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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 18, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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three shootings on bay area freeways three days straight, what the chp has to say coming up. >> plus heartbroken and angry, after a san jose murder involving an undocumented immigrant. >> and i want to know why he was allowed to be here and why thehell he wasn't taken and put somewhere where he could never get back out and do this. >> reporter: it was terrifying for a family, a bay area burglar caught on surveillance camera just feet away from a sleeping baby. what went thr mind? >> i got chills. i started crying. >> san francisco's mayor pushing major league baseball to take action over giants ceo larry baer. >> there will have to be consequences for that kind of behavior. >> suped up cars reckless on bay area streets. >> reporter: traffic accidents spiking here on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains, could
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be one of the worst years for car crashes in a decade. the new kpix5 news at 7:00 starts now with the bullets flying on bay area freeways. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. tonight kpix5's andria borba reports investigators are working three separate cases tonight, one of them deadly. andria? >> reporter: it's been a rough 72 hours on bay area roads, ken and elizabeth. the one thing that is connecting this is that the chp says all of these are not random attacks. they were all targeted in some way. the spade of freeway shootings began on highway 4 near concord saturday afternoon. the call came into dispatchers as a vehicle accident, but once chp officers arrived on scene they found a 25-year-old antioch woman dead from gunshot wounded. investigators believe it was gang-related. fast forward to sunday when one person was injured in a
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targeted road rage shooting at 580 eastbound near airway boulevard. the suspects drove off in a 2019 honda accord. and then this morning on eastbound 80 near macdonald boulevard in richmond another shooting, chp golden gate division is insisting that the roads are safe and this isn't random. >> all three of these shootings appear to be targeted. >> reporter: investigators are gathering information from the shot spotter systems on highway 4 and i-80 and say more cameras would help. >> it's definitely a conversation that's been had and we are seeing more camera systems that are out on the freeways and we'll see if the camera system in this case will help in investigating this incident. >> reporter: if you feel like there's been a lot of shootings on bay area highways in the past few years, you aren't wrong. since november 2015 there have been 185 shootings killing nine people. chp has only made 39 arrests in those cases. >> witnesses are key to a lot
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of these cases. it's important for people to realize that if we want to stop this, that a lot has to do with people being able to come forward that have that information. >> reporter: now the chp says everyone in the cases from this weekend is cooperating with them at this point, but they are looking for more witnesses who could possibly identify more vehicles involved in these shootings. liz, back to you. >> thank you. turning now to weather. >> these gorgeous conditions we've had and they've been nice, won't be sticking around much longer unfortunately. >> taking a live look as the sun goes down right now. tomorrow this view may look a lot more cloudy. just soak it in! >> yeah. our chief meteorologist paul deanno here now with the wet weather moving in t , paul. >> -- in this week again, hey,
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paul. >> it has been so nice outside. wine country hit 77 degrees today, fremont 76, redwood city 79, along the coast only 60 in half moon bay. there are gradual changes coming. we go partly cloudy by tomorrow morning. we will be mostly cloudy by tomorrow afternoon and we will be wet, not for the tomorrow morning commute but wednesday morning we will see rainfall, especially san francisco east to concord and martinez and points south. this particular storm passes by to our south. coming up we'll talk about how much rain we can expect from this and whether next weekend will look dry or not. tonight some creepy moments for a family in vallejo, an intruder broke in and kpix5's juliette goodrich shows us he was just feet away from their sleeping baby. >> reporter: imagine looking at your surveillance video and seeing not only an intruder taking things from your home, but coming feet away from your sleeping baby. >> i was like anything but kids, you know. i was like you can take
