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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 26, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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overnight rv parking. in the wake of the admission scandal, stanford university lays down strict new roles for recruits. stormy daniels loria, michael avenatti arrested. he is accused of trying to extort nike. it is tuesday, march 26. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it is 5 am. as you get ready to head out the door, if you lovering, there is good news on the way. if you're tired of it, you have a reason to smile today. it will be a brief break but we will take what we can get. we have ourselves in between storm systems today. we have a mix of sun and clouds this morning on high def doppler this morning but nothing like yesterday. we have another storm right behind it tomorrow. on high def doppler you can see showers in the sacramental letter in the sacramento area and that is pretty much about it. here is a live look with their ocean beach cliff house camera.
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you can see mostly cloudy skies with temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. 52 in concord, san francisco and san jose. oakland 53, 51 in livermore and 47 in santa rosa. your headlines, we have a break between storms with just a few showers today. in northeast we have the chance for rain, wind and we continue with showers on thursday. we will time it out on futurecast and take you hour by hour when you can expect when the rain will return where you are in just a few minutes. let's check in with anne mackovec for a look at traffic.
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>> if you are taking the bay bridge toll plaza this morning, heads up. no metering lights just yet but we do have an early backup in the cash lanes. looks like the fast track users are starting to slow down just a little bit. you will see some delays building in at the bay bridge after you get past this area, it looks pretty good. here is a live look at fremont street coming up the skyway heading into san francisco. it looks like traffic is moving up to speed through there. we do have a couple of accidents out there, westbound 24 right around the caldecott tunnel we have a report of a crash blocking at least the right lanes. it doesn't look like it is causing too many delays, it looks like it is affecting the right side. stick to your left and you will probably get by that without any delays. if you're trying to get through 580, you should be good to go. 880, the nimitz freeway at 980 looked out for a broken down vehicle approaching oak street.
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we have reports of an accident but that is in the clearing stages. we don't have any delays northbound. if you plan on taking the nimitz freeway past the colosseum, traffic is clear through there. southbound more volume but overall nice speeds working your way through this portion into hayward. hopping onto the san mateo bridge, only a 30 minute drive time between 880 and 101. getting on 101 you are clear through the peninsula both directions. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. in north carolina, 205 inmates who escaped from a county jail last night have been caught. there are three still on the loose. this is at the nash county jail. it is near raleigh, north carolina. the five men escaped last night. you are looking at new video of the two who were captured overnight. they apparently escaped by pulling out a fence in an exercise yard. they found a blind spot that none of the jail's cameras were capturing. three inmates are still on the loose this morning. today, the berkeley city council will decide whether to ban the overnight parking of campers and rvs. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in berkeley with more.
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>> reporter: this is a topic that has both sides very concerned about what will happen next, what will happen tonight. we are talking specifically about the area west of san pablo avenue in berkeley this morning. there are a lot of rv and campers there, more than 100 from what the police reported in december. berkeley already has a 72 hour parking rule that allows you to stay put for that amount of time. some berkeley county members say they have an extended way people can park overnight but the people who live in these rvs and campers say if this ban goes into effect, they don't know where else to go. >> we are, in essence, economic refugees, trying to make it in the city we have called home
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for many years. there is no reason we should be running in fear from our own government when we have not committed any crimes. >> if the city council adopts banning overnight parking tonight, city employees will reach out to the people living in the campers and rvs to help them find housing. >> reporter: rvs would be added to the list of banned vehicles from 2 am until 5 pm. it would not affect people living in their cars. a permanent system would be created so they could stay on berkeley streets up to two weeks every year. the people who live in some of these rvs and campers are planning on holding a rally outside of berkeley city hall at 4 pm tonight before the city council votes and meets at 6 pm. in berkeley, jackie ward, kpix 5 news. a north bay community is split on how legalized marijuana is impacting the community. >> kpix 5's emily turner joins us with more. >> it started as a temporary ban on cannabis businesses. today the public will weigh in on whether to make that a permanent ban. the planning commission will hold that hearing tonight after getting the results of a public survey on the topic. the folks of the area were totally split on the idea of a dispensary for recreational marijuana. 50/50. ironically, voters in the county overwhelmingly supported the legalization of recreational marijuana on the ballot with the 70% of ters
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in for of it. the townn ar hoping clarity but it doesn't >> i don't really have the public sending us a clear signal. that also means no matter what you decide, somebody is going to be upset about it. that is always true in politics. >> they will have to decide something. the town is facing a deadline because it imposed the temporary ban last year. by state law, it has to decide its permanent regulation by september or it will lose its ability to oppose them at all. that meeting is happening tonight at the town hall you be keeping close eyit, as
