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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 11, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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this fight over an unusual home is getting ugly. >> reporter: it is. for decades the house behind me has been known as the "flintstone home" because drivers said it reminded them of the flintstones cartoon. the new homeowner got into some trouble with the city when she decided to step up the flintstone theme and added several dinosaur sculptures to the backyard. >> i want a quiet, peaceful life. >> reporter: the owner of this popular and polarizing flintstone home is locked in a bitter legal battle.'s -- >> they said to tear down the whole thing. >> reporter: i don't understand. describing this home as a highly visible eyesore and public nuisance. >> the house is unusual but over the past 45 years, since
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it was built, people have gotten used to it. >> reporter: assistant city attorney says what got her in trouble was adding dinosaur sculptures to the backyard. she did not have the proper permits and ignored orders to stop the work. her attorney believes she is being singled out because she is injured -- she is asian and an immigrant. >> i don't think any prior d anisthr ulofe neth compare flto this. >> it is nonsense and offensive. everybody at townhall has treated her with the utmost respect and completely fairly. >> reporter: illegal battle is heating up. it will likely determine if she will have to tear down her beloved dinosaurs. the city says she has a pending permit in front of the city. they hope to resolve their issues and differences through that process and eventually dismissed these lawsuits. kpix 5 .
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the mayor will not have to take the stand in the case of 2 men in the ghost house fire. a crucial witness because she oversaw a fire department that was critically understaffed. today, the judge ruled the attorneys have not presented sufficient evidence to show she has material knowledge about the case. warehouse master tenant and creative director are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deadly 2016 fire. police shot and killed a man who they claim broke into a home and stabbed members of his own family. it happened this morning on wilson avenue. it was the man's daughter who called 911 and got help. the girl reported her father broke in through a window and they could not get out of the house. officers say they confronted the 55-year-old man in the
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backyard, they opened fire does he refused to stop and there was a domestic violence restraining order against him. a woman and boy who were suffering cuts are expected to be okay. this evening we are learning a 4-year-old boy who was on life support after being shot in the head is awake. the family of this little boy tells us he is out of the icu and is moving his arms and legs. he was playing when he found the gun and accidentally shot himself. it happened last month at a home in oakland. police arrested a 37-year-old, the mother's boyfriend at the scene. a shakeup at the top of bart, the general manager abruptly announced her retirement. the sixth bart leader to step down in recent weeks. >> reporter: the bart director was not pressured to leave,
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they say. they were caught off guard and they see this as an opportunity to give the agency a fresh start. >> i have stayed a long time and we have accomplished a tremendous amount. >> reporter: the general manager has led bart for 8 years. under her watch bart saw a huge growth. she led the passage of a 3.5 billion dollar bond measure. >> it is never a great time to leave an organization as busy as this we have accomplished so much and new trains -- >> reporter: her announcement surprise the board of directors. >> from a point of view you will see she has done an exceptional job. we are at a pivotal point and we have an opportunity to demonstrate, to our riders, they should have faith in us.
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>> reporter: 5 other executive leaders have retired or are about to retire from head of operations to the police chief. >> i'm very proud of the fact that since i have been here we have become a more proactive police department. >> reporter: some say bart have been dysfunctional. >> writers know it and they see it. safety and cleanliness. >> reporter: drug use and violence have made many bart users feel unsafe. >> if you look at the customer surveys we are at the lowest level in customer satisfaction. >> reporter: some of the low points in the last 8 years led to a strike that led to 2 workers killed in an accident and they can acknowledge those incidents but she says she has no regrets. >> an increase of safety and a brand-new bart . >> reporter: the last day will be july 5. what do these
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departures mean for the average of a daily writer? the bart board of directors say it should not have any negative effects. live at the pittsburgh bart station, kpix 5. a big day for san francisco based uber listed on the stock exchange. a new look of uber's financial picture. there is no clear point when the company expects to be profitable. in response to the uber filing protesters took to the streets to rail against the city's growing income divide. thousands of workers and union members are making their voices heard, many fear a wave of big tech ipos could make the city's problem with inequality and the
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high cost of living even worse. >> the city has profited over the services we have provided and we want a fair contract. >> the city supervisor says he will hold a hearing on april 24 to discuss how uber and other tech ipos will affect the city. traffic congestion, gentrification and income and equality. pg&e payers will be hit hard if there is another fire season. >> reporter: wildfires have cost california $46 billion over the last 2 years, it is going to cost all of us and most likely in your electric bill. >> it is outrageous that repairs should have to pay anything for wildfire poverty damage. >> reporter: that is utility customer advocate responding to a report suggesting pg&e bills
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could asmuch as double to cover wildfire costs. >> if we don't see these costs on our utility bills we will see them in other places. >> reporter: preparing to prepare the report in the governor's office. tomorrow newsom will unveil his plan for covering wildfire costs with a statewide risk pool being possible. >> it makes more sense to pay for property damage using insurance rather than using rates. >> reporter: that would cost californians money assuming there would be more fires someone somewhere is going to cover the cost. >> we are going to cover the cost but are there ways we can keep the fire from spreading and lasting as long as they have been lately. >> reporter: one more possible result of higher electricity costs, it will become expensive for california to meet its self- imposed goal of moving away from fossil fuels. kpix 5 .
