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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 17, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. right now at 7 p.m. >> what was that like being up there? >> crazy. crazy. >> bay area window washers with nowhere to go. how they finally made it to solid ground. >> plus the young victim of a suspected drunk driver making huge strides tonight in the hospital. >> we had a break through in her recovery. she was able to have the breathing tube removed. >> a $305 million victory for several bay area counties. the battle that was just settled. >> forgetting your reusable grocery bag will now cost you double. >> it new kpix 5 at 7 p.m. starts now with the window
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washers stuck to the side of a high rise for hours. >> joe vazquez spoke to one of the men just a few minutes after they were brought to safety. >> reporter: take a look. a building part of the millennium tower. that is where two men were stuck and had to be rescued from the fire department. the platform motor malfunctioned and one of the men tells me that resulted in them being stuck on the platform for four hours. the fire department was called, the ladder truck extended as high as it could go but it fell short. it only went 9 floors up so they dragged the men through a 10th story window. he was not scared but you could tell it was a bit of an adventure. >> the motor stopped working so we tried to fix it and it
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wouldn't work anymore. so the fire department came. >> reporter: how long were you up there? >> four hours or so. >> what was that like? >> crazy. >> both men declined medical treatment and they went on their way this afternoon. the other man did not want to talk to reports. the fire department said they train for this sort of thing and they always hope for the outcome they had today which was rescue where everybody was just fine. joe vazquez, kpix 5. hope is emerging for a 2- year-old girl struck by a drunk driver in sonoma county where the driver was accused of fleeing the scene but tonight kpix 5's andria borba says the little girl is bouncing >> repo is making a remarkable recovery tonight after getting hit by a drunk driver with four prior dui convictions. less than a week after being
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hit by car and having her skull fractured she is breathing on her own. >> she had no broken bones. her skull fracture will heal on its own. >> reporter: six days go she was with her grandmother and wandered into the road. a van hit her and the driver identified by police as 47-year- old hector larios, didn't stop. police arrested him a short time later on suspicion of dui, hit and run and driving on a suspended driver's license. her father has message for anyone who thinks they can drink and drive. >> if hector larios was alert he would have saw her approaching the street. he could have near missed her, stopped completely. >> reporter: he can't wait until she is back home feeling
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like herself again. >> she has to stop and be amazed. she loves to see life. >> hector larios is facing charges tonight of dui, hit and run and driving on a suspended driver's license. his bail has been set at $300,000. andria borba, kpix 5. tonight there is a multimillion dollars settlement ending a legal battle over lead paint. >> devin fehely explains how it will impact older homes in the bay area. the settlement says the three major manufacturers to set up a 305 mill i understand fund to pay for lead paint removal in 10 california counties. >> evidence that they knew while they were busy marketing lead paint that it was toxic
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and harmful to our communities. >> reporter: lead paint can cause problems to a child's developing brain. including decreed intelligence and learning disabilities. there could be six million homes containing lead paint. >> i had young children in there and knew it was dirty and dusty, i would want it cleaned up prior to me living in the house. >> reporter: it is up to thecounties and cities to identify communities at risk. devin fehely, kpix 5. smart train officials are trying to stop pedestrian related deaths in the north bay. in 17 plummets nine people died on the train tracks. >> one of the maintenance guys was in here the other day and
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witnessed one and he said he will never get it out of his head. >> this is not a train crisis, this is a mental health and a public health crisis that we are dealing with. >> they will hold a summit with public health and homelessness experts from across the country. in august they are planning a campaign to educate the public on suicide prevention services. tonight forgetting your reusable grocery bag got more expensive in the bay area. kpix 5's susie steimle is live with reaction from shoppers. >> reporter: it is official, the price is going up by more than double. those bags at the grocery store cost 10 cents. it will be 25 cents starting in july of 2020. this is a decision that was voted on last night by the san francisco board of supervisors. when we talked to shoppers, most of them say they are on board with the concept of
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remembering to bring your bags. but they are divided on how much that should cost. >> it seems like a lot. for one bag. >> reporter: you are okay paying 25 cents? >> i am. it will encourage people to use them. >> i will absolutely bring my bag every single time. these guys have enough of my money. >> reporter: nine other bay area cities already moved in this direction, including santa cruz, 90% compliance rate of people remembering to bring their reusable bags. in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. tonight uc regents are considering another tuition hike but this time it might not be for everyone. the hike is based tuition and would only effect freshman and transfer students. students would pay a flat fee for up to six years. no word on how much the fee
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might be. campaign 2020, 2020, the newest candidate making his rounds in the bay area. the venue, a familiar stop for democrats. he explained why he decided to jump into the race for the white house. >> we have a problem. we lost our democracy. it will take the people's power to get back. that is what i have been trying to organize for the last 10 years. >> he faces challenges. jumping into the race this late in the game. for one, he doesn't qualify for the debates set for later this month and if he hopes to qualify for the september debates he will need 130,000 owners and 2% support in a handful of national or early primary polls. still to come, more strong
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words from president trump. >> what he is now saying about one of the four congress women who called him out for racist tweets. >> you know that app face app that everyone is using, if you are wondering if you should download it, what experts say. >> and bay area baseball, both teams in action today as they get closer to possible playoff contention. >> that is the only red hot things. temperatures cooling around the bay area. we will look ahead into the weekend forecast as we look at the fog creeping into the bay area live. it is all happening after a break.