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llwns in the e wsroomemily turner, kpix 5 news. another attack on bart. this morning, a suspect is in custody. woman was found bleeding from her head at the colma station last night. she and a man had some sort of interaction while on the train. the suspect hit her with an object. the victim is recovering in the hospital. stamper university is making sweeping changes to its admissions process in the wake of the college bribery scandal. university brass say they want to rebuild trust after firing its head sailing coach for allegedly accepting nearly $800,000 in bribes. stamper brass also announced there will be new rules for sports records. all student athletes will undergo a background check by stanford leadership executive members. that person will review and confirm athletic conch factual before they are accepted. carla bury's daughter is an athlete and is looking at stanford is a possibility. >> it is really unfortunate. hopefully they find ways to put measures in place so it doesn't happen again. >> they need to take steps to
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keep it from happening. >> stanford is also investigating if one of its students were connected to the scandal. in a blog post, leaders said they were reviewing his process on accepting donations and gifts. two weeks ago, group of wealthy parents were accused of paying bribes to get their kids into elite schools. 12 suspects in the scandal were arraigned in federal court in boston. among them, six former coaches accused of taking bribes. all 12 pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to committing racketeering. homeland security and the f.b.i. are investigating an attempted cyberattack on the concho county clerk and recorders office. it came last week disguised as a contact she had emailed in the past. officials say the email was unusually sophisticated and appeared authentic. it was designed to try to access the department's emails. the attack did not attempt to access any election will
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information. michael avenatti is facing charges in two separate cases. in new york, avenatti was accused of trying to extort about $20 million from nike. in los angeles, avenatti faces bank and wire fraud charges for allegedly embezzling money from a client and defrauding the bank. avenatti says he expects to be fully exonerated. democratic lawmakers are demanding the justice department handover the full robert mueller report. there deadline is next tuesday. congressman adam schiff another chairman say it is needed to help with their ongoing investigations into the president. >> we will use the mueller report and the underlying evidence when we obtain it to make decisions about the focus of our investigation . >> president trump and his allies are going on the offensive looking to push back against what they believe is
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presidential harassment. >> a lot of people out there have done some very, very evil things, some very bad things, i would say treasonous things. i would say those people should certainly be looked at. >> the attorney general's four page summary said the investigation did not find evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia but said the mueller report stopped short of exonerating the president of obstruction of justice. let's take a live look a capital hill. today the house will vote to override president trump's veto and his declaration of a national emergency at the mexico border. that is only if enough republicans in congress will side with the democrats. that vote fails, the emergency declaration would let the president shift anioiofor mi construction projects to work on a barrier along the
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the fate of a in concord i today. city staff want consul members to reject rezoning for drive- through. the fast food chain was to develop a restaurant on willow pass road. the company likes the site because it is close to enter nate interstate 680. they need permission for drive- through window. officials are objecting citing
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a negative impact on traffic and development in the busy area. the city council will take up the issue tonight. southwest and american airlines are counseling hundreds of flights every day because the boeing 737 max fleet is grounded. the question now, what is happening to these unused planes? in the case of southwest, they are parked in the desert at the southern california logistics airport in victorville. 13 days into the ongoing grounding, it is still unclear how long the faa order will last. airlines that use the jet are warning more flight cancellations are coming. summer planning long-term. >> the max eight was canceled and i'm not sure which airline we are going on tonight or the model of the plane. >> it is better to be safe in this kind of industry than to have something bad happen that we look back and regret it. >> an official says the cancellation should not cause major problems because the max is a very small percentage of the fleet for the airlines but that could change this summer. airlines need every single airplane they have in july and august. they don't have those
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airplanes, there will be more delays and cancellations. there could be a scarcity of seats over the summer. that is often a way airlines raise their prices. >> boeing is working on software fixes and pilot training. the faa has to evaluate the stats before the planes and get back into the air. we have some new accidents to get to. >> this one takes us south of petaluma where chp is on the scene. it is southbound 101 at san antonio road. they have the right lane blocked. we have stop and go traffic as and on south bound 101 anyway through there. heads up. you will see some slow and go conditions in that area. northbound 101 is moving just fine with no delays. if you are traveling south of here, you are good to go to the golden gate bridge. the commute from san rafael into the city is only about a 12 minute drive time right now. at least that portion is really easy this morning. no delays as you get into san francisco. that is not the case at the bay bridge. here is a live look.
