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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  March 14, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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michelle griego this thursday morning. and -- >> friday junior, right? >> you are right! and more sunshine on the way. >> ah, have you loved the weath ? >> it's been so refreshing. >> hopefully you can get out and enjoy the sunshine again because we are going to see another spectacular day all across the bay area. 50s 40s and 30s in the area. tri-valley is cool. your weather headlines, clear skies, chilly conditions this morning. this afternoon, sunny, mild, daytime highs in the 60s. temperatures a little bit warmer even compared to yesterday. and we'll continue on that warming trend as we go through
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the next several days. so warming up 70s inland by this weekend. we'll have the full forecast coming up. we start off with the altamont pass. trouble spots already. westbound 580 at grant line an accident in the clearing stages also another small problem reported around north flynn. a lot of glass in the road so there is a lot of debris. vehicles are slowing down because of that. busy out of 580. you will see stop and go conditions. past north flynn looking good towards the dublin interchange. not a bad ride right now as you work your way on the eastshore freeway. traffic pretty light this morning westbound no delays at least coming out of richmond as you work your way into the emeryville. if you are heading towards the bay bridge, now is a time to take it. no delays westbound out of oakland into san francisco. just a couple of cars stack up in the cash lanes but that's
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pretty typical. san mateo bridge looks good, as well. easy ride 12 minutes to go between 880 and 101. north of here through sausalito roadwork will clear within the next 15 minutes. the already crowded field of democratic presidential candidates just got bigger. former texas congressman beto o'rourke threw his hat into the ring an hour and a half ago. the 46-year-old drew national attention last year after losing a close senate race to republican ted cruz. o'rourke is scheduled to travel to iowa today for a multi-day tour. in the east bay a deadly officer-involved shooting is under investigation after an apparent theft gone wrong. the shots rang out just before 5:00 last night atthrift store parking lot in san leandro. alameda county deputies were
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responding to reports of a theft at the store. officers say that when they arrived, two suspects a man and woman were inside an suv. sheriffs say things went wrong shortly after deputy to them and went to his motor cycle to call their plates in. >> everything seemed somewhat okay. and then it wasn't okay because the suspect put the car in reverse at a high rate of speed to get out there was. >> three officers opened fire as the suv reportedly sped toward the deputy. the male driver was shot and killed. the woman was also shot but survived. no deputies were hurt. the gas chamber at san quentin prison is closed as hundreds of condemned inmates get a reprieve from governor gavin newsom. yesterday he signed an executive order putting executions on hold in california. that executive order spared the lives for now of all 737 inmates on the state's death
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row. it's going to be for the offi. orr also withdraws the state's recently revised lethal injection policy but it does not commute any inmate sentences. >> the law does not change as it relates to death penalty. that can only change with the will of the voters. >> yeah, which is interesting. because i'm trying to figure out why we need to go back to the voters. is there any indication they changed their mind? i don't think so. >> the state executed 13 people since 1978 and nobody has been executed since 2006 because of legal challenges to the lethal injection method. in 2016 california voters rejected a proposition aimed at repealing the death penalty and approved a measure aimed at speeding up the execution process. here is a look at just a few of the notorious death row inmates who now have a reprieve. the oldest is david carpenter now 88. known as the trailside killer. he killed at least 10 people
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often after stalking and raping them along hiking trails in northern california. he was sentenced to death in 1984. charles ng along with his friend leonard lake tortured and killed as many as 25 people. investigators found videos in a lake committed suicide while in custody but ng was convicted in 1999 and sentenced to death for 11 of the murders. richard allen davis kidnapped and murdered 12-year-old polly klaas of petaluma in 1993. marc klaas, her father, says he is very upset about the governor's decision to suspend executions. and scot peterson claimed his pregnant wife was messing. her body and their unborn son were found dead in richmond. a live look at bay area airports this morning where the last of boeing 373 max jets sfpd down last night following days of mounting pressure, the
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u.s. made the call to ground the planes after two deadly soh seeing delays over the next few days. reporter: one by one, the last of the boeing "737 max" jets landed safely through the united states. they were in the airplane when president trump announced -- >> we are going to be issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the "737 max" 8 and the "737 max" 9. >> reporter: the grounding came three days after the crash of ethiopian airlines flight 302 on sunday. 157 people died including 8 americans. the faa said it had new satellite information that showed the flight track was very similar to th of "737 max" that crashed in october. physical evidence showed
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similarities. >> the safety of all people is of concern. >> reporter: despite cancellations and delays, travelers were mostly pleased with the decision. >> if there's any fear of, you know, malfunction or problem, like, you got to do safety first i don't care how late i'm going to be, as long as i get there. >> 100% a great idea. >> reporter: while the cause is still under investigation, lawmakers want to hear in boeing. >> boeing has to tell congress and the american people what that company knew about this. >> reporter: the plane's black boxes were sent to france for analysis after german investigators said they didn't have the proper software. wendy gillette, cbs news. >> boeing says it has full confidence in the safety of the "737 max" planes but supported the grounding out of an abundance of caution crim inveatio d struck with companies to share user data.
