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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  March 13, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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we are halfway through. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. let's check with mary lee for our weather. it is not friday yet, but we are warming up. >> it will be a beautiful day. we have plenty of sunshine. enjoy it. we are looking at gorgeous area across the bay area as high pressure builds in for us. here is a live look at the southbay, good morning to you wonder clear skies. temperatures are in the 40s. 46 in san jose, 41 santa rosa, 42 concord, 42 in oakland. livermore, you are 43. it is chilly. bundle up heading out the door. we will warm up in the afternoon. our warm-up starts today through the week into
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sunshine is expected over the next several days with temperature rising this weekend with highs soaring into the 70s inland. we will time it out for you on futurecast what you can expect and take you through the next several days. we will show you how warm it will get for certain locations coming up. let's check in with gianna franco. >> out to the altamont pass this morning, we are seeing a few extra cars. it is not too bad. speeds are not horrible working your way out of tracy into the livermore valley area. we do have reports of an accident westbound 580 at airway. it looks like it is off to the right shoulder so it is not causing much of a problem. you should not have any troubles connecting on 680 north or south bound this morning. marin county, we had some early morning road work on the southbound side of the 101 by
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the golden gate. we have green now on the sensors, it is likely in the clearing stages. we have reports of roadwork down to one lane in some spots. it looks like traffic is moving nicely working your way on both directions heading out of san rafael into the city. travel times are good. everyone is in the green. it is a great start to your morning drive. 580, he sure and 101 have no troubles. there is a wind advisory for the bay bridge in effect. i will check in with chp to see if that is still the case. so far, traffic is pretty light out of the east bay into san francisco across the bay bridge with no delays. there is a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge in effect. high profile vehicles should be careful. it is an easy commute from 880 to 101. governor gavin newsom is expected to set an executive order suspending executions in california. the moratorium would last for the remainder of his time in office and could be reversed by future governors. it is expected to be criticized by opponents of the death penalty and some families of
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murder victims. the father of polly class says she was 12 years old when she was kidnapped and murdered in 1996. >> these are the guys that kill cops. these are the guys that kill women. these are the guys that kill little children. these are individuals who have been sentenced to death by a jury of their peers because their actions were so evil. >> california has not executed an inmate since 2006 because of legal challenges to its lethal injection method. currently, there 737 people on california's death row. the governor will not be commuting the death sentences of any inmates reportedly. a statement was issued saying in part, the intentional killing of another person is wrong. as governor, i will not oversee
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the execution of any individual. 13 bay area parents and some of hollywood's rich and famous are charged with paying bribes to get their kids into elite universities. laura podesta is following the investigation. >> they should just study instead of cheating the way in. >> reporter: students across the country are feeling cheated themselves after a sweeping college admissions bribery scandal came to light yesterday. >> it kind of hurts when you see someone getting in for not really doing anything. >> reporter: court documents say the scheme was an operation for nearly a decade and involved at least 33 wealthy parents paying $25 million to get their kids into some of the country's most elite schools through falsified test scores or pretending to be student- athlete recruits. >> for every student admitted through fraud, an increase honest, genuinely talented student was rejected. >> reporter: at the center of it all is william rick singer,
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a college admissions consultant, who pled guilty to racketeering, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. >> numerous parents paige singer between $15,000 and $75,000 to have someone either take the exam for their child or to correct their child's answers afterwards. >> reporter: that includes desperate housewives star felicity huffman who posted $250,000 bail yesterday. >> their actions were, without a doubt, insidious, selfish and shameful. >> reporter: fellow hollywood actress lori loughlin of full house allegedly paid a half million dollars in bribes to get her daughters into usc as
