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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 2, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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straka breaking news at sfo, a car crashhitting pedestrians and the arrival terminal, just minutes ago we learned that one person has died. straka breaking news at facebook and national guard hazmat team looking for answers after male tested positive for
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a possible chemical weapon. the scare prompted evacuations. tonight, test are inconclusive. what is next for this evacuation. a seismic shift in bay area sports, which teams are losing star players, and what it will mean for fans. good evening, i am ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. to that breaking news out of sfo. despite disco police just confirmed for us that one person has died following a crash at the arrival terminal, let's get right to kpix5's joe vasquez with breaking developments there joe? >> reporter: can, we are just learning the details that happened here at the arrivals area of international airport right below where i'm standing. i was just speaking with an employee here at the airport. what he said was happening was that some folks were arriving, they were putting their bags in their car, another car was clipping the bags where others
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pedestrians down on the ground and against the wall, and one of those pedestrians we have land now has died. the other two suffered life- threatening injuries as well, and were rushed to the hospital. police say the man was driving the car that ended up clipping that car. he hung around, he did talk to investigators, they say this 46- year-old driver remained on the scene and did not appear to be intoxicated or impaired in any way, nothing that indicated this was an intentional act. tucked around for a few hours this afternoon but once again one person dead, too injured after a nasty crash here at the arrivals section at the international at sfo. back to you. >> thank you. now to thme, is started after 11this morn
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crews reded to tech comps is live in menlo park with latebreaking development, betty? >> liz, hazmat crews reentered this for the second time. just in the last minute, we saw firefighters and hazmat crews exit this building, and it appears they are carrying something, men in white suits are there ready to hose off these men who just left the building. they did enter with a hazmat crew to the hope of getting a better answer. >> reporter: hazmat crews called in california-based national guard civil support team to test suspicious mail shipped to a mailroom on hamilton avenue. the team had the equipment to
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e if ains a chemical warfare agent, believed to be sarah. they will also go room by room for the facility, to make sure there is no toxic substance in the building. >> there is a large bag of mail we are trying to determine if there is a risk there or no it is inconclusive and we want to be able to determine if it's something to be concerned with or not. >> reporter: all of this began around 11:00 am, the equipment facebook uses to screen for companies sounded an alarm, two out of three test on a large mail back tested positive for sarah. the fbi has been called in to assist with the case, former fbi agent jeff clark trained to conduct law enforcement investigations to prepare for searing gas. despite the actual violent acts committed at these companies, they have become more and more serious about screening the mailroom.
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a lot of places don't even do that on site, they do it off- site, just in the event that there is something there they find. >> searing gases are clear colorless nerve agent with no taste or odor that can occur in liquid or vapor form. >> it is a significant military weapon of mass destruction which is used, and obviously, something that the government -- this government and any other government would take very seriously. >> facebook buildings were evacuated during the day. people who handled the mail in question have not seen any signs or symptoms, and have not thought to been exposed to any dangerous materials. >> you are taking a live look at hazmat crew members that exited the building we are told by the menlo park fire protection district that it will take a long time to process samples that they collected from the mailroom, and they do expect to get results after midnight tonight,
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and they also wanted to stress that the immediate neighborhood here is not in any kind of danger. live in menlo park, betty yu, kpix5. michelle griego, kenny choi and our latest -- our morning crew with the latest at 4:30 point this just in, more than a dozen people have died in western india after heavy rainfall caused a wall to collapse. he fell into shanties in the middle of the night in the city of mumbai. the navy has been tweeting images of their rescue efforts. 15 people confirmed dead and more than 60 or hurt. the rain also flooded roads and train tracks and many passengers stranded at stations. tonight, a lot of bay area sports fans are asking what just happened? we just lost two mvps from the warriors, now the question, who might be next? christin ayers reports from the chase center tonight.
