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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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large quantity of cocaine. a spokesperson said the company has fired the security company that hired gary dillahunty. >> we are know you longer using that company. it is something we will consider moving forward. how well background checks are being done. >> reporter: police are still looking for the third robber. they have not identified the suspect. the two suspects in custody having held on $70 million bond and $40 million bond. we will take a closer look at why the judge felt the high amount was justified. in concord, kpix 5. one suspected armed robber off the street. this happened in santa rosa. we are getting word from police that they caught this guy, sharing the surveillance footage. a robbery happened last week at a shell station.
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he holds it to the customers back and demands money from the register. he made away with cash and the victims wallet. police have shared this everywhere. it was on next door and on social media. it worked. the track down the 28-year-old luis holmes, he was arrested at his work is. officers also discovered a replica. that is a fake gun. not even real. homes was booked into the county jail on a laundry list of charges. at the news desk, back to you. the state park is closed today because of high fire danger. now there is a slight chance of thunderstorms and lightning. >> basically the preponderance of evidence. we have thunderstorms now to the east. we havorms the south.
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there is a nonzero that i call a chance of dry thunderstorms. that is where you get thunder and lightning but no rain. we are assigning a 5% chance. there is a minimal chance that we hear a rumble of thunder. the more widespread weather event in the forecast and is likely to happen is the hot weather that will return this weekend. not tomorrow but saturday and sunday. there is a heat watch in effect for the east bay, including pleasanton, livermore, dublin in concord. highs will jump up to 98-100 to. a minimal chance of storms tonight. a widespread heat event coming. san francisco supervisor wants to catch speeding drivers with cameras at key intersections. a string of recent traffic
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fatalities has been driving the push. >> reporter: ada county transportation meeting, it was said 50% of pedestrian deaths could be attributed to people speeding along city streets. we have video of a crash that killed -- and injured his wife. sunday, at the intersection of taylor street. the driver faces vehicular manslaughter charges. speeding and running a red light were the cause. the death was the 14th natality on the san francisco streets in 2019. an attempt to bring a pilot program was killed once in state assembly, partially because of law enforcement opposition. that has changed. the police officer associations flipping support behind the idea.
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>> the technology is there. if we can get cars to slow down and have drivers know if these need, they will get a ticket. people will be much safer and lives will be saved. i am delighted that the police officers association has endorsed the concept. >> we have such an influx of cars. want to make sure that all behaviors and drivers are doing the right thing. sometimes, you need technology to help get you there. we received a statement from the president of the san francisco poa. they said no one should risk their lives by crossing the street. supervisor peskin approving safety for all san franciscans. this has a long way to go. it will likely take a -- to say that san francisco can try out
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the system. chp may be behind it. lots of hurdles to go through. live in san francisco. straka peninsula photographers facing charges of committing lewd acts in the case dating back decades. worked taking swim pictures. the sheriff's office launched an investigation in january of alleged sex abuse against young boys. >> this wasn't the first time that he had been accused of inappropriate behavior. with three different victims, it was an ongoing behavior going many years. that is what we are trying to get to the bottom of. >> some allegations date back 30 years. they are now looking for additional victims.
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the homeless problem outside of an oakland home depot is so bad that the company met with city leaders today to work out a solution. oakland is taking steps to clear and encampment behind the home depot. rv dwellers have taken refuge. customers and employees fear for safety. the city is worried that the store may close taking jobs and tax dollars with it. >> you can have compassion but i need business to keep hiring people. >> i know my rights. they have to come with a proposal that is beneficial for me and my child. you can't just move me. c home depot said it will pay for improvement sycophants to block the street. we appreciate mayor and council member taking time to meet with us in here concerns. we look forward to continuing to work with the city to implement a plan that is
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thoughtful and respectful. the oakland mayor said home depot is a valued part of the community. in the process, we appreciate patient here taking a compassionate sustainable approach. factor is a landmark deal to cut vehicle emissions. ford, honda volkswagen and bmw have agreed to sell more fuel- efficient cars in the united states. they produce about 30% of the countries cars. they would roll back obama era standards. the trump on wants to freeze miles per gallon targets after next year. the epa reacted angrily, calling it a pr stunt. coming up, we take a look at why california has been able to
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write its own standard since the 70s. it has been 15 years since the last federal execution. there are 62 inmates on death row. president trump has been a vocal supporter of capital punishment. >> we have to bring back the death penalty. >> experts say a legal protocol must be in place in order for executions to take place. something that could take months. >> american support for harsh punishment is eroding. we are seeing that those jurisdictions that are seeking criminal justice reform are seeing lesser use of capital punishment. >> the last federal execution was 2003. they were convicted of kidnapping and killing that --.
