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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 6, 2019 4:00am-5:59am PDT

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desk. >> we'll be right back. >> reporter: the 7.1 came one day after thursday's 6.4 jolt which was the largest earthquake to hit california in two decades. that quake, turning life into chaos without warning, turned out to be a foreshock. good morning. it is july 6th, 2019. but this is what's left behind. the region was just starting to welcome to "cbs this morning: clean up like the volunteers at saturda saturday". breaking overnight, southern the ridgecrest library, picking california is shaken again, this up thousands of books that fell from the stacks. time by an earthquake even more >> we're just so thankful it was powerful than the one on the closed. can you imagine those books fourth of july. a 7.1 quake felt throughout falling on some poor kid or the state, but the place hit hardest was the one struck by elderly person? thursday's shock waves. >> reporter: the library was aftershocks are still being felt closed last night when the this morning. second quake hit. we're on the ground surveying the latest damage and explain you see the shaking inside this what is likely to come next. laundromat and venice store. we talked to the store's owner. alaska baked. how much do you think you lost we'll show you what's behind urae. honesh y fromster to tod this arctic heatwave and how it could affect the weather where
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you live. lingering question. president trump promises to put hquakeof course. >> you ge a question on the 2020 sepsis. evenit dsn't cover the they say the question is contents of your home. discriminatory. >> and a new super team forms in the damage is going to cost a lot to the store and to the community. the good news is there are no the nba. reports of injuries or deaths, the los angeles clippers land but the aftershocks con and finals mvp kawhi leonard. seismologists say the the most prized free agent on probability of another strong one occurring over the next few the mortgage. days is very high. but first we begin this jericka in. >> wow. that's so scary. morning with a look at today's to give you an idea, here's a "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. look at the roller coaster at >> oh, my gosh. >> we felt a strong quake. the new york new york hotel we need to get under the desk. casino on the las vegas strip. >> how are they able to continue it was shaking. you guys can see that right to play baseball. >> a powerful earthquake struck there. southern california. >> one day after a 6.4 hit the >> the overnight summer league same airy. >> authorities reporting had to be postponed. there were concerns that the arena may have become multiple injuries. >> in alaska, record dry weather structurally unsound. the game was sold out as anxious all across the state. >> this has been beastly. fans were awaiting the debut of >> so we're working on a lot of new orleans pelicans rookie zio
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things including an executive order. >> the trump administration is moving ahead to get a question on the 2020 census. calmly left the arena, but still. the supreme court has blocked it >> there's so much uncertainty. >> a lot of frayed nerves in for now. california right now, which is >> an explosion at a college why it's a good idea to have a dorm in reno, zosososonevada.xp plan. no matter where you are, talk about what you're dpoung do if oprten something happens. >> especially when tla say it's going to continue. ear about a hospital. >> prince archie will be christened today. >> no problem for a hungry black bear. >> my god. >> for those competing at wimbledon, this isn't probably how they wanted to cool off. >> -- and all that matters -- >> the u.s. women's soccer team will try to win on sunday when they take on the netherlands. >> i want it really, really bad. >> -- on "cbs this morning: unique program where doctors-to-be learn about saturday". medicine and more at the local
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a superstar in the making. zoo. and later -- >> reporter: as the cyclone 15-year-old coco gauff moving to roller coaster here at the coney the round of 16. island rushes forwarding we're >> beyonce's mom posted me on going to take a look back at the history of amusement parks instagram. i hope she told her daughter around the world. about me because i would love to attend her concert. captioning funded by cbs wow! it's fun to see the joy that that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. coco plays with. >> it's fantastic. it's a sit-up, banana! >> and she's sharing with bend at the waist! everybody. i'm tryin'! >> by the way, that invitation keep it up. you'll get there. had better be coming. whoa-hoa-hoa! come on, beyonce. 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. get on it. welcome to the weekend, ensure max protein. everyone. i'm jeff glor along with dana seventh generation gets the laundry detergent from plants, jacobson and jericka duncan. not petroleum. and this stuff beets stains. michelle miller has the day off. its kind of a big dill. jericka, welcome. >> thank you. this morning we're going to it squashes sixty of your toughest stains. take a look at a wild ride with seventh generation. powered by plants amusement parks past and present. did you know amusement parks have existed in one form or another for almost a millennium.
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of los angeles. text track to 50334 the quake also caused injuries, for our migraine tracker, sparked fires, and closed then talk to your doctor. roadways. and this roller coaster on the las vegas strip could be seen swaying from the shock waves as passengers onboard made their way to the top of a 180-foot -- can you being on that as the earthquake was going on. >> it was centered in the mohave moms love that land o' frost premium sliced meats have no by-products. desert near the town of ridgecrest, which is still recovering from a 6.4 quake that [conference phone] baloney! [conference phone] has joined the call. hey baloney here. i thought this was a no by-products call? happened on the fourth of july. land o' frost premium. a slice above. carter evans begins our coverage. what are you seeing and what are you feeling? >> we're feeling a lot of shaking and seeing a lot of damage. this is what it looks like. the violent quake littered the aisles. take a look over here. you can see all these wine bottles strewn all over the floor. it's scenes like this that are playing throughout the region. >> a lot of wine came down. you can see it's allro g a is e
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>> reporter: convenience store owner tony abdullatif had just finished cleaning up his convenience store in ridgecrest when it was destroyed yet again by a violent earthquake. >> i would say it's much more. >> we definitely have an earthquake going on. >> reporter: the quake struck at it takes a minimum of eight 8:19 last night. it rattled dodger stadium while years of higher education before a student can call himself or the home team took on the zaid herself a medical doctor. in that time they learn everything about the human body. but what about things nonhuman. padres. our colleagues at kcbs were what can they teach future caught off guard once again by the shaking. m.d.s? and how does the environment this time they were live on air. affect human health? >> the car moved very strong in boston a select group of like that. and my house, everything -- harvard medical students is getting answers to those >> i've been here for 28 years, questions, expanding their education by taking a trip to and this is the worst. >> from northern california to the zoo.