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>> reporter: when the warriors hit the hardwood next season here at the chase center, they will be a whole new team. they are one of three bay area sports teams this week losing star players. their fans stuck in limbo. >> reporter: a series of seismic shifts in bay area sports have left fans reeling, first came news of kevin durant's departure to the nets, then the hits kept coming, andre iguodalla will leave from memphis. by october, sports talk radio host methyl ski says the team fans have grown to love will likely be a fraction of its former self. >> guys you recognize will be steph curry, dream on green, and cut all any. >> they will be joined by d'angelo russell, and trey beyond graham. for the first time in years, estionll they will pe >> maybe th get inthe mix. or maybe they are not even a playoff team. >> the warriors are not the only team losing a legend. >> is the end of an era,
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madison baumgartner feels like a nail in the car coffin. >> reporter: reports bumgardner is leaving the giants are still unconfirmed. fans like newton are bracing for the worst. >> his time with the giants is done. >> reporter: mikulski says with their abysmal record this past two seasons, >> it makes all the sense in the world that you trade him to bring on different assets and help you rebuild your team. >> reporter: vendors jerebko ghostly, former captain of the san jose sharks leaving for the dallas stars. in a statement sharks general manager doug wilson says the impact he has had on this franchise and his teammates will be felt for years to come. he says that goes for kevin durant and madison baumgartner, two point >> that is what we saw in the past four or five years. >> bay area sports is always going to be strong. >> fans weren't the only ones caught off guard by kd's moved to brooklyn, there are reports that curry himself were was onthe wato talk when he got the news.
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tonight sports world, s ang tyler skaggs found dead inside a texas hotel room, where his team was staying and found him this morning. they were scheduled to play against the rangers tonight, that game was postponed by mlb, and police say that no foul play is suspected. authorities are investigating the cause of death. >> nike has scrapped a rollout of an issue after 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick said it was offensive. the wall street journal reports the air max one usa was supposed to go on sale this week. the back of the shoe has an image of the first american flag with 13 stars in a circle. said the flag is a symbol of the era of -- colin kaepernick says the flag is a symbol of slavery in the u.s. he is the
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face of nikes just do it campaign as a e national anthem to call attention to social injustice, and policein a rash of car break-ins in napa county. police say these guys broke into approximately two dozen cars in american canyon earlier yesterday morning on the west side. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. tonight and east bay police is defending his decision to hire a man who was fired from another law enforcement agency. josh joined the police department last year. he was terminated from the alameda county sheriff department in 2015. that was after he filed a false police report about alleged vandalism at his home. he eventually admitted he caused the damage when he lost his temper, during a difficult divorce. tonight the knowles chief says in a statement, quote, although we do not condone the past actions of officer jvs, we certainly understand the emotional charged events which precipitated his actions.
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and it was important to understand that no criminal charges were filed as a result. a live look at the nation's capital, where tonight, the president just signed an emergency funding measure designed to improve the treatment of immigrants. it is supposed to help the government cope with a surge of migrants at the southern border. it provides $4.6 billion to bolster care for thousands of arrivals. the humanitarian aid package also sets guidelines for how migrants are handled. i'm joe vasquez, the immigration crisis continues to spark outrage from the mexican border to the bay area. >> this is for all our brothers and sisters. >> reporter: a vigil at saint clements urchin d night gathers immigrant families together to organize. we asked them about the situation ata
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document of person myself. >> reporter: kathleen valencia says her mother brought her across the border as a child, she can't fathom border patrol policy that would have separated her policy -- her family. >> gets me upset to think that there's humans that can do that but i know it's their job but i mean cannot see? what is happening, cannot see that these kids are crying? >> reporter: tonight, some border patrol agents are in hot water, after investing get a journalist from pro-public published an exposi showing there are thousands of border agents in a facebook group joking about migrant deaths. posting this photo of a dead migrant could have been faked, the bodies are so clean. in another post members responded with indifference to the death of a 16-year-old watermelon migrant in border patrol custody. if he dies, he dies. >> it's not right. it's not a correct treatment of human beings. >> reporter: is for the treatment of children in facilities, university of sentences go professor bill haynes says he's never seen anything like it in his 45 years as an immigration attorney. >> this is the worst, because
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the children are on their own. >> reporter: he was recently at the same border facility for a delegation to her today as part of an inspection team authorized by a federal judge to check conditions. he said kids as young as you are stuck in facilities meant to keep them 72 hours, but they end up staying two weeks or more, often filthy with only the shirts on their backs. border patrol agents told him there was nothing more they could do. >> there saying they would like to send these children for resettlement but there is no room for the border patrol knowledges, we do not have the process -- capacity to care for children. our job is to guard them. despite professor hangs says from what he and his team observed at one facility, no children are being taken from their parents, but they are being removed from older family members like aunt, uncles, cousins, or bring them across the border. so, he says, a family separation policy continues at the mexican border. joe vasquez, kpix5. coming up, planning a summer trip, to lake tahoe,
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you may find less room to lay out, why the beaches are vanishing. sentences goes trans bay transit center reopens, with a new highflying attraction. and, kim kardashianhaa new messe this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this.
