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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 29, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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rich. >> reporter: you're not getting a medal at the end of the day? >> no, sir. but i have a gold medal around my heart from the love that the kids can give back to me and just the families and the communities that re takg it one step furth so i can't -- it gives me goose bump, definitely. it's friday, march 29, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking developments in the investigation into the ethiopian air crash. an anti-stall system was reportedly activated before the boeing plane hit the ground. little pencil neck adam schiff. >> a new target.
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why president trump is singling out a democratic congressman from california. high and dry. thousands of travellers are stranded after wow air abruptly shuts down. good morning from studio 57 newsroom and cbs headquarters here in new york, good to be with you. i'm anne marie greene. president trump is headed to florida today to promote infrastructure and he's likely to continue his victory lap over the findings of the mueller report. last night the president spoke for more than 80 minutes at a rally in grand rapids, michigan. he won the state in 2016 and hopes to do so again in 2020. in his speech, the russia report remained front and center. laura podesta is here from new york with more. good morning, laura. >> reporter: anne-marie, in many ways the president is back on the campaign trail, touting his accomplishments and the lack of findings in the mueller report. meanwhile, democrats are not ending their fight to see that
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report themselves. >> the russia hoax is finally dead. >> reporter: in front of supporters for the first time since the end of the russia probe be the collusion delusion is over. >> reporter: president trump kept his eyre focused on democrats who have their own investigations into him. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bull [ bleep ]. >> reporter: he singled out the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >> little pencil neck adam schiff. >> reporter: earlier on thursday house republicans demanded schiff resign as chairman of the committee. the president took it a step further tweeting he should be forced to resign from congress. >> i think it's unethical. >> reporter: schiff punched back. >> my colleagues may think it's okay that the russians offered dirt on a democratic candidate for president as part of what
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was described as the russian government's effort to help the trump campaign. you might think that's okay. >> cbs news learned that robert mueller's report is more than 300 pages long. >> total exoneration. >> reporter: attorney general william barr's four-page summary of the report says mueller found no evidence of collusion but could not exonerate the president on possible obstruction of justice charges. >> show us the report and we can draw our own conclusions. >> reporter: democrats say they may subpoena the report if it's not released by tuesday. >> 77% of people polled by cbs news say the special counsel's findings on russian election interference should be released. anne-marie. >> laura podesta in new york. now to new developments in the ethiopian airlines crash investigation. the "wall street journal"
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reports that an anti-stall system was activated before the plane hit the ground. 157 people were killed when the boeing 737 max crashed in ethiopia this month. it is the same automated system suspected of misfiring in the lion air crash last year. boeing says its 737 max jets will remain grounded until the f aa and other aviation regulators certify a software fix and crews are trained on the revised system. president trump is backing off his administration's plan to eliminate federal funding for the special olympics. >> i've been to the special olympics. i think it's incredible. i have just authorized funding. i have overridden my people. we're funding the special olympics. >> the move comes after education secretary betsy devos spent days defending the cut. she faced a harsh grilling on capitol hill yesterday about her proposal but fired back at lawmakers questioning here. >> let's not use disabled
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children in a twisted way for your political narrative. that is just disgusting and it's shameful. >> eliminating $18 million out of a $70 or $80 billion budget i think is shameful, too. >> after the president's announcement devos said she fought for the funding behind the scenes over the last several years. thousands of travelers remain stranded this morning after icelandic budget airline wow shut down. passengers are struggling to find other ways to reach their designation. kris van cleave reports. >> reporter: wow air left stranded customers saying whoa as the airline abruptly canceled flights and shut down thursday, leaving about 4,000 travelers stuck mid trip. many frustrated and posting on social media about chaos at the airport. in baltimore, police were even called to the gate. >> canceling one flight and then
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canceling the next one and then canceling their airline. it definitely seemed chaotic. >> colby college senior max steiner is trying to get home from spring break in copenhagen. >> it does suck having to spend multi hundred dollar ticket to get home after this. i would assume there's no way i'm getting any sort of refund. >> reporter: portland resident mary sapp is stuck in france. >> i feel frantic and my shoulders are tight. >> reporter: there were 11 planes connecting four airports to 20 destination locations mostly in europe. it flew about 3.5 million passengers last year. despite saying it ceased operation, wow's website shows super cheap fairs like boston to london for $140, prices so good the airline couldn't make a profit. in recent months wow, which had 1,000 employees, tried to merge with iceland air and find additional funding, but the money ran out. >> it's the old story, chris. if it's too good to be true, it is too good to be true.