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these are not the patients the thomas and mack center in annabelle anandappa had in mind las vegas where where a summer when she first came to harvard league game was postponed. medical school, but they are the ones she's caring for in her there was structural damage and final weeks before graduation. road closures. you were taking blood today from seismologist lucy jones says there have been more than a an iguana. thousand smaller quakes since a that can't be the same as taking blood from a baby, let's say. 6.4 magnitude earthquake rattled >> completely different. the same region on independence >> what has the last month been like for you? day. that's now considered a >> it's been an incredible foreshock to the much larger experience, just the amount of quake last night, the largest to variety i've encountered with shake the region in two decades. the number of cases that we've well, so far there are no seen. reports of serious injuries or it's given me a whole new deaths. perspective on the practice of the governor has declared a state of emergency, and search medicine. >> reporter: anandappa is part and rescue teams are going of a collaborative program through the city. they're looking for anyone that between harvard medical school might have been injured of and the franklin park zoo called trapped. the damage assessments are going one health. to be pouring in throughout the day. it allows med students to do a vednary rotation during their final year of school, leaving the comfort of the classroom for the seismologist says there's a the wild of the zoo. >> it was such a unique way to very good chance we could feel be able to learn about medicine
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to apply what i have learned aftershocks like 5.2 or 5.6 and about human medicine, but in a there's a bigger chance of completely different context. system of the more satisfying having an earthquake bigger than last night. cases that i've gotten to work >> everybody thought the 6.4 was on have been those that are sort the big one and now that turns of common medical illnesses that out that was the foresnook as we deal with in patients. carter mentions, there's a >> it's been interesting. chance here, probabilities >> reporter: franklin park zoo change depending on who you talk vice president of animal health to, a 20% chance or 5% to 10% and conservation dr. eric baitchman and harvard pathology chance of another quake being bigger than the previous one. professor dr. rick mitchell run >> if you're in ridgecrest, you the program. why do you need to care about don't care. you just want a break. all three. >> all three are inter-related >> it does so much damage in a short amount of time. with each other and int >> and they say the chances of a big one happening are 100%. interdependent on each other. healthy people and animals depend on a healthy ecosystem, we want to go from and a healthy eco system is a earthquakes to extreme heat as richness of species and a temperatures are expected to lime in the 80s in alaska today. maintenance of biodiversity, and that's a slight dip from the that helps us to be healthy as record-breaking 90 degrees that made lakes and ponds a go-to well. >> reporter: while comparative medicine is nothing new, destination and broke records in anchorage and two other cities baitchman says a formal program on the fourth of july.
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in the plains and all the way to like one health might never have the northeast, the story is rain and thunderstorms. started if not for a former meteorologist jeff berardelli has more on the nation's harvard medical student. weather. good morning. >> good morning, ebb. that student, dr. gilad evrony. the big story is the heat. not record-breaking heat in >> what was his initial parts of the southeast. reaction? >> without even hesitating, he we talk about the threat for showers and storms, and so there said yes. will be a line of severe weather he was very excited about it. >> i had already been thinking in the northeast. about how to build such a we'll show you that on future program and so it was perfect radar. it will start in buffalo and timing that he would contact me. >> what did you think when you burlington, vermont, new york to got a call from eric, hey, why boston, all the way down to philadelphia and washington, don't you send some harvard d.c. watch out for hail. medical students over here? strong wind gusts, obviously >> we thought this sounded heavy wind gusts as well. the bigger story, the heat in the east and southeast. great. about 100 to 105 degrees. this sounded like exactly the sort of mind-expanding it will get worse. it feels like 105 in houston on experiences the medical students could really benefit from. sunday. >> reporter: students like on monday, 106 is the feels-like evrony, now an assistant temperature in pensacola, 100 in professor of pediatrics and dallas. let's show you what's happening neuroscience at nyu.
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across the united states and although he admits he was. pull out to the pacific ocean. talk about a convoluted jet thinking quite so broadly when he asked about spending time amthis is what's causing this with the zoo vets. major heatwave in alaska. >> i had no -- big expectations we have a record-breaking heat other than just to explore my ridge. with we got to 90 a couple of curiosity and to have a chance to speak to veterinary docks. days ago in anchorage. what's amazing is we could talk this is a heatwave on steroids. about complex cases. let's show you how hot it's >> that was just the beginning. going to be today. being at the zoo and spending a lot of folks once again above time there, what impact has that that 80-degree mark today. had on yu as a doctor? it looks like it may even be hotter tomorrow with high >> i find myself thinking temperatures in fairbanks somewhere around 90 degrees. outside the box. it's just amazing. it's been over 80 five days in a row in anchorage. that breaks a summer record. this gentle approach of gradually gaining trust of your we're barely at the beginning of patient, that was something i summer. >> when you think alaska, you learned from the veterinarians and from the animals i worked don't think heatwave. >> you don't. >> why is this happening? with. >> reporter: as for the newly >> water temperaturesre 10 to graduated dr. annabelle 18 degrees above average. anandappa -- >> so your future as a doctor, why are you better served by arctic ice, since 1979, it has knowing more than just the human
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melted by 50% the arctic sea body? >> it's important to view the ice. this is a thermostat for the rest of the earth. patient/doctor relationship in a larger framework. in medical school we learn about so when that changes fundamen l fundamental a person's living conditions, fundamentally, it changes steering patterns all over the their income, their occupation world and spikes extreme all impacts their health. weather. it takes an ordinary event and one hecht is just an additional dimension to that. makes it an extra yoordinary i think that that serves everyone better. >> reporter: all things harvard medical school alone may not have been able to teach. event. >> what does it mean for us? >> in the teaching hospitals at >> it has a cascading effect. harvard medical school, they have every possible test, every possible piece of equipment, if you change something every consultant that you could fundamentally in the ocean, it kind of runs downstream and can possibly imagine. here they don't. the animals can't tell them cause these basins in the jet stream. we have that right now. >> this is all the climate what's wrong. they have to use clinical change that you keep talking to inta'uings and skills at their us about. >> yep. and it's happening fast. finger tips to figure out what's >> thanks very much. president trump says he e's going on. that's really valuable. works on a way to by pass the >> is one health creating better supreme court ruling and add a doctors? >> potentially i think it really citizenship question to the 2020 is. whether they're working this
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their own community or around census. the justice department is still the globe, they'll think looking for a legal way to differently about the health of include the question on the their patients and put it in the survey. mr. trump is spending the weekend at his golf resort in context of the health of the bedminster, new jersey. environment. >> this as far as we can tell is the only program affiliated with and nikole killion is traveling with the president. a zoo that a medical school is doing between harvard and good morning. boston's zoo. >> good morning. he has several options at his >> it's so interesting. not everything is textbook. disposal including an executive >> it's important to point out, order. as he left the white house for of, you have tests but what his new jersey golf club president trump set off a new controversy over the 2020 happens when you use these other senses and make that connection. census. >> we're spending $15 billion to they're learning it because animals conditional speak and $20 billion on a census, and tell them something like that. you're not allowed to ask them >> a lot of benefits to it. are you a citizen. that inch you, dana. >> reporter: the president zoos are busy places this confirmed he's considering an time of yearing and so are the executive order to include a inauguration's amusement parks. question on citizenship after the supreme court blocked the administration from doing it both may seem like thoroughly last month, and that's not the modern creations, but in other only idea under consideration. >> we can start the printing now forms they've existed for and maybe do an addendum after centuries. we'll look at their surprising we get a positive decision. history next. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
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>> reporter: friday the justice department told a federal judge it's coming to look for legal grounds, but earlier this week the agency along with the commerce department indicated it >> announcer: this portion sponsored by toyota. let's go places. would move forward without the question. printing has already started on the government survey, taken ♪ every ten years, to determine graham? everything from federal funding ♪ to seats in congress. >> you need it for appropriations. ♪ where are the funds going? how many people are there? are they citizens? are they not citizens? that's my daughter! >> reporter: opponents say the hey. dad. what an incredible set! citizenship question is being used as a political tool. love the wig. the greater than ever corolla. >> if we don't take it, we're let's go places. going to lose a lot of support time of yearing and so are the in our communities and our >> announcer: this portion regions. >> reporter: immigrant advocates also rallied in washington friday with calls to abolish i.c.e. >> this administration is attacking and destroying our families. >> reporter: the president said deportation roundups would start fairly soon to remove undocumented immigrants that i don't call them raids. i say they came in illegally and
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we're bringing them out legally. >> reporter: he also defended conditions at migrant detention centers along the southern border following an internal watchdog report that described a a lot will happen in your life. ticking time bomb at some facilities including wrinkles just won't. overcrowding and a lack of hot meals. >> i've seen some of those neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's places, and they're run derm-proven retinol works so fast, beautifully. they're clean, they're good, and they do a great job. it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. >> reporter: all of this comes as a second secret facebook making wrinkles look group made up of customs and so last week. rapid wrinkle repair® border protection employees have pair with new retinol oil been uncovered. for 2x the wrinkle fighting power. president trump says he hasn't neutrogena® seen it. cbp says it's investigatele. former vice president joe biden and california senator kamala harris were back together for the first time since they were sparring at the democratic debate. the presidential hopefuls now both say they oppose federally mandated bussing.
