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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  April 2, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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umbrella before you head out the door this morning. we are tracking scattered showers. good morning it is tuesday, april 2. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi good morning. sunshine for today -- >> we are looking at unsettled weather once again for your tuesday. the doppler is lit up this morning with scattered activities. it is wet spots this morning. if you live in the tri-valley you are getting that light rain right now from dublin, 580 to pleasanton, livermore and union city. down through the south bay from wayne, san jose light rain and even moderate to heavy rainfall from sunnyvale, cupertino, palo alto and los altos hills this morning. this is the start.
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we are looking at more wet weather as we go through the day. we will time it all out for you taking you through the next 24 hours on the futurecast. i will detail the evening commute coming up in a few minutes. as you head out the door, you will deal with slick services and wet weather. be careful. we are starting to see busy conditions in some spot. we will get to the accidents first. we have a trouble spot at automall parkway through fremont. the on-ramp is closed. it is at affecting access to the mainlines. everything over to the right shoulder and we are sting stop and go conditions as you go southbound through the minutes freeway into oakland. near the colosseum it looks like things are moving okay. down into fremont northbound 880 looking good, no construction to report through oakland. westbound 580 we are seeing some rain. definitely slow and go
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conditions out of tracy onto the altamonte past. this is a live look right now at a high rise in kensington, maryland where there was a fire overnight. you can see all of that charring on several upper floors. on the ninth floor it started in a bedroom. a lot of smoke damage. the started around 5:15 am on the east coast, 2:15 am our time. we saw a flareup on the opposite side of the building. it is still a danger and luckily no one has been seriously hurt. a manhunt for the suspected killer of deep-sea hustle after panic and chaos during a memorial on the streets of los angeles. several people are injured including at least one police office a suspect in
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eric holder was identified hours after police responded in riot gear. many of the injuries occurred as people were trampled trying to flee. nipsey hussle was killed sunday. in los angeles shooting outside a clothing store he owned. his death, a seismic shock to the community setting off a massive wave of grief. >> he cared about us. i care about him. you don't understand what he means to us. >> reporter: the grammy operated rapper was revered for his dedication to his community. >> nipsey hussle is someone who was a champion of peace. he called for peace and justice. he was a champion to the underserved and a role model to our youth. >> reporter: avenue hours after he was gunned down he had been scheduled to meetpoce
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chief scheduled a news conference to discuss the investigation into the killing. and address the surge in violence. >> an autopsy found nipsey hussle was shot in the head and torso. investigators are looking for help to find the suspect. an engineer is accused of poisoning his coworkers for more than a year. he's accused of trying to kill his coworker by slipping the toxic substance into her water bottles food and medicine. court records state started in october 2017 at berkeley engineering and research. she suffered significant health problems after consuming this water and food. at mency re. after months of getting sick he was seen add
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something to her water bottle. a sample of the water tested positive. it was also found in her bloodstream. a live look at the white house. no comment from the white house after a whistleblower claims government employees who were denied security clearances for backgrounds were granted them anyway. laura podesta has more on the allegations. >> reporter: a career white house official said 25 people in the trump administration were granted security clearances despite disqualifying issues. >> things like drug uses, criminal activity. >> reporter: a memo from house oversight committee chairman elijah cummings says tricia newbold felt this is my last hope to bring the integrity back into our office. >> things she has told us a shocking. >> reporter: she told the committee about two senior white house officials who are still on the job. both drew objections by staff
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but those objections were overruled despite concerns such as foreign influence. none of the 25 people were named in the memo. the committee has already been investigating the security clearances of nine senior officials including the president's son-in-law and white house advisor jared kushner. fox news laura ingram asked if he posed a grave concern. >> i can say i work with some phenomenal people and i think over the last 2 years the president has been doing a phenomenal job to identify where the national security priorities are. >> reporter: he was celebrated at the white house yesterday. >> his life became extremely complex. and he wouldn't trade it. i don't think he would trade it because what he's doing is incredible. >> reporter: jim jordan of ohio the rarethe oversight committee accused elijah cummings of a partisan
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attack. laura podesta cbs news. the house oversight committee will meet later this morning to decide whether to issue a subpoena to the former supervisor. president trump is threatening to close the southern border this week because of an influx of central american migrants. express one closing the border could cost about $2 million a day in lost trade. officials say the crisis at the border is getting worse. over the weekend the state department took steps to cut off u.s. aid to el salvador, guatemala and honduras. the president is expected to visit the u.s.-mexico border friday. said the president threat raises fears of a avocado shortage. the head of the largest distributors said avocados could vanish from supermarkets within about three weeks if the border closes. at this time of year mexico supplies nearly all the avocados the u.s. has. >> i love avocados and parties. i would buy it. but if ai
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don't know what else we will do. i don't know where else we imported from. >> avocados and grown here in california but our season is just getting started. a half-dozen healthy redwood trees that grow in menlo park are about to get the ax in order to save a building. but there is a grassroots effort to save the giant evergreens. the massive redwood trees were planted nearly 4 decades ago. but by the summer seven of them will be uprooted. the madison parking garage is suffering from water damage and the structure supports the building above. madison says the tree removal has to be done to save the building as well as lives. >> it is a life safety issue. we have to protect the occupants of the building. and the seven trees unfortunately located right where we need to get to to do the repairs. >> we are removing healthy, native heritage trees on city- owned land and it's like wait a minute that doesn't add up.
