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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  May 7, 2019 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs biggest night: the annual met gala held at the metropolitan museum of art. the theme was "camp," and the outfits were ridiculous. if only the paintings could speak. >> who has two thumbs and wore it better? this guy. >> too many hats. keep it simple. and while we're at it, too many ears. >> gee, i wonder where you got that idea, jared leto. stop stealing my look! >> yeah, what he said. >> well, this is awkward. >> big deal! i've been wearing a pantsuit for years.
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also, when it comes to boy bands, i prefer bts, on "the late show"" may 15. check your local listings. i love you v.! aaah! >> who has two thumbs and wore it better again? still this guy. >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, the after the no trade deal. plus, stephen welcomes anne hathaway and ari melber featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: wooo! hello! how are you? good to see you. beautiful, beautiful evening
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here in new york city. welcome, one and all, to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. look, does anyone-- ( cheers and applause ) thank you very much. i have an important, if personal question: does anyone here use money? a couple of people do. okay. if so, you might want to rethink putting it in the stock market and invest in something more table over useful in the after-times, like potable water, or sheep, or flame-throwing guitars, because it was a rough day on the stock market today. the dow ended the day down 473 points. and i think we have footage of the closing bell: ( closing bell mixed with "prie is right" disappoint theme ) here's what caused the plunge: you see, trump has been trying to get a trade deal with china, and this is important because china's principle export is... everything you own.
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chinese trade negotiators were scheduled to arrive in washington for talks tomorrow. right? tomorrow. things were looking good, but then on sunday, trump tweeted this: ( as trump ) "for ten months, china has been paying tariffs to the u.s.a. of 25% on $50 billion of high tech, and 10% on $200 billion of other goods. these payments are partially responsible for our great economic results. the 10% will go up to 25% on friday. $325 billions dollars, dot, dot, dot." okay, i'm going to stop right there and point out that the man who controls our economic future, has it in the palm of his hands, says "billionses dollar." ( as trump ) "look, look, china, if i don't
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gets my moneys, my billions dollars, there's going to be troubles. don't make me put my rings on." but trump assured the american people ( as trump ) "the tariffs paid to the u.s.a. have had little impact on product cost, mostly borne by china." of course, trump is lying in that tweet, and here's how you know... he's the one saying it. also, all the-- ( cheers and applause ) sure. also, u.s.-based companies pay the additional money and often end up passing these costs on to american consumers. so he's willing to tank the economy just to look like a tough guy with china. ( as trump ) "hey, china, wanna see how strong i am? well, stand back while i punch myself in the face. here it comes." now-- ( cheers and applause )
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"it's okay, i've got all this padding." now, trump's threat to raise tariffs was not well received by the chinese. they issued this official government response: "do not even think about it." ( laughter ) no worries there. he does not think. chinese social media-- ( cheers and applause ) chinese social media circulated a meme of trump as thanos. great, great! so now i won't understand what trump's doing unless i watch "ant man and the wasp." ( laughter ) but the big story is everything that's not happening in washington. on thursday, attorney general william barr did not appear before the house judiciary committee, where he did not have to answer questions about all the things he did not disclose about the mueller report, which did not exonerate the president.
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so, in short, we have a functioning democracy-- not. ( laughter ) the house judiciary committee also subpoenaed the records of former white house counsel and man indicating who dealt it, ( laughter ) don mcgahn. now, mcgahn's testimony to robert mueller is where many of the examples of obstruction in the mueller report come from. that's why the house wants mcgahn's documents. but this morning, the "white house ordered mcgahn not to comply with the congressional subpoena." clearly, they're afraid of what his papers will reveal, because you know the old saying: if you don't have anything nice to say, you probably worked for donald trump. ( laughter ) of course, the big question, the big-- ( applause ) chilly. chilly. it's frosty in here tonight. the big question remains will robert mueller testify? and the big answer remains, and the big answer remains,
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"i dunno." trump has tweeted he doesn't want mueller to testify, while attorney general bill barr has indicated repeatedly that he would allow mueller to testify. and that's important, because as the head of the justice department and mueller's boss, barr could attempt to block the testimony if he chooses. okay, he can do that. just like how, as a cbs employee, my bosses can block me from going on "naked and a afraid, even though-- even though, i am both of those things, at least twice a day. now-- often at the same time. ( cheers and applause ) often at the same time. >> jon: at the same time, why is that? oh,ia. >> stephe: no wonder trump wants everyone to drop this mueller stuff. most people it turns out don't believe he was "totally and completely exonerated." in fact, just 50% of fox news viewers buy trump's claim the mueller report cleared him. they don't know whether to
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believe the president. that's an existential crisis for fox viewers. and that deep uncertainty has started showing up in ads like, "i'm not even sure this is my pillow." ( laughter ) ( applause ) but-- "have you cheated on me! have you cheated on me!" but it's not just mueller. trump refuses to cooperate with congress on anything. for instance, last night, we got a big announcement from treasury secretary and man trying to darth vader-strangle a reporter, steve mnuchin. last night, mnuchin rejected house democrats' demand to hand over trump's tax returns. ( as mnuchin ) "you can have his tax returns when you pry them from my cold, dead hands. right now, they're just cold." ( laughter ) so, trump doesn't want mueller to testify.