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at an education forum in houston friday the two described the qualifications they're looking to see in an education secretary. >> i promise you that the person who is nominated will be someone and your mother told me all her life that i should fix it. who comes from public schools. >> reporter: in an interview and now it reminds me of her. friday, biden admitted harris's i'm just glad i never fixed it. pointed attack caught him off listen, you don't need to go anywhere dad. guard since she knew his late son beau. he also said he would welcome meet christine, she's going to help you around the house. the possibility of having a the best home to be in is your own. female running mate, but did not from personal care and memory care, mention harris by name. to help around the house, home instead offers personalized in-home services for your loved ones. home instead senior care. that interview biden had on to us, it's personal. friday beyond just talking about kamala harris, he turned to president trump. president trump was called a bully. talked about nato. is this a smart turn for him? >> the former vice president has always focused on being the best person to take on donald trump. so he's very much been waging a
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general election campaign from the very beginning, but what he's starting to realize and figure out is he has to get through the primaries first and all of his opponents are sensing weakness in hum and they saw some of that in the debate and we saw that in voters we talked to on the ground. they like joe biden, they appreciate that he's in this welco disneyland is your land. race, but there is a soft support for him, which means >> that is walt disney on july these voters are looking and 17, 1955, opening day at interested in other candidates as well. >> but this is interesting. disneyland. the success of the southern the debate, you watch it. california park helped launch the modern theme park industry, you think there's this big but the concept of the amusement divide but then you see they're park dates back centuries. the story is detailed in the new both opposed to mandated book, "the amusement park: 900 bussing. >> right. this is something kamala harris is going to have to come up with years of thrills and spills and an answer to. she's talking about this and the dreamers and schemers who used the debate as a moment to break through, but now it's the built them" by steve silverman. followup on policy. i think these two really reflect don dahler joined the author to different angles within the hear about that wild ride. why do you think we love these democratic party right now. you have joe biden running a roller coasters so much? >> it's the speed.
4:17 am
traditional campaign and kamala it's the challenge. it's thevi harris with a newer way. >> i want to go back to the u.s. >> census. you hear the president saying this is about congressional wooooo. >> reporter: those stomach-turning drops and districting and they need this heart-pounding twists and turns for political reasons. have been woven into one of people have been watching this america's favorite pastimes for decades. all week. the supreme court said you can't do this and now here we are >> why a book about amusement again. where does it stand? >> originally the supreme court parks? have you always loved them? >> yes. >> reporter: where most find dismissed this saying it was thrill in the dips and dives of contrived. they used the voting rights act these rides, author stephen mchl to support their case and said it was contrived, kicking it silverman finds excitement in their history. back to the white house and kind of opening it out to come back how old is this business? with something else. the question is can they make a >> the 12th century, 1133. compelling argument. you heard the president talk bartholomew fair in england. about redistricting, which is a but the oldest one in the world political issue, but the is why today is in denmark and it's the census is so important. it has to do with representation more than 400 years old. in congress, how billions of it's called bakken. dollars in federal funds are >>nd a it's still operating? allocated, and right now the >> it's still operating. census helps us determine how >> to survive an amusement park
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these districts are drawn based it has to keep offering on overall population, not on something new. >> reporter: a sales tactic who is a citizen. that's what opponents of the discovered early on by the president's actions here are so-called greatest showman p.t. really concerned about, underrepresenting everybody barnum. >> he created advertisement. here. he said, i have a fiji mermaid. >> but the deadline passed yesterday now. >> right. and the president has been it was a dead fish with a asking them to hold off and to pause. monkey's head sewn on. i think the bottom line here is the president wants to be he would tiez it. it was a bare-breasted beautiful appearing to show he's going to fight this to the end because mermaid. this is something that could >> taking liberties with the advertising. very much advantage him. >> not what you got to see >> saying it could be an add-on, inside. >> while barnum knew how to put add some later. >> katelyn, thank you very much. spectators on an emotional police in washington will be on alert today for possible roller coaster, it was catherine clashes between right wing groups and counterprotesters, the great who was credited for creating the first physical one holding demonstrations in the almost 60 years earlier. nation's capitol. >> she's the empress of roller a demand-free speech rally is coasters. they took it back with them to paris where they got the idea of planned for freedom plaza about adding wheels. a half mile from the white but it stayed in europe. house. natalie brand is live with a it didn't transfer over to the united states. preview of how police are the fell low who came up with it preparing for this. was a former garment
4:19 am
natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, jeff. manufacturer and tinkerer named we're already seeing an extremely heavy police presence lamarche hours before these rival rallies are expected to begin. t1884. police say they're planning for safe and peaceful demonstrations was desig old out here, but we know that they mine train. >> he introduced what was called will be fully prepare and the switchback railroad. staffed in case tensions do it only went six miles an hour escalate. that's what occurred last weekend in portland, oregon, as and only went 600 feet. clashes broke out between rallies by right wing groups and it was right here. >> reporter: right here in new counterprotesters. york city's coney island, home one of the groups involved in that demonstration, the to other amusement firsts. so-called proud boys, is expected to attend in d.c. and 90 years later coney island made history again with the introduction of an american today. the proud boys are banned from icon, the hot dog. facebook because of the company's policy regarding hate >> nathan's is famous, but it wasn't the original coney island speech. other speakers scheduled to speak include my low hot dog? >> no. yiannopoulos, and according to it was charles feldman who came the rally's website, former he
4:20 am
