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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 19, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00 a fix for falling concrete. >> reporter: late night work on the richmond san rafael bridge, caltrans workers are repairing the expansion joints where chunks of concrete went flying off the bridge last month. >> reporter: after three
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shootings on bay area freeways in 72 hours, what the chp says they need more of to keep drivers safe. >> plus a former world leader arrested in silicon valley, turns out he's wanted in his home country. why he's back on the run tonight. >> and a stunning sunset to close out a gorgeous day, when the rain returns to the forecast. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. right now as we speak, we're getting our first up close look at the fix for that falling concrete on the richmond-san rafael bridge. kpix5's joe vazquez is on the span right now, gives us an update. joe? >> reporter: yeah, ken. i'm right in the middle lane of the upper deck of the richmond- san rafael bridge and behind me you can see workers working into the night. there you see a man with a jackhaer. this not exactly the place in the world to be doing this, but they have begun a
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project to make this bridge safer. sparks are flying on the richmond-san rafael bridge tonight. caltrans workers are beginning a three-month project to replace expansion joints where chunks of concrete went flying off last month. on february 7th one of the joints broke apart sending concrete onto the lower deck of the bridge. luckily nobody was hurt, but it caused a ton of traffic for the better part of the day diverting commuters through wine country to go around the jam. only one joint was broken and they fixed it, but they found wear and tear on some other joints and eventually decided they would replace all of them. in order to make the repairs, what they're doing now is demolishing the old ones. they're taking them out. they have to jackhammer the existing concrete out and there you see the sparks flying. that is a saw and they're having to cut the old rebar out. they will eventually remove this expansion joint along with more than 60 others. >> as a precaution, there's about 62, 63 of these on the
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bridge that we decided we're going to out of risk assessment, we're going to replace these joints now at this time. >> reporter: as they continue this work, the richmond-san rafael upper bridge is down to one lane from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. every night for about the next three months as they work to replace these joints. at that point they're actually only going to be halfway finished. later this year they're going to do another project, probably take another three months to work on the lower deck where they will replace those joint. live on top of the richmond-san rafael bridge, i'm joe vazquez, kpix5. >> there it is live. the sun setting on some beautiful weather. our chief meteorologist paul deanno says rain is returning to our forecast. paul? >> first clouds, then rainfall. these temperatures behind me, the warmest weather we have seen since early november, likely will not return for the rest of this month.
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we'll start getting cooler tomorrow, cloudier. that's first change. minimal cloud cover in the morning, but we are mostly cloudy by the afternoon. rain showers begin to move in just after midnight and it will be somewhat soggy with rain showers scattered throughout the bay area not for tomorrow morning's commute, but for wednesday morning's commute. coming up we'll talk about how much rain to expect and how long we are likely to stay chilly. >> thank you. now to the former president of peru arrested in menlo park, he's wanted in his home country for taking $20 million in bribes, but don't he's on the run again. kpix5's maria medina is live in menlo park. what happened? >> reporter: yeah. this is where alejandro toledo was celebrating his st. patrick's day, but it appeared his luck was running out when he was arrested for public drunkenness, turns out he would only spend 12 hours in jail. >> this is the time to master the minds of our people.
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>> reporter: he was known as a visiting scholar at stanford university best known as the former president of peru from 2001 to 2006, but these days alejandro toledo is known for his run-ins with the law. he's wanted in peru for allegedly taking $20 million in bribes from a construction firm in exchange for public contracts. there's a $30,000 reward for his capture. >> he was placed under arrest and taken into custody. >> reporter: toledo's time seemed to be running out when san mateo county sheriff's deputies arrested him yesterday, st. patrick's day, at the dutch goose in menlo park for being drunk in public. >> mr. toledo was causing a disturbance at a local restaurant and they had asked him to leave and he refused. >> reporter: but this morning ody,a lot of >>er: the detectiv says because they couldn't
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legally keep him in custody, they couldn't wait for peruvian officials or the international criminal police to extradite him. toledo walked out of jail a free man. >> according to interpol, it was not enough to continue to house him in our facility. so we would have been holding him against his civil rights. >> well, i think he's got to pay the price. >> reporter: brian heaps is a regular at dutch goose. if toledo ever walks in again, he knows how to make 30,000 bucks. >> yeah. i hope he gets what's coming to him. >> reporter: we're told toledo lives in los altos. he denies any wrongdoing. in menlo park, maria medina, kpix5. new details about three back to back freeway shootings. the chp is now confirming all appear to be targeted. 25-year-old destinee hillery from antioch was a concord there turday. was another shooting 0 in live
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today on i-80 in richmond. so what's the chp doing to keep drivers safe? here's kpix5's andria borba. >> reporter: drivers and chp officers are on edge tonight after three shootings in just 72 hours on bay area freeways. only a line of smashed up guardrail marks where an antioch woman was shot to death while driving on highway 4 at the willow pass off ramp saturday. that shooting was followed in rapid succession by two more, one sunday, one today. >> it's crazy. it's out of control. it's a daily thing. >> reporter: yesterday a person suffered a gunshot wound to the leg on eastbound 580 near airway boulevard and then this morning another shooting, this time at eastbound 80 and macdonald. this afternoon chp was trying to mitigate fear after three shootings in 72 hours. >> all three of these shootings appear to be targeted and investigators believe that the shooting on highway 4 in contra costa county was gang-related.
