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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  March 25, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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you are watching kpix5 news at 5:30. rain is coming down around the bay area. things will settle down this evening. we are not done with the wet weather for the week. emergency work is underway in ukiah. they are sending out the forest to prevent wildfires. it's one of the largest charges of its kind in the state. apple makes a big announcement. some of hollywood's a listers are on hand as they launch a new streaming service called apple tv plus. oprah winfrey has signed on to the project. no word yet on a monthly subscription price. welcome back.
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someone is trying to use fake money to purchase things in livermore. local merchants are aware of the counterfeit scam, but who is doing this is still a mystery. that's right. these local businesses are on alert and they have been sharing information. this business gave us a $100 bill. this bill is legitimate. it feels real and you can see the security stripe right there. if a merchant has questions, a lot of them have machines to tell if the money is real or not. listen for the sound. if it makes a sound, the money is real. >> this one is legit. a lot of others, 20s and 100s are not. >> kayla brown works at the hallmark store and has gotten pretty good at spotting fakes.
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>> i said, this money is counterfeit. you might want to go back to the bank where you got these from. >> her biggest sign when someone hands her a stack of 20s to purchase items. >> as i was scanning the 20s i noticed the same thing a lot in the same spot. the paper did not feel correct. >> nancy grover says she's been handed her fair share of counterfeit money as well. >> they are usually purchasing something small with a large bill and trying to get the cash back. >> the bill runs through with and if it is counterfeit it will be. >> reporter: more and more stores are relying on these machines. >> that means it is real. >> it feels like funny or it looks funny we run it through.
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>> who is circulating the counterfeits and what is a business owner to do? >> it is amazing how many stores don't have a machine like this. they can get away, the way they process their bills now, we have been told that the pen doesn't even work. it will come up saying it's good. >> reporter: with compacted, contacted the police. they don't know if it's a counterfeit ring or an individual. they urge merchants to contact police even if the customer has left the store. chances are they're taking that fake money and trying to use it somewhere nearby. but just for the record, i'm giving this $100 bill back right now. >> back to you. new arraignments in the nationwide college admission scandal. a dozen people went before a
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federal judge this afternoon and they all pleaded not guilty. it could be a potential 20 year sentence. it included several former coaches and administrators. they took rides to call an applicant a recruit even if that student never played the sport. dr. dre has deleted and instagram post about his daughter getting into the university of southern california. my daughter got accepted into usc all on her own. no jail time. he was apparently referencing parents facing federal charges for breaking laws to get their kids into prestigious schools. he has taken it down after news of him donating $70 million to the school has resurfaced. >> yell has rescinded one students place following the scandal. rudy meredith was charged earlier this month in connection
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. stanford university is changing how it accepts athletes into the school. now all recruits will face a background check from an executive for a second higher- level verification. previously only the recruiting coach was responsible for reviewing credentials. >> stanford fired its head coach in the scandal. the father of a six-year-old killed in the sandy hook shooting has died in an apparent suicide. he was found dead outside a town hall in connecticut. they will not disclose any details other than it doesn't appear to be suspicious. has stepped is the third suicide of the past week related to school massacres. in florida a student who survived, died by suicide last week and a sophomore at the parkland florida school took his life one week later.
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people seeking help with those who might be at risk of suicide and can call 1-800-273i 8255 extracted a trump met with benjamin netanyahu. it had to be cut short because benjamin netanyahu had to deal with violence at home. president trump signed a proclamation officially recognizing israel's sovereignty. it changes decades of u.s. policy in that region. benjamin netanyahu had scheduled a three day visit but left early after a rocket attack destroyed a home and wounded seven people in central israel. >> the united states recognizes israel's right to defend itself. the despicable attack demonstrates challenges that israel faces every single day. >> israel retaliated using an airstrike deroy a secret
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san francisco police are responding to a shooting in the city's mission district. it happened 90 minutes ago at the department of corrections building near 13th street. rdin was found suffering from gunshot wounds inside the building sloppy. police said the incident doesn't involve employees. the victim has left threatening injuries. a very active scene. police are gathering evidence. one person has been wounded and sent to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. a shooting at the department of corrections building near the mission. police are investigating. the price of a home in san francisco is crazy enough.
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how about a sky high price for an empty lot? this plot of land is a hot property located on thor avenue. there is a park near bright and easy access to two weighty. >> reporter: we've all heard about expensive real estate in this vacant lot, 2600 square feet and the asking price is $1.85 million. that's a little more than $700 per square foot just for the dirt. >> the lot is about 25 feet wide and a little over 100 feet deep. this is pete branigan the realtor for the property. >> location location location. just around the corner there's a french restaurant, there's a burrito restaurant, there's a great pizza place. sushi.
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>> he says the real value is that it comes with building plans already approved. the renderings of what the approved home looks like our beautiful. keep in mind, the $1.8 million is only for the lot. >> commissions are always negotiable. 6%. i am getting the commission that i asked for, the appropriate amount. >> he says there were 12 parties reviewing the numbers. >> the market will ultimately decide the real price. in glen park, kpix5. >> that house will be brand- new. there will have to jumpstart the construction process themselves. a new development built in downtown san jose has already landed dozens of buyers.