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coming up, flames ripped through this bay area home. the lifesaving move firefighters need to know about. i am in sonoma county where for the first time, residents and farmers will have to pay for the water they pull from the ground. it has a lot of people concerned. i have that story coming up. a close call for a driver after a boulder comes crashing down. rain for about five minutes earlier this afternoon. not again. you can't take anymore. wait to see the change coming up in the forecast. a lot more of that, blue skies out there right now and we will add some warm weather. find out how warm, next.
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flames and smoke poured out of this mobile home today. the fire broke out around 8:00 a.m. this morning on san marcus drive. the woman who lives there was not heard. there was heavy damage to the living room and adjacent bedrooms were almost untouched. the importance of shutting your doors at night will help potential buyers from spreading. getting back to normal. that is after some emergency repairs to one of the runways today. inspections turned up a pavement depression on runway 28 left. for a time that runway and adjacent runway, work closed. crews got to work and they had to catch a section of the runway. what followed was a series of delays for departing flights. for some passengers, some bad news, flights were canceled.
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>> i want to get home. it is 7:00 p.m. or 10:30 pm, about eight hours i will be at the airport. >> airport officials compare today's delays to what we see during bad weather. more runway work is planned for september. we have some good news for drivers, crews have started to be synchronize 13 traffic lights along sir francis drake boulevard. the idea is to keep traffic moving and the cost for the project is $100,000. work is expected to last about two weeks. a close call for a driver after this large boulder came crashing down. it happened on highway 50 around 2:00 vm. this is just east of echo summit. the rocket a pickup truck and no one was hurt. the road has since been cleared. and into two freewater in rural sonoma county. the first time, landowners will
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have to pay for water they get from their own wells. kpix 5 is in santa rosa where some worried people are. >> reporter: when you bought a piece of land, you owned what was on that land as well as what was beneath it. that is not true anymore. most of the people who have lived or farmed on what is known as the santa rosa plane get all of their water from wells tapping into a huge underground river. the state says that is a public resource and required the formation of the santa rosa plane groundwater sustainability agency whose job it is to make well users pay for the water they take. >> i know members of the public hated, i got that. we all got that. this is an order coming down from the state. that is what our focus should be. >> reporter: the agency met in santa rosa today to discuss what those fuchsia look like. the current proposal would charge about $25 per acre foot
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of water. homeowners are assumed to use about half an acre foot and would be charged $10 per year. the residents believe that is just the beginning and the state will begin mandating higher and higher fees. >> the state is going to have a moving target at nausea them going forward on each and every single one of you. each and every single one of us. >> it is cooking a frog. they are starting off with a small low temperature and bringing it up to a high boil. everybody gets used to the idea and what happens is they take it for granted. >> reporter: the agency says if they drag their feet on setting fees they could start charging homeowners $100 instead of $10. >> i want to make sure we don't run into a situation where the state does we don't know what you guys are doing so we are going to come in and take over. it could cost you 10 times as much.
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>> reporter: for now, the agency's fees are based on what it costs to have the agency itself. $337,000, they admit it will go up if they begin to implement state requirements like registering every single well in the groundwater basin. live in santa rosa, kpix 5. a disturbing report about amazon's alexa and customer privacy. bloomberg news found evidence the smart speaker is listening. this is even when it hasn't been activated and when the product owner is unaware. we take the security and privacy of our customers seriously and we only annotate
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a small sample of alexa voice recordings in order to improve our customers experience. only a fraction of the conversations are monitored. you can stop amazons listening by on selecting features in settings. got that? at that is a speaker. you are supposed to speak into it. it is listening. >> small bits. >> temperatures outside in the 50s and 60s. san francisco 57 degrees, san t. we were cloudy this morning and we had showers earlier this afternoon. we are stuck in it, aren't we? we are shaking ourselves out of it it will be sunny and dry and warm as we move forward.
