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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 9, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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everyone. it is tuesday, apri gr. i'mnne mackovec. time to check your windy forecast. mary. >> michelle, today is the day you put your hair up in a ponytail and we're done because we're talking about strong winds and that's the big weather story today. and tracking breezy to windy conditions this morning. you can see napa bay -- 20 downtown san francisco. 15 mile per winds out of oakland. 14 in berkeley antioch, 21 mile-per-hour winds and 15 in fairfield. and vallejo, 12. breezy and we are watching the skies clear. as we head through the afternoon, much colder and you'll feel this difference this afternoon. we'll have the sunshine, but the winds will be increasing. all of us will see the winds, the strongest winds will be in the hills and along the coast. we'll stay dry all week long, and that
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does mean with drier weather. sunshine as well as the winds, that pollen count does go up. i'll show you the days that will be the highest for that pollen count coming up in a bit. emily. well, good morning, mary. we are keeping an eye on our bay area bridges to see if there's wind advisories. so far, none in effect. taking a look at the golden gate bridge. we aren't seeing a lot of traffic moving south ward. that's because there's construction. just now, you can finally see some headlights as they're making their way over the span. but that's because of construction. this is supposed to be wrapping upright now. but as you can see, we're seeing some delays southbound 101 down to 42 miles per hour. this construction means these lane closures to salcedo to the golden gate bridge. give yourself a few extra minutes. 23 miles an hour and slower through the path. your drive time is 29 minutes to make it from 205 to 680
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on 580 and there's a crash at marsh. one lane is closed and we're working to get more information on that. we're going to keep a close eye on this and other accidents. kristin. at the live news desk. keeping an eye on capitol hill this morning. a live look at attorney general william barr is expected to testify before congress. he's not under pressure to release the mueller report. he's not expected to talk specifically about that in his testimony before the house of preparation's committee today. but you better believe the democrats are going to be pushing those questions to him today as they talk to him about the justice department's budget. he has said he will release the mueller report in mid april. the clock istickin>> kristin, tk
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you. swalwell is running for president. jackie is live in -- >>reporter: he comes here all the time to visit the kids and he's here frequently and he's the most famous graduate of dublin. he made his presidential campaign last night. and he has represented the 15th district -- swalwell made the announcement on the stephen colbert show and said why he's making gun control a part of his campaign. >> too many kids dying and no one in washington is doing enough. so i'm bringing my wife and our son nelson and daughter cricket and we're going down there to talk to these kids and they have figured out what the solutions are. it's background checks, investigating gang violence prevention programs. and banning and buying back all 15 million of the assault weapons out
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there. >> again, that's the late show with stephen colbert, not the stephen colbert show. he's seen on cable tv criticizingpresident trump. swalwell is 38-year-old, making him one of the younger candidates and we'll hear from the kids that go here -- a live look at the white house where president trump is trying to revitalize his border policy -- to wait out their cases. president trump tweeted that the ruling is quote, so unfair to the u.s. this comes as the president overhauls the department of homeland security to get tougher on immigration. so far, five senior officials have been purged. that move orchestrated by presidential advisory and stephen miller. secretary neilson
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is the biggest name on the way out. >> it's going to be a tough job because the president wants whoever is in that position to be tough and that means separating families and communicating policies that a lot of people object to. >> customs and border protection commissioner kevin will take over as acting dhs correct and president trump has been pushing to reinstate other policies including one that would separate families at the border. secretary neilson argue that policy would invite court challenges. another new policy being considered is binary choice. that would offer migrant families a choice, stay together in detention or being split while the parents go through the legal process. energy secretary rick perry and former acting attorney general matthew whitaker could be in the running to replace neilson. a pair of gunman stormed an auto body shop and opened fire. one of the victims was just
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15-year-old. two other men were also hit. all three will survive. it happened at e street near 100th avenue around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, and the suspects are still on the run this morning. happening today in san francisco, a proposal to shutdown juvenile hall will be presented at city hall. but the mayor is not keen on the idea. a group of supervisors says the city spends too much on juvenile hall, $13 million especially since it's 75% empty. there's 150 beds, but only 3 dozen prisoners at a time. >> we are spending a crazy amount of money on an effective system. >> we need something that's going to rehabilitate. >> this is irresponsible to try to get people to shutting it down or keeping it open. >> mayor london breed says she's opposed to shutting down juvenile hall