trump campaign adviser roger up with the recipe. stone who still remains under a but nathan worked for him and he gag order which actually blocks used to slice his buns. him from publicly discussing his ongoing legal case stemming from >> reporter: while coney island counsel robert mueller's investigation. is the birthplace of the across the street at pershing american amusement park, the 1893 chicago world's fair park is where we're expecting brought to life the pobltds of what a theme park could be. counterprotesters. their goal is to outnumber the >> for the first time they had a other protest and stop the dedicated fun zone. that was the real hit of the fair. that was what made the money for alt-right and white nationalism the fair and it was seen that from spreading. this could be transferred. the federal agencies are working so it was the chicago world's with local police to make sure fair that launched everything. everything stays calm and under control out here. >> reporter: everything including a larger-than-life jericka? >> natalie, thank you. hopefully no one gets hurt. never-seen-before ride considered to be the eighth wonder of the world. time to show you some other >> the ferris wheel in chicago stories happening this morning. was enormous and it wasn't until the utah police have discovered. a terrible storm had blown through the fairgrounds in chicago that people felt it was safe enough to ride. her body was found 85 miles >> reporter: grossing the equivalent of $20 million in north of salt lake. today's economy, the ferris last week they found human wheel made the chicago fair a success and created a new demand
4:21 am
tissue suspected to be her dna for amusement parks across the from the suspect's yard. country. but the boom was short-lived. detectives say cellphone records >> then came the depression. show the suspect was at the park everything went to hell. at the same time. after the war television came and nobody was interested in gog to then a guy who o the reno gazette journal his name was walt disney. he revolutionized everything. >> reporter: in 1955 disneyland opened to the public, only 6 1/2 reports a mechanical failure may have caused a pair of explosion miles away from the already at a university of a nevada established knott's berry farm. while that park took visitors back in time to the wild west, dorm. disneyland offered visitors eight people suffered injured. "the boston globe" reports something new, a glimpse into former new england patriots the future. >> it took a couple of decades linebacker tedy brewski is for them to really get the formula, but now amusement parks recovering in a massachusetts are part of our fabric. hospital this morning after >> where does the industry see suffering a second stroke. its future growth? the 46-year-old suffered the >> the american parks are going stroke thursday. his family says he immediately recognized the warning signs. gangbusters, especially disney and universal. for the first time they're he retired after the 2008 rivals. universal has harry potter. season. >> one of the good guys. i had a chance to work with him. disney has star wars. but also the six flag
4:22 am
percentages are doing very well. and the "los angeles times" >> reporter: as is the original reports nba finals mvp kawhi coney island. at the re-imagined luna park leonard is headed to the clippers. the california native joins which features thrill rides as clippers after spending last well as the old amusement park year with the toronto raptors. staple the carousel. the free agent made the decision after clippers acquired a second luma park b star. okc will get at least five draft . picks. >> but why have we always loved last month he helped the raptors them? >> well, they're standard he clinch their first nba title. he's the first in this new nba free agency area to leave and go says the keep to success is respecting the park's legacy. somewhere else. >> grandfathers, grandmothers >> you guys are the sports come here with their children, grandchildren and share the experts. how much will that affect the unique moment of the first drop raptors? >> it's huge. when you're about to fall at so many thought he was going to the lakers to join lebron and close to 60 miles an hour and anthony davis. seeing their faces. that didn't happen. clipper gave up four draft picks the grandchildren so proud to join the club. >> reporter: a club that makes to get him. >> it's crazy. us all feel like kids again. jericka, crazy. >> it's all to take us out of
4:23 am
>> a lot of money involved. it's about 22 minutes after whether your reality is grim, the hour. even a simple roller coaster. here's look at the weather for your weekend. when you're at the top going down, you're not thinking about paying the mortgage. >> that's very true. >> so true, so true. right? >> that was a lot of fun to watch. >> do you have a favorite? >> geauga lake. it was in cleveland, portage county. shout-out to all the clevelanders. it shut down in disrepair. can the american women win their fourth world cup then it turned into six flags. championship and their second in a row? we will take you to lyon, then geauga lake got it back. it no longer exists but it came france, for a preview of tomorrow's big game. back. >> mine is cedar point in plus a department in blue goes green. sandusky. we'll see how the nation's you had to go in a certain order. largest police force is buying the blue streak and then the hybrid vehicles. that doesn't mean they're demon drop and the gemini and sacrificing the speed and power of the traditional cruiser. the corkscrew in the mid tll. >> there's nothing like going to and later it wasn't the kind an amusement park with family or friends. it really does. of retweet some politicianens it takes you to a different place. >> it does. speaking of a dinner place, were expecting. the declaration is on display. we'll see how their own words up next we'll see where a rare
4:24 am
have been coming back to haunt copy of one of america's them, thanks to a daring band of dithisweek. >>t weekn "this activists. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." cing hit theig time with the premiere of formula e five years ago, but does it compete with the excitement of gas-powered racing? we'll get behind the wheel of these electric race cars and find out. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." what is it that dogs give teenagers? >> well, for starters, dogs don't judge, right? and teenagers spend a lot of time being judged. there are a lot of adults who don't like teenagers and teenagers know this. and even when they like them, we're often giving them feedback or encouraging them to grow. for teenagers, if they're feeling terrible about some quiz from last week, the dog isn't going to go, well, you maybe should have studied more. >> you're right about emotional and physical intimacy. >> all of us need that. for teenagers, those can be pretty complicated to come by. if you're upset as a teenager,
4:25 am
maybe you need a hug, but you're not going to always hug your parents. you may not be in a relationship where that makes sense. the dog is there, the cat is there to be hugged. often when i ask rom a long hard day if they're upset, they often tell me i get the cat and we get in bed or i roll around the floor with the dog. the research actually bears this out. we have a lot of research showing that contact with an animal does reduce stress. it lowers heart rate. it lowers blood pressure. animals are like a totally reliable cuddle buddy, right? and teenagers may be -- others need a reliable cuddle buddy. >>er er etcher found 30% of people between 15 and 21 says social media impacts how they're feeling. how does a pet play a role when you look at all the major influences right now that teens are faced with every day. >> when teenagers aren't being judged by adults, they're often
4:26 am
. judged by one another. amusement parks have been do you look good enough, is your around a lot longer than you social standing good enough p think. and, again, the pet doesn't we'll care. the pet doesn't care if you're cool. the pet doesn't care if you have pimples. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
4:27 am
