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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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together. victims sharing their thoughts after a gunman targets their synagogues. >> today could've been my funeral. the city of berkeley does not have enough 911 dispatchers. how much the overtime has cost the city. good evening, we begin with a deadly hit-and-run and san anselmo. a woman and one of her two dogs were killed. police say i have been on butterfield road last night when a car hit them near woodside drive. kpix 5 was on the scene tonight . >> neighbors here have put up a very unusual sidewalk memorial that features homemade signs urging people to slow down after a woman was hit and killed here last night. >> we are all just really, really sad. >> she is one of many neighbors who knew the victim, a woman in her said 70s at the terrier named riley who also walked their standard poodle named
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denny. she was crossing the street at 10 pm when a driver struck and hit all of them. >> she was just a really good friend and her dogs were our dogs buddy. she was a really good person in this community. >> neighbors watched as the victim's longtime partner, a vietnam war veteran in his 70s, emerged from his home. >> he came out and sought his whole family basically dead on the street and they took him away as well. >> police say it was a hit-and- run but then they arrested the driver a short time later. 30-year-old james boswell is it booked in the county jail on charges of dui and gross vehicular manslaughter. bail is set at $5000. neighbors said they are more determined than ever to follow the more it to follow the 25 mile-per-hour the limit. >> i just want people to slow down and be mindful when they drive.
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>> authorities have not yet released the name of the victim but we are hearing from her friends that her longtime partner is recovering, as is his dog. >> in san anselmo , kpix 5. tonight mourners came together for a vigil to remember the victim killed in a synagogue shooting yesterday. people's of all faiths and walks of life turned out to show support for the jewish community. they held hands and recited prayers to honor the victims and survivors of the horrific attacks. >> you go to church because it is a place you feel safe. although we are catholic, we share the pain. >> one violent act is not as powerful as the community that stands together. >> the woman who sacrificed her own life to save the rabbi was 60-year-old lori gilbert key. she was at the synagogue to
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pray for her mother who had just passed. when the suspected gunman opened fire at she stepped in front of rabbi goldstein. the rabbi's hands were still grazed by the gunfire. >> today in berkeley the jewish community honored both the victims of the holocaust and their annual remembrance ceremony, as well as prayed for the victims of yesterday's shooting. tonight the suspected shooter, 19-year-old john ernest is now charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. he will be arraigned earlier this week. ernest was a student at cal state san marcos in san diego county. in a letter to the campus community, the university's president said she is quote disheartened that the alleged shooter is a student at the school. she also added the university is helping authorities with their investigation. tonight we are also hearing from the youngest victim in this attack. >> my uncle, he was holding my hand and grabbing me and stuff. and the person who was shooting, he was aiming at him. so it him it hit him and
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because we were like that it hit me too. >> she was hit by shrapnel in the face and leg when the gunfire erupted. her uncle was also shot after grabbing children and running with them towards the exits. overcome with emotion, rabbi goldstein recounted the moment the horror finally ended. >> miraculously, just miraculously the gun jammed and in attendance at the synagogue there was a border patrol off- duty agent, mr. jonathan mireles. as soon as they gun jammed and as soon as the shouting was going on he jumped up and pursued. >> the rabbi spoke out earlier today calling on people of all faiths to carry out random acts of kindness and reflect on what makes life meaningful. yesterday's attack comes after
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a new report shows a spike in hate crimes across the state. the department of justice, the state saw a 44 % jump in the number of a crimes reported from 2014 to 2017. >> in baltimore today issued and killed one person and injured six others. police say a man approached an intersection and started shooting, hitting people on each side of the street. police say that somebody might have fired back prompting them to run away. investigators are looking into links between people at a nearby cookout and the gunman. new tonight, the chp air unit responded to several reports of illegal sideshow activity throughout the bay area. this one on the summit of mount diablo. authorities say only one driver did a few burnouts on the shoulder of the tulane mountain road. the driver was immediately stopped by a chp officer before anybody was hurt. new at 11:00, too many calls, not enough dispatchers. kpix 5's betty you is
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reporting on how the shortages affecting 911 response times in one alameda city. >> the city of birth berkeley budgets for 28 dispatchers but currently they only have 23, fielding tens of thousands of calls 24/7. the city said the call volume has only gone up over the years. and because there are not enough dispatchers, it is taking longer for them to answer 911 calls. according to the berkeley city auditor. the report found that understaffing forces the city to spend nearly $1 million in 2017 on overtime. the city is also not meeting the state requirement of answering 95 % of 911 calls within 15 seconds. data shows that dispatchers only answered 89 % of calls within that timeframe. staffing troubles have taken a toll on dispatchers too. >> they found that morale was low. a lot of it has to do with
