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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  March 18, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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you're watching kpix5 news at 5:30. our top stories at 5:30, a bay area family shaken after their home security camera captures a prowler steps away from their sleeping baby early sunday morning. the intruder hopped a fence, entered into the vallejo home through a window. he stole several items. no arrests have been made. san francisco mayor london breed calling for more accountability from major league baseball regarding the recent incident involving
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giants ceo larry baer. he was caught on camera dragging his wife out of a chair causing her to fall to the ground. authorities confirm this evening three freeway shootings around the bay area in the last few days, all appearing to be targeted attacks. the most recent incident was this morning on interstate 80 in richmond. the other two shootings left one woman dead in concord, another person wounded in livermore. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm veronica de la cruz. new at 5:30 after all that rain spring is in the air and with the warmer weather comes a whole lot of pollen. allergy specialists are warning about what could be a tough allergy season. kpix5's john ramos has the details. >> reporter: allergy sufferers are probably cringing seeing me sitting here like this, but they should probably be prepared. this season could be a tough one. >> i hate it. i hate it. i hate this time of year. i need a couple earplugs to put in my nose. >> reporter: gerald dalen said whatever is in the air has kept
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his nose running all day, rain, sunshine and wind. the combination has turned the green diablo hills with their long waving grasses into a pollen factory sending their microscopic nose missiles straight into cities like concord and walnut creek. >> pollen is able to travel sometimes 20 miles and it is certainly being spread evenly around the county. >> reporter: allergy specialist dr. bruce patterson says patients come to his concord offices before they start sneezing to get allergy shots. each one is specially tailored to the individual. >> so the shots are working to train the body to develop its own protection against the things that someone is allergic to and that's a process that's done over years. >> reporter: carrie borgen swears by it. her allergies worsened when she moved here from southern california, but after years of suffering she began a series of
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twice a week injections and now follows a regular maintenance schedule. >> i will tell you it has changed my life as far as allergies go. i don't have the issues anymore. i can go on long hikes. >> reporter: but don't tell that to gerald. he figures he can just power through his allergies even if he's not exactly a silent sufferer about it. >> i don't like to take pills. i don't like to take stuff like that. so i don't do it. i'm one of the guys that just suffers through everything. >> reporter: dr. patterson says there are therapies that can help, but it requires being proactive or you could just wait till you feel terrible and treat the symptoms, your choice. in concord, john ramos, kpix5. i have bad news for gerald who may be dealing with allergies a little bit more tomorrow. today it's an 8.9 on a 1 to 10 scale. we'll show you this regularly throughout pollen season which is this time of year every year, but it's especially bad right now. tomorrow we bump things up to a 9.5. why the drop on wednesday? rainfall. rain helps. it will help grow things, so it
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will jump back up into the 8's on thursday and friday. any time we get rainfall, it knocks the pollen out of the air. the worst of the week will be tomorrow. the best pollen weather of the week will be wednesday, full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we posted links to common myths about allergy season on our website. click on the top story on and we asked what you do to fight allergies. some viewers told us they use essential oils or they just drink plenty of hot green tea. share your tried and true methods with us on social media using the #kpix. a long time preschool in san francisco known for its affordable bilingual programs is in danger of losing its building. wa mae school on juna street teaches 250 children a year including 80 preschoolers in english and chinese. half the enrollment is for low income families. that school has been in the same spot for four decades, but
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now the landlord, the united methodist church, wants to sell the property. the school is worried about the impact if they have to close on short notice. >> it is definitely very challenging knowing that a lot of the families who attend are receiving state or city subsidy. so there are not a lot of bilingual subsidized preschool programs in the city. so it will be very difficult for them. >> the school says so far it has not been able to work out a deal to either buy the building or relocate. today marks one year since stephon clark was shot and killed by sacramento police. community leaders and activists gathered today to honor his memory. >> stephon's legacy will help bridge the gap between individuals in at risk communities and law enforcement. >> clark's family put together a four-day legacy weekend. they hope honoring clark will
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drive change within the community. clark was unarmed when he was fatally shot in his grandmother's backyard. he was holding a cell phone which authorities thought was a gun. the sacramento county d.a. announced earlier this month the two officers that shot and killed stephon clark will not be charged. this afternoon the san jose city council discussed a possible appointment to the planning commission over the objections of some union leaders. pierre luigi oliviero is a former council member who often bumped heads with unions while in office and during his unsuccessful run for county supervisor last year, some old harassment charges resurfaced. today mayor sam liccardo asked oliverio about the lawsuit in which his former chief of staff accused him of verbal abuse. >> okay. so the judge in the case dismissed the claim against you. >> that's a correct.