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>> george hope ka who founded watch dog -- >> iceland, united and aer lingus are offering discounted fare for wow flyers, but they still have to pony up the money to buy a ticket. people coming here at bwi are seeing notices posted that the airline shut down. kris van cleave, cbs news, baltimore. the state of new york is suing the billionaire family that owns the company that created the drug oxycontin, joining a growing list alleging the sackler family helped fuel the nation's opioid crisis. the lawsuit includes detailed information about members of the sackler family who own purdue pharma and their alleged attempt to collect money at the expense of lives.
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>> new york is at the midst of crisis, a crisis that has ravaged our communities and families, claiming lives, young and old, all across our state and our nation. >> new york's announcement comes two days after purdue pharma and the sacklers agreed to pay a settlement of $270 million to the state of oklahoma. chicago police plan to send jussie smollett a bill for $130,000 to cover the cost of investigating what they say turned out to be a publicity stunt. earlier this week prosecutors dropped all charges against the actor who was accused of staging racist and homophobic attack against himself. chicago mayor rahm emanuel says it's the least smollett can do. >> given that he doesn't feel any sense of contrition and remorse, my recommendation is when he writes the check, in the memo section he can write, i'm accountable, nor the hoax. >> president trump asked the
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justice department to look into the smollett case calling it, quote, an embarrassment to our nation. a south carolina community is in mourning after a 10-year-old girl died from injuries she suffered in a fight at school. ♪ >> an autopsy is scheduled today for raniya wright. she was remembered at a memorial last night in walterboro. she was knocked unconscious on monday during a fight with another fifth grader. the circumstances surrounding the fight are unclear. she died in the hospital two days later. the other student involved in the fight has been suspended. however, no charges have been filed. coming up on the morning news now, new reforms to prevent cheating in the college admissions process. and island time, a move to make puerto rico, the 51st state.
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♪ well, that's one way to fly. there you go. surveillance video from turkey shows a man being lifted into the air as he tried to prevent a large outdoor umbrella from falling over. several men were trying to secure the umbrella in high winds. the man who was lifted into the air jumped off and he wasn't hurt. state media says another man was injured, however, after an umbrella shade fell on top of him. there's a new push to grant puerto rico statehood and efforts to cut down on college admissions fraud. "the los angeles times" purports california lawmakers propose sweeping changes to close loopholes in the wake of the college admission scandal, including barring special admissions without the approval of three college administrators and regulating private admission consultants. another bill aims to prohibit preferential admission to
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applicants related to donors or alumni. dozens of people have been charged in the scandal involving wealthy parents paying large bribes to buy their children's entrance into elite universities. "the new york times" reports the supreme court -- bump stocks were used by the gunman in the las vegas concert shooting that killed 58 people in 2017. the ban went into effect on tuesday. the high court's decision means the ban will stay into effect while challenges to it move forward in the lower court. gun advocates say the administration exceeded authority by banning bump stocks. "the washington post" reports house lawmakers introduced a bill to make puerto rico the are 51st state. the bipartisan measure has the backing of puerto rico's government. several democratic presidential candidates also support it. it would give the island house and senate representation and
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also an electoral vote. president trump opposes it. it's expected to face opposition in the republican-controlled senate. yesterday mr. trump defended the amount of aid given to the island in the wake of hurricane maria in 2017. >> puerto rico has been taken care of better by donald trump than by any living human being, and i think the people of puerto rico understand it. >> the administration's assistance to the island has been widely criticized by port ricans and members of congress. the orlando sentinel says nasa is looking for paid volunteers to stay in bed for two years. bed rest mimics weightlessness in space. eating, bathing and toilet needs would all be done while lying down. volunteers can't get up or even raise their head. they would be paid $18,500. still to come, new rules at disney. the next time you step inside
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at the year. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with more. good morning, diane. good morning anne-marie. >> on the economic calendar personal spending and new home data will be released. stocks fell thursday following reports the u.s. and china made progress toward a trade deal. the dow closed up 91 points. the s&p 500 gained ten, the nasdaq added 25. lyft is set to make its public debut today. the ride sharing company is debuting under the ticker lyft, set to be the biggest tech ipo in two years. offering at $72 per share, valuing the company at over $24 billion. larger rival uber plans to kick off its own ipo in the coming weeks. walgreens getting into the cbd business. the drugstore chain will sell cannabis based products in
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oregon, colorado, new mexico, kentucky, tennessee, vermont, south carolina, illinois and indiana. products include creams, patches and sprays. cbd is a non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. new rules coming to the happiest place on earth. starting in may walt disney world and disney land theme parks, water parks and the espn wide world of sports complex will be smoke-free. stroller wagons and certain large strollers will also be aimed. the new rules are aimed at reducing congestion. yesterday a ban went into effect on loose or dry ice to the park, that includes people who bring water to the parks. >> diane have a good weekend. >> you, too, my dear. still to come, a sweet 16 thriller. purdue pulls out a win over tennessee in a game for the ages. . under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours.
