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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  July 1, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30 pm. now 5:30 pm, the price tag jumped by millions of dollars to replace and aging offramp. good evening i am veronica de la cruz. >> that ramp crosses over a creek that feeds traffic to one- to-one and northbound. it dates back to the 1940s. this is at risk of actually falling in a major earthquake. why the replacement cost has soared beyond the original projections? >> reporter: every day it is a mess here. they say that they have a fix for that problem, but now there
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is a problem with the fix. the travels on this offramp, to central san rafael, the original estimate is nearly, was $12.5 million. when the bid came back from the contractors the cost jumped to $17 million. >> it was higher than what our engineers estimated. so we did not have the funds. >> reporter: it is a complex project, with a 78-year-old bridge, spanning the creek, and a modern shoulder. caltrans says the project is still a priority, everything is going to be delayed for >> reporter: when you think this will happen? >> some time in 2020, we will get it back out to bid soon. >> reporter: meanwhile, folks are not happy. >> everything takes forever to get done here. >> just sitting in traffic, sitting in delayed offense, something that should been
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fixed the long time ago. this just adds to the aggravation. it just adds to the frustration. >> pavements, big chunks, for all three lanes, all four lanes. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> caltrans the says the additional funding has already been approved. once a project starts, the crews will be using accelerated bridge construction methods to finish quickly. now let's take a look at some of the top stories. is a suspicious package prompt a investigation at the menlo park facebook area. this is after a package tested possible for a possible sarin gas. two people were exposed, but they're not showing any symptoms. we are still on the scene and will bring you the latest update coming up in 6:00. two the titans are officially leaving the dubs . the wears that ceo says that durrant's number 35 jersey will
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be retired. the city of half moon bay is cracking down on rowdy beach goers the summer. there beefing up controls and adding overnight security. and new zero paul saw -- tolerance policy will go into effect. they say that beach parties have become increasingly worse. this evening investigators are still working to determine a cause for a massive construction fire in santa clara. this is after el camino real. this happened on friday. the authorities detained a person of interest near the scene but they later released him. they are expected to review footage, to establish a timeline for when the fire started. at least one person is in custody after a fieri chain
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reaction crash on highway 101 in san jose. this happened about 12:30 am this morning in the southbound lane. authorities say that the suspect allegedly, driving under the influence. minor injuries were reported in that crash. all lanes have now been reopened. meanwhile, authorities in contra costa county, still trying to sort out the details of a deadly wrong way crash. two people were killed the early yesterday morning. police say that the driver and a saturn was going eastbound in the westbound lane when he crashed head-on into a toyota camry. the passenger of the saturn was dead at the scene, the driver died later the hospital. officials are tracking down relatives of the victims right now. and autopsy on that driver will determine if alcohol was in his system. and immigrant rights protest this afternoon in san francisco. demonstrators were outside of the federal building, some with small children.
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they are especially angry about the treatment of migrant children, including the practice of holding them in border camps, sometimes away from their parents. >> as a mom, i'm absolutely horrified. i have a two-year-old, i cannot imagine what i would do if somebody took him away from me or put him in a concentration camp, just because i was try to get a better life for him. protect them from violence. >> the protest leaders plant to meet with a staff member at nancy pelosi's office. they say that they are fair game in a construction -- the corruption trial of duncan hunter. he is accused of using campaign cash for personal expenses, like vacations and golf outings. today a federal judge in san diego said that jurors can hear evidence that he use that money to finance relationships with lobbyists and aides. meanwhile, a state law just
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kicked in for restriction on ammunition. from now on, buyers must go through a background check every time. the idea is to stifle those with criminal records for loading up on ammunition. gun owners who are already in california databases must pay a $1.00 fee each time. others are required to purchase longer-term licenses. these changes are part prop 63 which was proposed and approved by voters in 2016. the hunt is on for the suspects responsible. weird elk grove with more this weekend attack. >> i thought i was running to a dead daughter. >> reporter: she was left to die in the street, over a pack of fireworks. a family says that she was protecting them, when a group of people robbed the fireworks stand.