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actually the plaintiff -- absolutely correct. actually the plaintiff voluntarily dismissed me. >> the lawsuit was settled with the city. the city council did not decide on an appointment today. the ceo of warner stepping down, kevin jahara's exit today. the claim was he had an affair with a young actress and helped land her acting editions. in a memo sent out to staff last week he apologized for his actions. he was the company's ceo for six years. ride share giant lyft is one step closer to going public. in a filing submitted today, the company said it would offer more than 30 million shares of its common stock for 62 to $68 ap. be valued at up to $25 billion eventually. lyft's ipo is expected by the end of the month. let's get you now to campaign 2020. it will take some big bucks to
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keep up with democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke. the former texas congressman's campaign announced a record breaking $6.1 million. that's all within the first 24 hours of entering the race. that edges out bernie sanders' 5.9 million and is well ahead of senator kamala harris' 1.5 million in her first 24 hours. in the meantime the democratic field is getting even more crowded. new york senator kirsten gillibrand officially kicked off her campaign yesterday. that brings the total number of democrats in the running to 14 and a 15th came very close to declaring his candidacy this weekend. >> i have the most progressive record of anybody running for the -- of anybody who would run. >> president trump took aim at biden in a tweet writing, "joe biden got tongue tied over the weekend when he was unable to properly deliver a very simple line about his decision to run
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for president. get used to it. another low iq individual." breaking in the warriors' new home with a concert to remember, the mash-up that also happens to be a big reunion. >> and the cannabis craze expands to the cosmetic counter, but just how well do cbd infused beauty products really work? >> coming up at 6:00 drivers say highway 17 is a maze of dangers and now a concerning spike in crashes will need some hi-tech solutions.
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i'm elizabeth cook at the live news desk. a teen-ager who pushed her friend off a bridge this past summer is pleading gilly. 19-year-old taylor smith was charged with one count of reckless endangerment. this video shows the moment 16- year-old jordan holgerson plunged 60 feet from a bridge in washington state. she survived, but it left her with serious injuries. this happened about seven months ago and today the friend who shoved her admitted it was criminal. she originally pled not guilty back in september but was offered a plea deal. smith is not expected to receive jail time, but prosecutors say she deserves house arrest, work crew and community service. meanwhile the victim, jordan, has healed from broken ribs and a collapsed lung that put her in the hospital. her shoulder is still recovering and she is receiving
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therapy for the trauma. at the live news desk, i'm elizabeth cook. a new health warning about sugary drinks, this one published in the american heart association's journal. the new study finds that adults who consume more than two sweetened drinks a day are at an increased risk of death. the numbers are dramatic. it's a 21% increase over those who drink less than one sweetened drink a month. also this evening doctors changing their recommendations on low dose aspirin to prevent heart attacks and stroke. a large study finds a daily dose of aspirin had no effect on prolonging life in healthy elderly people. instead the study suggests pills could be linked to health problems. the best advice is always to check with your doctor on these new guidelines. the beauty market is abuzz with cannabis infused products. >> it seems natural, but just how well do these things really work. reporter jasmine veal with what doctors are saying about it. >> i have it in my face creams
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and stuff. it's supposed to help with that. >> reporter: jerica thomas said she loves her cbs infused skin creams. so does ucla student theresa moore. >> i use it for my beauty products. it's a good option. >> reporter: the hemp derived cbd in fueled products are popping up everywhere. we found 30 to $60 infused face oils at sephora. at this ultra beauty store in santa monica, a soldout supply of it's cleansing bars and balms with cbd. >> it has direct effects on the receptors in our skin. i can see it's still worth the benefit because you can make it so much less expensive. >> reporter: dr. allen has long studied the medicinal effects of cannabis, but doesn't put a lot of weight into these popular cbd products. he says when it comes to these types of products, the good components of cannabis are being stripped away. >> i think they are minimally
