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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the child." today, nancy pelosi said it is outrageous to deport families. >> families belong together, every person in america has rights. these families are hard-working members of our communities and our country. this brutal action will terrorize children and tear families apart. >> reporter: gavin newsom tweeted a video telling people to know their rights. >> i just want to say to folks that are anxious about a knock on the door, we talk about knowing your rights, [ foreign language ]. without a warrant, you do not have to open the door. >> reporter: san francisco is one of the places listed as a target and london mayor breed has said the city has set up a hotline. >> we have a hotline that people are concerned. the number is 415-200-1548. >> reporter: this emphasis go police chief said today his department will not assist ice officers. >> we do not participate in immigration reform. if that call were to come to us
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to assist for immigration, we do not support that, we will not assist. >> reporter: today, the aclu, in conjunction with several other organizations filed a lawsuit in new york asking a federal judge to stop deportations of all people whose deportation orders came after may 2014. live in tampa cisco, melissa caen kpix5. >> we fear spreading through with fear sprinter immigrant communities rights groups there have formed a rapid response network to help repair. trained volunteers and attorneys are available 24 seven throughout santa clara county. the group urges people not to open the door unless ice has a warrant for a specific person. and to call their number if they sea ice activity in the neighborhood. >> people are concerned about their loved ones being taken and family separation, our concern is that but also it is that making sure that we are there for the community, to
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uphold people's constitutional rights. >> groups ask people to avoid posting about raids on social media and call them instead to avoid spreading fear. in oakland, mayor libby schaaf two has butted heads before with the president over ice activity, said "i want to assure members of our community not to panic but to be prepared. know your rights and response abilities. know that you are in a community where you're supported, respected, and appreciated." and san jose's mayor says that "san jose rejects the trump administration politics of fear and exclusion, which thrives on tearing our families apart." leaders in the senate including dianne feinstein call president trump's a zero-tolerance policy on american. their letter reads in part "ice must avoid unnecessary trauma to children and respect basic human dignity. family separations except in those rare circumstances where it is necessary to protect children and legally cannot be avoided simply should not
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happen." we will keep an eye on what happens with those ice raids this weekend. you can find the latest on air and on our website, just hours ago president trump announced he is dropping his efforts to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census due to logistics. not legality. he also signed an executive order to implement a new plan immediately. >> i am hereby ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide the department of commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and noncitizens in our country. >> last month the supreme court blocked the white house calling the rationale for the question contrived. and so the government could not move forward without a solid justification. >> in my view the government has ample justification to inquire about citizenship status on the census. >> critics say the question would result in an undercount
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of immigrants. census data helps the government decide how to use federal resources, and to draw congressional districts. i am elizabeth cook, a bill aimed at reducing the risk of wildfires is now headed to governor newsom's desk the bill passed in the assembly this morning and will create a fund to pay claims for future wildfires caused by utility equipment. assembly bill 1054 offers two different options for utilities. one envisions a liquidity fund of about $10 billion for costs that exceed insurance coverage. it would be financed by a bond sale with utility ratepayers covering the cost. a second option called an insurance fund, it enlarges the pool of money to 21 billion. it combines bonds with matching contributions from utilities themselves. cavities that choose this option would get a cap on how much they would have to pay back. but, they would have to obtain a safety's revocation before each wildfire season.
