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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 27, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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mary lee will time it all out for us. dozens of firefighters respond when a home goes up in flames. details on the woman who is being treated for burn injuries. healthcare takes the spotlight on capitol hill once again. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, march 27 that. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it is 6 am. we are on storm watch again. michelle probably did not bring in her umbrella this morning. >> i have two umbrellas, michelle. you can have one of mine. >> i love you. >> i love you.ry? >> no. >> i have one in the car. >> we are looking at a wet and windy start to the day. we will see more rain as we head to the next few hours. if you're not catching the rain right now, just wait. here is high def doppler. in the north bay, it is wet. for santa rosa, windsor, glenallen, petaluma, you can
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see the rain stretching through novato down through san rafael with light rain this morning. this is just a start. here is a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. we have a wet bridge up there in with gusts up to 35 miles per hour over the bridge. temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s. it is a mild start to the day. you will notice the winds as you are head outside. 15 to 25 mile-per-hour sustained winds with gusts up to 35 miles per hour. the heaviest rain with the actual cold front pushes in around 8 am until 11 am is when we will see the heaviest rain and the strongest wind. as we head through the afternoon we have a few showers in the chance for an isolated thunderstorm but we will also have some breaks as well in the afternoon. i will time it all out for you
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and walk you through the next 24 to 48 hours on futurecast, taking you hour by hour what you can expect with the rain and the wind coming up. it will affect your drive this morning, especially on some of the bay area bridges. there are wind advisories in effect. one is the bay bridge. you can see traffic is very slow. it is stacked up to the maze at this point. it is slow coming off the approaches for 580 in the eastshore freeway. you can see the 880 over passing delays. we have a crash right around the metering lights just past this portion. you can see some activity off to the right side of the roadway. just be advised that is there. metering lights are on. they were turned on around 5:20 am. a wind advisory for the dumbarton bridge. your drive time still look okay at 12 minutes working away across the span from 880 to marsh road. it is not affecting your drive much but it is gusty, especially in a high profile vehicle. on the san mateo bridge, traffic is still pretty light. once you get to the toll plaza it is clear working away toward the 101.
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a para small earthquakes rattled the bay area this morning. a magnitude 2.7 earthquake struck around 4:30 am centered in the san pablo bay immediately followed by a magnitude 2.6 earthquake in that same area. those earthquakes happened hours before an emergency earthquake alert will ring out on cell phones and the bay area. >> emily turner joins us with more. test othe shakealert. major >>might get it on your phone. it is called a shakealert. it will be sent to cell phones in an around the downtown oakland area this morning between 11 am and noon. emergency officials in usgs want to see how quickly a warning can transmit to cell phones in the event of an earthquake.
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the alert zone will be a 60 block swath of downtown oakland west of lake merritt . that is what they are targeting. officials chose that specific area for its population density. a warning, some residents outside of the target area may also get an alert. >> you will receive an alert in the same way you would receive an amber alert or a severe weather alert. >> these days, everybody is on their phone, whether it is texting or email or talking to others. cell phones are probably the best option, honestly. >> the test is being coordinated by the state office of emergency services and the usgs in partnership with the city of oakland and alameda county. the thousands of people will be asked to fill out a survey after they received the alert answering questions about how quickly they got the alert and how to reach them. experts say depending on how it goes, the technology could be a game-changer. a county in new york is in a state of emergency. thousands of kids were pulled out of schools because of measles. rockland county has been dealing with the measels oureak since octor. ar000 vacci yestery's executivr unvacc children to be moved from schools. here at home, santa clara health officials issued a
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measles warning after an infected tourist visited 20 popular locations and exposed people to the disease. jackie ward is live with more in milpitas. >> reporter: doctors are saying thousands were possibly exposed just from this one person who was infected by the measles. as you said, he did visit several locations across the bay area that are very popular, including the great mall here in milpitas. this happened between march 16 and march 22 during his trip here. there were a lot of crowded places he went to, including an ihop in san jose and the apple visitor center in cupertino. experts say a person can catch the measles after an infected person leaves the room. the person was eventually hospitalized after a few days here. >> measles is one of the most contagious and infectious diseases. what to 90% of susceptible