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members of the crew team, even though they didn't row. nine college coaches were charged with using recruitment slots for kids who had no intention of playing college sports. laura podesta, cbs news. >> stamper's longtime sailing coach is among nine college coaches charged in this game. john vandemoer pleaded guilty to accepting bribes and was fired. his attorney claims he did not pop it pocket the money. >> as a prosecutor said, the sailing program bought new boats and hired a new assistant coach. it did benefit his program but it did not benefit him personally. >> this statement says, the alleged behavior runs completely counter to our values. we have no evidence the alleged conduct involves anyone else here or associated with any other team. >> some of the most prominent parents are from the bay area. these 13 bay area parents cheated to get into universities allegedly like yale and usc. among them, man well and recovers, the ceo and founder of hercules capital. investigators say he and his wife paid a $23,000 bribe to get a cooperating witness to sit by their daughter during the sats and give her the answers. this proprietor of this company
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paid $50,000 doing the same. todd blake and his executive retail wife diane will be accused of paying bribes to get her daughter fake volleyball credentials and into usc. in many cases, the students were not aware their parents' actions. we have listed all the california defendants on i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. we are awaiting the second sentencing for paul manafort, president trump's former campaign manager. a few weeks ago, he was sentenced to four years. he is facing up to 10 more dealing with robert miller's investigation into ties in between president trump's
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presidential campaign and russia. the judge could decide if these sentences should be served consecutively or at the same time. it will likely take in the prosecution's allegations he tampered with witnesses after charged and lying to investigators after he pleaded guilty. this is sitting is set for 6:30 am our time. an undocumented emigrated his in custody suspected in the murder of a san jose woman in her own. police describe carlos carranza as a homeless man who was had several past convictions. he is accused in the stabbing death of bambi larson, who was found dead in her home on knollfield way february 28. police chief edey garcia says the el salvador native was never turned over to immigration immigrations because of santa clara's policy of not honoring detention order. >> those undocumented immigrants were not violent or serious criminal should not fear the police. when we have violent or serious offenders that are praying on
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our community, we must have the ability to protect our residents. >> the county supervisor said in a statement the county cannot legally hold undocumented immigrants for i.c.e. without a warrant or judicial order. the faa is facing mounting pressure to ground the boeing 737 max 8 jetliner after two deadly crashes. these are all the countries that have grounded the plane so far, including all the european union. nearly 250 of the 370 planes have been pulled from use. that is prompting calls from u. s. lawmakers for action. >> members of my own family and friends should change planes, airlines, whatever they need to do to avoid flying on this aircraft. >> the aircraft has been involved in two tragic accidents within six months. >> president trump, who could
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order the faa to ground the planes, phoned boeing's ceo, who assured the president the plane was safe. this morning, american, southwest and united airlines continue to fly e are applying while two flht attdantu nurse call for them to be grounded. the faa says they are waiting from the data from the ethiopia crash to make a decision. 157 people died in the crash on sunday. this morning, an ethiopian airlines spokesperson said the black boxes will be sent overseas for analysis but no country has been chosen yet. this morning, pg&e won't face charges for the wine county wildfires.
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officials say there was not enough evidence to claim the utility acted with reckless disregard to human life, even though cal fire investigators determined the equipment of pg&e caused several fires. pg&e had this response:the safety of our customers, contractors and the communities we serve remains our highest priority. we continue to focus on helping our customers and communities in these counties to recover and rebuild. it is 4:41 am. a fight club in the classroom. the bay area teacher accused of pitting students against each other. once again looking south from the salesforce tower in san francisco. it will be a nice and sunny day. it is 4:41 am. we will be right back.
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i am anne mackovec at the live news desk going live to hollywood where scaffolding has collapsed onto the sidewalk, injuring three people . this happened at about 2:15 am this morning. two other people were injured the scg were able to be treated at the scene and one is it the hospital.
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this is a well traveled area in hollywood, right by hollywood high school. a sonoma county teacher is accused of running a fight club in his classroom. he is free on bond this morning after allegedly acting as a referee while students in his special education class exchanged blows on monday and tuesday of last week. at least one of the fights was caught on camera. >> it hit me in the gut. it hurts me to know that potentially some of my students, some of our students in this town, were placed in the situation that was unsafe. based on the allegations. >> he is facing counts of child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of the minor.
