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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 18, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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here in the bay area, one city going to extreme lengths to solve a smelly mystery. details on the new investigation . why visitors will no longer be allowed to get an up close look at a super plume drying super crowds to a california park. it is monday, march 18, good morning i melissa cain and for michelle griego. let's get started with a look at our weather. then traffic. let's the weather. that's the good news. >> good news. if you like the weekend you will like today. sunshine, warm temperatures, above average for this time of year, changes are coming. unfortunate, if you love the weather, it will not last too much longer as we are tracking a few weather systems that will bring the return of the rain and cooler temperatures. in the meantime, here is a live look with the new treasure island camera, isn't that a gorgeous camera? clear skies, temperatures on this monday morning in the 40s and 50s, 47 in concorde, oakland 52, livermore, you are in the mid-40s, mid-50s in san
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francisco, 50 san jose in santa rosa and the mid 40s this morning. weather headlines, a mild start to our monday, mostly clear skies, sunshine, warm temperatures as we go through the afternoon, highs in the 60s and in the 70s. well above average for this time of year. we continue with the warm weather for today, it was a rate weekend, the first sunny and warm we can of the year. we are looking at the rain returning this week with much cooler temperatures as we are tracking a few weather systems rolling in this week. we time it out on future cast for you, take you are by hour, what you can expect where you live coming up. let's check in for a look at traffic, we have traffic alerts this morning. >> as we do. as you work your way along highway four, i just checks with chp, it will be wrapped up in the next couple of minutes. as of right now, two right lanes still blocked pushing everything over to the right shoulder, a pretty big backup behind the, you also have a crash report right around bailey making things a little worse there, a slow ride through pittsburgh this morning as you work your way through westbound highway 4, and other lane blocks, back to the 238 at
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this point, slow coming out of the castro valley, your drive times as you make your way towards 85 minutes to the antioch, everything on time for mass transit, if you want to use that instead of the roadways, good choice. just a heads up, earlybird service, the buses are now out of fruitvale for the early bird, that affects transit, do check the schedule before you head out the door. the bay bridge, slow going, it is a busy ride as you work your way out of the east bay into san francisco, you start seeing traffic backup as you work your way right around the base, take it slow there, richmond down the bridge, a few more cars working their way westbound as you work your way to the toll plaza, a little slow also, more cars on the san mateo bridge as well. just a heads up, you might see slower speeds going from hayward as you head to gloucester city. melissa? thank you . developing news and of the is dead and several others injured after a shooting on the
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tram. they say a gunman opened fire in the city of utrecht just a few hours ago. police are investigating this as a possible terrorist attack. the dutch counterterror office just raise the threat level to the maximum in the province. police are still looking for the gunman. it is unclear if other people are involved. i'm jackie ward in castro valley where two separate shootings happened on east bay freeways. one brought a woman here to eaton medical center. she is recovering with a gunshot went. a 24-year-old woman in the passenger seat of a honda accord traveling eastbound on 580 and livermore just before 6:00 last night. i'm sorry, but by a bullet in the leg and is treated for non- life-threatening injuries. police have not yet released a description of the suspect car, the other shooting resulted in the woman being killed. that happened before to:30 in the afternoon saturday on highway 4. police are still trying to determine if the 25- year-old destiny hillary of
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antioch died because the crash itself or because she was shot. just like any other shooting, the suspect in this incident is still out there. >> the suspect its way so fast. a lot of times, witnesses are not really sure what they're seeing and are able to get a license plate or description. >> friends of hillary held a visual held a vigil last night. they say they say she was not involved in drugs or gangs and have no idea why anybody would want to harm her. they believe the shooters or shooter is still other . in new zealand, authorities working to identify all of the victims of last week's terror attack as the country comes together to mourn. the city of christchurch the first funerals were held yesterday for some of the 50 worshipers killed in the massacre at two mosques friday. vigils held for new zealanders to come together and degree.
