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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 26, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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center in and the il fernile restaurant in santa clara, a t-mobile store in sunnyvale, a poki bowl in palo alto, wal-mart in mountain view plus macy's valley fair and the great mall in milpitas, in all 20 locations between march 16th and march 22nd where people could have been exposed. >> some people are not protected from measles and the top of that list are babies. >> reporter: health officer dr. sara cody says although measles immunization runs over 96% among school age children and adults in santa clara county, there are vulnerable populations. >> so if a family happened to be traveling with their baby to one of these places where the infectious person was, they should be watching for symptoms. >> reporter: the ihop manager said he just found out this afternoon about the measles case. >> i don't know anything. i just got a call from them. if you want more information, you got to call the corporation. >> reporter: as for those symptoms, people should look out for a fever, also aches and
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pains and a dry throat and dry cough. of course, the telltale sign is the pockmarks, the rash around the face and other parts of the body as it spreads throughout the person. now the health department says that there is a 21-day incubation period. so once 21 days passes from the 16th when they know that person was infectious, people who could have been exposed were probably going to be out of the woods. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> we posted a full list of places this patient visited in santa clara county including the times. it's all on our website, the city of san francisco will settle a lawsuit with the mother of mario woods over the death of her son. the deadly shooting happened in 2015. 26-year-old woods was spotted carrying a knife in the bayview neighborhood. he was suspected of stabbing another man. police surrounded him and after
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firing beanbags and pepper spray they opened fire after police say he moved towards an officer. woods was shot 21 times by five officers. late today the city announced a settlement with mario woods' mother. san francisco will pay an undisclosed amount of money. the san francisco city attorney's office says, "this settlement allows us to reach a resolution without the need for a trial. hopefully it will help bring closure for all involved." in 2015 the death of mario woods touched off protests across the city. it has had a lasting impact on the police department. the shooting led to the resignation of police chief greg suhr and it was one of the cases that brought about new policies including police body cameras and deescalation tactics when confronting suspects. prosecutors cleared the five officers involved in the shooting. the attorney for mario woods' mother says she is happy with the settlement and happy to put it behind her. new at 6:00 people in the
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north bay still cleaning up from the recent flooding. they say they are getting dumped on literally. neighbors along the russian river are in clean-up mode, but kpix5's wilson walker tells us outsiders are making the problems even worse right now. wilson? >> reporter: well, yeah. the message from authorities here in west county is pretty straightforward today. this is a natural disaster, not an opportunity for some kind of spring cleaning free for all. >> i'm 84 degrees. i'm getting a little tired of what you see i'm doing back there. >> reporter: garden hose in hand, art mcnulty is still trying to clean up behind the russian river flooding of late february and so are a lot of people here. biggest problem now, the piles of trash just keep coming and not all of it is flood debris. >> absolutely. i saw a u-haul truck across the
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street. >> reporter: you saw people dumping stuff out here? >> yes. >> reporter: it was not flood debris. >> no, it wasn't. >> reporter: for starters, it is infuriating especially through the eyes of those still trying to get out from under the real mess. >> this stuff is meant for people like me who lost everything i had. >> we do not want the lower russian river to become the second county dump essentially where people come and leave their debris assuming it's going to be picked up by the county. >> reporter: that is supervisor linda hopkins. she said piles like these abandoned paint cans aren't just in bad taste. they are slowing and threatening the actual flood clean-up. that's because the county or state does not reimburse for illegally dumped debris. so all of this must now be sorted and tracked. >> it could absolutely threaten our reimbursement, which is why we have people who are literally photographing every single debris pile and folks following it actually to the dump to make sure no one is
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throwing things in on the way. it's a very serious process, but it's really unfortunate people are doing this. it's unacceptable. we have people who just lost everything and you have folks taking an advantage to get rid of their stuff for free. >> people to come from somewhere else and dump their crap is a little bit more than i like to see. >> reporter: you saw the no dumping signs that have been posted at any number of spots up and down river road here. authorities want to hear from you if you see people doing this. they are adamant about issuing citations for anyone caught dumping where they're trying to get flood debris out of here. we are live in guerneville, wilson walker, kpix5. mlb benched larry baer. the giants ceo was suspended without pay. the decision was handed down today 25 days after baer was caught on camera having a public scuffle with his wife. he's out until july 1st and is