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>> reporter: investigators are gathering information from the shot spotter systems on highway 4 and i-80 and say more cameras would help. >> it's definitely a conversation that's been had and we are seeing more camera systems out on the freeways. we'll see if the camera system in this case will help investigating this incident. >> reporter: if you feel like there's been a lot of shootings on bay area highways in the past few years, you aren't wrong. since november, 2015 there have been 185 shootings killing nine people. the clearance rate for these crimes is low. the chp has only made 39 arrests in those cases. >> the witnesses are key to a lot of these cases. it's important for people to realize that if we want to stop this, that a lot has to do with people being able to come forward. they have that information. >> reporter: mean while drivers like les have one more thing they're worried about behind the wheel.
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>> i try to keep an eye all around me 360 degrees around me at all times. >> reporter: the chp says they need more witnesses to step up so they can solve these crimes. in vallejo, andria borba, kpix5. now to some creepy video, a bay area burglar caught on camera lurking in the doorway of a baby's room. a home security camera captured the guy opening the door while the family's sleeping baby was just feet away. it happened early yesterday morning. police say the intruder hopped the fence and entered through a window of the vallejo home. everyone inside was sleeping. the sister of the woman who lives at that home tells us they later discovered several of their things were missing. >> her husband was checking up on them through the cameras and he asked, he was like was there an earthquake or something and my sister was like no and he was like well, where's my desktop? and then my sister's like oh, my god. we got robbed. >> fortunately no one was hurt. the suspect, however, is a ne
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strategy to help homeless people get off the streets in oakland, at least rerts four churches will start letting people park in their cars overnight. >> reporter: right now it's just a parking lot behind an east oakland church, but in a couple of days some people will call it home. the cars and rvs that oaklanders call home are hidden in plain sight, these tucked away on blighted streets in west oakland. pastor kenneth anderson says the problem is growing. >> there are still young people, seniors, adults, you name it that are sleeping in their cars. they simply can't afford the rents of oakland. >> reporter: so he's creating what he calls a safe haven. in two days the parking lot behind williams chapel baptist church will serve a higher calling as a safe space for 10 or 15 people who live in their cars, a place to park from 7 at night to 7 in the morning.
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they'll have security, a portable bathroom and a wash station. >> as a millennial pastor, i felt that we have on think out of the box. >> reporter: pastor anderson will soon be joined by three other oakland churches that will off their lots to the homeless as well with $50,000 in funding from alameda county. >> we see this growing to where we will get 65 unsheltered clients and families throughout the four congregations in the city of oakland. >> reporter: it's not the first time a lot has been converted to an overnight shelter. fairmount hospital in the san leandro hills is preparing to do the same thing. pastor anderson said if he can get more funding from alameda county, his mission to stop the homeless won't stop here. >> this is a band-aid. this is a patch, but ultimately this parking lot is going to be built with 70 plus units for the homeless and seniors that are less fortunate. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> union city adopted a similar
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problem in 2016. last year mountain view and santa clara county teamed up to provide overnight shelter to rv owners. coming up new calls for the giants ceo to be punished even further for that fight with his wife. >> plus flower frenzy, the drastic measures to keep tourists under control at california's super bloom. >> and in the wake of the admissions scandal, california lawmakers are talking about
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new video of an explosive fire at a chemical plant in texas tonight, officials say it could take two days for the fire to burn out.