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a new privacy warning about an app. kpix 5's kiet do reports, the question tonight is what happens to all those photos. >> reporter: first things first, the app is not good. it is amazing. and chances are a lot of you are already using it. your facebook feed has likely been blowing up with pictures of friends that look familiar. it is all because of face app that uses ai to make you look
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older or younger. the company bills itself as neuro face magic. it has been around since 2017. celebrities began posting photos of themselves on social media. to see how good it is, i enlisted help. >> that looks terrible. >> reporter: it took seconds to crank out this resulted. something that was impossible a few years ago. >> it is really an accident algorithm. >> reporter: he downloaded the app to a burner phone with no personal information on it because he red the terms of service and did not like what he saw. it is owned by a russian based company. >> they are shading everything. we can access your content, your information. you are opening all your device for them to harvest everything. >> reporter: they responded to
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concerns. we accept requests from users for removing all their data from our servers. we don't sell or share user data and even though the team is located in russia, the user data is not transferred to russia. despite all that, the app is still fun and engaging. >> does it make you want to delete the app? >> a little. if i heard about a lot of people having their pictures being shared without their consent then i would delete the app. >> if you can live without it, do that. but it is not worth the risk of the privacy, the information that uploads to their servers. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> used to be you would look to your relatives to see what you would look like. >> i think we are all doing just fine. there you go.
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leave mystery to it. all right. as we head outside we have fog. inlands is a nice finish to this wednesday evening. as we look at the golden gate bridge, you can see the fog sneaking in. highs today warm. santa rosa 93. concord 92. those numbers could come down by almost 10 degrees tomorrow. significant cooling inland in the forecast and san jose will be -- or san jose was 85. down to 83 tomorrow. half moon bay mid-60s. here is what's happening, the high pressure that kept us warm over the desert southwest is retreating. while it will be breezy along it coast line, a low-pressure system takes all the cool air and sweeps it into the bay area and that will be happening over the next 24 to 48 hours. the next couple days will be milder inland. not a big change along the coast. so we will send in the clouds
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tonight. coast and bay fog and there is a hint of drizzle along the shoreline. it won't be as warm on thursday. especially not inland. and temperatures will be at or slightly below average but that is just for the next couple of days. by the time we get to the weekend we will rebound to seasonal averages. paulson looking good. temperature coming down. so is the pollen. it is below average. let's just say it is below average levels in the middle and that is good news if you are suffering from allergies. good news. 601a.m. sun up on thursday morning. santa rosa tonight mid-50s. livermore 60 degrees and concord 60. by the shoreline could be a little bit of drizzle in the night and early morning hours. forecast highs, well, cooler an average. san francisco 63. concord 87. that will be a tumble from a couple days ago and in san jose
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83. oakland tomorrow 63 degrees. morgan hill 83 degrees. los gatos 85 degrees. cupertino 80 degrees. half moon bay, 62 degrees. tomorrow sunshine inland. 83 fairfield. 13degrees cooler than it was today. 82 pittsburg. 85 at antioch. 86 brentwood. in san ramon tomorrow 80 degrees. north bay, low clouds begin to filter in over the shoreline and kind of pack inland tonight. petaluma 79. santa rosa 82. and sonoma 87. and ukiah and lake ported and clear lake, low 90s. napa valley, 88. and the extended forecast, numbers cool a little bit inland. back into the 80 and saturday wil bump up again. upper 80s and low 90s for sunday and monday. winds out of the southwest in
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the north bay and northwest in the south bay. we will explain that someday but not now. mid-60s around the bay and we will update this on night beat at 10 p.m. and have something you don't know on apollo 11. >> love this. our two bay area baseball teams are red hot. a charge toward the playoffs? >> yeah. the giants all of a sudden, the giants started their road trip last in the nl west. they return home tomorrow night in third place and in the wildcard race. the giants swept a four game series at coors field for the first time since 2011. he broke a 5-5 tie with his second homer of the year. he went 4-5 and the giants pounded out 18 hits and beat the rockie11-weight.8.