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one man was coming to her side, so she stepped between them. >> they pulled her into the car and beat her. and then at least 40 miles per hour, they threw her out of the car. >> reporter: witnesses say that the driver did not it is slow down, as they pushed her out of the suv. >> there were two girls in the back, screaming at him go, go, push her out the window! are helplessly watching all of this happened, her mother was forced to way with her daughter while help was arrived. >> i was yelling, call 911! i was yelling to her, don't move! she didn't hear me, she was unconscious. i just held her in my arms. >> reporter: she had worked for years at the fireworks stand raising money for adults with disabilities. this means taking money from a charity. >> we don't get paid, for this to happen, this sick the joy. >> reporter: even from the icu, michelle is still fighting for
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her charity. she wants to make sure that the thieves don't take anything else from such and important cause. >> she said i don't want you to quit. we do this for a reason, don't quit mom. young adults with down syndrome, they deserve this. this is why i am here. >> according to our family, michelle suffered multiple fractures and a broken leg. oak grove police are currently investigating. the secretary of state mike pompeo said that a new round of talks to discuss and north korea's denuclearization will begin sometime this month. this all follows president trump's history making visit. geing done. changing >> president trump and the north korean leader agreed to restart discussions over the weekend. president trump became the first sitting american presidents to step into north korea.
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they spoke for nearly one hour. the president said that this it was and important statement, but some democratic presidential hopefuls saw it a little differently. >> he keeps having these summits and meetings that really don't produce anything. >> this country is no safer when it comes to north korea. >> talks to dismantle their nuclear program, broke out earlier this year. despite a hiatus in testing, north korea has continued to produce material for nuclear weapons. the catholic church is taking a firm stand behind confession confidentiality. today the vatican's highest court issued a statement, strongly reiterating that priest must not reveal information giving a confession. this comes into conflict with a california bill that calls the priest to report details of sexual abuse of minors, them obtained during confession. the vatican went on to say that this would challenge the
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separation of church and state. coming up, eyes in the sky. how a drone helped rescue two northern california women in danger this weekend. the warning after woman takes a walk on the beach and ds and deadly infection. coming up all new at 6:00, the bay area ridges are changing the real estate game. the most expensive properties in america. ♪ buttermoh manscuits now we're talking
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moments ago, a vigil wrapped up for the university of utah student who went missing two weeks ago. you can see the picture there of the memorial for the slain pre-nursing student. she had flown to salt lake city international airport following her grandma's funeral in los angeles. she took a lyft to airport, to a park, where she allegedly met her suspected murder. a man was arrested friday after police found the remains that match the victims dna and her -- his backyard. at the live news this desk. it is a been a busy weekend for a drone, we see how these eyes in the sky located three people in a dangerous situation. >> takeoff.
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>> reporter: we have seen them chase down suspects, surveying disaster sites, without putting first responders and harm ways. >> it is amazing what we can do with the stress. are in san joaquin county, more and more drones are helping deputies get people in trouble to safety. >> i think it is fantastic, it makes a lot of sense. >> reporter: this is exactly what they did this weekend, with deputies employed a drone, not once, but twice. the first was to find two women lost near rippon. >> they started floating down the stanislaus river. they actually felt lost. they would to shore, they called 911. our drone actually located them. >> reporter: this is a situation, that the campground host says happens often. >> it is hard to get back out of the water, when your way down the stanislaus river. >> reporter: the second time they launch the i in the sky was to found a man threatening to hurt himself. >> our drone spotted him.
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are allowing deputies to find the man before he could harm himself or anyone else. >> we are able to get him the help that he needed. >> reporter: a valuable tool helping deputies cover a large area any short amount of time. >> the drones would probably be a timesaver and laid lifesaver. >> here in the bay area, the coast guard and the menlo fire department teamed up to create a first of its kind drone operation over the san francisco bay. meanwhile, a man is missing after a hike at the grand canyon national park. the 66-year-old man was last seen on friday. he went on a rafting trip on the colorado river. he was reported missing after hiking to the narrows end the park. crews searching the area are asking hikers to contact park service if they saw him.