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without a plan. she appointed a 30-member blue ribbon committee to study -- parents are accused of paying thousands of dollars to help their kids cheat their way into a seed at top universities and prosecutors say the most famous actress felicity huffman paid singer $15,000 bucks to boost her daughter's sat scores and huffman said i have deep regret and shame and my daughter knew nothing. >> did your daughter -- >> that was augustine. he's accused of paying singer $300,000 to get his daughter into both the entrance exam and the athletic system. she's accused of paying 15,000 for a
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-- peter is also from mant low park, e same for hisng daughter and bruce and -- partially in facebook stock. isaacson said no words can express how sorry we are to what we have done and our duty as parents was to set an example, but we have harmed and embarrassed them as apart of our misguided decisions and isaacson has to pay the irs, $152,000 -- he wrote off advertise -- new video from southern california. an suv plowed into a culver city gym and sends a man flying. samuel kevoj stepped on the treadmill when this red suv mercedes crashed through a window throwing kevoj to the ground. >> as i was flying
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back, i saw the treadmill coming at me, so i twisted to the side to avoid being crushed. >> when you go through something like that, you learn that life is a gift and to cherish every moment. and i guess it wasn't my time. >> certainly wasn't. kevoj walked away with minor injuries and no word if the driver will face charges. detectives say a modesto couple's remains ended -- the owner was nowhere to be found and attached to the urn -- >> it never made it there and got into this person's hands whose car got processed. >> car max reached
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out to the -- by friday, the remains were back in the county, but officials can calling on the community to help track down the family. happening today, the owner of the flintstones house plans to counter sue the town of hillsboro. the city filed the lawsuit last month calling the home visibility from 280 and a public nuisance. the owner feigning does not live in the house, but uses it to entertain. the announcement will be made at 11:00 this morning. the time is 5:10. a man is in critical condition. coming up, the extreme measure bay area police say they were forced to use. a big difference with our weather today. much cooler. we'll have that sunshine and big weather story. the winds tracking the winds rightw. castu gusts, whe we'll see the windiest nt o 101 astre's aig you make your way
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out the south bay. we're keeping a close eye on what's happening here. we have the details, coming up.
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you 3513--:1n t m b a it happened at home onn inol
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yard and t taed.ken hishbors say arms and called 911 shortly after. bailey city officers arrived and shot and killed that dog and galang is recovering. an oakland nonprofit is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a serial cat shooter over the past few weeks. oakland animal services have taken four cats shot by pellet guns. there's a huge buzz and the problem, a swarm of bees has taken over. the fair oaks gym called a beekeeper to relocate them otherwise the bees could pose a threat to people and risk being exterminated and beekeepers are busy after a long wet winter and the hives over
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populated driving bees to swarm the sacramento area. >> we get about three to five calls a day when the weather is warm. they're 95, 96 fahrenheit and my hand feels like it's in a bowl of warm water. >> whenever the sun comes out, the bees go out and play, but it won't be for long. the almond crop was delayed by rain, so it's the earliest food sources for bees. >> the beekeepers have a tough job. >> totally. i wouldn't want to switch with him, but i'm glad they called in a beekeeper instead of poisoning or get rid of -- >> that's the best excuse not to workout. i can't. >> that's true. that's true. >> i like the other one earlier. i can't because a car might run through the window of the gym. the guy on the treadmill. >> definitely. >> all sorts of excuses. >> or traffic. >> it's true. we are checking a major issue this
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morning on northbound 101 as you're headed out of the south bay and making your way up the peninsula. photographer chris is on the road. he's in route to go to this accident. you can see the backup has begun. this is northbound 101. that is really going to create an issue because there are several lanes that are blocked. taking a look at our maps. you can see it's a big crash. we know a motorcycle was involved, at least two lanes blocked, but they're running a traffic break where it's not moving at all. that is affecting your drive time. it's going to take at least 39 minutes to get >> heller to the airport. it's affecting your commute southbound on 101. slow travel times toward the golden gate adbridge
