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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  April 26, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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nice day. it's friday, our favorite day of the week. it's april 26th. i'm michelle griego. >> saturday is my favorite day of the week. how hot is it going to get today, mary. >> warm inland, but cool along the coast. happy friday to you. temperatures very similar to yesterday. here's a look at our south bay, san jose -- 50 in livermore. 49 in santa rosa. san francisco, oakland, inland -- for san francisco, right where we should be. oakland, 5 degrees higher. san jose, 83. later on in the afternoon and concord. that's 12 to 13 degrees above average. i'm let you know what to expect as we take you through
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the weekend and a cool down coming up on the way. emily. you are off to a busy start this morning at 4:31. this is the first accident. this is westbound 80 at a noel valley road. there's three lanes blocked and it's starting to back up. crockett, expect delays this morning. now, off to the altamont pass where things are starting to look good. a little slow and go toward the altamont pass toward the dublin interchange. and everything looks great once you make it to the 580/680 interchange. a stall on -- everything looks good -- 29th to 23rd. i'm going to check in on your speeds to make sure everything looks good as you make your way towards the city. other than that, you're looking good.
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i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk. a shelter-in-place for people that are living in the richmond district. this is fresh video this morning from 17th avenue and gary boulevard. you can see streets blocked off. we don't know what happened. but something went down at around 10:00 a.m. and some neighbors have contacted us. they believe it may have been a shooting, but the san francisco department of emergency management telling people that live around that area of 17th and gary to stay home and we're waiting for more information. back to you. an oakland police officer is recovering after someone stabbed him near 6th and jefferson. a woman with a knife stabbed him once as he walked to his car after work. >> he was stabbed in the neck. he's bleeding. >> opd says the officer is in
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stable condition and the suspect is under arrest. it's unclear if the officer who was in plained clothes was targeted. neither his name or the suspect's name have been released. a fiery crash involving multiple semi trucks and trucks left multiple people dead and several in the hospital. natalie brand is following the investigation. >>reporter: thick black smoke marked the scene of a deadly chain-reaction crash in the denver area. police say the pileup involved 15 vehicles, at least three of which were semis and one carrying lumber fuelling the fire. >> the truck come flying back on the shoulder. >> he had to be 80, 90 miles an hour and he cuts in as he gets to the bridge and exploded the whole thing. highwaysses sawltxpteemi and crashed into onto coming traffic. it appeals the driver lost control.
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>> whether it was a lost load or brake failure, we're looking at mechanical issues. >> officials say traffic on the i-70 was at a standstill because of another crash further up the freeway and that involved a school bus. no children were hurt, but the semi truck rammed cars stuck in the congestion. >> it was explosion after explosion. there were 100 explosions. >> i'm glad i'm alive. i made it out. i am heard somebody died. i'm okay. >> both sections of the highway were closed overnight. natalie brand, cbs news. >> the exact number of fatalities is unknown at this hour. officials say among those hurt was a firefighter who suffered minor injuries after being hit by debris. in alameda county, the driver of this car is behind bars. witnesses say the suspect plowed into this east oakland preschool.