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meanwhile, counterterrorism police in australia rated two homes belonging to the relatives of the suspect early this morning. brenton tarrant was the only attacker but he may have gotten some type of outside support. yesterday the new zealand prime ministers says new gun reform laws would be announced within days in response to the massacre. >> the public are rightly asking right now why is it and how is it you should end currently able to buy military style semiautomatic weapons in new zealand? >> reporter: dozens of people injured in the attacks. some of them have now recovered enough to be released . you will have a more expensive lyft arght ifa new p katie nielsen is live to explain how this would work. >> reporter: melissa, what the
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idea is is to add a fee to each right in the city and that would help pay for a lot of the traffic issues they say are caused by the rideshare copies. the san francisco county traffic administration says half of the increased traffic in downtown the last four years is caused by rogers. the city supervisor aaron peskin worked out a deal with uber and lyft for a surcharge of 3 1/4% each ride which is about $.33 for a $10 trip. they would only see a fee of 1/2%. >> it is true uber and lyft could choose to pass some of cothe riders. they have not said if they will do that. we have not seen an alternate solution. >> reporter: the supervisor peskin estimates the surcharge would generate about $30 million a year to help pay for street repaving, traffic enforcement and public transportation projects.
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he plans to introduce the proposal to the board of supervisors in may and if it is approved it will end up on the november ballot where it would meet a two thirds majority to pass. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix five . one question this morning, was the smell? the $85,000 investigation the works to sniff out the problem. the plan is to mount devices on city property to detect the presence of smells, organic compounds, gases, chemicals. residence have long suspected the smell comes the residence and long suspected the smell comes from the wastewater facility or even a recycling facility owned locally. >> i'm not here pointing fingers. here to make they o rds maal or pollutevery day. >> the bay area air quality management district will also be launching a year-long study
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in the area . new this morning, the poppy shuts down. officials forcing to late on the hammer after a mad dash for selfies proved disastrous over the weekend. walker canyon closed for business till further notice after people swarmed the area to get pictures of this year super bloom. in a facebook post, the city hall apologized to the community for the rush and said it will reevaluate options this week. the time now 6:08. we can a live look from texas were a massive fire has been raging out of control nearly a full day. we'll have more that coming up. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ i been feeling it since 1966, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ let me kick it like it's 1986, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪
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♪ might've had your fill, but you feel it still, ooh woo ♪ good morning to the south bay, san jose, clear skies, temperatures in san jose around 50 degrees. we will see the sunshine and warm temperatures today, it changes ahead this week, tracking a few weather systems that bring rain as well as cooler temperatures, we time out for you on future cast, coming up . 6:12 right now, proves mopping up in oregon this morning after a massive water main break flooding a portland neighborhood saturday. the floods forced about a dozen homes to evacuate and power was shut off to around 10,000 homes to the portland bureau of transportation said crews will likely need to excavate and completely rebuild demonstrates . developing news this morning, out of texas a
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chemical plant fire near houston continues to burn out of control. we have live pictures from harris county as you can see all of the smoke still pouring out. the fire has berning arly 20 hours straight and it is spreading. this is all happening at the intercontinental plant and cortexes near houston. crews have been working tirelessly to get it under control and at last check, eight chemical storage tanks are burning, thick black smoke is blanketing the area trapping the entire city endorsed. there is a shelter in place order and it is unclear what it will be issued . currently the air quality is not at any elevated levels beyond what is standard. >> even so, the epa is monitoring the situation with harris county pollution control, no injuries have been reported at this time . right now the approval process for a new aircraft is reportedly under the microscope anher boeing h too mu
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inuence whether new the recent years of the faa turning over more safety certification processes to manufacturers and according to bloomberg, faa employees raise concerns about boeing as far back as 2012. the faa defended the practice is saying it has consistently produced safe aircraft designs . meanwhile, investigators say the initial data from last week's ethiopian airline crashed shows clear similarities to the lion air crash in october. ethiopian officals say the plenary report should be done in 30 days. the music world mourning the loss of one of california's signatures sounds. the king of the surf guitar has died. he was born in boston in 1937. he was a pioneer of the