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people will get the measles if they are exposed, which is extremely high. >> reporter: already this year, there have been 333 cases in 15 states. that is almost the same amount of cases is all of last year. people who are not vaccinated, babies waiting to get the shots and anyone with a weakened immune system are at a greater risk of getting measles. california's immunization laws require any child attending a public or private school to be fully vaccinated, unless they have a medical reason from a doctor not to have other shots. over the last few years, doctors have been accused of excusing their patients from getting vaccinated if they have asthma or diabetes. for the first time ever, the vaccination rate is going down. that is part of the reason a bill was proposed yesterday to tighten state laws even more to get people vaccinated. last year's kindergarten class in santa clara county, 96.7% of them were vaccinated for measles. in milpitas, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> we have posted a full list
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of places the infected tourist visited in santa clara and the dates and times at our website, we are taking a live look at the u. s. capitol this morning. a new battle has erupted over the trump administration's renewed push to kill what is left of the affordable care act. the justice department has asked a federal judge to affirm a lower court ruling and throw out the entire law known as obamacare. nearly 20 million americans rely on the law for health coverage and millions more in a fit from the law's patient protections. if the court ruling stands, the entire affordable care act would be struck down. white house officials insist the president will work to keep patient protections in place, even if his effort to overturn the law is successful, democrats are not so sure. >> this is actually an peopleith for uspeak anr. >> if the ultely overturned, insurers wou wed ny
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it would also eliminate requirements like allowing children to remain on their parents' plan until age 26, access to free birth control, memo kron and cholesterol tests. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. we have a look at this fire that occurred earlier this morning. it is now out but an ela julie woman was burned. you are looking at video from earlier this morning when it broke out just before 3 am.
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firefighters had a tough job on their hands. they say it when they got there and they heard a lot of loud explosions. they did not know if it was ammunition or propane tanks in the garage where it looked like the fire originated. heavy smoke and flames and the investigation into exactly how the fire started continues this morning. firefighters say it does not look to be suspicious. at least initially, it looks like they have ruled out arson. happening today, some activists will rally in an effort to stop the removal of redwood trees at el camino real. the owner of a nearby building says the trees need to be removed so the building can be repaired. the activists are expected to provide an alternative plan at
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good wednesday morning to you. we are halfway through the work week. we are tracking rain and wind and saying good morning to berkeley. we are taking you out to the east bay with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures right now in berkeley are right around 53 degrees. if it is not raining right now where you are, just wait. it will. a cold front will bring more rain and the wind. i will time it out for you on futurecast coming up. a deadly shooting in san francisco is putting a newly reopened heritage center in jeopardy this morning. it happened on fillmore between alice and betty. this happened right outside the fillmore heritage center which reopened just months ago.
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it has canceled all events through the end of the month. that was in response to the weekend's fatal shooting. there is no sign of the man who disappeared off the coast of pacifica but the coast guard has called off its search. they surged yesterday hoping to find tyler collins. he was swept away after going for a swim with some friends. new this morning, something that will put some people in a crabby mood. commercial dungeness crab fishermen in california have agreed to stop fishing three months earlier than usual. that will apply to this year and next year. it is part of a legal settlement to help prevent whales in sea turtles from