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crashe join us fo wade: i'm a veteran, i didn't want to admit it, but i have ptsd. announcer: so veterans can reach victories great and small. wade: my victory was finding help and learning that i wasn't alone. announcer: support more victories for veterans, go to here is a look at today's
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forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ baby shark >> it was opening day in the major leagues and texas rangers shortstop elvis andrus has a new walkup song. it was a good luck charm. he had a home run and two singles. the rangers lost to the chicago cubs 12-4. he said "baby shark" is his son's favorite song. in the ncaa men's college basketball tournament, two number one seeds and two number three seeds are moving on. in an over time thriller purdue out lasted tennessee 99-94. tennessee had a two-point lead in the closing seconds of
4:22 am
regulation but fouled carsen edwards hit two of his three free-throws to tie the game and sent it into overtime. purdue will face number one seed virginia in the elite eight. number three seed texas tech trounced two seed michigan 63-44. number one seed gonzaga beat fourth seeded florida state 72-58. march madness continues tonight with four more games. you can watch two of the games here on cbs. lsu takes on michigan state at 7:09 eastern time. that's followed by duke against virginia tech. coming up on "cbs this morning," how a previously unidentified gene is preventing a woman in scotland from feeling any pain. i'm ann marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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a lifetime of difference. learn the signs at our top stories this morning. president trump was in michigan for his first political rally since the release of the mueller report. he called the investigation the greatest hoax in the history of our country. democrats want the full report released, planning to issue a subpoena if it's not released by next tuesday. investigators have reportedly reached a preliminary conclusion in the ethiopian airlines crash. the "wall street journal" reports an anti-stall system was
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activated before the boeing 737 jet hit the ground earlier this month. it's the same automated system suspected of misfiring in the lion air crash last year. in health news, nina martinez is one of a million americans living with hiv. the virus and medications used to treat it can damage the kidneys. that didn't stop martinez from donating one of her kidneys to an anonymous recipient. errol barnett has this groundbreaking surgery. >> reporter: nina martinez was brimming with pride before surgery at johns hopkins in baltimore. martinez became the first living donor with hiv to give her kidney to an hiv positive recipient. >> i'm the best looking living kidney donor with hiv the country has ever seen. i feel really good about that statement. >> reporter: following a 2013 law allowing people with hiv to become donors, 116 hiv positive patients have received kidneys and livers from deceased donors
4:27 am
with hiv. this week's breakthrough involving a living donor expands the donor pool for hiv positive patients. that can help free up organs for anyone waiting for a kidney. a recent study shows patients who have their hiv under control are at low risk for kidney disease, allowing them to donate. >> looking at nina redefines what hiv looks like in 2019. hiv is not a fatal disease. >> reporter: martinez says she first wanted to donate her kidney to a friend with hiv. he died last fall before she completed screening. >> i still attribute my donation to him. had he not asked for a kidney, i would not have given one. >> reporter: in some way he and you have been able to make a difference. >> correct. >> reporter: martinez tells me she plans to run the marine corps marathon this year, her second marathon, but her first with one kidney. errol barnett, cbs news, baltimore.
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coming up on "cbs this morning," trampoline parks are popular. some experts say a lack of regulation is putting lives at risk. we'll have details. millions of monarch butterflies are on the move. tony decoppola takes us to mexico for one of the nation's longest migrations. how a previously unidentified gene is prohibiting a woman in scotland from feeling pain. elizabeth wall her has that story. that's the "cbs morning news" this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne marie greene. have a great day.
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live from the cbs bay area f , this is kpix 5 news. looking live from our
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salesforce tower camera at the bay bridge, no rain on the horizon this morning. good morning. it is friday march tonight. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. the dry stretch is expected to last a few days. >> we are looking at a beautiful day ahead. it looks fantastic. we have plenty of sunshine today and for the weekend. here is a live look at the treasure island camera and temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s. as we go through the day, we are looking at mainly dry condition, mostly to partly sunny with a beautiful weekend ahead. sunny skies and springlike temperatures. we will time out the rain on futurecast for our next storm to arrive in just a few minutes.


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