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the car forced its way into a chain linked fence before crashing into the wall at the highland children's center. no children were hurt. one female adult staff member was injured. minutes before this, investigators say the suspect carjacked a vehicle. it say that the suspect has children who attend that preschool which has a stay away order against him. today the driver accused of intentionally crashing into 8 people in sunnyvale will face a judge. people's is charged with 8 counts of murder. cell phone video shows him moments after the crash. >> [sirens] >> vargas took this video as victims laid bleeding on the ground and the suspect was shouting like you would in church. >> he was saying thank you jesus. he was rocking back and forth. he wasn't distraught because he didn't seem remorseful. he looked like somebody that was off his medication. >> family members
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say that peoples and iraq war veterans suffer from ptsd experience and -- he was on his way to bible study when he crashed into the crowd. this morning a major highway interchange reopened in san francisco. northbound 101 near costco at 10th and bryan street was shutdown for -- crews finished clearing the debris overnight. the cement truck hit a guardrail and flipped on the highway and sent cement mix raining on the freeway below. >> just loud. there was no honking or screeching. >> just loud noise. like just loud. >> the debris shattered these car windows. nobody below the ramp was hurt. the driver was treated for cuts. 4:36. a disease declared
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eliminated is spreading. meese-- measles is in the bay area. >> the complications can be pneumonia or swelling of the brain which could lead to death. >> the centers for disease control and prevention confirmed 365 measles cases this year. that's a high not seen in 25 years. >> it is highly contagious. and can stay in the air for up to two hours after a person who is sick with measles coughs or sneezes inside of a room. >> a measles quarentine is in effect for scores of students and staff at two california colleges. ucla and cal state l.a. >> it's weird to know it's going on in the same place i spend so much time. >> it's around and it's not just in l.a. it's everywhere. >> in addition to california, measles cases are reported in 21 other states. the cdc says that most people who get
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measles are unvaccinated and that the virus is common in some parts of the worlds including asia, pacific and africa. >> it should have been eradicated so many years ago. >> health experts say children should receive two vaccines of measles, mumps before the age of six. i'm john lawrence. >> state health officials reported that the bay area reported 10 cases of the measles this year and most linked to unvaccinated adults exposed to international travel. biden had a fundraiser in philadelphia. biden started the day on the offensive. he used his campaign announcement to take on the president for his response to the 2017 violence in charlottesville, virginia. >> he said there were quote, some very fine people on both sides. in that moment, i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i'd seen
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in my lifetime. >> the president tweeted this response, welcome to the race sleepy joe. you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick and demented ideas. biden joins 20 other democrats in the race for the white house. the biggest one party slate since 1856. even before biden decided to run, he faced challenges. 8 women came forward to say interactions with him made them feel uncomfortable. amazon beats expectations while a toy company prepares to pay for a deadly recall. diane king hall has those stories and more in today's money watch report. >>reporter: wall street finished mixed thursday. the dow fell 134 points and the nasdaq gained 16 and the s&p shed a point. amazon beat expectations. advertising and cloud computing help the company double profits compared to the
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same period a year ago. good news for prime members, amazon will offer one day deliver with most items. mattel announced it set aside $27 million to cover the cost related to the recall of the fisher price rock and play. there have been more than 30 reports to infant deaths linked to the sleeper. murray is cashing in after the arizona cardinals drafted him first overall in last night's nfl draft. the -- kansas city mvp winner holmes will grace this year's cover of the madden football video game. that's your cbs money watch report, for more head to at the new york stock exchange, i'm diane king hall. right now it's 4:40. >> straight ahead, robotic therapy dogs. how they're helping patients whoan't lp real
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pets. let's take a live look outside from our treasure island camera looking back at the city by the bay. it's foggy to start on this friday morning. ♪
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(vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it?
