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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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becoming a way of life wilson? >> reporter: here on treasure island where the power went out briefly this morning. the mechanical failures here on the island, and this was not the first time. >> know it is not, we have gotten kind of used to it. we are kind of, leave our lights and everything ready to go out here. >> reporter: this morning's outage lasted about 45 minutes blamed on equipment failure on the island, and it was the ninth outage here this year. >> my understanding is sometimes siegel's seagulls hit the transformers and knock them out, but, the time they went out for 13 hours, i did not understand the explanation for that at all. >> it is important to note that the infrastructure out there is about 60-80 years old and has a useful life of about 30-40. >> reporter: the san francisco public utility manages the infrastructure owned by the treasure island moment company
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and we are told the outages are not the result of all the construction here. just the age of the equipment that powers the remaining homes and businesses. >> i can even speak of anyone who lives on here how they can imagine how that would be so frustrating. but estimate he runs a business, it is definitely a problem. >> reporter: the power outages are just another part of life on this bizarre bit landscape a jumble of abandoned buildings and areas under wholesale reconstruction. as for people squeezed and the remaining blocks of this island? the troublesome old equipment will stay here at least as long as they do. >> i would want to say they should be expecting this, obviously, you know we are trying to be as responsive as possible when these outages occur, we understand their frustrations and are working toward a better future for treasure island. but, for right now, again we are working with infrastructure that is a little too old. >> reporter: right now, the custom cabinet maker that you just met, he says something
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interesting he said despite the power outages out here, this was a great place to start his business. like everyone else on here he shares the same fate with them, no one will get to stay. the entire island gets redeveloped only five buildings handed over to the city will stay. so, there is no sense of replacing all the old infrastructure, everything out here will get rebuilt soon. you live out here with the years you have left, you will be dealing with this problem. live on treasure island. wilson walker kpix 5. this evening dashcam video shows a frightening moment leading up to a crash that killed a pedestrian in san francisco and critically injured another. andria borba is live in san francisco with more on the video. and also the call for safer streets rep >> reporter: we do have the video for you tonight. what we can say about it is that it all happens very quickly and we have blurred out any elements that seem
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distressing. this is the moment before clovis resident benjamin dean was struck and killed. see that tesla speeding up taylor street while the rest of traffic and stopped at a red light? that is the car police say would cause a chain reaction and killed dean and injure his wife kelly, who both work for the fresno county department of social services. neighbors in clovis are devastated. >> heartbreaking. my heart instantly dropped knowing it was somebody, just so close to home and that it is people we know and people who are from here. >> reporter: this is the moment rackley after the crash. you can still see the mini cooper that hit the tesla in the middle of the intersection. we have blurred our video of the dean's on the ground. moments later from the dashcam of this car you can see people running across taylor trying to help the dean's. >> it is very unfortunate they were up there trying to celebrate a good time. >> reporter: the couple came to san francisco for their anniversary. benjamin dean is the 14th pedestrian killed in the city this year. the tesla was rented via to get around appetite 21-year-old
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kelsey. seen here sunday being led away by sfpd. she is facing an infraction for running a red light and a misdemeanor form vehicular manslaughter. this morning on the steps of city hall there was a rally calling for a state of emergency. walk sf wants more red light cameras at high injury intersections, streets narrowed and automatic speed enforcement. >> we only had 20 last year, you have 14 already in july is extreme. that is why we are asking for extreme measures. >> reporter: at least two of those planned that walk sf would like to see made into law will require state approval. scott weiner says it is unlikely that they will get state approval at this time for those plans. coming up tonight, we the legal explanation of why the driver in this case was not booked into the san francisco county jail. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. lay details on a standoff in an oakland hills
