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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  March 27, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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oakland home. police say two people have been detained as they investigate what happened. gilroy police telling people to be on the lookout after a small explosive device was found in a busy's parking lot on santa teresa boulevard. the small, homely device failed to destin eight. it was made by someone not too explosion. more follow from the college admission scandal. lightspeed venture partners has parted ways with founder chris schaepe. use the services of rick singer. he was the mastermind of the operation. schaepe was not indicted in the investigation. >> i am ken bastida at the live news desk. another massive jury verdict over the use of roundup weed killer. federal jury in san francisco awarded just over $80 million to a santa rosa man who developed non-hodgkin's lymphoma . seven -year-old edwin hardiman sprayed roundup on his two large properties over 26
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years. $6million for medical expenses he will get, $75 million in punitive damages. >> this is the second jury unanimously held that round of causes cancer they are not the same thing and anyone who set to the trial, which includes all jurors, will tell you, and have told us unanimously science does not support the safety profile they are trying to push. >> interesting this was the first federal lawsuit against monsanto to go to trial and there are hundreds more pending . an update on the officer involved shooting in los angeles. a suspect described as an occasion man has been shot and killed after walking into a building owned by the church of scientology. police say he was wielding a sword and gun. he also shot at two officers
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when police arrived. those officers injuries are not life-threatening. multiple people her in a shooting incident in lake city. a man reportedly shooting at pedestrians out of the window of his previous. a metro bus also shot at. police have arrested one person. computer glitches continue to plague santa clara county's court system. the result, a lot of confusion and inconvenience for people trying to pay fines. there is still no timeline for a fixed. the problems for started in mid- january with the court's computer system this calculating the amount of money people have to pay on fines. if that wasn't bad enough the computer system is down so people have to come here in person to fix their tickets. >> no luck online. no luck over the phone. >> reporter: he lives in
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hollister and is frustrated he had to come all the way to santa clara to pay a fine for a traffic ticket in person. >> my time is limited that is why i got a break right now. going right now before work. i notice on the court house doors is all online payments have been halted while the county and its computer partners try to fix a broken system. the problem surfaced in january with people being over or under charged for traffic tickets. >> the first thing $75 now they are trying to charge me 985. >> reporter: his ticket got temporarily lost in the system and came back with that huge amount. >> they say they are sorry still for the people involved it's a big deal. >> reporter: a traffic court lawyer says she has a client who already wrote a check for the wrong amount. >> or bill forfeiture $538. should have been $230 they don't know it's wrong and the judge is in a hurry she doesn't know it's wrong. >> reporter: officials were not available for comment but said in a statement quote a problem
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resulted in del being miscalculated for approximately 1400 citations for a variety of violations and charges, some under charged, some overcharged. tyler technologies, which created the system used by the court says it is also working closely with the county to resolve issues. inside the courthouse, frustration and the length of lines is growing. >> it will affect a lot of people make people call off of work and basically sidetracked them from their own lives. the berkeley city council has finalized a vote to ban overnight parking on public streets. the decision came last night despite public opposition. critics were hoping for a reversal after the first stage of votes put in motion last month. the new rule prohibits the vehicles from parking on streets between 2:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. for more than an hour. lawmakers say they received several complaints about rvs in
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recent months. a concord woman in the hospital with minor burns after a fire erupted in her home while she was sleeping. happened around 2:30 a.m. at home near the concord community park. the fire reportedly started in the garage. the cause still under investigation. a commercial truck hit a pedestrian in san francisco. happened about 7:00 a.m. this morning. the driver stayed on scene to cooperate. the victim expected to survive the street has since reopened. a couple of trees toppled today starting with this one in san francisco it fell in a car parked on broadway between franklin and vanness. luckily no one was inside. this large tree came down across portola valley road. it has since been cleared away. earthquake alerts actually
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sent out to cell phones across oakland today as part of a new system that could save your life morning people moments before shaking begins. the shake alert experiment designed to test how quickly a warning could reach cell phones. the alert zone 60 block section of oakland west of lake mary. and a real earthquake it would come after earthquake sensors are triggered. people will have only moments to brace themselves every second matters. >> slowing down trains, old name fire house doors closing valves on water supplies. precious seconds. anything helps. >> the goal was to reach about 40,000 people. what you don't want popping up on your phone a major carrier promising free robocall blocking by the end of the week. >> any take-out food in the fridge? the people are being warned not to reheat rice. new technology
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. a helicopter crew swooped into take down a suspect involved in a high-speed chase in vacaville. all played out on monday. lease in sacramento in pursuit of a suspect with a stolen car.