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because there's two lanes -- golden gate bridge because there's two lanes blocked. your drive time 30 minutes -- from 205to 680. once you make it out of there, you're looking good. it's the 580 interchange. those headed to the beach, there's traffic control in place today from noon until 6:00 p.m. that's on highway 1 at gray whale cove. they're pulling a car out of the -- so you're going to need to bring things back to one lane so traffic control from noon until 6:00. mary. >> thanks, emily. we are talking about the winds today. so that will be the big weather story for us. cooler temperatures by 5 to 7 degrees. you'll feel that difference through the afternoon and the sunshine. here's a live look at the south bay. san jose, it's 55 with partly cloudy skies. 55 in concord and in santa
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rosa and we're going to see the winds increase through the day. 19 mile pearl hour winds at half moon berkeley 12 in san raphael. check out antioch. 21 mile-per-hour winds out of the west and 11 in fairfield. a breezy to windy start to the day. we're going to see the stronger winds as we go through our afternoon. northwesterly winds, 15 to 30 miles per hour. the strongest winds will be up in the hills and along the coast. we'll have that sunshine and cooler temperatures. you'll notice that difference with our weather today. so we have this ridge of high pressure to our south. we have a low pressure to our north. and with those two weather features so close together, with very a tight pressure gradient and that's why it's going to be a windy day today. we also had the cold front that swept through yesterday. also kicking up the winds for us. timing it out for you on future cast. taking you hour-by-hour. watch as the skies clear as we'll have that sunshine for today. and we'll continue
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with sunshine as we go through the week. future cast, wind gusts, we are going to see the winds increase along the coast, 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts at 2:00 p.m. and all of us will see windy conditions for today, and we are looking at still windy conditions by tonight. so because of the dry weather, also the winds, we are going to see the pollen count increase. so medium high today, it increases for wednesday, especially for thursday. this is a scale from 1 to 12. 11 for thursday. 10.5 for friday. daytime highs, looking at in the 60s. compared to yesterday, we had above average temperatures. right around where -- 65 oakland. 66 for fremont. and 68 in san jose. 68 for fairfield. sunshine, cooler and also windy today. and then check out the rest of the workweek into the weekend. dry weather with high pressure in place. mostly sunny skies. partly sunny on sunday. back to you. this morning, a water warning for students and staff
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at sonoma state. officials are telling people to drink bottled water or boil the tap water because of a problem with the campus pump system. bottled water will be available on campus for the next couple of days or until the water test come back clean. officials aren't say what might be contaminating it. kids growing up in east oakland don't always see school as a way out. >> a man is changing that. he has a plan to create a high school to keep kids engaged. >> nobody thought about a drug dealer mba pipeline. >> what show you what's being called the high school for homies on the kpix e womtt 5:00. ahead, wish is donated to science. medical students make a remarkable discovery. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. traffic moving
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pretty smartly at 5:20. we'll keep an eye on a. we'll be right back. alright, let's talk perks!
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well, good morning. your drive times this morning, mostly in the green with one exception. that is highway 5 -- interstate 580. 680 will take i-5 minutes to get through there. once you make it
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through, you'll get to the dublin interchange and everything there looks good. let's take a live look at this. everything is smooth sailing. there's a little bit of heavier volume, but nothing out of the ordinary for this time of the morning. i am tracking a traffic accident elsewhere which you'll get to later in the show. stick around. this morning, u.s. measles cases are on the rise. health officials say 465 measles cases have been reported in 2019 so far with 17 of those cases right here in california. the cdc says most of them are 19 years old or younger. they are encouraging children to get two doses of the measles vaccine. getting nutrients from your food is better than -- people who took in enough vitamin a, k and magnesium from food had a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer. benefits were not
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associated with supplements. living close to a major roadway may be harmful to your child's development. researchers at the national inat this substituent of health found those children are twice than likely -- emergency visits are rising among young people that attempt suicide. annual visits almost doubled for kids ages 5 to 18-year-old. an oregon woman is getting a special gift to the medical world. bentley died of natural causes at the age of 99. she donated her body to science. when students at organize ok, health and science oregon opened it up, they saw her vital organs were reversed and bentley's lungs had two lobes when most people have three. a professor says the odds of discovering a person with reversed organ 1 and 50 million and bentley's family said she would have thought it was funny had she known
5:26 am
about her unique body. >>reporter: comingu to capitol l where two -- they're facing touch questions. >>reporter: a bay area congressman makes it official. it's an announcement we have been expecting for months. show me the crown.