what would you do? what do you think should be done right now? >> what i think should be done right now, a lot of these folks have relatives who live in the united states. we should immediately invest the resources to get them into the hands of family members who live before fireworks lit up the here or for the children, family sky some kicked off the holiday members or foster parents, on a quieter note. people who are willing to step one of the moment important up as they have been before and documents in american history a draft copy of the declaration of to take care of them, to get them into a loving home. independence handwritten by i also believe in the long run thomas jefferson was on display that we shouldn't be detaining here in new york. >> this is a document we bring families or children like this. out unusually, but we celebrate that's why i've called for the the fourth of july by showing to the public this fundamental repeal of a law that has allowed this trump administration to document of american liberty and american independence. incarcerate these children and >> reporter: in a rare showing then separate them from their this week the new york public little children. library displaced thomas we need to end that. in the long run, we need a 21st jefferson's original manuscript
4:28 am
of the declaration of independence. bill kelly oversees the presser century martial plan. evacuation of such documents at they're coming because they the library. can't find safety and >> jefferson had drafted a opportunity in their home version of the declaration that country. we need to partner with the congressional committee and honduras, el salvador, the congress edited. >> reporter: omitted from the guatemala, so people can find final version was jefferson's safety at home instead of having to come to this country to try stance on the institution of to find it. slavery. >> jefferson was a slave holder, >> you're in favor of decriminalizing border was strongly opposed to freeing crossings. if you do that, how do you still have a secure border? individual slaves. >> two thing. what he wanted was to eliminate number one, decriminalizinging it's still part of a court slavery as an institution and process but it's a civil deport the slaves who were process. that's the way we did it from currently new state. the 1920s to about 2004. one of the reasons wanted it out it's not something radical. that's the way we used to do it. was it was so contradictory. secondly, we have miles of >> reporter: the library acquired the manuscript at fencing, personnel, planes, auction in 1996. helicopters, security cameras, when not on display, it's kept guns, boats. we have a border that is being in a vault to preserve its secured, and we can maintain condition. the library received thousands security, but what we ought to of visitors this week to catch a do use compassion and common glimpse of american history. sense and not cruelty. among those was medal of honoree sip yenlt david bell a via.
4:29 am
>> to me what i defended was the constitution of the united states. and this declaration was really the precursor to getting that fundamental document that we all swear an oath to. it's a very special moment as a soldier to see the document that started the making of the united states. >> reporter: the historic manuscript is back in its vault for now but will be on permanent display beginning in november of 2020. so they're building a special case so it can be out a little bit longer. but, man, maryann keen was a producer on this and she got to see it. she said to get up close, you don't think you're going to get emotional. you're like, okaying, i know it's coming, but there's this kind of quietness when you're observing it. >> an actual piece of history. it's different. >> one of four still left in terms of the draft. >> so cool. >> yeah. time now to take look at the weather for your weekend.
4:30 am
. 15-year-old coco gauff continued her stunning win after i'm pretty sure that seafood will be on the menu at plenty of maintaining a remarkable gatherings this weekend. comeback. no one knows it better than this she saved two match points in a third generation lobster man from maine who's brought the victory over hertzog of taste of his home state to the slovenia. in the first round you may world. we'll meet luke holden next on remember she upset five-time champion venus williams. "the dish." you're watching "cbs this she became the youngest player to qualify for wimbledon in an morning: saturday." this is mia. era and the youngest to match since 1991. gauff advances to fourth round to face seemona halllif on monday. i feel old saying that.
4:31 am
>> right? >> to think she was ranked 213. this is mia's pulse. with pressure rising, and racing. this is also mia's pulse. >> one more ahead. that her doctor keeps in check, with one day until the so she can find balance. women's world cup anticipation this is mia's pulse, and now it's more stable than ever. is a building. with 24 goals so far, team usa this is what medicare from blue cross blue shield does for mia. has already set a record. along the way it's earned and with over 80 years of healthcare expertise, admiration and some criticism. imagine what we can do for you. roxana saberi is in lyon, this is the benefit of blue. france, where the game between the reigning world champions and the relative newcomers will kick with moderate to severe ulceratiyour plans... crohn's, can change in minutes. off. good morning. >> good morning, jericka. your head wants to do one thing... nearly 60,000 people are but your gut says not today. expected to watch the show down if your current treatment isn't working... here tomorrow. many of them are dressed in red, ask your doctor about entyvio®. why, and blue. entyvio® acts specifically in the gi tract, to prevent an excess of white blood cells from the streets to the stadium, from entering and causing damaging inflammation.
4:32 am
tens of thousands of american entyvio® has helped many patients achieve fans have cheered their way long-term relief and remission. across france to see team usa infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen play and win. during or after treatment. kelly rosen felt is from entyvio® may increase risk of infection, cincinnati. which can be serious. >> because i play soccer and i think it's more interesting than pml, a rare, serious, watching the men. potentially fatal brain infection caused by a virus may be possible. >>ry really. tell your doctor if you have an infection why? experience frequent infections >> because of the fans. >> they'll make soccer history by taking home a fourth trophy. ask dtor ouonlyflu-like -focioyvio® or s >> if we can obtain the trophy, just for ulcerative colitis and crohn's. it will be a big thing for the u.s. entyvio®. >> first they have to defeat one relief and remission more team, the netherlands. within reach. this is only their second time at the tournament. but u.s. defender kelly o'hare ha says she is taking them seriously. >> do you think you're underestimating the netherlands? >> i don't think we underestimate anybody. >> as they warm up, its players are juggling questions on the has me feeling super healthy. my new beneful superfood blend sidelines about whether their with salmon, cranberries... goal celebrations have been over ...oh, but we are not done yet! here comes superfood wet with beef, salmon, and pumpkin.
4:33 am
the top. >> i don't think we'll be it's like a superfood sundae. deterred by a couple ofnas.>> at on a monday. (avo) new beneful superfood blend dry and wet recipes. white house. alex morgan is one of at least three players who said she will i actually don't even know what that is! is your body wash gentle on your microbiome? not. >> will that be made as a team it's your skin's living protective layer. a barrier. or individuals? >> i can't say 100%, but this so, we do have to protect it. team is very close, and decisio now dove discovered its moisturizing formula cleanses without stripping skin's microbiome. dove body wash. microbiome gentle. softer, smoother skin. >> the team's candor on controversial topics is one reason they've made headlines in the u.s. and abroad says grant wall, a senior writer with sports illustrated. >> they have opinions and they're not afraid to share those opinions, and i think that's part of their appeal. >> reporter: and so is their talent on the field, of course. if the u.s. wins here tomorrow, it will join germany as the only teams to win this tournament twice in a row. jeff? >> okay, roxana. thank you very much. >> i'm excited. >> i know. you covered this four years ago, right? >> i was on the road with them for almost a month. seafoo attractions. they won, 5-2.