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everything away, just don't be near my niece and my nephew. >> reporter: it's frightening to upwatch, an intruder just steps away from the 1-year-old sleeping in his crib. >> that's when i freaked out because my sister's son does the video from that camera. you can see my nephew in bed and he was like looking in. >> reporter: shindele's 4-year- old niece was in the next room over. the suspect went over a gate into the backyard and through a window before yanking the wires to some of the cameras inside, but not all of them. when you saw him open that door, you knew your nephew was in the room. what went through your mind? >> i got chills. i started crying. i was just like why? >> reporter: her sister and children were inside the home sleeping. it was around 7 a.m. sunday. her sister's husband just left the house. >> her husband was checking up on them through the camer asked
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was there an earthquake or something and my sister was no and he said where's my desktop and my sister was like oh, my god. we got robbed. >> reporter: the intruder was in and out of the home several times taking a laptop, ipad, speakers and cell phone. the family dog usually barks, but it didn't this time. shindele said her sister and husband plan to get a bigger dog. that obviously didn't go off. >> no. they just got this. >> reporter: in the last 24 hours installed very noisy window and door sensors after a very frightening wake-up call. vallejo's police captain tells me this evening they've made no arrest. they hope to get more information from the public. anyone with information is urged to contact them as soon as possible. in vallejo, juliette goodrich, kpix5. the friend of a san jose woman who was killed in her own home is demanding justice tonight saying the issue at stake is much bigger than this one murder. the suspect, carlos arevalo
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carranza is a homeless undocumented immigrant with a long criminal history. detectives say he entered bambi larson's home on february 28th and stabbed her in the neck and torso. local author diane coleman was bambi's friend for years. >> and i want to know why he was allowed to be here and why thehell he wasn't taken and put somewhere where he could never get back out and do this. it's much bigger than her poor grieving family or a poor grieving friend. this is much bigger now. >> carranza was deported in 2013 but returned to the u.s. and has a long rap sheet. i.c.e. had asked to take custody of him four times, but santa clara county has li woing wigrancio mayo breed is calling on major league baseball. she wants greater accountability over the incident involving giants ceo larry baer. baer was caught on video dragging his wife out of a chair on march 1st that caused
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her to fall to the ground. it was over a cell phone actually. baer has taken a leave of absence. the mayor said, "every little girl, every woman should be able to attend a join game with a clear sense of the organization's values. i share in the call to action for the women who have written the commissioner calling for greater accountability." >> we ought to hold our leaders, especially in our sports arena, to, you know, a high standard of excellence so that we send the right message. there needs to be consequences. what those consequences are are yet to be determined as we know, but as far as i'm concerned, there has to be consequences for that kind of behavior. >> to be clear, baer and his wife were stngovcellout of her chair. the sfpd investigation into the baer indent is ongoing. wild scene in vallejo, sideshow caught on camera in broad daylight. this one happened near the
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intersection of bw williams drive and mini drive yesterday. drivers were doing donuts and spinning their tires smoking up the street right in the middle of an open road right during the day. vallejo police have been chasing and breaking up sideshows they say over the past few years, but they usually occur at night. a pothole that opened up in santa clara was so big they had to close the street. a 4-foot wide open appeared on lafayette street this morning between highway 237 and de luna. police say a sewer line break caused that pothole. crews were out there all day making repairs. the northbound lanes of lafayette are still closed with no estimated time of reopening. up next it's one of the bay area's most dangerous highways. >> it's hilly. it's curvey. it's not always sloped the way you expect it. >> but that's not the only problem. why it appears the dangers are
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getting worse on highway 17. >> march madness fail, how the cal and stanford basketball teams got robbed of their moment in the sun. >> i hate this time of year. i need a couple earplugs to put in my nose. >> plus an allergy season on steroids, why this summer could mean a lot more sniffles and sneezing than usual.