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now governor gavin newsom says in a statement "i want to thank the legislature for taking thoughtful and decisive action to move our state toward a safer, affordable, and reliable energy future. provide certainty for wildfire victims and continue california's progress toward meeting our clean energy goals. newsom was pushing for swift passage partly because credit rating agencies were threatening to downgrade california utilities if lawmakers failed to act. he's expected to sign the bill into law in tomorrow. new at 5, the town of paradise devastated by last year's campfire has lost more than 90% of its population. that is according to a state door to door survey in april pickett tallied 2034 residents. that compares to more than 26,000 from the census in 2010. the fire last november killed 85 people and destroyed about 11 houses and homes. a guilty verdict today for a man accused of running down a san francisco police officer leaving him with severe brain
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damage. a superior court jury found a 51-year-old willie flanigan guilty of evading a police officer, causing serious bodily injury and assault with a deadly weapon. in october of 2017, flanigan, who also went by the name of marquise johnson, ran down by school officer tankle as he tried to get away from other officers, who were investigating him for a possible firearms offensive. not in a statement today the san francisco police officers association said "while we pray for the continued recovery of the officer, we also pray for a lengthy sentence for flanigan so that he has ample time to contemplate the lives he has wrecked because of his repeated criminal behavior." now at 5, a big chapter in the ghost ship trial over. the defense resting their case . andria borba with more on day four of testimony from one of the defendants at the center of the case. >> reporter: with a handshake and a pat on the back tony
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serra congratulated derick almena after he stepped off the stand this afternoon and the defense rested its case. >> we are through! >> reporter: that is a duplicate tony serra after the defense rested their case in the ghost ship warehouse trial this afternoon. it was day four understand for go shipmaster tenant derick almena, which entered with the prosecution getting almeida almena to admit he had not fully read all of the documents associated with the warehouse. >> and hearken to the words of t.s. eliot, where he says this is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper. and this is the way the case ended for the prosecution. not with a bang, but a whimper. >> reporter: serra said he has gotten good vibes are from the jury as the trial has stretched on pushing towards closing arguments at the end of july.
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max harris' attorney chris briggs was pleased with almena's testimony. >> in our opinion mr. almena totally exonerated mr. harris. we believe that that was going to happen, we believe that is what the evidence would always show. we feel very, very good about max harris' position right now. and we are very optimistic. >> reporter: court is set me back in session here on monday for rebuttal evidence. that is likely to only take a day. then on july 29th, we will have closing arguments. that is expected to take 3-4 days. the jury could have this case in their hands to decide on august 5th. in oakland, andria borba, kpix5. lots of sunshine today, sort of a warm-up for parts of the bay area. inland areas creeping towards the 90s. ski brian hackney with we can expect for the weekend. >> it is looking pretty warm, at least if you are a little bit east of the bay. high pressure is now beginning to cover california and
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centered over the desert but it is beginning to just send it some high pressure our way. inland areas will be warming up. tomorrow it will be 92 at antioch and warm up into the mid-90s or saturday. so there is a warming trend in lent and it is into the 90s. but, if you come over to the bay in this case, alameda tomorrow will be about 70, so the amount of warming is going to depend on where you are on the bay area, goes to the water not so much warming if you're in lent in the 90s. south bay warm as well. we have the forecast in a few minutes and this is not the only big weather story. we have another one. >> looking at the big picture here across the country. right now tropical storm barry is turning in the gulf of mexico. by the time it comes ashore in louisiana, it could become the first hurricane of the atlantic season. evacuations already underway along the state's southern tip and as new orleans braces for landfall, the national weather service says rain is the number one threat. 10-15 inches possibly 20 in some areas. >> this could be torrential
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rainfall, heavy rainfall, any quick, quick burst that goes from dry to having flooding in just a very short time. >> new orleans already had a dose of heavy rainfall and of a storm stranding one tourist in the flooded street. several cisco family, they are headed home. >> we were going to stay but probably going to leave tomorrow, just to make sure that we are safe. >> that is a real san francisco accent, new orleans is not planning to evacuate the police are calling people to stay inside their homes, out of the flooded streets, but the mississippi river twice its normal level. flood protection crews taking the unusual step of shutting more than 200 floodgates. the national weather service predicted the downpours will continue through saturday, possibly even longer. >> i am ken bastida. heads up in santa rosa, we are getting video in near the
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coddington mall. this is video of a scene taken just moments ago. what we know so far, police tell us a call came in about 2:30 sang a toddler was hit by a car in the vehicle took off, leaving the poor kid there. they say it was off arrange avenue, police say the child was taken by witnesses to a hospital, very serious injuries is all we are being told. the street has been closed off as investigators combed the scene for evidence. they are describing the suspect vehicle as an older model white van and they say keep an eye out for that again this is near the coddington mall in santa rosa. we will check the condition of the child and get back. the live news desk, i am ken bastida. coming up, trash piling up in san jose?
