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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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is a motion sensor. so when he walked through there, the sensor went off and alerted the employees at the front counter. >> i just stared her down and said he cannot be in there. he needs to get out. he realized that he was caught. he stepped out saying he was looking for a bathroom. >> reporter: the couple casually walked out of a vigilant store owners took note of every detail about them. >> and fresh and speaks with a little bit of a list. >> reporter: the most noticeable part? >> she definitely looked pregnant. >> reporter: not a very lucrative day for the couple. police telling us they only got away with what they thwa a wallet that turned out to be a louis vuitton makeup bag. now the chamber of commerce has sent out email blasts to all of the merchants on the street saying be vigilant to be on alert. in danville, juliette goodrich, kpix 5.
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dashcam video could help san francisco police and their investigation into a crash that killed a pedestrian. the video shows the moment a tesla zooms past traffic, runs a red light, and then slams into a mini cooper. a couple at a crosswalk was struck. the man did not survive. this is what the intersection at taylor and o'farrell looked like moment after the collision. onlookers appear stunned at what they are seeing. police stepped up patrols in the area. sunday's crash marks the 14th pedestrian draft death in san francisco. supervisor matt haney introduced a resolution at city hall to declare a state of emergency. it calls for more traffic safety measures. >> over two thirds of the fatal crashes we see on our streets are ultimately because drivers are driving too fast. >> we only had 20 last year. to have 14 already in july is extreme, that is why we are asking for extreme measures. >> reporter: nonprofit organization walk sf says
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increased patrols will not improve safety. it is demanding more red light cameras at high intersections, and lower speed limits. this evening we are learning more about the couple who was hit in sunday's crash. 39-year-old benjamin dean and his wife kelly were visiting from clovis. they were celebrating their third wedding anniversary. both work for the fresno county shocked. >> heartbreaking. my heart instantly dropped knowing it was somebody, just so close to home. and that is people we know. >> friends say benjamin, who was killed, leaves behind three teenage boys. kelly is her stepmom. she is still hospitalized this evening. an oakland man has been arrested after a minor dispute that led to a shooting at a concord six flags waterpark. the u.s. marshals captured 28- year-old donald sims in he oo an o last week. in his car in the parking lot of six flags hurricane harbor.
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the victim sustained non-life- threatening injuries. he is now facing attempted murder charges. a large tractor-trailer ended up on it right along an east bay creek today. chopper 5 over the scene at bernard road in pleasanton . the fired premises crews were hauling away dirt and working to shore up the creek when the truck lost traction and rolled onto its side. for july, no one was hurt. late today the justice department announced a sweeping antitrust review of big tech. silicon valley is like facebook, google, amazon, and apple, are likely to be involved. the doj is investigating whether they are illegally stifling the competition. attorney general william barr did not name which companies, and says that this is just information gathering for now. both political parties have raised concerns over the power of the tech sector, and is used of customer data. amazon, for example, can control as much as half of all online sales by the end of the
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year. cbs news's norah o'donnell asked apple's ceo, tim cook, whether his company should face more scrutiny. >> reporter: isapple o big? >> no, i t think so. with size, i think scrutiny is fair. i think we should be scrutinized. i don't think anybody reasonable is going to come to the conclusion that apple is a monopoly. let >> shares of facebook, felt apple, fell 1%. robert mueller, scheduled to testify for about five hours before five members of congress, talk about his report on russian interference in the 2016 election. as nicole killian explains, there is one topic that might be off-limits. >> reporter: allen and veronica, many republicans are downplaying mueller's testimony but democrats hope it will present a clear narrative about what happened. the trump administration is interesting former special counsel robert mueller to limit
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what he testifies about on capitol hill tomorrow. the justice department sent mueller a letter giving them strict instructions to stick to the boundaries of his report, and it says he cannot discuss the conduct of uncharged third parties beyond what is already in the report. the letter causing testimony unnecessary. president trump continues to call mueller's investigation a phony web part witchhunt. >> how many times? 2.5 years. there is nothing here, there is no obstruction. >> reporter: democrats plan to highlight incidences in the mueller report that they say show obstruction of justice. >> there was sufficient evidence to prove the crime of obstruction, that is clear to me as a prosecutor. it is why more than 1000 other prosecutors have said, if this were their case, if he wasn't the president, any other person would be indicted. >> reporter: democratic sources say they do not expect a lot of new revelations to come out of tomorrow's hearing. but democrats are thinking on a lot of viewers who have not read the report.