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now at 5:30, another demographic contender making a run. a strong of station violence, bart steps up stininty, but weave .ot t last t mint.a good,it mack ovec. >> and i'm michelle griego.
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>> told is an extra hold hair spray day. we're tracking windy conditions and the winds will kick up through our afternoon. 19 mile-per-hour winds at half moon. 20 at sfo and downtown san francisco out of the west, northwest. oakland, 15 mile-per-hour winds right now. berkeley, 14. 18 in san ramon and 13 mile per wind in vallejo. skies clearing and breezy to windy conditions and a cooler day today. five to seven degrees cooler compared to yesterday. we'll have that sunshine and also windy conditions this afternoon. the strongest winds will be in the hills and the coast. all of us will have that wind today. staying dry all week long, but the pollen count due to the winds, that will go up. i'll let you know the worst day for allergy suffering with the pollen count coming up in a bit. emily. >>if ye comm f
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so thepenins we're ig rigcidents cr ther was a motorcycle involved as well. we know ambulances are on thece. this is northbound 101 at marsh. at least two lane closed this hour. down to 70 miles an hour as you're headed southbound on 101. that means your drive time starting to climb. 40 minutes getting from hellyer to the airport on northbound 101. give yourself extra time if you're headed this direction. elsewhere in the south bay, your travel times in green. i'll tell you what else we're seeing trouble spot in a little bit. on the live news desk, keeping an eye on capitol hill where facebook and goggle representatives are expected to face some tough questions from congress. we have word that the house appropriation's committee will be speaking to representatives from the silicon valley tech giant about how white
5:32 am
supremacist are using those platforms. this issue obviously coming to 50 people killed in -- congresswoman eric swalwell makes it official. jackie ward live at dublin high school with reaction from some students. jackie. >>reporter: and he's pretty well-known around here. he stops by dublin when he can. he made his presidential campaign official. he told goebbert that he has spoken to people across the country who wants harsh gun control. >> none of that is going to change until we get a leader who is willing to go big on the issues we take on, be bold it the solutions we offer and do good in the way we govern. i'm ready to solve those problems and i'm running for the
5:33 am
president of the united states. >> swalwell moved to cniwa when he was five and graduated from dublin high school in 1999. >> he met him on my trip to dc and he met us on the steps of congress. he seems like a cool guy. and it was fun to meet him. >> swalwell is a member of the judiciary committee -- swalwell is 38-year-old, making him the younger candidates in what's become a crowded field. swalwell is expected to visit south floor today to talk more about gun control. live in dublin, jackie ward, kpix5. an effort underway to make sure bart rider safety following -- part of the overhaul, officers working a mandatory sixth day. bart plans to saturate specific areas with a lot of visible employees and bart will look at new technology
5:34 am
at the gates to catch -- the goal is to make sure riders are paying their fares and deter crime. >> i think it's helpful. it makes people feel safe to ride bart. >> we know that we need to step things up and we need to show a strong satisfy presence, not just on the trains, on the platforms and the stations and try and do it consistently. >> bart says the permanent solution is to hire 19 additional officers over the next five years. that will be discussed at budget meetings and the first one this thursday. 5:34. an uber driver out of a job. and in jail this morning. police say he tried to rob his passenger's home in san mateo. wilson was arrested on friday, police say he took a couple to the airport and then went back to their home and tried to break-in, but an alarm went off. the suspect left, and allegedly drove a few blocks over to nash drive and ransacked a home for hours. that was caught on
5:35 am
camera and the couple shared that video with neighbors who started connecting the dots. and an investigation led police to wilson's home in rancho cordova. >> family heir looms, i'm hoping to get back, they're from my grandmother and goes back to the holocaust. for him that was something to pawn off, and to me that's a memory of my grandmother. >> uber said they disabled the driver's access to the app and ready to help police. san mateo police shared tips on how to keep yourself safe when taking ride share services. happening today, one last chance for the public to pay their final respects to slain rapper nipsey hussle and tickets become available later. portal open up at 10:00, but it's free to california
