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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  April 30, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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anniversary of an event that some say sparkbeginning of the environmental movement in america. a major block from offshore oil derricks spewed 3 million gallons of crude oil onto the beaches of santa barbara killing wildlife and all attempt to contain it. as a result, a permanent moratorium on new drilling platforms was established in the waters off of california. >> people in california learned that this technology was not safe and you can have accidents that you not only cannot clean up, you cannot shut them off. >> reporter: by comparison, the beach and sonoma counties bodega bay is clean and inviting but, the santa barbara spill turned a lot of coast dwellers against the idea of offshore drilling. >> it's hard to imagine that happening here unconscionable. >> reporter: that is why it is such a shock when last year, the trumpet ministration announced plans to offer drilling leases along virtually all of the nation's coastline. >> they weren't necessarily economically poised to do the drilling right away.
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but, once the on the track, they can do it whenever they want. they wait until the economic benefitshethem. so, once you lose your coast, it's gone. >> reporter: on thursday, a surprise from interior secretary announced that the leasing program would be put on hold until after the 2020 presidential election. but, in the meantime, the administration is working to remove rules that give state and local officials a say on whether there is drilling off their coast. that is prompted objectionsateyr >> ththgo to stop juuse they made this ing totinubit to remo these protections. and so, i fear reanthe vigilance ceary. >> reporter: it has been half a century since the santa barbara spill environmentalists that if we forget the lesson from that
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district disaster we are doomed to repeat it. >> you don't want to have this become a laboratory for an oil spill. on the sonoma coast. that is the last thing you want to see. >> reporter: environmental's believe this issue was tabled for political reasons, the president might not want to pick a fight with 17 states right before an election but, they believe it he is reelected, this will be a battle that will begin again in earnest. >> green experts say that northern california is especially at risk because the same currents that bring food wildlife would also spread oil if there was a spill. the search is on for a bay area dog owner was off leash that killed a threatened seal pup at the seashore. it happened yesterday at the north beach which is currently off-limits to dogs due to nesting birds. a park official tells the chronicle, waterloo bay seals
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are rarely seen ke lost and hun the dog owner left but that person could face hefty fines and even jail time if caught. the other top stories, open sobbing in a packed alameda county courtroom as the trial of ghost ship tenets darick almena and max harris went underway. each face six voluntary counts of involuntary manslaughter one for each person who died in 2016 inferno. a deadly motorcycle crash on the bay bridge left morning commuters stuck for hours. it happened as s.c.h.p. motorcycle officer tried to signal a man to pull over and said, the chp said the man sped off. the man ended up crashing on the san francisco side of the bridge. i'm ken bastida at the live music does, want to give you an update of what is going on at the university of north carolina, charlotte. and its ago, we got some video showing a suspect being hauled in to custody, two people are dead, after a university shooting and for others have been wounded.
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two of those victims we are told have life-threatening injuries this afternoon and we are hearing witness reports that shots rang out during class and students were making a presentation. that immediately triggered a campus shutdown and lockdown and text alerts went out warning students to run and hide or fight back. authorities are sweeping every campus building still this afternoon. it remains under lockdown of the university of north carolina, charlotte, as police investigate. we are also being told that the campus is now secure and of course the suspect in custody as we just showed you. the shooting happened on the last day of classes, just before final exams. we are continuing to keep an eye on the situation in north carolina. that is the latest in the live news desk. san jose's mayor, speaking out on a proposed crackdown on illegal sideshows. a new city plan would also target sideshow spectators
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under the proposed city ordinance and anyone watching these street stunts would be at risk for a citation or even arrest. >> it is clear that these are horribly dangerous and we are losing too many young lives and we need to do more to be able to crackdown. with this additional tool, we will be able to deter these kinds of races and demonstrations. in the future. and we have a specialized unit that will be working hard to make that happen. >> the city council is still discussing the proposed ordinance and we are monitoring the meeting and will bring you the results when we get them. bird scooters are making their way back to san francisco. the city currently does not have them after banning the company last year but, the scooter rental company announced they are rolling out a new monthly subscription plan. they would drop off personal scooters for you and pick them