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the "new york times" reports these companies are among more than 150 firms including amazon, apple, microsoft and sony, that cut sharing deals with the social network. the agreements let the companies see users' friends, contact information and other data, sometimes without consent. facebook has phased out most partnerships over the last two years. facebook said, quote. >> instead of getting selfies and status updates, many facebook and instagram users saw error messages. the outage across the world was more than 14 hours. it is believed their biggest interruption ever. facebook assured users though it was not related to hackers. 4:38 this morning. usc is investigating students implicated in the college admissions scandal. that includes the daughters of
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actress lori loughlin, the full house star free on $1 million bond this morning after being charged with conspiracy and fraud in the admissions scandal. according to investigators, she and her husband paid half million dollars in bribes to getter that daughters into the school. the feds say that the money was funneled through william "rick" singer. >> the payoff is they found the right place to go to school and they feel great about themselves. >> according to court documents, laughlin and her husband work with singer and paid off a usc administrator who was also arrested. the daughters were admitted to usc on a rowing scholarship though they didn't row. they took pictures to make it look like they were thsay government has a recorded call she said to ke a donation to
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the singer's foundation, not the college commission scheme. 13 parents are accused from the area. a doctor and his wife allegedly paid $25,000 to boost their son's s.a.t. score. we found him in their driveway yesterday. he had no comment. who took the test for some of these students? the feds say that this guy, mark riddell, a harvard grad and former tennis pro. singer called him his best test- taker who could nail a score. the feds alleged that he took the s.a.t. for actress felicity huffman's daughter. riddell released a statemen saying: the "wall street journal" reports it was a tipster who helped crack the case. the feds were working on a separate fraud case last spring when a financial executive tipped them off to an even bigger scheme hoping for
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leniency. >> it is like a movie. >> yes. >> that list is very long. >> yeah. mother nature meantime dropping a winter weather bomb on the midwest. coming up, swirling snow and wind speeds up to 100 miles per hour! this morning, the lasting effects as that powerful storm moved out. >> all right. now we get a look from our "salesforce tower" camera looking south at the embarcadero this morning. we see the tankers out there, very clear conditions. it's 4:41. we'll be right back.
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this morning, much of the midwest getting hit by a winter storm, called a bomb cyclone, bringing blizzard conditions and hurricane-force winds. wendy gillette shows us. reporter: ripping winds and blasting snow made mundane tasks nearly impossible in the nebraska panhandle wednesday. the blizzard stranded hundreds
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of cars in nebraska and colorado. after a lot of effort, this was freed. >> never have i seen anything like this. this is crazy. >> reporter: firefighters rescued drivers who got stuck in denver, where wind gusts were 100 miles an hour, the strongest in decades. the national guard deployed trucks to help. the conditions paralyzed roads throughout colorado. tens of thousands of customers in several states lost power as utility crews tried in vain to keep up with falling trees and power lines. >> i have been with united power for 15 years and this has been a pretty good storm. >> reporter: runways were shut down at denver's airport. more than 1300 flights were canceled. >> i'm stuck here with two small children and i don't know when i'll get home. >> reporter: twenty states were under a high wind alert, certainly too much for this colorado llama, which had to be moved indoors to stay warm. wendy gillette, cbs news. 4:44 this morning.
