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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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grounding boeing 737 max jets. >> comes after two deadly crashes. here is a look at the u.s. carrier's impact. southwest has 34 in its fleet. american airlines has 24 and united has 14. >> live at sfo with the passengers who took final flights on those planes. >> reporter: as the developing story reached a crescendo with president trump banning these planes from the sky at least temporarily, there were still struggling flights of these boeing 737 max flights coming into the bay area. we landed airports including a united flight from houston, max nine. john franklin and his family from pittsburgh were on the flight, it was a topic of discussion among passengers. >> passenger next to me mentioned it. we didn't talk about planes crashing.
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but, we talked about it being grounded. and, that made it surreal once you put it together and, it was a safe travel for me. whatever they need to do to improve maintenance or whatever it is causing the issues, i think it would be a great thing to put them back in the air. >> reporter: earlier this afternoon, a southwest flight, a boeing 737 max eight came into san jose international, citing new evidence from two recent deadly plane crashes, the u.s. f a round of all 737 max planes. president donald trump make an announcement from the house. going is an incredible company. they are working very, very hard right now now. hopefully they will very quickly, with the answer. until they do, planes are grounded. >> reporter: there are some
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reports of passengers being pulled off of planes. these max eight and nine's. when there about to take off and loaded onto another flight. we will have much more on this developing story coming up at 6:00. boeing stock rebounded after dropping 3% following the announcement. shares plunged 12% since the ethiopian airline crash. boeing has lost about $27 billion in market value. hundreds of death row inmates getting news they fought for decades to hear. executions are off. the news not coming from their lawyers but from governor. more on the governor's surprise move. >> reporter: you have probably heard the argument the governor mead today before and economic disparities in the justice
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system, the 5 billion-dollar cost the has come along with the reinstatement of the death penalty in california. gavin newsom wants to end the death penalty. can he do that? >> the law is the law, crystal- clear the constitution in the state of california provides the governor the ability to reprieve, to do this moratorium . >> reporter: if there is one essential component in today's executive order, governor has gavin newsom cannot make the death penalty unlawful but he can come is the state's chief executive, simply decide he will not use the state's execution apparatus we are, as i speak, shutting down, removing the equipment in the death chamber. at san quentin. >> before the governor was done shaking hands with supporters, republicans were condemning the move. >> this is not a moral decision when you override the rule of the people so directly. >> he calls this executive
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overreach and points to 2016 when california voters rejected a ballot measure that would have repealed the death penalty and they approved a measure intended to speed up executions. >> the law does not change. that can only change with the will of the voters. >> which is interesting because i'm trying to figure out why we need to go back to the voters. any indication they change their mind? i don't think so. >> reporter: this is something we have seeing from gavin newsom before. i want to take you back to 2004 when he was mayor of san francisco. i don't want to equate the two issues here but think about marriage of the time. he was the executive of the city. he could not legalize marriage in san francisco, california or the nation but he could issue marriage licenses as the city executive. think of today he cannot make death penalty unlawful but as executive he can just not complete executions.
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this is obviously a sweeping move. it sets into motion a new series of events pertaining to the death penalty in california and we will see this over the next year or so. a familiar move by gavin newsom to use executive power to affect the discussion in a way that gets around the heart of the issue which was of course the law. we will see where this goes next. live outside san quentin. one bay area district attorney strongly disagrees with what the governor has done. he says the suspension of executions changes nothing when it comes to criminal justice. >> you don't stop because of this because it is the law. what it may be in four years we don't know. we go forward, prosecutors will continue to say as long as the law is there we will do our job . >> he is prosecuting a capital case right now involving the
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murder of a two -year-old and his team will continue to seek the death penalty. clarence ray allen california's last execution. he died by lethal injection in 2006. he was the oldest person ever to be executed. a court ordered moratorium on executions was imposed the following month. there are now 737 men and women on death row, among them four notorious cases from the bay area. richard allen davis who kidnapped and killed poly class in 1993, joseph and also convicted in 2011 of killing six women in the bay area and beyond over two decades. and he killed his pregnant girlfriend and two daughters and their san jose home in 2005 and scott peterson murdered his pregnant wife police say and dumped her body in san francisco bay in 2003. we put together a gallery of the notable northern california inmates on death row. you can find it online at
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actress laura laughlin has been released from custody on $1 million bond. she appeared in a los angeles courtroom this afternoon, charged in the college admissions scandal. today she was formally charged with conspiracy and fraud. she and her husband, fashion designer mossimo guiliani accused of being half a million dollars to get their daughters in the u.s.a. the girls allegedly portrayed as gifted rowers even though neither of them ever anticipated in the sport. 13 being charged are high-powered bay area payments parents accused of getting their kids into unique diversities including georgetown, ucla and usc. one of those charges, a couple from palo alto, julie goodrich with more on their story. >> reporter: you have to wonder what's going to the minds of these parents and students after this latest revelation. we are trying to get insight today so we stop by the home of gregory and amy colburn two of the parents charged in this alleged scheme.