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♪ welcome back. we have heard of therapy dogs, but what about a therapy robot dog: jeff nguyen shows us highway a robot dog named jenny is improving a man's life. >>reporter: getting her to smile requires an artificial touch. >> it looks and sounds like a dog. >> it's a robot therapy dog designed to help patients who are unable to care for a real pet. and dennis has parkinson's disease and has difficulty move and speaking. >> she's calming and you can pet her and she's not active and all over the place. sometimes with pets they can get ram buck. >> she can feel
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where she's being touched. >> he created this -- after his mother was diagnosed about alzheimer's anddo was taken awa. >> my mom was devastated. >> dr. taric says therapy pets may help patients cope with loneliness, anxiety and stress. there's increasing numbers of studies that show that people thrive and feel better when they have some amount of physical contact in their lives. >> robotic animals can do the same. jenny barks and wags her tail like a real dog. she responds to touch creating a connection for people like dennis. >> this would help him engage his mind in something else and calm his body. he believe it's a wonderful tool. >> the robots go on the market next year for $450. jeff nguyen, cbs news. >> here's a fun fact, the synthetic fur for the robo
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dogs were created by henson's creature shops which creates the muppets. >> i'm shocked at how real it looks. >> it does. >> so cute. >> and it's working so that's the great part about it. so it's friday. >> yes! finally friday. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. it's going to be cooler, but we're looking at sunshine in many locations as we head through the day for today and tomorrow. and a little on your sunday as well. let's show you a live look with our treasure island camera. we're starting off the day in the city with clouds, looking at temperatures that are cool. 49 in santa rosa. and low to mid 50s everywhere else. 50 in livermore. 52 in downtown san francisco. 54 in concord, oakland and san jose. we are tracking areas of low clouds and fog along the coast as well through the golden gate gap. half moon bay, 5 miles and three quarters of a mile
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in santa rosa. thick fog in the north bay this morning. your weather headlines. morning low clouds and fog along the coast, parts of the bay, we're going to stay cool near the coast and warm inland. so temperatures very similar to yesterday and that marin influence pushes inland this weekend. so we cool down for all of us as we head through the weekend. here's your microclimate forecast. morning fog, partly sunny for the coast. 60 degrees. for the bay, mid 60s. morning clouds and mostly sunny skies. and our inland locations above average, temps mid 80s with mostly sunny skies. warm inland. here's a satellite and radar view. that ridge of high pressure has moved to the south. and with that flow around that ridge, looking at onshore winds. so that's why we're going to continue to cool things down. we're tracking our next low pressure system, and that will bring even a stronger marin influence for us as we head through the end of the weekend into next week. future cast, just to show you as we go through the day, we are going to
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have clearing. so mostly sunny, and we'll go partly sunny along the coast. saturday morning, we'll begin to see the low clouds and fog again along the coast in parts of the bay. looking at mostly sunny skies for your saturday and we'll continue with that stronger onshore flow for sunday. allergy sufferers, your pollen report looking good. medium for today. medium-high for saturday and back to medium for sunday and monday. not too bad. here's what you can expect for today. looking at 64 in san francisco. 72 in oakland. 80 in fremont. looking at mid 80s for fairfield, concord, livermore as well as for san jose. by the way, if you're headed out to the giants' game this evening, bring a jacket. breezy and cool the first pitch. there's the cool down as we head through sunday and into early next week with temperatures back down to where we should be for this time of year. let's check in with emily with a look at friday. happy friday. >> not a happy
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friday if you're on the eshore freeway and coming through crockett. an accident is in play right now and not only is it in play, it is backing things up. look at that. that redline has grown in just the last 15 minutes. that's because three lanes are closed on westbound 80. the accident is a pinole valley, but the lanes are blocked. give yourself extra time if you're coming in or anticipate delays. call your boss and say you're going to be a few minutes late if that's in your commute. slow and go through the altamont pass. things are not too bad for this time of the morning. usually we're going to see orange there. orange and yellow and once you make it out of the pass, everything is green and good to go all the way to the dublin interchange. back over to the bay bridge. there is some construction on the nimitz and a slowdown on the eastbound direction passed treasure island. other than that, you are in good standing as you head to the eastbound or into
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the city. however, if you are headed northbound this morning, out of town, just know that there's a full closure on highway 101 between windsor and healdsburg due to construction. that's going to be reopening at 5:00 in the morning, but everything else should be good to go around there. they do have a detour in place. all the way, flying back down to the city. fremont construction, that is a full closure as well. it looks like it's causing quite a bit of a backup on howard this morning -- on mission street, excuse me. there's a full closure with the sails forest camera as they're trying to get that up and running. looking live at the anc metrian fan where avengers have been up. emily went to see that. avenger's game has broken records. >> we have details in today's hollywood minute.