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than dumping bodies in a reservoir outside of yosemite. governor newsom is speaking out against the executions, saying the death penalty has been a failure, discriminating against defendants that are mentally ill, black or brown or can't afford legal representation. last march, governor newsom signed an executive order placing a moratorium on the death penalty. more than 100 condemned prisoners nationwide have been freed from death row, after they were found to have been wrongfully convicted. >> in washington, six hours of testimony. the white house said democrats have the investigation and it is time to move on. >> this is nonsense. we have now had the mueller investigation and report and testimony. >> democrats say the testimony
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laid out evidence of potential criminal activity. they are discussing the need for further investigation and possible impeachment proceedings. >> it is clear what they said is not true. there were elements of obstruction of justice in at least three. >> why would you ever even bring up impeachment after yesterday's hearing. that should be put to bed that is over. we watched and heard it. >> investigations will continue. the house judiciary committee is working to compel former white house counsel don mccann. >> there was a rare moment of compromise in washington. the house passed a bipartisan budget deal. the legislation would head off another shutdown and suspend the debt ceiling. it prevents $125 billion in automatic spending cuts. that means budget gains for the pentagon and domestic agencies are protected.
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the bill heads to the senate. someone just lost a job over an altered presidential seal. it showed up as president trump walked on stage with the team student action summit. the eagle on the seal has two heads. the imagery of the russian coat of arms. it is clutching golf clubs instead of arrows. the aid that made the error got fired this week. the event is gone by the conservative student group, turning point usa which has apologized for the mistake. jeffrey epstein is under 24 hour watch after what appears to of been a suicide attempt. one source tells cbs that he was found on the floor of his jail cell crying, semi-lucid and depressed. he was treated in the infirmary. injuries do not appear life- threatening. investigators are checking internal cameras to find out what happened. he has been accused of sexually
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abusing minors from 2002-2005. he pleaded not guilty. a bay area e-cigarette company is in the hot seat. u with your product ever intended for underage use? >> absolutely not. >> lawmakers demand know how juul would try to stop teen vaping. the smuggling scandal at one of the largest military bases in the country. the plan to make the bart system better for writers. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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juul face tough questions. chris martinez, with the e- cigarette company on the hunt the. >> are lawmakers grilled the cofounder in a hearing on
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capitol hill to find out what role the nation's largest maker of products may have played in a surgeon . >> we never wanted any non- nicotine user and no one underage to ever use juul products. b preventing underage usage is a priority? >> there is no higher priority. >> 3.6 million teenagers use e- cigarette. making them the most commonly used tobacco product by young people in the u.s. the cdc reports a 78% increase in vaping among high school students between 2017-2018. to cut nearly everyone off guard. he testified the only goal is to help the world's 1 billion smokers stop using traditional tobacco products. >> are you concerned by the number of teenagers who reap
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court vaping are using juul . >> i could not be more concerned about that. >> was your product ever intended for underage use? c no. his company is taking steps to keep products away from young people by removing flavors from store shelves. >> in november 2018, we pulled over 50% of our revenue off the market. for mackey told lawmakers that 25 supports legislation prohibiting sales to anyone under 21. chris martinez, kpix 5. two teenagers testified today about their experience with juul. they say an executive came to the ninth-grade classroom and said that the products were totally safe. more on the testimony tonight on the cbs evening news with nora o'donnell at 6:30 pm. art named the new general
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manager. he is promising to go on a listening tour to tackle the agency challenges. he has been with the system for seven years. most recently serving as deputy general manager. he was the unanimous pick of the board. we will deliver on the projects we promised. a new fleet replacement program. a new train control system. rebuilding infrastructure, reducing crowding, increasing service and a fully staffed bart police department. >> is a top administrator, he will be making $380,000 per year, overseeing a $2.4 billion budget. we are asking you, what should be the top priority for the new gm. you can weigh in on twitter or the kpix 5 facebook page. a driver is under arrest for dui after crashing into a power pole in santa clara county.
