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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 22, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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strap our top stories at 10:30. an autopsy revealed san francisco public defender jeff a dodgy died of an accidental drug overdose. the coroner says that it was a deadly mix of cocaine, alcohol, and his heart disease. he was 59 years old. special counsel robert muller has delivered his final report in the russia investigation. attorney general william barr says he may be able to tell congress this weekend what mueller concluded. democrats once the entire report released. >> it does not make any sense. this is public transportation. do something. >> passengers stabbed on a
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train in the fruitvale bart station this afternoon after getting into a fight with another man. the victim underwent surgery. he is expected to survive. the suspect stoma lose. good evening i am ken bastida. >> i am veronica de la cruz. this is a special edition of kpix 5 news at 10:30. the governor has declared a state of emergency ahead of the next wildfire season. ivhaever se.apocalyptic scene icenter several major wildfires were the given really out his drastic plan. >> reporter: let's talk about lake county. i am standing just outside of little town which was the scene of the 2015 valley fire that killed five people in this area. if you head over to lower lake that was the scene of the clayton fire. keep going and you would hit the jerusalem fire. the rocky and poni fires and of course last year there were the
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river and ranch fires that made up the mendocino complex, largest fire in the history of the state by one estimate as much as 60 percent of this county has burned since 2012. that is where the governor was here today. to say this. >> lo fmaings he.w years thcommy l >> goveor gavin newsom declared what you might call a preemptive wildfire state of emergency, a move designed to mobilize resources ahead of the upcoming fire season with a specific mind towards the blazes and people thought to be in the most danger. >> wildland, urban interface. with 2.2 million homes. which reside in the interface. and are very strategic about communities that are most vulnerable. >> specifically cow fire is being asked to accelerate its plans for fire breaks and
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prescribed burns in those areas most at risk. >> we probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 that we believe are very important throughout the state. and these 35 are the most important of those. >> to make those 35 projects happen quickly the governor is waiving some environmental laws. he says jobs that could have taken two years can hopefully be completed within the next two months. >> we can fast-track sepal for arenas and football stadiums. we certainly should be able to do so to save people's lives. >> there was some discussion in politics today specifically california's rather strained relationship with the white house on these matters. the governor tried to set that aside and play it down saying look, california faces a tremendous challenge and at some point it is absolutely going to require the assistance and cooperation of the federal government. in lake county, wilson walker, kpix five. some environmental groups called governors approach shortsighted. they say clearing trees can lead to disasters like
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mudslides. we are learning that disaster victims including some in california were caught up in a massive data breach. thanks to fema. 2.3 million people from 420 17 disasters including the california wildfires had their personal data including partial social security numbers compromised. report from the inspector general says the victims were part of a program to provide transitional housing and fema says the problem is fixed. >> let's take a live look outside. the rain, not done just yet. still a chance for more showers throughout the night. chief meteorologist paul deanno has been looking ahead to our weekend forecast. paul? >> the weekend will be drier but right now it is pouring in a few spots in the bay area. only isolated spots but a few of those spots it is coming down. it is right over the city of san francisco. east bay, southbay, dry, san
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the red is steady. soaking rainfall developing much of the city currently, stretching south to san mateo and north across the golden gate. another area for steady rain. sonoma, aldridge, glenallen youngsville, south to napa and american canyon. overnight we will see the showers decrease. the heavy rain is gone by one. all the rain is gone by 7:00 in the morning. tomorrow, surprisingly will be a mostly sunny days despite the fact that for some of you it is pouring outside right now. coming up we will talk about the rest of the weekend, when the rest of the rain chance moves in, coming up in about 15 minutes. tonight the raiders and the nfl are saying the city of oak lawsuit against them should be thrown out. the opposing sides met before a federal judge in san francisco. oakland is accusing the league and the raiders of violating antitrust laws approving the teams move to las vegas. the defendants say competition between cities is exactly what those laws are supposed to protect. the lawsuit seeks compensation and argues for keeping the raiders name in oakland after
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the team leaves. >> this is something that our grandparents built in 1960. that name, oakland raider was created by the community in 1960. it is like a community echo intellectual property. >> the judge plans to rule in early june on whether to dismiss this lawsuit. just yesterday, oakland city council approved a deal for the raiders to play at the coliseum for at least one more year. stocks took a drive on wall street as many traders shifted money into bonds. apparently worried that the global economy is slowing down. today's losses erased all the markets gains for the week. the dow dropped 460 points. losing nearly 2 percent of its value. the bay area just saw another hiring surge driven in large part by tech. according to state labor officials, san mateo metro
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area. and 1400 and the east bay. more than two thirds of it was intact. >> the latest number shows tech companies keep adding jobs in the bay area even as they move back office positions to other states. more jobs means more gridlock . tonight there are new plans to smooth out a tangle of southbay roads. famous for snarling up traffic. we are talking about the spot in sunnyvale where north matilda avenue and moffat park drive run head on into two major freeways. kpix 57 feely shows us the results. >> reporter: it is one of the most congested intersections anywhere in the southbay infamously dubbed musto matilda monster by commuters who have been stuck in it daily. the state is paying $42 million in an effort to tame it.