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not allowed near the stadium until the suspension is over. baer released a statement mistake i sincerely regret and i am truly sorry for my actions." a live look at oracle park where the giants are gearing up for a preseason game against the a's and fans are filing into oracle park right now. they're weighing in. >> i'm glad mlb and the giants stepped in. i think we should move past it and focus on the season coming up. >> as long as he does what the team wants him to do,ing good to have him back. >> fans said this should spark conversation on how other pro sports teams handle issues of domestic violence. there are still questions about larry baer's future and how the team moves forward from this. >> our phil matier joins us to break it all down. >> the first thing was moving forward and that took a lot of behind the scenes work between major league baseball, the giants, women's groups concerned about the message
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being sent, the mayor's office who was concerned about what the suspension would be and even the district attorney's office which had to deal with all that going into their decision not to charge larry baer. the result was a suspension and a question about exactly how much power larry baer will have when he returns. will he still be the world champion face of the world champion san francisco giants or will he take a more back seat role? all of this is yet to be determined. larry baer was for decades the leader of the giants even though he was not a major owner. he held that group together and was the front for it, not only for the team sports, but also for the running of the stadium, which is a multimillion dollar operation and most recently the development that's going in next-door that the giants are putting in which is a huge development, all of this has major impacts not only for the giants, but for the city as well. there was a lot of behind the scenes saying how do we make this so everybody is agreeable to it and we don't have a bad
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reaction going forward. >> that's right. interesting mlb comes out fairly hard going three months. some people would say that's not hard enough, but that's a decision they make in agreement with the giants. so he's suspended without pay. he is not allowed near the team, but you alluded to it just a second ago. his return might be different when he comes back as ceo. it may actually have a different job title. >> that's right. what happened is while everybody was talking about the suspension the second part of it was that he is no longer going to be the designated representative of the team to major league baseball. that is a big deal. that is up there with the owners. instead you'll see robert dean. he's going to be acting ceo. ipart owner. be much more th at least his fami is. they own a good chunk of it. that puts him up there. there is possibly the new face of the giants going forward. >> that's more of the behind the scenes that went on. >> ken, in san francisco it never gets played out on the
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field. it's always in the dugout or behind the scenes. >> i agree with the other fan. let's move on to the baseball season. phil, thank you. new at 6:00 chick-fil-a is giving concord a second try. its first location was struck down, but the fast food chain now wants to build a drive-thru along willow pass road. kpix5's juliette goodrich joins us from the proposed site. juliette? >> reporter: here is the staff report and in it says nothing about concord not wanting a chick-fil-a, but the city council tonight has to decide on zoning for a drive-thru. so they had to give the go ahead to change the whole area to have a drive-thru and this isn't the first time chick-fil- a has tried to come to concord. ever since lin's chinese buffet shut down two years ago the building has stayed vacant, some seeing it as an eyesore. now chick-fil-a sees it as a great spot for a drive-thru. >> oh, it would certainly be better than that. there's so much garbage in the
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bushes. it's been there forever. yeah. >> reporter: but a recent staff report is suggesting the city council reject the idea. what's the beef? well, it's not over the fast food chain itself. it has more to do with where chick-fil-a wants to set up shop, along highly congested will low pass road, and there are concerns about traffic and economic development. >> it's a pretty busy street despite it being a side street. >> reporter: this isn't the first time chick-fil-a has tried to come to town. the fast food chain explored moving into the vacant elephant war location near interstate 680 but was turned down because of traffic concerns there. >> there's enough of those nowadays, a chick-fil-a, burger king. >> reporter: concord said it is not opposinged to drive- thrus and the city has welcomed new restaurants to the area, but this location is right next to corporate real estate and a drive-thru isn't consistent with the city's overall economic goals. >> one of the things that we fail to realize is businesses
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like winn's, these independent businesses are what drives the american economy. >> anything but chick-fil-a. >> i'm a vegetarian, so i would say no. >> reporter: how about you? >> yes. >> reporter: the city did not want to comment until tonight's city council meeting, but it was interesting doing the story asking people what would you want here? they had a whole list of food items. it has nothing to do with what restaurant would go here. chick-fil-a could go they're if they allowed a drive-thru, but here's the real reason why it's a sticking point, because you've got busy willow pass road. it's very congested. you have real estate and commercial buildings here. so the city council has that to decide tonight, nothing to do with the menu that we all love, right? back to you. off the coast of p never makes it back, the frantic search to find him. >> reporter: we're in the santa cruz mountains checking
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out more than 300 acres of pristine redwood forests that just opened up to the public. i'm told the long uphill hike is totally worth it. we shall see. >> plus the emergency text thousands will get on their cell phones tomorrow. >> the next front is not even here yet. it's already raining for some of you, goes with the flow over the past month. we've been well above average. dry for most of the day today, beautiful look toward angel island in marin county, but we'll talk about when rain
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a group of environmentalists working together with some loggers are trying to preserve forest in the santa cruz mountains.