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we can't see mcgahn's notes. we can't see trump's taxes. so far, the only thing trump's not covering up is just around his eyes. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) sure, sure. that's what's going on. that's what's going on. ( as trump ) "look, i'd show you the rest, but my face is under audit." ( laughter ) now, they demanded trump's tax returns under a 1924 law stipulating that the secretary "shall furnish" such records to congressional committees. "shall." you know it's important when you say "shall." only god use "shall," okay. "shall" rarely seen outside of stone tablets. but mnuchin claimed the request "lacks a legitimate legislative
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purpose." well, there you go. there you go. he stops it. he stops it. congress wants it, they've got the law, and it doesn't happen because it's right there in the constitution: ( cheers and applause ) yeah, yeah. "no, no, you can't have it." ( laughter ) the "nuch" continued, "the department is, therefore, not authorized to disclose the requested returns." again, this is congress' job to decide, not mnuchin's. there's a reason trials don't end with the judge asking for a verdict from the defense attorney. "your honor, i may just be a simple country lawyer, but i find my client not guilty-- objection! sustained!
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bailiff, lock up the judge! no, you're out of order." "do your duty." so trump won't give the coequal branch of government, congress, any of the things that they have subpoenaed. what can the democrats do about that? well, one solution is to impeach trump, but that's exactly what he wants, according to the person who could make that happen. >> trump is goading us to impeach him. that's what he's doing. every single day, he's just, like, taunting, taunting, taunting. >> stephen: (as trump) "hey, fancy nancy. ( laughter ) what? is grossy pelosi too scared to make a speechy about impeachy? nanny, nanny, boo-boo. you won't defend the consti-too-too. bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk."
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now, while we're being stonewalled from learning anything about our current president or any of the stuff he's done, we are getting a lot of new dooets about his potential successor. i'll tell you all about it in tonight's "doin' it "donkey style." ( cheers and applause ) tonight's candidate started with zero name recognition and has held steady. ( laughter ) i'm talking about presidential candidate andrew yang, seen here wearing a hat labeled with the thing that will cost him the election. ( laughter ) yang has some unique policy positions. for example, he is opposed to circumcision, he is for legalizing marijuana, he supports verightalizes shuttered malls, and want to instate a universal basic income of $1,000 a month, which is why his campaign slogan is "andrew yang 2020: get high, go to the mall, keep your foreskin, i'll
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give you money." ( cheers and applause ) that is-- he might win! he might win. still with me? on friday, yang gave a speech in seattle and talked about another unusual idea: his vow to become the first president to use powerpoint in the state of the union. well, it's about damn time the leader of the free world stood in front of congress and said, "my fellow americans, does anyone have an h.d.m.i. cable. i've got it here... and i got the-- and i'm doing the... do you guys just want to crowd around?" but yang's promise resonated with the crowd and prompted this response: >> powerpoint! powerpoint! powerpoint! powerpoint! powerpoint! >> stephen: finally, finally, a campaign chant that makes me even more uncomfortable than "lock her up."
