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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  July 2, 2019 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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never seen anything like that. my thoughts are for the families and the looifr lives changed. >> it raled into the building and came out the front. investigators were filming security video of this accident. however, there is a preliminary report that could be released as early as two weeks. >> it's incredible hearing from the witness, maria. president trump made history sunday. he became the first sitting u.s. president to step foot in north korea. he's back in the white house in washington, talking about what was accomplished at the dmz. >> the day after he became the first u.s. president to step on dmz soil, it was great to have
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chairman kim and our well-covered meeting. the president must show the meeting was not just about media progress but dismantling the missile. after nearly a one-hour meeting, the president told reporters he and kim allowed to restart talks. it was a propaganda meeting for the two. mike morrell is a cbs news consul tent. >> we have provided legitimacy for kim jong-un. that's political gold for him at home. >> reporter: and kim adds to the his nuclear stockpile. >> it comes at a price. but i think that price is worth getting to the negotiating table and talking somewhere with these
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guys. >> reporter: john bolton, denied a "new york times" report suggesting the trump administration would settle for a nuclear freeze of north korea. where they would maintain material but face its cardinal. nsc staff nor i have mans for a nuclear freeze by north korea. trump says u.s. sanctions will praise him on north korea. but is looking forward to eases them if negotiations are successful. european nations are scrambling on iran knuckle deep. it has reached the limit of how much it can sold. prest yoe s playing withe.
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cameraar got bump from the debate. she is five points behind joe biden. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are third and fourth. ed o'keeffe reports that airs got some unwanted attention from the trump family. over the weekends, in a notable sign of unity, fellow opponents came to her defense. >> we have a president who is a racist. apparently based on a son seb stance, he is following a retweet by donald trump jr. he dlu attention who claimed that her father was from jamaica and her mother, from india.
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on twitter, elizabeth carren called the attacks racist and ugly. and former vice president called the attacks f justice, that said the same forces of hatred barack obama's citizenship. he faced years of questions about his for donald trump -- >> this is the same thing they did to da brack. >> how do you describe yourself? >> as a broad american. >> reporter: the historic nation of the 2020 campaign today, "vogue" magazine are running for president. it bears repeating. never have so many women run for the white house at the same
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time. >> thank you, ed. up next, a florida woman dies of a rare infection that she contracted after falling at the beach. and later, a wimbeldon stunner. a 14-year-old beat her idol. ♪
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welcome back. you're about to hear from the family of a woman who died of a rare infection with so-called flesh-eating bacteria. she was infected while walking on a beach, near her home at st. petersburg, florida. >> reporter: for lynn fleming, a small cut turned quickly into a fatal illness. she likes to walk on in beach near her florida home. >> she didn't know there was a small ditch. she stumbled and hit the emba embarkness on the other side. she had a cut on her shin bone. >> reporter: three days later, fleming was found semiunconscious at her home. she was infected from flesh-eating back area.
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she died two weeks after her fall. a 12-year-old girl contracted the illness from a scrape on her toe and is recovering at home. according the cdc, 700 to 1,200 cases each year in the united states. even with treatment, of one of three people die from the infection. >> maybe if she was diagnosed a little earlier, maybe we would be sitting here talking about my mom without a leg but with a life. >> reporter: the bacteria that can cause this may be step. or vibrio. once they can get on the scokin is to cause infection. >> if you have a wound, wash it with soap and water. look for signs of infection. redness, swelling. oozing at the area.
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plain feeling rotten. >> how quickly should i get to the doctor. >> as soon as possible. funs it goes to the position. once it's in the bloom, it may be too late. >> thank you. when we come back, a hot, summer day ends with six feet of ice on the ground.
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lawyers for an alabama woman, indicted for manslaughter, after a gunshot wound killed her fetus, filed charges to disrupt the charges. her lawyers argue the charge, quote, defies the most basic lajic. a flurry of new laws catching attention. we begin in vermont. they slapped a 93% tax on e-cigarettes. new york city has banned agenes on plastics. in california, purchases required for guadalajara after being buried hailstorm. the city was basking in near
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90-degree temperatures. no one was hurt.
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what a moment at wimbledon today. imagine you're 15 years old and you're going to play your idol, someone who won her first wimbledon title before you were even born. it happened today. the wimbledon fans erupted in cheers, after they watched 15-year-old coco gauff, the youngest in the tournament, beat venus williams won in straight sets. gauff had to win three qualifying chances to get a chance to play her idol. by the time she was born in 2004, williams had four grand slam titles, including two at wimbledon. i was telling her she is always inspiring. >> gauff, which a resident of delray beach, florida, grew up
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admiring the sisters. by the time she was 16, she was the youngest to finish open. her parents were on the edge of their seats. >> my dad was jumping up every time i scored a point. she became a youngest player to win a championship success has f of major sponsors. and we are out of time. that's "the overnight news" for this tuesday. for some, the news continues. for others, check back later on. the morning news and cbs broadcast this morning. i will be back tonight for "the cbs news."