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it looks like the pattern is starting there. we see some delays beyond the 880 overpass. it is a slow ride coming out of the east bay heading into san francisco. the upper deck looks good with no major snags. let's get you updated on a couple of accidents. we had an earlier trouble spot westbound 580 not too far from northglenn. that has been cleared out of the roadway but it looks like another one has popped up. that is a slow ride anyway. it is 33 minutes from 205 to 680. it gets better past northglenn but they are a lot of break lights out of tracy making that connecting route on two 580. this is not causing any delays. traffic is still light on the westbound side of 26. you should be okay, despite this crash. it is been there quite some time. hopefully it will be cleared quickly. they just cleared south 880 at 980. we did have one lane block for a stalled reit . let's say good morning to san jose. this is traffic along 101 northbound. we have nice speeds past 880.
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you are clear from here all the way to sfo with no delays. northbound 280 looks good, also. you can use 680 to 85, that is an easy 11 minute drive time. that is an easy ride. the hotspot is southbound 101 at san antonio. we will keep you updated on that. the roadways are dry. that is great news. it is nice to catch a break from the rain on this tuesday. we will continue with a little bit of sunshine later on this afternoon. here is a beautiful shot of the bay bridge. g sun and clouds. let's show you another view of the bay bridge from our salesforce tower camera. we are looking at temperatures in the mid 40s to the low 50s from concord, oakland, san jose
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all of 52. good morning to you. livermore is 51, as well as downtown san francisco. 46 in santa rosa. here is high def doppler. it is drive for the most part this morning, we are just tracking a few spotty showers over the diablo range and over parts of the south bay. that is pretty much about it. here is what you can expect. mainly dry today, just a few isolated, spotty showers. the storm comes in tomorrow bringing the rain, wind and the chance of an isolated thunderstorm. showers continue into thursday. let's time it out for you. here we are on satellite. this is our next storm system that will bring the rain. on futurecast going hour by hour, you can see a little bit of sunshine as we head through the afternoon. enjoy it because it will not last long. even by this evening, showers begin to work their way in across the coast as well as through the south bay. this is 7 pm tonight. as we go through tomorrow morning, we have a wet start to the day as a cold front pushes across our region. this is tomorrow at 7 am.
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you can see that line of heavier rain. we could see an isolated thunderstorm. as we go through the rest of your wednesday, we catch a break with sun clearing. it is not a washout the entire day, but we will be tracking rain tomorrow. as we look ahead to the weekend, it was a nice weekend with sunshine and we are looking at perfect timing once again with the drier weather pattern for our weekend. your pollen count, good news. because of the rain we received, we are looking at medium levels today, tomorrow and thursday but it jumps right back up with all that sunshine and drier weather expected friday and into the weekend. we will see temperatures today right around where we should be this time of year. 66 in santa clara, 67 in san jose, 68 in gas 67, int and fad. daytime highs right around 62sa leandro.