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: jon batiste and stay human everybody, right there. >> stephen: hey, jon. jon. jon, you guys always sound good. you have a special sound tonight. can you please tell us who is joining us on the saxophone. >> jon: jazz legend mr. bennie
11:54 pm
golson. >> stephen: thank you for being here tonight. thank you for being here, bennie. good to see you. good to see you. jon you know who else is here tonight. >> jon: who is that? >> stephen: jazz legend anne hathaway is going to be here tonight. >> jon: oh, nap. >> stephen: i don't know-- i bet she could. i don't know if she plays jazz but i bet she could. she's very, very talented. >> jon: extremely talented. >> stephen: you know, folks, just saw me over there assemble a whole ikea bookshelf worth of news. but sometimes when i'm done, i have a few leftover pieces of news hardware like screws and tacks and those little wooden news peg pegs that look like tik tacks, but they're a choking hazard. so i scoop them up into a ziploc bag just in case i need them for a segment we call... you're not doing anything. "meanwhile!" it gives hope. it gives hope to a worried
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nation! meanwhile, new york city is still buzzing after last night's star-studded met gala. all the big celebrities were there: lady gaga, katy perry, billy porter-- who avoided traffic by using the new ride-share app, uber eunuch. ( laughter ) and jared leto, who forget coco chanel's famous fashion advice: before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one head. in case you can't tell, the theme this year was "camp." now, it's a hard to pin down, but the met explained it as anything that celebrates artifice, exaggeration, and being intentionally over the top, as opposed to previous met galas, which were all about modest restraint. ( laughter ) meanwhile, i know things seem out of control right now. but don't worry, folks, the god of chaos asteroid is headed for earth. if you still haven't tried a
11:56 pm
cronut, maybe now. meanwhile, there was a scare at an amusement park roller coaster after a pair of water-filled test dummies fell off during a recent test drive. water-filled test dummy is an insensitive way to describe two students from the university of florida. here's what happened. during the test, "the dummies plummeted into a hotel next door." so close. if they'd landed in the pool, then it's not a tragedy. it's a sprite commercial. ( laughter ) the coaster in question was "the galeforce coaster at playland's castaway cove in ocean city, new jersey, which was undergoing a routine safety check on april 20." well, everyone knows the best time to do a safety check at an
11:57 pm
amusement park is on 4/20. the staff is really at their most focused. but don't worry, "park officials say the dummies had undetected leaks that made them lose their mass and shape, causing them to fall. they say that wouldn't happen to humans." ( laughter ) so in your roller coaster safety test, two dummies were thrown from your roller coaster into a neighboring building, and your takeaway is, "it's the dummies' fault." ( laughter ) meanwhile, meanwhile, a street in new york city has been renamed "sesame street" in honor of the show's 50th anniversary. ( applause ) and the "sesame street" muppets came out in person to unveil the brand-new street sign. that is so sweet. congratulations, "sesame street." i can't believe cookie monster is 50, which means soon he'll learn that "c" is also for "colonoscopy."
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yes for less. ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody! ladies and gentlemen, folks, my first guest tonight is an academy award winner you know from "the devil wears prada," "les miserables," and "ocean's 8." she now stars as a con artist in "the hustle." >> what do men want? >> boobs. >> no. frontal? threesome. what is it? what's the answer? >> they want to be heroes. there's nothing more compelling to a man than a vulnerable woman. observe. ♪ ♪ >> oh, wow, you can just tear up
12:03 am
like that. you can just balance a tear right on that lower lid. and can you make the tear roll down your cheek? oh! oh! okay. but can you make it go back up? >> now you try. >> okay. ♪ ♪ >> are you constipated? ( laughter ) >> stephen: please welcome back to "the late show," anne hathaway! ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> thank you very much. >> stephen: holo. >> hi, guys! >> stephen: lovely. lovely to see you again. thank you for being here.
12:04 am
>> oh, it's such a thrill. >> stephen: now we were talking in the last act about the met gala. >> yes. >> stephen: you're a fashion knowledgeable person. >> i've become one. >> stephen: were you at the met gala last night? >> i was not at the met gala last night. >> stephen: but you have been in the past. >> i have. >> stephen: me, too. it can be fun. >> i have a great time. it's one of those moment where's nobody gets this. nobody gets to do this and gets to see the mets after hours. >> stephen: it's as fancy as something can be. >> it's the biewjiest thing ever. but, again, that's part of the fun, too. and anna really turns it out and does a great job and it raiseaise lot of money for a great cause so it's amazing. >> stephen: i understand going to the met one night you had a wardrobe malfunction. >> i did. >> stephen: on your way-- >> i did. >> stephen: what people may not understand is it's not just you and the dress. it's you, the disprerks handlers making sure the dress looks perfect. >> oh, there's a designer --
12:05 am
>> stephen: it's most-photographed dress you'll ever wear except the ooskars. >> it's up there. and it's a huge moment to express themselves and the creativity. i was going as the guest of calvin klein, and i was about a block away from the met, and i was like this was is-- and i sneezed, and my dress split, like, just, straight-up split open. >> stephen: because you're literally sewn into it. >> well, i had to be after that. so i felt so terrible. so i'm pulling up and and i put the window down and he's like baby, you look amazing. i said, "thank you so much, my dress just broke." and i've never seen someone turn green before. i said, "it will be mine fein. i'll keep my arm down and we'll be inside and there will be a needle and thread. and he goes, "pull over." we went to a hotel. we found a seamstress and she sewed me into it and the big
12:06 am
thing was are we going to make it time for the red carpet. we show the up. and there was nobody there, and i said did we miss it? and he said, you showed up before rioften ago! the only rule is you can't show up after rihanna. >> stephen: i understand you had another wardrobe malfunction minutes ago. >> on the way here. if you want to, google the pictures of me outside your studio, and i'm wearing an outfit. now, you might notice i'm standing like this. and the reason i'm standing like that is because i looked down in the car, and my pants had split. like... ( whist prells. >> like the whole -- >> stephen: wow, all the way to christmas. ( laughter ) ♪ ♪ i don't know what that means. >> it's most wonderful time of the year. >> stephen: you know what? you do not want a lurch o lurch.