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development of the instrumental surf music in the 1960s and his songs reemerged as hits in the 1990s when featured in quentin tarantino hit movie pulp fiction. dick dale passed away at a southern california hospital, he was 81 years old . capping today, details unveiled on the first big time is go performance at the new chaser throughout the week. he said to hit the stage in san francisco. they begin playing at the chaser. the 2020 season coming up, a look inside as things were installed in january. let's start with a check of the traffic. >> better news, we have been monitoring the traffic spotted highway 4. the traffic report there, all lanes now open. however, you can see the
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damages fun. 84 minutes, that is the drive time over towards the short freeway. hopefully you save time if you can't. the westbound 580, the 205 of the 680 still pretty full, 39 minutes, slowly is improving. we are starting to see more folks hit the roadways, no accidents on 80, that is the good news. again, highway 4 looking a lot better, the crash clearing, a new top spot around bailey, looks like a broken down vehicle stuck in one of those lanes. adding to an already busy commute, right around bailey you can use the road just south of highway 4. still blocked for an accident, trying to connect with the bridge this morning, pastor you will see delays anyway. brake lights also as you make your way southbound heading into fremont, look out for a stall westbound on 24 right at
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pleasant hill road, little slow working away at on the 24 . >> it look to bring good news. a beautiful day across the area, if you're loving the sunshine, one temptress, we have it for you. really another day before big changes here's a live look at the tower cam looking at. st. patrick's day we celebrated yesterday. still going this way. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. 47 concord. a mild start the day mostly clear skies. sunny and warm with above average daytime highs, 60s and 70s as you head through the afternoon. cooler this week as we track a few weather systems bringing the return of the rain and much
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cooler temperatures. it would have been a very wet winter. 109% in san francisco, one of five in san jose, 104% average for the rain far rainfall for the year. and for the entire state of california, now drought free, completely out of the drought. that is fantastic news. this the first time since december 20, 2011 that we have been able to say that. so, no longer any drought for the bay area and for the states, the yellow here normally dry in southern california. but not officially. here is the satellite and radar view, high pressure in control for today. changes are coming as we are tracking a few weather systems that will bring the return of wet weather for us and a big drop in temps, let's time it on future cast for you today, looking at mostly sunny skies and then tomorrow we will start
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to see some changes with increasing clouds for your tuesday then watch as we go through tuesday night, a few essd showers roland, that much cooler. daytime highs upper 60, 70 in oakland, mid-70s san jose. the 7 day forecast wet and much cooler as the, thursday, friday. drier we can. good morning. yesterday was sunday. i realize the woman's division i basketball ncaa invites go out later on today. it was about the dudes. in moraga, the st. mary's gaels, their reaction. we have more in a jiffy. the time now 6:19. here's a look at san francisco from the brand-new treasure island camera. we will be right back.
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good morning everybody. do you know what time it is? it is a sports time. at present, the ncaa men's tournaments were handed out yesterday, brackets already for villanova who gets? >> the 11th seed st. mary's gaels. [ ee in the automatic bid after the upset last tuesday in the west coast conference tournament. they will be the 11th seed, they will face the defending champion wildcats thursday in hartford, connecticut. a 4: 20 art.
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boy, they better make shots like that if they want to advance. in the meantime, we have the nba two head out to. marcus cousins on here, injured his right foot and a win in oklahoma city. the foot is waiting for an mri. it's time for andrew bogan two- step. to rejoin the team. he will play with the team later on in san antonio. the milwaukee star scored 52 points against the 76ers. joelle scored 40 of the sixers one 130-125. over to golf sunday, the final round of the players championship, in florida, roy mcelroy tied for the league tied for the lead. he got it then partparred
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out at 50. are the first two win the masters. coming up on kpix5 april . a shutout, eric peterson, 2019 san francisco city golf champions. the 103rd year. peterson a junior at st. mary's and daniel is committed to play at san jose state. that is enough. see you later. nba hoops, the raptors and pistons position in the eastern conference. inside for the dunk. >> detroit, andre drummond throwing down a monster jam. the pistons get a big winner at home against toronto and the big man getting your play of the day.
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it 6:25, coming up, a startling seen on a california freeway as an oil to burst into flames. in the netherlands, a manhunt underway this morning after multiple people were shot in a possible terror attack. have the latest develop. one woman is killed, another injured during two separate freeway shootings over the weekend in the east bay. taking a live look at some traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, gianna will have your full morning commute update when we come back. it is 55 degrees at the bay bridge.
