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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 3, 2019 7:00pm-7:29pm PDT

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. >> an 18 -year-old student is working in the industry how the district try to keep her story a secret and law. >> demanding safer streets for pedestrians. the deadly crash sparking a rally underway right now. >> i am admitted to stanford and very lucky. >> reporter: she explained on youtube has she gotten the stanford. her parents are under fire for a seven-figure payment to get her in. >> looks like a lot of blood coming out of his back. >> the man had for a stabbing suspect. a man attacked in broad daylight one on francisco is the busiest neighborhood. >> what alameda county school has the lowest vaccination rate in all the bay area? >> still a lot of people not
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immunizing their children. news at seven starts right now. a highschooler working in the industry in the student newspaper thought to write the story. >> the 18 -year-old at the center of this tells kpix5 she deserves respect. >> you are not an object you are person like everyone else and people think oh she does that must mean she wants to have sex know it doesn't oh she's a stripper that means she doesn't have morals. you can still have morals and do a stripping job. job is a job sex work is still will work. >> how a student newspaper won the right to tell caitlin's story. student journalists tell me this profile of a fellow student was never meant to be salacious.
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in fact they say the district's efforts to kill the piece made it a much bigger story. >> students tell me they deliver delivered the newspapers to the classes they were rushed. kids couldn't wait to get there copy. >> reporter: she is a firm believer in the first amendment. the semester she fell into an opportunity to give her student a master class on the importance of free press. it started when rumors were circulating about an 18 -year-old student working in the industry and subject to bullying as a report. the paper wanted to give her the chance to tell her story. >> it's all about telling the story of a girl who has struggled since her early teen years to really find hepath>> r to suppress the piece of a threat and kathleen a calling her insubordinate. for kathy geared up and won. un didn't want to talk for the story but released a statement saying in part is very pleased that the process we have been
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engaged in resulted in an article that means legal requirements. we will always be diligent in efforts when student safety is at issue. the superidenment principadmini board. we will be holding them accountable to the law. vigil for pedestrian hit and killed by a truck this week in san francisco. live where it happened at the scene. >> reporter: take a look behind me the crowd cleared out moments ago. you can see the pile of flowers around the street over 77 -year-old was hit. she has passed away from her injuries. the rally you are about to see was organized by walk san francisco. they say there has already been too many deaths in 2019 on the streets of san francisco. nine so far this year, including one bicyclist who was hit and killed at the corner of
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fifth and howard. they say the time for action is now. >> we need to be doing something different on our streets because what we are doing is not enough to change the amount of collisions and fatalities we have. >> reporter: live in san francisco right now people say they would like to see more proactive approaches to safety on the streets. there is a bike lane proposed for the section where the bicyclist was killed all the way to the embarcadero. advocates say they are tired of incremental steps and they want to see more proactive actions to get to the vision 02020. california's attorney general investigating a dozen catholic iccs and how they are handling sexual abuse allegations in at least three
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are in the bay area oakland, san francisco and san jose. last month we reported that the one oakland priests fled the country despite an investigation into sexual abuse. the state is demanding that all documents related to that investigation and others are preserved. the a.g.s office will comment on what prompted the inquiry. new video tells us more about the girl who got into stanford after her parents paid six and a half million bucks to the university. >> i am going to stanford. for undergraduate and i am really looking forward to it. >> reporter: the video posted in the summer of 2017 before she entered her freshman year at stanford university. at the time the high school graduate was eager to attend college and extolling the virtues of hard work. >> you can always achieve the things you want to if you try hard. >> reporter: it may have been nd behind the wide worktoheno e