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so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. don't miss our 4th of july special with the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed now $1299. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. if you are heading up to tahoe take note, there may be less room this summer for your beach chair. he >> that is because many of the leaks beaches are narrower or completely underwater. ligands explains what is going on. >> reporter: the pristine water of lake tahoe is officially at
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capacity. for frequent beachgoers, it has affected the beaches in a way that is as clear as the water. >> is in the water is much further up than usual. is what we are seeing. >> reporter: in fact, the water is so high in spots, small beaches xp good beach have vanished. >> usually, there is sand and then you can go play on the rocks, and there's wooden steps you can go down the beach on and now the water is all the way up to those steps. >> reporter: there are more than 20 beaches along the lakes, 70+ miles of shoreline. massive snowmelt has resulted in runoff that has the leaks is willing to capacity. kings beach is just how different the leak is two years past. >> during our drought years if you look more into that peer, that is where the beach was. you could walk out. >> reporter: now there is plenty of room to hang out and frolic in the surf and sand and enjoy lots of elbow room. on the fourth, however, people
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will come out en masse and stay to watch fireworks leap into the air from this barge on kings beach. but, at least one family says with limited space, they won't be here to watch. >> we will not be here on the fourth. >> reporter: because? >> it will be crowded. it >> reporter: in lake tahoe, greg ligands, kpix5. one city on the peninsula tonight is cracking down on rather rowdy beachgoers. half moon bay, city leaders there are beefing up patrols and having an overnight security guard at the beach. they have also issued a zero tolerance policy. illegal fireworks users can expect to be cited, and the fine is $107. neighbors say beach partygoers come after hours, and they leave a big mess behind. >> tons of garbage left behind, people are leaving behind full tables, folding tables that they are playing games on. leaving fires burning i looked out my winde were huge, almost professional grade fireworks going off. >> the san mateo county sheriff
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department also asking the county for some funding in all this, it would go toward a police dune buggy they want to buy, which would allow deputies to safely get down the bluffs. service on hold but san francisco's multibillion-dollar trans bay transit center reopens today after being forced to close last year. in september, some cracks were discovered in two critical steel beams. the rooftop parks pathway made of decomposed granite woodall was also crumbling under the crowd so it has been replaced with a durable concrete one. 5.4 acre public park also has plenty of seating space for retail shops, art displays, and reading spaces, and for the first time, the gondola at fremont admission is open to the public. >> riding the bus in here for the last few months before the lay close down, and was enjoying walking around the park each morning, >> the paving is all-new, the pathway wasn't working very
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well, so that all got taken out and replaced. >> the buses are expected to start rolling through the transit center again later this summer. kim kardashian west is changing the name of her new shape wear line. reality tv start faced backlash and social media just hours after announcing her kimono solution warrior read critics say the name is an appropriate take on the traditional japanese kimono. she wrote in a tweet that she will relaunch the brand with a new name. pleasant weather for the july 4 week, not much cloud cover out there tonight, is that a portend for july 4? hope so. let's take a look at current numbers, we have 62 degrees in concord, oakland at 61, san jose 61, sent francisco and santa rosa at 67. chilly night in the north bay, chile every night for the last week. fully 54, livermore 54, center isaiah 55 degrees.