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chopper 5 of flying over the long mile stretch, we ask you is going to clean up the mess? a high scenes was like a scene from the movies. the moment a coast guard jumped onto a moving summary and full of drugs. i made it this far, says i cannot go further? >> a bay area football coach born without arms and legs delivers a rousing speech at the espy awards. a look back at when kpix5 first shared his story of perseverance.
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the man accused of plowing into eight people in a sunnyvale crosswalk earlier this year was back in court today. 34-year-old isaiah people's defense attorney says that he is still undergoing mental evaluations. people's is facing hate crime charges along with eight charges of attempted murder. prosecutors say the army that targeted to indian american vie muslim. peoples family says he suffers from ptsd. >> i visit him in jail. we can sit and talk, but at times he does not seem like he is falling what i am telling
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him. he's got serious issues, i do not think it is fake, i think it is legitimate. >> the prosecutor said the victims aren't very estate of ribble tatian. the case will be revisited in september. two authorities in alameda county early for witnesses to a recent homicide and taco bell. today livermore police released this image of a white volkswagen scene going to the drive through the shooting happened. the 16-year-old victim was found suffering from a gunshot wound along east stanley boulevard last monday. he died at the hospital. please attend by the suspect as jorge luis tellez and they consider him armed and dangerous. a close call for two sonoma county correctional deputies after an inmate attacks them with a homemade shank. take a look, authorities say the inmate lunged at deputies with this. shank carved from a toothbrush. deputies had been doing a routine inspection while the inmate was inside, both were able to pin them down while
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they waited for taken to the hospital to get checked out, they were released a short time later. in york city several people recovered today after a taxi crashed onto a busy sidewalk. it happened in hells kitchen. the driver was a rear ended pushing the yellow cab onto the curb, then into the restaurant. five of the eight people injured were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police investigating how this happened. san mateo is slamming the brakes on the red light camera program. it is due to a bug with a yellow light at a single intersection. city officials say a yellow light timing issue with the camera at saratoga drive and hillsdale boulevard resulted in nearly 1000 invalid red light citations. they have all been thrown out, but now the city says the program's benefits fails to justify the burden and the cost. the cameras will be shut off citywide effective immediately. san mateo says citations issued
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from all over there locations are still valid. two san francisco wants voters to approve nearly $630 million for earthquake safety. i was at a press conference today, mayor london breed assigned for the bond to go before voters next year. it will fund seismic retrofits and greater resiliency for police and fire stations and other critical public infrastructures >> fixing our buildings and making sure that they can sustain an earthquake is so critical to protecting the lives of our citizens. >> mayor breed went on to say that last week's two major earthquakes in southern california are a reminder that san francisco needs to act now to shore up its buildings for when the big one strikes. new video tonight of a drug bust in the pacific ocean. >> is one be hard to get on.
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>> that is tough. after ordering the narco submarine to stop the u.s. coast guard mint leaves onto the vessel while another guard pounds on the top hatch with his fist then, a suspected trafficker opened the hatch, puts his hands up. officials said they found more than 17,000 pounds of cocaine inside of that submarine. >> that was like a james bond movie. >> that was crazy wasn't it? could you imagine? >> imagine what exactly? >> why did the simmering? >> exactly. that was an option that aidan take a guess. >> glad all ended happily. as we have a look at flight for 260,000 cars cross daily, the bay bridge ladies and gentlemen and it looks beautiful today. we have clear skies and the numbers have come up a little bit from yesterday inland. and, not all along the bay.
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the forecast warming trend is just a gentle one right now. concord has 86 degrees. oakld 72rm degreein san. san jose 76 degrees. the desert has furnished us with two of the biggest stories the last two weeks. the earthquake and in the warming trend because high pressure is building over the desert and the result is that the numbers are coming up a little bit in the bay area. on the futurecast, as per usual, low clouds pushing into the bay and into the back and night and then during the daytime tomorrow, they come back in and they melted back to the shoreline saturday morning. each day the covered low clouds less extensive. with more sunlight hours, temperatures come up. so, coast and bay fog will be around again tonight 90s inland on friday again, and then we get to valley heat, they will be peaking on saturday. the weekend looks like a warm one if you are inland and if you go far enough inland you will eventually reach sacramento and the state fair. it will be 98.