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we have the bay bridge series day three. it looks great. nothing like yesterday. mostly cloudy skies for first pitch at 57 degrees. here is your seven-day forecast. we have showers beginning to work their way in tonight into tomorrow morning for rainy and windy conditions. showers thursday, drier and sunnier weather by friday into the weekend. some tiny devices are causing some big headaches. >> rogue drones flying over airports have disruptive flights, potentially costing airlines millions of dollars in delays and cancellations. officials fear unless something is done, a catastrophic event is bound to happen. >> they knew there was a problem but they didn't know where the operator was at. >> this is the whole trajectory. >> the whole flight path of the drone. >> now a bay area company is at the forefront of detecting the drones and the local airport with the cutting-edge technology. watch our original report right here on
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women working two or more night shifts have a greater risk of miscarriage the owing niarfound e risk goes up by about a third and said it increases even more if women work consecutive night shifts. patients using medical marijuana to treat various diseases and conditions prefer different types of the drug. a new study finds penser cancer patients are choosing forms of higher thc and oil under the tongue versus vaping. those with epilepsy or multiple sclerosis choose a more potent form over time. the lineup for this year's outside lands will be released. we already know one of the headliners. paul simon will close the three
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day badn is year and released one of the headliners ahead of the full line up. the festival runs august 9 through the 11th.
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live from the cbs bay area tudios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:30 am, protecting water in napa is proving to be no easy task. this morning, the county
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attempts to find a solution. rvs may be banned overnight in berkeley. unhappy campers prepare to fight back. as lyft gets ready to go public, some of its drivers staged a protest. it is tuesday, march 26. good morning. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. let's get right over to mary lee who is tracking dry conditions today. >> and sunshine. that will be great to see. we have to get out our sunglasses. we have a brake in between storms today and then another wave of rain, wind comes back tomorrow. here is a live look taking you out to the south bay. temperatures are running in the south bay in san jose at 52, 52 in san francisco, oakland is 53, 52 in concord and 51 in livermore. high def doppler, it is drive for the most part this morning. i have been tracking a few showers over the diablo range and for paotty showers in morgan hill down through gilroy. that is pretty much about it. it is mainly dry today with just a few spotty showers. our next storm system arrives tomorrow bringing rain, wind and the chance of an isolated
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thunderstorms. unsettled weather continues with showers into thursday. we will time it out for you when the rain returns and it will return as early as this evening. we will show you that hour by hour coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in with gianna franco this morning. the ace tray number one is about 20 minutes behind schedule because of equipment problems. they are headed to the livermore area. you will see some delays there this morning. tray number three is on time. hopefully they got those issues wrapped up. if you want to take caltrain making the commute i the south bay along the peninsula into san francisco, everything is on time. no delays for bart and muni is checking in with no problems. let's look at one of our slow spots right now, the connection from 205 to 580. it is sluggish this morning. we have a trouble spot on a non- commute direction at 205.
5:32 am
it looks like it is causing delays. most of the delays on the westbound side. you are slowing go as you approach northglenn. once you pass that, you're clear to the dublin interchange. we are looking at 39 minutes from the 205 to the 680. it is sluggish working your way through there. elsewhere, we are still dealing with this crash south 101 at san antonio. the right lane is blocked. chp crews are on scene. the delays are building. it looks like their backing up into petaluma at this point. it is getting slower is a clear this crash out of planes. if you're making the commute out of the east bay over towards marin county, using the richmond-san rafael bridge is a great choice. we don't have any delays there. happening today, public hearing on water quality in napa county. >> kpix 5's emily turner is in the studio to explain. >> this debate is not new. it has been going on for years and it doesn't seem to go away. it really comes down to a battle over water and forest land in a way that could significantly limit the wind industry's expansion. on one side, there is a group
5:33 am
who wants the county to up its protection of water reservoir quality as well as the native forest land. on the other, it is an industry that is growing, the wine industry, and it brings in a lot of money. the county will decide on how many trees can be cut down and how many hillsides can be farmed, along with other measures. while it might sound like a dry issue, it will pack the house today. that is the impact. >> people will not be able to have country lives in this community. >> the valley floor is largely planted out. a lot of times, a forest is on the land they want to develop. removing that forest is just a matter of getting down to business. >> that meeting will start at 9 am this morning. if past hearings are anything to go by, public comment will last for hours. it is highly unlikely the county will decide anything