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getting entangled in the crab fisherman's equipment. officials in southern california have been cracking down on visitors checking out the massive superbloom. the new warning is don't park your helicopter on the poppies. this picture is causing quite a stir in los angeles county. a small black helicopter parked right in the middle of the antelope valley poppy reserve. the reserve is the latest superbloom drawing visitors all over southern california. check out the orange covering the hillside. it is beautiful. park officials are reminding visitors they are not allowed to go into the flowers to take photos. at lake elsinore, the views are also stunning but the crowds are a big problem. last weekend, the area created a $10 shuttle program just to alleviate the backup. how do you alleviate all the traffic care, we don't know but at least gianna franco is here. >> we are dealing with some wet weather today and windy conditions. mary lee will have more and that. leave a few minutes earland don't forget your umbrella this morning. here is a live at the bay
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bridge. it is a slow ride working your way on all approaches. we will see stop and go conditions coming out of the maze this morning. it is sluggish year. there are reports of a couple of accidents, one pass the metering lights in a hit-and- run accident reported, as well. it looks like the same patterns as usual for a typical morning drive. at the maze where 580 and 80 need and connect over the bay bridge. we have a lot of delays here. the eastshore freeway commute is slow and go westbound, especially out of the berkeley area into emeryville. let's check on the south bay. this is highway 17. they did issue an advisory near the summit because of what roadways. be careful with slower speeds affected . another crash reported on highway 17 right at idlewild road. expect slow and go conditions in the commute direction as you use highway 17 this morning. we have slow and go patterns,
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typical for the morning drive along the 101 northbound. it starts to slow down around hilliard and uc stop and go conditions at the 26 . another crash reported on highway 17 right at idlewild road. expect slow and go conditions in the commute direction as you use highway 17 this morning. we have slow and go patterns, typical for the morning drive along the 101 northbound. it starts to slow down around hilliard and uc stop and go conditions at the 268/80 connector. we are still seeing a really slow ride westbound 24 from an earlier crash. everything is on the right shoulder but the damage is done. a few extras minutes are needed. >> we have you covered because we are tracking the rain and the wind. here we are on high def doppler. you can see a lot of the action off shore but showers in light rain for the north bay, especially from windsor and santa rosa, glen ellyn and sonoma. bodega bay with showers stretching over inverness and forest mills this morning. if it is not raining where you are this morning, just wait. it will. we are talking in a matter of a few hours as a cold front pushes
6:18 am
through. i will show you the exact timing coming up. your salesforce tower camera shows a cloudy start to the day. most of the bay area is dealing with slick roadways out there. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. let's check the winds. we have been watching the winds picked up this morning to 20 miles per hour out of the south- southwest out at half moon bay, 20 mile-per-hour winds out of the south in berkeley, 15 in oakland, 16 in vallejo and 14 in concord. wet and windy to start the day with gusts to 35 miles per hour ahead of the cold front. it arrives between 8 am and 11 am is when we see the heaviest rain. grab your umbrella in your rain jacket. you will needed this morning. as we head into the afternoon, we are looking at showers with some breaks and the possibility of an isolated thunderstorms. there is enough instability in the atmosphere to fire that off. this will drop our cold front through the area today and this
6:19 am
will stick around through tomorrow. we will have unsettled weather with showers on thursday. we have to get through the next 48 hours. i will time it out for you on futurecast and take you hour by hour. you can see the heavy rain with the cold front for the san francisco peninsula and east bay. as it gets to 11 am you see the rain pushing across the south bay. for the rest of her afternoon we have a few showers and isolated thunderstorms possible but also some breaks. here is 4 pm. tomorrow we have showers to start off the morning, as well in the afternoon. just about a quarter inch of rain possible. thanks to the rain, our pollen count is down. that is great news for allergy sufferers. it crease back up with drier and sunnier weather by the end of the week. the sierra snowpack looks
6:20 am
great. it is 155% of average with more snow on the way with the winter with storm warning still in effect until 11 pm. you are looking at above 7000 feet 12 to 24 inches of snow. sunrise is 7:02 am, sunset 7:27 pm with daytime highs in the low to mid 60s. showers tomorrow, sunny or weather ahead on friday and into the weekend. can you guess the last time the a's swept the three-game babe ruth series? the word is in on pablo sandoval. didd
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hold onto those panda hats giants fans. pablo sandoval will be there for opening day and aaron brooks will be the starter. the bay bridge series, mark canha, mvp du jour. he allowed four runs and 3 2/3. pablo had the tying run on base. he came up empty. the game was called after six innings because of rain with the a's winning 4-2. they sweep the bay bridge series. nur earthquake jokes, please. the giants traded a pitcher
6:25 am