12:07 am
you're wearing this right now. this is literally what you wore on the cover of "shape" magazine. you just had this with you? >> well, i really liked it. >> stephen: sure. >> and i added a shirt. >> stephen: i was about to say, you seem a little overdressed right now. >> you know, i just wanted to be appropriate. >> stephen: of course, it's cbs, it's cbs. >> so i had this in my closet, and i said can you get to the "stephen colbert" in about 10 minutes with the suit. and she ran it down, and your amazing team steamed it out for me. >> stephen: how nice. >> and thankfully the accessories worked, so never panic. ( applause ) >> stephen: that's nice. i'm glad they steamed it out for you that's nice. >> oh, my gosh, i can tell you, though, getting out of my car todayue know, there's like a row of photographers, "anne, anne, anne!" and i'm like yes... and then you kind of like... how-- how do i get inside?
12:08 am
pose! pose! pose! >> stephen: see-- ( cheers ). >> and then you do it -- >> stephen: you just look fashionable. >> there are all these fans outside, "anne, sign a picture." and i'm like, "baby, i will get you later!" >> stephen: you have the new movie. it's called "the hustle." >> yes. >> stephen: i understand it's slightly raunchy or pretty raunchy. >> pg-13. >> stephen: but it has a pg-13 rating. >> yes. >> stephen: how did you make sure-- how did you walk the line between the "r" and the pg-13. you have so many young fans i'm sure. >> i've got to say when we first screened it for the ratings board we did have an "r," and we felt it was really unfair because we really calibrated the jokes when we were working on it to make sure it felt pg-13. rebel went in-- rebel was a lawyer before she was an actress-- and . in and successfully argued our rating down from an "r" to pg-13. >> stephen: wow! how? >> her reasoning was that she cited all of these comedies that
12:09 am
were pg-13 that starred men, and she said, "our jokes are no more raunchy or no more numerous than theirs. and you're treating us unfair because we're women." >> stephen: i understand you're responsible responsible for some improvised lines in this movie that you guys played around a little bip bit. >> yeah. >> stephen: is there one you're particularly proud of? >> there is, actually. there's one line at the end of the trailer, where rebel-- we're doing this con, and we're next to a guy, and rebel has a gun. and she says, "release the peasants." and he said, "you must mean pheasants. and i said, no, she's a terrible shot. and rebel shoots our butler and he dies and i have this kind of sociopathic laugh, and i go, "that was unexpected," as my reaction. and i got that smoke joek because of the time my mom accidentally drugged my dad before sending him off-- we used to live in new jersey-- on the
12:10 am
new jersey transit midtown direct into penn station. >> stephen: how did she-- how did she drug him? >> with ambien. >> stephen: what did she think she was giving him? >> in her defense she thought it was lipitor. >> stephen: she thought she was saving his life. >> my poor dad realized it when he arrived. he fell asleep on the woman next to him, woke up, stood up and said, "something's not right." called my mom. and sheerks of course, denied it. and he's trying to convince her, "katy, something's wrong." and she noticed it and said, "oh, my god, i did it." he sees a friend who helps him to a cab. my mom calls me and says, "your father-- i drugged your dad. he's got to come and sleep it off in your apartment." so i'm running around my apartment, you know, i want to change the sheets so my dad has fresh sheets sothreap on. and i'm like he should be here right now. i put the sheets in a laundry basket throw it downstair where's my dad is hanging off the reception desk talking to my
12:11 am
door man, "no, really, she's my daughter." >> stephen: "let me up." >> "let me up. i know her really well." and my door man is like, "you wineo. are you not getting to see anne hathaway." and i said, no, no, i swear it's my dad." and he's like aaah. i said, "it's a long story. i'll tell you later later." i get my dad upstairs and get him some water and i said do you want to use bathroom before you take a nap ??? "yeah, yeah. "and there was a laundry basket if there and my dad says, "i have it." leans forward to pick up the laundry basket, falls forward, smashes the mirror, and he turns around and says, "well, that was unexpected." >> stephen: that's nice. >> and i loved it. thanks, dad. now it's in the movie. it's in the trailer! >> stephen: we have to take a little bit of a commercial break, if you can stick around, please don't leave out there.
