time facebook has ever cared about protecting someone's security. but being mark zuckerberg sounds pretty amazing. even in the worst case scenario, like, sir, this is serious. we have to remove you from the room. cool! whoopee! i'll gayle king with bianna golodryga, norah o'donnell and john dickerson.
8:02 am
good to see you. we're going to begin with this. a growing number of airlines have stopped flying boeing 737 max 8 jets because of safety concerns. 157 people, including eight americans, were killed when one of those jets crashed in ethiopia on sunday. the faa says it does not plan to ground the planes but will take further action if necessary here. >> the agency says it is not yet drawing comparisons to a crash of the same model that killed 189 people in indonesia last october. it does expect to require improved software and new training guidelines next month related to that lion air crash. u.s. airlines are still flying the max 8 which is now grounded in at least 15 other countries. southwest has 34 of the new model jets, and american airlines has 24. boeing's ceo says he remains confident the planes are safe. president trump is pushing for new border wall fund ngs it $750 billion in t proposal
8:03 am
defense spending, $8.6 billion for barriers on domestic spending, including nearly $220 billion to the program that provides food stamps over the next decade. the former republican senator from arizona, jeff flake, is a cbs news contributor. welcome, senator. we'll get to the budget in a minute. we know presidents' budgets are dead on arrival when they get to congress. i want to ask about something over the weekend. the conversation between two vice presidents. vice president cheney and pence. it was about foreign policy and national security. it was at the american enterprise institute's gathering. this is where the -- this is the republican think tank, or had been. vice president cheney was critical across the board about the trump administration's foreign policy saying it looked more like barack obama's. that's a bigger debate, isn't it? what did you make of that back and forth? >> i'm not sure how much it looks like barack obama's, but it doesn't look like republican foreign policy we've engaged in over the past couple of decades.
8:04 am
republicans have long believed in strong american leadership around the globe so this kind of protectionism on trade policy, isolationism on security policy basically going against your allies, that just is foreign to most republicans. so mike pence, while in congress, republicans were far more like dick cheney than the current trump administration. >> how is it -- >> sorry, john. >> with john bolt op, the national security adviser was from aei. that was putting on the weekend. so this tension exists even within the administration a little bit. but what the president would say is, hey, i was elected to get us out of these foreign entanglements. he said george w. bush should have been impeached for the iraq war. doesn't he have a constituency, too, which is why is america getting involved in all these messy business all over the world? >> not so much getting involved in these businesses but president trump was also very critical of barack obama for
8:05 am
pulling out ofprematy. and so doing or that's what he proposed to do initially in syria. he's now, greatfully, i think, slowed that down a bit. i think that certainly people don't want to get involved in foreign entanglements. but people value american leadership around the globe. and when you involve -- i was chair of the subcommittee on africa and we have a lot of involvement in africa. certainly after pepfar, president bush's program to alleviate human suffering, but it also helped us with security arrangements that we need to deal with al shabab and boca haram and when you isolate yourself, you -- the long-term implications s lpuics. certy m wo about where we are. >> what's the likelihood, if we stay on foreign policy, we see venezuela descend into chaos.