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together the redwood forests cover about 937 acres. kpix5's kiet do has more on the protect this land forever. >> reporter: one of the cool things about living in the bay area is that there's always some new adventure to go on and this week is no different. a mile and a half up this fire road is 320 acres of pristine old growth redwood forest that has not been touched by humans in more than 50 years and starting right now it's open to the public. is it grant worthy? >> very much so. >> reporter: we'll see about that. the trailhead is off the main road inside the butanrow state park and we're headed to this redbox called gazos creek, property just purchased from the big creek lumber company. if you're going to do this, the hike is pretty much uphill the entire way. the hike itself is gorgeous. there are critters everywhere, banana slugs and rough skinned
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newts. the trail hasn't seen regular foot traffic in decades and it shows. after 2 miles and 1,000 feet of elevation gain, a bench and solitude awaits. this view hasn't been seen by the public in generations. >> very pristine. it doesn't have a road network. it doesn't have invasives. it really is a beautiful forest and so we'll be able to keep it that way through this deal. >> reporter: the other big part of the $12 million deal is this 600 acres near aptos called valencia creek. trees will still be harvested but with restrictions including a ban on clear cutting. the open space trust said working together instead of against logging companies is the way to move forward. >> working towards goals collaboratively is a new approach. it's exciting for us and hopefully there's more opportunities to do that. >> reporter: as for the 320 acres in gazos creek, it will be cleaned up and likely added to the state park system and perhaps some new trails will be
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cut or it will be left as is. either way it's still beautiful. in the santa cruz mountains, kiet do, kpix5. search teams plan to work until sunset to try to locate a swimmer who disappeared in rough waters off pacifica. authorities say a group of friends were hanging out outside their hotel when they decided to go for a swim just before 3:30 this morning at rockaway beach. police identified the missing swimmer as 28-year-old tyler collins of merced. he was last seen 50 feet from shore. this coastguard helicopter has been searching up and down the coast since dawn. patrol boats are also searching the surf but have turned up nothing. police say the water conditions are difficult even for experienced swimmers. well, a shake alert will have thousands of people in oakland checking out their cell phones tomorrow. this is a test of the earthquake early warning system. around 11 a.m. the office of emergency services and usgs will send the
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test using the wireless emergency alert system. cell phones within a 60 square block radius on the west side of lake merritt will get it. scientists hope the system can eventually give people up to a minute's warning to get to a safe place. there is more rainfall returning overnight tonight. that's when everybody gets rain, but some of you are getting heavy showers right now. let's get right to it. we're cloudy after a sunny start. it was a pleasant morning. we're still mainly dry, but showers are beginning to move in. it's 66 degrees in san jose, santa rosa 61, in between livermore, oakland and concord tied at 63. tonight lows in the 50s because of clouds and the rainfall that will fall after midnight. redwood city 52, oakland 52. look at the rain again, same spots hit hard yesterday, martinez, concord, benicia, walnut creek, pleasant hill, alamo, an inch of rain yesterday even ahead of the front arriving tonight you're seeing showers and a few scattered showers mainly in the
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north bay right now, south sonoma and marin county. more snow in the sierra, i know, again. 12 to 24 inches of snowfall above 7,000 feet in elevation. more snow is likely, travel delays on the busy roads likely and we're adding to a pretty significant snowpack which is running 57% above average. why more snow? why more rainfall? because we have a big strong area of low pressure sitting just off to our west. this has to move to get a ridge in here to get some drier weather. it doesn't want to move. it's not going to move until thursday afternoon. let's talk about when the rain will be here. tomorrow morning, morning commute 6:00 heaviest rain in the north bay but scattered showers or light rain everywhere. plan on a slower drive to work or school tomorrow morning. evening time not so much. the rain is gone temporarily, may even sunshine tomorrow afternoon. thursday morning's morning commute soggy and those showers may linger into the afternoon. it will be lighter rainfall thursday.