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scheme. >> it's broken and we know it is broken and for that reason we have to face that stuff like this happens. it doesn't make it harder for people to get in, yes. >> the system has been somewhat tilted to legacy or those with resources. >> reporter: she claims she was duped by singer claiming the money would benefit the university and be used for scholarships and teacher salaries. the family has not been charged with a crime but she has lost her place at stanford and oliver coursework has been invalidated. >> we have learned some bay area schools have alarmingly low vaccination rates. we found kindergartens in three bay area counties were less than 50% of the kids immunized last year for measles. all are small private schools or charters. just 29% last year in berkeley. the new state laws are supposed
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to make it more difficult to avoid vaccines but a health expert at uc berkeley says parents are still finding loopholes. >> still an awful lot of people not immunizing their children and getting medical exemptions for that. the medical exemptions are bogus. i can't say they are all bogus but the vast majority are bogus. state senator, a doctor himself, wants to address the problem. proposing legislation to make it harder to get those di exemptions. far right activist rallied in san francisco today. they say their right to free speech is under attack. demonstrators encounter protesters got in each other's faces outside city hall. organizers of the original rally called it demand free speech. they said they wanted to call attention to bi tech fm
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against some conservative users on social media. free speech is absolutely under attack attack. this is not a conspiracy theory, not a methods under attack and so i am surprised not every american would be concerned about this. >> police for standing by in case things got really out of hand. despite the tension between the two sites, no one came to blows. a suspect who stabbed a man in the back in san francisco's busy north beach neighborhood is still on the run tonight. we arrived on scene to see crews treating an injured man on columbia street this morning. the victim taken to hospital and will be okay. no description yet on the suspect. witnesses say it looked like a random attack. i saw a man leaning on a pole over there in an interesting position. there was a lot of blood coming it looks like out of his back and then i overheard someone saying he was not pushed but somebody had stabbed him. >> new details on a shooting that shut down the stretch of
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interstate 880 tonight. we learned that the people in the vehicle hit are under arrest. chp says they were driving a stolen jeep, pulled over on the freeway after someone shot at their vehicle near hayward. the shooting suspects continued north and are still on the loose right now. a chaotic crime spree and alameda county. >> suspects accused of carjacking, a police chase and two bad crashes including one into a home. a little while ago a major step forward for the a's new waterfront ballpark. an east bay city experiencing one of the highest growth rates in the state. it surprised a lot of people. i will tell you where and why. weather live tonight in san leandro is we are getting an early start on the cinco de mayo weekend. a packed house here. mariachi band on stage. you weekend forecast with changes coming up.
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. >> tonight and alameda county t rjche >> a wianbizae chain of events started before midnight in san leandro and ended a few miles away in ked stabbed outsi
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library. the victim told police at least four suspects were involved. after a second carjacking in castro valley deputies found both stolen cars sitting together. when officers intervened one of the cars crashed into a home and one of them crashed into a gate. the suspects may have even tried to use their car as a weapon at one point. >> for the pursuit portion of this looks like it attempted to ram into other patrol vehicles. >> reporter: both suspects taken to the hospital. there conditions have not been released. sheriffs deputies say there may have been more suspects involved . >> looking live across san francisco for more four exclusive sales force cameras. gorgeous views no matter what direction. pretty clear out there. some clouds will move in this weekend. >> as for the east bay live in san leandro where the cinco de
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mayo celebration is starting early. >> why not start early. a fun weekend around here. let's go inside our photographer is going to show you a packed community center here in san leandro. the 21st annual cinco de mayo celebration. we have the mariachi band and what i love this is a family cinco de mayo celebration. no alcohol served here. it is a party but a party for the entire family. we have music dancing, food, drink and arts and crafts for the kids. the music has been top-notch for the past hour, are now. a beautiful evening in san leandro and on the shores of san francisco bay. this weekend a little more brisk in the morning hours it will get more cloudy. high temperatures today to get warm. 83 concord, 76 san jose, 78 napa, 74 fremont. pollen count moderate to moderate high.