8:06 am
multiple days ofif maduro stays in power that we'll see s? >> i don't think we will. that brings back a specter we don't want to bring back and awakens ghosts that people don't want to awaken in terms of our involvement in central and south america. but i am pleased that the u.s. under the trump administration has strongly said, you know, the maduro era has to go. it has to be a new dawn for venezuela. and so i hope that can happen, obviously, without any military intervention. i don't think that's in the offing. >> you don't? >> i don't. >> what do you think with nancy pelosi saying yesterday that impeachment won't happen. did she provide cover to a number of democrats in trump districts? >> yes, she did. i think that was the purpose. she's been consistent in saying she doesn't want it. i think this is a wise move on her part. she made it very clear this isn't where we ought to go unless the evidence certainly takes us there. >> and the reality is the republican senate would never
8:07 am
vote for impeachment of president trump. >> it's tough to see how it would. >> of all the democrats who have announced they're running and some who have not announced they're running yet, who do you think the republicans are most concerned about? >> well, the one that hasn't announced yet and certainly looks like he will, joe biden. >> chris coombs was here yesterday and said -- >> joe biden is -- i think that strikes fear in a lot of republicans. he can speak to those states that president trump won in the rust belt in particular. and he is seen as more of a centrist. he was a senator for 30-some years. he knows how to work with the senate, with the congress, and i think that that's certainly one that worries republicans. >> and you -- when you were here last time, i missed you last time, but you made it clear you were not thinking about running against donald trump. is there anybody in your party who you have heard is secretly considering it that you would like to share with us today? >> no -- >> that was sort of your wife's
8:08 am
reaction, too. >> all of us think about it, obviously, but i really don't think that there's going to be a serious challenge. john kasich has talked about it. he'd be a strong candidate. he has a strong record as a governor, back in congress as well. but he's not decided to do so. larry hogan has been talked about. he has a strong record. >> do you think somebody should run against him, senator? >> yes, i do. i've said that consistently. i hope somebody does if only to remind republicans what it means to be conservative and what it means to be decent. so i do hope that somebody runs. it won't be me. >> given where the president is polling right now, it's likely not going to happen. >> doesn't look l
8:09 am
we are tracking a dry cold front that will bring breezy conditions and cooler temps with a mix of sun and clouds today. sunshine and warmer temperatures begin tomorrow and continue through the work week into the weekend. daytime highs today or in the upper 50s to low 60s. again, partly cloudy. we will see increasing wind. check out the warm up, especially by the weekend.
8:10 am
we have much more news ahead. the husband of b. smith shocked many people when he revealed he was in a new relationship while he was still caring for his wife with alzheimer's. ahead, our barry petersen talks to him and another couple about the pers aal sry that they all share. you're watching "cbs this morning." we always appreciate that. we'll be right back. olcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am.
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♪ this week in our "eye on money" series, we focus on the
8:15 am
costly mistakes people make. student loan is a huge crisis. college students graduate with an average debt of $28,000. nationwide student debt topped $1.5 trillion at the end of the 2018. we spoke to meghan combs who went to college to pursue an art career. at age 32, she's still struggling to pay for her education. >> i just get this paid. >> reporter: meghan combs is burdened by the student loan she took out to pursue her dream of working with the arts. >> i was 5 years old and i was drawn to six figures. my enthusiasm made me want to be an artist. >> reporter: after receiving her undergraduate degree, she owed just $10,000 in student loans combs was told she needed a
8:16 am
maste masters degree. >> i was accepted in new york city. i thought this was going to be great. so easy to get a job in new york city. my dad encouraged me to live off of my loans and not work during grad school, but he said you need to devote 110% of your time and energy to this. >> reporter: combs took out $61,000 in loans and has made nearly $27,000 in payments but because those payments were too small to cover the interest, she now owes $66,000, more than her original loans. >> i will shoulder some of the blame there because i should have read the fine print on every single one of my loans. >> reporter: after pursuing a career in the art world for five years without finding full-time work, colmbs made a career change. she now works at a tech startup, bu her snde. >> i'm able to pay about $900 a month on it. that is really stretching me as thin as i can possibly go.