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part of the poll was wedged in between powerlines. pg&e cruise closed off union avenue for several hours. they're working on full restoration by 11 pm tonight. the crash happened just before midnight. you can see the white suv tangled in a mess on the sidewalk. the driver had minor injuries. msn bay view when a car slammed into a fire hydrant. that caused it to shoot water everywhere. the car split in half. when police arrived, the driver was gone. three girls and a 19-year-old man were injured. they are expected to be okay. it happened it third street and carol. speed does appear to be a factor. another heat wave spreading across europe and breaking records. paris had their hottest day ever. temperatures passed 105 degrees. tourists jumped into the fountains.
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took 10 minutes for a chocolate eiffel tower to collapse and melt. in london, temperatures passed the all-time high of 98. that he caused delays because of problems with overhead line equipment. officials are advising people to plan for extra travel time and bring plenty of water. a town in belgium set an all-time high of 104. the highest temperature sent records were kept. >> we are observing the weather since 1833. we never experienced these kind of temperatures. >> climatologist one this could be the new normal in many parts of the world. rain is on the way tomorrow fo s europe >> in the bay area, are we talking about under? >> a very tiny chance. a 5% chance. not zero. it is worth mentioning you may hear a rumble overnight. we will not break records but we will be in triple digits in
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land on saturday and sunday. let's look outside. the fog is happening. yesterday you hit 75. 67 is the current temperature. still hot in land. we thought low 90s but we hit the mid-90s. concord 95 in livermore 94. much cooler in santa rosa. the a's are hosting the rangers. the first pitch 707. partly cloudy skies at 69 degrees will be the first pitch temperature. a mile tonight. a hawe hear a rumble of thunder, especially in the south bay. east of morgan hill and gilroy is the highest likelihood of that happening. oakland, the low tonight 58. burlingame cooler today and cooler tomorrow, down to a high of 77. what what happens on saturday. thinks jump backup. a high of 85.
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80s on sunday. the park street art and wind fair in alameda will be sunny and warm. temperatures pushing 80, even on the island. come say hello to ken bastida. i am told he will be there on sunday. a mixture of sun and clouds and warm. let's share cloud cover working its way up. we said it would increase in the afternoon. it did. it is not that cloudy. there is a veil of mid-to high cloud cover working south to north. you may have noticed, if you have sensitive joints, you may have noticed an increase in humidity as well. unstable air to the south and to the east. all of it rotating near the bay area. that is why we have a minimal 5% chance of a dry storm overnight. the overall picture is this. low cloud cover near the water and sunshine tomorrow afternoon . not as warm. high pressure build closer over the weekend. earlier sunshine and it gets hot again. watch out for that tiny chance
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of lightning early on friday. between midnight and noon. friday will likely be the coolest day of the week. and rapid weekend warming back into triple digits. 81 in napa tomorrow and 91 for concorde. 79 in fremont and oakland 72. san francisco 67. saturday, 10 degrees warmer and close to 80 at the bay. 70 at the coast. triple digits in land, both saturday and sunday. everyone back to average by the middle of next week. that is the forecast. mystery solved. there is finally an explanation of how the in-n-out burger ended up abandoned on a new york street.
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the days ahead will not be the same for one oakland neighborhood. the dryer's ice cream parlor will close for good on friday. it has been a fixture and the company's flagship store for 20 years. employees just got the news on monday. the parent company said it will announce a new tenant soon. bethink the community for loyalty. >> mystery solved. we now now how and in-n-out burger ended up intact on a new york city street. a california native spotted the double double on the street,
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still with a wrapper on and share this photo last weekend. since then, a high school student restock to explain she visited friends in san diego and was bringing back burgers on a redeye. she landed, took a near train into queens and then saw her bus so she ran to catch it. the guy who spotted the burger writes that the good is why she caught the bus. the bad news, the bag burst open at the bottom while she made this plastic. as per white looked so pristine and perfect, she told in-n-out was going on a flight. they suggested that she hold the sauce. there is no way a double double survives a cross-country flight in the middle of the night. coming up, a mass arrest of u.s. marines. more than a dozen charged with human smuggling. a crackdown on camping near the smart train tracks. some say the push for safety
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sonoma county plan to save lives on the smart train line comes with a push to evict the homeless. >> officials are taking action after four people died on the smart tracks in the last month. people living in their vehicles that this parking lot are bearing the brunt of the new plan. the people living there feel they are being scapegoated. >> reporter: last week, a smart transit agency announced the death on the tracks


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