5:36 am
residents and memorial is thursday at the staple center and there's a 4 ticket minimum per household. holder has been charged with murder. and older and hussle knew each other. a scary scene at one actor's home. it happened at the hollywood hills home of british comedian eric idle. someone brought in the mail and inside white powder in anil a the hazmat team suited up and checked it out. >> it was a little dust that may have come off the envelope. something like that. someone called 911. >> two people from the h taken to the hospital as a precaution. a man slammed his car into a fire at the
5:37 am
el monte station heard a crash at 6:00 last night. outside they found a covered pickup jammed into a mason wall and the man was rushed to the hospital. the driver is in serious condition and it's not clear if he got hurt in the crash or had some sort of medical emergency before behind. this morning, acura recalling 350 suv over taillights going dark. they're recalling mdx models made in the years 2014 to 2019. the manufacturing issue can cause water to get through the seals and into the taillights, knocking them out. acura has not received reports of crashes. affected drivers will be notified next month. delta airlines is flying high after a new report declared it the best airline in the country. researchers from the annual airline quality rating report weighed how often flights
5:38 am
arrive on time and mishandled baggages and receive complaints. delta came out on top, jetblue was ranked second followed by alaska airlines. frontier was at the bottom of the list with less than a week to go before the tax filing deadline, there were millions of americans who need to get busy. jill schlesinger is here to help us with tips. what if you can't meet the deadline? >>reporter: you're going to have plenty -- 14.6 million taxpayers are going on extension this year. if so, it would be the largest number of request ever received in a year. okay. so when you think about an extension, it's straight forward. you file for a six-month extension with form 4868. you have to do it by april 15th. nasty penalties, totaling almost 50% of what you owe to your tax bill. remember, here's the important piece. extensions, they have a caveat.
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the irs will give you extra time to file, not to pay. you have to estimate what you pay and pay 90% of it and that's how you'll avoid a pen amount and the extension, it does not provide you with extra time to make an roth or ira contribution. if you're on an attention -- >> what if you owe money, but you can't pay in full by the deadline? >> don't worry. the irs has dealt with people like you too. you should still file on time. and do try to pay as much as you can because it can reduce potential penalties and interest charges. but let's say you can't pay all the tax you owe. there's three options. there's the short term option where you have an online payment agreement, you fill out this application and the irs will grant up to 120 days. or you can try for an irs installment agreement for a fee that will put you
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on a longer monthly payment plan and you have to owe less than $50,000. last one. this is a break the glass version. you can use a credit or debit card to pay your tax bill, it's more expensive. you're going to pay fees and you're trapped with that credit card bill. for tips and resources and links you're going to need as you approach a bad weekend in your life, go to jillon >> we always wait until the last minute, but this year it was okay. my husband got that all squared away. it was good. jill schlesinger, always good advice, thank you. >> you need to get on this, anne. >> days, days. it's 5:40. the virginia cavaliers are your men's 2019 men's basketball champion. bay area fans go wild including our
5:41 am
very own vern glen. a different day compared to yesterday. we're watching the winds right now. they will increase. i'll show you future cast wind gusts coming up. and things are looking good as you're headed into the maze towards san francisco. the heaviest volume is beginning to start. the meters lights are on at the bay bridge. i'll tell you where our biggest trouble spot is, coming up in a few minutes. stick around. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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good tuesday