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up at the end of the month. it is still unclear if the company cleared the new service with the sf mta and we were sent to the agency for comment and have yet to hear back. a delay for san francisco's $1.6 billion subway project. the examiner reported that the expected opening date has been pushed back to february 2020 instead of december of this year. the agency says that the problem with the contractor, where the contractor sets at the agency is responsible for delays and cost overruns. a spokesperson that they are still targeting december but acknowledges there are risks to achieving that schedule. a grand jury is calling for any wildfire tax to help pay for fire preparedness. the marin county civil grand jury is recommending a quarter cent sales tax as well as the creation of a joint powers authority to coordinate preparedness efforts. the jurors report referred to butte county's deadly camp fire last november as an example of what they want to prevent. other recommendations include a
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countywide vegetation management plan and, hiring at least 30 new vegetation inspectors. we are finding out there was tension between special counsel robert mueller and the attorney general over the summary of his investigation. the washington post got a copy of the letter that mueller wrote in late march to william barr complaining that his four- page memo to congress did not capture the report's conclusions accurately. that he reportedly exchanged a phone call after the letter when mueller admitted that his letter was indeed accurate but, mueller felt the media coverage of the letter was misinterpreted. that is when the two agreed to release the full report of necessary reductions to the public. you can bet this will be a question for b.a.r.t. tomorrow as he testified before congress on the mueller report. colleagues and friends are mourning the loss of former longtime east bay congresswoman allentown sheer. she is one of the first women to hold a seat on the new york stock exchange and in 1996, she began eight more in congress.
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in 2009, she was appointed to the state department by president obama and she was recently serving as the university of california region. she died monday at stanford medical center of complications from pneumonia. she was 67 years old. senator dianne feinstein tweeted that the passing of allentown sure was sad for us all. she was great and brilliant and always did her best to lift up those around her. in a statement, oakland congresswoman said, she was a passionate principal public servant and i always admired her incredible dedication to her constituents, california, and the nation. allen was also a champion of peace and diplomacy. we have posted more on her long career in government on our website, . campaign 2020 with former vice president joe biden on the trail in iowa promising to strengthen american prosperity. starting from the middle.
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>> i think the moral obligation of our time is to rebuild the middle class. that is my northstar. the reason for that is if the middle class does well, everybody does well. >> long labeled a frontrunner even before entering the race, he is picking up steam as a declared candidate. a new cnn poll puts them ahead of the pack at the top choice for 39% of democrats and left- leaning independents. bernie sanders, a distant second at 58% followed by massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and california's kamala harris placed sixth in the pole with 5%. the new acting head of homeland security is asking for more border funds. >> we need sustained investment in additional emergency support at the southwest border to overcome the humanitarian and security crisis that we face. >> you to lawmakers that his agency could see 70,000 asylum applications this fiscal year and this comes as a troubled
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ministration issued a memo calling for new regulations for asylum-seekers. he white house is accusing them of gaming the system. >> not every claim is credible. some claims are credible, and we don't want to those who have a credible claim of a fear of asylum to be hamstrung in the process by those who don't. >> policy experts say that the proposals could face legal challenges because the new memo would charge fees for asylum and work permits. advocates say the change would burden the poor. new guidelines in rape cases are triggering average. the required victims to get the police access to their phones and social media. the policy requires victims to sign a consent form allowing police to search their phones and laptops before the case can move forward. to say it treats rape victims like suspects and will scare people away from reporting crimes. >> it is massively intrusive. it really has an impact on victims that may be severely traumatized by what happened. >> there is something in there,
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it needs to be, the police did have access to that or else there is no right to a fair trial. >> and human rights law firm in london is preparing to challenge the new policy in court. the 49ers draft pick is being hailed a hero for protecting a friend from sexual assault. a freshman at the university of arkansas, the outside linebacker was the 140th overall pick in the nfl draft. shortly after the niners scooped him up, the friends doubt it took to twitter praising him for stepping in. he said in part, i did not ever tell this story because maybe someone would say, he shouldn't have been at that party. maybe not. but, he had my daughters back and for that, i owe him. toxins and tapwater, a new study looks at how a lifetime of drinking california's water could raise the risk of cancer.