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even on its best day, it is a swirling out of card itching through bumping to bumper traffic as commuters get on and off highway 237 and 101. >> what we are trying to do is we are trying to eliminate all the traffic congestion that exists on this pretty complicated interchange where we have two freeways and several major roads cooing together at the same place. the state senator joined officials from caltrans and the valley transportation authority for a groundbreaking ceremony. the $42 million project will widen matilda avenue to three lanes in both directions and and and on the two northbound 101. >> this project will help sort out the confusion and make it more workable for people with that congestion. >> under the current from fisher configuration drivers often get stuck waiting through several cycles of the traffic lights as they try to get to nearby tech. >> traffic congestion is one of the basic issues in the bay area. >> the project still leaves
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one glaring need unmet, a direct connection between highway 237 and southbound 101. >> we are looking with the vta and the sunnyvale local communities on to solve that yet longer solution. but there are, more short-term solutions that we are looking at as well. >> vta says the project should be complete by 2020. in sunnyvale, kpix five. >> will be also dedicated biplanes and continuous sidewalks along matilda. president donald j. trump says he is referencing sanctions against north korea, triggering confusion within his own administration. he tweeted, "it was announced today by the us treasury that additional large-scale sanctions would be added to those already existing sanctions on north korea. i have today to order the withdrawal of those additional sanctions." at first it appeared the president was referring to
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penalties the treasury department announced yesterday against chinese shipping companies accused of helping north korea. but tonight administration officials say president donald j. trump was actually talking about additional sanctions that were under consideration. coming up bringing down the hammer. the admissions cheating scandal. strip the loans of their o degrees. ho sanderhoping capture the momentum this weekend on another candidate home turf. >> a san francisco immersive exhibit featuring bay area artist .
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a college caught up in the nationwide admissions scandal is thinking about taking away some degrees. usc has identified several alumni who may have gotten in through fraud. reporter lori perez says there are plenty of views on what the punishment should be. >> reporter: if you are thereby fraud, what right have you really to be there at all? 2 attorney steve meister says usc can and should take away their degrees of any alum found to have gotten and by fraud. he says because colleges have broad discretion to protect the system by which degrees are
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awarded and should be because they >> if they don't do it, they undermine the integrity of any degree they award to anyone else. >> reporter: tmc is reporting usc has eight suspicious cases where alums used admissions gam ringleader rick services and is considering revoking the degrees of any alums involved. some usc students we spoke with were perhaps, surprisingly, forgiving. >> i do not think they should take away their degree did it whilthey were in sc. there should be some penalty. >> of the cans on case to case basis. there has to be some sort of consequences, cannot go through the system the wrong way and have the same reward. >> reporter: one student suggested something akin to major league baseball'sá. keep the degree but with a check mark. >> does take his records away because he did steroids. >> even students who claim they did not know their parents were cheating to get them in, should
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lose their degree. >> you give a second break to the kid who never should have gotten the first one. at everyone else's expense and it has to stop. >> reporter: that was lori perez reporting. the defendants are due in federal court in boston on april 3, that includes dozens of parents accused of cheating. senator bernie sanders holding outdoor rallies this weekend in california, including here in san francisco as he makes a second run. for the presidency. tonight, the vermont senator met some plans park in san diego. he will be in la tomorrow and then in the bay area for a rally on sunday afternoon. sanders is hoping to build on the enthusiasm from 2016 when he was the runner-up for the democratic nomination. this week and of course you will be on senator, harris's home turf. a special honor for california trailblazer. march phone you is is the first woman to have a state building named after her. you became the first asian-
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american in the us to serve in a state legislature. she was elected california secretary of state in 1974. after serving four terms, and the state assembly, she died in 2017 at the age of 95. starting next week, the secretary of state office in sacramento will be called the toght, cbin rk.retary of thugchain announced it wilg th oducts in eight states including california. cbd products will be on store shelves include creams, sprays, roll-on's, lotions, and salves. cvs says that it is marketing topical cdbg products as an alternate source of relief to help with pain from arthritis and other ailments. tonight the driver of this truck has been cited for leaving a mile long trail of marijuana on an east bay file.
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chp oakland treated these photos after yesterday's spell on interstate 80 near emeryville. the caption? roses are red, violets are blue, your spilled weed is green, and we have a citation just for you. the digital scrapbooking website pinterest is getting ready to make a splash on wall street. tonight, the san francisco- based company has filed for an ipo. it follows a similar move earlier this month by lift, according to pitch book data. pinterest was last valued at about $12.3 billion. that was in 2017. the site allows people to pin images that inspire their tastes in fashion, design, food, travel, and more. technology is helping bring art to life in a digital wonderland on market street. kpix's buddy you takes us into san francisco's one dough.