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very brisk out there right now. tomorrow morning kids may need a jacket as they head off to school. santa rosa dropping to 43 and oakland at 48 degrees. showers are gone and a storm system passing by to the east. a ridge of high pressure not close enough yet keep all of the rain away. a wind advisory has a year -- hour and a half to go. if you wind gusts in excess of 35 miles per hour. the winds will relax this evening. let's go to saratoga, beautiful weather, westwind and sunshine. warmer degrees at 72 for friday and for friday 75 degrees in saratoga. we will get warmer and drier but we are not finished with the stores storms yet. it will be much closer next week . it is not close right now, it is big and strong and 1000 miles away. storms are going up and over that ridge. it is pouring in the pacific northwest but we are at the tail end of a weather system. another one coming on monday will pass by to the east. cloud cover and somewhat cooler
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weather. between now and monday, looking good. tomorrow morning we are clear with no awkward cloud cover just sunshine. friday evening is clear, saturday morning we are fogged free and cloud the saturday evening as well. the trade-off is we lose the rain and we gain the allergens. look at the pollen report, over the next four days a lot of you are thinking you don't care but it will be a rough couple of days. anywhere from nine minus 11 when it comes to the allergy count. and april pattern is taking shape. sunny and mild or tomorrow and saturday and the warmest weather in 5 or more months is likely this time next week. 70s tomorrow, failed field -- a little cooler at the beach, 64 degrees and san francisco with sunshine at 67. warming up on saturday, we cool down sunday, monday and tuesday
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as a storm passes by to the east. the ridge gets closer and stronger and we will warm up into the 70s or low 80s by this time next week. not a drop of rain for much of the bay area, for the next seven days. that is your forecast. tensions between retailers and the homeless play out every day in san francisco's union square shopping district. >> a unique approach, a partnership with the greek -- a group that unites homeless with loved ones that might help. >> there is a role we can all play as concerned and humane people wanting to be part of the solution. >> you can see our original report, the street miracle coming up tonight on the kpix 5 news at 7:00. i bet you can't guess how many homeruns the a's hit today? it is a star-studded lead at the masters. where's tiger? we will tell you that, next. alrighty, you guys are almost all set.
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hello friends, for fans today marked their version of "gentlemen start your engines". >> the masters tournament is officially underway. >> woods, part of the early wake rolled in a long birdie to briefly grab a share of the lead finishing with a 2 under 70. back in good shape after the opening round. phil mickelson was even but then left with 5 birdies over the 7 hole. nearly a hole-in-one on 16 and he shot a 567 only one off the league.
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5 birdies, shooting a bogey free round at 66 to share the lead at 600. he is tied with that man. the local kid. 9 birdies including the final 4 holes. hold out for eagle on 18. the modesto native shot a 66. great leaderboard indeed. dustin johnson are 2 shots back. opening with the same score he opened with 3 of his 4 masters wins. can you tell it is spring in baltimore? no break for chris davis, the oriole slugger still looking for his first hit of the season. he is that zero four -- chris davis off to a better start hitting 2 home runs. up to nine this season, the most in based all, 5 times today. beating the orioles a- five they are now 9 and 8 in the
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season. you have heard of the face-off and hockey? a whole new definition to that term last night. redirecting a slap shot with his face. it went into the net with the goal the hard way. he finished the game but ended up in the dental chair this morning after losing several teeth. the sharks went over vegas. >> i knew right away it was messed up. >> he is an aggressive player. he stood in the blue paint and a shot was coming at him. >> i was in the locker room last night. they were all in a crowd and everybody ran towards him and we saw his lip.
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>> not every day you see somebody with all their bottom teeth not doubt. >> you do if you walk in a nhl locker room. >> he will be on the ice tomorrow. >> you needed dentist on speed dial. >> thank you so much. bay area gas prices hitting four dollars and above. we asked you to send prices around your neighborhood. we found gas going for $4.05 per gallon. if you have a lead on cheaper gas please take a picture and send it to facebook, twitter or instagram. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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sharks fans, really famous around the league for their undying passion for their team. >> a san jose family is happy to have their whole neighborhood know about it.
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the jones family had their house painted teal, the color of the san jose sharks just in time for the playoffs season. they are 1 of 5 families selected by the sharks for being such avid fans. because of the paint job they have talked to neighbors they never have talked to before and they love having a unique look on their block. >> a teal house, it is awesome. it has a nice bite to it. >> thank you. >> thank you for watching at 6:00, the cbs evening news is next. >> just like the joneses we will be back here at 7:00.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this thursday, wikileaks' founder julian assange arrested in dramatic fashion in london, officially charged in the u.s. >> this goes to show no one is above the law. >> after he spent nearly seven years holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london. they had to drag him out. >> i hope he gets what he deserves. >> winter weather blasting the middle of the country. >> some areas are expected to see two feet of snow. >> being in this wind reminds me of being in a hurricane. >> authorities making an arrest in a series of fires at black churches southern louisiana. >> this community is safe again. >> glor: the government warns o. >> when nobody came from social


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