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the fire broke out sunday morning near the city of deer park by houston. flames have spread to six tank. more pressure tonight on the san francisco giants over the conduct of their ceo larry bay. >> kpix5's betty yu reports the mayor is now calling for baer to be punished by major league baseball. >> reporter: today mayor london breed said while larry baer has apologized and expressed remorse, it does not excuse his actions and it does not erase what happened. since video showing a struggle between giants ceo larry baer and his wife pam over a cell phone surfaced about two weeks ago, today mayor london breed made a call to action. >> we ought to hold our leaders and especially in our sports arena to, you know, a high standard of excellence so that we send the right message. >> reporter: mayor breed called his actions source and wrong. >> i want them to focus on addressing this issue very thoughtfully and to hold him to
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the same standard that they would in any instances. there needs to be consequences. >> reporter: she joined leaders of the bay area domestic violence community who wrote this open letter to the mlb commissioner. >> at the conclusion of their investigation that they should apply the same consequences to owners, executives and managers that they apply to players who find themselves in the same situation. >> reporter: domestic violence support and prevention nonprofit la casa de las madras applauded mlb for becoming one of the first pro sports leagues to adopt a policy on domestic violence in 2015. the organization offered some consequences to consider during the mlb investigation. make a strong public statement that this behavior will not be tolerated. suspension from the giants, a fine or a specialized domestic violence treatment plan. mayor london breed also said that every little girl, every woman should be able to attend
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a giant game with a clear sense of the organization's values. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> tonight the giants say they take the matter very seriously and appreciate the mayor's concerns. to campaign 2020 right now, it will take some big bucks to keep up with presidential candidate beto o'rourke. kpix5's veronica de la cruz is here to explain. >> that's right, ken. o'rourke is just one of more than a dozen candidates vying for the democratic nomination in 2020, but he has already outpaced his rivals in initial fundraising. his campaign announced a record breaking $6.1 million after the first 24 hours into the race. >> my view is that every vote matters and the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting and that means
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get rid of the electoral college. >> now warren also told a mississippi audience that she supports a congressional proposal to study reparations for african americans hurt by slavery. new york senator kirsten gillibrand officially kicked off her campaign yesterday and that brings a total number of democrats in the running to 14 and a 15th came close to declaring his candidacy over the weekend. >> i have the most progressive record of anybody running for the -- anybody who would run. >> president trump took aim at biden tweeting this. "joe biden got tongue tied over the weekend when he was unable to properly deliver a very simple line about his decision to run for president. get used to it, another low iq individual." biden is the early frontrunner among democrats in most public opinion polls even though he has yet to announce he is actually running. >> thank you. today u.s. securities regulators told a judge tesla
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ceo elon musk failed to get approval for a tweet he sent out last month. the sec "blatant violation of a previous settlement agreement." on february 19th the embattled ceo tweeted that the company would build around 500,000 cars this year. he later changed that number to 400,000. the ongoing battle is part of the sec's latest move to try and hold musk in contempt. meanwhile the electric car company is asking its employees to volunteer to deliver 30,000 cars by the end of the quarter. according to a report by business insider, an internal e- mail was sent friday urging workers to sign up for delivery. in january the company announced it's buying an auto hauling trucking company. musk acknowledged tesla's delivery troubles in the past. ride share giant lyft is one step closer to going public. in a filing submitted today,
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the companied it would put more than 30 million shares up to sale for 52 to $68 per share. that could push the ride share market's value to about $25 billion. the ipo is exed by the end of the month. tonight state lawmakers are taking a skeptical look at standardized tests like the s.a.t.s, especially after the recent college admission scandal. a sacramento assemblyman kevin mccarthy thinks that california's universities should stop using the test altogether. he says it's better to emphasize other factors like grades and what students write in their applications. he believes cheaters can gain the system too easily, such as paying someone else to take the test. >> i think this scandal shines a spotlight on the whole issue of the testing industry. people with access can buy a better score. >> the only way to really assess academic confidence and
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hold everyone to the same standard, judge them all by the same yardstick, is to have one testing metric and that's the b college entrance exams is up for discussion tomorrow at a state assembly budget hearing. a weekend frenzy to see flowers, a super bloom of california poppies are lighting up the hillsides at lake elsinore in southern california, but the popularity is becoming a bit of a problem. area officials were forced to temporarily ban tourists on sunday after tens of thousands of visitors from around the world brought traffic to a halt. the city wrote on facebook today that the super bloom attraction is unlike anything they've ever experienced in the city and may never happen again. the area of walker canyon has reopened and a plan for this weekend is the works. >> millions of blooms, millions of selfies throughout southern california. a lot of things will be growing around here. i'll have your pollen report coming up in a second.