in exchange for a lefty. he was not going to make the rotation in san francisco, but he will be in the angels' starting rotation. usf head coach kyle smith is finalizing a deal to become the new head coach at washington state according to reports. last night, usf confirmed to kpix smith have been offered the wsu job but had not excepted it yet. if he does head there, he will have the full support of cougar along klay thompson. >> every program he has been at has turned around. usf was really good this year. they beat some pac-10 schools. i think it would be a great candidate. >> he would get 10% if he takes that job. high school lacrosse, georgia, how many behind the back passes does centennial high has on this play? how about four in a row with the behind the back finish. ready for another gold glove. 127 feet he covered on this backhanded cash. erik jones handled nicole a
6:26 am
you, veg. stevenson knocked down the jump shot sending the bench into a frenzy. breaking news, the lakers won a game. the best play was from this fan from cleveland. he made all 57 shots in just:30 seconds. they could've used him. they lost to boston 115-106. what if lebron had just stayed in cleveland? they would have been better off, the lakers would have been better off. that is the latest in sports. see you tonight. aviation safety is front and center on capitol hill today and he comes on the
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. more rain is moving into the bay area. it will pick up as the commute moves along. mary is tracking it all. good morning. it is wednesday, march 27. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. it is 6:30 am. we will start with a live look outside. the rain is mostly to the north right now but it is moving and will hit us hard. here is the bay bridge. we are talkinin and wind. there are a high wind medic
6:31 am
advisories on some of the spans in the bay area, including the bay bridge. let's look at the current conditions right now. we have a lot of green and yellow behind you, mary. >> the rain and wind are back. if you are getting ready for work and school, i would leave right now. it will really pick up, the rain, as we go through the next few hours. i will time it out for you when we see the worst of it in just a moment. here is high def doppler. you can see the bulk of the action is offshore. that will move into the bay area. we are tracking the rain to our north for the north bay from windsor, grenville, santa rosa light rain from glen allen, yountville as well as inverness. forest knolls, you can see the light rain this morning. more rain is to come. here is a live look at sfo. temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s to start. wet and windy conditions, 25 mile-per-hour winds gusting up to 35. you will notice the difference ahead of the actual cold front that moves in later this morning. we are talking 8 am to 11 am and the heaviest rain
6:32 am
front pushing through. this afternoon we will see a few showers in the chance of an isolated thunderstorms. we have enough instability to fire that off but we will also see some breaks. we will time it out for you. the rain and the wind on futurecast taking you hour by hour, walking you through the next 24 to 48 hours coming up in just a moment. let's check in with katie nielsen and for traffic. >> i just checked in with bart, 54 trains are running on time this morning. that is good news if you want to use that instead. we do have delays on the corridor and windy conditions affecting your drive on some of the bay area bridges, including the bay bridge and the dumbarton and the benicia bridge. be careful heading out the door this morning. looking at traffic it is stacked up with metering lights. your backed up well into the maze at this point. it is a slow ride working your way through there. we are seeing some brake
6:33 am
lights, approaching the san mateo bridge. that is where we see the bulk of those delays. here is a live look at the nimitz freeway. northbound 880 looks okay but we have brake lights as you approach the maze. happening today, state and federal officials will test out the state's earthquake warning system in the bay area. >> emily turner joins us now to tell us all about it. >> reporter: if you live in the oakland area, have your cell phone ready and be prepared. it is called shakealert and designed to let people know there will be an earth quake seconds before it happens. this morning about 40,000 phones will ring or buzz in the downtown oakland area between 11 am and noon. emergency officials and the usgs one to see how early in the alert could transmit to sell funds in the event of an earthquake. it will be a 60 block swath of lake merritt. that is the area they are targeting. officials toes that area specifically for its population density. a warning, some folks who live outside of the target area may also get an alert on their cell
6:34 am
phone today. >> if it is only a few seconds, will it help? >> i would just see where i am meant and if there was any place safer i could get. >> the thousands of people who will receive the alert today will be asked to fill out a survey answering questions about how quickly that alert reached them, where they were when they got it. experts say depending on how it goes it could be a game changer in the event of an earthquake. this week's test is being coordinated in partnership with the city of oakland and alameda county. aviation experts are set to answer questions in washington, d.c. about the troubled boeing 737 max aircraft. just yesterday, 737 max made an emergency landing in orlando, florida. the pilots of the southwest airlines flight reported an inch and problem. the plane was on its way to