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there's been a spike in car crashes along highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains. >> it's hilly, gorgeous and dangerous especially recently. >> so what's going on? kpix5's len ramirez is near los gatos with some answers. >> reporter: in the first two months of this year there have been more than 200 crashes here on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains and despite efforts over the decades to make this roadway safer, its reputation as a hazardous highway seems to just be getting worse. from sky drone 5 you can appreciate the scenic beauty of highway 17 as it climbs and dips and twists through the santa cruz mountains. but it's a much different story at driver eye level. >> it's hilly. it's curvey. it's not always sloped the way you expect it. >> reporter: highway 17 has
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always had a dubious reputation, but this year is one of the worst in decades. in january and february there were 228 crashes which averages four a day on the stretch between los gatos and scotts valley. three of them were fatal. >> i think the biggest reason, it's due to all the wet weather and people are just going way too fast. >> reporter: one of the other big reasons for the increase in traffic accidents is the number of people using this highway. it has climbed to about 63,000 people per day. in the santa cruz mountains, len ramirez, kpix5. a daring brain surgery is giving a group of children a new chance in life. >> these kids were born with a devastating disorder. >> they cannot walk. they cannot talk. they cannot feed themselves. >> kpix5 has the exclusive story behind an experimental treatment that's pioneered right here in the bay area. you'll watch our original report on this life changing gene therapy. we'll do it tomorrow night
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right here on the kpix5 news at 7:00. switching gears let's take a live look from our camera at dublin. oh, that is so beautiful! allergy season, though, in full bloom and it's shaping up to be a particularly bad year, a mix of rain, sunshine and wind turning the green grass of the diablo hills into a pollen factory. an allergy specialist from concord says it's important to get allergy shots before you start sneezing. >> so the shots are working to train the body to develop its own protection against the things that someone is allergic to and that's a process that's done over years. >> i hate it. i hate it. i hate this time of year. i need a couple earplugs to put in my nose. >> many of us definitely feeling his pain. doctors say allergy season could go well into june and possibly even july of this year. >> i'm already feeling a little
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bit of it, not a big allergy guy, but yeah. >> if you think about it, it's always a bad allergy season in the bay area because everything grows here, but when you add a lot of water and wind, then it takes a bad situation and makes it that much more fun. at least it was sunny. >> it was beautiful, achoo. as you're sneezing, grab the sunglasses and tissues, if you will. here's a look at the pollen outlook the next couple days. one number sticks out for being low. this is a 1 to 12 scale, the one we use. it will be bad tomorrow, but wednesday it drops. rain comes back. then it shoots back up thursday and friday. if you suffer from allergies, you know this time of year is rough. it will be particularly rough this year. we'll update you with that allergy forecast every day right here on kpix5. livermore is still warm,70, san francisco fog rolling in going to the mid-50s, san jose 67. tonight cloud cover rolls in, lows around 50, fairfield and oakland 50 degrees.
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heading to the beach tomorrow right along the coastline an increased risk of sneaker waves and rip currents. watch out at the beaches, beach hazard statement in effect tomorrow. microclimate forecast san bruno tomorrow. in a vacuum if you've been out of town the past couple days, 66 with a mixture of sun and clouds would be one of the warmest days in the past month. that's about 10 degrees cooler than today and it gets cooler wednesday, only 62 and rain at times returning throughout the day. we have a change coming. our ridge of high pressure which kept everything high and dry the past several days is now sliding off to the east. a different ridge is sitting over the northwest. that one won't move. for us it's this low pressure area. see the clouds associated with it. the cloud get here first tomorrow, then some rain as the storm passes to our south. futurecast hour by hour and we stop at 8 a.m. tomorrow, still some sunshine, but we're seeing increasing clouds. by tomorrow evening cloudy but not wet yet. tomorrow is dry. wednesday morning rain at times, wednesday evening some scattered showers continue. even thursday morning a few
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lingering showers as the storm peels off to the south, morgan hill, gilroy, santa cruz mountain, highway 17 may see a few showers. heading towards the weekend, here's the best new. we get some rain during the week, another system moving through friday, saturday and sunday, subject to change, but the weekend is trending dry. weather headlines, partly cloudy tonight, fog along the coast, cloudier and cooler tomorrow. rain moves back in late tuesday, early wednesday. still 70 for a high tomorrow in san jose, still 71 for morgan hill. antioch tomorrow 69 degrees. cloudy in the afternoon in kentfield, high 65, berkeley 65, san francisco 65 and cloverdale 69 degrees, not cold, just not as warm as today. wednesday we're wet. thursday morning a few showers, a couple more showers friday night and as of right now, the weekend is trending a bit cooler but also mainly dry saturday and sunday. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> paul, thanks. sports director dennis o'donnell is hear now with
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today's epic march madness fail by espn. >> yeah. >> what happened? >> christmas morning and you already know what the gift is and you have to fake the surprise, ever been there? >> yeah. good actors. >> sort of like today. one of the most anticipated moments at the ncaa tournament is finding out who you're going play and where. the women's tournament suspense was spoiled because espn accidentally released them on tv this morning. so the cal team improvised. >> so the show is still going to come on. what i'd like for us all to do is jump up and cheer when we see ourselves. it will be fun. >> they did that. cal was a good sport and did cheer for our camera when their name flashed on the screen. lindsay gottlieb's team gets an eighth seed. they'll play north carolina on saturday. if they advance in the second round, cal would likely play the no. 1 overall seed, baylor in waco, texas. according to gottlieb, the bracket snafu was a blessing in disguise.