4:34 am
carli lloyd as you recall did a luke holden grew up in maine, a hat trick and scored three goals. yes, go team usa. lobster man who started learning >> so the netherlands is ranked the trade at the age of 13. after college he worked as an investment banker on wall street third in the world. >> keep it going. but saw the opportunity to bring >> we'll see. for months it was a mystery. no one could figure out who was lobster to new york city. >> i remember when luke's lobster first opened here in new behind a sub versus ad campaign york city. it was a big hit. now with nearly 40 locations targeting politicians and using across the u.s. and still more their own words against them. in japan and taiwan and their now these provok tears are known latest and largest location open and being celebrated. but first here's look at the in portland, maine, earlier this weather for your weekend. month. luke holden, good morning and welcome to "the dish." >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> was the upper west side the first spot? >> east village. >> east village. when you think back on those days, what do you think about. >> it was wild. i was an investment banker. i got in early morning to help it was both irreverent and influential. still ahead, we'll look back at set up and got back the my desk.
4:35 am
seven decades of "mad magazine" it was crickets. i was after word that it's about to disappear from newsstands. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." ther back up to maine. ♪ theyol 400 lobster from new love. ♪ rolls. >> you've got to point out to life long friends. everything we have in the ♪ spread. please let us know what we're moments together call for america's family favorite. about to eat. >> we have our traditional maine ♪ lipton®. live alive. lobster rolls, new england feed with potatoes, oysters, crabs, clam chowder, crab cake and authentic blew berry maine pie. lipton®. >> what's the drink. >> spritz and giggles. jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill puree with fresh lessen juice that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; and sparkling wine. >> spritz and giggles. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> cheers. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor >> was this really a side prj project for you, you know, maybe or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. let me give this a try. >> yeah, it really was. so i got the opportunity to grow the most serious side effects are angioedema, up in a fishing family on the low blood pressure, kidney problems, back of boats in production
4:36 am
or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. facilities, third generation where to next? lobstermen. built a boat in high school. my younger brother was my the best way to hit the beach? with neutrogena® beach defense® sunscreen. sternman. i absolutely love the industry and being a part of it. helioplex® powered, when i went to my dad back in uva, uvb strong. the summer f 2009, i said, hey, beach strength protection for the whole family. dad, there's no great lobster for the best day in the sun. rolls in new york, what do you neutrogena®. think about teaming up to open up a shack. the no added hormones in land o' frost he's like, what is it going to premium sliced meats have moms buying in. take? >> money. in bulk. >> i said, i think $30,000. >> today when you think about boom! $30,000 and then you found your what a beefsteak. gotta love it. partner on craigslist? land o' frost premium. a slice above. >> we started at the height of the recession, and that was -- that afforded us some opportunities. canwhile totally relaxed? ce, we've got some of the great leaders of our organization can you feel the pull of gravity, today and they were with us on as you easily climb upward? day one and they took a flyer on can you feel like you don't have a care in the world, a restaurant brand, a lobster roll shack, because of the while your entire world is taken care of? economic conditions. they needed a job. >> can i go back to the you can, when you're free. craigslist? you found your partner on the 2019 jeep grand cherokee. craigslist. >> literally it said something
4:37 am
like opening up a maine-style hurry in to the 4th of july sales event and get $500 lobster shack. need a can-do attitude. additional bonus cash on select models. visit experience not necessary. do you want to join. i got 500 or 600 applicants. my partner is a brilliant guy, just graduated from yale. we flew him up to maine. i said to my dad, yeah, this guy is clearly sparter than you are. he seems very honest and very lookor to other n... oh, no, just a bag. hard-working. let's give it a go. train insane, or remain the same. >> this is so delicious. phew! what makes it go? we'll never totally figure them out. >> we work directly with but we do know what makes them happy. meow mix. cooperatives and fishermen. we bring it directly to our forty years and still the only one cats ask for by name. facility in maine and ship it all across the world. work is really rewarding...ker. half the business is 40 restaurants we own and manage ...and brutal on my skin... and other partners are partners ...but knowing how i earned all that dirt... pretty empowering. like whole foods. when i get home, the first thing... ...i have to do is use the dove beauty bar... get rid of all the junk. in 2018 we got the supply e of it helps me retain my... ...natural beauty by making it... the year, which we're super ...soft and nourished and clean. proud of. >> you brought that into your and then on the weekend... business experience. ...i get to dress up. it's a combination of the as a woman ironworker,
4:38 am
i feel like i can do anything, worlds, right? i can conquer the world. >> it's been super meaningful i feel both strong... for us. often the concept of fishermen ...and beautiful at the same time. dove cleans and cares beautifully. and dealer and processor, there's always friction. it's always like who's out to get who. and we've been able to snap a much bigger line, build transparency and trust in those 've been abl irease boatesult, price and offer more value to our fishermen and get better quality seafood. >> i'd ask you to sign the dish and ask you if you could have this meal with anyone, who wouldet be? >> i just recently became a father. >> congratulations that thank you. i've been watching my parents this fourth of july weekend, absolutely adore my daughter, i the country we broke away from think if i could do it with one is struggling with its own independence issues, meal, i'd do it with all four of specifically how to leave the european union. my grandparents is that thank three years after the brexit vote, britain is no closer to you so much. agreeing to a deal on how to if you want to know more, leave the eu. >> a group of four campaigners head to our website, in london has taken it upon up next the teskey brothers themselves to launch a passionate plea to remain in bring you a sound out of
4:39 am
europe shining a very public australia. they've been playing since their teenage years. spotlight on the politicians who hear it right here at studio 57 promised brexit would be easy. next. this is "cbs this morning" saturday. debora patta has more. >> reporter: it may not look can you actually love like the setting for a hotbed of wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! revolutionary activity, but this neutrogena® ultra sheer. innocuous london pub was exactly no other sunscreen works better where an audacious guerrilla or feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable campaign was born. >> nobody is going back to those uva/uvb protection politicians and saying, hang on, to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer in june 2016 you promised this. all with a clean light feel. you said, we hold all the cards. for unbeatable protection. you said we've got the european it's the one. union over a barrel. the best for your skin. >> reporter: brexit has already ultra sheer®. sunk two prime ministers, thrown neutrogena®. see what's possible. favorable european trade deals into uncertainty, and left a so nice to meet you june, jay, ji, kay, raj, and...ray! nation bitterly divided. good job, brain! and yet three years after the uk say hello to neuriva, a new brain supplement voted to leave the eu, it is with clinically proven ingredients still no closer to an agreed that fuel five indicators of brain performance. exit plan despite the looming neuriva. october departure game. as james, ollie, ben, and will stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate i switched to miralax for my constipation. the nerves in your colon. drown their brexit sorrows, a miralax works with the water in your simple plan was hatched. body to unblock your system naturally.