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>> last week residents unsuccessfully tried to convince city leaders to save the trees and building. the city considered other options but hits dead ends each time. a neighborhood in sausalito hit hard by a monster mudslide six weeks ago is slowly getting back to normal. a portion of crescent avenue remains close this morning but sausalito boulevard just reopened. >> it is wonderful what they did here. >> we're totally happy about that. we are ecstatic about that. >> a declaration of local emergency is in effect for sausalito. and some homeowners have not been able to return home and most of the debris is still there from the mudslide. we're looking at a forecast of no rain for at least a week to clear the hillside. highway 50 in south lake tahoe is back open this morning. a snow slide near echo summit shutdown the roadway a few hours yesterday. only minor traffic was
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reported. and online shopping habit you can be proud of. the website allowing shoppers to reach out to thousands in need. let's head outside before we go to break as we look from the salesforce tower camera at the north bay. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. show mhomecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice.
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and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. gexfinity internet and tv for $40 each a month for 12 months when you bundle both, and get 20 hours of cloud dvr service included. switch today. we have breaking news this morning out of new zealand. parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favor of new gun-control laws. of course this is in the wake of that shooting at two mosques on april 5 that left 50 people dead. these proposals would ban all military style semiautomatic weapons and assault rifles. it would also implement a gun buyback program in new zealand. this still has to go throug two mores fore it covote was so overwhelming. 119-1 in the parliament.
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a new website lets online shoppers feel good about their spending habits because every purchase help someone living on the streets. >> by working with local charities the shop reaches thousands of people in need. gwen baumgardner has the story. >> reporter: he wait in line for a free cup of college from volunteers. it is something small he looks forward to after becoming homeless last year. >> my mental health went so far down but now i'm a lot better. i'm getting better as well. >> reporter: to his surprise he also walked away with something new to wear. >> i think to myself, oh my god i hope people don't come too close to me because they will smell me. >> reporter: the close were a gift bought by online shoppers on the website on house. >> for every order we get we ship went to a customer and we give went to a homeless.
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>> reporter: already the site has sold 2500 items and give an equal number 2 london's homeless. the shop is run from a small room in a home. >> this is it? >> this is everything. >> reporter: boxes of hats, clothes and gloves line the back while ready to be delivered or shipped. the end idea for unhoused came last august after he got down on one year. >> we got engaged and we were blessed and wanted to do something to give back to the world. >> reporter: with more than 170,000 homeless people in london he knows the shop cannot reach everyone. he hopes more people will buy into the idea of helping those in need. gwen baumgardner cbs news london. let's get a check on our weather. we are dealing with some scattered showers. >> the wet weather continues unsettled. everyone get your umbrellas out.
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have you done yet? >> no, i always forget. >> it will be summer. >> mary has plenty. >> you have to text me at 3 am. >> hopefully you have your jacket and umbrella because you will need it. not just today but through the week. a wet weather pattern setting up for us. you can see the scattered activity lining the radar screen . out to the tri-valley first, dublin, pleasanton and livermore along 586 you can see that wet weather and light rain. super commuters a heads up for you. we're looking at rain from fremont south. you can see the yellow and orange indicating moderate to heavy rainfall. across the south bay over san jose this morning, you can see that light to moderate rain pushing through. temperatures running in the 50s. mild start to the day, this is
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a live look looking east conco livermore where it is a wet start, 50 degrees. 55 san francisco. san jose light rain and 54 in santa rosa. your weather headlines, active weather patterns continuing for most of the week. shower this morning and we are looking at the driest day wednesday. although a few showers possible for wednesday. the wettest day with widespread rain and stronger storms will be friday. the average rainfall january through march, more than a foot of rain. the average rainfall from april to june not as much. 2.3 inches for rainfall. we should begin to see things looking at an active weather pattern in the pacific. you can see the storm system here bringing the showers for
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us today. we have another one right behind that. look to be a thursday into stronger system this week. assignment on futurecast. here we are at 4 pm with scattered showers. as we go through the afternoon and evening a few showers are still possible for your wednesday and possibly the morning as we head to the rest of your wednesday. mainly dry although isolated showers are definitely possible. then looking at more rained for thursday and especially into friday. what is your evening commute? you can see scattered showers especially along the coast and peninsula. right around 101 it could be a wet afternoon and evening commute. we are not done with the wet weather as we go through the day. now let's show you what you can expect through friday. again that is a stronger system. is soggy and to spring break week on friday. here's what you can expect with temperatures. we're looking at cooler temps especially compared to
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yesterday, upper 50s pacifica and low 60 san francisco. redwood city 64 and fremont. scattered showers today, a few showers wednesday. more showers thursday, rain on friday. showers especially on saturday morning and drying out after that. a little bit more sunshine by sunday into monday of next week. we're not sing a ton of accidents. not a lot of cars yet but be careful as you hit the freeways this morning. you will deal with slick surfaces because of this. heads-up if you're traveling to the altamont pass or areas where seeing rain. as you work westbound 580 coming off 205, we are seeing slow speeds. 18, 19 miles an hour from tracy. a little sluggish so heads off. westbound it is better past northland. do that but you will see stop
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and go conditions working your way through that conditions for 680. usa from 580 right now. a live look at the dublin interchange this is traffic working its way westbound toward 680. you can see asked about volume. drivetimes are doing okay. we have a snack 680 at the parkway. it is the on ramp that will affect you trying to get onto 680. also taking a look at 880 clearing a hazard southbound at 29th. just some residual flowing working your way through there. pretty clear overall through oakland. northbound on the minutes freeway, not bad. second take on a shakespearean tragedy. >> you're eye on entertainment.