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one of the most famous tourist attractions in the bay area, the golden gate bridge, this is a live look at the bay area landmark this morning. well, now the city of san jose plans to build its own iconic landmark to attract people from all over the world. the city council gave permission to the san jose light tower corporation to hold an international competition to design a landmark for arena green near s.a.p. center. the nonprofit group is named after a landmark tower that was in downtown san jose. it was removed after damage from a windstorm back in 1915 but reportedly helped influence the eiffel tower in paris, france. >> we want something like the roman coliseum or the eiffel tower that hundreds of years from now is still relevant and that somehow captures the human spirit. >> some environmentalists say that the location isn't right. they say that an increase in visitors would threaten birds and other animals near the guadalupe river and los gatos creek. >> interesting to see some of the proposals that they come up with. i want to see the drawings. it would be interesting.
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>> see what they come up with in the end, right? >> all right. more on our sunshine. it's nice since our wet winter. we'll appreciate the sunshine for the next several day. so enjoy it. here's a live look taking you outside with the "salesforce tower" camera with clear skies. temperatures in the 30s, 40s and even at 550 degrees. some of the colder locations the tri-valley in the north bay with temperatures in the upper 30s this morning. so for livermore, 39. 38 in santa rosa. 40 in concord. 41 in san jose. looking at 50 for oakland as well as for downtown san francisco this morning. so clear skies, chilly conditions. excuse me. chilly conditions this morning. we have sunshine and mild temperatures as we head through the afternoon. and looking at warmer weather by this weekend. so a big warmup in store for us. so high pressure strength inches as we go through the next few days. that's why those temperatures
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will be warming up. plenty of sunshine. and you just saw how bad it is across the plains, the rockies, still tracking that powerful winter storm that bomb cyclones or bombogenesis that bringing blizzard-like conditions and blowing snow for the rockies as well as for the plains. that will continue to push to the east even severe weather with that low pressure system down to the south. as we go through the day for us here in the bay area, on futurecast, could see a few more high-level clouds through the day. that's pretty much about it. we'll continue to have that sunshine over the next several days. and as we fast forward on futurecast this strong ridge of high pressure by the weekend will bring temperatures in the 70s for inland locations so the warmest that we have seen since back in november 7th of last year, it has been a long time for sure and speaking of temperatures in the 70s, the third longest wait for the first 70-degree day in san jose
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since 1973. so it's been a long wait for sure so far this year. so looking at 62 in san francisco, 63 in oakland, 65 for a high in redwood city. 64 in fremont. 66 for san jose as well for santa rosa and for napa. so temperatures a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. we're going to continue with that warming trend as we go through the rest of the workweek and into the weekend. so there we go 70s saturday and sunday, warm monday and tuesday, shower chances back in the forecast for the middle part of next week. gianna has traffic. loving all that sunshine, mary. all right. taking a look at the roads right now as you head out on the nimitz freeway, so far, so good. a live look at conditions here as you work your way northbound. those taillights headed toward the maze, southbound traffic moving as you head into san lorenzo and hayward. still doing okay this morning so no delays past the coliseum. good news through here. pretty much the case for most of the nimitz freeway this morning. if you are traveling near paseo
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grand, traffic is grade. here's a live look at conditions both directions there. in fact, light even south of here heading all the way into fremont and into the south bay. so if you are heading out early this morning on 880, good to go. westbound 580, though, not quite the same case here. the 205/680, 36 minutes. we have had accidents on 580. one at grant line, another one at north flynn. they are both in the clearing stages. a lot of glass debris reported in lanes so that's definitely slowing traffic down as you head through there. busy anyway, always one of our hot spots coming out of tracy connecting from the 580/205 connector. eastshore freeway great start right now no delays westbound and an easy ride as you work your way out of richmond. in fact, safe to say you have some nice speeds coming out of hercules as well, westbound towards emeryville. getting on the bay bridge, shouldn't be too much trouble this morning. and south bay so far, so good. good morning to san jose where that northbound ride out of 101 looks really good with no delays heading from this point all the way towards sfo.