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at least one person dead in a possible terror attack in the netherlands. have the latest updates after the mass shooting on public transit . the crowded field of presidential contenders growing even more. good morning, march 18. i'm melissa cain and for
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michelle griego. the time know, 6:29. >> we have had fabulous weather over the last week. i am an eternal optimist, i'm hoping for the next two months, the same weather, i know there is a change in the forecast. is i'm hoping. >> we will try to deliver. that is a tough one. we are looking at a full day ahead, hopefully you enjoyed the weekend, the first sunny and warm weekend of the year. today, sunshine, warm temps but changes are coming as we are tracking if you weather systems that will bring the return of the rain and cooler temps but a live look at the south bay san jose camera, good morning to you under clear skies in san jose. 50 degrees, concorde 47, oakland 52, livermore 45, san francisco at 54, we are looking at 44 in santa rosa. a male start to the day, mostly clear to clear skies, sunshine, warm temperatures, highs in the 60s and 70s. above average temperatures, once again for today. we are tracking a return the
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rain and much much cooler temperatures. as you go through the week we time it all out for you on future cast taking you hour by hour, when you see the rain and also the cooler temps where you live coming up, let's check in with jennifer look at t this monday morning. it's getting busy as you get towards the bay bridge this morning you. you have the lights on a slow going, working away westbound out of the nest east bay into san francisco, delays right around the main, traffic stacked up on the approaches on the east 580, these are freeway and 880 starting to see a bit of a back to you. if you're trying to come towards the san mateo bridge, little slope coming off the 880 because of a crash near the 92 in the clearing stages. we are seeing slowing conditions as well as you work your way past the toll plaza it is a little better past the mid spent. a crash on the 880 still slow there, another one south of that at the industrial. here is the ride with delays once you get on the 230 up to
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880, pretty good then it slows down a little bit as you approach an accident, pretty busy out of snow valley, a crash at the 84, that is in the any lanes but you are already backed up to the 580 and six interchange. looks like the 84 itself start to see some delays as well connecting onto 680. just a heads up on in the north bay, south 11 senatorial road, the accident is now clearing over to the side, we had another trouble spot not too far from here, south 11, 116, that was also off to the right shoulder, it looks it a busy right as you head out of petaluma this morning. just a heads up, highway 4 still busy from the earlier crash before the highway. i'm jackie ward live in castro valley. two separate shootings happened on east bay freeways over the weekend. this morning, the victim is recovering here at eden medical center. she is a 24-year-old woman who was driving and the honda accord as a passenger traveling
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eastbound on the 580 near isabel avenue and livermore just before 6:00 last night. chp said she was hit by a bullet in the leg and is suffering from non-life threatening injuries. police have not yet released a disruption of the suspects car. the other shooting resulted in a woman being killed. that have before 2:30 in the afternoon on saturday near willow pass road and highway four in north concord. police are still trying to determine if 25 destiny hillary of antioch died because of the crash itself or because she was shot. she died at the scene . chp units discovered bullets on the side of the driver side of the vehicle. all of east highway 4 was closed on 40 minutes causing a massive traffic backup as investigators look for shell casings. both investigations are still ongoing right now with shooters in both cases still out there this morning. castro valley, jackie ward, kpix5 . we are continuing to follow developing news out of the
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netherlands this morning. please say at least one person is dead, several others injured after a shooting on a tramp they say gunmen opened fire the city of utrecht today just a few months ago police identify the suspects as a 37-year-old turkish born man. authorities invest getting this as a possible terrorist attack. the dutch counterterror office has raised the threat level to the maximum in the utrecht province. police are still not clear whether other people were involved . 6:34 this morning. the premised are of new zealand promising tighter gun laws in the wake of last week's mosque shootings. one of the sites targeted in the attacks, huge piles of flowers have e mosques it out of the 50 people killed. crowds of people of all faiths gathering to pay their respects. the days following the attack on the bay area also coming together to show reports. in oakland, a vigil against islamophobia being held tonight. it is organized by a roc and
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jewish voice for peace. the vigil is set for 6:30 at the lake amphitheatre near 12th street and first avenue. similar events also held over the weekend in sunnyvale, people gathered at the pacifica institute with signs, some reading the names of the victims killed. others knelt in the traditional form of muslim prayer. other vigils in san jose, fremont, and the valley also took place . once one san francisco city supervisor says it's time for uber and lyft to pay for the increased traffic caused by the cars. katie nielsen is live in san francisco with the story. katie? >> reporter: melissa, so, the idea is actually to charge a small fee for each ride in the city. all of the money generated will then pay for transportation projects. city supervisor aaron tuscan worked out a deal with uber and lyft to at a surcharge of three to quarter% to each ride, about $.33 for a $10 trip. a carpal rideshare will only