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we actually have a shower chance early monday morning. if you suffer from allergies that may help things because the pollen count predicted to be lower, the brainwashing that out of the air. the golf tournament in town this weekend. lpga championship saturday and sunday. 3rd and 4th round. cool in san francisco not as mild, 59 degrees. a low-pressure area getting closer to the salt coastline. it will flip the win giving us in onshore flow tonight and tomorrow widespread morning cloud cover. afternoon sunshine about 5 degrees cooler tomorrow. sunday we get much more widespread cloud cover throughout the entire day and we cooldown more. cooling trend tops weather headlines this weekend. low cloud cover moving in that will linger all day long near the coast and the shower chance late sunday night into early monday morning. it will not be everyone, it will not be widespread but a scattered showers chance lightly late into the weekend
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into early monday. high temperatures tomorrow still mild but not as warm as today. morgan hill 77, palo alto 72 and milpitas 73. brentwood 80, morning cloud cover doesn't make it to you. san leandro will be cooler 65 degrees. kuechly low 60s and petaluma 71, cloverdale 79 and lakeport 80 degrees. a standard forecast for look cooling on sunday, showers late sunday into early monday morning, not the only shower chance. we dry out but stay on the mild side tuesday and wednesday before another round of showers as possible on thursday and friday. back out here lifeband still on stage. a lotof folks having a good time. this is a community event for americans but the entire community is invited to come out. free of charge food is free drinks are free. arts and crafts are free and the music is amazing. listen in as we say goodbye and have a
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great weekend. >> looks like a fantastic party. an important step forward for the a's waterfront ballpark plan. >> commissioners at the port of oakland will vote next week on a framework to start negotiations over the property the team wants to lease in howard terminal. 50-acre site would also include housing and retail space. the framework the port released today outlines a process for the a's to complete environmental studies and traffic mitigation plans. and to work through city land- use and permit processes. a port spokesperson says that could mean several years of work before the commission votes on the project. the a's are hoping to play ball in the new ballpark by 2023. now to talk about a fun, important event this weekend. >> fundraising fungi for the weekend. tomorrow homerun derby to raise
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awareness for breast cancer called the voice against breast cancer, a homerun derby for all the big hitters in the bay area. and on sunday we have this, the statistic for you every 9 minutes somebody in the united states is diagnosed with parkinson's disease. sunday morning you can join uncle vernon at the annual moving day in san francisco. although there is no cure yet, as you will see what helps is to keep moving. rhythmic movements and the san francisco ballet school. it is not your average plans. virtually everyone you see is battling some form of parkinson's disease. robin williams had early stages
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of the. muhammed ali battled it for years. baseball's kurt ibson and actor michael jay fox fighting it and the best way to attack it is to keep moving cecelia being a balance structure is an advocate . >> i knew nothing about and it people i would never have the opportunity to meet and make it to work with those people. >> reporter: one of many involved in the may 5th moving day in san francisco. a sunday 9:00 a.m. event held at justin herman plaza that encourages constant movement, stresses exercise. the director of the san francisco ballet school saw a therapeutic need for a parkinson's dance program. >> my mother was a valley teacher, extremely successful woman very, very active. wednesday they offered me the
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directorship i realized that something he really wanted to do we need to do that to create that. >> reporter: in the meantime the wednesday saturday parkinson's ballet classics will long. and there are several rocksteady parkinson programs in the bay area with the idea to keep moving. >> and will see everybody sunday morning 9:00 a.m. get your t-shirt and let's get moving. >> i love it. >> fantastic. thanks for doing that. california is experiencing slow population growth but two cities in alameda county are bucking the trend and seeing some of the fastest growth rates in the state. . devastating hitting india. the historic storm sending cranes toppling. >> all of a sudden it felt like a truck that hit me.
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>> california shark finally speaks out that this wasn't her first brush with death. the shooting massacre she also survived. >> this dog supposed to fly from san francisco to raleigh but ended up in philly. tonight the 30 hour drama. living joyfully.
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for getting away. the united exgeing more
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traveling lighter. getting settled. according to the south korean
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e nortandeuary > ina's biggest storm in decades made landfall today killing at least seven people. cyclone fani leaving a trail of discussion near the densely populated coastal state. the storm blew out windows and shattered doors. the wind gust or 130 miles an hour. they sent this crane crashing into buildings below for more than 1 million residents were evacuated. tonight we atck in lly kthe shark attack was not her first brush with death. kimberly also survived the las vegas shooting rampage.
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after the attack she feels she is once again lucky to be up and walking. >> i don't know if you can see i am standing up, i and walking. i am functioning pretty normally. >> amazing. can really is still in hawaii recovering. she says she is eager to get back in the ocean. two cities in alameda county are bucking the trend. they are getting bigger even though the population growth statewide is the slowest it has ever been. >> this city recording some of the fastest growth rates in the two ci most cities last year. the eabay times repo nerk saw g at least 30,000 people. which has driven up highest by new home construction.
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>> 18% of the active listings on the multiple listing service are brand-new. obviously a number of ipos recently. we see a lot of that money coming into dublin and the tri- valley area. >> california saw the slowest population growth last year. dublin and newark obviously continue to buck the trend. the deal mark zuckerberg tried to keep private. we will show you what he just spent $60 million loan in the sierra. ♪ 1,2,3,4
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click, call, or visit a store today. . >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg quietly bought two private estates at lake tahoe on lake tahoe. >> of course. he apparently went out of his way to keyport of the purchase quiet. the wall street journal reports he used a number of vendors including a nondisclosure agreement to shield the transaction from the. the total cost $59 million. sure it is beautiful. thank you for watching. >> we will be back at 11:00 for more news and weather go to kpix .com.
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