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back to you guys. alicia keys is sharing her life story and jesse smollett heads back to court this time with the cameras rolling. chris martinez has your "eye on entertainment." >> reporter: actor jussie smollett is due back in a chicago court today. a trial judge will be assigned to the case and ask expected to ask for a plea. the star is charged with lying to police about being the victim of a hate crime. his attorney has requested cameras in the courtroom saying there should be complete transparency. singer alicia keys is putting out a memoir in november covering her childhood in new york through her rise to stardom. the book will be published by oprah winfrey. and coming to theaters next month, the story of one of the world's greatest ballet dancers. >> i want political asylum. >> reporter: "the white crow"
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is about rudolph nureyev and how he became a global-star. the director said that to understand the world of dance he should try himself. >> i took some ballet lessons myself to have a sense of what it is, even a little tiny foothold into what they ask of the body. don't hold your breath. >> reporter: it opens in the u.s. in april. that's your "eye on entertainment." chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. not even the new fire chief in san francisco could put out demarcus cousins last night. the dude was on fire. and antonio brown had a bunch of touchdowns in his steel erica rear but wait until you see where he had his first housecall as a raider coming up. >> and here's a live look outside in san jose this morning where they are going to see a very spring-like day. we're going to be right back.
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good thursday morning. it's going to be a gorgeous day across the bay area. and our temperatures are going to be in the 60s for many locations. 65 in mountain view, sunnyvale. 66 in santa clara and san jose. walnut creek, danville, 63. 65 in vallejo and fairfield. 63 in berkeley, alameda and san leandro at 64. and low 60s for clearlake. the warriors had not beaten dyction be ngiseason, hurt. and the rockets had won night straight. no lip-reading needed to know steve kerr wanted this game badly. klay hit 5 of 10 from downtown. he had 30 points. this one gave the warriors a 12-
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point fourth quarter lead. demarcus cousins got more shots with durant sidelined. he looked like the guy in sacramento. 27 points to go with 7 assists. houston though got the lead down to 4 with timing running out. chris paul gets the hoop and the foul. and the warriors are up just one point. so james harden went to the line to keep it at one. he missed his second free throw but the ball is tipped into the backcourt and time ran out. the warriors hold on, 106-104, and for now at least, the drama is over. >> my grandmother when i was younger she had this soap opera, "as the world turns." every episode, it was something. that's what this is like, "as the world turns." he might play his final game for the cardinal heading to the nba. he had a monster game in the opening round of the pac-12
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tournament, bruins won 79-72. and yesterday afternoon, cal was down 3 to buffalo. matt bradley to tie -- no! short. off the rim. cal lost 56-54. they end their miserable season at 8-23. antonio brown was introduced at raider headquarters yesterday. he is already the best receive in the league and said he is coming for jerry rice's record. that's going to happen. he is going to need a little chemistry with derek carr. here's the start. he showed up to carr's house yesterday and then to alameda where he showed off the silver and black jersey and said he is ready for the raiders' final season in the black hole. >> be able to be on the last team that will ever be here in oakland is something special in itself. so it's pressure in that. it's excitement in that. and it's a lot that come with that and i'm here today ready to embrace all that. the raiders also made another move yesterday signing former charger receiver tyrell
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williams to a four-year deal worth $44 million. also the 49ers inked former falcon running back kevin coleman, who kyle shanahan had success with when he was atlanta's offensive coordinator. interesting now, he got coleman, he got matt and mckinnon, i guess three's company in the 49er backfield at least for the time being. that's the latest in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. i'll see you tonight. airlines across the country are now shuffling thousands of passengers as president trump's latest executive order grounds a specific type of fleet. >> plus, a suspect accused of murdering a san jose woman in her home making his first appearance in court today. what we can expect coming up. r from salt lake international airport, mountain time means more time on more resorts on the greatest snow on earth. it means more time with the kids and more time away from the kids.
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ski more, shred more, chill more, cheers more because mountain time is a state of mind that can only be found in one place. utah.
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grounded jets, canceled flights, the fallout this morning over boeing's worldwide jet investigation. >> bullets fly outside a bay area thrift store. this morning a shoplifting suspect is dead. >> and a showdown on capitol hill this morning over president trump's national border emergency. this morning, the senate weighs in. it is thursday, march 14th. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec. michelle is off. let's get to our weather forecast because that's probably the best news of the day if you like sunshine. there are some people out there that don't. >> give it a thumbs up. >> they have had their share of weather. >> they have had the rain and a lot of it this winter. and now we have the sunshine and hopefully you like the sun because we have it over the next several days. temperatures warming up, as well. here's a live look with our transamerica camera and looking at temperatures in the 30s, 40s


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