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>> reporter: nancy pelosi sent a six page memo to house democrats outlining findings of the mueller report. ahead of the hearing, fbi director ted testified on capitol hill where mueller's report was a hot topic. >> there was an awful amount of work done by a huge tip team of professionals that resulted in a 450 something page report. >> reporter: the director declined to delve too far into the report's findings ahead of tamara's hearing. the director also declined to respond to questions about the origins of the russia investigation. at least two probes are currently underway. on capitol hill, nicole killian, kpix 5. >> and kpix 5 will carry a special report on robert mueller's testimony that starts bright and early and 5:15 tomorrow morning. we will also be carrying it live online at president trump and democrats have struck a tentative budget deal. it avoids a historic default,
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but, it adds to america's rising debt. the two-year deal suspended the debt ceiling which will allow the government to borrow more money. it also boosts spending by $320 billion. the bill increases overall government spending by one point three $7 trillion next year. republicans can claim victory for military and motor spending. the records contact spending on domestic programs. >> it will mean jobs for the american people. the mean ladders up for the american people. it'll mean hope for the american people. >> the house will vote on the bill thursday. mitch mcconnell has promised to bring that measure to a vote before the august recess next week. speaking of money, a new trumpet ministration policy could hurt the bay area families who rely on federal food stamps. john ramos explains why. >> reporter: is hurt enough for low income people to live in california and i new federal rule could make it hard for
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them to get something to eat. each week the fresh approach mobile farmers market truck arrives in pittsburgh offering bargain producer for low income residents. and, many of them pay for it with the money they received from the cal fresh food assistance program. what used to be food stamps. but now, a new role proposed by the prophet of agriculture would prohibit payments to anyone making more than $32,640 for a family of four. in contra costa county, that would eliminate at least 4000 households from the program. >> of course, we consider them still low income. the threshold that we use is set in statute and by er: rule change is inedtoprevent abuse of the system by restricting people making up to 103% of the national poverty level. that may work in other states, but raising a family on $32,000 is almost impossible in the bay area. >> it doesn't work here.
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california is very different than the rest of the country it is so overpriced for most people. >> reporter: people on the any kind of assets worth more than $2250 would also be eliminated. including seniors with a small next and nest egg or even someone owning a car. and well, it is meant to save money, contra costa human services director says it would create a lot of paperwork. >> which would mean hiring more staff, and creating more bureaucracy. >> said this could actually cost? >> cost more exactly cost more. >> reporter: it is estimated 3 million people nationwide could be denied food assistance if the new rule is enacted. and, food banks, which are on the front lines of feeding the needy are concerned they may be overwhelmed. >> they could be turning up at our distributions, and we can see increases in people that we don't anticipate, and then potentially are not able to make that demand. >> reporter: it does seem kind
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of crazy. the government sends spend $20 billion a year to subsidize farmers to grow food but they consider it a waste of money to help people actually buy it. in pittsburgh, john rainbows, kpix 5. >> the 60 day comment period has begun on the proposed rule changes, but with congress expected to put up a fight, regulations could take months to approve and implement. former london mayor will be britain's next prime minister. he will replace theresa may who resigned amid brexit chaos last month. parliament repeatedly rejected her appeal to leave the european union. he vows that the will leave the eu by october 31st, even without a deal. >> the man is tough, but he is smart. they call him britain trump. that is a good thing. they like me over there. that is what they wanted. >> despite what accusing president trump of being unfit for office, johnson has recently softened his tone and
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stressed the importance of having a good relationship with the united states. he officially takes over tomorrow. i am ken bastida at the live news desk we are following a situation that is going on in the open here hills right now. chopper 5 flying over the scene. this is a stretch of stanford street near highway 580. it has been completely blocked off. you can see the police unit is there and an armored vehicle it looks like. here is what we know so far. a suspect, who is possibly armed, is barricaded inside of a home according to police. this standoff has been going on since at least 3:00. we do not know what precipitated this, or what led up to police responding but, the entire area has been cordoned off now. are, apparen working the situation. we will get more details on it, keeping an eye on this
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approaching situation. and the lives that news desk i am ken bastida. a short time ago crews doused a small grass fire in dublin. chopper 5 flew over the scene. it burned about seven acres of the undeveloped property, the cause is still under investigation. it was another hot day in lent today, not as hot, the 91 degrees in concord. just 18 miles away, and of course over the east bay hills. it was 30 degrees cooler. richmond right on the water, only in a high today of 61 degrees. so a 30 degree temperature spread over just 18 miles. everybody warms up tomorrow. the one number that stands out to me is oakland, which will jump to about 70 degrees today up to a high of 80 degrees tomorrow, which is 10 degrees above average concord it will be five degrees hotter with a high of 96. how long the inlet heat sticks around coming up in a few minutes. a rare tornado roars through cape cod, gripping the roof of a hotel. the widespread damage at a popular vacation time.