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he is on paid leave. a bay area school district is on the brink of a strike. doubling unified teachers started voting yesterday on whether to authorize the strike. last week, 12 hours of negotiations ended in gridlock. the teachers association says, it is our goal to secure professional pay and benefits, as well as great teaching conditions, such as manageable class sizes and caseloads. the voting ads they want to 4 1/2% raise for the school year. san francisco plans to improve a dangerous street after a deadly bike crash. officials say they are removing parking on one portion of howard st. to create a safe buffer zone between bicyclists and cars. last woman, a woman was hit by a truck and killed. discussions continue for new homeless navigation center in san francisco. the mayor wants to build a waterfront shelter near the embarcadero. the facility would have 200 beds, making it the largest navigation center in the city. it would provide health and housing services, along with around-the-clock care. some critics worry crime may
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increase in the area. it is 4:45 am. earlier this week, you promised us 70s. are we still on track for that? >> yes. for the weekend, saturday and sunday look like the warmest days of the week. we are looking forward to the 70s. we are still right on schedule for that happening with the ridge of high pressure building in today and strengthening over the next several days. let me show you what you can expect this morning heading out the door. your salesforce tower camera is looking at clear skies east at the bay bridge with temperatures in the 40s this morning. 42 in concord, oakland 49, as well a san francisco. 49 in san francisco, livermore is 43. it is not as windy as yesterday. we have that cold front that kicked up the wind. sfo sought 10 mile-per-hour winds, 12 miles per hour in san francisco, oakland 14 mile-per- hour north-northwesterly wind and 16 in fairfield but it is still pretty windy in san
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rafael. in the north bay, you are still dealing with some breezy condition as we start of the day. chilly this morning was sunshine this afternoon and temperatures are right around they should be this time of year. this is just the start of a warming trend for us. we have seen a lot of rain this winter. we have seen more rain than seattle. since january 1, downtown san francisco has seen 15.62 inches of rain. seattle has only seen a .25 inches of rain. more than a foot of rain, compared to seattle since january 1. seattle may have actually seen a lot of snowstorm. they have had canadian weather we have had seattle weather this winter. we are looking at a high
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pressure building in now. a high pressure will build in with plenty of sunshine. we will warm up beginning today through the week and into the weekend. futurecast will show you we will see plenty of sun as we head through the day today. winds are futurecast will continue to ease as we head to the rest of wednesday. daytime highs today are mainly in the 60s. 61 in san francisco, 63 in oakland, redwood city and fremont. mid 60s in santa rosa and napa. here is the 7-day forecast. there we go with the warm-up, especially by friday. we are talking upper 60s inland. by saturday and sunday, low 70s. our next chance of showers will be tuesday of next week. let's check in with gianna franco for a look at traffic. we start with the bay
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bridge. traffic is light out of the east bay into san francisco with no major snags through this portion. everything looks pretty good here with the wind advisory still in effect for the bay bridge. careful working your way across the span. hopefully that will get better as the morning progresses. no metering lights just yet, pretty easy getting through there. this is the nimitz freeway, northbound 880. not so bad in this portion. traffic is moving nicely working away from san lorenzo into fremont. it is clear but north of here we are getting first reports of a car fire north 880 at the eastshore freeway, right at the maze. it is reported off to the right shoulder. according to chp, there is a lot of smoke coming across a freeway and causing traffic to slow down. it is as you connect north 880 on 280 itself. it will affect her drive into the maze this morning. across the bay on the peninsula, 280, the mainlines of the freeway are okay but southbound we had an accident at page mill road. it is in the recovering stages and only affecting the ramp. you can have some restrictions through there. good in the south bay with no major delays on 101. from this portion all the way through the peninsula, you should be good to go . 280