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see a fee of 1/2%. he says the surcharge would generate about $3 million a year to help pay for street paving, traffic enforcement, and public transportation project. >> we can level the playing field by doing what portland, massachusetts, new york, chicago have done. >> reporter: according to the san francisco county traffic demonstration, half of the increased traffic and downtown the last two years is actually the cause caused by the rogers. he plans to introduce the idea to the city supervisors in may and if they approve, it would actually go on the medical ballot for a two thirds majority to pass. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix5. two people recovering in los angeles this morning after fire in a igod. r
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cazensof firers tg to clear oui ground, some people ran for their lives. some neighbors say the flames were so strong they had to run out of the back yards for safety. >> big booms like. it was not normal so we came outside and the smoke was super black. fire coming towards her house. was just, just, really overwhelming. >> one woman suffered burns on 30% everybody. another was cut spyglass from the blast. still it is not clear what caused the ticket to explode, crews are investigating why it was parked just steps away from homes . another democrat officially stepped into the campaign race. the new york state senator announcing her candidacy yesterday with a campaign video called brave wins. one of 14 democrats hoping to knock off president trump in 2020. she spent her first official
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week on the campaign trail with visits to michigan, iowa, and nevada . 6:37. surprising development in the killing of a suspected mafia boston your. why police say it may not one couple crashes their car into a california home. then things get even more bizarre. the strange scene that eventually led them in handcuffs. the stock market just open up about 10 minutes ago as we take a look at the board, the dow is down about 40 points, coming up, we get an update from our financial reporter jason brooks.
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good monday morning, hope you had a wonderful weekend, we
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keep the sunshine and warm temps going as we head to today, a live look mostly clear skies, beautiful view, we talk about when we see the return of the rain and cooler temps, i show you that sun futurecast coming up in a few minutes. kenny? >> mary, thank you . a flood watch disaster in the midwest, at least two people are dead and hundreds of homes damaged. the extent of the damage best seen from the sky, roads and farms in nebraska transformed into lakes, homes with just rooftops visible. it is all the result of flooding after two levies broke. this is the [ laughter ]of last week's this is the aftermath of last week's bomb cycling. >> bomb cyclone. >> planes are flying in supplies from all over. we're jets and says ah'slejetsa new details in a deadly
6:43 am
shooting of a suspected new york crime do with the mafia frank kelly was shot nearly a dozen times outside i the 24-year-old is now charged with the killing. law enforcement is now looking into the possibility that the shooting was actually sparked by dispute over one of her female relatives. officials say it's possible he had romantic interest in a woman and kelly want warned him to stay way . lyft has big plans to go public and new concerns over facebook on wall street. joining us now, kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks with that story . >> it morning, a lot of concern on wall street about facebook. we saw the stocks falling to have% friday after the new zealand shooter upload video uploaded video live of the shooting. trhas a concern list
6:44 am
of regulatory issues of facebook. analyst downgrading facebook stock rating to a hold. the shooting is hurting the companies brand image as well as the companies pivot to privacy. facebook stock feels the pressure to another 3% today . lyft plans getting bigger, the updated their filing for later this month. they're looking to offer over 30 million shares priced at 62 and 68 dollars giving an evaluation of 21 and $23 billion. initially going into the ipo, lyft was looking at evaluation of just over $15 billion. mike harrison rivaled huber looking at looking at rivaled huber are looking at possibly $20 trillion. a mixed start this morning with stocks, the dow lower by 17 points, nasdaq up 19 and s&p up six points. melissa and kenny, back to you. jason brooks from kcbs
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radio radio, thank you . ireland is developing into the silicon valley of europe. for years, a lot of tech giants including apple, facebook and google using ireland for tax purses for their home. but ida ireland the promotional agency says they have seen record levels of investments from the u.s. >> the large technology companies in the valley and san francisco continuing to have a presence here but it is now the go to location for the next wave of fast-growing international companies. >> there 700 u.s. companies with offices in ireland. about one third of those come from silicon valley. the last three years had the agency seeing a 25% increase in west coast companies expanding to ireland. this could be related to ireland's tax laws. 6:45, netflix may have met it's match. next week apple is expected to unveil its big plans for a streaming service. apple has an invitation for a special event at the steve jobs
6:46 am
theater march 25. the company is expecting to announce the details of its new service. includes at least a dozen original shows reported to start streaming this year. stars from both sides of the camera expected to attend including reese witherspoon and steven spielberg . it is 6:46 right now, as you get ready to head out the door let's get a check of traffic with gianna in the south bay. >> we are seeing more brake lights as you head out of the south bay this morning. the northbound one-to-one, little slow come you can see pockets slowing as you come away bogging down at the 280, the 680 connector. that stays as low. north of there as you approach the 880, we had some reports of things in the roadway, north one-to-one, looks like that has been cleared out, the lanes are also seeing slowing conditions. northbound 283 downtown san jose. closure still in effect on surface streets, santa clara police say avoid the area if you can't. this is an north santa clara. lafayette street northbound on the way to great american way.