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is called sb 78. of it 78 units, 28 have been sold and they're not even finished. the tech titans are moving into the area and there's a new downtown office tower and google has proposed a transit oriented village. the home start just under $960,000. chick-fil-a tries to put a new restaurant in concorde. they are recommending that council members reject rezoning. they want to develop a restaurant at 1400 willow pass road. the company likes the site is as close to the highway. chick-fil-a needs permission for a drive-through window. concorde officials are rejecting siding negative impact on traffic and economic development in a busy area. they will take up the issue on tuesday night. the hemi avocado
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corporation is recalling avocados in six states because of potential contamination from my stereo. it includes california, florida, north carolina and wisconsin. trouble for redwood city- based impossible food has issued a voluntary recall after they found plastic in a burger product. this marks the first recall for the company. according to the food website, the contaminated product was not served anywhere. hopeful multimillionaires have another chance to hit it big. we caught people purchasing those tickets. no one had all of the winning numbers. the top price has jumped to a whopping $750 million. this is the fourth largest u.s. lottery prize ever. the next is happening wednesday night. >> you can hear all the doors
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slamming as people ran out to purchase their lotto tickets. >> that's about the chance of us getting five straight dry days. >> ouch. that hurt. that is how not dry it has been. i will let you go get the ticket and prove me wrong. it is the south bay and the east bay getting the rainfall right now. the northbay, you were done. santa rosa, you are dry. marin county, you are dry. the line is i-80 and it will be soggy for the next hour or two. it is a dividing line over the bay area. the rain is working from southwest to northeast. what number stands out here? gilroy, you can 74 degrees today. the rest of us are officially jealous.
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concorde, 66. san francisco with a few drips and 62. tonight, upper 40s to low 50s. open, 52. a lot of you are dealing with allergies right now. the allergy level will stay constant right around seven on the one to 12 scale. on friday when we start drying out and everything is still growing and blooming, i'm looking at the allergy levels to increase significantly by the end of this week. there is a little trade-off there. we will go to hayward were we will be dry. could be a 5 or 10 minutes shower but partly sunny skies and the rain does return on wednesday. it's raining now and it's raining wednesday. this is a wintertime pattern. look at the jet stream. about as far south as los angeles and san diego.
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there is one storm getting us today. on the other side another storm will move through which is something you typically see in january or february. it is not unprecedented. we have had a lot of this. tomorrow the dry weather and a possible shower over the diablo range. toward wednesday the rain returns and showers will last all the way until thursday. you may be thinking, what about the weekend. it will likely do that again. it shifts just far enough to the north. saturday and sunday will be mainly dry. we will sneak in a dry day tomorrow. wednesday will be the 43rd wet day of the year. i have been counting and it is a big number. san jose, your dry. 66, one that creek. fairfield, 64. cloverdale, 61 degrees.
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the rain returns on wednesday and will not leave until lunchtime on thursday. we dry out for the weekend. that is your kpix5 forecast. hundreds of giants fans filled the fairmont hotel for the play ball lunch. they had the chance to mingle with players, coaches, and broadcasters. an annual benefit for the giants community fun. the new gm shared his sense of optimism and also joked he still getting to know the longtime manager. >> he's got the most intimidating blank stare i've ever been around. >> i have seen it many times. when i walk in there and say something and i get that, my heart still skips a beat. he's taking it easy on me. >> blue shield of california put on today's fundraiser. tonight their scheduled to play against the a's at oracle part. the regular season begins on thursday.
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i'm so honored to be here with you guys. thank you so much for having me. >> a chance to say thank you
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students and donors
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gathered together at the ritz carton hotel to celebrate students rising above. it was an opportunity for scholars to say thank you for everything the organization has done. >> for this fullback eddie williams, tonight is a homecoming. he's about to deliver the keynote address for the gala at the ritz carlton in san francisco. >> it is surreal to be on this. >> reporter: 18 years after he was a scholar dreaming of a brighter future. >> i'm so honored to be here. >> reporter: tonight the room is full of young people who survived turbulent lives and have come out on top guided by their mentors. the month is one of them. when he met him he was president of the black student
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union at santa clara high school and captain of the basketball team. what many did not know was that his mother was struggling to pay the bills. >> it was not easy at all. right into franklin and marshall college and five years later he takes the stage at the gala with an up date. >> i received a full-time offer at the new york times and i am the first of my family to graduate from college. the executive director says that these are the success stories that have fueled sra over two decades. >> we have alumni debtor changemakers and were celebrating a lot tonight. >> reporter: 75 students stand with pendants of the names of the colleges they will attend. and when eddie takes the states, he has these words about the power of their stories . >> wield your story as a weapon against justice and perspective
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brokenness and other people's lives with grace and with peas. >> reporter: kpix5 . >> to learn more, head to our website, . meet the ball guy. cvs pharmacy. ed gets copays as low as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions.l. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants.
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spring has officially sprung. it is a favorite time of year for one guy in san jose, the ball guy. he planted more than 11,000 bulbs in his garden and they bloom into a colorful garden. he invites the public to tour his backyard for a week every year. >> i just love the looks on people's faces when they see it.
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especially the elderly. they want to come back the next year. >> he opened his yard on march 23 and it will be open until march 31. there is no admission charge, but if visitors choose to donate, he donates the money to st. jude's children's research center. >> he got the idea when a bulb went off. it's all for a good cause. that's it for the news at 5:00. now in 6:00, high def doppler is lit up in another weather system is rolling through and another one is on the way. you want your dog and you want to own property and you just can't. >> the quality of life in the bay area has gotten worse for some. why more and more people are choosing to leave. >> worse jason? >> a new thriller putting the
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spotlight on santa cruz. will the starring role help or hurt business on the boardwalk? kpix5 news at 6:00 starts right now. were off to another soggy start this week with scattered showers falling all across the bay area. it will be around for a while. a live look shows cloudy gray skies over the bay. and over the city of san francisco. the northbay was getting most of the rain today. our chief meteorologist is tracking the storm. >> the late, radar is lit up once again. it is very soggy. the northbay the rain is done for you and your sharing it with the east bay, peninsula and the south bay.


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