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>> reporter: inside one dough you are transported to a futuristic digital playground of sorts. >>'s in the surrounds >> reporter: we immersive our destination on market street features experiences created by artists from the bay area and around the world. >> i think they should leave their expectations at home and have an open mind. because it will blow most expectations out of the water. some of the things we are doing have never been done before. >> one of those is the unreal garden. the first ever mass consumer mixed reality production. which uses augmented reality in a forest. >> reporter: the reason we chose iras because connection -- and the vr is a nice living experience today. so we basically have 25 people in an experience at one time, able to see what each other is doing. >> reporter: the luminal installation takes people through a maze of 14 instagram friendly rooms. one of the exhibits here resembles a human kaleidoscope. this is one of several infinity boxes featured at one dome.
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this is a virtual waterfall and i can divert the direction of the water. >> one dome says it is using tech to open up art to the masses. >> technology today has sort of disconnected us from each other, and immersive tech, which enables us to actually come together and to connect with each other, to be social and to bring us closer to the magic of reality. >> its latest production is doing just that. feast is a pop-up dining communal experience. here, the menu was our digital. each with forces 432 people is coordinated with changing table scapes that respond to hand motions. check out this steak entrie. >> it was pretty immersive, and it is a great experience to wallow in with the artwork. and be a part of it. >> i've been to for 20 and that is like ingenious, but this, each room just pulled you into
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the room. >> reporter: on the night beat, i am betty yu. >> one dome will update its exhibits throughout the year and will constantly feature new and different artists in the bay area for >> kind of flash. >> it made me feel completely sick. >> a little dizzy right now. don't focus on the spinning radar behind me. >> you're just going to pass out. keep watching kpix 5 if you do. we now have a line, this is a cold front, while the cold front has been there but the precipitation has formed bowline which is stretching from napa south through san pablo bay, down to san francisco and san mateo county. within the line it is pouring. leo in the next hour you will get some heavy rain. oakland and berkeley, it is just a few minutes away for you. like we will eventually stretch to san jose which is not seeing that much rainfall today. that is the line moving through, that is the front that when it clears the rain is done but it is right over the bay area right now.
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you can see the last couple of images right there. the line is getting more organized as it moves from northwest to southeast through the bay area . we are getting wet. we are in the mid-50s, livermore 54, san jose 55. redwood city you are low at 49 degrees. the tri-valley at 47, fairfield, cordelia, vacaville about 47 degrees, half moon bay and pacifica, 48 for a low. this is an active pattern. i'm telling you nothing you do not know already. but i'm here to show you that upstream behind this storm which will move out in time for a dry weekend, there are two more weather makers moving through. this is the first one. hello itself will go toward the gulf of alaska but will drag another cold front through which will arrive as early as monday morning. we will go hour by hour and when the rain clears overnight tonight and tomorrow morning is about five or 6:00 in the morning. before sunrise the rain is gone. you may hear the rain pounding on the rooftop over the next couple of hours as the front moves through. saturday afternoon will be mostly sunny. let's the scenario on sunday. we start with sunshine. we finish with clouds and over
10:52 pm
the overnight hours the rain returns. it is the reverse of what we will see on saturday. by monday morning, the commute time is 7 am, kids back to school. it will be soggy in the bay area once again. and we are not done, because by the middle of the week there is another rainmaker moving in. again, the low-pressure area moving to the north. the mountain snow paul and some rain around the bay area likely on wednesday. your to what is today's next week will we monday and wednesday. a look at what you can expect with weather headlines for evening rainfall, the chance of rain continues after midnight. the weekend will be mostly sunny. but the wet weather does return coming up on monday. high temperatures tomorrow with the sunshine anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees below average. concord 62, santa clara, 64. union city, 61. sunshine in redwood 60, 6161 in pittsburgh tomorrow with increasing sunshine. denville 61, livermore 62 degrees. san rafael 61, alameda a pretty common temperature. sonoma 63 degrees tomorrow san
10:53 pm
francisco 58 for a high. cloverdale also in low 60s but we do not get microclimates in a pattern like this. everyone within two or 3 degrees of each other. sunday we are partly sunny and still dry. monday morning is the wet time, a few lingering showers on tuesday. another round of rainfall coming up on wednesday. when we do change this pattern and when d riod, we llnot w with ourselves. >> seriously. >> you will not have to water anything either. >> if you are thinking about putting the on, don't, save the water. mother nature is doing it for you. >> all right paul thank you. the secret is out. outside lands names is closing headliner, the legend, creating one more bay area stage before he calls it quits. >> do you think you have what it takes to outwit and outlast your fellow humans? reality series survivor is holding a bay area casting call. 10 am tomorrow at the dakar convention center.
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you must preregister online at survivor casting
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well, a little sneak preview of what's to come with this year's outside lands line- up. >> just a taste, but it is big.
10:57 pm
paul simon will close the three day festival sunday night, the organizers breaking with tradition keeping the performers secret until the entire line-up is released, but this might have been too big to keep under wraps. simon just announced he is retiring from touring but says he will do this show and donate the proceeds to a local environmental nonprofit. the rest of the bands will be the stival runs au9th through the 11th. it's going to be a good one. kpix news at 11:00 is coming up next. >> we don't know what's in the mueller report, but that's not keeping bay area lawmakers from sounding off on it tonight. >> plus word tonight hackers tried to sneak their way into an east bay election system. >> a skier's wrong turn ends in a wild ride down a wa for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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