4:40 am
why not throw politicians' own and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. words back at them. >> the day after we were about to leave, we hold all the cards. miralax. look for the pink cap. >> reporter: the idea was to my copd medicine... emblazon the quotes on huge ...that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. public billboards. the only problem was they had no idea how to do it. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment . >> the first night we came out and did it was a bit of a ♪trelegy. ♪the power of 1-2-3. disast disaster. we didn't have the right tools. ♪trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy. we didn't have the right paste and the right thickness. with trelegy and the power of 1 2 3, >> billboards rounded off with i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... their now infamous tag li ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a line #ledbydonkeys. rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, but nobody was laughing when pneumonia, and osteoporosis. their amateur billboards turned call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, into a nationwide phenomenon. mouth or tongue swelling ...problems urinating, vision changes, as one million people marched in or eye pain occur. london earlier this year think your copd medicine is doing enough? demanding a second referendum on maybe you should think again. ask your doctor about
4:41 am
brexit led by donkeys found once-daily trelegy and the power of 1 2 3. themselves hiring helicopters. ♪trelegy 1-2-3 >> we're like, can we get a drone? oh, no. save at you can't fly drones during this protest, and we're like can we get a helicopter? we googled and the first answer for helicopter was 5,000 pounds. >> yeah. it was singularly the most ♪trelegy 1-2-3 stressful thing. it gave us the greatest return. train insane, or remain the same. >> reporter: the banner became the defining moment of the day. phew! we'll never totally figure them out. but we do know what makes them happy. now funded by online donations and no longer stealing ad space, meow mix. forty years and still the only one cats ask for by name. the group has revealed their identities and have upped their game with projections in brussels and poking fun at in r international visitors. it's empowering, isn't it? >> suddenly these quotes, these promises, that were made before the referendum became a fundamental part of the debate, and i would like to think it's because we sat here frustrated,
4:42 am
printed out a poster, slapped it up on a billboard with some cheap wallpaper paste. starring in our "saturday >> reporter: as for the future -- >> i'm don't feel in our heart of hearts we're going to leave sessions," the teskey brothers. the european union in october. the soul-blues band was founded >> reporter: while staying in the eu might be unlikely at this by brothers josh and sam teskey stage, it wouldn't be the in 2008. they started out by busking and craziest thing to happen in british politics over the past playing parties in melbourne, three years. for "cbs this morning: saturday," debora patta, london. australia. since then they've maintained a do-it-yourself attitude toward making music by self-producing >> we'll have to see what actually happens. >> the old police cruiser is their 2017 debut. they're following it up with getting a modern makeover. their next release "run home up next we'll ride along as slow" due out next month. these new cars are put to the test. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." now "man of the universe" ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
4:43 am
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ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at ♪ i don't want no country to call my own i don't need one place to call my home ♪ ♪ there ain't no place or people that are better or worse i'm a man of the universe ♪ ♪ i don't want no country to call my own i don't need one place to call my home ♪ ♪ there ain't no one place or people that are better or worse this morning we're going i'm a man of the universe behind the wheel of one of the newest cruisers in the new york i'm a man of the universe city police department. the department is the first among the country to get i'm a man of the universe ♪ brd-new hbuilt ly as lice c ♪ yeah rks , yeah, yeah ♪ the nyp tsle becomeor hybrid within the
4:46 am
♪ i don't need years. kris van cleave took a test describe and shows us how blue goes green. i don't need no one place >> reporter: it sure sounds like your typical police car and drives like one too. but this ford fusion-based trying to roam around police responder sedan could be yeah, yeah, yeah a game-changer. it's the first true hybrid built oh ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah specifically to be a police car. ford estimates it'll save more than 1,500 gallons of fuel per i don't need -- yeah, yeah ♪ car per year. deputy commissioner robert martinez. yeah. don't go away. >> we're hoping to phase out all we'll be right back with more of our purely internal music from the teskey brothers. combustion engine vehicles that we have on the road today. you're watching "cbs this >> reporter: over the next five morning: saturday." >> announcer: "saturday sessions" are sponsored by state years that will reduce emissions and cut fuel costs. farm. go with the one that's here to help life go right. right now the nypd spending about 15 milli$15 million a yea drive safe & save discount? so kim, you g yup, using the app. i've been quite vigilant. for its 10,000 vehicles. sharon says step on it. the meeting's started. >> i'll just hold on. ok, write her back 'dear sharon, don't mess with my discount!' thanks. >> glad to help. >> reporter: helping us is long-time nypd driving faster mommy, i gotta go to the bathroom. instructor detective paul
4:47 am
i do too honey, but we're gonna hold it for mommy's discount. cacioppo. whipping around the department's easy, easy! training track in brooklyn, he but you're in labor? don't mess with my discount! showed us what the hybrid can do. >> you guys drive a car a little uh hem. bit harder than your average get a discount up to 30% driver. absolutely. with drive safe & save this is not going to be your from state farm. standard car that mom and dad would pick up for a grocery-getter. >> mom and dad don't drive like this to the grocery store? >> i sure hope not. >> reporter: turning the black-and-white or in new york the blue-and-white/green has dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. ♪ taken a decade. the nypd started testing hybrids my skin... it was embarrassing. in 2008. my joints... they hurt. >> is that what they even wanted the pain and swelling. for a hybrid police car? the tenderness. >> no. the psoriasis. that was something kind of me i had to find something that worked on all of this. thinking outside the box. >> reporter: so out of the box no automaker was thinking about i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis it until martinez pushed for it. are getting real relief with cosentyx. how long did it take you to sell ford on building you a hybrid it's a different kind of targeted biologic. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain police car. >> it probably took two to three
4:48 am
of psoriatic arthritis. years before they took us it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. serious. stephen tyler is the marketing nc risof inftions manager for ford's police and lowered ability to fight them may occur. business. he says the just introduced tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. hybrid police interception suv is faster and more fuel develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. efficient than the gas powered serious allergic reactions may occur. model it's replacing that all the tail pipe emissions are i got real relief. i got clearer skin reduced because the engine is and feel better. shutting off for extended now, watch me. periods of time. >> reporter: the bulk of its get real relief with cosentyx. fuel savings comes during the time the police car spends idling during an eight-hour shift. the electric motor on the hybrid allows the gas engine to turn off saving more than 900 gallons a year per cruiser. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. >> they're $3,500 more than the listerine® cleans virtually 100%. gas powered option. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. a taxpayer is going to hear that never settle for 25%. and go is that the best use of the money? >> right. always go for 100. so you spend more up front, but bring out the bold™ just with fuel savings alone,
4:49 am
the no added hormones in land o' frost you'll absorb that additional premium sliced meats have moms buying in. in bulk. boom! payout. what a beefsteak. >> reporter: a new optional gotta love it. land o' frost premium. a slice above. feature will automatically roll up the windows and lock the doors and warn the officers. the nypd will get its first hybrid suvs this fall and plans to buy hundreds of the hybrid responder sedan. officer marcos rudon was one of the first nypd officers to drive the new suvs. >> were cops skeptical? >> when they hear hybrid, they think a prius. i was skeptical, too, until i got my hands on it. >> reporter: but would they be blown away with how i drove. >> i don't have an instructor brake. >> that sounds like a problem. >> reporter: it's fast for an suv, corners very well, and, yes, the brakes work.