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beneficial. i'm not anti-hemp. i'm just pro whole plant cannabis medicine. >> reporter: still cbd's reportedly powerful anti- inflammatory and pain reducing properties make it attractive to consumers without getting users high. even hollywood is loving it. >> we have celebrities like kim kardashian using this for different skin conditions. we have a lot of people in the nba using it for sore muscles. >> reporter: then there's best actor's nominee melissa mccarthy who reportedly applied cbd oil to her feet before the oscars to help with her uncomfortable high heels, all of it bringing more attention to a growing industry experts say could reach $25 billion globally in the next decade. >> these products still have to follow strict state regulations. all are hemp derived products and are tested for correct cbd content. if you uploaded music to myspace when the social network
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reigned supreme, you are now out of luck, myspace admitting all music uploaded onto the site from 2003 to 2015 is now gone. the loss potentially amounting to 50 million songs. the company is apologizing and says a server migration error is to blame. myspace credited with launching the careers of artists like calvin harris and the arctic monkeys who were discovered after sharing their music on the platform. the new home of the golden state warriors in san francisco just months away from opening its doors and for the chase center's grand opening on september 6th, metallica will team up with the san francisco symphony and they'll perform together for a very special concert. it is the first of eight shows this fall set to be announced this week. metallica's lead guitarist says that he is thankful for the new venue. >> we get to travel all over the world and we've seen quite a few arenas and it's always
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been a shame there hasn't really been the place, you know, back where our headquarters is. so now there is and we're super glad. thanks for building it for us. >> the first event is also a reunion for the bay area musicians. it marks the 20th anniversary of their grammy winning collaboration with the symphony. coming up they're blazing a path. >> reporter: the mountain view fire department is making history in a very special way. we'll tell you how next.
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some firefighters from mountain view going viral the first time in almost 140 years, a fire crew made up of only women. >> kpix5's jackie ward spoke to the crew that is making history. >> reporter: they weren't sure it would happen, but the schedules aligned perfectly allowing three women for the first time ever to work together. >> i thought there's no way this is going to stay like this, but it did. >> reporter: a few week ago when jenna graham saw her name on the schedule with her long time colleagues alison costello and patty juergens, she thought it was too good to be true. >> it's wonderful for us. we're used to operating with anyone and everyone in the department. >> reporter: it was the first time in the department's history there was a three-woman crew. captain graham said she just had to document it and sent this picture to her chief. >> he put it on facebook and he's kind of the king of facebook. >> reporter: that post got them a lot of attention and made other female firefighters in the bay area proud to know
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them. >> when you're an all women crew, people notice it. they speak to it. it's setting an example for them women can do this job and you can have an entire women company performing to the same levels, if not exceeding the levels. >> reporter: only 4% of firefighter across the country are women. early outreach is key to inspiring the next generation of women firefighters. the second year in a row norcal is hosting an all girl fire camp. >> when you plant a seed early and start to water that and give it a little sunshine, it can grow. >> after experiencing our girls fire camp, no matter what these young women decide to do for a career, they will leave our camp knowing they can do a lot more. >> reporter: for more information on the camp for high school girls, visit our website at in mountain view, jackie ward, kpix5. >> the girls camp will be staffed entirely by female firefighters from various parts of the country including texas and alaska.