8:17 am
>> cbs news business manager jill schlesinger writes about student loan debt in her new book "the dumb things mart people do with their money." jill, you are somebody meghan should have called. many people were relate to her, obviously. she owes $66,000 on her loan. what could she have done differently? >> again, if we could turn back time, she may have thought what is it that i can do with this graduate degree. as i said, she graduated undergrad with less than $10,000. we've got so much information about what careers will pay. so, do a little research. will this degree actually allow me to get a job that pays enough. you know, when i look at that being realistic, it really has ve father is y thing. encouraging. at some point, you want as a family to say wait a second, we've got to take a
8:18 am
happen. you want to read the fine print of those loans. don't forget, she did say that. she didn't realize she was getting into a payment program which would kind of freeze the program and have an increase over time. i would say the biggest piece for her is she's going to try to right now, accelerate the paydown of this debt. $900 a month, great. maybe she puts in the max for her retirement account but use all money that pay that loan down. >> do you think heshe's on the right path paying $900 a month. >> i think so. if she can pay more, great. >> for parents getting ready to get their kids ready for college, what are some things that you can negotiate. >> this is a fascinating fact that's not widely disseminated. and that is, when you get your package from various schools you can kind of play one against the other. now, you have to do so as the student him or herself. mommy and daddy, you can't call. what you want to do, you want to
8:19 am
say to the college, hey, abc university has given me a package worth this much. could you match it? can you actually help me out? what kind of work study is there going to be? again, you've got to figure out whether this degree is going to translate into a career and you can pay that debt down. and actually achieve your future financial goals. >> and we know millions of americans will have to resort to taking out a student loan. there's nothing wrong with that. what are some of the things people should look out for? >> the big problem is people taking on gobs of debt. like meghan did. and then saying to yourself, am i going to have a job that's going to make that money. the first job you get out of colleg, let's say you make $30,000, that's the total amount of borrowing that should be done. and for parents, i don't care whether your kid wants to be the most sophisticated artist, artistic collector in the world
8:20 am
rement plans on your part toy put those kids through school. you as a family have to be realistic. you have to be all able to afford these decisions. college degrees pay off, but they don't do so if you have the overhang of thousands and thousands of dollars of debt, either for the parents, the grandparents or the kid. >> think about the questions ab student loan dead, head to the facebook page now. and a woman who was clawed by a jaguar at an arizona zoo and survived. you're watching "cbs this you're watching "cbs this morning."nal congeson,
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> the ansis, >>e income
8:25 am
this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. it is 8:25 am. i am kenny choi. nurses at two south bay hospitals have begun a 24 hour strike. they work at o'connor hospital in san jose an five in gilroy. santa clara county recently purchased both. the nurses say the county is trying to force them to switch unions. an investigation is under way after flames tore through this home in concord. the fire broke out after 4:30 am on watson court. fortunately, everyone inside made it out safely. the award-winning play is coming to san francisco.
8:26 am
another round of tickets go on sale thursday and the play opens up on the west coast october 20. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:27 am
welcome back. let's get you updated on this traffic alert along the eastshore freeway eastbound 80
8:28 am
right at gilman as you make your way through berkeley. we still have at least the right lane completely shut down for an injury accident. it is anon commute direction but it is slow in both directions. drive times are 43 minutes westbound 80 from highway 4 to the maze. after that, you should have a lot of company with everyone working the way out of oakland into san francisco this morning. it is a busy ride across the bay bridge. north 101 at montague expressway, look out for a crash there. no word on if any lanes are blocked. here is a live look at first street. you can see traffic crawling along, especially in the northbound side. it looks like southbound is doing okay. we have a 10 minute delay on the sf line in both directions. we are looking at partly cloudy skies today. it will be breezy to windy is a cold front pushes through. it will be dry. we will see a few more mid to high level clouds move through with the winds are kicking up. plenty of sun as we head through tomorrow. tomorrow it warms up, especially by the end of the
8:29 am
week into the weekend. daytime highs today upper 50s to low 60s. here is the seven-day forecast. today's the cooler day out of the entire week. check out the weekend, low 70s inland saturday and sunday. have a great day.