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>> just like that. >>reporter: just like that, avenger's end game broken reports. the movie broke opening day records in multiple cotries including china, australia, new zealand and greece. endgame is in theaters in north machining. >> i will be making sure mr. vaughn does not have an easy ride in this -- in his 25th outing. >> robbie mallock battles james bond. mallock signed onto the 25th bond movie as the secret -- no word on the title, but bond 25 is scheduled to hit theaters april 8th 2020. >> it's not going to save itself. >> i'm driving. that really should be here. >> iov this country. >> chris hensworth and thompson partner up in "men
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in black international". they're taking on a new alien threat and no flashy thing when the movie releases june 14th. i'm rick damigella. did you hear that lebron passed steph curry for most jerseys told in the nba? how many jerseys is the raiders top pick going to sale, number 99. it might have been the biggest surprise of a big round. the 49ers guy, spot on. we're up next. taking a live look at san jose. this is where the san jose sharks are going to host the colorado avalanche tonight in the second round of the nhl playoffs. 4:51. we'll be right back.
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good friday morning. we made it to the end of the workweek. we are going to see temperatures similar to yesterday. cool along the coast and warm inland. low 60s for pacifica. check out our inland locations from antioch and brentwood. mid 80s later today as well as livermore and pleasanton. berkeley, a high of 66. 72 in oakland and 80 in santa rosa. i'll have your weekend forecast in a few minutes. the raiders had three first round picks and they raised eyebrows with the number four overall pick. >> the oakland raiders select farrell. >> a little bit of a surprise. farrell won two national titles of clemson. won the ted hendricks award as the best defensive end after getting 11 and a half sacks
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for the tigers. >> the flashier players and players that people had higher on their boards, and teams may have had higher on their boards, on our board, it was bosa. everybody else had the big names, but john and i went in this morning and kind of double checked everything, and he was their guy. >> with the two other first runners, they went after jacobs. don't forget that lynch retired. with their final pick, the 24th overall, oakland addressed their secondary and took mississippi state safety abrams. he was the third team all american and raiders go the that pick. 49ers didn't surprise anybody with their pick going for d.-lineman for the 4th time in five years. >> the san francisco 49ers
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select nick bosa. [cheers and applause] >> 4,000 strong. 49 fans love this guy. past rusher bosa regard -- limited to just three games last season because of injuries at ohio state. his brother joey was the third overall pick by the chargers in 2016. >> two players real legal in our minds separated themselves from the pack. it was bosa and williamson and those were the players and i think ultimately we had those guys ranked evenly and you look at where your team has the biggest need. and while we would have been very happy with the former -- request quinton, nick was just, we felt that was a piece that we could use. >> the cardinals took a quarterback murray. he was selected by the a's in the first round of the baseball draft last june, but opted wisely for the nfl
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after winning the heinemann trophy. the nhl announcing a mistake was made in that game that the sharks beat vegas, that 5-minute major penalty led to the sharks win. game one verses colorado tonight at the tank. that's the latest in sports, i'm dennis o'donnell, have a great weekend. time is 4:57. coming up, santa clara teacher on leave. his possible connection to a hate group. >>reporter: the war veteran who says he hit 8 people in the crosswalk intentionally is due in court for the first time today. we'll tell you more about the case, next. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. (vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right.
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electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ now at 5:00, a police officer stabbed in alameda county while leaving the station. this morning, the details of the violent attack. plus a driver slams into a bay area preschool.
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why investigators say the building may have been targeted. and this man shouted "i love jesus" moments after driving into a group of pedestrians in the south bay. this morning, he faces a judge. it's friday, april 26th. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get to mary lee tracking our forecast. >> good morning, michelle and kenny. happy friday to you. you made it to the end of the workweek. a spring-like day across the bay area. here's a pretty view with our mount vaca cam. you can check out the moon right now. temperatures are in the upper 40s to low to mid 50s. here's what you can expect this afternoon. morning fog along the coast as well as for parts of the bay. we'll see mostly sunny to partly sunny skies along the coast at 60 degrees. so cool along the coast. and it's going to be a cool day for the bay with morning clouds and mostly sunny skies in the mid 60s. we are going to be warming up inland to


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