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nasa's game plan for an asteroid strike. the agency conducts a drill to see how we would prepare for a giant space rock hurtling towards earth.
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a disturbing new study finds that a lifetime of drinking california tapwater could increase your cancer risk fromronmental working group.publhed in the journal of environmental health suthat cnants in the states public nc cases over those contaminants include
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arsenic, disinfectant byproductsradioactive elements. recent wildfires have also flooded water supplies with carcinogens and they recommend that families install certified water filter systems. like something out of a sci- fi movie. >> this week, scientists really are discussing what to do if a massive asteroid was on a collision course with earth. >> jasmine deas has the story. >> reporter: imagine the armageddon type scenario like the one that played out in the 19 eight 1998 science-fiction silver nasa tries to stop a gigantic asteroid on a collision course with earth. >> in case of a real threat it >> reporter: that is what a group of sais enneerd erfrom about in washington dc this week at the sixth annual planetary defense conference. they wanted to know what we
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would do if we knew and asked what was going to hit earth in 2027. >> being unprepared would certainly be bad. the asteroids have the potential to cause a lot of damage. >> reporter: neuro- space engineer brent barbee spoke to us over skype about the exercise developed by nasa's jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena. and described how a 100 and 300 meter asteroid has a 1% chance of impact in a eight years. this figure shows were the fictional asteroid could hit at any point along the redline. >> even if they wanted to hundred meter size asteroid were coming our way, and we weren't prepared to deal with it, then, as a species, we would be missing a golden opportunity to provide what is one of the only known presentable natural disasters. >> reporter: to have come up with ways on how to destroy a large space rock like launching something to destroy it or something stronger. >> we have less onetime and we can also use a nuclear device.
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>> reporter: these scientist will be studying a much more real situation in 2029 when an asteroid named the pope's, named after an evil egyptian spirit will make a close pass by to the earth and if it were to hit the u.s., it would cause catastrophic damage to the planet buckley, it's not. >> i like to tell people that asteroids hold the clues to our ancient past as well as the keys to our future. >> reporter: no doubt we will also be keeping our eyes on the sky. last year, president trump talked about creating a space force so if that becomes a reality, odds are, it would play a part in defending earth from an incoming asteroe west m swimsuit family. muslim supermodel helena aiden made history by gracing the pages of the magazine wearing a hijab and working and illustrated included the model
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wearing a bikini in its swimsuit edition and the 2019 su stands on 8 may. in the 70s, he was known as the boy in the bubble and david vetter was born without an immune system and could not fight off infections. the boy survived in a plastic chamber but died at the age of 12. now, there is a daring breakthrough developed in part right here in the bay area that may cure the bubble boy disease. >> we are taking the patient's own cells and we are correcting them. >> meet the baby who is paving the way for others suffering from the disorder. you can watch our original report, beyond the bubble boy tonight on the kpix news at seven. a bay area theater has a lot to be proud of. buying for broadway's top honor. are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached seventau se weigh in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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big national props today for an alameda county theater. >> the nominees for best musical, brandon? >> ain't too proud, the life and times of the temptations. >> nominations for the tony awards announced on cbs this morning and berkeley repertory theater up for best musical for ain't too proud. >> i know you want to leave me but i refuse to let you go. >> love the temptations, ain't too proud broke house records and berkeley and eventually moved on to broadway and now it has a total of 12 tony award nominations and you can watch the tony award ceremony hosted by james gordon sunday, june 9
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right here on kpix 5. paul deanno is standing by live for the sharks doing party and he has the forecast. >> a beautiful day outside, chillier than normal and the lawn behind me via stadium in san jose near the airport will be packed in a matter of minutes. we have the kids games on one end, we have a band set up on the other end and we will have a party here in a matter of a few short minutes because the sharks are playing at 7 o'clock tonight in colorado but, the party in the bay area, the watch party for game 3 in the second round of the playoffs is right here on the lawn adjacent to the via stadium. let's get to weather and we will show you how we will celebrate here coming up in the
