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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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what is the purpose, what do you think you will learn? >> since most of -- in their busy lives haven't read the report t-fpltz a dry prosecutorial
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>> as we look at a blanket of clouds moving in over san francisco, all coming up in we come back. who's dog is this?
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new details on a scary attended assault at the south bay park, a woman says a man grabbed her from behind at creekside park in mountain view friday night, and tried to drag her away. the suspect identified as sergio martinez, a 30-year-old homeless man, ran away. after the victim fought back. then, a few hours later, someone called 911 to report a man prowling at some apartments, lurking around and peeping into windows. police arrested martinez for charges of attempted rate, attempted kidnapping, and false imprisonment. and prowling. the perfect weather today for a communitywide cookout at oakland make lake merritt hundreds turning out for the city's 2nd barbecue while black event. the tradition started last summer as a response to a viral video of a white woman calling 911 on a group of lachman using a charcoal grill at the lake. now, the event is meant to make a political statement about racism and gentrification.
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>> new images out of alameda county, a house on condor court in union city engulfed in smoke at 7:45 tonight, causing damage to the attached garage, there wasn't any damage to the rest of the house, there was one minor injury. >> an apparent gas leak triggered an explosion in a pool house in san jose, firefighters and a pg&e team went to the scene around 11 am, at the amberwood apartments near townsend park. that was after residents reported smelling gas and hearing two blasts. people were a bit rattled, but fortunately no one was injured. >> we all could have gotten hurt, we are right there. so, it was scary. >> reporter: cruise decided to let the excess gas vent out of the pool house before going inside to investigate. tonight, pg&e says there is no destruction to gas service in the area. vaey maybe know for a lot of things, but this week, it will be the cannabis
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capital of the country. the 6th annual national cannabis industry association business summit and expo , a veritable mouthful, kicks off tomorrow in san jose. of the trade show will feature hands-on workshops, speakers, and 120,000 square foot expo floor. runs through wednesday at the mckenzie center. popular oakland pub served its last brunch today, it's another victim of the bay area's top is this environment. hogs apothecary was one of the 1st foodie style restaurants to open in oaklands district, at hogs, the beers were local and prices were reasonable, despite a loyal customer base, hogs had to call it quits because it was hard to cope with the rising rents. the owners is the minimum wage has increased by 85% since he opened the pub, six years ago. >> that is a huge impact. this is why everybody is shifting to this other concept, because you can't make money doing a full service thing.
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>> the immediate plans are to sleep for a while, and then get back into the restaurant business, although he admits his next venture might not be in california. for the 3rd day, more than 100 million people across the country are trying to get through a brutal heat wave. it's being blamed for at least six deaths so far. new york city alone, families waited in line for hours just to get to the public pool. the weather was so oppressive, police departments from new york to boston jokingly asked criminals to take it easy. quite a different story here in the bay area, look at the time lapse of the sunset on this sunday night from the top of the sales force tower, the low clouds below, some high clouds up top, and the sun sinking slowly in the west. that's a beautiful site, and it's not bad tonight as we have a look from the top of the sales force towercam with that river of low-cut clouds continues to flow tonight. it will keep the shoreline cool. now, we have been talking about apollo 11, all week, and apollo
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11, of course, with nasa, had some high quality video that they recorded at the time of the landing, with what was in 1969, a high definition format. my question to you is this, the famous video of neil armstrong and buzz aldrin, on the moon, walking around the lunar surface, where are those original nasa recordings now? nasa accidentally erased them? are they in permanent cold storage, and will never be viewed again, or were they misplaced, and have never been found? juliet will contemplate that, that's juliet's contemplative. those are the choices. now, we will have a look at the top of the sales force tower, and the numbers, still warm in the east bay, san francisco at 64 the west coast we have high pressure that is beginning to rebuild. warming trend through midweek,
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that will just be in the mid- 90s by midweek, not much in the way of low cloudiness overnight, and we should have a mostly sunny day on the way for the bay area tomorrow. but while temperatures inland bump up a bit, a sea breeze keeps this fresh and mild along the shoreline, so we will sum that up by saying, that we get partly moody tonight, it warms a bit inland, cloudy near the coast inland highs near 90 by midweek, giants taking on the cubs tomorrow night, gametime 60 degrees, and overnight lows in the mid 50s, daytime highs tomorrow will be at 92 in concord and san francisco, 69 and in san jose it will be 86, e mid-80in theeastbay, be in will be in low s, , a few clouds in the mid-70s and low 80s, and around still in the 90s extended forecast, gentle warming trend, takes us into the mid-90s by midweek inland, juliet goodrich, where are the original nasa recordings?
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this is the 1st landing a man on the moon, and nasa recorded it again in high definition format for 1969. where are the original recordings? >> i don't think they have been misplaced and not found, because there would be a quest to look for them. i think nasa accidentally erased them? >> ladies and gentlemen, juliet is right. nasa did accidentally erase the tapes. >> how do you do that? >> they did it, they erased many tapes to save money, and the accidentally erased that one. >> all right. thank you. a lucky guess that was right, still ahead, an ancient city emerges after 9000 years but this archaeological jim will soon be buried again to make room for a road. >> we are back in the saddle, and what a ride we have for you tonight, on game day, the giants youth movement comes up big again. >> wearing a giants uniform, it's special. >> we go one-on-one with giants
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skipper bruce. >> the last few weeks, have been unbelievable. >> another thriller in minnesota, and marcus thompson joins us for his take on the warriors future, and katie's exit. >> this is a gift and a curse. >> and their jug runneth over, game day is next. >> kpi xfi weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world, head over to mancini sleep world triple bonus metro sale. visit sleep
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archaeologists are combing through an incredible find outside jerusalem, a 9000-year- old village that is providing a wealth of information about the stone age. >> what you see here, is a building, we are inside a large room, of a 9000-year-old building. >> nobody had any idea what was there until jerusalem needed a new highway. in this part of the world, in the archaeological survey always comes 1st, and they were stunned to find the remnants of a steady city that was home to as many as 3000 people. cnn reporter michael holmes shows us the layout is a lot more advanced than you might think for 9000 years ago. >> reporter: one of the most remarkable things about this site, is how ordered it is, early city planning, you've got house, house, house, line weighs between the houses, and here, the equivalent of one of the main roads. >> i want michael's job. it will take years to survey
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and catalog the site, some of it will be preserved for tourism and study, but the rest of the 9000-year-old city will disappear again, beneath it, new highway. on national ice cream day, no one does it better than one of the oldest ice cream parlors still operating in the bay area. this summer,
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it is the sweetest day of the year. >> yes, it is. ice cream day.
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serving up sundaes of course. because it is sunday. they got a black and tan one for $1.25. the promotion was to mark their 125 years in business. >> 35 years, we came here early this year. came early for breakfast, we like coming before the crowds. >> they had a party in the parking lot complete with a petting zoo, face painting station. photo op with the mascot. myrtle the cow. >> not just people celebrating. animals at the zoo got to have treats resembling ice cream. the snacks were put in waffle cones for many of the zoo's residents including the red panda and the barnyard animals. >> did you have ice cream today? >> i didn't. your favorite flavor is root beer. >> we'll be right back. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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