5:34 am
today because of that. once it passed, it could go into effect as soon as april. if opponents feel like it is too strict, a referendum could undo it all and he could go on the ballot next year. it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. today the city of berkeley may officially ban rvs and campers from parking overnight. kpix 5's jackie ward is in berkeley to tell us with the people and the residents in the large vehicles have to say about it. >> reporter: the city council is expected to officially put it in motion for these people. the ones who live in these rvs and campers are really concerned. they say they don't know where else to go. they are voicing their opinion one more time, trying to sway the berkeley city council to not make this ban official. tonight other people, we are talking about the area west of san pablo avenue. the discussion is imposing this
5:35 am
ban for overnight parking in berkeley. >> with these people have asked is to give us an alternative. if you don't want us where we are, tell us where we can be within the city limits. >> reporter: the city is reportedly still looking for an area in the east bay where these 100+ rvs could go. right now, berkeley does have a 72 hour parking rule, only making rvs move every three days and allowing them to stay in the general area. it has seemed to work for now but other people living in the area say it has become a member
5:36 am
of public health. there will be a rally outside berkeley city hall tonight at 4 pm. the city council meeting is expected to vote at 6 pm. in berkeley, jackie ward, kpix 5 news. a woman's body has been found on the beach. authorities are investigating whether it is that of 22-year- old keira sunshine scarlet. she was buried in a landslide last month while walking on the beach with her dog and a friend. the cliff above them gave way. her friend was rescued by keira was never found. her father was asked to come to san francisco as part of the investigation. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. we are following the ban on bump stocks that is set to go in today unless the court steps in. that is still a possibility. bump stocks allow shooters to fire basically semiautomatic rifles continuously with one pull of the trigger. the justice department ruled in december that within the 90 days anyone who owns one has to turn it in and destroy it. today is the end of that 90 days. supporters are not giving up without a fight. 22 emergency appeals were sent to the supreme court yesterday. uber app just struck a $3
5:37 am
billion deal. they are buying their middle east competitor, careem. it is largest tech sale in the region. careem is one of the most successful startups in the middle east. it allows riders to pay by cash or credit card. uber's expected to go public later this year. lyft is drumming up investor money for its own ipo as some of its drivers protest. >> drivers united , will never be defeated! >> dozens of rideshare drivers held signs and chanted at the omni hotel yesterday at was it expected to be the company's ipo meeting. they held it at the olympic club instead. they plan to raise about $2.1 billion in what will be the biggest u. s. listing so far this year. in a statement to kpix, lyft said it has a strong track record of helping drivers increase their earnings. the shredder and prepare to hit
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the delete button at any time. it is tax season. once and for all, how long do we need to keep those old returns and those receipts? >> there are a lot of numbers that get thrown out. i spoke with someone at the irs. they said they had six years to audit so you may want to hang onto your tax returns and supporting documents six years. if you're looking at bank and investment accounts and want to know how long to keep them, does your bank make those documents available online and for how long? if you are still receiving paper statements, keep them for a year. if you have a taxable investment account, you may want to flag any purchases or sales for tax purposes. here is your caviar. if you or someone in your family is going to be applying
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for medicaid, many states require you show five years worth of statements. you have to keep those longer. unless you need something on your credit card statement for tax or business purposes or proof of purchase, you can shred those statements after 45 days. do everything online. it makes it a lot easier. >> that is good advice. are there some things you need to keep forever? >> this is such an anti-marie kondo kind of concept. they are things you need to keep, may be in a fireproof safe, in the cloud or in a safe department box. birth and death certificates, social security cards, marriage licenses, divorce decrees and of course, your estate documents you need to. if you have any questions on whether or not to hang onto something, you want to err on the side of caution and hold onto records related to home improvements and major purchases until you dispose of that asset. if you hate those yucky old files, may 2019 the year you dump the paperwork and finally go digital. for more spring cleaning tips
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and to spark marie kondo joy in your life, go to >> thank you for all the tax advice. have you done your taxes? >> no. i have an appointment later this week. >> i just in mind two days ago. it is 5:40 am. >> straight ahead this morning, new hollywood thri to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and ot
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with california.