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second. first, today's highs which were cooler than average, san jose officially 70 degrees, concord 70 degrees at oakland, your high today 63. all of those running about 2 to 3 to 4 degrees cooler than what is average. here is why, a stiff breeze coming from the ocean, a west or northwest wind averaging 15 to 20 miles per hour and that will be to a breezy evening but the wind overlapped tonight and that is coming from the ocean keeping us chilly. pollen count tonight, officially a 6.6 on a 1 to 12 scale, not too bad and we will hover between a seven and eight wednesday through saturday. no rain in the forecast for those four days. but, we may see if you weekend rain showers on sunday. overnight lows tonight 50 or 51 degrees percent file, oakland, san jose and san francisco. the satellite radar review shows a big ridge of high pressure off to the west right now giving us the onshore flow but, as it creeps a little bit closer over the next couple of days, we get less of the ocean breeze and if you have been here long enough, you know we get less of the ocean breeze and we warm up. that will certainly happen as the week progresses. your weather headlights, wednesday is sunshine, it will be seasonal back to normal tomorrow but a lighter onshore breeze and some more modest woman for thursday and friday. those will be your two warmest
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days of the week. perhaps even low 80s in the warmest inland spots on friday. then, the weekend. we are going to be cooler with showers possible. tomorrow, we are looking at highs in the low 70s for redwood city admit somebody's los gatos and santa clara. 76 in pleasant hill, dublin is 71 a little bit warmer in antioch with a high of 77. santa rosa 72, san francisco a little milder 65 and berkeley brisk at 66 degrees. lakeport and rohnert park highs in the 70s tomorrow. noticed the warming but only a few degrees on thursday and friday, the warmest days of the week. noticed the cooling at a little cloudy as we head toward the weekend and on sunday we are talking a chance of scattered showers with monday and tuesday, temperatures rebounding coming up with no rainfall early next week. when the sharks score a goal, there will be a lot of people celebrating but not just celebrating with their noise, listen to this. >> [ music ] >> as if we were at the game itself, they brought the audio
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from the sap center and the slope, they brought it in here to celebrate here at the via stadium every time we score. which will be 10 to 12 times? we are going to have a good time at the official watch party game 3 for your san jose sharks. back to you. >> thank you paul. a southbay college icing out border patrol. y date disinvited the agency from a campus job fair. noisy generators are driving one bay area community crazy. now, residents are blasting pg&e for failing to warn them.
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sonoma county is banking on a $20 million federal grant to help complete a big airport expansion project. >> sorted by alaska, in america, united and sun country, the charles schultz airport is the sixth fastest
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growing in the united states. proposed improvements include another passenger screen lane, more seating, new restrooms and concessions and, a consolidated rental car center. the airport hopes to have grant approval by june. >> of it comes through, it could be complete by the end of 2022. should be easier to get in and out of. that's it for the news at five. >> news at six begins right now with ken bastida and elizabeth cook. u.s. border patrol booted from a college job fair, some students say that decision makes for a missed opportunity. the first look at the woman accused of stabbing an off-duty east bay police officer and why authorities say it was a targeted attack. pg&e is trying to protect people in wine country from wildfires but, it has become a nuisance to neighbors in the process. news at six starts right now. >> we begin with border patrol being ind thenquickly disinvited to a san jose job
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fair. len ramirez is live at san jose city college and explains why. >> reporter: said as a city college that it was not involved in the original decision to invite all of the companies and agencies to participate in the job fair today but, once i found out that one of the invitees was the u.s. border patrol, they got involved and asked them not to come. there was a line out the door for the spring job fair a san jose city college and inside the gym, more than 50 companies and agencies looking to hire, including police and the military but, there was no u.s. border patrol. >> we went before the border patrol not be on campus for the event. >> reporter: the job fair was organized by the work to future organization but a community group called dump truck complaint, launching a facebook page to


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