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>> reporter: sfo's long-awaited terminal one makeover is officially open for business. the first impressions from passengers. >> rat infesting california cities. getting rid of them not so easy. the battle over a powerful poison.
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the san mateo county sheriff's office is considering changes to its use of force policy. this after the use of tasers proved a deadly three times in the county last year. >> my people have to have the tools and the training and the opportunity to safeguard their own lives and the lives of the residents that we serve. >> the sheriff presented his proposals on the use of tasers to the board of supervisors today. the main changes on the table, switching the wording from active resistance to causing immediate physical injury or threatening to cause a physical injury when there is a reasonable believe a suspect will carry through. also, a person can only be tased three times. but, there is a clause for exceptional circumstances under which critics say needs to be more concrete. >> otherwise you essentially do not have a functional policy.
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you have a policy that is followed, unless. >> also included? implicit bias training. and for relators and every patrol vehicle. the policies will not be flushed out for another month or so, then they will need approval of two unions within the sheriff's office. and alameda county, a judge is not the criminal proceedings in the case of a man accused of killing a 71-year-old grandmother. the judge appointed two daughters doctors to evaluate whether or not he is competent to stand trial. that is after washington apparently acted on it, including asking for his grandfather to represent him. washington has been charged with murder with special circumstances in the death of viola polk. she went missing earlier this month. police say washington has admitted to being involved in his grandmother's death, he refuses to tell them where her body is. right now a vote is underway in san francisco to ban natural gas in new city building construction and renovation sites. the idea is to reduce the use of greenhouse gases with a long-
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term goal to make municipal buildings all electric. this month berkeley became the first city to pass a similar ordinance. did the first area at sfo opened its doors to the public. some travelers now getting a look at the late city supervisor's line and life and civil rights advocacy. on a enormous 300 foot every role that features art, photos, letters and all campaign literature. it suspect it to be a place for at least two years. >> my first impression is wonder, it looks beautiful. >> beautiful. >> it is very nice, very clean. i like it. >> for now they are operating on the new gates including southwest and jetblue, eventually 25 gates will open. >> we are getting these pictures and of a rare tornado that touched down in cape cod massachusetts. the storm being blamed for damage including ripping the roof off of a hotel. some guest described the scene as something of the wizard of oz. elsewhere the high winds
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brought on trees, but no reports of serious injuries. the kind of rare. >> things pretty calm back here in the bay area, lucky for us. >> it is the sum of the year we see all the thunder from activity mainly east of the rockies. it is not impact is here but that is some cloud cover right there. that is the northern french. some humanity is moving in our direction, it is mid-level humidity. not stuff we would fill outside. to our south there are thunderstorms bubbling up, but not for us. livermore 86. concord 90. san francisco, just as chilly as yesterday, only 63 degrees. san jose the sweet spot is 77. giants are hot, beat the cubs last night let us do it again at 6:45 first pitch breezy and cool. i was a little bit milder in our inland communities only dropping to 60 in fairfield, concord, livermore san jose, and mountain view. sunrise tomorrow six minutes after 6:00. there are the closest thunderstorms about one hour east of lake tahoe.