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>> it actually allowed us to make practice maybe a little bit more focused and directed because we have some idea who we're playing, not that we have done any scouting, but probably raised the level of intensity in practice. >> stanford gets a two seed. they will host 15 seed uc davis saturday. they will play the winner of byu in auburn. tara vanderveer's 32nd straight tournament berth. how do you like it? i like the women's seeding especially if you're like stanford, you get to host the first couple games. >> i'm kind of excited, although they have a long shot, uc davis. >> yeah. >> they'll be playing away. my daughter's alma mater. that's where my money went. >> unc is not in the tournament. sf state did not qualify. >> syracuse is in. i'm the aggies and orange.
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>> thanks, dennis. coming up the rocka rockav erksary concert. >> plus what triggered strong words about president trump from the daughter of john mccain. >> it could be another deadly act of terrorism overseas, the shooting today on a busy tram in europe. >> tonight at 11:00 we get our first up close look at the fix for falling concrete on the richmond san rafael bridge.
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here's what you missed if you're just getting home now. investigators are trying to figure out if terror was the motive behind a deadly shooting on a tram in the netherlands. a 37-year-old man from turkey has been arrested. three people on the tram were killed. five others were wounded. we've learned the suspect did have a criminal record. police say they're not sure if more than one suspect was involved. tonight the prime minister of new zealand is vowing to change gun laws within 10 days after the mosque massacres that killed 50 people. authorities say the guns that were used were purchased legally. the 28-year-old suspect plans to represent himself in court. meghan mccain is firing back at president trump after comments he made about her father. on twitter the president accused the late senator john mccain of working with democrats to try and distribute
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the russian dossier to the press before the 2016 election. he also included a dig about mccain's academic record at the naval academy. meghan mccain fired back on the view. >> he spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it and i know it and all of you know it. he will never be a great man. >> the late senator passed away seven months ago from brain cancer. finally music fans can get ready to christen their brand- new home for the warriors. metallica and the symphony orchestra will perform. >> should be a good one. still ahead the company taking your coffee addiction to a whole new level. could it be the way of the future?
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looks like summer, doesn't it? 55 degrees and foggy. tomorrow is the last full day of winter, thank goodness. there will be fog along the coastline tomorrow morning as you're grilling that bacon, which i know you tuesday morning. a mixture of is up sun and clouds near the bay. mary lee will have the up to the minute forecast tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> looks good. we've got subscriptions for
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netflix, hulu, why not for your cough? >> fast food chain burger king is doing just that. the company is launching a coffee subscription service at a discounted rate. for five bucks a month coffee lovers can enjoy one cup of joe per day. customers can sign up for the program visa vis-a-vis burger king app. >> i wonder how good it tastes. >> then you'll buy a burger while you're in there. >> or a breakfast sandwich. thank you for watching at 7:00! >> we'll be back at 11:00. head to good night. resto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. serestoh ke.esto, seresto. seresto.
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8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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