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neighborhood. minutes ago we have learned that police have arrested two suspects and recovered firearms. they were holed up inside the home since around 3:00. the incident closed on sanford street near colored avenue. officers say the area is safe. in essence reopened. road rage incident and then gunfire in san francisco. police say it all began on interstate 280 just after 3:00. the incident ended. police say multiple shots were fired from one car into another, at least one bullet. nobody was hurt. police are still looking for the shooter. within the last hour we are getting an update on a story that hits close to home here at kpix 5. the mythical richmond police with a new clue and a reward in the death of a janitor who worked here at the station. 56-year-old miguel ramirez was killed in may after struck by a stray bullet outside his richmond home. the gunfire came from an
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argument about 500 feet away. his family joined richmond officers and a new clue this evening. a dodge durango was seen driving away from the scene. one person was brought in for questioning. they have been released for lack of evidence. the family still heartbroken over the lost. >> my dad did not deserve to go that way. i still need him. i am pretty sure that my sister still needed him too. i just hope that people really help us out. if you know anyone who knows who did it, please come forward. >> richmond police are offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspected gunman. if you have any information on this case, please call richmond police. an oakland man has been arrested after a minor dispute led to a shooting at a concord
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six flags waterpark. the u.s. marshals service has captured 28-year-old donald sims and sacramento last week. he is accused of shooting a man in his car in the parking lot of six flags hurricane harbor earlier this month. the victim sustained nonlife running injuries. he is now facing attempted murder charges. there are proposed changes to the department to use of force policy. this after use of tasers approved deadly, including the death of o colby. he died after being tased by five deputies. they tend to stop him for jaywalking. the share presented his proposed changes to the board of supervisors. >> my people have to have the tools and the training and the opportunity to safeguard their own lives and the life of the residents that we serve. >> the main part of the proposal, changing the wording from active resistance to causing immediate physical injury or threatening to cause
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physical injury when there is a reasonable belief that a suspect will carry through. also, a person can only be tased three times. there is a clause for exceptional circumstances. also included, implicit bias training, and in every defibrillators in every patrol vehicle. the boutique bandits have struck again, the couple believed to be a husband and wife now caught on surveillance camera again. but, they are still at large. plus, construction underway for a new high-rise. the massive tower being built in the heart of san jose. and, it sounds strange but the hunt is on for a squirrel who is terrorizing a santa cruz neighborhood. under storms today of the sierra and southern california. will any of that moisture make it here? the answer is yes, but not in the way you may think. and what day carries the chance of triple digit temperatures. we will have it for you, next.
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a pregnant woman and her partner are leading danville merchants on high alert. the pair caught swiping merchandise from downtime boutiques. juliette goodrich downtown in danville were they say the suspects use a particular strategy to hit area shops. >> reporter: they certainly do. this isn't the first time they have struck an area like this. they are called the boutique bandits. they are believed to be a husband and wife. police say what they do is they try to distract employees when they kind of maneuver through
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the shop. police believe this isn't the first time they have hit before. >> he is sassy and fresh, and, speaks with a little bit of a list. >> reporter: the couple works together to distract store employees. one asks question at the front counter, while the other slips into a back room. >> the gentleman started looking around in the back of the shop, helping himself to a wall of gold chains. >> reporter: police believe they are the same couple linked to a robbery and half moon bay. the first reported back in may. we show the story to one house store owner. >> they started a conversation about the beauty products >> reporter: here is her surveillance video from the date a couple walks into her home to core and gift shop. but little did this couple now in the private part of th siness, behind this motion sens when he walked through here, the sensor went off and alerted
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the employees at the front counter. >> i just stared her down and said he cannot be in there. he needs to get out, he realized that he was caught. he stepped out saying he was looking for a bathroom. >> reporter: the couple casually walked out, but vigilant storeowners took note of every detail about them. the most noticeable war noticeable part? >> she definitely looked pregnant. >> reporter: the couple managed to steal a louis vuitton makeup case did not get away with any credit cards or cash this time. >> is been a very good day in danville. >> reporter: merchants are on high alert with emails circulating throughout town from the chamber of commerce. danville police tell me they are reviewing that surveillance video and also comparing it to the video at half moon bay. they believe that the couple has struck numerous times. they do not have any arrests right now.