6:47 am
a closure there because of a sinkhole. here's a picture they sent out, it is about four feet wide. that will take some time to clear out of the roadway, just give yourself some extra time. use alternates if you can't. over to the bay bridge we go. reports of a trouble spot on the lower deck of the bay bridge. a stalled vehicle blocking the right lane, looks like things are pretty slow-moving because of that. on the flipside, if you are moving out of the flip out of the east bay, a crash also right around the turn pleasant, you may see some activity in the parking lot. looks like they got the outer lanes cleared pretty quickly. million lights are on those as you come out of the basin once you get across all of the mess there at the bay bridge. you are looking okay heading into san francisco. a live look at one of our cameras here, this is coming up with the bay bridge onto the skyway here with fremont, not too bad as you had further. over to the 680 area, sonoma valley still pretty busy, that is all the way into pleasanton, and earlier crash at the 84, it
6:48 am
has been cleared out of the roadway that you are seeing pretty delays on the southbound side of the 680, 84 is still pretty slow going this morning. also checking travel times right now, you are in the red, that means we are seeing speeds dip under five miles per hour for the most part. long highway 4 from antioch to the east or freeway, that is the 81 minute drive time. the maze, 31 minutes, a slow right as you head out of the altamont pass, a typical 40 minutes from the 205 to the 680, we did have a couple trouble spots a long highway 4 this morning, that is what is causing the big delays, busy out of antioch, the short freeway, you'll see brake lights of hercules and again as you head into berkeley, let's get look at the forecast, here is mary . is going to be a lovely day across the bay area, we're going to keep the sunshine and warm temps going after a gorgeous weekend. it was just at the county canyon park where the waterfalls are flowing because of all of the rain this winter. by the way, if you are heading out to the park on weekends,
6:49 am
you'll need a reservation. all right, here's a live look with the san jose camera, gets better and better this morning, on the south bay, san jose camera, mostly clear skies, temperatures in the 40s and the 50s this morning, 47 in concorde, oakland 52 livermore 45, san francisco 54, 50 in san jose, 44 santa rosa. here is what you can expect, a mild start to the day with mostly clear skies, sunshine and warm temps above average, were talking 60s and 70s later on this afternoon. wet and cooler weather arrives later this week as we are tracking a few weather systems that will bring the rain as well as much cooler temperatures. here is the ridge of high pressure still in control for us one more day, pushing off to the east, we are tracking a few weather systems that will bring the return of wet weather any big drop in temperatures, taking you hour by hour, looking at plenty of sunshine today, in the afternoon, tomorrow we begin to see some
6:50 am
changes with increasing clouds. this is tomorrow at 4:00. you can see the rain offshore, a few showers for tuesday night. the book of the rain moves in wednesday. it will be wet as well as cool for your wednesday. the unsettled weather will continue through the work week. sunrise 7:19, the sunset at 7:17. daytime highs well above the average this time of year once again. the south bay mountain view at 74, 73 santa clara, san jose 75 as well as morgan hill, 76 campbell looking at 75 in pleasant hill. pleasanton, 77 later on today. 76 in fairfield, upper 60s for you and berkeley as well as alameda, 70 oakland, 73 san leandro and 74 four santa rosa. low 70s for clearlake. enjoy the sunshine, the warm temps, now with increasing clouds tomorrow, temperatures still above average but there we go with the huge cooldown beginning wednesday with rain
6:51 am
the forecast and settled weather through the work week and at this point, the weekend looks dry. melissa? >> thanks very. you may have heard of a hit-and- run but what about a hit and stay? one los angeles couple crashes into a yard but what happens next, all caught on camera. take a look. see? that was the first crash. now watch as the driver backs up and appears to be driving up. but then, she comes back and backs into something else. she then goes back and forth a few more times then get stuck in the yard. this is not even the weirdest part. >> you don't understand. above the age limit. above everything else. >> no t. >> thecouple d sits down for a cracking up the music. later the couple got back into the car and was still there two hours later when the police
6:52 am
finally arrived. the rest of the driver on suspicion of being intoxicated. 6:52 right now. a stranded server safe and sound after some nervous moments at ocean beach, san francisco. a video showing a surfer on the big rock waiting for help. he got stuck on the rock around 7:00 last night. the surf was so rough emergency responders had to use a boat to get to him. the rescue went on without a hitch and the server was not injured . the time 6:52, a deadly shooting on a tram in the netherlands being treated as a possible terror attack this morning. we have a newly released details on the suspected gunman coming up. two separate shootings e s a woma the other ek leaves one injured. good morning, had on cbs this morning, a closer look at where return purchases go after you send them back and how you might end up blacklisted if you return too much. we take it to australia's great
6:53 am
barrier reef to show you the sa world coral, we will see you at 7:00. a beauty shot of the morning, a picture here, sunny skies today, the rain is on the way this week, 40 degrees.