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a florida woman is the second person to come down within and affection of a flesh eating bacteria on a beach. she did not survive. she was walking along the gulf of mexico coastline. she fell into a small ditch. and then she got a three- quarter inch cut on her shin. she was diagnosed with a rare, but deadly bacterial infection. she died two weeks later. a 12-year-old girl contracted a similar bacteria in florida's panhandle in early june, she did survive, thanks to in early diagnosis. >> if the bacteria gets into the bloodstream and causes sepsis and multisystem organ damage, then of course the death rate is much higher. up to a third of people who have this serious infection can die from it. >> according to the cdc, more than 1200 cases occur in the u.s. each year. doctors say the key is to catch it early. and to seek medical attention if you have a fever, severe pain and rapid swelling. today a japanese whaler
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return to the sea. take a look at, a 26 foot long will was the first cats. this is the first of its kind since they were banned back in 1980. -- 1988. meanwhile, conservations have condemned the move. japan argues says that this is part of their culture. coming up, the music world taking sides. the bitter battle of taylor swift's music catalog.
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kpix 5 was proud to bring you coverage of san francisco's 49th pride parade. we were live as an estimated 100,000 people celebrated on market street yesterday. if you missed the parade, do not worry, you can watch the best of pride, this is this saturday night at 8 pm or at 11:35 pm, right here on kpix 5. >> i would like to see it since i was there. i wave to everybody. >> i did a lot of waving as well. that is my wave. >> a pageant wave, very good. >> no, a parade. the weather around here is pretty awesome. i will tell you what, it is a fantastic day to get outside.
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if you're lucky enough, maybe you're going to the beach this weekend. here is a live look outside. this is half moon bay, it is not warm, it is not supposed to be this time of year. we are seasonably cool, we will stay in the low 60s and half moon bay all weekend long. will get a little bit of afternoon sunshine. a different perspective of the same bay area, a top of the hill looking down towards san francisco. a beautiful to be there at the tower. we're looking at mainly clear skies. santa rosa, 83. fremont, 73. oakland, 69. san francisco, 69. mid-50s overnight tonight, oakland, 55. santa rosa, 55. san rafael, 54. we are continuing to check the pollen count, it is continuing to go down. we now have fallen below even moderate. now the pollen count is between 3 and 4 on a 12 scale.
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the ocean breeze keeps coming. this is the key to our forecast for the entire week. after that, we keep a little bit of and onshore breeze. not so much that this cold, just enough breeze from the ocean which is 56.3 degrees. this will keep temperatures very near normal and we will do this every day for the next several days. here's a look at the futurecast. some low cloud covered near the water, lots of blue sky in the afternoon. more of the same coming up on wednesday. and then in area of low pressure passes by on the north as we go into thursday. watch what it does. this is the key to hopefully getting mainly clear skies in san francisco at around 9:00 or 10:00 in the evening when the fireworks are going off. as it passes by to the northeast, we may get a
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northerly wind, which temporarily keep the fog away. a beautiful day for july 4. seasonably mild. 60s at the coast.'s 80s inland. the coast and the fog tonight, sunshine tomorrow afternoon for most of the bay area. santa rosa, 78. palo alto, 74. pacifica, 64. danville, 77. livermore, 80. marin county, 75. san francisco, 67. mendocino county, 85 degrees. temperatures are staying very close to average to the fourth. low to mid 80s inland. there will be a slight warming trend. a couple spots on saturday will hit the low 90s. that is your forecast.
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still ahead at 6:00, a road in los gatos getting slimmed down a bit. perfect for summer dining, but will it be a nightmare for traffic? ♪
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a battle is brewing over the sale of taylor swift music catalog. the singer is accusing a man who just bought them of bullying her. they announced sunday that they are acquiring this, which released all of her studio masters. she said that she is sad and grossed out that her music now belongs to them. she signed with universal music group. this is going to do it for the news at 5:00, kb at five news at 6:00 starts now. like all teenagers, they wanted to have fun. >> now 6:00, this is shattered
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the lives of three teenagers. how a late-night home ride home turned to tragedy. just when you think you have seen it all, we go from mega mansions to luxury compounds. yet, they are putting them selves through a rodent diet, this is where they put tables and chairs. kpix 5 it 6:00 starts now. there was a fatal crash in santa rosa. >> i am elizabeth cook. this have done three teenage girls, were leaving a popular hangout spot. kpix 5's reporter joins us live at the memorial site. >> reporter: well, they are mourning the loss of one friend, while another has her life hanging in the balance. she is in unstable condition at the hospital here in santa rosa. at the intersection


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