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>> reporter: actor denzel washington consumed take on shakespeare the academy award winner is reportedly in talks to star in a film adaptation of mcbeth. alongside fellow oscar-winner frances mcdormand. joe colon will direct. >> is so weird. let me give you a hug. >> reporter: netflix has released its trailer for the all-new series dead to me. the dark comedy starts christina applegate as a grieving widow. dead to me begins streaming may 3. and some big names in country music are set to take over the las vegas strip. ahead of the 54th academy of country music awards. little big town, thomas wright and others will take part in the events taking place friday to sunday. the big show airs on april 7. that is your eye on entertainment, 10 tom hansen cbs news york. we have the giants and dodgers. the giants have something going and the a's go power hour once again. it is win or go home for the cardinals looking for a trip to the final four.
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the tip off next. before we go let's take a live look outside. this is in san jose at minetta international airport. [phone ringing]
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for 12 months when you bundle both, and get 20 hours of cloud dvr service included. switch today. good tuesday morning. another wet start to the day. we are not done just yet with the wet weather. you can see taking you out to the tri-valley, light to moderate rain right over pleasanton, livermore and across 580. as well as through fremont and for the south bay as well. you can see wayne berryessa and san jose with spotty light rain showers. we will time out the rest of the rain on futurecast taking
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you hour by hour coming up. is dennis with sports. >> reporter: the sanford women were the last area team looking for a ticket to the final woul what a way. stanford up to and williams at the top of the key nails the three-pointer. sanford led at the half and were smelling upset but the fighting irish had fight. she gets a layout part of a 19- 6 notre dame ron and it started attacking the rim. jackie young to the rack, the irish shot 71% and sanford's season is over. 84-68. base hit centerfield and he will come up throwing. we have a play at the plate and here comes an out at home plate. the next inning the a's are up a run and a solo home run off
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and the a's go up 2-0. keep the power hour moving. he smacks a home run to left field. the red sox gave up three homeruns tonight. they've given up 14 through five games. the a's win 7-0. we have breaking news on the giants offense this morning. >> it's alive! >> yes, it's alive and well at dodger stadium thanks to brandon belt. he had one hit in four games but at the top of the sixth the giants are down by 2. opposite field to run jack to back the strong pitching of drew palmer in. next in time at two. stephen dugger scored and the dodgers who scored 42 runs in their first four games got just two last night. the giants won 4-2. mark fox
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was introduced as the new cal head coach yesterday. he led nevada and georgia to a combined ncaa tournaments. he takes over a team that was a bottom feeder of the pac 12. >> i understand we had a couple of tough years. we will use a reflection of those years as a lesson in how to get better. sometimes you don't win until you understand why you lose. >> i have to show you this play in boston last night where the celtics did their best version of the harlem globetrotters. on this play the only thing missing is sweet georgia brown. it was gordon hayward who finally made the shot. one more time at the finish. he keeps it alive, the trailer and gordon hayward back to hayward. he's in for the hoop and the celtics beat the heat 110-105. the worriers and nuggets tonight, a battle for the best record in the western conference. we will be there. that is the latest in sports. you tonight. the time is 4:56 am.
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>> what is a russian biplane doing over california? the unusual spotting and what the white house has to say about it. >> show me the crown.
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show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. get xfinity internet and tv for $40 each a month for 12 months when you bundle both, and get 20 hours of cloud dvr service included. switch today.
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now at 5:00, rain is rolling back into the bay area today. when to expect heavy showers. chaos and fear at a memorial for slain rapper nipsey hussle. what triggered that stampede and new developments overnight. an engineer accused of placing his coworker. how the victim uncovered the plan. it is tuesday, april 2 good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get over to mary lee who
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is checking the next storm. >> here we go again. more wet weather for your tuesday. scattered showers on high-def doppler. that scattered activity will continue throughout the day today. let's assume in at the locations getting that wet start. the tri-valley, livermore and right around 580. you see light rain across pleasanton, down through curtner and milpitas. as well as the south bay. light rain from san jose, seven trees, to pitino, saratoga and cambrian park. we're looking at scattered showers for today. unsettled weather for most of the week with widespread rain and the strongest system later in the week. we will time it out for you on futurecast coming up taking you hour by hour. hitting the roadways right now let's check the bay area bridges. if you want to take the san rafael bridge there is a slight delay on the westbound side. wrapping up overnight construction. so far so


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