4:50 am
have a great weekend, >> good. everybody. we leave yite m from the teskey brothers. give me gas. >> reporter: even if i didn't >> this is "pain and misery." ♪ always use them flawlessly. for "cbs this morning: saturday," kris van cleave, brooklyn. >> remind me not to ride with kris. >> he did great. >> i'm kidding. i'm kidding. >> that's so smart. >> they're better performing vehicles. win/win. ♪ i've been in love honey >> save money down the road too. it's where generations of young people got their first taste of mockery and satire. you know it's true do we know about that? >> yes, we do. >> now that gap-toothed smile whoa since that day has turned to a frown for fans of "mad magazine" that and if i first laid my eyes on you ♪ you're heading out the door, don't forget to set your dvr to ♪ love is a crazy game baby record "cbs this morning: saturday" because you're not going to want to miss this. coming up in our next half hour, that's how i feel can make you oh so high the idea of an amusement park is but it takes to heal ♪ a lot older than you think. we'll look at their long and ♪ so please yeah
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on the establishment, whether it you'll have a hard time drying was politicians, pop culture, advertising, or the minutia of when the fire is gone ♪ daily life. >> we pride ourselves we have no ♪ hold me philosophy. we have no politics, we don't don't hold me down take sides. >> you have no morals, you have yeah, baby ♪ no scruples. ♪ carry me >> you have no taste. but keep my feet on the ground ♪ ♪ you're the storm >> reporter: with its mascot and i'm the murray darling alfred e. neuman leading the way, and recurring features like "spy versus spy," "mad" hit its you keep me going every time i'm dry ♪ ♪ but if you leave me peak in the 1970s with more than i'll be moving on 2 million subscribers and even i'll move on more in newsstand sales. but have a hard time running but like many other magazines, when the weather is gone "mad's" subscribers dwindled in yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ this 21st century. ♪ hold me but once issue 10 is released, don't hold "mad" will only publish archival yeah, baby ♪ ♪ carry me
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material. >> after 67 years and more than 550 issues, "mad's" influence is but keep my feet on the ground ♪ ♪ i'll hold you i won't hold you down ♪ undeniable. >> hey, did you see the parody? >> no, i didn't see it. >> tore you a new one. >> among those credited with inspiring them? jerry seinfeld, howard stern, rocker patti smith, political activist tom hayden. movie critic roger ebert. and weird al yankovic who guest edited an issue in 2015. he wrote on twitter it's pretty much the reason i turned out weird. >> i remember my dad telling many i he with us a big fan. >> yep. >> i was sort of a big fan. well, it's the reason why we celebrated on thursday. the declaration of independence
4:57 am
was signed 243 years ago. still ahead, we'll see where a very rare copy was put on display. but first we'll go back to the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that struck overnight. this is so interesting because actually these companies are not necessarily catering to people like me who are live from the cbs bay area vegetarian but to my husband, those who eat meat. studios, this is kpix5 news. >> they want us. >> they do. now at 6:00, a magnitude they're mimicking the taste, the texture, the chew, the sizzle, and even the bleed. 7.1 earthquake rocks southern >> bleed. california. the fallout this morning from >> yes. >> that is weird. >> which is amazing. the massive quake. plus helicopters hovering when you compare beyond burg and over areas in alameda and impossible burger, you look at contra costa counties, the work it. beyond used a pea-based protein being done to -- what police just found in sunnyvale. and impossible used soy-based it is 6:00 a.m. on this saturday, july 6th. and coconut or canola oil and i'm devon feely. >> i'm melissa caen. they're puttng it in the meat >> an easy day weatherwise department because they want to today. not a whole lot of change from capture the market. >> can you capture the taste? yesterday. before i get to the numbers,
4:58 am
>> one of the differences two since you just heard, there was enthe two is impossible burger another earthquake in sn claims they have found the reason that meat tastes like meet and that's something called an iron-containing molecule. all animals and plants have it. they have basically extracted it from the roots of soy plants and grown it in yeast and then taken that and put it in their burger, and they're saying that mimics the flavor, the aroma. >> which one is that? >> impossible burger. >> okay. are they healthy or healthier? >> that's really a great question and not always. just because something says it's plant-based doesn't mean it's healthy. you do have to read the labels. when you look a at the labels, again, they're relatively similar in terms of calories. 20 grams of protein, and they have a fair amount of sodium. that's something to note. 400 milligrams. and a decent amount of saturated gram. 16. the recommend asian is to have
4:59 am
there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." i'm jericka duncan filling in for michelle miller who's off, enjoying some time off, along with dana jacobson and jeff glor. coming up this hour, a rare look at a rare document. the original manuscript of the declaration of independence. but it's different than the final version. >> plus, creature comfort. medical students get life's lessons by treating animals at a local zoo. hear about why and what they're learning. later strap in for a wild ride. we'll stake a deep dive into the
5:01 am
world of amusement park and hear about the rich history of these very special places to play. that is ahead. but first another powerful earthquake struck after one rocked the area days ago. this was a magnitude 7.1. it rolled through the los angeles area. t was felt throughout the state and into mexico and nevada. some injuries were reported. roads were closed. a few fires were started. it was stronger than that magnitude 6.4 quake on july 4th. carter evans is near the epicenter in ridgecrest. carter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. these earthquakes have rocked the community and they've done a lot of damage. this is one example. we're here in ridgecrest after the first earthquake and then at 8:19 last night the shaking started again and grew increasingly violent. this is the first glimpse of the
5:02 am
damage inside a ridgecrest supermarket. tiles fell from the creeling. food and other items flew off the shelves. >> the air is really thick, dusty. this was a bad one. >> reporter: gas lines ruptured sparking numerous fires. officials say they're bracing for the worst. >> there's been a number of injuries, increased number of ems calls to the 911 centers. >> huge priorities right now for medical support and for fire-fighting and for emergency power. >> reporter: even in los angeles, more than 150 miles away -- >> it continues to -- >> it coinues. >ed toet under the
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