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one of them is ready to have a baby soon. in danville, julie goodrich, kpix 5. new at 6, troublg new nufothe city of oakland. some data showing more than 4000 homeless people are living in the city right now. susie steimle spoke with the mayor about what these numbers mean and what needs to happen to combat the housing crisis. >> reporter: the mayor is not surprised by these numbers and human not be either because a couple of months ago we talked about how there was a 43% increase in the number of people living in alameda county who were homeless in the past couple of years. today we saw the breakdown of that. there were 8000+ homeless people living in this county. more than half are here in oakland. >> we are not going to be able to solve this problem alone. everyone needs to see themselves in this crisis. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf is calling on neighboring communities to see these numbers as a wake-up call to build more housing. >> these increases are not
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unique to oakland, the arthritis county, they are throughout the entire state, and frankly they are taught the entire west coast. >> reporter: the numbers show 12 of 14 cities alameda county have seen a jump in cases. san leandro saw the numbers quadruple but oakland has the vast majority of the homeless population. in 2017 oakland had 2765 people identifying as homeless. today the number is 4071. >> i'm glad to see the number is higher. that is more reflective what is is happening in oakland. and hopefully can get more funding. >> reporter: candace is the director of the east oakland practice. she quit her 95 to help the residents of oakland who need housing. >> most folks who are in the city are natives. >> that is where the rumors these numbers dispel. the people are moving from
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other cities to be in oadoing t but, 40% of the homeless population in oakland grew up here. most say they are staying put because their families are here too. they want the county and city to build so they can stay. >> the near death of sb 50 in the state legislature is really a blow to a key component to addressing our housing crisis and that is supply. >> reporter: another rumors of these numbers appear to expel is that homeless people living here do not what housing only 3% of the people serving said they were not interested in any kind of permanent housing. live in oakland, susie steimle, kpix anold building to make way for a new 20 story office tower. they will be located at the corner of park and south island.
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the developer not wasting any time and says the office high- rise to be a prime location for a major tech b'nai. construction of the new tower could begin in early 2020. right now it is 90+, deep into the east bay. >> 20 miles that way. >> the fog and you need a coat. >> at pacifica. >> despite that, it is so interesting because it is all happening right now. if you are watching us in concord or clayton or antioch or oakley. wondering when the heat is going to go away. whether you are watching this at pacifica or half moon bay or san francisco you are wondering when will a warm-up? same time, same area, different weather. 88 and conquered, you'll be hotter tomorrow, 63 in san francisco. san jose 75, santa rosa 80, livermore 82 degrees. ring a jacket i am told. i saw a couple of tweets, the
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giants are playing hot. weather not so much. breezy, chilly. few first but a few moments from now. 62 degrees and will be in the 50s by the time you leave. milder site in our inland communities including san jose, livermore, and conquered santa rosa 52. tackle climate forecast. belmont will make it to 84, thursday above average, not as one. we will talk about why and it ties into the stormy activities we have and arizona, nevada and southern california where an hour ago palms prayers palm springs was underneath a severe storm warning. when it is to our east we are getting a southerly influence. that is a part of the reason why it is so hot inland and will remain that way, even hotter as we head toward the weekend. but that is not the only part of the story. there are storms passing by to
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our north and west. that is keeping a minimal onshore floor flow going. most of the water, you are the hot, you are chilly and you will stay chilly even the temperatures will warm up a little bit for you tomorrow as we get towards the weekend. tomorrow morning not that much fog, lots of sunshine in the afternoon. wrapping around the ridge of high pressure. some cloud cover will likely role in thursday and may even spell into friday. claudia the thing about average. warmer near the water, hotter inland. temperatures going up. temperatures will say about average for a while and even on sunday we could see some isolated 100 degree readings in our hottest inland spots. fairfield, livermore ninety six. warmer for you. 70. 80 degrees in oakland, 90 in napa, 65 in pacifica. san jose degrees. there is a cloud cover on thursday. friday, the sunshine returns on the weekend will be toasty, but only inland. close to 100. >> there you go. 50 years ago tomorrow, a