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the chp helicopter overhead helping the officers on the ground. when the driver ditched the car and took off on foot the chopper landed and the crew help take the suspect down. >> get where you can to help out holding the leg or an arm and in that case i held his arm and allowed him to place handcuffs. >> the 38 -year-old booked into the sacramento county jail after that 35-mile an hour chase. verizon set to offer wireless customers free tools by the end of the week. the goal is to stop roval callers from reaching your phone. americans received an estimated 47.8 billion robocall's in 2018 . more than 46% were from scammers. verizon's move part of a national push to meet fcc protocol that allow carriers to verify calls with the digital fingerprint and weed out potential spoofed phone
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numbers. at&t and comcast successfully conducted caller verification tests using fcc guidelines. don't shoot the messenger but a new warning from health experts don't reheat leftover rice. they say the back curia could make you very sick. the push being led by public health officials in san francisco. they urged people at home to practice safety standards like those in restaurants. >> correct. inherently we know we can't cook meat and leave it on the table overnight and put it in the refrigerator in the morning but it is nominal common sense when we talk about rise. >> the trouble happens when people leave rice sitting out and only later put it in the fridge. bacteria can grow after it is reheated. a community wayne a potential crackdown on landscaping around homes. live in mill valley where the idea is to prevent a wildfire disaster.
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>> reporter: monday we were in ukiah in people's backyards where inmates were tearing dead trees out in this massive statewide plan to prevent major fires. here we are in mill valley. big changes for homeowners, a change of about 3 feet that could really change the look of those folks' homes. >> a little piece of heaven. >> took on a hillside surrounded by nature, she came to mill valley in 1974 exactly because of what surrounds the home and she knows this home hasn't burned nearly a century. >> i am concerned i know people are worried because of fires. >> we have seeing fires become more destructive in the last five years. we need to do more. >> more could be new rules for
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homeowners starting with what can grow in the immediate area around the home. >> that would prohibit having bamboo, acacia, manzanita and cyprus within 30 feet of the structure. >> reporter: also apply to eucalyptus trees. homes like this would have to do measuring measuring. another proposal. >> also asked people to have a three foot hardscape are on their homes. we will allow irrigated succulents but other than that sand, gravel, slate. we don't care but nothing against the house flammable. >> reporter: for some homeowners this will mean a lot of work. there will no doubt be mixed feelings especially in the mill valley hills. >> i understand. >> reporter: this is the kind of thing she and her husband disagree on. but to her comes down to this. >> i think of people who don't
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want trees and are afraid of living in nature. should live on the flats. >> reporter: the last fire we talked about was 1929. 100 homes burned in the fire and in the same footprint there are now more than 1000 homes. you get an idea of the stakes here in mill valley. this plan very early on in the planning stages no details finalized but the conversation certainly underway. >> we will be watching. appreciate your coverage. as we know sometimes we can have a really bad fire. a lot of stuff grows and we know it dries out. this rain will stop and stop with a fed and we don't get virtually any rainfall. fire season even though it feels like the rain happens every day. in this case it has all week long and once again tomorrow. san jose rain free, rainfall earlier today the high 63
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degrees now but the warm spot 66 half moon bay san francisco low 60s. overnight mid-to upper 40s concord, fremont, san jose, 45. napa 47, showing you a thunderstorm east of merced. a few minutes ago a tornado warning issued heading east toward the sierra toward yosemite, but radar indicated there could be a tornado or rotation in this thunderstorm heading away from merced in the central valley. that is just the sign of how unstable things are just to the east. for us things coming down the rest of today. reciprocation free. snowing in this era the sierra, so level dropping 5000 feet tonight. winter storm warning until 5:00 tomorrow morning. total snowfall at the passes up to 24 inches of snow. baseball tomorrow, getting the game in? probably. will be a banner day for three hours watching a baseball game probably not. couple showers out there first pitch 1:05 1:05 a's hosting the
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angels. 62 degrees first pitch temperature. pollen though the last couple days as soon as rain stops it will shoot to nine, ten or 11 on the 1-12 scale watch for that is we head to the weekend. dry weather is coming. in order to get that here we need to get this guy spinning northwest for the better part of the week, needs to move. it needs -- it will move closer towards us keeping unstable air around. once that moves the weather will change. showers mainly in the north they. places like san jose, the peninsula and east bay should have a rain free morning commute. afternoon different story. scattered showers, isolated thunderstorm. friday clouds begin to thin out. no rainfall friday afternoon, fewer clouds saturday cloud free to start the weekend. the weekend warming up as well
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but look where the rain is going. not going to british columbia, not going to washington state couple hours north. drive for now in the forecast. kind of close watching the next couple days hopefully stays dry. we no longer need to say we need the rain. we don't. unsettled tomorrow, dry out for good for couple days friday until the weekend. tomorrow 3 -5 degrees cooler. san jose 64, cupertino low 60s, antioch 62, stinson beach 65, berkeley scattered showers afternoon high 60 and rain as early as tomorrow morning for cloverdale and windsor highs in the mid-50s. sunshine returns and mainly sunny skies saturday. 70s near the bay mid-70s and it will feel really warm as of now next week we are keeping it mainly dry. four women who shattered stereotypes and ceilings at nasa honor today and capitol
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hill. mathematicians katherine johnson, dorothy vaughan, mary jackson and christine darden inspired the book and movie hidden figures, for their groundbreaking work in the space program back in the 60s. decades later they continue to inspire new generations of women to pursue careers in science. >> good afternoon, everyone. isn't it thrilling to be here in this hall of heroes? the event part of the capital celebration of women's history month. a couple people to honor here in the bay area as well. this week's jefferson award winners help disabled veterans enjoy the great outdoors.