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check in with our meteorologist paul deanno who ordered up a spectacular weekend and monday. >> yeah. >> i guess we can't expect too much the rest of the week, paul. >> it is still march. i think all of us were kind of fingers crossed thinking maybe the rain's done. maybe now that we're out of the drought we can get some sunshine two, three, four straight weeks. let's walk before we run. we got two, three, four straight days. look at these highs today, close to 80 degrees in some locations including san jose, 78, redwood city 79, napa 77. fog is coming in through san francisco. when are the fireworks for july 4th? no. it's still march. we'll be about 20 degrees cooler by wednesday. look at the high in san francisco, 73. we did not warm up in the beach, half moon bay 60. lows tonight around 50 because cloud cover is moving in. i showed you the fog. we have just regular old clouds moving in tonight, san jose, oakland, san francisco all around 50 degrees. tomorrow a nice day for the beach, but watch out for an increased rich of sneaker
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waves. caution at the beaches if you're heading there tomorrow. a beach hazard statement is in effect. san bruno, microclimate forecast tomorrow, a mixture of sun and clouds, mild but not as warm, high of 66 and yes, that is rain returning to the forecast, very likely the wettest day of the week wednesday with a high of 62. let's talk about why. we had a ridge of high pressure over california. it is now beginning to leave. if you have friends or family in seattle, they hit 76 degrees today, the warmest winter day in the history of the city of seattle. the warmth went up to almost british columbia. now we have a trough in the jet stream. this particular storm will pass to our south but will be close enough to give us some rainfall as early as wednesday morning. tomorrow the change is cloud cover, won't be as warm, but you'll notice the sunshine gone especially in the afternoon. some rain moves in, not terribly heavy, but it will be there on and off throughout the day wednesday morning, wednesday evening and as the low moves south, a few showers lingering into thursday morning. most of the thursday will be dry, but thursday morning there could still be showers especially in the south bay. we had a streak of five, six or
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seven straight weekends with rainfall. the timing this week looks to be better for your weekend plans as we have another chance of showers on friday, but that will likely push to the east. as of right now subject to change, our weekend is trending dry. your weather headlines, partly cloudy tonight, areas of fog along the coast. we go cloudy tomorrow and not as warm. rain moves in late tomorrow evening into the overnight hours into wednesday. highs will be above average 3 or 4 degrees, concord 69, san jose 70, san mateo 65. 68 in san ramon and pittsburg, livermore 70 tomorrow. cloudy in the afternoon mill valley 63, alameda 65, sonoma and napa 68 and cloverdale 69 degrees. right now the weekend is trending dry but not as warm as the gorgeous weekend that just wrapped up when we had widespread highs in the 70s.
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that's your forecast. >> paul, thanks. coming up an australian teenager egged a politician to stand up for the shooting victims in new zealand, how he's using his viral fame to do some good.
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a teenager who stood up for victims of the new zealand shooting now says that he is donating money from a gofundme campaign to the mosque victims families. it started when frazier anning blamed muslims for the deadly terror attack. the 17-year-old will connolly served up his form of justice cracking an egg on the senator's head while he was on live television. anning swatted at the teen and ended up hitting him in the head. the gofundme is called money for egg boy. an animal adoption could earn you some cash. right now nearly 82,000 wild horses and buros are living on rangelands across the west. the animals can damage the land
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and if there are too many, some end up starving. so the u.s. bureau of land management is offering anyone who adopts 1,000 bucks. adopters have to pay a $25 adoption fee. they must also meet the bureau's requirements. that's going to do it for us, the news at 5:00. kpix5 news at 6:00 begins now with ken bastida and elizabeth cook. >> reporter: now at 6:00 traffic accidents spiking here on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains, could be one of the worst years for car crashes in a decade, why it's happening and the potential solutions. >> i want the death penalty over and over for this monster. >> anger and pain from a murder victim's friend, the cold blooded stabbing that has a san jose community shaken up. >> and creepy video from a security camera of an uninvited guest lurking at the door of a baby's room. kpix5 news at 6:00 starts now right now with a spike in traffic accidents on highway
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17. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. the twisting roadway between los gatos and santa cruz is hilly and scenic, but it is dangerous. if you've driven it, you know and this year especially so. >> kpix5's len ramirez joins us from the highway near los gatos. len? >> reporter: well, in just the first two months of this year there have already been more than 200 crashes here on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains and despite efforts over the decades to make this roadway safer, its reputation as a hazardous highway seems to be getting worse. sky drone 5 helps you appreciate the scenic beauty of highway 17 as it climbs, dips and twists through the santa cruz mountains. but it's a much different story at driver eye level. >> it's hilly, curvey and not always sloped the way you expect it. >> reporter: if we dial up the


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