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friday finally some drier weather moving in, sunshine expected on friday. as for how much rain to expect? in the north bay 1/2 inch to an inch of new rainfall, san francisco and concord and points south less than 1/2 inch. flooding is not expected, but more rainfall impacting the commute as early as tomorrow morning. some isolated showers this evening ahead of the front, another round of rain wednesday morning. we aren't as wet wednesday evening with more showers moving in thursday. low to mid-60s tomorrow, below average again. vallejo 62, fremont 64, san francisco and pacifica 60 degrees for a high. thursday evening rain is done for the seven-day forecast. friday sunshine, saturday sunshine, 70s inland. sunday we're dry and early next wispthe upper 60s to low 70s, drier for the weekend. back to you. >> thank you, paul. some tiny devices are causing some pretty big headaches. >> rogue drones flying over airports have disrupted flights potentially costing airlines millions of dollars in delays
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and cancellations. officials fear unless something is done a catastrophic event is bound to happen. >> they knew there was a problem, but they didn't know where the operator was at. >> this is the whole trajectory. >> yeah. the whole flight path of the drone. >> now the bay area company at the forefront of detecting rogue drones and the local airport looking into the cutting edge technology, watch our original report tonight at 7:00 here on kpix5. what could bring the raiders coach to tears for three straight days? i'm dennis o'donnell and another giants alright, you excited?
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the giants roster is down to the wire. they've got one more game tonight. the starting rotation is not
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set, nor is pablo sandoval's spot on the team. with all the new players that have been added to the fringes of the roster, the panda could be seen as expendable. he's hitting .267 in spring, is healthy from offseason hamstring surgery, but he offers one thing others really can't, his personality. >> i'm the clown on the team. so i just make sure everyone is loose for the games. i don't control those things. i just control to come here every day, have fun and enjoy the moments. >> i love the guy. find a way to keep him. giants traded pitcher chris stratton to the angel in exchange for left-handed pitcher william taures. stratton will be in the angels starting rotation. college basketball breaking, usf kyle smith is reportedly in negotiations to be the next head coach at
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washington state. smith had 63 wins in three seasons at the hilltop and was on the bubble of the ncaa tournament this year, but usf told us he was offered the job but has not accepted it within the past hour. nfl, raiders signed a quarterback today that is very familiar to their new all pro receiver antonio brown. landry jones will compete to be derek carr's backup in training camp. jones played behind big ben for five years before they cut him in 2017. of jones' eight touchdown passes, antonio brown caught none of them. nfl meetings are in full swing in phoenix and today jon gruden spoke with reporters for almost an hour about the state of the franchise. gruden is still getting questions about last year's khalil mack trade which has opened up opportunities to get other players this year. >> we would not have trent brown. we would not have antonio
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brown. we wouldn't have lamarcus joiner or montez burfict or tyrell williams. we wouldn't have any of them. i'm not going to sit here and say i didn't cry for three days. i wanted to coach mack and mack knows it. >> great point. get ready for longer nfl games. the league voted to review pass interference whether it's called or not. coaches will be allowed to challenge the penalty if a flag was thrown or challenge if no flag was thrown and they think pass interference occurred. >> i think they ought to be able to challenge any play any game at any time, get two of those. that's it. >> that's basically what has happened with p.i. and i think you hit it spot on. the games are not necessarily going to get longer if you still only ♪ i paid the price you pay too much.
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a couple of hackers managed to crack the computer code for a tesla model 3. >> it paid off for them in a
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big way. this duo only took minutes to break into tesla's infotainment system and take it over. it was all part of a hacking competition in vancouver. after exposing the flaw they received $375,000 in prizes including the model 3 itself. tesla thanked the hackers and is now releasing an update to fix the issue. thank you for watching at 6:00! the cbs evening news is up next. >> we'll be back here on the new kpix5 news at 7 p.m. have a good night!
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ca captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> glor: on the "cbs evening wsws" this tuesday, a city divided. gharges dropped against actor jussie smollett accused of staging a hate crime. police and the mayor call it a whitewash of justice. >> i've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. >> mr. smollett committed this hoax. >> i would like nothing more than to just move on with my life. >> is there no decency in this man? >> a boeing 737 max 8 plane had to make an emergency landing. >> reported engine problem. >> two pilots were taking the tor to a storage facility. >> lawyer michael avenatti speaks to cbs on the charges against him. >> did you try to extort nike for millions of dollars? >> no, and any suggestion is absolutely absurd.


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