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hint, there's a lot out there right now. 50s currently. we'll stay mild tonight because of the cloud cover rolling in, livermore 57, san francisco 52, only dropping a few more degrees, concord tonight 49 your low, napa 48, mountain view 51. radar's clear. tomorrow night we'll see rain approach from the south and west, not a ton, but a change toward the middle of the week. pollen today almost a 9 going higher tomorrow, drops significantly wednesday because of the rain but will jump back up thursday and friday as we dry out. a pattern change, we had a ridge of high pressure keeping us high and dry, some of the warmest weather in 4 1/2 months. you probably enjoyed it because we didn't see sunshine for seemingly two or three weeks. well, that ridge is out. this low pressure area is moving in. it misses us to the south, but we will get some rainfall. we're going back to the cooler and unsettled weather which likely stays with us the rest of the month, not rain every day but cooler temperatures are on the way. tomorrow morning futurecast is a little more optimistic for morning sunshine.
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the change tomorrow is not rain. it's cloud cover. tomorrow evening it hit the santa cruz mountains, scattered showers wednesday morning, scattered showers throughout the day wednesday, some light rain possible and we'll look at showers lasting through the morning rush hour on thursday. rainfall totals on average about 0.1 to a 1/4 inch, slightly more closer to the coast including san francisco, 1/3 of 1 inch of rainfall. futurecast for the weekend, we're in between weather systems as of right now, could change, but the weekend is trending dry. high temperatures tomorrow, close to 70. tomorrow's not a wet day, not a cold day, just not as sunny and warm as today. concord 69 degrees, napa 68, san francisco 65. extended forecast, much cooler, wet on wednesday. that is your wettest day of the week, a few showers thursday morning and friday evening before we dry out and stay in the 60s for the weekend. wake up with our team fo starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> paul, thanks. a daring brain surgery is giving a group of children a
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new chance in life. >> these kids were born with a devastating disorder. >> they cannot walk. they cannot talk. they cannot feed themselves. >> kpix5 has the exclusive story behind an experimental treatment pioneered right here in the bay area. our original report on this life changing gene therapy airs tomorrow night at 7:00.
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well, here's something you don't see every day. >> chp pulled over a guy near watsonville yesterday for riding a horse drunk. >> whoa, nellie. >> he was arrested for public intoxication, may even be charged with a dui. you'll be happy to know, though, the horse made it home safely with the suspect's relative. >> but did they strip him of his spurs as well? warriors in san antonio tonight. >> oh, there it is. >> thank you. i'll be here all week. say hello to an old
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following impressive wins over houston and oklahoma city, the warriors looking for the
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trifecta tonight in san antonio eight straight wins. andrew bogut, seven points, seven rebounds in 19 minutes in his return to the warriors. last play 1st quarter steph a wing and a prayer, yes, 25-25, but the spurs go on a 19-2 run. 2nd quarter they led by as many as 14 points. curry just nine of 25 shooting, but in the final minute of the 3rd knocks down a three and the warriors have the lead, but the spurs were moving the ball tonight. the ex-warrior marco belinelli, the three and the foul. k.d. not happy, a nine-point lead at that point for the spurs. 90 seconds left, four-point game, klay good defense, but demar rosen too good. san antonio 111-105. golden state falls with record in the west. brackets for the ncaa women's tournament were supposed to be revealed
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afternoon, but espn accidentally released them four hours before the selection show. so did that spoil cal's watch party? >> so the show is still going to come on and what i'd like for us all to do is jump up and cheer when we see ourselves. it will be fun. >> yeah. the parents still excited to see their name on the bracket the second team. eighth seeded cal will play north carolina saturday in waco, texas. if the bears win, they would likely face no. 1 overall seed baylor, ouch. as for stanford a two seed in chicago, they'll open up at home on saturday against uc davis, the chicago regional and also making the trip to the farm, byu and auburn. these young ladies hoping to see the sharks coming to the playoff spot 30seconds into the game against vegas. san jose off and running, right? wrong. later in the period now 2 -2, a
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score to give vegas a 3-2 lead. the goalie was pulled off that goal and the knights won 7-3. the sharks go 0-3 on the homestand. joe pavelski, team captain, did not play tonight, team's leading scorer. >> arguably one of the most dramatic moments of the year, the ncaa teams announced. >> playing games tomorrow, first
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