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to cbs this morning, it is time to show you the morning's headlines from around the globe, cbs news is the first to speak to the congresswoman who was clawed by a jaguar at a zoo near phoenix, arizona, remember her, the big cat reached through a fence and scratched her saturday. >> leanne, who asked that we don't use her last name says she does not believe the jaguar meant to hurt her. >> i never crossed the barrier. i was not trying to get a selfie, i never expected the jaguar's paw to come through the fence. i mean, there's -- they're little squares, you know, and this cat has a big bapaw. i never passed the barrier. but i do admit to leaning over the barrier, i was in the wrong
8:31 am
but i do think the zoo should look into moving their fence back. >> a few lacerations remain on her arm but expected to make a full recovery. the park told cbs news it will make changes to the exhibit to prevent this from happening again. >> lee spencer and former royal marine broke the record for fastest solo row across the atlantic ocean unsupported. he lost his leg in a car accident five years ago. spencer completed his trip in 60 days breaking the previous record by 36 days, he arrived in french guyana yesterday after starting in portugal, rowing from continent to continent, wanted to prove no one should be defined by disability, and he did prove that. and news week says alzheimer's disease could one day be diagnosed with an eye test after new research showed changes in the blood vessels in the eye. an estimated 6 million americans
8:32 am
live with alzheimer's disease but one survey shows that more than 50% of couples dealing with the condition have not discussed their wishes related to having another relationship. this was highlighted when the husband of lifestyle expert bee smith revealed he was in a second relationship while he cared for her. it was a set of circumstances that our barry peter sen is very familiar with. >> my relationship with alzheimer's is personal. 14 years ago my late wife jan was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's. during part of that time i also had another woman in my life. we called ourselves a family of three. the parallels to bee smith, her husband dan gasby and his girlfriend are uncanny. it's an all too familiar tale for couples dealing with alzheimer's, one where love can be complex, and unconventional. >> what's your dad's name? >> my dad, barbara smith. >> bee smith, lifestyle guru and
8:33 am
restaurateur developed early onset alzheimer's six years ago. >> still makes you laugh, right? >> today husband dan gasby is caring for his wife of 27 years. >> whenealized what we're dealing with, and she understood what the situation is, she said to me i know what i have, i know where it's going to take me. tell the story, tell the truth. >> in january he spoke that truth, and let cameras into his home. the home he shares with his wife and his girlfriend alex learner who also has a bedroom in the house and helps with bee's care. >> if he wanted to have a relationship, alex, you could have chosen a lot easier path. >> yes, that's true. >> why this one? >> i've met dan when he was pretty much at his lowest. i remember going through a time in my life where i felt that way, where i was pretty much at my lowest.
8:34 am
and i saw the pain in his eyes, i did. and i reached out, and thought maybe this man just needs somebody to talk to. you know. or, as humans, sometimes we just need a hug. >> it was natural, it was organic, it was not intentional, but we fell into each other. >> does she still know who you are? >> she will call me dad. she will call me her brother gary or her brother ron, then she'll say, dan out of nowhere and then i say who? dan, he's over there. there may be something in her mind that says that, but then it's gone. it's like trying to drink water from a col anner, no matter how much you bring it to you, there's nothing there. >> something i experienced with my wife j, aft almost5s tether n siste lg a longered m. what's ? >> mr. happy. >> that's when i met mary nell
8:35 am
wolf who became jan's friend. >> it broke my heart that a man who could love this woman so much couldn't remember, she could not remember who he was. >> a year and a half after jan passed away, mary nell and i got married. >> the hardest thing for me is people who don't know, but decide they can judge what i'm doing. >> we've got the 800 pound gorilla in the room, she's white and i'm black. >> so many people jump to conclusions and judgment, that don't even understand what alzheimer's is, and what it does to a person, to the patient, the alzheimer's patient as well as the caregivers. >> i so respect what you're saying, and respect you guys and what you're going through because it's a definition of love and nobody understands what a caregiver goes through.
8:36 am
i write for a couple hours every day, it restarts the brain. greg o'brien has alzheimer's, a lifetime journalist, he's written a book about what he calls embedded in alzheimer's. he and mary katherine raised three kids over they're 42 year marriage, she's gone from wife to caregiver. >> do you know what day it is? >> not sure. >> people think that care giving is a daytime event. >> oh, ah >> it's a -- it's an all night event. how do you sleep? how do you recharge? how do you rest? >> i say one eye open and one ear open. i live in a nightmare and a day mare, everything i have to do is to mitigate her everyday irrationality because she doesn't have that ability, maintain her dignity, and try to keep my sanity. >> this disease robs everything. it robs your brain slowly. like a sliver every day. my brain is like an iphone now,
8:37 am
it's still a sophisticated device, but it has a short-term battery. it pocket dials, and it gets lost very easily. >> oh. >> yeah. >> i try to say to people who have been critical of our relationship, you are one diagnosis away from knowing what your life will be. >> in our situation, even though greg is still functioning, we were the house that had the super bowl parties and the patriots and the red sox, and we were the house that everybody came to. >> the party house. >> i mean, we just did 30 or 40 people, summertime deck parties. he can't do that anymore. and so our socife hery close fr >> and people run away from you. >> you have to -- >> it's not comfortable sometimes to be around him. >> what do you want for mary katherine in the future? >> i want her to be happy.