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numerous lightning strikes toward yosemite as well. and a severe thunderstorm warning right now in portions of palm springs and twentynine palms. so, very active and deep southern california. 84 degrees for you in belmont tomorrow. our microclimate forecast sunny and warmer about five degrees warmer than today. then we increase cloud cover especially thursday afternoon it will not be as warm but still above average and a high of 90 degrees. here is the setup, pretty similar to yesterday. big ridge to our south and east. monsoonal moisture which is the seasonal change in winds that really hit arizona. sometimes will spread to las vegas and southern california. it is today. we will get some cloud cover on thursday as the bridge begins to build in our direction. on futurecast it is much the only thing of note here. the lack of cloud coverage tomorrow morning, lots of sunshine, war tomorrow warmer tomorrow afternoon. watch thursday we will not get rain, will not get thunderstorms will see an increase in cloud cover on
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thursday. but it will stay warm. warmer near the water, hotter inland. back to the mid-90s like we were yesterday. temperatures will stay above average, anywhere in the bay area at least for the next week and we can see a few isolated 100 degree readings in our hottest inland spots on sunday. so hot coming up this weekend. 90 in santa rosa and napa. 97 tomorrow in fairfield and livermore. 80 oakland, 85 fremont, 86 redwood city, san francisco warmer for you at 70 degrees. pacifica even warmer but only a high of 65. a couple degrees cooler but cloudier on thursday and then we get toasty over the weekend. temperatures in our hottest inland spots flirting with the 100 degree mark especially on sunday. you want to cool off, come hang out near the water highs in the 60s and 70s at the coast and near the bay. that is your kpix 5 forecast. >> live at oracle could this be the end of the line for a giants legend? madison bumgarner, trade him or
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. well, could be the and in of an error. madison bumgarner could play his last game for the team. all eyes on the july 31st trade deadline. >> we are live in the field oracle park to break this all down for us. dennis, what is going on? >> first the good news. the giants have a winning record for the first time all season. >> reporter: in fact, dating
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back to august of last year. but, as you mentioned the main storyline tonight, will this be madison bumgarner's final home start in a giants uniform? >> first year that of the possibility that it might be bumgardner's last start here. >> i haven't even thought about it. just like he is saying the same thing. >> he just knew. >> reporter: a month ago all signs pointed to bumgardner being dealt before next week's trade deadline but now with the team playing so well many think the giants should hang on to bumgardner for the rest of the season. ? i don't think he is going anywhere, i think we are doing too good right now. and, i don't think they want to go out like that. they probably would destroy the fan base a little bit if they got rid of him right now. >> if bumgardner can continue to stay asus a cyst consistently good pitcher and give us the runs we need a
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jenning, keep him. but, it is kind of like you know carter pence, we all loved him but we can spend the money elsewhere and we have got good players in the process. >> good opinions, here is the dilemma. the giants are just too games of the wild-card spot. they are a viable playoff contender. but, if the giants get an offer for a few players that can set the foundation of the future of this organization, maybe you have to pull the deal? we will see. bumgardner versus the cubs tonight at oracle. back to you. >> lots of opinions. >> for one thing the giants are deafly in the driver seat. their call. wasn't that way couple of months ago. >> hottest team in the major leagues or not. >> thanks. we want to know what you think, we've been asking you on twitter and facebook if the giants should trade at bumgardner. 80% of you are saying no way.
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20% of you are saying yes, they sure do. if you too would like to wait and you can take the poll on our facebook and our twitter pages. coming up at 5:30 some california cities are being overrun by rats. a new game plan to make your life easier at the dmv. but a warning, things could get worse before they get better. two teenagers, once a thought missing in canada now named suspects. the bizarre twist in a double murder.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30 now at at 5:30 the rat population in california is out- of-control. now the state is taking away a tool to keep the rodents in check. good evening i'm allen martin. >> i am veronica de la cruz. across the state cities are overrun with rats.
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>> still, kiet do says california is moving to ban rat poison the. >> reporter: so this first on the public radar back in 2014 when the state band everyday consumers from using a very potent class of rat poison. here we are five years later and public awareness and anger about these poisons is an an all-time high. you are looking a video of a so- called fisher, with a concerned case of toxic doses. got sick after eating rodents that have had poison from themselves. wildlife experts have been finding traces of rat poison in the carcasses of predators for years. and in march of this year, a popular mountain lion known as p 47 was found dead in the hills above los angeles county. it showed he had six different rat poison compounds that contaminated his liver and he died a slow, agonizing death from internal bleeding. >> seeing him lying dead because of exposure to these po


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