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and they looked visibly shaken dr. gregory colburn and his wife among the 33 defendants identified is what the parents accused of making bribes. we found him in his palo alto driveway today. when i asked him about the bribery allegations he said no comment before scurrying into his home for the rest of the afternoon. court documents allege that gregory and amy colburn paid the key foundation, one by william singer, $25,000 in cash and stock to help boost their son's college admission test. singer reported we had there. fly from palo alto to the west hollywood test center to take the s.a.t.. according to court documents a co-conspirator was the supposed proctor and took the test instead of their son. in october, dr. coburn was warned in a phone call that the irs was auditing the key foundation. the f.b.i. was listening in. a cooperating witness said i'm not telling the irs.
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he said no i got that. yes i know about that the witness saying all right but what i am telling them is your payment essentially went to our foundation to help underserved kids. . colburn saying quote right, okay. >> proctor needs a proctor remixer allen a harvard graduate and a lead instructor at zenith tutoring in college admissions tutoring in palo alto. >> a clear process for identifying proctors who have not followed the rules. private situations with students who don't think there proctors have correctly time them or something of that nature. a common question we get is there anything i can do. >> reporter: i talked to a lot of of college tutors does this tarnish the universities particularly stanford they great no the reputation will still hold but certainly changes the admission process. today stanford university sent an e-mail to all of their alums
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saying they are reviewing the process we hope to regain the trust. usc sent out an e-mail saying they are reviewing everyone after school on a case- by-case basis and taking this very seriously. the founder and ceo of silicon valley finance stepping down amid the cheating scandal accusations. he was arrested in new york, yesterday. he and his wife elizabeth are accused of conspiring to bribe a georgetown tennis coach as well as paying thousands of dollars to help their two daughters cheat on their admissions exams. he is stepping down as ceo and chairman of palo alto -based hercules capital. according to the company he will hold a seat on the board and serve as an advisor. president trump's former campaign chairman racking up her time behind bars. he was sentenced today to another three and a half years in prison. mola lenghi live in washington d.c. where the judge rejected manafort's appeal for leniency.
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>> reporter: this federal judge piled on more prison time to the present's former campaign chairman, but it remains unclear if president trump will ultimately step in and pardon paul manafort. paul manafort has been sentenced to 73 months in prison after pleading guilty to two conspiracy charges. >> very sad day for such a callous, harsh sentence that is totally unnecessary. >> reporter: federal judge amy berman jackson noted manafort consistently gave false testimony about his interactions with russian political consultant with ties to russian intelligence agencies. from a wheelchair court, the 69 -year-old apologize for his crimes saying i am sorry for what i've done and asked for compassion from the judge for his wife's sake adding she needs me and i need her. but judge jackson said leniency was unwarranted and manafort's lives cannot be ignored adding
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court is one of those places where facts still matter. 30 months of today's sentence will run concurrent to the 47 months he was sentenced to last week on bank and tax fraud charges. he faces a total of seven and a half years in prison. manafort's legal problems are still growing. within minutes of his sentencing, the district attorney in manhattan announced new charges against him in new york. manafort has been indicted on mortgage fraud, conspiracy and other state charges. if convicted, those crimes are not eligible for a presidential pardon, something president trump could grant for the federal charges. >> will you pardoned paul manafort? >> i have not given of the as of this moment. it's not something that is right now on my mind. i do feel badly for paul manafort. >> reporter: none of manafort's crimes are related related to work he did on president trump's 2016 presidential election campaign. manafort will get time, he will
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get credit for the nine months in jail he has already served throughout the course of his trials. facebook reportedly under criminal investigation for data sharing deals as facebook and instagram have been down for hours. the social network scrambling to fix one of the longest outages ever. stuck at the top of a notorious bay area hill how this truck became a tourist attraction. a veteran firefighter rising to the top has san francisco's new fire chief is making history. alright, let's talk perks!
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would you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. facebook is reportedly under criminal investigation for deals with tech companies. the new york times reports a federal grand jury is investigating company partnership that provide broad access to the information of millions of users. those companies among 150 with sharing deals that allowed them to see friends' contact information and other data. facebook said in a statement it is cooperating with investigators. a systemwide facebook outage has been causing huge problems for users and technical issues are impacting other apps.