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this is "the cbs overnight news." >> welcome to the overnight news. i'm meg oliver. all of asia is waiting on the response from beijing, after thousands of protesters come to articlement in the beginning. riotice hru up and police is there. hong kong has never seen this happened before. hundreds of yourself protesters furious at its gott.
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they broke through the doors and called on the city's leader to step down. they demand she revoke a bill that would add extraditions to the tomorrow storm. this is unprecedented. looking at the signs, the vandization, onlily crrieie will not leave this place until they are forced out or the demands have been met. the protesters spent three hours occupying the government building. hong kong's police officer condemned the yush and may be on their way with teargas. people here are getting ready with umbrellas and umbrellas they are expecting. just after midnight the police made their advance.
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after 30 minutes, all protesters had fled, some seriously. monday's rally was a contest of peaceful nearby. just a few hours ago, hong kong's carrie lam, happened here as extremely fineout. the fallout continues for trump's talks with north korea. critics describe it as nothing more than a photo op with a dictator. paula reed has the story. >> the day he became the first president to step on north korean soil, president trump titles, it was great to have the well-covered meeting. the president was about media
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coverage and not the new york's nuclear prom. >> it was an honor to step over that line. i was proud to step over the line. >> reporter: after a nearly one-hour meeting, the president told negotiations negonsfterail in media this year. the immediameeting was across t newspaper. mike morrell is a former director of the fbi and the cbs political agent. >> that's gold for him at home. >> reporter: kim has suspended hu nuclear and long-range missile tests. >> it comes at a price. i think that's worth seeing if we can get somewhere. >> reporter: john bolton denied
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that north korea would settle for a freeze. they would end new protection of nuclear material but maintain its current arsenal. he tweeted, if the nsc staff or i have any yz by freeze do it report. a new report paints a bleak upon opinions of the gourds on a continue stant look outfor riots. jeff pegues reports. the group was dubbed i'm 10-15, which is border patrol code for custody. a photo of this was asked if it was fake because the bodies were so clean. in another post,
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group members responded with indifference of a death of a 16-year-old guatemalan migrant. if he dies, he dies. there were lewd memes and sexist posts, some named at members of congress. today, she tweeted, they're threatening violence on members of congress. how do you think they are caring for the women and legs? she was part of a congressional delegation that toured the detention facility in clint, texas, today. joaquin castro called for an investigation of the facebook posts. >> that shows that there are many within cbp that have become desensitized to the point of being dangerous to the migrants in their care. >> today, president trump
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defended the border patrol. >> the border patrol are great people. they know what's coming in. >> reporter: cbp officials called the facebook posts completely inappropriate. brian hastings says an investigation is under way. >> each one of the individuals, if they are found to have done these, the appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken. investigators in texas don't know what caused the tragic crash of a small plane at an airport all onboard in dallas. maria villarreal has the story. >> reporter: the private plane crashed at 9:121 people onboard. among the passengers, is alex a sophomore in high school and her
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brother, middle school district, dillon. they were traveling with her mother into st. petersburg, florida. investigators found the voice pit voice recorder. it is being downloaded in the washington, d. washington, d. washington, d. washington, d.c. slab toir of a nearbyfire landing. plus, it wasn't climbing the way it typically would. and it was appeared tail-low. >> reporter: the beech craft superking reach eed about 500 feet, where it veer all tuesday
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this is "the cbs overnight news." >> that's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> in three weeks we will mark the 50th anniversary of a historic event, when neil armstrong became one of the first four moon to step on that in houston. over the past half-century, it . well, it's back together before. >> the eagle has landed in the
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fly because of his n >> there it is. in the apollo era was one of the most famous ones in earth. when we met cranston in august of 2017, it was in ruins. i used to have an abort switch. the displays don't worry anymore. >> in this room, krantz was an explosion when apollo three drives of the astronauts. high drama, featured in the movie "americpollo 11." his mission became renewing this room. >> this is where we battle. >> and the condition of had spit on ground.
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>> i would walk into the pole soles. and i kept them as souvenirs. >> reporter: it was watch-restoration. and it matched historical photographs. >> my contractor went out and she literally was on ebay and thrift stores and antique shop. the cups, the headsets, the pencils and everything. become to july 1969. >> you have your baabort switch back. >> krantz offered to pay for his. i had emergency. i want to go down there and punch some buttons.