8:38 am
i want her t marry a better person than me. and i want her to be at peace. i just don't want her to marry someone who's handsome. >> what you said greg is what my wife said to me, i want you to go on, because if you truly love someone, you don't own them. and what you said is the true, to me, expression of love. >> so greg asked if we would -- now that we know you, if we would watch out for you. and the answer is yes. >> yes. >> yes, definitely. >> resoundingly yes. >> so meaningful. >> so the question for everybody at this table is, havd to do it you're young enough to discuss this, by the time the person you love isia mer's, is already too late. >> it's such a very powerful
8:39 am
story, barry, that you're sharing and i think it's so important for people to consider it. a lot of people judge, as greg said, they judge and don't know, i know dan and i've met alex and she's really lovely and very dedicated to helping barbara get through all of this. i'm so glad you told their story. what was your take on them as a couple, the way that dan has devoted himself to barbara in a very, very huge way? >> well, i think that let's give credit to alex because she came into this relationship. >> yeah. >> she's now a co-caregiver, you know, he said he did it because he vowed that he would tell the truth. but there's one other thing that's important. the fact that he's willing to talk about it in this way means a lot of other people who were in this situatio oh god, i'm not alone. >> how important are the bonds? >> you too, thank you for doing that. >> yeah. >> he's taking care of barbara when she's way -- when the disease is really progressing.
8:40 am
isn't that unusual too? >> way past when i would have been capable of taking care of jan. i'd already made the decision to put jan into assisted living. but it's 24 hours. i cannot stress how much this is. you never really sleep. and i just have such admiration for his doing this. but i don't want him to do it to the point where he gets sick. >> how important, and how cool are these bonds? it seemed like it was, watching the piece between the couples. >> well, i think between dan and alex, and obviously between myself and mary nell, i think these are life-saving relationships, literally they keep you from falling under and dying. so i've talked about this for a very long time and i say to people, listen, you can't help the person who has theis bee we don have s help the person who's the caregiver because they're the ones who are struggling to survive. >> and don't judge when you're not in that situation, that's a very important message to send. >> we made a presentation one
8:41 am
time to a group, among them many professional caregivers and one came up afterward and said, you know, it never occurred to me, i only do this for eight hours and i get to go home. >> wow, we are tracking a dry cold front that will kick up the wins for us. we have breezy to windy conditions with a mix of sun and clouds. increasing mid to high level clouds with plenty of sunshine with warm temperatures as we eezy twind and then warm-up, especially by the weekend.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
i'm happy. am i ridiculous? >> you like narrating your life. >> you know, there are psychological studies that say when people are happy they look desperately for things to make them unhappy. >> that was emmy and tony award winning actress christine baranski starring on "the good fight," she's best known for playing diane lockhart on "the good wife," and cbs all access "the good fight," baranski's character reflects on life while spending quality time with her husband kurt. what was happening in that episode? >> you could tell from my line a bliss in her newly refurbished bedroom and her husband has decided to cut back on his work
8:46 am
so he can commit himself to the marriage. and it's a perfectly happy and it's all downhill after that. we were doing a tv drama that happens to take place in the current political cultural climate. so how can anyone wake up and say i'm happy, and for that to last for long? so diane's life gets complicated rather quickly. she finds a little blond hair on his jacket and says, what's that? >> and she doesn't ignore it either. >> no. >> she confronts it, very interesting to see who that blond hair belongs to. >> yeah. >> but i love this diane lockhart character because you played her on "the good wife" for so long, i thought how will they make this work in another iteration. se seems to be having a really good time. can we describe that about you as well? >> oh, my gosh, for seven years i played diane lockhart, and she was a powerful woman who, you know, ran her own law firm. and she was always in the room where it happens she was