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morning to you. it is 5:44. here's a live look looking east with partly cloudy skies. a cooler and windier day. we're tracking the winds and i'll show you future cast wind gusts and when we'll see the strongest wind gusts today. a massive baseball deal opening up cuba will no longer happen after president trump killed that agreement under the obama era deal. cuban citizens could have played in major league baseball in the u.s. without being forced to defect from the communist run government. they would -- but the white house now argues that cuban baseball federation is part of the cuban government. and trade with cuba is banned. college basketball has a new champion. >> last night, the university of virginia men's basketball team beat texas tech. it is the first national title for virginia. they needed over time to defeat texas tech by a score of 85-77. last year, virginia was on the other
5:45 am
end of history whenrsbe seed to lose in the first round. check it out. the empire state building lit up in navy blue and orange. the colors of the virginia cavaliers and the world famous skyscraper was lit up in the colors of both teams. >> three, two, one. [cheers and applause] >> that was the reaction last night in san francisco. nobody in the bay area is happier than our sports editor vern glen. he went to virginia bay and he was accompanied by dozens of alums. >> what does your gut tell you about this game? >> we're hanging out with a bunch of young people. it's scary. stressed. >> how about the love that we have in this bar. huh. >> we are the
5:46 am
champions. no time under losing because we are the champions. -- of the world. >> that's quite the party. this is the first time virginia had made the final four since 1984. fans at the home arena in charlottesville went nuts. a sweet victory for current students and alum and vern. >> congratulations to vern. do you think he's going to be calling in sick today? >> he's probably out partying. >> he's probably still riding his high. >> he's going to show up and he's going to be in virginia colors and singing as he walks into the news room. >> that's true. >> i love vern. >> we do. we do. how are the roadways looking? >> not as exciting. not great. we are tracking a trouble spot in sxw it does not look good. that's happening in the peninsula. but first we want to take a look at
5:47 am
the nimets freeway. 880. not a huge backup at this hour. that's our photographer in mobile 5 tracking the traffic there. which at this point looks pretty darn good. going to the bay bridge, that's where we do see the meters lights on at this hour. things are starting to stack up. with the meters lighting on, that's going to move things slowly through there. it's nothing terrible for this time of the morning. looking good there. down to san mateo. listen up because of all the wind we're seeing, there's a wind advisory for this bridge. pretty heavy for this hour. a few brake lights, but moving good. as you're making your way to the peninsula, out of the south bay, there's an injury accident blocking several lanes northbound 101. that's at willow road. the golden gate bridge looking good for this time of year. we won't see a backup until later in the morning. as far as the richmond san mateo bridge, seeing backups there, but
5:48 am
as far as the construction is concerned, that's setting to clear a little bit later this morning. mary. >> thanks, emily. this is just the start emily was mentioning, the winds. breezy conditions. here's a live look with our treasure island camera. a beautiful start to the day with partly cloudy skies. and we'll continue to see the skies clear as we head through our afternoon. temperatures, low to mid 50s right now. although santa rosa, you're down to 47. 51 in livermore. 55 in san francisco, san jose and concord and oakland coming in at 56. so let's show you the winds out there. a northwesterly wind at half moon bay at 9:12. 20 mile-per-hour winds at sfo and downtown san diego. 15 in oakland. 14 berkeley. 18 mile per winds in san ramon. 16 mile-per-hour winds in antioch. breezy to windy
5:49 am
condition to start off the day. as we head through the afternoon, in the westerly winds, 15 to 30 with gusts to 40 to 50 miles per hour and the strongest winds in the hills and along the coast. sunshine as we head through the afternoon and cooler temperatures by 5 to 7 degrees. a big difference compared to yesterday. we had that muggy, muggy warm air yesterday. today, much cooler with the winds. so we have this low pressure system to our north. a ridge of high pressure to our south. this two weather feature is so close together. we have a tight weather gradient and that's why we're looking at windy and a cold front that brought showers. clear skies. plenty of sunshine as we head through our afternoon. future cast wind gusts and the strongest winds along the coast at 2:00 p.m., but all of us will see the windy conditions and we stay windy even through tonight. now, let's show you the pollen count because of the dry weather and also