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. >> we hung we fish we eat the mantra of a husband and wife team who organized free fishing and hunting trips for disabled military veterans. >> this week's jefferson award winners to much more. >> i tagged along as randy endeavor houston hosted the daylong fishing trip in the sierra foothills. it means the world to wounded warriors they serve.
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>> when i am at home i'm always inside. >> reporter: the army veteran who kept the borders safe during the cuban missile crisis suffers from ptsd and constant back pain spin feeling time i get to go out because i am on my walker, either that or when i go to the doctor i'm on my scooter. >> reporter: zach collins lake near marysville almost 20 veterans or fishing boats thanks to the purple heart anglers. brandon houston founded the group in 2008. to host disabled military veterans on free daytrip. >> a huge thank you to the veterans. >> its normal. its regular. >> reporter: in 11 years the couple has taken 2000 wounded warriors fishing. small groups go all over california, oregon, hawaii and even alaska for a trip of a lifetime. >> one of my dreams to go to alaska and catch a salmon.
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>> reporter: this trip isn't just about coaching a big fish they cast a lifeline for many with ptsd your traumatic brain injuries. they connect with fellow veterans and often go home calmer and happier. >> my husband tried to kill himself he's not that man anymore. that's huge. >> reporter: the houston's credit 150 volunteers they have reeled into help. many donate time and boats. toms tom says the couple inspires him to give back to those who have served our country. >> a lot of heart. >> for taking disabled veterans on meaningful day trips this week's jefferson award goes to randy endeavor houston. they began the nonprofit to honor his late brother purple heart recipient. since the program relies solely on roland tatian's, he sells $10 raffle tickets for bass pro
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shop to help pay for the trip spend more money the more veterans they can take. >> nominate your own local hero online at kpix .com/0. still to come the super bloom stunt that has nature lovers live it. narrator: in utah, you're livin' on mountain time
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ski more, shred more, chill more, cheers more because mountain time is a state of mind that can only be found in one place. utah.
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. >> this is why we can't have nice things. >> my weight traffic to see the super bloom when you can just land your helicopter there. that is what one reason couple recently did at the antelope valley reserve. they took off when a ranger confronted them. the park posted the photo to facebook capturing quote we never thought it would be
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explicitly necessary to state that it is illegal to land a helicopter in the middle of the fields and begin hiking off trail #don't doom the bloom. >> officials working overtime the past few weeks but look how incredible list. trying to keep the overzealous selfie seekers from trampling the poppy blooms. visitors waiting up to an hour just to drive in and do it properly except that doesn't mean the couple in the helicopter of course. they probably paid to get their kids into an exclusive school and college. state park trying to track the couple down. unclear if they catch them if they face any fine. hope so. that will do it for the news at 5:00 thanks for joining us. >> news at 6:00 begins right now. a tragic scene out of the east bay. a four -year-old critically injured after a gun went off. lyft is about to go public
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and if you are thinking of buying shares read the fine print. new technology scams people's hands for germs. may put restaurant employees on notice. we will show you how it works. breaking news out of oakland. >> 84 -year-old boy in the hospital right now with a critical gun shot wound. happened on ritchie street. julia goodrich live at the scene where police want to know what happened before the gun went off. >> reporter: they have so many questions. what we do know this little boy was shot in the head and he is in critical condition right now, and the hospital. >> it's my brother's house. >> reporter: the shooting happened around 2:00 this afternoon. a woman inside the oakland home called police, reporting a four -year-old boy had been shot in the head.
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anthony wilson says his brother was also in the home at the time. >> terrified, scared. >> reporter: wilson says his brother and the woman were taken in for questioning while the little boy was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> everybody was in the living room the little boy in the back of the room crawled under this bedroom they heard the gun go off. your brother is telling you the little boy shot himself? >> yes. it was an accident. >> reporter: being detained right now. >> my brother is detained right now. >> reporter: oakland police could not say if this was an accidental shooting, only it is an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: you have an oakland police chaplain on scene? for support. we also have the oakland support. >> reporter: late this afternoon wilson wanted to make it clear his brother told him it was an accidental shooting and that the gun was under a bed and the boy had accidentally shot himself. wilson wasn't inside the home at the time. >>


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