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looks good through this portion, as well. guadalupe bay parkway is off to a good start. south of there we have a reports of a broken down vehicle on 17. from the looks of it, doesn't look like it is causing any major snags. your safe southbay travel times are all in the green. a favorable judgment for one of america's best-known tv jurists and britney is coming to broadway. >> reporter: britney spears says it is a dream come true. 23 of her songs are featured in an upcoming musical comedy that has broadway this fall, although the singer herself will not be performing. once upon a one more time will feature disney characters like cinderella and prince charming set to her songs. >> if you deliver it to the america viewing public that is
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smart and unique, they will embrace it. >> reporter: a jury of her tv peers has rolled. "judge judy" should receive an emmy for lifetime achievement. long time, no nonsense tv judge judith scheinman will receive the award at the 46th annual daytime emmy awards in may. "judge judy" has presided over thousands of tb cases since her show first debuted in 1996. >> you make me a prince? >> there is a lot of gray area in, can you make me a prince? >> will smith pays homage to robin williams as a genie in a lot in. it is a story of a beloved streeter chin who finds a lamp with a genie inside and gets three wishes. aladdin hits theaters memorial day weekend. that is your eye on entertainment. what a crazy day. the sharks, the 49ers, st.
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mary's versus gonzaga, david versus goliath, rocky versus apollo creed. whatever you want to call it, it was awesome. tip off coming up. let's end outside, this morning to the southbay this time. the sharks are hot right now. it is 4:51 am.
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good wednesday morning to you. enjoy the sunshine as we head through the afternoon. it is a chilly start to the day but check out temperatures as we head through the afternoon. 63 in mountain view in sunnyvale, 64 in santa clara and san jose. walmart walnut creek will see 61 and san ramon 62. 62 in berkeley, upper 50s in
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clear lake and lakeport. we will talk about a big warm- up in store for us this weekend coming up. st marys chances of making the tournament were hanging by a thread. they had to beat the top-ranked team in the country. gonzaga came in on a winning streak. here is where it turned. jordan underscored with his felt and the free-throw made it 45-41, st. mary's. jordan turned it over and got the three. it was is 54-47. they win 60-47, the first ever win over a number one team. they are going to the ncaa tournament.
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>> you had 30 wins a season ago and were left out of the ncaa tournament. they told you to improve your schedule. you did. they said you are still on the bubble. how sweet is it to know there is no such thing as a bubble for you? >> it is so sweet. i feel sorry for all those guys on the bubble right now but we are not. the 49ers have acquired ford from the chiefs. he had a career-high 13 sacks last year and led the league with seven forced fumbles. he will get a new five-year deal with $87 million making him the third highest-paid linebacker in the nfl. the 49ers missed out on wide receiver odell beckham jr. the giants reportedly traded the three-time pro bowler to the browns for a first and third round picked along with
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peppers. le'veon bell also will be coming to the 49ers. according to reports, he has signed a five-year, $52 million contract with the jazz. the two-time all-pro set out all last season while holding out for new contract with the steelers. one of the newest sharks scored two goals last night in winnipeg. under 4:00 lev. 4-3. he deflects the puck into the net and the game is tied. less than:10 left, the game- winner with five ticks left on the clock. san jose wins there, 6-3. an absolutely crazy day in the world of sports, especially here in the bay area. congratulations to st marys. see you tonight. we are live from the campus of stanford this morning. they are in the midst of what the u. s. department of justice is calling the largest college admissions scandal in history.
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to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads.
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the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. no more executions in california. this morning, noon et heels on the governor's executive order. a college admissions cheating schedule, parents accused of doing whatever it takes. boeing's 737 max 8 is still lifting off in the u. s. what it will take for the faa to ground the plane. >> it is wednesday, march 13. good morning. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. let's check in with mary lee. we have a great forecast coming up. >> we are looking at a beautiful day ahead all across the bay area. soak up the sunshine. we are looking at temperatures warming up today and through the next several days. enjoy it.


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