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but, if you want something relatively cool how about the los altos art and wine fest? that is happening this weekend. it will be sunny and warm, about 79 degrees. overnight lows tonight, the readings in the 50s for the bay area. santa rosa down to 53 degrees. sunrise at three minutes before 6 a.m. on friday morning. and 57 degrees at vallejo. daytime highs for tomorrow, 84 in santa rosa. 84 in san rafael and 90 degrees at livermore. the extended forecast, we are looking for locals to come back and tonight they will not move too far inland. so we will have some nice views of starry skies. temperatures will begin to descend inland by monday and tuesday, but in the meantime, if you're looking for a hot time i would had inland and if you want to be ultracool head by the coast. that is the forecast, we will have more in a few minutes. >> the message i want to give you guys tonight, it is to look at me and see how much passion
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i have put into coaching. and how far it has gotten me. >> before this bay area coach while the crowd at the sp's, espy's kpix5 hit the field with him, and unique way that he inspires his athletes. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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gains largely driven by expectations that the fed will cut interest rates. the dow jumped 227 point closing at 27,088. nasdaq fell 6 points. s&p gained six points. saratoga high school football coach has inspired a crowd of athletes and fans. he was born without arms or legs, but it has not kept robin mendez from the field. he just accepted the espy awards for perseverance. >> if there is any message i want to give you guys tonight, it is to look at me and see how much passion i have put into coaching. and, how far it has gotten me. i made it this far, he says i can go further? that is my message tonight. who says i can't? nobody. yeah! >> [ laughter ] vern glenn it featured mendez back in 2012 when he was assistant head coach at christopher high school in gilroy. >> no, no.
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turtle, turtle. >> it is all appear, it is all in my head. what i do is i use drawnout plays and i will email it to the coaches and they will blow it up on a regular sheet. there is always a different way. >> he is just awesome. mendez says he feels good and he can inspire others. he was named head coach of the jv football team at prospect high school in saratoga last summer his team ended the season 8-2. >> until the boys i appreciate it because you guys are basically laying your arms and legs at risk for me. and, i can appreciate it anymore. >> mendez says he wants to coach varsity, college, maybe nfl teams one day. you can watch the full story with rob mendez online at caltrain has been doing a pretty good job of cleaning up homeless encampments along the freeways in san jose, but there
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is one spot in particular that has gotten pretty bad. we will check in with the agency to see what they are doing about it. the white house hosts a social media summit but doesn't invite the social media giants. what the president had to say about bias in big tech. intense turbulence sends passengers flying into the ceiling. a first look at the chaos in the cabin. lon
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yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance. you are watching kpix5 news at 5:30. for now at 5:30 a mile-long mess in santa clara county. it is so bad you can see it on satellite. and it is only getting worse. good evening i am allen martin. >> i am veronica de la cruz. at 5:30 looked into a problem he sees himself all the time and asks what the agency is trying to do about it. >> reporter: whenever i am driving down back into the south bay, no joke, this is how i know >> if you come down 680 s. out to the north valley anytime and
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will pass you are so you cannot have missed it. at first it was a few tenths here and there but now it has grown into a small shantytown of more than two dozen tents along the highly visible stretch right next to the freeway. some of the camps are so big and have been there for so long that they actually show up in google satellite images. this aerial photo taken some time ago of the encampments next to the creek trail doesn't look so bad, check it out now. there is debris everywhere, and it is spilling over the embankment and at some point it will get into the creek itself. the mercury news today had a headline, welcome to garbage valley. what is it like living on here? we met this man who lives inside the mckee road turnpike on-ramp to 680, he did not want to talk on camera but had been on here for more than a year. the encampments are more on a travel frontage road stretching 1.4 miles that runs parallel to 680 toward mckee road. it is mostly pg&e property and use to access their transmission lines. but nearly pee every pg&e fence we had


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