6:35 am
storage in southern california. there were no passengers on board. since airlines are currently not allowed to use those model aircrafts to flights, it was empty. that call was made after recent deadly crashes involving 737 max plane jik in ethiopia and indonesia. today is senate panel hearing will focus on those two disasters and federal oversight of air safety. the faa initially did not ground the 737 max fleet after the second crash. the administrator is expected to defend that omission. >> he should've been thinking what reason was there to not ground the aircraft, not what reason there was to grant it. what reason is there to keep it flying? that is a change in philosophy and needs to be examined. >> the national transportation safety board chairman is expected to testify and tell the committee his organization is looking into the certification process to ensure any deficiencies are addressed. a warning from health aspects in santa clara county. people may have been exposed to the measles by an infected
6:36 am
tours from another country you visited several locations in silicon valley. jackie ward joins us from milpitas to let us know who may have been exposed. >> reporter: while the tourist was here, he was all over the south bay and peninsula, stopping in 20 different locations that are very popular, including right here at milpitas at the great mall. he stopped at the apple visitor center in cupertino and visited stanford student tower. doctors say someone can catch the measles even an hour after someone leaves around. 96.7 kindergartners in santa clara county were vaccinated for measles last year but people most susceptible to contracting the disease include babies waiting to get the shots, anyone unvaccinated and anyone with an unnamed immune system that is weakened. >> it is coming to be
6:37 am
concerning. >> reporter: there have been 333 cases in 15 states. that is almost the same amount of cases as last year. the situation the county in new york has gotten so bad they have declared a state of emergency and ordered thousands of kids pulled out of schools because of measles. rockland county has been dealing with the measels outbreak since october and nearly 17,000 vaccine doses were given in 26 weeks. yesterday's executive order call for nearly 6000 unvaccinated children to be taken at school. here in the bay, that person it was visiting was hospitalized after being here for about seven days. in milpitas, jackie ward, kpix
6:38 am
5. >> for full list of places the infected tours visited in sarah clara county plus the dates and times visit i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. we are monitoring the ath of a fire that broke out earlier this morning at a home in concord. here is a live look at the garage. you can see the massive damage behind the vehicles as the investigation continues into how this fire started. a woman was injured trying to escape it. this is video from just after the fire broke out around 3 am this morning as firefighters were fighting it. this woman who escaped is expected to be okay, that is the good news. she has burn injuries on her hands and feet. she was taken away in an ambula fhtth call and they were hearing explosions coming from the garage. they don't know if that was ammunition or if that was because of propane tanks exploding. that station. they say the cause of this fire does not appear to be suspicious. san francisco has settled a wrong lawsuit in a police shooting that's part community outr athin the department. officers shot and killed mario
6:39 am
woods when he was spotted caring a knife and suspected of stabbing another man. police said he moved toward an officer and s21 times. the mother will be paid and undisclosed amount of money to settle the lawsuit. a new plan unveiled to eliminate cheating on tests and encouraging more californians to attend college. >> i can imagine using it and skipping the bridge. ferry service can be expanded in the east narrator: in utah, you're livin' on mountain time
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it is wet and windy for your wednesday. let's check the winds. 13 miles per hour in fremont, 22 miles per hour in downtown san francisco, oakland 15, 13 out of the south in san rafael and 16 in vallejo. we are tracking a cold front that is pushing across the region. that means more rain on the way. i will show you that on futurecast coming up. today a california lawmaker is expected to join educators and students in support of the pathways to college act. the new legislation opens doors to higher education by allowing school districts statewide to offer college admissions tests like the act or sat at no cost. it would also allow students to take the test at their school during school hours. new studies show offering free exams make more students become
6:44 am
interested in college. one psych testing would all so hopefully make it more difficult to cheat according to the bill's author. the trade deficit falls and why some iphones may be banned from u. s. import. >> joining us now is kcbs' radio financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: apple and qualcomm are trading blows in a federal court room. qualcomm won the first decision with the judge ruling in favor of qualcomm saying apple violated one of its patents and recommended a ban on older iphones without specifying which ones. a second decision came down later in the afternoon, this time in favor of apple saying qualcomm's patent claim