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historic splashdown took place in the pacific ocean. >> the worlds of the safe return of the american astronauts who walked on the moon. from the military salute to office workers pouring out into the street, the bay area burst into celebration thank to apollo 11, the lessons we learned about the moon, our planet and our selves change our future. >> seeing what is happened on the moon is a key to understanding our own history. >> find out the lessons from the landing. that is tonight on the new kpix5 news at 7. we are live at oracle, could this be madison bumgarner's final start at home in a giants uniform? the debate continues after this. e big storyline
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heading into tonight's game will be madison bumgarner start here at home? in a giants uniform? the trade deadline is a week from tomorrow. a month ago it was just a matter of when baumgardner would be dealt, but now with the team on a roll and a big role, they will need their ace for the playoff race, if they get there. bumgarner has blocked out all the noise and allowed only five earned runs in his last 29 innings. >> your thoughts on the possibility that it might be bumgarner's last art? >> i have not even thought about it. we are doing a lot of good things right now. it is all the team is thinking about. really, it hasn't crossed my mind. >> like he has been there 1 million times. dennis is gathering more information for us as we speak will try to reestablish within
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the giants. they meanwhile have a winning record for the first time all season. thanks to more late inning magic last night. >> driven into right-center field. he can't get it, this game is tied. on the ground with the base hit. the giants take the lead. >> it is so strange to watch this team now compared to what they did in the first half. but, fans are beginning to expected, the giants scored three runs in the eighth inning to rally back, beat the cubs 5- 4. that is no slouch team. they are big in the central. san francisco now 15-3 the best record in baseball. and now, only two games behind for the second wild-card spot. dennis is there right now.
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i know you are working on some late breaking information, but can you tell us about them getting ready to play this one? >> this is hard to believe looking at bumgarner . they won three world series together. this could be bumgarner's last art. bottom line is if the giants get an offer they can't refuse, that sets this teams foundation for the future, they will pull the deal. but, if they don't, and the latest word is they are not getting what they want. back to you guys. >> that is good for giants fans, they do not want to see him leave. >> lot of folks online with a poll on twitter and facebook 80% of people are saying absolutely no way, he should stay here. 20% are saying he can go. >> let us get into the
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postseason if it is a wildcard. cbs evening news is coming up. >> norah o'donnell joins us for a preview. the crucial questions the lawmakers were asked at tomorrow's historical mueller report hearing. the u.s. worship that they believed to have downed two iranian drones, not just one. >> ice raids led to far fewer arrests than the president promise. plus what our eye on america series has learned about the fate of thousands of migrant children in u.s. custody. that is all tonight from the cbs evening news. in
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this is cbs healthwatch. >> do you have a young athlete at home? here are three tips to help them perform their best. choose a snack with carbs an hour before games. when the action picks up drink 2 to 3 sips of water every 2-3 minutes. and recover with with carbs and protein. remember recovery is an all-day process. to learn more see a sports medicine specialist. >> sponsored by stanford children's health. excellence. to
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finally, the story of this little squirrel that has been terrorizing a santa cruz neighborhood. >> she had been caught, but she managed to escape. crews say it chewed the carrier it was in. in recent weeks they say the animal became aggressive and was attacking and biting people
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as they passed by. >> i have seen passersby, the squirrel would jump on them, or, kind of assert its dominance. >> kind of scary. the squirrel last seen on friday. in the meantime, her three babies have been placed with a foster home at the native animal rescue. >> i think that is the top of the food chain. that squirrel need some counseling. >> set it down. talk about what is going on. >> let us talk it out. >> asserting its dominance. thank you for watching. the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell is next. >> we will be back at 7 p.m. in than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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♪ ♪ 'd o'donnell: tonight, robert mueller in the hot seat. on the eve of his testimony, to congress, the former special counsel says he's bringing in reinforcements. tsd the justice department tries to limit what mueller can say about the president. also tonight, a cbs news exclusive: david martin aboard the uss "boxer" learned the ship downed two iranian drones. the search is on for two teenagers in the murder of an murican woman and her astralian boyfriend in canada. "eye on america." cbs news learns more than 4,000 migrant children could be in federal custody until the day they become adults. thter the heat wave, violent erather, a rare tornado on cape cad. >> oh, my gosh! >> o'donnell: and as the 9/11


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