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understaffing. that is the underpinning, root cause of what's going on. >> berkeley city mark monitors said dispatchers had little to no time in their workday to complete ongoing training requirements or build a healthy workplace culture. >> i have a friend whose daughter was harmed at home and it took 911 45 minutes to get someone to her house. >> the city said dispatchers salaries run between 64-$96,000 and full medical benefits are offered. >> it is a challenge to retain some dispatchers because of their current recruitment and training model. so we have talked with the department about how to improve that. >> the audit recommends the department conducts a thorough staffing analysis, increase recruitment, and develop a contra hems of stress management program for dispatchers. >> the city manager said the
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berkeley police department has agreed to these recommendations and is committed to addressing them as soon as possible. in berkeley, kpix 5 . police are investigating a report of a sexual assault at a towel fraternity. the student reported they had been assaulted earlier this morning at a fraternity house on channing way between college avenue and piedmont avenue. police have not released the name of the paternity or any information about the suspect. four bay area teens are facing charges tonight after leading police on a wild chase in solano county. authorities say the teens robbed a t-mobile's door and raced off. the chase ended when the suspects got off interstate 80 and tried getting back on but into oncoming traffic. that is when their silver volkswagen crashed into two other cars. the teens dashed off on foot but were quickly caught. police believe the group planned the robbery. >> they use a lot of people to go into the store, overwhelm
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employees and take product. >> police say the suspect's car is registered in alameda. one teen suspect suffered a broken arm. no other injuries reported. in san mateo county emergency crews pulled a man's body from the water of half moon bay. first responders recovered the remains near the ritz carlton just south of poplar beach. a hayward high school student vanished by while body boarding earlier this month. authorities have not identified the body. there is no word if the body is the students but the person appears to have been dead for some while. >> to see basically one of your friends gone in such a quick incident. a california woman was among those killed when a crane collapsed in seattle. we hear from those who knew her. plus, a proposal to redo the mccarter base ny east bay leaders are not happy about it. >> thousands of marathon runners getting a new taste of water. what these pods are all about.
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>> that, plus the all important back ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi.
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. tonight investigators in washington state are trying to figure out what caused age crane to collapse in downtown seattle killing four people. it happened yesterday in the southlake union neighborhood.
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two people who died were crane operators. the other two victims were in cars that were crushed when a large segment of the crane fell on the mercer street. three more people are hurt. we learn one of the victims was found from california. sarah wong was in one of the six cars crushed at a crane. she was a freshman at seattle pacific university where she was majoring in nursing. one friend remembers her most for her smile. >> i want people to remember how loving and caring person she was. to share that love with everyone she comes across and to show that joy that is infectious to other people. >> state labor investigators are looking at several factors including weather conditions, while the crane was in use, and maintenance records on the equipment. a dozen emergency responders raced against the clock in virginia to pull five men trapped inside a cave for me nearly 2 days. in all, officials say six men entered the cyclops gave
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without proper climbing gear and last night, heavy rains made it too slippery for them to make it out. only one man was able to escape and call 911. crews rappelled down the narrow cave to bring the rest of the men up to safety. >> when you stop moving and you are unable to get up and move around or run out of energy that can cause a lot of problems with hypothermia. >> the men had become too weak to pull themselves out of the steep incline roughly 120 feet down. temperatures also dropped to the 50s. back in the city beto o'rourke was in the city today fielding questions from boaters. more than 1000 people came to the irish cultural center to hear the democratic presidential candidate. he talked about boating rights and the high cost of medical care and tied integration to climate change warning that some countries in the western hemisphere may someday be able unable to support human life.
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he also mentioned the impact of climate change in california. >> for two weeks the people of the community were met wearing masks on their face last year because of the smoke that came here from wildfires. it raged at historic levels. >> feeling he could carry the day in the general election and that matters a lot to me. >> one supporter told us that she traveled to texas last year to help out with works senate campaign. he lost that election by a narrow margin. during the 2020 election cycle candidates are making more visible trips to california than in previous years because we have an earlier primary this time with more impacts on the nominations. senator bernie sanders at led a rally in fort mason and another held her kickoff in downtown oakland. voters say seeing candidates in person is important. >> i appreciate where he stands on the issues and i would like to see, feel, and experiences energy. >> of course it has long been a place where national candidates come for one reason. to get money.