12:12 am
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geico could save you fifteen percent ♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort ( applause ). >> stephen: hey, everybody, we're here with our friend anne hathaway. now, anne, let me ask you this. >> okay. >> stephen: what do you-- what do you watch? everybody loves watching you. what do you watch? like, do you have sort of, like,
12:17 am
comfort food or television or films, things like i will always watch to make me feel better? >> well, yeah, i do. but the thing i'm really into right now-- it sounds terrible-- but "game of thrones." you shouldn't watch people dying to make you feel better, but i do love it. >> stephen: not enough people are dying this year. >> that's a common complaint. i also love "killing eve. glvment more death. any shows where people don't die? >> you know what, there is a show that i do watch to make me feel better "drag race." >> stephen: good show. good show. >> oh, my god, i love that show so much. >> stephen: are you met rupaul? >> no,. >> stephen: he's my guest tomorrow night. would you like me to send a message to him? is there anything you would like to say to him? >> i couldn't talk-- just say, "i love you." >> stephen: why don't you say it to him right now. ru, are you-- are you-- >> hi! hello! ( cheers and applause ). >> oh, my god!
12:18 am
♪ ♪ >> i love you so much! >> we're sparkly together. >> i know! >> wonderful! great! >> stephen: good to see you. would you like to join us. >> no, no, no, no, no, no, no! >> thanks, stephen! >> stephen: we have to do in just a moment, but is there anything you'd like to say to ru? >> well, that was unexpected. >> stephen: is there anything, ru, you would like to say to anne? >> darling, you you are the winner of this week's challenge. ( applause ) chauntee you say. >> oh! oh! >> stephen: is there any particular episode or a part of ru's show that you've enjoyed most? >> well, i just-- monet
12:19 am
exchange-- >> yes. >> entire journey. and just how amazing she was in season 10. i really take this very seriously. and then the growth between season 10 and season 11, and the way she stepped her (bleep) up. i feel like since i started being an act resand learned how to step my (bleep) up. and now i'm (bleep) her up. and i'm just thrilled for her and me and you and you. >> stephen: thank you. >> thank you! >> stephen: thank you for letting us know. >> i love that. >> stephen: ru, you can stick around for 24 hours so i can interview tomorrow? >> yes, i'll do that. >> stephen: "the hustle" is in theaters this friday. anne hathaway, everybody! we'll be right back with anchor and msnbc chief legal correspondent, ari melber. ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking.
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back to "the late show."