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the redone room can rescore histo history. the plan was the next of that option. but the technology revolution within our nation. as people, they have to recognize, this is where it all began. let's say you or someone you love is badly injured and ems or the doctors said you need to be air-lifted to a hospital. you can't say no but a lot of the companies are pricey base tags. >> reporter: when joseph swallowed his kripgs pills, his wife panicked. >> they talked to her about getting him to an "er" and didn't think twice when he was
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air-lifted to a better hospital. >> they said they were not particular to page with that age of ishlt be krapt stable? >> yes. he was care. >> reporter: he got slapped for a $45,000 bill for the dlans. >> i did not have the $40,000 dlur balance. >> they arepresenters. they have become a growing, lurk areas. >> the air krpgs capacity,are private drechb by private secty. there's people out there on energy. they have resources and we can take them. >> the director of the virginia association of health plans, says a new virginia law that went into effect march 1st, the
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thursday is the fourth of americ w celeate independence there will be parties and parades, baseball games and fireworks. that war could not have been won without the continental army. and millions of men and women have fought for her athe army e
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since. david martin got to see a play. >> reporter: it begins at pearl harbor. john finn fighting off japanese dog bombers on the day of infamy. dog bombers for which he would receive the medal of honor. >> i'm mad as hell. i wasn't being courageous. >> reporter: the actor, best known for his role in "avatar," portrays eight medal of honor recipie recipients, in the one-man play, "glory." >> these are stories that people might otherwise tell them. >> like that of james stockdale,
3:50 am
who was unknown to many americans until he tried to introduce himself in a nationally televised debate. >> who am i? why am i here? you say george stockdale, they think of a man who ran for vice president on the ticket with ross perot in 1992. they look at a debate when stockdale looks like a deer in headlights. >> i spent the next 7 1/2 years of a prisoner of war. >> 15 times, which his body will be pulled in every time you get
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the verge of cracking. there was no battlefield termation to see it through. >> it's a question of sucking um and holding on. it was going to hurt. >> day after day? >> day after day. knowing it will be in sight. >> the stories changed with one man. >> the fact that you're asked to be there. to do stuff that no soldier should have to do it. that's why it's the medal of honor. if you didn't do it, nobody will hold it against >> rr: pered
3:52 am
hureds of t country. >> i never could have anticipated this play would give me what it's given me. >> for him, the best parthe show is what happens afterwards in the lobby. >> thank you. you're great for your country. >> the appreciation i get back, from theatergoers, men and women, they're the most energizing things in the world. >> until they saw the play, some had no idea how long it's taken the carriage to american our
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citizens. >> the wrong to vote, inoue was the 42nd regiment, of janua japanese-american medicals. that was the highest arability of any unit in the united states armed forces. >> reporter: last arm with a grenade. >> i picked up something with a guest. i was wounded in the legs this time. they wanted to evacuate me. i said, no, no, no. because of his japanese heritage and the racism of world war ii, in did not receive the medal of
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honor until
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report your crime to today. here's a question for you -- how long would you walk for a good doughnut? chip reed has the story of one traveling bear's epic journey. >> the saga of mink the bear are well-known to tv showers in new hampshire. >> reporter: the story happened a few years ago, the cubs looks
3:58 am
for someone's prth. >> after a public outcry, the sentence was xhcommuted. this time, mink was rele kated hundreds of miles away. her praking dollar shows her path that finally brought her back home. we visited the nearby killembear shotted. ben kill 'em and has been releasing orphaned bear cubs for 20 years. >> i knew she was trying to return. a bear's home range is much smarter than they think. >> they recognize their own image. >> that's self-awareness. >> he ufshlly takes in eight
3:59 am
cubs a year, due to the food shortage that caused the mommas never returned to their cubs. ooze for me, this time, she doesn't appear to be causing problems. that's because they are following a few bears out for bears. >> don't put your bear wants there. >> reporter: no one wants that p thank you reid, hanover, new hampshire. >> we have krispy kreme at the honor. that's the overnight news for this tuesday. for others, that was "the cbs morning news." from the blast calendar in new york, i'm melg oliver.
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captioning funded by cbs it's tuesday, july 2nd, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." playing with fire. president trump is putting pressure on iran after iran breaches a nuclear deal. border control agents accused. an offensive facebook page is discovered and reports of abuse at a facility. >> these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out oft toilet. and hong kong cleanup. violent protests leave a mark and a message. >


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