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the a's. the offense gave him plenty of run support after falling behind 2-0. they belted six home run. oakland beat seattle 10-2 and made quite a first impression on their new starting pitcher. >> the energy the team brings helped me do my best to put up zeros. from top to bottom so far it is a good experience. >> the giants return home tomorrow to face the mets. madison bumgarner. we will see if that offense keeps up. >> you know, just makes me wonder, the way the giants were playing, there is all this talk about trading players like madison bumgarner, does this change the whole thing? >> you kind of -- the whole thinking is you want to get something for madison bumgarner before he leaves. right?
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at the end of the year. >> right. >> because his contract is up. it is a tough call. madison bumgarner is a san francisco giant. >> right. >> yeah. hard to let him go. >> all right. thank you very much. 50 years ago this saturday at 1:18 p.m. in the afternoon pacific time american astronauts walked on the moon. but that was not the only history being made. in the shadow of the golden gate bridge an american president came to the bay area. 1969 is packed with history. one event, a free rock concert. >> is this going to be woodstock west? >> it will be san francisco. >> find out what happened here in the bay area 50 years ago, that is tomorrow night right here on the new kpix 5 news at 7 p.m. up next, why were charges dropped against kevin spacey,
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what we are learning about hidden text messages. . >> the interface to the -- to the -- it is wireless. >> plus, is this elon musk's wildest idea yet? his new mechanism straight out of science fiction. >> and netflix, the mark it missed that sent stocks tumbling. . >> three arrests, years in the making. police track down the men they say are behind this deadly robbery. tonight at 11 p.m. the employee who survived the shooting tells his story.
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. here is what you missed, president trump hit the campaign in north carolina. in greenville the president again lashed out at one of the four democratic congress woman. congresswoman ilhan omar accused her of supporting america's enemies. the crowd chanted send her back. >> and obiantly and importantly omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic -- >> send her back. send her back. >> today when asked about the controversy house speaker nancy pelosi said democrats want to move on. a family in utah is dealing
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with an unimaginable tragedy tonight. a father took his six-year-old daughter golfing and hit her in the head with a ball while teeing off. the girl was in a golf cart at the time and she died at the hospital. >> complete accident. something that, you know, you couldn't repeat it if you tried. she was her dad's buddy and they would do things together all the time. >> prosecutors dropped sexual assault charges against kevin spacey. the man who claims he groped him refused to testify about deleted text messages. kevin spacey's lawyers say the text messages would have exonerated the actor. and elon musk wants to connect the human brain with a computer. he says the mechanism will allow brains to communicate with artificial intelligence. >> the interface to the -- to the chip is wireless.
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so you have no wires poking out of your head. it is bluetoothed to your phone. shares of netflix tumbled today. they expected to add 5 million subscribers but only reached half that. net flex also lost 126,000 subscribers in the u.s. shares dropped today as much as 12%. up next, the superstar athlete who is getting ready for a bay area come back.
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. venus williams coming back to the bay area where she started her career add age 14. she will play at the classic later on this month. the first match tuesday night, july 30 but her opponent as not yet been determined. >> i pitty the fool. >> surprise, guess who you are maying. thank you for watching at 7 p.m. >> back here at 11 p.m. for more news and weather, good night. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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