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good tuesday morning to you.
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it is almost 5:43 am. here is a live look at the salesforce tower cam lit up brightly this morning. we are catching a break from the rain. we are also seeing a little bit of sunshine later today. we have changes ahead. we are tracking the rain coming back into the bay area. i will time it out for you on futurecast coming up. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. breaking news from the military. the pentagon has announced it has launched successfully two ground-based missile interceptors from vanderburgh air force base in southern california. this is the first big test of missile defense in the u. s. that would protect against threats from countries like north korea. the u. s. military says this shows we have a capable, credible deterrent against a quote, very real threat. back to you.
5:44 am
apple's new streaming services a talk at the tech and entertainment worlds this morning. oprah, tim robbins, director aj abrams, jennifer aniston and reese witherspoon were just a few of the hollywood a listers. apple tv plus combined with a new magazine subscription, there will also be an apple credit card and new arcade games subscription service. >> don't miss the bigger story, which is this is all about new revenue for apple. we believe that will double in the next three years. >> just from services alone?
5:45 am
>> just from services alone. >> apple says the company currently rakes in $45 million- $50 billion a year in services alone. the new app will launch through a software update in may. get ready to wax on wax off. the karate kid is turning 35 and three months. it is being celebrated this weekend. the 1984 drama will be kicking his way back into theaters this sunday and next tuesday in the bay area. you can watch the limited screenings at century nine theaters at the san francisco center, the amc on bay street in the century 20 daly city theater. i may go. that is one of my top five flex. >> i love it. i love the second one, too. i had the hugest crush on ralph marcio. >> you are the best, daniel. a new movie has people buzzing about the santa cruz boardwalk in the new hollywood theatre "us". >> the movie is about a family that comes to santa cruz and the boardwalk for a beach vacation but get taunted instead. some say the psychological thriller has scared them away. others who have seen the film says the movie gave them a
5:46 am
reason to go visit it for themselves. >> it is a creepier element but that is what you want. >> it is crazy seeing all the actions that happened in the movie and coming here and seeing how deserted it is at the moment. there is possibly a portal to wherever the movie had there is may be. >> q the scary movie. santa cruz beach boardwalk officials say the buzz is good for business, especially since it is coming a week before the boardwalk opens for spring break. >> it makes people a little more curious. >> i want to see that movie. >> i can't. i cannot do it. >> yesterday we said, we are not going to see it. >> you guys are going to see it? >> we will go check it out. i love to get scared. traffic? >> a little scary at the bay bridge. we have some brake lights so be
5:47 am
prepared. it is just your typical slow and go conditions. no accidents and that is good news. the metering lights are on. the good news is, the roadways are dry right now. that will help the morning commute as you come out of oakland into san francisco. you are not back to the maze just yet but that will probably happen in the next 10 to 15 minutes. slow at the foot of the maze. coming up i-580 is still bearable. the eastshore freeway ride is pretty good. we don't have any delays or hotspots on westbound 80 as you are head to richmond. it is slow into emeryville connecting onto the bay bridge toll plaza. i spoke with chp. they had an early morning wind
5:48 am
advisory for the san mateo bridge but that is been canceled. traffic is moving at nice speeds westbound commuting out of hayward as you are head into foster city this morning. the tail lights are working their way westbound. eastbound no delays headed to the east bay this morning. we are dealing with some mass transit delays. an ace royal is running behind schedule for ace train number one. a strain number two is running on time. there was a maintenance problem. caltrain is checking in with no problems this morning. this is justin from the traffic center, we have a crash at 880 at whipple. it is back to at least the 92 connector. cras ill see some brake lights we have the report of a vehicle fire working your way south bound 680. there is no word on if any lanes are blocked. chp and fire crews are headed to the scene. we have a live look at 680 near main street. traffic is sluggish on the southbound side but we have okay speeds. we will keep a close eye on that 680 commute through walnut creek. i think you will like today, at least most of today. we will catch a little bit of sunshine as we head through the afternoon and then showers are back tonight. here is a live look from the salesforce tower camera looking east at the bay bridge with mostly cloudy skies. it is 52 in concord, oakland, as well as san jose. a 51, livermore and san francisco, 47 in santa rosa.