6:45 am
regarding the battery saving feature on the iphone was invalid. that is seen by analysts as the bigger victory in that regard. the two companies have to deal with the full panel review with the judge's decision and a federal court trial is coming up between apple and qualcomm as it has dragged on over two years. shares of apple are moving higher while qualcomm is heading lower. the trade deficit fell quite a bit. we see a bigger impact with the tariff battle with china. the deficit fell over 14% in january to just over $51 billion. exports to china fell at the lowest level in over seven years but the deficit with china is down 6.5% to $34.5 billion. stocks are headed higher in the early going. let's go to the big board. the dow jones is up just by 60 points and the nasdaq is now turning -2 points. the s&p is hanging on up by one point. 6:45 am. it is time for a look at what is coming up on "cbs this morning". >> reporter: ahead on "cbs this morning", will a legal analyst
6:46 am
looks at the stunning decision to drop charges against actor jussie smollett. why she says it is one of the most extraordinary turned she is ever seen. only on "cbs this morning", michael avenatti defends himself over the charges he tried to shake down nike for millions of dollars and why he believes he will be exonerated. in our profiles and service series, meet some of the first women to serve in marine ground come back missions. we will see you at 7 am. have a great day. >> "cbs this morning" starts at 7 am. we will see you then. berkeley will start ticketing people for sleeping in oversized vehicles like campers and rvs. earlier this morning the city council approved the new law banning those vehicles from parking on city streets between 2 am and 5 am. the council also said it would start developing a permanent process to give exemptions and locate sites that might be suitable for those people to go.
6:47 am
also in berkeley, an upgrade to the city's decades- old pier and plans for new ferry service. the city plans to rebuild nearly 3000 feet of the pier which was originally built in 1926. $110,000 has been approved to study the idea of adding a modern ferry terminal that could lead to ferry service between berkeley and san francisco. >> this could bring an enormous amount of people to our waterfront and really help reinvigorate the waterfront. >> the ferry system expansion is controlled by the water emergency transportation authority which will consider adding money toward a ferry study next month. >> that can always alleviate traffic, especially with mass transit except for maybe this morning. >> amtrak, if you plan on taking that this morning, they are mostly concentrated in the valley and affecting train 20
6:48 am
and 521 right now. about an 18 minute delay is what we are hearing. the good news is, caltrain, bart and muni, there are 54+ trains on times for bart. if you want to use that instead, you are good to go. we have some delays in the corridor this morning. here is a large tree caught in a snag in san francisco near the broadway tunnel . we have reports of a tree in the roadway. crews are cutting this up in clearing this. this comes from our radio partpeal rthe broadway tunnel. that was a big tree. traffic on the freeways, if you are committing westbound 24, this accident involving four vehicles is long gone but we do see a bit of a backup of residual backups because of that. there a lot of delays with stop
6:49 am
and go conditions approaching the call to cut tunnel. it gets better past highway 13 getting on the 24 onto 580. wind advisories for some of the bay area bridges, including the benicia bridge. if you are taking 680 this morning drive times look okay. speeds are in the green but it is gusty working your way across the span. we had the typical slow and go conditions along highway 4 westbound coming out of bay point as you head toward the 680 connector there. look at the eastshore freeway. we have a crash westbound 80 right at san pablo. it is over to the right shoulder with no lanes blocked. you will see stop and go conditions coming out of hercules. it is sluggish with brake lights work your way toward the berkeley area. it is slow through the altamont pass westbound 580. i have been watching the rain off shore getting closer and closer to us. it is right on our doorstep for
6:50 am
the san francisco peninsula. it has been raining for some time for the north bay. you can see on high def doppler the light to moderate rain stretching from windsor to santa rosa getting the wet start to the day from glen allen, gun bill, bodega bay, inverness, forced knowles, san rafael and milpitas this morning. all of the rain offshore is pushing into the bay area. if it is not raining right now, just wait because it will. grab your rain jacket an umbrella, you will needed today. here's a live look from our salesforce tower camera. temperatures are in the me to upper 50s to start the day. let's check the winds. they are kicking up ahead of this cold front that is pushing through the region. southerly winds at 13 in hayward, 20 in half moon bay, 22 mile-per-hour winds in downtown san francisco out of the south-southwest, 15 in oakland, 20 out of the south in berkeley and 16 in vallejo. a wet and windy start to the day. we are tracking winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour this morning. you will feel that.