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but now, with the new primaries that they are not just heading to a high dollar fundraiser at somebody's mansion and then leaving town. a state lawmaker held a bike safety fair in san francisco today in the wake of several recent accidents on the road. they hosted the safety seminar at apg and e middle school in the outer sunset. he said with ride shares, motorized scooters, bites, and pedestrians, how we get one place to another continues to evolve and are roads must do the same. icicle is agree. >> the thing that scares me most when writing is when riding is cars and drivers. they might try to turn right into try to park without using a pointer. >> is amazing, just adding that strip of bike lane exit so much better but obviously having that little protection makes it incredibly more safe. >> bike advocates say they would like drivers to be more aware about sharing the streets. it a campbell man was killed after losing control of his
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motorcycle in san mateo county. an accident happened about 11:40 this morning on highway 84. chp said the 26-year-old missed a curb and went 40 feet down the embankment. chp said the riders died at the scene. his identity has not been released. we are learning a plan to rebuild the heavily you smith arthur raised has been put on hold for now. they are concerned the three- year plan whatever heavy traffic onto city streets and lead to huge backups. they also expressed concern whether the rebuild was necessary. the $182 million project would be reconstructing both east and west as well as southbound interstate 880. new video out of ontario canada. severe flooding is crating severe problems for residents in the town of muskoka lakes.
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powerful waters are slamming the community with levels rising about 5 inches in the last day. residents are without power and cut off from roads. the nearby lake is expected to rise another 8 inches in the next few days. for us we just have low pressure spinning over channel islands tonight just off of santa barbara. that low will deepen and move inland over the next couple days. the result will be rain for the southland. for us we will just get breezy conditions. breezy and below average temperatures for the most part. inland will not do so badly but downtown san jose, on this sunday night, they managed a high of 72 degrees. oakland was at 65, santa rosa 70 and livermore 73. tomorrow is pretty much an encore performance. the numbers now having tumbled into the 50s for the most part. as we head out tomorrow morning the numbers will begin in the low 50s with the usual clouds near the shoreline in clearing inland's. as we have a look at exactly when and where the skies will be clearing this is monday
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afternoon. things go mostly clear by 3 pm monday and then come the clouds tuesday night and then tuesday afternoon becomes mostly clear again. we will put that little hint of drizzle up there around santa cruz coming up over the top side of that low bringing rain to san diego. pollen reports, it could be worse. but it could be better. as it is, it is in the mass in between. it is what it is for this week anyway. forecast we are looking for clouds along the coast to form overnight. mild monday, highs near 70 inland. then high pressure begins to pop up a little bit and it will warm up a little bit by a midweek. the drama reserved for the bull yard, first pitch tomorrow night 6:35. chilean breezy and that 57 degrees. a little bit breezy following as well. 58 degrees, tonight upper 40s, low 50s and sign up at 6:16.
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forecast high tomorrow near the coast below average. in the not bad. down by the south bay sunshine again by midmorning and los gatos is that 72. over in the east bay we will look at mid-70s and sunshine. the northbay looking a-ok. we will go the status quo, clouds in the morning and send in the afternoon. no big changes this week, numbers fluctuate just a bit. you can get the very latest by waking up with our team for the latest on weather and traffic. it all begins at 4:30 a.m. we will be watching. more and more seal pups getting abandoned by their moms. what humans are doing that is contributing to their demise. you can put water on it, it is a resource we have been using for a long time. thousands of marathon runners got a taste of something new. the water pods they tried out. that's next.
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seal puppy season is underway in the bay area but marine wildlife rescuers are raising the alarm. an unusually high number of pups are being abandoned by their mothers amma probably because humans, especially those looking for selfie opportunities with wild animals are not keeping their distance. a lot of other animals will fight to protect their young but seals can be timid. if they see their pups getting to close to people sometimes mothers swim off and never look back. >> pup left on the beat each on the beach. >> it becomes too dangerous for the mom and so the baby does become abandoned.
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been at they are teaching the pups had a hunt for themselves so they can be released back into the ocean. in london, thousands of marathon runners were given drinks and a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. they are edible seaweed capsules that you can either eat or drink. the trial of the capsules comes with the growing concerns about the amount of plastic waste of single-use bottles at marathons. >> it is a membrane made of seaweed but it is edible so you can just pop it in your mouth and it's going to disappear. cheers. >> 30,000 capsules were handed out at the london marathon. it is the chance to see what consumers that think about it. the company said the material will degrade in natural natural environments in six weeks as compared to the plastic which would take 600 years. i think it's a great idea, absolutely. i don't know, he doesn't really
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this weekend is a good one for movies. >> avengers endgame dusted more than 20 box office records. we can vestments reached 350 million. the biggest domestic debut ever. also ended the record held by infinity were bringing in over 1.2 billion worldwide. one report found that nearly 9 a pete 10 people nine at 10 people who saw movie this weekend saw marvel. >> last week's number one movie, the curse of the law your owner made two point 5 million. >> we will be right back.
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