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i'm jackie ward in castro valley, two separate shootings in the east bay over the weekend. one brought the women here to eden medical center. she was the passenger in the honda accord traveling eastbound on 580 near isabel avenue in livermore just before 6:00 last night. the 24-year-old was hit by a bullet in the leg and is being ting resulted in a woman being killed. that happened before 2:30 in the aftern non cerestill tryingto determine if the 25-year-old destiny hillary of antioch die
6:57 am
because of the crash itself or because she was shot. the other shooting suspect in the incident is still out there. friends of hillary held a vigil for her last night and told us she was never involved with gangs or drugs and do not know why anyone would want to hurt her. both of the shootings are still under investigation and the shooter or shooters in both cases are still out there. in castro valley, jackie ward, kpix5 . 6:57, time for your final five . this morning, mysterious odors have been such a problem the city is investigating $5000 to figure out the source of the stench. the plan is to mount devices on city property that will detect smelly things like organic compounds, gases and chemicals. residents have long suspected the smell comes from a few diff local landfill . people that live in their cars will have a few new places to park overnight in oakland hasslefree.
6:58 am
four parking lot. the program launching today will also provide portable toilets, handwashing stations and drinking water. a chemical plant fire in texas continues to burn out of control. it has been burning more than 20 hours straight and near houston a shelter in place has been in effect for the entire city . police and the netherlands say at least one person is dead, several others injured after a shooting on a tram this morning, the gunmen opened fire in the city of utrecht, police have named the 37-year-old man originally from turkey is the suspect, he is still not found this morning . in new zealand, authorities still working to identify all of the victims of the terror attack. the prime minister of new zealand said she is introducing new gun la checking c right no ife br, ads upa little ower going into the maze at this point. the slow ride, give yourself 16 minutes to go from the maze as you head into san francisco. the bay area bridge are starting to load up, the san mateo bridge with a lot of
6:59 am
brake lights working westbound, but a 20 ride to go from the 80 towards the one-to-one, at the bridge, a few more cars on the road, right around the toll plaza, still right there in the westbound side, keep that in mind if you are committing out of east bay towards marin, speaking of marin, look at the trouble spot, one-to-one on senatorial road, an overturned vehicle, it's out of the way but spectators are slowing anyway as you come out of petaluma . we will keep the sunshine, won't have a is going, here is a lovely view with our new trea this camera has clear skies this morning, temperatures in the 40s and 50s as we kick off your monday, we will see temperatures in the 60s in the s,rage temperatures with that sunshine, 68 in san francisco, 70 in oakland, 75 in san jose, 74 fremont, 72 napa, changes are coming, much much cooler as well as the rain beginning wednesday through friday . obviously enjoy the sunshine this afternoon. thank you and thank you for watching kpix5 news this morning, your next local update is at 7:26, have a great day.
7:00 am
welcome. new zealand tries to tighten gun laws. we have the latest on the investigation. plus, why the white house is working to fend off criticism that president trump is encouraging white supremacists like the accused new zealand shooter. historic and deadly flooding slams the midwest. entire communities are under water and others are cut off. we are in hard-hit nebraska where nearly 300 peoeen rescuede n .gerous ns a how some stores are tracking what you bring back and creating a database of s


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