6:51 am
the rest of the morning is when the actual cold front pushes through. heavy rain from 8 am until 11 am. this afternoon we have showers and some breaks but we could see an isolated thunderstorm with enough instability to fire that off. it has been a wet start to 2019. january so 114% of average for rainfall, february 2 atmospheric river events saw 170% of average for rainfall and in march already, 146% of average for rainfall. more rain is coming. here is a low pressure system we are tracking dropping the
6:52 am
cold front for us today. this low will stick around until tomorrow. that is why we will have unsettled weather into your thursday. today we are timing it out for you on futurecast, we will walk you through the next 48 hours. you can see the heavy rain with the cold front pushing through at 9 am for the san francisco peninsula and the east bay and pushing across the south bay by 11 am. as we go through the afternoon, few showers with a possible isolated thunderstorms but also some breaks for the afternoon. tomorrow morning scattered showers continue into the afternoon. friday is when we will see some sunshine. with this weather system, we are looking at one 10th to a quarter inch of rain today, not a whole lot.
6:53 am
because of the rain, allergies sufferers' pollen count is down. it will increase friday and saturday because of the dry and sunny weather. today we are looking at highs in the show me the crown.
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show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. ye i me myselfuh mind a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets with the sound of your voice.
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and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. get xfinity internet and tv for $40 each a month for 12 months when you bundle both, and get 20 hours of cloud dvr service included. switch today. i am jackie ward live in milpitas. doctors in santa clara county say thousands were exposed to the measles by a single infected tours. he made several stops while visiting the area over the weekend and through last week,
6:57 am
including here at the great mall in milpitas between march 16 and the 22nd. the man went to 20 very crowded places including an ihop in san jose and the apple visitor center and cupertino. doctors say you can catch the measles an hour after an infected person leaves the room. officials said he was only from another country and hospitalized after a few days. people most susceptible to contracting the disease include people who were not vaccinated, babies waiting to get their shots and anyone with a weakened immune system. for full list of where this person went and when, visit our website, in milpitas, jackie ward, kpix 5. it is 6:57 am. it is time for your final five. crews in concord are
6:58 am
investigating a house fire that left a woman with minor burn injuries. the flames broke out around 2:40 am. the residents were sleeping when the fire started in the garage. firefighters say they heard loud explosions when they arrived but were able to knock down planes fairly quickly. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a shakealert will be sent to cell phones in an around downtown oakland this morning between 11 am and noon. the system is designed to let people know there will be an earthquake seconds before it happens. a surprise shakeup in an east bay school district right in the middle of a labor dispute. doubling unified superintendent leslie boozer is out effective immediately. the school board said it was a quote, mutually agreed separation without elaborating.
6:59 am
major league baseball has result of the ceo of the san this widely seen public scuffle with his wife. larry baer's unpaid suspension will last into the end of june. aviation safety will be the focus of a u.s. senate committee hearing today in the wake of recent fatal crashes in indonesia and ethiopia involving boeing 737 max aircraft. taking a look at the roadways right now, if you are taking the bay bridge this morning there is a wind advisory in effect that will affect her drive working your way across the span. both hands on the steering wheel. if you're driving a high profile vehicle, use caution. we are stacked up at the bay bridge and now approaches are seen delays. the richmond-san rafael bridge is bogged down, as well. we are dealing with slick surfaces so be careful hitting the roadways. the san mateo bridges slow and go working your way across the span from hayward into foster city. here comes the rain. we are tracking that on high def doppler. you can see a lot of the action offshore is pushing into the bay area. momentarily it is raining over the north bay. your weather headlines, it is windy this morning, we have seen gusts up to 35 miles per hour. the heaviest rain will be between 8 am and 11 am. you will need your umbrella and rain jackets. we have thunder storm chances with the some breaks later today.
7:00 am
showers continue into th sday and with good morning to viewers in the west.ning to viewers in it's wednesday, march 27, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." surprise and anger in chicago after prosecutors drop all charges against actor jussie smollett. he still insists he did not fake ta attack on himself. a top prosecutors explains why they allowed him to walk free even though they still believe he's gualeelt michael avenatti's first interview since his arrest on charges of fraud and attempted extortion. why he is confident he will be nc >> york suburb declares a nd state of emergency after a


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