5:49 am
we are dry for the most part on high def doppler. you can see a few spotty showers for the diablo range and near morgan hill and gilroy. that is pretty much about it this morning. here is what you can expect. we are in between storm systems today. we are mainly dry. there could be a few showers but we will see some sunshine as we head to the day. rain and wind tomorrow with our next storm system. showers on thursday , i think the allergies have gotten me with the pollen count. i will show you that in just a second. you can see this is our next storm system that will bring the return of the rain. we are in the winter weather pattern, which is storm after storm. this is what you can expect on futurecast. we will catch some sunshine at 3 pm today, we are drive for the most part. sunshine gives way to showers this evening. this is 7 pm. four coast, the inland locations and through the south bay we will see that. this is 7 am. you can see up front, a line of heavier rain with an isolated
5:50 am
thunderstorm, it will be msc for the morning commute. as we go through tomorrow into the afternoon, we look drier for your wednesday afternoon. looking ahead to the weekend, of course, it is never too early to think about the weekend. a dry our weather pattern sets up friday and into saturday and sunday. your pollen count is at medium levels today, tomorrow and thursday. it really skyrockets on friday with drier and sunnier weather friday through the weekend. winter storm warning is in effect for this in the era for more snowfall. it is in effect from 11 pm tonight until 11 am
5:51 am
wednesday. 12 to 24 inches of new snow. sunrise is at 7:04 am. sunset is at 7:27 pm. 63 in oakland, 63 in fremont, 67 in san jose and 61 in napa. it will be mainly dry today with a little bit of sunshine, turning wet and windy on wednesday. showers linger on thursday. we have dryer and sunnier weather by the end of the week. the san diego zoo is getting ready to say goodbye to it/2 pandas. the zoo says the 27-year-old and six-year-old son will depart as planned next month for china as a multi-year agreement. the mother and son are the last two pandas in california. april 22 is last day to see them. there are still pandas at zoos in washington, d.c., atlanta and memphis. wheel washers in monterey bay god the show of a lifetime. >> the mammal showed off for the grout. princess monterey we are watching says it is a first humpback creature they have
5:52 am
come across this season. >> it is 5:51 am. ex-cons behind the wheel. coming up, leaving past crimes behind. the program saying t yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. a few minutes ago we didn't have any delays. that has changed. we have a crash westbound 80
5:55 am
right at mcbryde. it is blocking at least one lane. that will slow you down through there. we will look at the bay bridge coming up in a few minutes. expect delays on the eastshore freeway commute. some former felons are finding a new lease on life this morning. >> they are hitting the road as professional truck drivers. robert henderson is one of thousands of ex-cons finding new hope in new trucking industry hiring practices. hundreds of companies have begun hiring felons because of supply and demand. a trucking school says some 50,000 drivers are needed nationwide. for robert, it is the chance of a lifetime. >> being an xfl and, there is a lot of judgment teijin that comes along with that. when i first started, it was very intimidating.
5:56 am
it was big. all the cars are little. you don't have people judging you. >> what do drivers need to get hired? a clean driving record and no duis in the past three years. being on parole will limit opportunities, so will certain crimes. the coast guard is searching for swimmer missing off of each in pacifica by air and on land. the latest coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> stanford university is making big chmi likecost the scl 's
6:00 am
sailing coaches job. the fight over what congress and the public will see of the mueller report is just heating up. we have the latest developments from capital hill. good morning. it is tuesday. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it is 6 am. you don't need your umbrella going to work today. that gives michelle a little bit of time to finally get one. >> i never have one on me anyway. >> this is a reminder, michelle. tomorrow you will need it. we are looking at sunglasses today. look at the sunshine . enjoy it. we have a break in between storms before the next system i hes a beaulo atures a running in the 40s and 50s this morning, 47 in santa rosa, 49 in livermore, concord and san francisco are 51, oakland and san jose, good morning to you at 52. here is high


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