8:47 am
and you saw this woman, and i feel like the culture's finally caught up with diane lockhart. now there are six women candidates for president and we have nancy pelosi, just answer the questions. and then we have you saying i'm just going to sit here until you answer the question. it's a great time to be a woman of any age, but certainly a woman with experience, a woman with life experience, education, a sense of herself, confidence, and -- >> how are you feeling, christine? i look at you, you seem to be working harder. looking better. doan as an insult. i feel that too about myself. >> it's the best time in my life. i raised two beautiful daughters, i have three grandchildren. i lost my husband four years ago, but my life has continued in aam nowbe onen call sheein myself in the lead of a show,
8:48 am
making more money. and last year i did ""mamma mia!" and singing and dancing with meryl and cher, my life's pretty good. >> is what you're saying that people recognize all of that genius that you just described, or you have -- you don't have to push as hard as you would have 20 years ago? what do you think the difference is now? >> good question. >> the great thing is i never -- maybe because i didn't consider my beauty or my prettiness, i never was the pretty leading lady, i never defined my life by my beauty or my youth. that wasn't my commodity. what i had was, you know, a level of talent and ambition and ability to work very hard. i've just kept doing it. so i would say to young women don't think of, you know, don't think of your life in terms of your youth or how am i going to hold onto it for dear life? ats mostbls the hat as you cultivation of good work, your
8:49 am
character, your life experience, the people whose relationships you are comfortable with who are worth knowing. and i have all that in my life. >> well said. >> so i have -- >> where's the wood? >> i have a good life. >> people are taking notes. >> i marvel at this role, you didn't know what it was going to be and you just said i'll do it without a pilot. >> there's a good reason for that. we had seven happy years of doing "the good wife," and juliana carried that show on her back. about her story, she was the wife wronged by her husband who slept with a hooker and that brought down his political career. doesn't that sound quaint now? anyway -- >> less than five seconds. >> okay. but they conceived of a spinoff for this character. and it's worked out mainly because i wanted to work with those writers. >> you're a bad ass christine, ♪ oh, yeah
8:50 am
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. i am kenny choi. a man inside a car was shot on highway 24 in oakland this morning in the westbound lanes just after the tunnel. the gunshot victim is recovering. so far, no suspects and no arrests. police have made an arrest in the fatal stabbing of a san jose woman. this is the suspect, carlos carranza. 59-year-old bambi larson was found dead after she didn't
8:56 am
show up to work. the san jose city council is expected to decide whether to raise downtown building heights. it is in the direct flight path of the airport. the height of tg. we have news updates on your favorite platforms, including
8:57 am
welcome back. we are looking at drive this morning. we are in the clearing stages of an earlier accident westbound 80. it has been a problem most of the morning. there was a traffic alert blocking at least one lane.
8:58 am
conditions are improving through there. westbound is slow and go from highway 4. we have pockets of slowing at richmond and the bay bridge. we have a handful of accidents on the north side of 101. it is slow out of the south bay. you will see the bulk of those delays on the northbound 101 first street connector. 237 westbound is busy coming away from 880. the bay bridge has improved quite a bit. take a look at that. it is nice to see the sunshine out there. here is a live look at our transamerica cam. you can see the blue skies. we have a weak cold front that will kick up the winds by. miof sud ouds today. tions as we head through the afternoon, we have temperatures a little cooler compared to yesterday . as we head through
8:59 am
tomorrow we will see sunshine and warmer temperatures. a warm-up beginning tomorrow through the week with even warmer temperatures by the weekend. the daytime highs today or in the upper 50s to low 60s. today is the cola stay out of our seven-day forecast with plenty of sunshine beginning tomorrow through the work week and into the weekend. low 70s inland saturday and sunday.
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