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users reported issues logging in and posting comments. also affecting service on two other platforms, whats cap and instagram, both owned by facebook. facebook turn to twitter tweeting quote we are where some people are currently having trouble accessing the facebook family of apps. are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. facebook says the issues are not from a hacker. rescue teams are called out to rescue a kite surfer in san francisco bay happened about 1:30 this afternoon the st. francis yacht club. fire crews got a call of a kite surfer stranded about a mile and a half hour. rescuers canvassed the water and found the man who was not hurt. truck driver lesson, he got stuck this morning trying to make it over the top of this hill on california and taylor. you can see the bed touching the roadway and to make matters worse the truck is blocking
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cable car tracks. it took more than an hour to maneuver the truck off the tracks. tourists got a kick and pulled out cameras does not photo. today the mayor made a historic selection to leave the san francisco fire department. she announced that deputy chief janine nicholson would take over . nicholson becomes the first member of the lgbt community to lead the department. she also becomes the second woman to hold the top post after joanne hayes who retires inmate. nicholson called the appointment humbling. >> pretty incredible. i know i keep saying everything is an honor and i don't take that lightly. >> nicholson is a 25 year veteran. most recently serving as deputy chief of administration. chief joanne hayes says that will make the transition a little smoother. >> working in administration
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and coming online with budgets, special projects and so forth, hr issues. she has really gotten up to speed. >> nicholson has a few weeks left before her promotion officially kicks in. most of the bay area has not hit 70 degrees since the first week of november, that is a long time ago but the weight is almost over. coming up when the rock and other parts may hit 70 degrees. . pothole relief coming to san jose. the city get the green light to repair more than 300 miles of roads. we look at the worst spots in line for a fix. in line for a fix.
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. >> are relentless winter storms dwindling seasonal openings at yosemite national park. heavier than normal snowpack resulted in damages to facilities. it has destroyed or damaged cabins there. trees topple over restrooms, parking areas made roads and trails impassable. visitors have been encouraged to check yosemite's website for information on opening date. now is your chance to secure a permit to halftone. the lottery open today. all hikers required to have permits to send the steps in the halftone cables. information on how you can apply on the page of yosemite national parks website. eventually that snow will, take longer but it will melt you can get up there. feels like we may be turning a corner. really we have. stormy, snowy wet sunshine now milder and we
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turn another corner this weekend because for the first time in four months, we do the 70s. bellbottoms coming back, back to the 70s. not there now will be there the next couple days but headed in that direction. temperatures amazingly below average. concord in santa rosa 65 exactly normal this time of year congratulations. we are there now we will climb above average the next few days. livermore 61 san jose 60, san francisco 58. we will talk more about you san jose in a few seconds. you load tonight, 40. number 41, san francisco 44, sunrise 7:22. but if you know that you have kids you can get them out about the last couple days. this is the third longest wait for your first 70-degree day of the year since 1973. we do not wait this long for 70 . last year happened the second of january. for you this year san jose, that likely will
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happen either saturday or sunday. sunshine tomorrow in castro valley, 65 degrees. 67 friday. you likely hit 70 this weekend. under mainly sunny skies. the pattern interesting you may be thinking the storms are gone, that is incorrect. they have moved. we have a ridge of high pressure walking storms from coming to california. up and over the ridge, colorado springs, colorado, within the past couple hours snowing 27 degrees with a 96-mile per hour wind gust. that is how crazy it is to the east. stormy weather has moved and is ridge of high pressure will stay close the next several days getting closer and stronger, warming us up further. futurecast showing you so many storms all winter long shows clear skies tomorrow morning. filtered sunshine tomorrow afternoon, to morning. friday mostly sunny and the weekend, last week in a washout for parts of the weekend. we will not have a similar case
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this weekend. some of you may hit 73 or 74 degrees coming up. mainly dry weather lasting through the weekend into next week. nights seasonably chilly, 30s and 40s tonight and the next couple nights but afternoons warm to the 70s by this weekend for the first time since the first week of november. and 60s tomorrow, at number 66 san jose 66, 65 fairfield and livermore 63 oakland, sunshine san francisco 62 degrees. couple degrees warmer friday few degrees saturday and sunday look at the highs near the bay. mid-to upper 60s highs inland low to mid-70s, sunny and warm this weekend. next opportunity for rainfall showers possible one week from today. following breaking news out of the east bay. >> word of the shooting that involves an alameda county sheriff's deputy. this happened in the past 40 minutes in san leandro.
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no word on the extent of injuries. chopper five headed to the scene and as we get more information we will bring it to you. >> cameras capture a surprising surprise in the north bay. see the mountain lion kitten snuggling up to mom. bay. see the mountain lion kitten snuggling up to mom.
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. researchers in sonoma county celebrating some new life. >> two tiny mountain lion kitten's caught on camera snuggling up. they were born in the state
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park, about ten days old. the duo seemed live with their mom. researchers say this may be her first litter. young mountain lions will stay with her to learn big catskills like hunting until they set off on their own in about a year. coming up more on breaking news. shooting involving an alameda county sheriff's deputy. >> san jose you've been patient long enough. 300 miles of streets are going to get repaved this year. tesla crashes into a bay area sushi restaurant. a deadly school collapse in nigeria. frantic efforts to save dozens of children, bearded trapped inside. bearded trapped inside.
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. president trump grounding all planes, 737 max eight jets. use carriers fly 72 of the planes, other nations granted their fleets earlier this week. more than 700 california death row inmates have been granted sudden and unexpected reprieve. governor newsom signing an order today suspending executions in the state. he calls the death penalty system a failure. e


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