12:27 am
my next guest is the emmy award-winning journalist who hosts "the beat with ari melber." please welcome ari melber! ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> stephen: welcome to the show. nice to meet you. thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> stephen: we taped this show a little earlier in the day. are you about to do your show or have you done your show? >> i skipped my show for you, stephen. >> stephen: what! wow, i robbed-- i robbed the american people of their nightly melber. >> it's weird because we had rupaul booked. >> stephen: so sorry. sorry, i scooped you. you're msnbc's chief legal correspondent, besides hosting your own show. it's great to have an expert on right now, because there's a legal question they have and it's a bit technical. it's what the hell is going on
12:28 am
right now? ( laughter ) what is-- is-- are there laws? are there still laws, ari melber? house judiciary votes tomorrow to see if barr should be held in contempt because barr said, "i'm not going to come testify." they subpoenaed him, and he said subpoena-schmea, i'm not coming." what happens if they hold him in contempt, anything? >> here's what's going on. bob mueller found evidence that donald trump committed five felonies in office. congress subpoenaed, as you mentioned, the rest of the mueller report. >> stephen: aren't there 10 examples of probable obstruction? >> 10 examples of obstruction, and then about five or seven, dpe pending on how you count, where mueller said there was "substantial evidence" of all the things you need to make it a crime. >> stephen: okay, okay. >> barr says, "no, i'm not going to share it with and and i'm going to skip the hearing." and congress said we may hold you in contempt to force you to
12:29 am
come in court and some people in congress are thinking about impeaching the president so there are a couple things going on. >> stephen: i understand that part. but if they say, "are you in contempt, bill barr." and then what? so what? does the executive branch go, "good fur?" or can something happen to him? are there fines? is there jail time? when someone is in contempt of congress, can't they go to jail? >> so when normal people are held in contempt, they go to jail immediately, like in "my cousin vinny," same hour. >> stephen: very similar circumstances here, yes. >> for some reasons that are good reasons, the president, the attorney general aren't in that "normal people" category, but it's a real thing. because once congress holds that vote, it sends it to the courts, where an independent judge can rule and can force either the documents to come out or those other sanctions you're talking about. >> stephen: but how do you
12:30 am
force it it? what's the enforcement mechanism? you know, what is it-- was it andrew jackson said, "the supreme court has passed the ruling. now let them enforce it." so how is it enforced? >> this is a question you have been circling here on this show. i mean, i saw you you talk to bemly baslin about it. >> stephen: i'm curious. isn't that the definition of a constitutional crisis. you get to where the constitution did not deal with this lel of obstruction and the system breaks down. >> i would put it in two categories. if you want fwhat you want is controlled solely by the president, you can end up in that crise, and that's a problem. most of these things don't depend on the president alone. so ifue were talking about it in the monologue-- if they lose in court the battle over trump's tax returns. >> stephen: yes. >> he's not the the only person holding them. they're not just under his bed. there are other people-- accounting firms, the i.r.s.-- have them, and those people could be jailed in real time the
12:31 am
way the president can't. and our system in that way forces other people to follow the order. >> stephen: now, mcconnell today said-- ( cheers and applause ) that would be nice. consequences. >> applause? applause for the constitution, stephen. >> stephen: well, i think people are thirsty for any consequences because you see-- ( cheers and applause ) you see abuse of power, you see abuse of power and flaunt the constitutional norms in broad daylight and nothing seems to happen. >> and some people are just thirsty. that's why they post so many pictures online. >> stephen: that's true. mcconnell said today, case closed on mueller. trump tweeted mueller should not testify. does trump have the legal tiebility stop mueller from testifying, even when he's not-- no longer a d.o.j. employee? >> no, not even a little bit. >> stephen: okay, so mueller will testify at some point. ( applause ) in your opinion. your guess. >> the congress can subpoena him, and there would be almost no valid wade to stop him from
12:32 am
testify. ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: pyongyang what do the people over at msnbc say? do you and your colleagues think impeachment is a good idea. what's the vibe over there? >> the vibe? >> stephen: what's the vibe over at ms-- if i can use jazz terms right here. what is the vibe over there? impeach or no impeach? >> i think there is substantial evidence in the mueller report that the president committed crimes in office. >> stephen: so you say impeachment? >> so that is a thing that's -- >> stephen: it's a bad thing. >> a bad thing. you know what, i'll go further. it's bade thing, steve glen okay, great. >> that's a thing that the report provides evidence of. and then the congress has to decide whether they're going to do anything about it. i think it is fascinating and kind of silly that the democrats in congress have talked for so long about wanting to get mueller's report.
12:33 am
they got it. and it wasn't like one felony, which wouldn't be okay. like, that's not cool. but it was several felonies in the report. and now they're saying, "well, we don't want to impeach because of politics." i don't think that's a good reason to do anything, really. ( cheers and applause ) but... and there's always a "but" after the applause-- it's up to congress and the country to fig that you are out. we're not reporting it out gunning for one outcome. >> stephen: really? >> yeah. ( laughter ). >> stephen: you guys don't vawk at all over at msnbc? you guys-- come on, you guys bang a drum over there sometimes. >> we definitely have people who are affiliated with causes and parties and are analysts and some people are make the case. >> stephen: okay. >> but i can just talk about the beat? >> stephen: sure. >> instead of the whole thing. >> stephen: it's the only show
12:34 am
i care about right now. >> on "the beat" we're not advocating for anything. >> stephen: "the beat with ari melber" airs weeknights on msnbc. ari melber, everybody! we'll be right back ♪ i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving the kingdom what doth thou desire? my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things,
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12:37 am
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