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microclimate forecast, emeryville seasonal bowl, seasonably cool. your high tomorrow at 70 degrees, the high coming up on wednesday, ocean breeze keeping you cool which is the key to our forecast for the entire week. as you know, too much is june gloom or in this case july gloom where we are cloudy and chilly but not enough of it, and we can get very hot, but in between light to moderate onshore flow, 56 degree ocean, a light to moderate onshore flow keeps us very pleasant, it keeps temperatures down, not hot, for the next couple of days. minimal morning cloud cover tomorrow, lots of sunshine in the afternoon, widespread clouds towards the water, afternoon sunshine, showing you the best case scenario if you want to have fireworks in san francisco on thursday. low-pressure passing by to the north northern nevada to our east on july 4, that will give us a light offshore wind which will make it pleasant and also clear. we are not ready to call that, for now, cool and breezy and
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sunny at 6:00, some fog will likely be rolling and we are hoping that much. fog around the coastline, sunshine for your tuesday afternoon. is temperatures continued near 80 in vallejo. sunshine 80, santa rosa at 84. 70s for san jose, fremont and oakland, san francisco 67, extended forecast, low 90s coming up on saturday. beautiful forecast for the holiday. wake up with our team, the latest on weather and traffic starting tomorrow morning at 4:30. another homeless encampment in oakland. nothing new, but in this case, it's actually sanctioned by the city. >> city official told these unselfish people that they can pitch a camp here, the problem, it is right next to a soccer field. >> what that means is that, hey, come on over here, it's
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good, you can stay here. that is in front of where kids play and i think this is unacceptable. >> you can see our original report on the latest homeless shuffle in oakland coming up tomorrow night on the kpix5 news at 7:00. coming up, how this teenage tennis prodigy made history, big-time, against her idol. kpix5 is proud to bring you coverage of the 49th annual san francisco pride parade celebrating pride across the world, you can watch it now at and if you missed the parade, don't worry about it, you can watch you can watch the best of pride at and
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today marks an upset in history. a 15-year-old newcomer beat five time champ venus williams. >> that's it. >> amazing moment. 15-year-old corey gauff also made history as the youngest player to advance to wimbledon's main draw. she would get this far, and is living her dream.
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now, you've seen warriors passed, what about the present, and the future? that in and out and out
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nba free agency up top and kevin durant, after three years, two titles, two finals mvps, he's gone. to the brooklyn nets, four years, 164 million reasons i can't wait for his first press conference. his old warriors, released this
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statement, we thank kd for all of his contributions and being an integral part of one of the most prolific runs in nba history. as long as i am cochairman of this team, no player will ever wear number 35 for the warriors again. very quickly, warriors initiated plan b, there's the deal to bring an all-star guard d'angelo russell from the nets. for years, 117. to get him, the doves had to clear salary cap space, trading 2015 finals mvp andre to the grizzlies, also leaving town, jordan bell, who has reportedly agreed to sign with minnesota. the warriors still have four all-stars, including clay thompson. who agreed to a five-year $190 million deal tonight. it is being reported that lillard will re-sign with golden state on a three-year $15 million deal. al ight, gemma burnet4 the warr bringing the bench to its feet.
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wasn't enough as the warriors lost 81-77. over to baseball, giants jeff, what a night he had in san diego, five hits, six strikeouts, and he had command. next inning he kept on going. eric hosmer and he swung at nothing. pitching eight strong innings, even get a double and more offense, seventh inning 7-1, evan longoria added to it with a solo homer, giants had a laugher tonight, 14 hits, wanting 13-2, they scored 10 runs on sunday. why aren't you talking about the a's? they were off today. maybe tomorrow. >> what a night. >> giants played well, two games in a row now. hitting the ball. >> i want more. is that too
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stephen colbert is next. >> next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30, (cheering)
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