5:50 am
the winds. we're going to see the pollen count increase. so medium high today, that increases for tomorrow and for thursday. this is on a scale from 1 to 12. so 11 for thursday. heads up allergy sufferers. thursday is the worst day of the week for our pollen count. and 10.5 for friday. sunrise at :05 for friday. sunrise at 6:43 and sunset at 7:39. 67 mountain view. 68 in pittsburgh. berkeley, 65 as well for oakland and 64 for clear lake. there's the 7-day forecast. sunny, cool and windy. check out the rest of the week. plenty of sunshine with high pressure and control. back to you. >> thanks, mary. a classic game of dodge ball with a twist. these firefighters in new york are bringing their training to the next level. they're playing in full gear for an air consumption drill. they wanted to show firefighters how to control breathing in stressful situation so each
5:51 am
firefighters played until they drained their air cylinder between 25 to 51 minutes. if they got out, it cost them 20 jumping jacks before they could return. >> what a fun way to train. >> i hate -- back in middle school, nobody wanted me on their team. i was constantly getting pelted. >> come on, anne. >> i know. >> i have left that in the dust. it's 5:51. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. coming up, an officer jumps into action to save a choking 9-month-old. how he's being honored this morning. taking a live look outside at ocean beach this morning. what a cool shot, huh. we'll be right back. ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. good tuesday morning to you. we're taking you out to the east bay with our berkeley camera. our science camera. it's 50 degrees and partly cloudy skies and we're tracking the winds. breezy to windy condition that is morning. the winds are going to kick up as we head through the afternoon, so even windier. i'll show you future cast and the windiest timeframe coming up. a southern california officer races against the clock to save a babe eye girl who was choked and not breathing. >> crazy. the tense moments caught on bodycam video. >> come here, come here. >> i don'tthere was blood. [ crying ] >> come on, baby.
5:55 am
you're already. okay. she's crying now. she's getting air. >> oh, to hear that cry. on march 22nd, culver city police officer bryan capel saved carly who was choking on a baby snack and holly's mom saw capel. >> i said can i hug you and i bursted out into tears and his first reaction was, can i hold her. >> i've been here 19 years and i have never experienced anything like this before. >> how does it feel? >> it feels good. it feels good. >> the culver city council honored the officer. she said -- >> i can feel for that mom. that happened with my older daughter and luckily my husband was there. and he got his finger and took out whatever was lodged in the back of her throat. we call it the hook.
5:56 am
thankfully he was there. i can understand what that mom was going through. >> thank goodness for the old hook. >> and the pat on the book. >> it's a reminder, we should get trained in cpr. >> let's do that. 5:56 right now. today, supervisors in one way bare will begin a push to shutdown juvenile hall and the reason behind the plan under fire from the mayor. >>reporter: plus a congressman who went to dublin high school. officially announces his run for presidency. myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. get xfinity internet and tv for $40 each a month for 12 months when you bundle both,
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. le toy heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. a bay area uber driver facing criminal charges accused of trying to burglarize a passenger's home. how advertise plan was -- a new sexual misconduct policy is in the spotlight at one bay area university today.
6:00 am
why experts believe the president is forcing out high ranking officials at the department of homeland security. >> good morning, it's tuesday, aprili'mhe griego. >> i'm anne makovec. time to check your forecast. and it's windy, mary. >> the winds for today is the big story. you'll feel it once you step outside. winds right now, and they will continue to increase as we go through the day. 19 mile-per-hour winds at half moon bay. 12 in san jose. 21 mile-per-hour winds in downtown san francisco. increasing with those winds, 12 in oakland. 13 berkeley. 17 mile-per-hour winds in antioch out of the west and 12 right now for vallejo. we are watching the skies clear. it's going to be a much colder day by 7 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. we'll have that sunshine. it is going to be windy especially as we head h


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